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what’s going on guys it’s Omniarch and today I’m bringing you a brand new video where i am finally going to be playing some infinity kingdom so this is by far been the most requested game on this youtube channel people have been messaging me on discord they’ve been messaging me in game on rok people have just straight up been suggesting and recommending this game to me saying hey omniarch have you heard of infinity kingdom have you played it do you plan on playing it and you know it’s it’s no wonder why right because if you watch some gameplay for infinity kingdom it looks and i’m just i’m gonna say it okay i love our okay but it looks just like a better version it literally does oh it’s it’s a similar gameplay style but all the graphics are better there’s dragons and just different elements in this game like it’s it’s literally like if somebody just made a sequel to rok right like that’s basically what it is they basically just took everything that rok did and just gave it a facelift and improved all of it that’s what it looks like okay so we’re gonna be playing the game on this channel a little bit and we’re gonna be exploring infinity kingdom to see well let’s see what it brings to the table because honestly i’m impressed with what i’ve seen so far just by watching a couple of youtube videos but first we have cheers we have a bottle this time of course so if you guys want to play with me in infinity kingdom make sure you click the link in the description below the game of course is free to play okay welcome to norheim it says thank you for answering the call of the three kingdoms and coming to norheim to fight this glorious battle of survival and resurge here you will face attacks by the gnomes and you will have to search high and low for the most efficient ways to defeat them you will also be tasked with the glorious mission of reviving the kingdom’s previous prosperous days but most importantly you and your companions will have to work together to protect the world hard keeping it stable are you ready for this strange new world and it’s endless challenges now let’s choose the kingdom you wish to become the brilliant lord of so right away i’m getting like a mixture of obviously you know some some other games in this genre but we we also i feel like i’m getting some like you know world of warcraft vibes right we’ve got like the world heart right that there’s like the heart of azeroth so this has already got some overlaps with some really really good games in the genre and look at the art style man look at the art style okay this is absolutely gorgeous so you basically have a choice between three different uh you know kingdoms right um and we can kind of go back here you have the ruslan the idvia idvia and then vitas so you can choose them they have different buffs that you can actually get so my favorite one so far has been the idvia um i don’t know if i’m actually pronouncing that properly but it’s mystery and rationality this kind of reminds me of like harry potter right like picking your house in harry potter um i may i love owls owls are my favorite so i’m going to be picking idvia so i don’t you know you guys can pick whatever you want you get uh 5 hp for spearmint with idvia but we can also move on over to uh ruslan and they have the uh lion here valor and strength so this is you know shout out to gryffindor of course um but like guys these graphics look so good man and that gives you um some cavalry stats as well and then the vitas is nature and dignity and you get hp for shieldman so it’s a little you know we got we got we have a lion an owl and you got a tree interesting choice okay and i get it right like the the the tree represents like nature and mother earth and stuff like that so i i get it it makes sense to me but it just feels like they probably should have an animal i don’t know anyway let’s take a look at idvia we’re gonna go with this one because my god look at this boy look at this good boy let’s freaking go okay man this i’m excited i’m excited let’s take a look at this cutscene the philosopher’s stone a human soul bound by rarest alchemy okay so philosopher stones have human souls in them ultimate gates oh that’s a big one wait what is the fight for the stones oh those are the kingdoms okay so the kingdoms are fighting for the philosopher’s stones and the kingdoms of man as julius caesar you see the dragons in the background i know you saw those dragons all the while gnome’s forces yeah this reminds me of like orcs and uh and gnomes from like world of warcraft and also like lord of the rings um which is good like those are good vibes right like wow is an incredibly good game i love the lore i love the art style so any time that i’m reminded of world of warcraft in the game it’s i’m i’m excited right and you know not that many games give me those vibes of course it is general like right but still it looks awesome if nothing is done it’s doom we’re doomed everybody we are doomed everybody i’m just kidding i mean we’re gonna be the heroes right like we’re the lord of of of this city here so basically the humans have been fighting they’ve been super greedy and then meanwhile the gnomes have been off in their you know in their mountainous regions just preparing for war and taking over so who’s this who’s grace and dire need huh ooh we got lancelot it’s ya boy the gnomes have ransacked our cities okay so our city is in in is in disrepair so we have to go ahead and build this up but man