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Mr. Su recover very well But… you didn’t do the exercise! Do you want to live? Want to live, why not exercise? I will personally supervise your running tomorrow morning. If you don’t run, I will run with you Are you really coming tomorrow? Of course OK, then tomorrow I’m waiting for Miss Gu Young Master, Mr. Zhou is here He is the one you have always wanted to know, Zhou Rongqiu Nan Yue country’s famous doctor Zhou Rongqiu? Please come in, Mr.

Zhou. Yes It is said that he has superb medical skills, just like a living deity.

01:25 - He couldn’t cure Su Lingxiao’s congenital heart disease, not because his ability was not good, but because of the development of the times Congenital heart disease is terminally ill, and it is impossible to cure in this era If doctor Zhou could work with me to diagnose Qin Fei, would Qin Fei really be cured? Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao! Zhou Rongqiu Where is the strange woman you said? Shouldn’t a legend doctor be…

01:51 - otherworldly? Come on, where is the strange woman? I can’t wait! Clam down, isn’t Miss Gu here? where? Hello, Mr. Zhou You’re the strange woman? I thought you’ve found a personal servant to help you live? I’m like a servant? You really looks good, it’s a pity to be a servant.

02:31 - Su, how about you just marry her? Mr. Zhou, can you please stop, the reputation of a woman is the most important You will ruin my reputation if you joke like this.

02:46 - It ’s better if it’s ruined, then you can just marry Su Su’s parents are dead, and he has no other women. More importantly, he does not live long.

02:55 - When he dies, all of Su’s huge possessions are yours! Mr. Zhou, don’t make a joke I didn’t. I have known Su for ten years. It’s the first time he mentioned a woman to me I met with Mr. Su only a few times, and it’s all about his illiness Based on my understanding of Mr. Su, as long as he mentions me, it must be related to the condition And I already have a marriage contract, I’m afraid you have to be disappointed, Mr. Zhou What? The marriage contract? Who is that man? The Royal Highness This Zhou Rongqiu look nothing like a doctor Obviously he is a matchmaker! Male matchmaker! Stop! Stop! Stop! shall we talk about something else? What’s so important about a lifetime event? Listen to me, don’t marry to the crown, just marry Su Lingxiao Mr.

Su, do you have a way to stop him? Ok Mr. Zhou What? Finally Who painted it? Miss Gu It’s so similar, it’s exactly the same! Miss Gu, could you tell me more? Miss Gu, did you really burn the book? Would it be not willing to take it out? If the book is still here, why don’t I take it out? Many people’s medical skills are not passed on I have no reservations I think, instead of bringing these books into the coffin, It ’s better to let more people know which will save countless lives.

05:11 - Rongqiu, this time you know, why did I call Miss Gu a strange woman? Miss Gu is absolutely a strange woman! Miss Gu, don’t marry the crown prince, you are so capable You should have made some achievements in medicine, if you marry a prince, you can only give medicine to make an abortion Again I have known him for so many years, it’s the first time I saw him laugh like this You two must be perfect together Mr. Su’s disease is currently unachievable, it can only enhance myocardial vitality and cardiopulmonary function But I don’t know much about pharmacology I will handle it This prescription is so exquisite.

He really a legend doctor. Zhou Rongqiu is really very successful in medicine Mr. Zhou, there is something I want to ask you Sure, go ahead.

06:18 - Has Mr. Zhou ever diagnosed Qin Fei? This… it’s a long story At that time, Qin Fei was suffering from a strange disease. I went to the palace with my grandfather to diagnose Qin Fei.

06:35 - The disease was very strange. Even my grandpa couldn’t find out the reason My grandpa died with this pity Brought this unwillingness into the coffin The his grandpa’s grievances must be a chip on Zhou Rongqiu’s shoulder If Qin Fei’s illness can’t be cured, Zhou Rongqiu will always be upset After chatting for so long, Ling Xiao should rest Let’s go to the restaurant to talk while eating. How is it? Great Mr. Su has a good rest I will oversee your morning exercise tomorrow morning Your Highness, have you heard them all? Gu Qianxue is really so proficient in medicine? With Rongqiu’s reaction now, we can be sure Gu Qianxue is not just talking nonsense.

