Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei Episode 6 Reaction

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hello guys and welcome to a brand new video today i’m here with mahuka kokono yuto episode number six all right uh the previous episode we had uh the conclusion of the uh first arc of mahaka kokono no and uh in the end we got a little bit more scenes of a few characters which we never got to see much about you know much about in the uh original anime that is a those new characters and they i think they were shown obviously they were shown because uh like you know new keys school fought against them but that was it now they are going more into that and they’re showing us those characters what they are thinking what they are discussing what they’re talking all that stuff and obviously i’m guessing we’re going to see more of crimson prince and cardinal george as well when they are like you know when we get to see them but i’m guessing we won’t see much of them because that was mainly tarsuya’s story where we you know that’s team and they had a fight i think more uh what do you call it more the mo the spotlight will fall on these few characters these uh female characters that we never saw before you know and more will be elaborated we’re going to see more of them so it’s interesting to like you know i’ll be you know like i think this is the way they’re doing this is quite nice because the things that are kind of they kind of did not show in the main story has been shown in the spin-off so it’s kind of making constructing a full story like that so yeah so yeah i guess without further ado let’s get started we’re going to start i’m guessing we’re going to start the um the tournament arc that was i think the nice school competitions are something like that i forgot the name but uh from this episode so let’s see what this episode brings so yeah without further ado let’s get started so i’ll be putting the subtitles and the timer here sync it to whichever is your preference and let’s get this video started okay so here’s the countdown three two one go okay and honoka oh that’s oh this was actually a prerequisite for okay i think so you’re on fire yeah okay oh well now that she’s in school in the school she can participate as well all right student council nice school competitions yeah that’s a big name yes all right okay here we go the nine school competitions are start i have to say like in earth probably this arc uh was really one of my favorites because especially the battle between you know crimson prince and that’s yeah like wow that was something boy unfortunately i don’t think we’re going to see that here because as you can see like you know they’re really not showing us whatever happened with tatsuya you know like everything like any kind of incident that was that we saw in red dose had not been shown here so unfortunately we probably won’t see the fight between tacia and princeton prince but we might see some little i think montage or something that might be shown because yeah i think they’ll kind of do it something like that because like that whole thing was too important to be skipped outright i think i’m not sure but yeah all right okay nine school competitions begin okay day of inauguration i don’t think we saw this in return oh oh god wow great okay oh boy oh boy okay honey sugar i always forget her name oh boy oh my god oh no oh my god wait what’s he doing what um wait what oh boy um is that really it gone what the yeah i think so all right okay well social gathering thing oh oh yeah okay here’s where they meet cardinal george the crimson prince the first time yeah there you go oh yeah these new characters kind of okay we’ll see ah milk is here i think yep everyone’s here saigon oh boy okay oh yeah they skipped that okay well obviously oh yeah okay this thing well yeah wait what when she knows that does she oh or maybe not she actually reacted you know in such a way that i thought she knew her or something illustrious family id oh yeah oh [ __ ] okay what oh my god the date did she oh what okay okay daughter from the 18th piercing movement oh okay like okay oh who’s here miyuki oh no amy oh okay this is a all right oh my god okay oh boy i saw an okay um okay oh boy okay minky’s not here oh there she is all right there she is ah such elegancy is that even a word yeah i think so oh no laughs oh my god she’s here all right what okay we’ll see well obviously we know all of us knows the result oh oh it’s the beginning okay oh that uh i forgot her name the one who knows satsuia we all know what’s going to happen obviously oh boy i think like she’s she was like 96 or something and the opponent was like 13 or something as far as i remember oh no 100 okay 100 upon 100 all right third straight victory okay so all right here’s okay here’s where everything goes wrong doesn’t it like my memory is kind of hazy but but i think like the accident happens okay oh my god the animation oh that says here oh yeah she’s okay he goes for a morning joke hmm but if she gets tired before oh boy oh no whoa okay all right uh yeah well at least she’s honorable in that department you know yeah she’s a little bit prideful that’s just it all right i think this is where everything goes wrong all right let’s see oh yeah yeah yeah here we go oh but yeah oh god yeah yeah oh the heavy head it is okay no as a matter of fact yeah okay so here’s when miuki gets in yeah she’s getting freaked out because like obviously everything’s like on her now oh boy yeah and that as well first off yeah here we go now it’s a real okay 320.