look look the whole game is is like these beautiful 3d renderings this looks so good so first we build a castle of course obviously you have to build a castle you gotta so these are alchemists i guess the alchemists are the ones that do the building i mean obviously you have builders right but uh that’s what they just said they said oh you brought an alchemist that’s what grace said yeah the alchemy of the god is such a huge building restored to its former glory in an instant so we’re basically uh using some sort of uh holy magic to rebuild this city which is really cool gotta rebuild the walls okay so let’s go ahead and do that this should be pretty quick five seconds same thing look at that like they actually you actually see it building that’s such an improvement like there’s so few games i feel like in this genre that put this much detail into the graphics of just your city i like i like how they all have voice acting too that’s so interesting okay so we have to summon an immortal so we’re basically gonna fight off these gnomes all right we’re gonna fight off the gnomes so let’s go over here this is the hall of immortals so we’re gonna have to build this really quick i imagine there it is and look all the pieces the the rubble just rises up super cool so let’s go into the hall of immortals here and we’ll see uh we’ll do a free summon looks like a free little summon here so we got these are i guess philosopher’s stone like shards or whatever um and what do we get here so i’m pretty sure from what i’ve seen this is the uh this is the immortal that you get right off the bat pretty much all the time like oh there’s some electricity there okay or no it’s not electricity it’s frost interesting water okay so pierre terrell tyrell turtle i’m sorry i don’t know fearless nights we’ve got cavalry water and attack uh piercing lance inflicts physical damage of 165 percent to target we’re going to ignore that biography there let’s go ahead and confirm him boom let’s go we need to train some troops so we’re gonna go to the training grounds over here i feel like my city is huge like like this place is so big right like in other games you gotta like pinch and zoom and you see like your little belt like this is this is massive this is so cool right this is this is awesome um okay you must restore the cavalry barracks to train troops okay so what have we just restored what is it that we just restored with oh training grounds okay so i guess you need barracks to train and then training grounds for the units i’m not really sure but we’ll see here ooh 69 power hey get it all right wonderfully done the california remarks have been built troops arm yourselves and be on the ready so let’s go ahead and uh train up some we’re gonna train was this 4 000 light cavalry look dude even the uni look at this that the whole game is is fully animated 3d renderings like this is seriously a free-to-play game like it looks incorrect it looks so beautiful like these graphics look insane and this is a tier one unit what do the tier fives look like all right it says 15 minutes but we’re gonna speed that up let’s just one click with one button we have a 4 000 cavalry army so let’s go over here and so this is i guess um so this is lancelot with his little uh cavalry over here we’re gonna put pierre over in this slot so we’ve got more power and he’s got the cavalry we just trained apparently so let’s go ahead and i guess we’ll click auto and then cool perfectly done it’s time to shut those horrible gnomes up charge okay so let’s no i’m not looking for death unless it’s you let’s go ahead and challenge them to a battle so there it is dude there that’s what we’re looking for we’re looking for the dragons boys let’s go okay um so they’re like very like mechanical looking mechanomes so this is this is the combat like this is what combat look look look you can even see you can even see your units like falling and despawning and dying that’s crazy so we have the hp up top here your immortal has gathered enough energy to cast a powerful skill so look at the eyes on him all right let’s cast that spill okay so we see just a bunch of water just like raise up from the ground very cool so it’s interesting that you can actually activate your skills manually so that’s interesting i don’t know if this is just pve content and i don’t think this is i mean maybe this is how the pvp content as well like i said i actually don’t know much about this game i’ve just seen a couple of videos here and there um great we we successfully uh repelled a unit of gnomes i believe that under your command will be able to route the remaining enemies one by one that’s right and once you clean up this area outside the city you’ll also be able to build farms to deal with the food shortage we’re facing okay so let’s go ahead and build a farm over here and with that immortal magic poof we’ve got a farm incredible guys incredible he looks as tall as the whole building itself okay the humans were on their last legs where to find the strength to resist it’s your boy okay it’s your boy of course i got the strength there was this what are you talking about of course i do all right let’s go ahead and build up our hospital here because we’re gonna have to fight off the other gnomes that are outside and look look the building just like i i guys i can’t get i can’t get over it it just the game looks so good dude it just looks so good and look you can go into your your hospital is fully animated too like every building you can click and go into it’s