Eng Sub BTS JungKook Vlive Full 27 Feb 2021

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Go! Yes, I’m here. Why aren’t the comments going up? Nice to see you.

00:41 - You are… Oh my god. They’re so fast. Great to see you, everyone.

00:55 - It’s been a while. Time to greet. Hello, I’m Jung Kook.

01:06 - Good to see you. How can I extend the screen? Today is your birthday! Happy birthday to everyone whose birthday is today.

01:19 - Thank you for being born. It’s been a while.

01:26 - I’ve been on a diet recently. But I need to eat something every 4 to 5 hours.

01:42 - So, I have salad here. Today I’m going to have this salad and talk with you.

01:54 - I don’t add any dressing. I had salad at around 12:30 or 1:00.

02:10 - So, I need to eat it now. And after V LIVE, I’ll have to go right away for back exercise.

02:20 - So, today I have time until 8? I’ll be on V LIVE until then.

02:32 - And at 8, one of our video content will be out.

02:38 - We had a great time making it. I think you’ll also…

02:44 - It’s a teaser. I think you’ll love it, too.

02:51 - I really enjoyed making it, and could express my feelings freely.

02:55 - Anyway, I left my phone at the waiting room.

03:12 - I can’t check the time. Anyway, let me eat some salad.

03:20 - I’m so hungry now. My hair. I had a hair cut.

03:50 - There are blue hearts. Yes. Blue hair.

04:00 - Recently how have you been, everyone? I shouldn’t eat ham.

04:10 - I can’t eat ham. No ham. It’s salty.

04:22 - Comments go up too fast. I can’t read.

04:33 - It’s… Well, I won’t do much.

04:46 - Me? How have I been? I’ve been working.

05:00 - I’ve been working out hard. Because summer is on the way.

05:12 - So, I have been working out on and off.

05:23 - But this time I want to come out of the weak self, so I’ve been working really hard at least 5 to 6 times a week.

05:38 - I need to eat quality protein and fiber.

06:01 - Poke the right cheek and wink. I know why you do it. I was told last time.

06:14 - It won’t work for me anymore. What percent is my body fat? When I did a check up this time, the body fat was around 10%.

06:37 - I’m trying to reach 7% this time. 7 or 8%? That much? I just want to lose my weight this time.

06:47 - With better muscles. Although not that muscly.

07:03 - The camera is really close.

07:20 - “What does the salad taste like”? It tastes veggies and smoked duck.

07:34 - You got every question right except 3 questions for the whole subjects? Wow.

07:42 - That’s amazing. As a kid, Was I in the 2nd grade? That’s when my dad bought me a computer.

08:01 - After that, I played with the computer only.

08:04 - I didn’t get good grades. But I worked on other things.

08:10 - For me, it was a good choice. I also…

08:30 - My eyesight got so worse. If I sit like this, I can’t see the comments.

08:41 - I should move closer. So hard to read English.

09:16 - My secret for skin care? I used to have very sensitive skin.

09:24 - Very sensitive, and reactive. The texture also… No, skin texture was okay.

09:35 - But because of acnes, I was so stressed out.

09:41 - I think what you can do in you daily lives is to drink a lot, and go to bed early.

09:56 - You need to work on it. I gathered information on cosmetics to find out which one suits me best, and my skin condition.

10:08 - I did all those, and got much better now.

10:19 - “Night apple is a poison apple”. It’s been a while.

10:37 - I miss you so much. So much. Recent life is…

10:50 - How do I put it? It’s like I’m not moving forward.

11:06 - I feel like I’m on a treadmill. A treadmill.

11:11 - I’m running. But I feel I’m staying still.

11:27 - I think that’s because one, I can’t do concerts.

11:36 - No, the first reason is… No, it’s the same.

11:42 - We can see ARMY in person only at concerts or during promotion, or fan meetings.

12:07 - That’s about it. But we don’t have any of them now.

12:15 - I think it’s the biggest reason. People do this, right? Am I reading a book now? A book.

12:46 - I should. Recently I had a chance to eat with Mr. Bang.

13:09 - I asked him how I can write lyrics better.

13:16 - We went on that subject. After listening to him, I realized how amazing RM is.

13:35 - And Mr. Bang and RM always keep books in their hands.

13:46 - So, I asked, “Can I enjoy reading?”.

13:54 - He said never. Which means, if you’re interested in a book, let’s say, I’m interested in table tennis.

14:15 - But I’m not good at it. I haven’t played. And I read a book about it.

14:23 - And I could suddenly feel table tennis is fun.

14:26 - I want to play more. I should keep playing.

14:29 - But for those who have no interest in table tennis, they won’t find it interesting.

14:36 - They may find it hard or exhausting. He said it’s similar to that.

14:45 - Unless there’s a specific trigger, otherwise, it’s hard to like books.

15:04 - But I should read some to write better lyrics.

15:15 - This is… What is it? Kombucha.

15:23 - Kombucha lemon or something. There’s a power.

15:30 - I heard it’s good, so I’m having a couple of packs a day.

15:47 - The right hand. Stop it! You want this, right? Is this correct? This is it? I can just do it.

16:08 - Like this. I can do it with both hands.

16:19 - Everyone, since I don’t have time now, please let me know at around 7:55.

16:31 - Then, I’ll get ready to wrap this up.

16:40 - You know what’s interesting about V LIVE is time passes so fast.

16:52 - “It’s 7:30”? Okay. Hungry? Why haven’t you eaten yet? Eat something.

17:25 - If you don’t tell me until 11, how can I work out? I count on you.