07:45 - Hum! This Gu Qianxue not only has real talents, but also bold She dare to feel my pulse in the water So your martial arts have been detected by her Yes If it’s not because she claims to cure mother, I am afraid that she had died for a long time Miss Gu is the future wife of the crown prince. If such talents are recruited by him…

08:15 - The purpose of the queen asking father to let the crown prince marry Gu Qianxue is to get Marshal Zhao’s support But father’s order was a temptation to see if Zhao Yuanzheng would really go to the crown Prince’s side Regardless of the outcome, Gu Qianxue will not be a princess Fact has proven that Marshal Zhao refused to join the party The queen was so dissatisfied that the marriage would not have happened.

08:40 - On the contrary, if Marshal Zhao really joins the princes The emperor will also fear that the crown prince is too strong, and this marriage will not succeed Gu Qianxue really don’t have the luck of being a princess But Gu Qianxue didn’t hide her ability at all I’m afraid, if Gong Lingyao finds out Gu Qianxue’s ability, he will recruit her His Royal Highness is indeed very effective in attracting Ling Xiao, is there a way? Of course Go ahead Very simple, cancel the engagement OK Mr.

Zhou, next time you collect medicinal herbs, can you take me with you? No Why? The medicinal herbs I collect on the mountain are relatively rare.

09:54 - Since it is rare, it grows mostly on cliffs I go up and down with Qing Gong, so I can’t take you Qing Gong? Is that kind of kung fu that can fly? Yes. My childhood dream is to be the leader of the martial arts Tell me quickly, how to use Qing Gong? Firstly, exercise the internal force in the body Then, the internal force in Dantian is forced to the leg, and leap hard to jump up.

10:28 - Amazing! Can Rong Qiu give me a demonstration? Of course not Haha…

10:37 - I can show it to you, but not here Qianxue has no idea It would be dangerous, if I show martial arts easily Understand. An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth I did not expect Miss Gu to have such insight If it’s ok, you can go to my house My yard is big, in addition to a few plots of medicine, there is also a training ground I repaired myself Okay. Let’s go now!. . wait! My wine Miss, then… Qin Fei’s illness… Master After having lunch with Dr. Zhou in the room on the third floor of the Jushan Building She hired a carriage at the post and went to Dr. Zhou’s house What did they talk in the room? They have been exchanging martial arts and internal forces.

11:37 - Anymore? No… Didn’t they talk about my mother’s illness? They didn’t talk about the condition of the Qin Fei Ridiculous! What did they do at Zhou Rongqiu’s house? Master, they are going there to watch Qing Gong This abominable woman! How dare she not take mother’s illness seriously Training ground of Zhou’s house I can run so fast! What did you do to me? Hey, I’m afraid you’re holding me back Secretly transferred some internal force in a Logan account under your hands… transfer internal force? Yes But my internal force transfer to you, you cannot use it It only has a stimulating effect, but it is much better than silver needle acupuncture Then, when you are treating a disease, can you throw away the silver needle and use internal force directly? In principle, it is possible But human’s internal force is consumed quickly, if you treat disease by using internal force instead of acupuncture You may be exhausted and still unable to cure a person What happens when the internal force dries up? Will it die? Hahahaha… how could it die? Human internal force is like strength After using it, it will make up slowly, but the internal force is more difficult to recover When Zhou Rongqiu input the internal force to me, my whole body is breathing strong and light as a bird.