it’s crazy dude and i know like i feel like i’m focusing on like such minor things but having such incredible detail for the small things makes me really optimistic for how the rest of the game is built right like if you care about like you know clicking into your hospital and seeing your your troops actually wounded inside the hospital like you’ve probably put a lot of thought into everything else too i don’t know that’s my assumption right anytime that game focuses on the teeny tiny little details those are the ones that you know typically have a lot to offer so i’m excited let’s see we built the bowmen barracks so we’ve gone from level one to two we’ve got our own philosopher’s stone over here so we gotta build the shieldman barracks and now it looks like the tutorial has kind of opened up a little bit so now we can actually uh kind of go around here and look at our city so uh let’s collect that and then we’ll upgrade the castle to two this is going to take 20 seconds okay um so first recharge is merlin so i guess if you make a purchase you automatically get merlin which he is a water element uh which it looks like lancelot and pierre also are so i think having a you know uh if you’re gonna min max i think having a lot of the same elements probably good that’s my assumption um because i’ve played a decent amount of games like this and i feel like i’m kind of a veteran right i feel like i’m kind of i know my way around these games okay and i’ve got a hunch that min maxing in that way is probably good so we have a free attempt here um so this free summon will um after 10 you get a guaranteed either elite or epic okay so let’s go ahead and do another summon uh these alchemists are just doing all the work for us man they’re building the buildings they’re summoning the immortals like the champion whatever we call them is that constance who is that wow okay yeah we we want uh we want her on that did she just post she did a little selfie right there it was called helen of troy okay so she’s a bowman she’s also water blizzard conjures an ice storm that lasts for 12 seconds dealing magical damage um damage rate 61 and a 61.

2 percent to three random targets within range uh every three seconds there’s names on chance i can’t read that because the tutorial is forcing me not to so let’s just go ahead we summoned a new mortal let’s deploy them at once so let’s go into our troop composition it looks like we can now uh move helen of troy into the back row here and um it looks like so we have one of each rarity so far except for legendary it looks like or whatever the i guess it was epic was the gold looking one i’m not really sure but we’ve got two sets of cavalry here and then one set of bowmen in the back i guess that makes sense right because bowmans are arranged i don’t know three combat units with the same elemental attribute thus activating the orifice see what did i tell you min maxing see min max and we got three water types here elements are unique to this land they interact with one another and the and each has its own strengths and weaknesses deploy immortals of the same attribute to boost your troops combat power so here we get um immortal physical defense plus 20 and magical defense plus 20 so if you have four you get even more and five you get even even more that’s crazy okay so um yeah we have auto set already so um we have the maximum number of troops excellent so that’s kind of like our little army right there which is cool so let’s take a look around okay let’s let’s explore all right so we’ve got the training grounds the training grounds i guess is the maximum amount of uh where you inspect your army the highest level the more soldiers you can inspect there in total okay so you can go all the way to level 40.

oh my god okay so you can have up to half a million uh i guess um soldiers here interesting and then the barracks are where they’re actually trained so let’s go in let’s start training some troops here because we’re gonna have to do that anyway you can’t have like a military war game like this and not be training troops at all times so look at that dude look at look at the look at the little animations look at him look at a little tier one look at that t1 unit right there let’s go all right so it looks like shieldman beats spearman spearman beat cavalry and cavalry beat shieldman bowman don’t be any troop type but are also not beaten by other troop types okay so bowman are kind of just like the neutral unit uh when your troops fight with a troop that they beat they receive 25 percent less damage okay interesting so wait when they fight a type that they beat so when shieldman fights spearman the shieldmen don’t deal more damage they actually take less damage interesting okay so we’ve got attack hp defense and load interesting what’s this this is the spearman barracks oh we get extra we get extra health by being uh what is it we are idv so okay um let’s change our name here uh because we are on the ark so everyone needs to know let’s go ahead and do that i’m glad nobody stole my name that’s excellent um which one of these pictures do we want to use for now we’re gonna go with uh we’re gonna go with uh i don’t know none of these really look like me to be honest i mean i see them in the comments okay i see you in the comments let’s you know we’ll go with it nah this guy’s kind of lame we don’t want to go with that guy we got we go he’s cool man we like the cool looking guy all right we look we like to look cool we like to think we’re cool even though