Xinjiang 360º- I Visit My Girlfriends Home City, VR Walkaround

Jul 12, 2021 00:09 · 4223 words · 20 minute read

So we are going to visit Kaidi’s mom now. I am kind of nervous.

00:07 - The gate over there has the shape of a dome.

00:15 - Why did the temperature suddenly drop? Hi, mom! This is a gift for you and Kaidi’s brother. I hope you like it.

00:29 - Thank you. How to say brother in your language? This means your son I should probably take off my shoes.

00:39 - Usually, my family sits at this side to entertain guests.

00:42 - Can I open this and take a look? Sure.

00:44 - Wow These are our cold dishes. She prepared all these for you. This is kind of like our kind of salad.

00:47 - Amazing. I am going to take some food pictures.

00:49 - Wow, thank you so much. Yes, that means thank you.

01:04 - Why don’t you come over and check out my bedroom? Sure. I am coming.

01:07 - Wow, so exotic. So you just lie on the floor? Yes, my mom doesn’t like to sleep on the bed.

01:17 - I see. Oh, she uses the same kind of Korean facial mask that my friend used.

01:19 - I should have bought some skincare facial masks for her if I knew she uses that.

01:22 - And this is a bathroom. And there are two more bathrooms in this house.

01:29 - This room is so colorful. Most of my stuff is pink Does Uyghur prefer to sleep on this kind of wooden bed? It seems very tough. Rock hard solid.

01:38 - Yes, but we don’t just lie on the bed like this. First, you have to put the mattress? Right. And then you put the blanket on top of that also.

01:50 - What are those? The metal behind you? Shenzhen marathon.

01:55 - Awesome! This bed is so hard. If you sleep here, you will put those blankets on top of the Yes, we put those blankets on top before we go to bed, kind of like Koreans.

02:09 - What? Koreans? Yeah. Let me check out the view from this window. Is this device for warming up the room? Yes.

02:20 - It’s still raining outside. What is that vase on the balcony of the house across the street for? Which one? That one.

02:28 - Just for decoration. No special meaning. There is a park downstairs, I guess they pick that up from there.

02:33 - Some people even put rocks on the balcony. So cold.

02:36 - So you don’t need to turn on the AC at night. Wait, I notice that there’s no AC installed in this room.

02:40 - Usually, it’s not that hot here so we don’t need AC.

02:42 - What if it gets too hot on some days? Then we turn on a fan in here.

02:46 - I am walking on my knees instead of my feet because I don’t want your bed to get dirty.

02:50 - It’s okay, you can step on it. This is such a mess.

02:55 - Yes, I put my stuff in random orders. But all the rooms have a different aesthetic. Like we normally would not put a carpet in the hall.

03:02 - What is Apocynum tea? Sugar cubes. I need to use your bathroom.

03:09 - There is a bathroom here. What’s in here? Can you turn the light on? It’s kind of like a living room.

03:18 - This is used as a dining room? Yes, two living rooms. This one and that one.

03:21 - Are you going to cut stuff on the bed instead of the kitchen? Sure, if you want.

03:32 - Are you sure about that? Cutting stuff on the bed? Yes, if you want, you can cut stuff here.

03:37 - Because the bed is hard and the cutting board is steady on top of it.

03:42 - It’s different, so it is strange to me. Usually, we prepare food in the kitchen.

03:48 - Yes, it depends on how you want to do it. But Uyghur is ok with that.

03:49 - What’s this room for? This is my brother’s bedroom.

03:51 - This is used as a bedroom? I thought it is a third living room.

03:57 - What is in the oven? It’s BBQ meat.

04:00 - Smells so good. What’s that? Wonton.

04:03 - Ah, I see. You told me this is a kind of dumping right? Yes.

04:10 - What’s the proper way to compliment your mom in your language? I am kind of nervous right now.

04:24 - Don’t be nervous. My mom really likes you. What time is it now? 1:40pm? Yes, we are heading to the Khorgos market now and you can have lunch there.

04:39 - And then you guys and walk around there. Not much to see there though, they don’t put out the street stalls during the day.