13:30 - If this magical power is used to cure Qin Fei’s illness…

13:48 - What should we do? Miss. The gate is closed Hello, sir I’m Gu Qianxue, daughter of Rites Minister Gu Qingze I came back late today Would you please let us in? Miss Gu, it’s not depend on us According to the law, no one is allowed to enter or leave when the gate is closed, unless there’s special order.

14:19 - Yulian Yes I hope you can help us Please help me think of a way Miss Gu, maybe you can stay at the hotel outside the city first I’ll take a shift soon, you can write a letter, and I will send it to your home.

14:44 - Unless I go home, my silly mother will be waiting at the gate all night Miss Gu Junan Under the order of the prince, I’m here to wait for Miss Gu Send Miss Gu back to the Gu house.

15:03 - Prince Li’s order? Prince Li’s order? I’ll open the city gate now! Is my beautiful, lovely and generous daughter coming back? Xue, you’re in trouble In trouble? Yes, your grandmother and father are waiting in Manfu Garden Someone said, he saw you and a man out of the city in a carriage.

15:36 - Elopement! Hmm, it’s a trial again Kneel down! Gu Shangshu, it’s normal that daughter kneel to father But if I get kneeled down because of some misunderstanding Isn’t it embarrassing when it’s clarified? Misunderstanding? What is misunderstanding? You went out of town with a man, was it a misunderstanding? You didn’t return late at night, so your mother waited a long time. Is that a misunderstanding? How did they know, doctor Zhou and I went out of the city? Who told you that a man and I were out of town by car? Bold You still quibble, come, serve by family rules! Master,… . No! Don’t think you have Marshal Zhao’s protection, I dare not to punish you? Even if I have to offend Marshal Zhao today, and I will punish her too! Oh, Gu Shangshu, you are not afraid to offend Marshal Zhao Don’t you afraid to offend…

16:56 - Prince Li! Huh, do you think Prince Li is your protector? Even Prince Li has to be resonable.

17:05 - Prince Li of course is justified So he sent a follower Junan tonight Drove Prince’s gold car out of the city walls to pick me up Is there such a thing? Hey, you go ahead What happened, who are you out of town with today? Where did you go again? Shangshu, didn’t you just let me kneel indiscriminately just now? Qian Xue, your father is furious, because he cares too much Yes, Grandma I’m just sad, father doesn’t believe daughter but believes outsider I’m struggling for family prosperity and disgrace, looking for ways everywhere My father didn’t ask me the reason before let me kneel, now I think it’s not worth it Misunderstanding, we’re family Then I would like to ask Gu Shangshu, who did you hear from? Cui butler Cui butler, you don’t work in the house.

Why did you walk around outside? Master, I heard from Liu Momo Who is Liu Momo? Come out now! Master, young lady, I heard from Cuier Sure enough, Gu Qianrou again! Sister, you are very passionate about my business Cuier, is there such a thing? Why don’t I know? Miss, today when I left the house, I heard that the streets were spreading the matter About the young lady and the man going out of city I thought this is too dirty, so I didn’t tell Miss Streets? Which street and lane is it specifically referring to? Qianmen Street Tomorrow morning, I will send people one by one to inquire about the merchants in Qianmen Street If the merchant is aware of this, it’s fine… If the merchants don’t know it at all, only you know it, then you can’t run away with the crime of slanders! All right Now you can say, who were you with? Where did you go? I was out of town with Zhou Rongqiu Went to the pharmacy garden in Zhou’s house and chose the medicinal herbs for Qin Fei Doctor Zhou Rongqiu? Why didn’t you just say? After returning home, you just let me kneel without asking me reason Even I wanted to talk and I didn’t know where to start It’s my fault Qian Xue is tired, go back to rest earlier Miss Gu, please Young Master is waiting for a long time Master, Miss Gu arrived Miss Gu, you are here Why Prince Li is here too? Hello, Prince Li Bold! What are you laughing at? Offended His Royal Highness Shao Gonggong is serious, how dare I offend His Royal Highness? Why did you just sneer? Not smirking I just think His Royal Highness is very familiar.