we’re not all right um what are we doing here is there anywhere for me to shamelessly promote my youtube channel no no okay great um anyway let’s go here let’s take a look at some of the events here okay oh special about this my boy is that my boy richie is that my boy richie yo we got saladin alexander okay hang on hold the phone here for a second what what’s going on here so we’ve got some special bundles i don’t really we save the purchases for when we’re shamelessly addicted to the game which is probably going to happen what do we get for free what’s the good stuff give me the good stuff you know what i’m saying let’s claim that because i don’t know oh i linked something so obviously you want to link that but um wow look at all the stuff you get just for signing in wait you get you get crystals of leonidas for free by just logging in that’s a legendary dude that’s good you get legendaries for free just by logging in what yo are okay take notes boys um okay let’s see what do we got in the items section here um oh philosopher’s stone we can use that to uh summon something awesome later you know what i want to see let’s look at the immortals okay so we’ve got lancelot so everyone starts with lance a lot i think everyone probably starts with all of these uh if i’m not mistaken uh maybe not i don’t know maybe it’s because i’m just on it via that i got these three but i would be willing to bet there he is dude lionheart yo this has got to be my first legendary right i mean like i i mean look at my logo on my channel right it’s it’s got to be richard oh my god they’re full 3d renders they’re full 3d renders look at the lightning coming off this guy look at that hammer dude this game looks so good hannibal barca are you actually good in this game are you good in this game are you booty be honest okay i have no idea how to pronounce that we got charles yo look at it dude what is that what is he got a summon what is what is this dude this is so sick we’ve got harold frederick dude this i’m blown away at these animations yo he’s a super saiyan he’s literally a super saiyan he just did the like yo that is okay let’s see let’s see okay calm down on me you freaking weeb calm down this is sparta boys dude that’s so cool these look so good these look so good and look he turns his head to look at us the whole time dude look at how many look at how many immortals there are those are all the legendaries oh my god there’s so much to do oh my god what is this oh we get free gems yeah okay i’ll take free gems so i guess as you collect the immortals you get gems for free little dragon okay is this what dude i love this this looks so good solomon what is this oh my dude this looks a mix looks amazing yo he looks badass the leper king look at that that’s so cool ooh minamoto baby minamoto with the return is he a bowman legendary samurai but he’s got a okay theodora okay let’s see yo is this khan this is khan yo what is that a raven okay dude i’m just i just i i oh my god dude these look so good we need to we need to start making some progress because we need to start summoning some of these guys so let’s claim uh what is this claim these free gifts what is this vip points okay we’ll take the vip points um let’s go and start training some spearmen there he is dude he’s a hunk look at the look at the muscles on this guy would you just look at the muscles can we see so this is tier two this is tier three okay so i like that there’s minor there’s like slight upgrades each time so you’re making progress but it’s nothing crazy and then boom you go to t5 baby look at this absolute unit right here absolute unit and they’re all look guys the the actual units themselves are 3d renders they’re 3d i’m blown away i am blown away this looks incredible um okay we need to let’s see we need to recapture this area so let’s get let’s get into another little little little altercation over here let’s challenge these guys look they got a freaking zeppelin over here this is nuts okay all right so back look the battles look incredible too i just can’t get over the graphic style like it actually feels like it’s like it it’s you know it’s this city builder type of game that you expect but the graphics are like a like it reminds me like world of warcraft like it it’s actually nuts oh what is that is that an aoe that was cool someone just got freaking sniped okay okay so we’re getting experience here for our immortals which is good we’re getting some uh free speed ups healing good stuff here so okay easy peasy lemon squeezy um the morale is surging of course i mean we just looked at all the 3d models of course the morale is surging boys let’s freaking go okay all right let’s let’s uh what is this lumber mill okay so we did chapter one easy peasy lemon squeezy what does this last a lot okay we get um so we get 10 soul crystals of lancelot so i imagine so you need 30 for a summon um but i imagine to level up his skills you’re gonna need it as well i can only imagine right uh i mean what else would you use them for after you summon them so okay on to chapter two conquest this start who’s this guy duncan dude look at that look at the face tattoo i love it it’s like mike tyson so we need 10 to add oh he’s got stats oh i like that i like that that adds a little bit of depth to the game okay so immortals have their own stats so inflict physical damage to a target enemy row so that just bumped 40 by adding by developing him once if we do it again what’s gonna happen oh okay so we developed it and went up by 40.

