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QlpXanime Kanna-san, I’m here to play! Oh! Saikawa’s here! Saikawa Riko Hello, Saikawa.

00:09 - I welcome you! Yes, I’m glad to be here! Huh? Where’s your mother? Shopping with Lady Tohru.

00:21 - Meaning… it’s just the two of us?! Oh, my, what do I do? I’m going to climb the stairs to adulthood. Saikawa? Is this my own Cinderella story?! K-Kanna-san, may I borrow your bathroom? Down and to the right.

00:44 - I’m so nervous. Oh, I’m sorry. Who is that woman?! Ilulu. A friend.

01:03 - So it isn’t just the two of us. How long have you known each other? I’ve known her since a while back.

02:41 - But she only came here recently, and now she’s living here.

02:44 - She’s living here?! Now that I think about it, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Kanna-san.

02:52 - She calls her mother by her last name, Kobayashi, and she addresses the maid as “Lady. ” Sometimes I think she’s spacing out, but then she’s oddly smart and athletic. Saikawa, let’s play already.

03:05 - Whatever! She’s still cute! Oh, I brought cards with me.

03:11 - Mm! Ilulu-san, would… you like to join us? Join us! I’m fine.

03:28 - Did I say anything to upset her? Ah, I lost.

03:34 - Saikawa, you let it show on your face too much.

03:38 - Penalty game. Rub my tummy. Wouldn’t this actually be a reward? Hey, I happened to be in the area.

03:57 - I brought snacks. Kobayashi and Tohru aren’t home.

04:01 - Oh, my. I suppose I’ll wait for them, then.

04:04 - You can split the snacks with Miss Saikawa.

04:07 - Yay! Hey. You’re not going to play with those two? I have no right to.

04:22 - I tried to destroy this city. I haven’t forgiven myself yet.

04:31 - Would you like to turn back time, then, and make it so that never happened? I could do that much for you.

04:39 - It’s fine. That wouldn’t be right. I can’t erase what Kobayashi said to me.

04:46 - I see. But no right to, huh? If you’re going to look it at like that, there aren’t many Dragons who do have a right to interact with humans.

04:57 - Mm. It’s not working like it did with Miss Kobayashi.

05:04 - Well, I’ll go try talking to them for a bit.

05:08 - You can go ahead and wait in the bathroom. I mean, to be honest, I want to play.

05:18 - I won’t lie about those feelings anymore, but what I did is a different story.

05:25 - I want to avoid asking Kobayashi about it, too, because she’d probably resolve it easily.

05:31 - Ah, I lost again. Saikawa, are you losing on purpose? Not at all! But I’m bored with playing cards by ourselves now.

05:42 - Yeah, it is just the two of us. Need to pee beam! Kanna-san, I’m going to the bathroom.

05:53 - Again? Why do I need to go the bathroom so much today? Huh?! I-I’m sorry! Huh?! What? Why?! Huh? Uhh… Hey, what’s your name? Huh? Saikawa.

06:12 - Saikawa. I actually wanted to play with you earlier.

06:16 - Huh? But I was a violent person, so I didn’t think it was okay.

06:23 - Violent person? I tried to break all sorts of things.

06:29 - Oh, a delinquent. You don’t like violent people, right? Well, I’m a violent person myself.

06:44 - Really? Yeah. I often act out when I don’t like something.

06:49 - Huh?! At first I didn’t like Kanna-san either, so I thought about striking her down.

06:54 - S-She’s… But she’s cute, so I decided I wanted to be friends.

07:01 - She’s… You’re cute, too, Ilulu-san, so want to be friends? She’s not thinking at all! Children are still in the middle of learning how to properly handle responsibility and the weight of their sins.

07:19 - But Ilulu’s environment never allowed her that opportunity.

07:23 - She had to change or she’d be deceived. She had to change or she wouldn’t be able to fight alongside adults.

07:31 - But for now she can forget all that and go back.

07:35 - Because there’s an adult who will kindly trick her here.

07:38 - She should go back to being an irresponsible kid who doesn’t know right from wrong.

08:14 - We’re home. Lucoa-san’s here? Sorry, we ran into Elma.

08:20 - Shh. Hmm? Should I wake them? No, go grab a blanket.

08:32 - I should call Saikawa-san’s parents. Episode 3 Extracurricular Activities (Of Course They’re Not Normal) Miss Kobayashi’s watching me.

08:47 - She’s staring right at me. I can feel the passion behind her gaze! Ahh, if she keeps looking at me like she’s licking me all over, I’ll…

08:58 - I’ll! A sigh?! Not at you. At that maid outfit.

09:05 - This outfit? Yeah. I bought a similar outfit when I was in high school, using the money from my first paycheck.

09:16 - I wanted to show it off to my family. Then…

09:20 - Then? They said I didn’t look good in it.

09:24 - Everyone disliked it and told me so. Ever since then I’ve stuck to being an onlooker.