21:05 - hmm oh yeah she’s here yeah there you go yeah and here’s where we get the um the gadget i think yeah yeah this is where she gets the gadget from dasia oh boy yeah but yeah obviously because marty yeah obviously if nothing happened mai would have won oh boy here we go oh boy wait wait a minute he wasn’t this much you know affected in rethosay like here it seems as if okay it seems oh boy what can i say it’s it’s like the way they’re showing everything it’s seeming it seems like they’re like the main characters and they’re like you know getting ready for the final battle or something we’ll be able to do it something like that okay oh boy okay that was the end all right so one thing that kind of bothered me in this episode is crimson prince’s behavior like yeah like obviously we know like he was kind of like you know attracted to his miyuki and rethou said even we saw we even saw that in retail but was he always like this like like whatever miki’s conversation is you know coming he’s like in his own world and like he’s saying like angel and stuff like stuff like this like i don’t think he was this much i don’t know maybe they did not show us in retrosay but like it looks like uh i don’t know it feels weird seeing like you know crimson prince like this oh boy like i remember in rethos there was like only one instance i think one no not one i think two instance one instance was when they first met uh i remember in the hallway you know uh cardinal george and uh crimson prince were there and tatsuya and nuki was there and i think that was the first time that she he actually showed interest and the second time was i think after the end where um like you know in the closing ceremony or something like after everything happens like after crimson prince loses against tatsuya that time okay that’s the end that time so these were the two times when we actually saw them uh saw him no uh what can i say like like that in that manner like you’re showing active interest in new key but here it’s it’s like he’s like angel has descended something like that he’s acting like that like i don’t know anyways maybe maybe they really did not show us that in rethos and like you know maybe that really did happen and we just didn’t know and we’re getting to know this because we’re seeing everything from this perspective maybe that’s the actual case all right anyways okay so here’s the beginning of the nine night school competitions arc and uh now okay so we’ve seen most of the things in this episode in rethos as well in one way or the other but here more importance was given to the other characters that is i think eclair and uh toko and this is another girl i can’t remember something like these were the names of the girls i can’t remember forgot but yeah we’re seeing more stuff about them these three characters and we kind of also saw a glimpse of cardinal george and crimson prince but obviously as we can see more um focus will be given on these three characters who we only saw in rethos but never get to like you know know more about them now obviously like we one thing we could kind of understand from this is uh episode is these three characters uh especially uh i think eclair and the blue haired girl these two characters especially they are quite over confident and like you know like obviously because i’m sure they have no idea who they’re dealing with and like like in rethosay everything happened in such a fast and swift manner like it was it was just like you know they came on stage had the battle they lost and you know like uh miki’s team won and then they goes back and that was it but here i’m sure like you know we can get to see much more uh details on what actually happened in the battle and all and uh yeah it will be interesting to see what happened and what the opponents were thinking after they lost and after they started the battle stuff like that and uh yeah and obviously we know knew whatever what’s going to happen in this episode the whole thing with mari and uh you know her actually trying to save the um uh the other girl and getting injured in that process and you know being unable to continue on miuki replacing her all these stuff uh you know we knew that and that basically we got to see what happened here in a different perspective and you know like also we went to the uh what can i say went to the opponents like you know we went to the up not went to sorry uh we saw everything from the opponent’s standpoint as to what the opponents thought when that happened for example that girl who was uh you know in the same competition with mari how she thought about that thing and how like you know she felt about winning in that way because we can see that they she she was kind of like you know it’s already a little bit intimidated by jumanji and saigon as she knew their actual like you know a capability and but at the same time like you know like i’m sure she also like you know realized that she would lose as soon as the match started because like obviously marty would have won but then like suddenly something like this happens she wins and everyone’s like oh you won such a good job but yeah like obviously like she’ll fail bad for the whole situation because it’s as if like you know the win was something that she got because mari was out you know and uh yeah it’s kind of a weird feeling like but yeah like nothing else to do here and yeah and also another thing uh the girl eclair she uh as i said like you know these characters were overconfident are over confident and but obviously we can one thing we can see that they are not bad no they’re good characters a tad bit overconfident that’s basically it and uh like from the whole scene where the other two students say that oh the incident in the bus you know if you know if they got injured in that it would have been better or something like that they were saying stuff like that and uh she was uh claire was like like like like it was like how dare you like you know think about something like that you know like wishing for someone’s harm just so that you know you can win this or something like that like that’s not a good uh you know good thing that’s not something that you should do and that basically shows us that yeah she is not unreasonable she is pretty um yeah she she she’s honorable basically that’s it and uh a tad bit overconfident but obviously like people who have confidence in them and who are strong they have this overconfidence a little bit so like yeah that’s nothing new but yeah okay and what else oh and we got the scene where honoka tries like actually gets uh you know like thinks about how she can contribute and starts training and everything running jogging on this in the morning and meets faster i don’t think this was shown in let’s say no i don’t think so and we see like you know there’s like a little scene here where that’s where helps her train and obviously he that’s her is like you know they are under those here because that’s here is like doing the the cd management for them and i’m like obviously like from ethos as far as i can remember because of that they you know they are they get a lot of advantage no new keys team because like this is like you know like this is darcia he like you know so obviously like that in itself was a big advantage for them and as they say like you know like the weapon is also important like you’re you yourself is important like if you are like a level 80 character that’s all well and good but if if if you have like a level one weapon obviously it’s kind of bad because you won’t be able to show off your actual uh capabilities because the weapon