04:44 - When we come back, we can go to visit the desert if you want.

04:50 - What can we do in the desert? Just a desert. Not much to do.

04:52 - No, thank you. Are there any ATV for rent there? Yes. ATV Any kind of vehicle for rent to drive in the desert? I don’t think so.

05:05 - If you need a basket I can help put them in.

05:07 - What kind of candy is this? Watermelon flavor gummy.

05:09 - There is a label on top that says it has been disinfected? That means these candies have gone through nucleic acids tests before they bought in the store. Precaution for safety.

05:15 - Watermelon flavor gummy should be interesting. Let’s get one.

05:18 - Yes, it tastes good. And this? This one is good too. Caramel coconut flavor.

05:23 - I want this one too. Honestly, I want to try all of them.

05:26 - It’s understandable. Girls like sweets. Made in Turkey? Milk flavor. Okay, I should get one of these too.

05:35 - The name is so strange. Dog shit candy? It’s crispy candy.

05:38 - I’ll pass. It’s is made in Macau. I can get it in Shenzhen anyway.

05:41 - I think I had these before. Is it from Russia? Yes.

05:45 - Wait, it is from Ukraine. Let’s get one of these also.

05:50 - I feel like I am shopping for New year. Yes, many fruit flavor candies here.

05:51 - Blackcurrant candy? One of these also. Okay.

05:53 - What flavor is this? If the packaging color is different that means the flavor is different also.

05:59 - Okay, let me check so that I don’t accidentally get the same flavor twice.

06:00 - Lemon flavor. Then no. Skincare facial masks section. I don’t think they are suitable for my skin.

06:10 - I tried that one before, so so. As I recall, there are more similar stores like this nearby. I won’t get too much stuff from here.

06:20 - I should send these back home first and then share them with others.

06:33 - Made in Jiangmen and Kaiping. These are from Guangdong.

06:36 - What are these? Are they made in Guangzhou? Wait, no. It’s from Anhui.

06:47 - I had eaten these before. Yogurt candy. I believe they are from Shandong.

06:51 - No, these are from Fujian. But we can get them easily in Guangdong. These chocolate are definitely imported from Russia.

07:13 - I should also check the expiration date. Only 2 dollars for one bag.

07:19 - 2 dollars? Okay, I will get one. Yes. 2 dollars.

07:21 - Do you want these also? Ok, one of each.

07:26 - Do you know the route? Have you checked the map? Let me take a look first.

07:28 - Can we first walkout from these buildings? Fine.

07:31 - As long as I glance at the map, I know how to get to our destination.

07:33 - Do you want me to compliment you on this? That route should be the fastest way to get out.

07:48 - Remember when we get in we saw a lot of little red houses? Where are they? Sure, let’s go this way.

07:55 - Are those little houses on this way? I don’t see it.

08:03 - If those little houses are unlocked, I want to go inside and take a look.

08:06 - I think they are all locked. So this hotel is near the airport.

08:17 - In Ürümqi our hotel is also near the airport I think. But it’s different. In Ürümqi, our hotel is far away from the city center.

08:30 - They have planted so many elms here. Actually, In Ili, our local taxi driver told me that Ili is a small city.

08:49 - So it’s very easy to get by everywhere. But we’ve been in the car for so long so I want to walk around before we have dinner.

09:00 - Let’s get something to drink in the store. Looks like they have our local beverage in that store.

09:04 - The drink that you keep saying you want to try.

09:06 - I want to know why small grocery stores here always name themselves supermarkets.

09:09 - Well, let’s see. Hey, look! That’s the one I have been talking about. Get one of those.

09:17 - These two are made locally. Okay, get one of each. Are they from the same brand? No.

09:24 - Let me take a look at the label. I want to try this one.

09:26 - This one is good also. Doesn’t look that good.

09:29 - Hold this for me for a second. You should try it once, it’s our local soda water.

09:31 - Let me see what else they’ve got. Others are not manufactured here.

09:33 - But I want to check out all of them. What’s that? Those are just common drinks from other places.

