Vanlife Misadventure - Manzanillo or Mud-zanillo? [LOST IN THE JUNGLE]

Jul 15, 2021 14:00 · 2436 words · 12 minute read

happy morning it’s our day to video today okay we are going to go to manzanillo today and the plan originally was that snow is going to hang out at our campsite here at the beach in punta uva but you can see what happened a party bus rolled in selfies are being taken it is only 8:40. and these people are down to party but the music is i don’t know i mean it’s just like off of beers it’s like it’s like wannabe caribbean music i don’t know what it is really annoying music it’s just crazy it’s a crazy genre of music so snow has decided to come with us to manzanillo we’re gonna just all caravan down there yeah this morning i woke up i had to find a bathroom go over here and the silver lining was i saw some animals saw these little they’re like a huge mouse called agouti haven’t seen one since honduras i think you’ll probably see that in our honduras video but it was fun to see those guys and today we should see a lot more animals sloths monkeys if we can get in the water there at manzanillo hopefully we’ll see some really impressive animals whenever you guys are ready all you got to do is back out i guess we’ll follow you down to the park okay goodbye party spot look at this party bus that pulled up next to snow and curt imperial is flowing in the morning the seasons good for them okay so we haven’t heard the van make that crazy noise we heard yesterday yesterday i was driving right over here yeah and there was a table that was falling down in the trunk thing is it’s not making any noise so far yeah we haven’t heard the noise i think that maybe it fixed itself maybe it’s a circumstantial noise i don’t know so our last hike we were pretty hungry so this hike i’m definitely going to pack some pbj’s for us we usually bring pbj’s on long hikes because they’re super easy to make they’re vegan we also reuse all of our bags so this is going to go into a burrito or tortilla bag i guess i’ll have to pack graham too then what’s up my boy are you my good little boy all right we’re packing the bed we got the water bottle wallet underwater cameras snorkel bathing suits sunscreen pb and j’s nice camera and it’s all gonna fit into the dry bag well unfortunately none of the national parks in costa rica allow pets but we’re leaving these guys here with the dual fans bringing in some air with this fan here auxillary that’s a dc fan somewhere in the shade parked in the shade and we got the window covers up to keep it nice and cool in here but i left one window cover off so that somebody can see snow second here i go to move the water bowl fill it up and it looks like there was a crab underneath it we got a crab in here and you put the water ball outside didn’t you i did put the water ball outside how are you going to get that crab out up here i’m going to eat it no don’t eat oh my gosh this is insane i hope that he’s under there is there any more you just gotta sweep them out oh my god get out of here freeloader so here we go entering manzanillo national park crossing this river first off looks like another river that’s really stained by tannin’s so i’m not gonna do any snorkeling near the mouth of this one but up ahead we checked out the google satellite view scope where there might be some good snorkeling so basically there’s just two options here you go along the beach or you can head inland we’re gonna go along the beach well tell you guys the story i came here 10 years ago remember it just being a beautiful beach it was with my friend stephen we drove around costa rica and checked out a ton of it but with the van you’re able to really go in depth and see a place and learn about it on another level it’s it’s really awesome to just have more time in a place but i remember being here and there was a raccoon that all the tourists were taking pictures of i thought whatever it’s just a raccoon but honestly the wild raccoons are really cool creatures and we’ve just had our first animal sighting some howler monkeys i’m sorry spider monkeys way off in the distance though but now we’re getting closer to him let’s see if i can get a shot so when we were on the ck pike there was another little tombstone grave and i think this guy is from the same family pretty wild we are coming up to a viewpoint mirador wow oh it’s a it’s a little bridge this is gonna be nice so this is one of those beautiful sights that’s known for manzanilla’s little island beautiful little tree looks like you could surf here but there’s definitely a coral reef below very very muddy whoa yeah that is a lot of mud right this looks like a crazy crazy muddy mess not sure where we’re supposed to go is 100 a muddy swampy disaster at least the fire ants can’t get us if we’re walking in mud right i think we can maybe skirt around the beach maybe can we get a little elevator yeah okay what do you think i’m feeling the beach now i gotta wash off my feet at least i think you’re poisoned well definitely all of a sudden became a cliff right here so i don’t know where i’m gonna go i’m gonna wash off my feet that is one muddy mud pile today he sunk up to his knee and go in and reach out and grab a shoe out of there oh my gosh oh no i’ve got an ant on my foot ah this is definitely changing from type 1 to type 2 fun really tough slog through the mud here what kind of animal was this dogs aren’t permitted in the park so jaguar wow this park sure has a lot of little nooks and crannies to discover i think over here these people are in a sea cave go check out next here we’re coming up to the sea cave give me scary good ah yeah it took some planning but we got across there and here is the cape pretty sweet we stayed up there in our bed that’s crazy what that looks scary huh oh my gosh but i love the top another crazy hill good job guys i was a little nervous going through that yeah curt but definitely this is the trail over here so wow oh here’s a pretty crazy ant nest so many wild trees in costa rica that is a sharp shark tree wow this park is muddy today look at all this and we’re basically gonna have to slog