The Van Got Stuck! How To Navigate Volcán Cosigüina

Jun 9, 2021 18:00 · 2108 words · 10 minute read

continuing the journey to try and get up that volcano he said it’s just like a kilometer walk at the end wow i asked him if my truck was far enough the horse back cow poke he said we’re gonna get to a point where we’re gonna have to walk which is pretty much what everybody’s it’s in nobody’s really been super descriptive about but i mean honestly the best thing to do is just press forward on the path they keep pointing us hope it works out well we hit a traffic jam here on the road it is 5 20.

you know everyone’s trying to get back from work come on beautiful it’s just that this side of the road is like a big pit yeah why don’t you guys walk in the pit oh my gosh i wonder if we can actually make it past this point up here this is looking a little rough it’s just i have to be where you are man i can’t thank you ladies thanks for letting us this one you’re coming lovely view of the volcano that was probably the sketchiest part of the road yet i never intended to drive this far down this road but it’s honestly better driving during the day because we can run the ac it’s pretty hot here and then hopefully we can hike up really early so you know we have to leave the cap but we’ll put like every fan for him try and get it done earlier we’re certainly getting closer to the thing yeah it says on maps at me we’re only two miles away from the viewpoint so let’s just go tonight yeah night as in 4am well i wasn’t sure which road to take here but the neighbors told me it’s the right one of these two she said we’re going to be able to go about another kilometer or less than a kilometer or more and that’ll be the parking spot oh okay you said it was the same as how it’s been though i said that was okay well that’s fine oh my gosh okay so this is the part that they’re working on here so a little nervous i was worried about getting stuck but now i’m a lot more worried about those bumps but honestly they’re going away right so let’s go now they’re still there you could get stuck here though if you slow down too much that’s so crazy that curtain snow drove all the way to the top of that our friends they drove all the way up to the like all the way up the kayak yeah satellite dishes it’s so funny now we’re kind of doing the same thing no this isn’t like those this is definitely adventurous yeah i mean it’s simply adventurous because i don’t think that many people do it but it’s just so that was dusty oops i mean even even just me walking in it it’s it’s like two inches my feet fall look how dusty is you can’t even see the van oh my gosh okay that looks really stressful so here’s the current situation with the road up ahead dip crazy steep or becoming sketchy track here and that stretch back there got so dusty i almost got stuck so we’re just gonna keep it here just uh people can get by if they need and turning around in the morning is going to be exciting but that will be after we do the hike sometime dirt line oh my god i asked emily if she’d jump out to get that clip of me driving out here i didn’t know the road was gonna deteriorate that quick i was jumping through the dirt and i thought you could see me because my foot kind of sank down an inch to jump through the dirt you gotta wear me next time so we could have got a tour guide but here we are well we woke up at 4 00 a.