09:39 - Okay, I will look around. Let’s what else we can get from here.

09:42 - Ok. Do you think they sell facial wash here? I think they do.

09:54 - I probably need some of the makeup removers also.

09:58 - Do you need socks? Nah, thanks. I can wash my own socks.

10:10 - I love those. But nothing special here. Do Uyghurs like that kind of snack? Yes, but not for me.

10:21 - Why is this soda water so sweet? Unlike the western soda water。 I know. They are all so sweet. Do Uyghurs like that much sugar in the beverage? That’s why normally I don’t drink them.

10:33 - If you drink this every day, it probably won’t do any good to your health.

10:38 - Should we throw them away then? Let’s not waste it. I will finish them later.

10:44 - It looks like a lot of Uyghurs live in this area.

10:49 - Yeah, I think so. That kid is adorable.

11:00 - If I am wearing a mask, they might mistake me as one of the minorities here.

11:04 - Yes, but your outfit shows that you aren’t from here.

11:08 - Oh, right. That kid is cute too. Is this a pet fish store? It looks like those fish are glowing.

11:22 - Maybe just the light effect. I want to hug those kids, they are adorable.

11:29 - Those are fish, right? I want to adopt them.

11:32 - They will eat their own children. What are you talking about? They will eat their own children.

11:40 - No, I was talking about the kids, not the fish. I said those two kids are adorable. I don’t care about the fish.

11:52 - My dress keeps pulling up today. That bothers me.

11:56 - Is that a BBQ restaurant? I saw they mention the beef soup in the small crock, the specialty here.

12:02 - Not as authentic as the one in Kashgar. That store looks like they sell adult toys, but the label says they provide makeup artists.

12:07 - Maybe it’s a store for adult toys before but now they changed the name but they keep the old decoration.

12:12 - Let’s cross the street. I think this would taste good. I used to eat this. Fruit peel. But it doesn’t taste like the one that I had before.

12:27 - I think our version has a lot more artificial flavor inside.

12:30 - This one tastes better. I don’t think this one contains any additives.

12:36 - But maybe it has a shorter shelf life. Take a bite.

12:45 - Not bad. Yeah, the fruit peel is ok but the ice cream was bad.

12:54 - You don’t like it? I was thinking about adding the soda we bought before inside as a milkshake but it will be so bad for my teeth.

13:01 - You want to give it a go? No, I am just going to eat the fruit peel.

13:04 - That ice cream probably won’t make a good milkshake either.

13:10 - I want to try their roast chicken and roast egg.

13:13 - Yes, you should try the roast egg. Yes, I want to try roast egg and that.

13:22 - These are made out of the sheep offal? Yes, one of the common dishes within our culture. And we also eat the sheep intestines I really want to try all of them. Like the noodles here and the roast meat bun over there.

13:38 - I think you should just get the roast eggs from here. Others don’t look that good.

13:41 - Hello, can I get one of the roast eggs here? Let me pay for this one.

13:52 - I want to pay for it. It’s 10 cents.

14:10 - That one looks good. Should we eat here? I think there are other stores that sell this, we will come back.

14:20 - I think we can get really authentic Uyghur food here.

14:23 - Are those boil sheep offal? Yes, we can try that if you want.

14:40 - Is that Gox garda? Stuff meat with thin flour skin.

14:42 - Are they eating the wonton like the one your mom made for us last time? Yes, same.

14:46 - That looks like an outdoor pub. Really? They sell alcohol there? Yes These small food stalls kind of like the one I saw in the food train market in Bangkok.

14:57 - Wow, look over there! That store has fake skewer there, but they are huge.

15:02 - Is there anything you would like to eat here? No, I think the other ones are better.

15:06 - We want one small bowl of the sheep offal, one small bowl of the sheep intestines, and sheep liver.

15:11 - Let me repeat your order, is that correct? That’s correct.

15:48 - Let’s add some side dishes inside. But what’s this? I am not sure.

15:54 - Okay then, let’s add a little bit of each, but I am holding the camera, so you do it.

15:59 - You can add a little bit more of that. That’s not oil, right? No.