09:31 - So, after having that exchange with her I thought to myself, “Why don’t we try making a maid outfit that would look good on Miss Kobayashi?” So, I was hoping I could borrow some wisdom from all of you.

09:45 - You’re always so frantic when it comes to Miss Kobayashi.

09:49 - I’m grateful you could all come. Wait! I didn’t call for you! Mr. Takiya invited me.

09:57 - Mr. Takiya! I’d feel bad leaving her out.

10:02 - You have a bad habit of hiding your embarrassment with fake anger and hostility.

10:06 - N-No I don’t! Hey, I’m really sorry.

10:12 - When I woke up Tohru had already gathered everyone.

10:15 - That’s cold of you, Kobayashi-san. Georgie We’re comrades.

10:19 - How could I ever hesitate to spare time for a comrade? Georgie-san.

10:25 - Yes, yes. Okay, we’re starting! For now, would you all please draw out your ideas? Yes! That’s incredible, Kanna-san! If you buy one more property, you’ll have a monopoly on the area! Monopoly? You’ll be the king of it! You’ll be able to do whatever you want with that area! Oh! Ah, there’s such a big house in Kanna’s area! Sorry, but this a competition.

10:59 - Demon! You’re heartless! I don’t really get it, but it’s a game that brings out the worst in them, huh? Here! That was fast, Elma.

11:08 - Miss Kobayashi is stoic and quick to finish her work at the company, so I thought of this! The fact that you’re hooked on daifuku comes off too strongly.

11:14 - Daifuku goes in here Huh? That’s no good? But they’re quick to eat and replenish your nutrients.

11:23 - Please just go play with the children in the other room already.

11:27 - It’s my turn next. Hmm, this is too cute, isn’t it? I don’t think something like this would look good on me.

11:35 - Ahh, I wasn’t imagining you wearing it. Do that.

11:40 - Tch. I’m done, too! Too much skin! That’s what our local servants wore.

11:47 - It’s too ethnic! Here. Georgie-san.

11:51 - My real hope. I wonder what she’ll propose.

11:56 - Kobayashi-san. Oh, yes? A long dress style, with few adornments and an air of refinement despite the simplicity.

12:02 - No daifuku No daifuku I believe that’s your preferred type? Yes, it is.

12:10 - However, what is a maid outfit? Huh? It’s true the designs have changed with different eras and customs, and those designs continue to be polished every day as the maid outfit changes.

12:22 - However, it is always a maid who wears one.

12:26 - They are not a maid because they wear a maid outfit.

12:32 - They become maid outfits because a maid wears that outfit.

12:37 - Kobayashi-san. I am also a student.

12:41 - I cannot wear my maid outfit at any and all times.

12:45 - However, no matter what I wear, yes, even if I wear my school uniform, so long as I remain a maid, even that school uniform can become a maid outfit, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, that means a maid outfit is worn around the heart! It’s the spirit of service! Perfect We’re getting off track! Tohru! You don’t need to come back.

13:10 - We finished a round! That aside, you’ve been making jabs at ours, so what kind of outfit did you draw? Oh, uh, well…

13:19 - That’s kind of suspicious. Show us! Oh, hey, stop, pervert! Hmm? What? It’s completely blank.

13:27 - You couldn’t think of anything? No…

13:32 - I was thinking I’d like Miss Kobayashi to wear my maid outfit.

13:40 - Your outfit is too cute for me. Right.

13:46 - But, sure. You did call everyone over for me.

13:54 - I’ll wear it. Miss Kobayashi… Okay, I put it on! Oh! You look good.

14:05 - You’re cute, Kobayashi-san. Yes, yes, thank you for the flattery.

14:11 - Let’s take a photo! It’s you and me as double maids! Let’s get everyone together if we’re taking one.

14:19 - Huh?! Okay, everyone, please line up.

14:23 - I’m beside Kobayashi. Ah, not fair! Hey, I was first, you all! Hey, Tohru.

14:32 - Yes? Today I realized something. What’s that? Do you remember what Georgie-san said? Yes.

14:42 - They become maid outfits because a maid wears them.

14:44 - That also means that no matter what outfit they wear, it’s not a maid outfit if it’s not being worn by a maid.

14:50 - It’s just cosplay. I was always rejecting your outfit, but after wearing it I had a change of heart, embarrassing though it was.

14:59 - It wasn’t bad. I thought, “Oh, so this is what I wanted to wear, isn’t it?” I thought cute outfits wouldn’t look good on me, so I always wore men’s clothing.

15:12 - I was worried about whether or not I would look good in it.

15:15 - But if I wanted to wear a maid outfit, then I should’ve just worn it without caring.

15:18 - That’s when I remembered something. I wanted to cosplay.

15:24 - But I couldn’t make myself look cute, so I turned to style and refinement and became an annoying maid otaku.

15:33 - Miss Kobayashi. But you know, seeing you and having you serve as a maid made me realize the outfit you wear is a proper maid outfit.

15:49 - You’re always so genuine when you take back things you’ve said.