so it’s linear okay oh there’s an equipment system oh my god this game i’m shocked that this game launched with this much content like there’s so many immortals they’re all beautiful 3d animated renders there’s an entire equipment system right out of the gate like i’m i’m impressed i’m legitimately impressed we’re not gonna speed up 15 seconds we got 15 seconds to waste okay oh we’ll gain vip though yeah let’s use that vip of course let’s see we are vip one so we get 30 shop refreshes cool all right we need to join an alliance honestly we need to uh we need to get ourselves an alliance um what is this we’re gonna upgrade the training grounds okay let’s do that uh we can we can wait 15 seconds um look at this okay okay let’s see here um well well well um what is this the academy level six okay so basically we’re gonna have to just start focusing on the castle right i mean that’s really what that’s really what this is all about um do we have two builders can we get a second builder we can and a five dollar bundle for a second building queue this is probably super worth it honestly um so i will probably buy this very soon but for now we get a second build our queue for free so let’s go ahead and do that and uh we should be fine let’s claim this um oh we can use experience yeah we’ll just use one just for the just for the little quest you know what i’m saying we’ll use it for the little quest that’s fine no big deal um let’s bring our castle to level oh we need to do the wall first of course of course you got to do the wall first i’m going to see i’m kind of freaking cake you know what i’m saying of course you gotta you can’t have a really nice castle and just have someone freaking ransack it you need a nice little wall in front of you okay it’s common sense boys okay it’s common sense what can we do here oh we can do a free attempt so you get five free attempts probably every day which is cool um and then it’s probably going to give me shards of something honestly okay so here’s a green unit a green rarity uh so nothing super exciting there um let’s go ahead and use this we’ll see if we can get a legendary i really want richard i feel like i deserve richard you know what i mean like even if he’s not good in this game i don’t know i don’t know what the meta is or who’s good who even does one but i just feel like i deserve richard you know i just feel like i deserve him anyway let’s go ahead and do another summon here we’ll see if we can get something awesome a manator i don’t i don’t i don’t know i can’t i can’t pronounce some of these uh the construction workers are complaining that they have nothing to do interesting well get back to work okay let’s go ahead and upgrade this five minutes we can’t wait five minutes we get what we look like we have five minutes to kill like come on we got yeah sure 10 seconds but five minutes yeah okay let’s go ahead and fight these guys uh they have an absolutely massive mechanical scorpion looking just demonic whatever oh it’s not even here okay well that was on that it was there before i swear um okay so we’ve got we’ve got in the back row over here um she’s dealing oh okay okay pal it looks like this is probably your skill oh oh [ __ ] okay see i told you i wasn’t making it up dude that’s actually okay so this is like a boss fight obviously oh my god i don’t have rona garrison so this is basically a garrison fight so let’s use our uh helen of troy okay so this is the this is where she deals damage over time he’s going to do that water attack we saw before and what is this guy’s special this immortal special he just does a little pokey poke all right we did it boys we did it let’s freaking go obviously this is all still tutorial i can’t imagine you probably you probably can’t even lose a fight like that but that was actually really cool you got to admit that was that was cool right a big uh you know super massive uh scorpion looking mechanical beast thing it’s it’s epic okay it’s africa everyone knows it’s epic just look at it let’s go and upgrade this we got 10 seconds to kill let’s claim that we’ve got another quarry and with that we finished chapter two let’s go and claim those rewards what is this territorial teleports we have two of those now nice i’m sure we’ll need that chapter three conquest growth nice monocle pal my lord all affairs in the territory are in order now when no news of another gnome attack has been received perhaps we can go out and take a look let’s go i want to see the outside of the city for quite some time already all right so now we zoom out we see the world and this is going to be the telltale sign let me just explain this it’s a vast continent the three kims would go on one occasion most people had high hopes with a brighter future however everything changed for the gnome when the fire nation attack no okay uh hopefully we can quickly say about the city’s capture of the gnomes and rescue the people suffering under their yoke so the war among three kingdoms continues without end you must stay ever vigilant against attacks from lords of other kingdoms if you want to make a preemptive strike first scout the enemy’s territory okay so it looks like blue is at war with green green is at war with red and red is at war with blue maybe i don’t know the gnomes have invaded in our country our county is indeed country country is in danger the gnomes have been have besieged one city after another district home started foot alone so you should join the alliance of course of course in the arab of the center of the north uh center of norhan hangs a huge philosopher’s stone the world heart it’s a symbol of power and prestige the road to the summit of