16:03 - Then what is it? I don’t know. That’s garlic.

16:18 - Should we add that? Let’s add some soup in also.

16:27 - Okay. You do it, I am still holding the camera.

16:49 - I don’t know why they don’t sell milk tea here.

16:57 - I think they might have stores that sell milk tea in this area.

17:00 - After all, it is a tourist area. We should walk around and find out later.

17:15 - Some are not open to tourists. I bought ten boxes of Kvass on Taobao yesterday. They are from different manufacturers.

17:21 - Is that a bar? Looks like it. Hey, that’s the bar we are supposed to go to yesterday evening.

17:30 - What a coincidence! They have hookah and live music at night.

17:34 - Maybe we should come here tonight. Let’s go inside and take a look and then come back.

17:40 - Sure. So many food restaurants here.

17:49 - There are some local Airbnb here with cool style, you should check that out.

17:52 - Sure, if they allow us to go inside and film.

17:53 - We can ask them first. What does that say on the metal plate? Model family? I just want to have a peek from outside.

18:05 - That decoration kind of looks like your living room.

18:08 - No, that’s for people to rest. Are you filming videos for TikTok? No, I am here for a vacation but I will also upload videos to show Xinjiang on my Youtube.

18:27 - But I don’t have a TikTok account. I see.

18:30 - It’s harder to compress everything into a 1-minute video, so I prefer to edit this as a long video so that I can show people more of Xinjiang.

18:40 - So that people can see clearly what’s going on here.

18:42 - Hopefully, more people can come to visit Xinjiang when the pandemic situation gets better.

18:44 - You can see a lot of these are made out of horse meat, they sell horse sausage.

18:51 - And honey is one of their specialties here I guess. But I got tons of them in Ürümqi and I am going to send them out to my friends and colleagues.

19:00 - I bought like ten boxes of Kvass and I am going to share those with my friends And snacks I got tons in Ürümqi.

19:10 - So I am not going to buy anything here because I don’t want to carry anything.

19:13 - I just want to buy them online and ship them back.

19:18 - Hello! So a lot of them buy this kind of dried fruit.

19:23 - This candy is what they used for drinking black tea.

19:27 - When you make black tea, you can add these.

19:29 - I also got tons of those. This store looks like the one we went in before.

19:36 - Do you like this kind of food? They sell crust of cooked rice and green bean cake.

19:42 - Even donut. Do Uyghur like that Han food ? Yes, we eat that also but not to my taste, they are too sweet.

19:49 - Pineapple? They have fruit stalls here. I wonder if it is cheaper to buy them here.

20:00 - Let’s take a look at that. They sell spiced chicken with chili sauce. 8. 5 dollars for one? 8. 5 dollars is the price for a whole chicken though.

20:08 - Yes, cheaper to buy it in the supermarket. The fruits they sell here look so good.

20:16 - Are they really imported from another country? Those are good grapes.

20:23 - I see. This kind of grape comes in two colors, green and purple.

20:28 - This is not imported. They grew them in Xinjiang, right? Yes.

20:31 - How much for a bag of this? Are there any seeds inside? 5 dollars for the one at the bottom and 6. 5 dollars for the other kind.

20:40 - I want to try them and give one bag to our taxi driver.

20:44 - Our taxi driver? Yes. I want a bag of this and that one.

20:59 - So two bags of grape. 7 dollars for 2 big bags of grapes. It’s a very good deal.

21:05 - Thank you. I think they sell it by kg.

21:12 - 6 dollars。 Wait, no. About 6. 8 dollars for two big bags of grapes. They look so good.

21:23 - Almost looks like they are imported. This even has Japanese on it.

21:27 - It’s so cheap. In Shenzhen, it’s super expensive.

21:30 - Because they sell it like it was actually imported from Japan.

21:35 - Do you eat those? Yes. Raw chicken.

21:41 - A lot of sheep intestine wholesale stores in this market.

21:44 - Do they wash them in advance for the customer? Or you still have to wash them yourself at home? Yes, you have to wash those yourself.