all the way back looks like i’m buying the drinks i fell down first now curt found another one of those spiky trees up close let’s see the red dots oh my gosh that’s a lot these are little uh splinters from it oh my gosh you see them starting to kind of come out well those are pretty sharp all right well so we’re just sloshing through now because at least it’s not like oh my god at least it’s not um uphill anymore so we’re basically just sloshing through this like calf deep well for me calf deep for everyone else it’s probably ankle deep oh my shoes stuck okay i really don’t understand why anyone would call that up a pass oh no i lost my shoe whoa what happened there emily yeah my foot just slipped right out of my shoe oh this is now i understand why there’s a billion shower places out front of this national park wow so me and emily making good time over here this trail that is not muddy curt’s on the main trail slogging through but wow this national park is pretty wild and you can definitely find some wildlife some beautiful beaches but yeah maybe i should have asked the park rangers a little advice seems like we’re a little bit lost i mean we did lose curt we have no idea where curt is we are just running i’m just trying to get out of this park there’s enormous biters it is pretty crazy it’s beautiful though okay so we headed towards the beach and i think we’re about to come up on the rail trail what a crazy trail we accidentally found ourselves on oh good signs of life tires so we’re back to the little viewpoint that was a little crazy whoa we did it we did it hopefully curt isn’t waiting out there in the mud somewhere i figure he’s a smart guy no he’s a smart guy he’s that he’s about to get the van taking a shower already from our crazy out off-roading didn’t leave danny too bad i’m a little bit muddy i think the shower is in order for me oh there he is he’s washing off all that dirt like we’re about to do okay yeah i just stopped worrying about my footing and i just put one foot in front of the other wherever it sunk to that’s what happened i was in water needy seems like we all agree that was definitely type 2 fun there and uh i think we’re gonna call it good on that that was hardcore mud hikes for uh probably a couple weeks but you know what we made it out of there calling it quits that was a crazy trail we don’t really want to go any farther so curt and i are going back to the vans danny’s going on a crazy it might not be crazy but it’s crazy for me emily and curt decided that was a little intense and they want to go take a break in the vans here i’m finding this other side trail now you see right off the bat a huge spider oh he’s moving this part of the park is called hidden bridge fuentes condito and you’ll notice it is super muddy down there there’s a hole in the bridge there wow not only a cluster of flies that i’m gonna walk through here but one of the plumpest looking spiders i’ve ever seen in my life okay so now this is the trail wow definitely gaining some altitude headed away from the beach i guess must have been that 10 years ago stephanie and i went to kaluita national park because i looked just like i remember and here is just a stone’s throw away but quite a different experience well i am quite fond of finding where the end of the road is but this is starting to go downhill the other side of a hill getting muddy again and i think i’m going to turn back a bit anticlimactic but i’m looking forward to the swim when i get back over there maybe a bit of a snorkeling and wow this is the only other trail here which chris crosses and curt came out through here he said he was walking in knee-deep water oh man back to the entrance of the park van home okay well it looks like we’re heading back to the same area like the best campsite ever back to that area and we should be able to go snorkeling over there it’s a beautiful sunny day yeah i want to do a little snorkeling hopefully catch another fish i already showered this week thanks oh you’re good there well one solid positive today’s it is beautiful out not like yesterday should be really nice we found a spot we are parked the wrong way right now but we need some solar so it would be nice to leave the van parked like this and then later on we’ll flip it so we got curt over here gonna try and get a couple coconuts for us again and then we have danny with this long long long close line so that we can dry some of our stuff that we just walked through that muddy muddy trail in looks like it’s gonna work curt’s trying a new method he’s got the spear gun now yeah the coconut king with another killing definitely learned some lessons last time you learned the curt is the man with the coconut machete all right well how is it out there you were snorkeling already yeah visibility’s not great today after that storm yesterday but i was exploring around in the water this one still you know but chances of finding a mega fish like i did the other day are pretty low today at least we still got to eat some coconut we’re still living off the land i’m coca-loco gram yeah i’m gonna go for something bye my puppy right here i got my view you can always jump back in the van but he always loves to munch on some grass this party place is starting to clear out maybe we can get our old spot back wow van friends walking the cats priceless two vans four animals what do you think i love their little houses they’re cute that’s so good they don’t come off experiment with a few for g oh yes what so they just walk around like they know each other and yeah and just have a good time outside god they love it that’s so great is he gonna eat some grass like my cat yeah oh yeah he’s looking for some grass to eat oh it’s a panther wow he’s a tiger proud annie that’s awesome to see but we’re not gonna get graham out yet no no not yet but they are very cute on there hopefully one day oh my gosh so kind of a crazy hike this morning wandering through all those mud puddles but we’ve mellowed out we’re feeling really relaxed now i think we’re gonna close up for the night we’ll see you guys tomorrow over on snow and curt’s channel you.