21:16 - Why is familiar? Because His Royal Highness reminded of my grandmother at home I usually say hello to my grandmother, who also often forgets let people get up.

21:29 - It took a long time for her to remember, so I felt very familiar.

21:34 - Bold! Pull these two girls out and flogged to death Wait! Prince Li, Yulian and Yucui respect you Why do you punish them? Miss Gu may don’t know Prince Li’s temper…

21:58 - Do I need to explain? Why not explain? What would the law do if you can kill at will? Give her an explanation! Yulian and Yucui, two maidservants, brought sharp weapons into Lingxiao Pavilion without being called by Prince Li.

22:18 - Suspected of assassination, should be severely punished The Lingxiao Pavilion is the residence of Mr. Su, not your palace I didn’t know the Prince was here before I took Yulian and Yucui to the Lingxiao Pavilion Why there’s need to be called? Who led them to come and kill them together Mr. Su, Prince Li wants to kill Su manager indiscriminately, are you agree? His Highness… always be like this madman You lunatics! Alright I have suspicions too If you want to kill, kill us all together You are not suspicious Ms.

Gu did not suspect because she did not carry a sharp weapon I didn’t bring any sharps weapon, did they bring them? They brought hairpins. The hairpin is a metal object with a sharp end and is regarded as a sharp weapon In order to accompany Su Lingxiao for morning exercises, I was afraid that the accessories would be too cumbersome, so I did not bring one.

23:25 - I didn’t it would be a reason! Can a hairpin kill someone? Then my teeth can kill too, if I want to kill, I will bite him severely Suck his blood and eat his flesh! As you wish. Just pull her teeth Go ahead! I’ll commit suicide after you pull my teeth! After I die, no one can cure Qin Fei I have a request, I wonder if Your Royal Highness can agree it.

24:08 - Go ahead. My illness is being recuperated, and it is not suitable to see the disaster of blood So please Your Highness, forgive them.

24:18 - Death penalty is exempt Pull out each person to hit 30 big boards Hurry up Since Miss Gu is here to supervise the morning exercise, how about we go to the open space behind the house for morning exercise? lead the way I knew about Highness’s temper that’s why I didn’t say anything.

24:50 - If I speak, I’m afraid it’s worse Can Miss Gu understand me? Don’t understand! Even if you do not plead for Yulian and Yucui, Su manager has been doing his best to take care of you How can you make the elderly suffer? Miss Gu, you don’t know highness.

25:13 - What do I have to know about him? Here is your place You let an outsider hit your people, how should they think about you? Su manager is loyal to you, even if you don’t protect him, he will understand you So are you going to lose him on the bottom line of his understanding? Forget it Everyone has a way of doing things, I was over the line.

25:39 - No, you’re right. What is he doing here! From today and every morning, you have to do fast walk exercise.

25:56 - Move your limbs first and follow me As Miss Gu order.

26:02 - Try to walk fast Ok After half an hour Your Royal Highness, can Mr,Su hold up? That’s Su Lingxiao’s business Mr. Su That’s it for today’s morning exercise Practice it again in the evening, as well as tomorrow morning Don’t need me to supervise again? I’ll wait for Miss Gu tomorrow morning He’s really unashamed!… then I leave first Gold car? Miss Gu, please stay I do not know what does Shao Gongong want to do? The grace of His Royal Highness, allows Miss Gu to take the car and go to Prince Li’s palace to diagnose the disease No, even I have to crawl I won’t ride his car Miss Gu must think twice, there are ways for Highness to make you suffer Think about your family… I… I sweated a lot in the morning, so I don’t want to smell bad in front of Qin Fei Before go to check Niangniang, I plan to go back to my house to take a bath first That’s right Your highness, Miss Gu will go back to take a bathe before she go to diagnose the disease Ok go What a stubborn little mustang Miss Gu, how is Niangniang’s condition? Her condition is very stable, although I cannot guarantee when will she wake up But I can guarantee that she is gradually recovering I believe you Why did Shen Momo believe me so much? Shao Gonggong told me, he said… His Royal Highness Li, he believes you very much he? Hmm, I can’t stand the love of His Royal Highness Miss Gu, the thing happened between you and his highness. Shao Gonggong have told me Forgive me, but today is the first time someone has left alive from His Highness I won’t talk too much the first time Gong Lingfeng, you jerk! He beated my people, but still want me to be grateful! Why doesn’t he go to hell? Miss! Yulian, Yucui, you have suffered for me Don’t be sad, miss.