21:51 - That’s kind of troublesome. What’s that? Squid.

21:59 - I don’t think squid is a common ingredient in Uyghur’s dishes.

22:20 - Let’s start from here and then walk in a circle to take a look at everything.

22:23 - They even sell pork here? I don’t think this is a wet market for Uyghur.

22:28 - That lamb looks good. Mamat butcher shop. Why so many stores have Mamat in their sign? Yes, it’s a common Uyghur name.

22:39 - Really? Most of the stores here always call themselves Mamat.

22:48 - There’s a popular TikTok account, she is also a Tomboy.

22:51 - Her account name is Mamat’s daughter. She has around 100000 followers.

22:59 - I want to check out the butcher shop over there.

23:01 - They have a roof, we don’t install windows and roofs as an individual stall.

23:09 - But kind of weird, because they are underneath a roof already. Why add another one? Is that beef or pork? It’s pork.

23:22 - I think this wet market is mostly Han people who buy stuff here.

23:39 - Only one butcher shop sells lamb, others are all pork and they also sell roasted duck here.

23:48 - But they don’t sell the Cantonese-style deli food here.

24:02 - Maybe more to check out on that street. Let’s take a look. This market reminds me of a community wet market.

24:09 - Yes. Very convenient for the people who live nearby.

24:15 - Looks like there are more stores over there.

24:17 - I definitely want to check them out. Let’s get in.

24:21 - Okay. This place s awesome. It’s like this market never ends.

24:46 - I am so curious. How many more stores here? We don’t have a place like this in Shenzhen.

24:54 - I guess we can only see this in the countryside. This is fascinating for me.

24:59 - That’s funny. Do Uyghurs use those tools in the kitchen?We use that for making alcohol and soup.

25:04 - Also can use that to make Kimchi. You can put marinated vegetables inside and eat them as a side dish after you store them for a while.

25:08 - Do Uyghurs use those tools for the same purpose? Not that I know of.

25:12 - Then what kind of kitchen tools do you use? My mom uses a similar tool for making soup as the one Han people own.

25:17 - On the first day that we arrived here, we had some marinated vegetables. Do they just make it on that day? Yes.

25:27 - Let’s go inside and take a look. What’s that? The hindquarters of a sheep.

25:39 - Wow, we don’t have this kind of store in Shenzhen.

25:43 - That’s cool. Let me take a picture of this.

25:46 - This kid is adorable. Hello! What a lovely kid.

25:54 - What don’t you show your hat to her? What kind of fruit are you selling? What does this call? Tell sister what that is. And show off your favorite hat to her.

26:21 - If we can stay here. This would be ideal for me.

26:36 - The store that across the streets makes so many Naan. Can he sell them all? He can open a street stall at night or he can sell them to restaurants or supermarkets. Naan (flatbread) is in high demand.

26:47 - I am sure he can sell all of what he makes on that day.

27:44 - Is that a wholesale store for snacks? I don’t think so.

27:48 - Then why do they like to add wholesale in their sign? Okay, now let’s walk back.

27:53 - Okay, let’s walk from here. No, this way.

28:46 - We should check out the street behind this also and then we will head back to the wet market.

28:48 - Okay. That tomato is big. Is that tomato? Yes.

29:37 - It kind of looks like apple also. Tomato.

29:39 - There are fruit vendors here also. I wonder if they are as cheap as the one they sell inside the wet market.

29:42 - Do you want to buy some more? Nah, can’t finish them all.

29:57 - I don’t think you ever pay attention to the traffic next to you or keep an eye out for stuff around you.

30:02 - Are you talking about me? Yes. I don’t think we need to.

30:05 - Ok. It’s very safe in China. Most of the stores in the wet market are still closed.

30:25 - And they mostly sell the same stuff here. Are those sheep offals all cooked? Yes.

30:45 - But probably will go bad if we send that deli food back to Shenzhen in this weather.

30:49 - It’s better to make it here and eat it right away.

30:51 - Yes. We should get some dessert from this store. I think they are famous.

32:04 - Okay, let’s turn off the camera. .