power is always difficult gather your allies and conquer the world heart the strongest lord of norheim is about to be born okay the dome troops wandering outside the city room in constant threat however they often carry quality wares that we can obtain if we defeat them why don’t you try it out uh okay let’s go ahead and what is this we’re searching we’re searching for trent you get our immortal xp and immortal equipment by defeating gnome armies so you must first defeat the weaker army so we can fight the strongholds okay so our first victory we’re going to get our first piece of equipment here so no armies are on the rampage you must send your troops destroy them challenging them armies uh for a chance to get equipment when you defeat them after a battle you can find a detailed battle report okay so let’s go ahead and fight them it looks like it uses 105 uh you know what is these uh ap so that’s action points um we’re moving a little slow here not gonna lie chief not gonna lie you’re taking your sweet time but guys look at the actual world like look at like look at the actual graphics of the world like there’s leaves blowing in the wind there’s birds chirping like this looks incredible the game looks good dude what is this lava lurker okay oh so we can fight that death stinger again nice known bosses let’s go back to our city over here did we win i wasn’t paying attention i hope we won let’s see castle upgrade rewards give me that free stuff is good stuff i love it so we did win um we got eight experience oh and we got a rookie helmet and a rookie sword we got some enchanting stones i don’t really know what those do but uh if we replay can we watch the actual fight oh we can dude that’s cool that’s really cool does it show you damage too while you’re in the fight does show you damage oh we one shot them easy bro easy yo we one shot them not a shot that this is difficult okay so that’s gonna be useful for like battle testing and stuff i think because you can just go back and re-watch it and pay attention to like details and stuff what do we get here uh noble xp points once daily for free the more consecutive you log in of course so let’s get those vip points um and then let’s claim our daily exclusive chess so we get some experience this is like you know basic stuff because we’re only vip one right but i imagine if you go up here to like a higher vip you probably get some real good stuff so let’s see what’s what do we get a vip 10 vip 10 you get you got one philosopher’s stone every single day so that’s one summon every single day and then uh oh we got some equipment over here if you do make a purchase bethany or elizabeth the thori interesting so there are some uh immortals zenobi just straight up gadzenobia guys no big deal you just get zenobia you just make that little purchase merlin okay wait is each one is a different oh no it’s not okay all right you gotta tear why we had helpful whatever it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter we’re not interested in that right yet we probably will be later though if we are shamelessly addicted like i do think i might be oh give me all these goodies wait no wait go back go back what are we doing oh we’re going to the city okay that’s fine i’ll go to the city that’s okay let’s go ahead and upgrade this here um what do we uh what is this what is this dailies ooh dailies okay dailies are important everybody knows dailies are important if you’ve played a game like this before you already know the deal what do we get every day ooh we get a philosopher’s stone every day and gems free jumps nice market order we’re gonna have to we there’s a lot we have to learn okay i don’t really know what any of this means but what i do know is we’re getting a lot of free stuff right now and i love free stuff that’s the best kind of stuff it doesn’t cost anything it’s free we just got a philosopher’s stone i’m gonna save up these philosophers stones i think for a video and maybe we’ll just do like a bunch of summons and we’ll see like kind of what happens um but like i was saying i i don’t know maybe maybe we got another philosopher’s son dude i’m gonna set him in so many immortals boys um oh it said something about talents let’s go ahead and open up the talents here we’ll see talents are divided into two tracks development and military you can change which track to focus on based on your strategic strategic needs i can’t even talk so we have one talent point um suitable for use in the construction of territorial infrastructure this is for when attacking okay clearly right so development talents i’m gonna be real with you guys i’m gonna keep it a buck okay you’re gonna want to do the development talents first i’m just i can already tell you right now like that’s going to be the that’s going to be the play you’re going to want to go for this stuff right look this is building speed straight up you’re going to need building speed before you’re going to need you know crit value like that’s going to be amazing later right what is this dodge value yeah you’re going to need that at some point but really resource production like this is going to be this is going to be all the smart players are going to invest in that early on like that if you if you have a big brain like that’s the big iq player right there and everybody knows it okay let’s go ahead and train some more of these here um i don’t know should i be upgrading this actually should i be upgrading like this is 20 seconds like we should probably upgrade that before we commit to a 15 minute training session but can we upgrade it while it’s oh we can boys we can upgrade the buildings while we’re training troops