in itself is bad so uh like so you know if you think it like this i think like in these type of situations having the weapon better than you is more uh what can i say advantageous to you because like you know like i don’t know like uh as i said like you know the thing that they’re going to use for these matches these are the most important things here these are the things that you’re using and these are the things that are uh going to help you show your actual capabilities you can be immensely talented but if the things that you’re using are bad not properly optimized obviously you won’t be able to show off your talent so like you know it won’t matter either way but if if there’s someone who is quite weak but the things that they’re using are strong i think that makes a bigger difference you know but i don’t know that’s just how i think of it but yeah like anyway so in that manner like obviously taxi has the biggest contribution here and uh obviously tarzia being in this team was the major i think uh push that they needed for them to win all not all but you know win most of the matches and become a com you know a total uh getting a complete victory and uh yeah and i think like this is like after this uh that’s his reputation starts uh growing i can’t remember properly but i think like yeah something like this like after after this uh whole arc after seeing how he is people starts changing their mind about last year and like you know as soon as people start changing their mind about garcia since he’s a weed i’m sure everyone is going to start changing their mind about all the other weeds as well because you know like they’re obviously they’re going to think that oh my god like this guy here he’s a weed but he’s so strong he’s so talented so are there similar people like this in the weeds as well like this is i think this is like one of the biggest um reasons why the discrimination will be able to end in the future as like you know scientists have said in one of the in the previous episode that like like i ask you guys i request you guys to help me create a place where this discrimination can be totally taken out and uh like that’s why she needs everyone’s help because this is not something that she herself will be able to do and i think tasha is like the biggest what can i say like biggest thing that changed everyone’s mind because the way tatia no reputation increased as you know especially in season two late in the later portion like people started changing their minds about the blooms and uh and the weed the whole discrimination and taser was like what can i say the uh representative of the weeds or something like that i don’t know like you know like people saw faster and were like okay like he’s a wheat but he’s so talented so yeah they’re definitely like you know weeds like this a lot of other students like this as well so we should probably stop this discrimination thing so yeah like that is like the biggest thing here who can probably change the whole situation the whole discrimination thing that happens but yeah anyway so that’s something completely different but yeah okay and then uh what else um i don’t think there’s anything else was that it yeah and then we see a little scene of uh the other you know the opponents kind of having a little conversation now boy that scene reminded me of one of those like you know you seem as if they’re the main characters you know it was like oh like you know like these are our opponents we have to win we can do this guys come on oh boy and yeah that was that was kind of like you know funny because usually that’s what happens you can’t think enough that’s what the main characters go through you know they’re like but it’s like mukey and this also had the same kind of conversation after that but still like you know it seemed as if like you know like they were like uh the girl who won in the uh boarding competition he was like i want you to beat that girl to show everyone how powerful you are i’ll do everything in my power to support you in that because you are the pride of third height i id ishkey and they were like you know shaking hands and everything and she’s like it’s not the support i want it i want to achieve victory with you which means you oh my god okay let’s go for a one-two finish for third high in the official mirage but that event wow like this is like a whole scene of the you know the main characters kind of prepping themselves for something that’s going to happen and it’s kind of and after that like you know like and uh like not to worry about anything my brother is here owning some eyes here so don’t worry about it and that was it like okay but yeah anyways and uh yeah that was it nothing much to talk about this episode because obviously everything uh that we saw in this episode was some way or the other shown in retto and we just got everything from a different perspective here like that was the major difference in this episode and uh yeah i think that was it and the new characters we also got to see the new characters what they thought about it you know mukey and the others and yeah that was it i’m guessing the next uh episode will be the mirage no i think it will be will it be the bad event i think so so we’re going to yeah i think yeah i think the next episode will be that most probably i’m not sure but yeah either either the next episode of the episode after that the whole you know in the mirage bat event that will be that and i’m guessing after that like you know it’ll take one or two more episodes i think and then uh like the whole battle between passion from some prince will happen and then the this arc will end so yeah so are they so wait a minute so are they trying to do like um will they even be able to do it like i’m thinking like are they like trying to do uh the whole first season that rito says showed like each and everything that they showed are they trying to like you know do that in this season like you know like this season will be like uh the timeline of this season will be from the beginning of wrath of six seasons and one to the end of breath process season one something like that as far as i can remember was 24 episodes wasn’t it like at the first season yeah i think so yeah it was 24 episodes so ah no no i don’t think there it’s possible like this is the sixth episode like half of the episodes are over no i don’t think it’s possible to show each and everything you know that happened in rethosis season one because there’s a lot of things that are going to happen after this yeah i don’t think it’s possible i was thinking like are they going to like you know try to cram in everything if they really try to do that i think that will be kind of weird and rushed in my opinion because you cannot like 24 episodes being crammed into 12 episodes i don’t think that’s something that you should do but who knows i don’t think they’re going to do that because after this there’s a lot of things that is going to happen in season one so yeah i think it’s kind of impossible to do that but wait let’s wait for it you know and see so yeah that was it guys so that was my reaction to mahaka kokono yuto say episode number six so if you guys enjoyed my reaction be sure to press the like button and subscribe if you’re new to the channel i haven’t subscribed be sure to comment down below anything you want to say or if you want to let me anything let uh let me know like tell me anything be sure to comment down and uh yeah so yeah guys thank you guys for watching i’ll see you guys next week with another episode of malcolm no you don’t say so until then goodbye and have a nice day.