17:34 - I trust you. You should watch the teaser.

17:47 - If you don’t watch the teaser, our members will be disappointed.

17:51 - Please enjoy it. I want to do concerts.

18:13 - Everyone, stay healthy. It’s dangerous when you have a weak immune system.

18:32 - Bring a face mask all the time. “Rap Monster”.

19:09 - Right? As we stay inside, we get weaker.

19:16 - Right? We don’t move much. When we go to work, we get to walk, or time to move around, but when you stay home, you get easily tired or something.

19:39 - But you need to work out at home, too.

19:46 - Home… Create a home gym for you. Recently on YouTube you can find videos on exercises.

20:12 - What? What is it? It was something hard.

20:19 - I thought it was a tooth. Anyway, try to exercise sometimes.

20:47 - A song? I’d love to sing. But is the computer working? Lyrics.

21:03 - “Hair… Dye yourself… ” Did I dye my hair myself? Yes.

21:11 - At home… You know the hair I dyed myself before.

21:16 - I bought some treatment back them. Can I move this for a moment? Let me move this here.

21:44 - The songs I like… Why is the keyboard here? It’s right on.

22:20 - I don’t know the melody up to here. I don’t know.

22:37 - Next time I’m on V LIVE, pop songs or something…

22:46 - I’ll be prepared to sing live. Do you know the song called “At My Worst”? It’s Pink Sweats’ song.

23:26 - Shall I sing a part? It’s a song I’ve been listening recently.

23:55 - Is this it? What? What is it? I’m sorry. I don’t know well.

24:44 - What is it? I don’t know the beat? Because we don’t go up on stages.

25:16 - Why am I shaky? I tend to feel cold when I’m nervous.

25:25 - I suddenly felt cold, singing. Well…

25:39 - Any song to sing? “Fix you”! Correct? I didn’t warm up my throats.

26:59 - I came here to communicate. Isn’t there anything else? A simple song to sing.

27:14 - A duck meat stuck here. Hold on! Heart! Heart! “7:40”.

27:50 - “My Time”. I need to warm up for that, or after singing other songs.

28:01 - No chicken! It’s smoked duck. In case there are vegetarians among ARMY, please excuse me.

28:35 - I’m grateful for having this meal. “Will the life where we sing continue”? “Will the life where we sing continue”? The life where we sing? I just hope so.

29:07 - I’ll continue to sing until I can. Music-wise, there’s still long way to go.

29:46 - I should practice pop songs. It’ll help improve my pronunciation, too.

30:02 - Which will be good? “My Time”? Does “My Time” have that? “Who”.

31:37 - My typing. I type so slow. “Who” lyrics…

32:44 - What? It’s really high. I sang this? Too high.

33:42 - “Still with You”. “Still with you”.

33:56 - Does this play? No sound is coming out.

34:06 - Turn that on? It’s… I don’t know how to turn it on.

34:24 - Help me. Should I turn this on? It’s…

34:38 - It’s… Not this. I don’t know.

34:46 - I don’t know how to turn on the sound. I’ll sing without instruments.

35:01 - Wow. I know the lyrics, but just up to this.

37:16 - 2nd verse… We never know when I’ll be on a stage with “Still with you”. So…

37:28 - I get so nervous when I sing. That’s why I get hoarse.

37:35 - Everyone, what time is it now? What time is… What time is it now? What time? What time is it? What time is it now? What time? What time is it now? What time is it now? What time is it? “7:51”.

38:02 - What’s up with 6:51? What? There’s 8, too.

38:07 - It is 51. 2 people say it’s 7:51. So, I’m going to go work out now.

38:44 - “Five-year-old V vs. 5 Vs”. I pick V, 5-year-old V.

39:05 - If there are 5 Vs, it’ll be too shiny.

39:09 - I can’t look directly. I need sunglasses. He’s so good looking.

39:30 - This V LIVE is not fun. It may not be fun.

39:36 - But I’m having fun now. Like this. Oh, the focus is out now.

39:43 - But only… I weighed a bit more until a few days ago… What’s wrong? Hey, hey, hey! Pull yourself together. Focused.

39:58 - Blue… I weighed a bit more until a few days ago.

40:00 - I’m working hard to lose weight now. It’s better now.

40:05 - I’ll work harder. I’m going to finish the last 3 pieces of smoked duck.

40:39 - What’s “Cypher, part2”? BTS “Cypher”.

40:51 - “PT. 2”. This is it. “For whom?”. This is hard.

41:08 - I don’t remember this well. “55 minutes”.

41:14 - I feel sad. If I didn’t have a schedule for 8, I was going to do this longer.

41:31 - It’s unfortunate. I know it’s sad, but I promise I’ll come back, looking healthier.

42:02 - This V LIVE. It’s been a while. I’m a bit…

42:30 - Sweet night. Last one. Everyone.

43:15 - Thank you very much for watching this dull V LIVE.

43:27 - Have some drinks? Okay. Then, I’m wrapping this up, drinking this, and leaving for workout.

43:52 - Then, let me go to work out now.

44:07 - Well, ARMY, always stay healthy. I’ll be back on V LIVE soon.

44:21 - Today’s sky? I didn’t see the sky today.

44:28 - I’ll see tomorrow. Then, have a great night.

44:37 - Hope you had a meaningful day today. Hoping this was a meaningful day for me, too, let me finish this up.

44:52 - Until we meet in person, let’s stay healthy and strong.

45:01 - Then, goodbye. I’m leaving now. Everyone, next time we’ll talk about a more meaningful subject.

45:18 - Thank you, everyone. Goodbye. Bye. .