that’s the quality of life improvements that i like to see in games like this we can build another farm do we have three builders oh i guess we don’t need a third builder oh we got some stone we get some food we get some lumber what’s over here castle four okay looks like this is there’s something there’s oh wait what is this what is this wait there’s stone and what’s this oh iron am i getting iron is that what this is what is this no this produces stone but but but okay so we need oh wait one two three four five there’s five resource types in this game okay okay so we’ll have to see how that plays out but i like the free stuff i’m getting here so i’ll just like i’ll take all that thank you very much um what are we getting over here let’s upgrade this so we don’t have a minute what are you crazy we’re a minute dude come on man we think this is dude we got it we got no time okay if it’s less than 30 seconds we’ll wait it out but other than that like come on what are you doing what did you just send i’m gonna sit oh let’s go ahead and equip this let’s go ahead and equip this i feel like i have adhd playing a game like this let’s go ahead and do it there’s just so much to do right there’s so much to do i’m gonna put it on um they want me to put it on lancelot it’s probably better on my my more powerful so this gives you crit and physical strength this is i mean this is like the worst equipment in the game right but it’s probably look we get free power it’s free power look at that look at that i kind of feel like it’s better on her oh oh there’s different types of equipment that’s actually so smart and really like that’s just see the attention to detail of course she’s not gonna wear a helmet with a sword right she’s got a staff and a whatever this is so there’s different types of equipment for d that’s so interesting i feel like there’s a there’s just a level of depth that is just in there’s a level of depth in this game that i feel like isn’t in other games like this so that’s really promising really good to see let’s go ahead and train some bowman i don’t know what we’re doing over here we’re not lazy okay we’ve got stuff to do we got to build a warehouse look it’s in freaking shambles over here we never forgot about the warehouse look and boom we got a new roof i love that you get to watch the buildings actually build i think that’s just so so cool like it makes me feel like i’m actually doing something instead of just like pressing a button and like oh boom there’s a farm like you’re actually watching the things be built i don’t know to me it just it feels cooler right um if the graphics if the graphics for games like these are really bad then it just feels like i’m interacting with like a numbers menu right but here it’s a fully rendered 3d environment and everything’s animated everything just it looks it’s like a real game like i know that sounds stupid right but like it’s actually built like a real game and it should be because it is i don’t know if you guys are following when i’m going with that but anyway now we can probably do castle to four castle to four ten minutes um yeah we’ll do it boom so we unlocked the smeltery zone and the harbor wait a minute there’s a harbor oh my okay hang on let’s build the smeltery wait a minute the harbor tell me i can have ships if i can have a naval fleet i’m going to lose it this looks cool okay no this probably isn’t what i’m thinking maybe we can’t do naval battles dude naval battles would be so cool in it in a game like this i’m assuming the harbor’s probably for trade though so trade with emergence and gain if 60 minute building speed up wait a minute hold up a certain amount of time in gold as the gonna go progress more ports will become available let’s start a voyage dude this is cool this is cool wait what i feel like i have like a like i legitimately feel like there’s like a world i have to explore sign in yep i’ll take that thank you discounts what is this um i don’t even know but i feel like i should do it because it’s 50 off we’ll hold off on that we gotta make smart decisions here okay i gotta i gotta be a role model for you guys don’t be don’t be wasting speed ups like i’ve been doing okay i’ve been dude nine stones let’s go let’s go we’re going to be doing so much summoning boys and girls okay so we want to join an alliance of course so let’s go ahead and hit join we’ll join or whatever let’s just we’ll just pick one and of course the alliance is freaking animated too this is crazy oh my god there’s so much to do all right so i want to show you guys the world map you can see this is my territory right here it doesn’t show my name it just says my territory so if we zoom out this kind of reminds me of like the starting zone of for orcs in world of warcraft back in like i think they changed with the recent with the recent expansion but you know what i’m talking about this is like basically like the the desert wasteland type of vibe you can see the sun rays coming off in the top left corner absolutely gorgeous if we zoom out we can actually click the world map here this is where i am this is the city that my alliance has uh is attempting to capture and if we zoom out you can see the world is actually massive like this is the this is the entire server here you can see blue is kind of dominating uh the blue kingdom is kind of dominating here up in the top that is of course it via that’s that’s mine the map is absolutely gorgeous and it’s super uh it transitions flawlessly from this wasteland to like the forests and the plains and then you have the up in the top there’s this like frozen tundra let me actually zoom in here let’s leave the um let’s