m to do this hike when it’s nice and cool out here in nicaragua what time is it 4 20. time on the clock all ready to go 4 30. we’re gonna hike a volcano cosiguina and it’ll have a huge crater lake in there we’ll be able to see three countries el salvador honduras and the one we’re in nicaragua starting to lighten up over here sunrise action with the mountain there and over here you can see the ocean following the four-wheel drive road i don’t think anybody can drive down this place well we were following that road and we missed this turn here ah this is starting to feel more like a hike animals are getting really loud all of a sudden insects they say there’s a red macaw that lives here that’s basically gone everywhere else but thanks to the app maps out me for making me look over on the side there find this trail it also lightened up a bit which helped and the podcast were listening was over so i was paying more attention so now we’ve passed five police guards here either they spent the night here this is the the camping area or he said they started really early i think emily and they came up this morning i think their military guys had their guns well the one guy had his gun like ready not pointed at us but like but it was in his hand like he could put it at us which was kind of weird which because usually it’s just slung on the side and they don’t really touch it or anything but he was like totally touching it so that was a little weird but we probably surprised them not a lot of people that were the first people we saw so there is the line of sunlight emily’s crossing it how does it feel wow the sun is now up from our perspective you’re out here trying to find a trail you want to look for these blazes here we have three in a row clearly marked trail probably thanks to the the military dudes so the first group of police said there’d be some others and behind they might ask for our id and stuff maybe payment or something but nobody asked for anything so that’s good because i don’t have anything so here we are coming up to the edge of the crater from the el salvador side curtin snow insane they drove up that so we have made it the rim of the crater the view of three countries and now we can walk along this trail here along the edge of the crater have a pb and j yeah just pure views from here on it’s hilarious that we wanted to get a guide this time we had a guide the guy will tell you that that water is called the gopher foreign ocean like right there yeah we’re just gonna walk this trail there’s supposed to be another mirador somewhere beautiful up here so pretty nice just to have some shade on his hike and we came up here so early that it feels great out it’s probably still not even 80 degrees yet it’ll be getting up to 100 later right there’s the rim of the crater and coming down is steep for that we just saw a squirrel and a bird over there though i’m really into these crater hikes lately because when you get up to the rim you have an amazing view the whole time besides that they’re just beautiful and they’re hidden things you don’t see until you’re right up there because i’m far away this just looks like a hill and i wish we had time to hike all the way around it like we did it up above the capital of el salvador san salvador nonetheless these crater lake hikes are gorgeous the first one we did was in mexico for my birthday to chichonal and that crater lake you can actually walk down to and go swimming in the hot springs that form the crater you like craters love it so we made it to the viewpoint this is a pretty interesting shape across the water so oh these spider hikes always have the element of danger being being on the side of a cliff the whole time there’s a big old termite don’t see the trail heading down the tree but god showed us the other day that it’s pretty cool honestly the more hikes we do in central america and south of the us in general the more i want a machete because some of these trails are a bit overgrown and that’s how the locals get around through these areas where the brush grows pretty quick just bring your own machete slice up anything in your way emily ready to head down yeah ready you always got to memorize the way down but thankfully we got those red blazes to rely on as well and we should be at the van in about 30 seconds beautiful views coming down another great thing about crater lake hikes right now it’s eight o’clock we woke up four hours ago already so we’ve been hiking for about three hours a little bit more three hours 15 minutes we were expecting three hours total but we should be fine we still got more water snacks so we’re taking an alternate route back to the van based on what our maps are telling us because in the middle of the night we got a little turned around for a second and this should be a little more direct and hopefully prettier than that road that trail definitely was a shortcut because made it back to the road here we go if we would have seen this in the middle of the night off the side here it would have been nice i feel like i did look over here look it’s hard to tell that trail’s there huh but i could have used the gps a little more carefully we were listening to that fire podcast program so smooth sailing now back to the van there’s the van just a glimpse of it so the van looks okay again if we come down here stick left and then we can pull up into this side road back out get going the way we need to go get a little dirty just a little bit you doing okay my boy hey buddy he’s okay otherwise i might try to turn around here looks like somebody was here where we’re going and they pulled up in here turn around and that’s the sketchy part over here looks like we got some beavers nice guy with the guitar styling it’s a whole town that’s it now we are free to make a pool for ourselves trying to turn this fan around and get out of here and is i’m gonna back up straight a little turn the wheels put the back of the van here and hopefully pull out that way and right off the glory here we go tell me that did not work we are unstuck at least it got fully stuffed tell me cleared it wow well we got the van turned around but i am nervous this is the sketchiest part of the road that we’ve driven but it’s going downhill this time so we’re going to rock the dual camera angle emily’s got this other one here we go yeah this part was fun okay so here’s the start of it it’s downhill this time way easier than going up there i like i could still i could still get a stranded right now though don’t get too excited okay so here’s maybe let’s just stay in the trash even if the tracks are deep just stay at you wow that’s it that was the bad part oh my god i’m so happy closing the windows because the smoke or the dust is streaming in but we made it through the sketchy part now we just gotta go slow for quite a ways and we’re gonna be excited to hit that pavement yes the most south southern wawa but it’s closed yeah oh it must be only oh no it is open thanks for watching our crazy vulcan cosiquina adventure if you enjoyed it let us know in the comments and subscribe see you guys next time at the beach you.