15:53 - I love that unfair side of you, Miss Kobayashi.

15:56 - I never could have said this to you when you first came here, though.

16:01 - Please continue helping with housework, Tohru.

16:05 - You should call me “maid” there! Hey, I’m out of money.

16:15 - Ilulu, you waste too much. It’s all right.

16:18 - You’ll pass the bank soon, so you’ll get more money then.

16:23 - I will?! But still, after that it’s Shouta street.

16:28 - No matter where I stop I’ll have to pay expensive rental fees.

16:32 - Go on, rest assured and roll the dice. Demon! Bankrupt Ilulu’s out.

16:41 - Neighborhood Notice Oborozuka Neighborhood Association Tohru-chan, do you have any hobbies? Hobbies? I’m a maid.

16:47 - I have… plenty of free time. What are your hobbies, Miss Sasakibe? Lately I’ve been into making sweets.

16:58 - Is that what that earlier piercing noise was? Huh?! I’m sorry, was it that loud?! Still, I can’t think of anything.

17:08 - In the past I was interested in travel. Music, huh? That’s popular among humans.

17:18 - Speaking of music, there’s nihilistic Mr. Yana.

17:21 - So, you came to ask me about it? Please teach me what makes music fun.

17:26 - Probably the way it heats up your soul and makes your heart go bomber.

17:30 - Your heart go bomber? Bomber! I’ll teach you a little bit, so give it a try.

17:36 - Okay. Hmm, I don’t quite understand.

17:49 - Huh? What’s the matter? It hurts. Your talent hurts.

17:53 - I made him depressed for some reason. Oh, my, Sone-san.

17:57 - I brought over another one I happened to make.

18:00 - Oh, this one turned out well, too! Do you have fun making things like this? Want to try making one? All done.

18:12 - Hmm. It’s an incredibly elaborate design.

18:16 - There aren’t many who could make something this good.

18:19 - But I don’t quite understand what makes it fun.

18:23 - I just tried playing music, too, but… I happened to hear that, but it felt like you were just playing the score with precise timing.

18:34 - Oh, you could hear that? It’s probably because it was too easy for you, so there wasn’t any room to pour emotions into it.

18:42 - Without curiosity and emotion you won’t be satisfied by that hobby.

18:48 - So, that’s how it is? I’m home. Welcome home.

18:55 - Kanna, do you have any hobbies? Hobbies? Walking this white line.

19:02 - What’s fun about that? I die if I fall.

19:06 - I see. It’s training for fighting in limited spaces.

19:11 - I took Kanna’s instincts as a dragon lightly! Oh, it stops.

19:19 - Like this! Like this! I don’t go that far.

19:23 - But you can’t call that a hobby. It’s fun when I do it with Saikawa.

19:29 - Welcome home. Ah! Not fair, Kanna! Give me some donuts, too! No.

19:35 - Tohru! You laze about every day. Those who don’t work, don’t eat.

19:41 - Ilulu, do you have any hobbies? Hobbies? Sleeping? That’s less a hobby and more your way of life.

19:50 - You’re mean. So good. Hmph.

19:54 - What flavor? Hobbies are hard. Chocolate. Yours? Cinnamon.

19:58 - Idols are popular at school. Idol worship? But I’m not interested in that stuff.

20:09 - No, wait. I know! I’d just need Miss Kobayashi to become an idol! Good work.

20:28 - Good work. Yes, hello? Kobayashi, Kobayashi! Hurry home quick! Lady Tohru’s lost it! Huh?! What happened?! Love kiss, lick kiss, love kiss, lick kiss, I love Miss Kobayashi! Love kiss, lick kiss, love kiss, lick kiss, I love Miss Kobayashi! Love lick kiss! What is this? Lady Tohru’s been constantly producing Kobayashi goods and showing them off to us.

20:59 - She’s been singing to us, too. Miss Kobayashi! Hobbies are fun! Miss Kobayashi, Miss Kobayashi, Miss Kobayashi, Miss Kobayashi, together forever! I’m not much better when I get wasted, so I can’t put my foot down.

21:14 - I’ve reached the target earnings. Now I just need to reach the goal! Saikawa, what do we do? Huh?! No way! Goal.

21:29 - That’s my Kanna-san! How?! I transferred all my assets to Kanna-san! Huh?! That’s not fair! Everything that’s mine in Kanna-san’s! My heart, my body, everything! Ahh, my king! Worship me! Next Episode Preview What’s your hobby, Miss Lucoa? Hmm, Shouta, I guess? I figured.

23:26 - And yours is games, Mr. Fafnir? No.

23:28 - It’s games, right? No. Oh, come on.

23:31 - I said it’s not. Episode 4 When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do (It’s Hard to Match Others) This Week’s “Who’s Rotten?” Sagittarius The bathroom lock might break, leaving you trapped~ Lucky Advice Rewind time to before entering the bathroom! Please tell people when something’s impossible This Week’s “Who’s Rotten?” Sagittarius!.