leave the world map we can actually before we do that you can see the factions here you can see the faction power is just oh predominantly it via like it’s it’s actually crazy i don’t know how that ended up happening but anyway it’s fine we’re on we’re on the blue team we’re good um if we go up here you can see it’s going to transition from this uh sort of wasteland over to now we’re in the plains area you can see some of the green guys are burning over here which is crazy and then if you zoom in you can actually see um obviously these are like some of the the gnomes out in the open fields here this is one of the boss fights this is the lava lurker um you a lot of times you have to attack these multiple times depending on how strong you are and how strong the level of that is um but there’s just like these crazy just like massive boss fights out on the open open world it’s super cool and then you can see here it transitions from the from the little the planes with the trees to like a dense forest and there’s birds flying around like the game just looks so so good it looks so good and then up in the top this is uh if you follow like the story um right at the beginning with that uh oh wait can i search this i want to search this it’s a seven minute scout but that’s fine i got nothing else to do um this ice wall the frozen wastes up top this is i guess where the gnomes like originally came from this this portion of the map here you can see no one no cities are up here there’s no players up here there’s no anything up in the frozen waste which is crazy but that probably means i wonder if there’s gonna be some sort of like really cool events that happen up here uh if they’ve already announced it let me know in the comments but it’s just it’s it’s there’s a whole portion of the map that’s unused with this with this uh uh with this ice barrier around it the ice wall looks so so cool so yeah the the map is huge and the game just looks incredible guys this video has been way longer than i than i thought it would be let’s end it on a free do we get a free summon we’re not going to do that we’re no no no we’re you’re not going to trick me into using my nine stones okay let’s do a little free summon here to end the video what are we getting out of this how many shards are we gonna get a summon no we’re gonna get shot no we’re getting a summon what was this little red riding hood oh with the skirt that was a little shameless guys come on it was a little bit shameless there you had to make it okay anyway we got vlasta she’s uncommon bowman fire this is our first fire elemental and she’s magic inflicts magical damage um to one random enemy unit okay i am excited i can see the hype around the game and i can see why so many people asked me to play this i can see why so many people recommended me to play this game and guys honestly um i think you know it’s worth a try it’s worth a shot you guys should probably give this game a go okay and i know if you made it to the end of this video look listen let’s let’s just let’s just keep it a hundred okay let’s keep it 100 honest with one another a lot of people are mad at rok right now okay vip 18.

right this is a new game to try it’s a new game to try it’s free to play you might as well give it a shot because i am legitimately impressed right i’m legitimately impressed with the way that this game looks and has played so far the attention to detail is insane so if you want to give the game a try give it a try there’s a link in the description below to download infinity kingdom absolutely for free you can play it on your iphone or on your android device i’m gonna be syncing this account right to my phone so i can play it when i lay in bed after this um everybody knows that you need to drop a thumbs up on the video for this cute adorable owl i absolutely freaking love it dude i love it look you can zoom in and the quality of everything doesn’t get all blurry and grainy and garbage we gotta rebuild this too looks looks like garbage i gotta clean my city okay guys again download the the link is in the description you already know this click the link download the game if you want to play with me check in the comments i will make it abundantly clear so if you want to play with me you will be able to play with me if you enjoyed this video make sure you drop a thumbs up on it it really does help out the channel a ton subscribe to the channel for more videos more infinity kingdom videos just like this one and click the bell to be notified the next time that i upload a brand new video and of course comment down below any questions you have about infinity kingdom i want to hear your thoughts your opinions have you played this game have you heard of it have you seen them i know other people other are okay uh commentators are playing this game i want to hear your thoughts and your opinions in the comments section below would you be interested in seeing more videos of this game i think it looks super cool like this is right up my alley in terms of like medieval high fantasy like i absolutely love that type of uh fiction that type of game right a story so i’m i’m interested i’m gonna be playing some more of this game on the channel uh maybe doing some live streams we’ll see potentially potentially but i’m really excited guys so make sure you go ahead and like i said subscribe comment and of course all my social media links are in the description below so make sure you follow me over there on instagram discord uh facebook everywhere it’s all in the description below and with that being said guys thank you so much for watching this is the omniarch i will talk to you guys again soon peace you.