We’re fine Yeah, miss, it doesn’t really hurt Your wounds look so bad Prince Li… you’re officially my enemy! Miss, our injuries just look serious, but they really don’t hurt His Royal Highness has been sympathetic Show mercy? There’re tricks in it Some injuries, the appearance is not visible, in fact, the muscles are rotten Some injuries, badly wound Some injuries, looking red and swollen, but in fact, only hurt the fur The injuries of Yulian and Yucui belong to the third type, and it will be fine for two days Is Prince Li’s mercy for me? Master invited Miss to the study Why did Gu Shangshu find me? Father How is progress of diagnosis of Qin Fei Niangniang? It’s ok How is Qin Fei Niangniang? General What attitude is that! It’s not easy for you to treat Qin Fei Niangniang These books are strange books that I have collected by accident.

I hope they are useful to you. Is Gu Shangshu worried about me? Frozen powder? Frozen powder is a poison made from more than 40 kinds of medicinal materials.

31:52 - After entering the body, it slowly invades the human body and begins to appear as vocal cords… . like crazy After three months of madness, it enters the last stage, a stiff limb.

32:05 - It appears that the poisoned person’s eyes are tightly closed, his muscles are stiff… until death Similar to Qin Fei’s condition, isn’t it…

32:20 - There is a way! I did not expect that the poison of Qin Fei would be recorded in the book of Zhiyi Doctors who have consulted in the past must have never read this book With the poison in Qin Fei, I am afraid that she has already died.

32:37 - It should be that the prescription prescribed by the doctor happened to solve some of the medicinal properties.

32:49 - The first priority is to get the prescriptions prescribed by former doctors…

32:55 - Gu Qianxue, how dare you don’t greet to His Royal Highness! Quick, why are you so stubborn? Keep going like this, let alone us, even Shen Momo can’t protect you Greeting, Your Royal Highness Goodbye Bold! Your highness, don’t be mad…

33:38 - What’s going on lately? He has been offended, why not be angry? Miss Gu, why did you arrive so early today? Sorry, Qin Fei Niangniang’s illness is urgent, I must hurry up all the time Is there any new progress? Momo, please give me all the prescriptions prescribed by the doctors Two hours later…

34:19 - Miss Gu, it’s almost time for lunch. Have luch here first.

34:26 - QUIET… Qin Fei Niangniang, there is such a dedicated person to diagnose the disease for you. Even if I’m dead, I will feel relieved.

34:48 - What time is it now? Miss Gu, it’s already midnight Oh no, I forgot the time Is Miss Gu hungry? I ordered people to prepare a supper deliberately Thanks Shen Momo But it is late, I have to go back Miss Gu, it’s too late, you can stay here tonight The rooms are prepared for you I can’t I don’t have the habit of staying at a man ’s house overnight If I don’t go back, wouldn’t my mother have to wait for the whole night Miss Gu, I know that you are a girl who has not married.

It is inconvenient to stay in Prince Li’s palace But… this is His Highness’ arrangement The arrangement of Prince Li? Then please talk to Prince Li, I really have to go back tonight Prince Li is here! Greeting Your highness Get up Thank you, your highness It’s late and dangerous. Miss Gu, please stay.

36:19 - Within the capital, there’s no danger.