Eat Like an Athlete! | Austin Trout

Jun 10, 2021 12:00 · 5485 words · 26 minute read

(upbeat music) - What’s up everybody and welcome to episode 21 of our Athlete Interview series, presented by USANA.

00:14 - I’m your host, Jason Nacey, and on today’s episode I’ll be chatting with USANA’s own Austin “No Doubt” Trout.

00:22 - He’s held the WBA regular light middle weight title from 2011 to 2013, and has fought some of the best boxers in the world.

00:32 - What’s up, Austin? Welcome to the show. - Jason, what’s happening, brother? - Good to see you, it’s been a long time.

00:39 - I think last time I saw you was Convention 2019.

00:43 - So, it was at the end of August. - That’s too long, man.

00:47 - Hope you guys are doing good. How’s your family? - Doing amazing. How are you guys doing? You moved to Texas, right? - Yeah, I’m down here in Houston training right now.

00:57 - - So, do you like it in Houston? - [Austin] I love it.

01:01 - - Yeah? People pretty cool? - Yeah, I’ve trained out here since I was a teenager.

01:07 - I’ve had a lot of camps out here and my manager, Boggs Fay, you know, he’s from out here.

01:12 - So, I’ve had some good business connections and some friends out here.

01:16 - The work, there’s plenty of talent in every gym.

01:20 - We spar Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We have multiple gyms come into our gym to just get that work.

01:27 - So, I’m getting sharp every day, even before camp starts.

01:32 - - Yeah, nice. Well, dude, you look fantastic.

01:37 - I’m liking the new style, dude. I don’t think I’ve seen you since you took it all off.

01:43 - - Yeah, you know, God really made me do it.

01:47 - (Jason laughing) - Okay, okay. - I had to get ahead of it.

01:52 - I was losing the hair, and I was like you know what? Before they can notice, let me just go ahead and take it off and let this be the new.

01:58 - Somebody told me I look like the pretty version of Squidward, and I was pissed.

02:04 - (Jason laughing) - Hey, I don’t see that, man. I don’t see that.

02:09 - - It’s the butt chin, I think. - There you go. (laughs) All right, all right.

02:14 - No, man, it’s a great look. Yeah. I mean, you’ve got a great-shaped head for that.

02:21 - - Yeah, it worked out great. I’m jealous of your hairline and head of hair, but you know what I mean? At least I could do it.

02:30 - You might not look as good as me bald. - Oh, I know for a fact I wouldn’t.

02:35 - And sometimes, look, I know people who don’t shave are jealous of the people who have to, and vice versa.

02:46 - But there’s gotta be something for getting out of a pool or just waking up and it just.

02:54 - - Just go. - Yeah. - Just go. (laughs) - And probably pretty cool, too, I bet.

02:58 - - Yeah, in this hot, humid, Houston weather, it does give a good draft.

03:06 - - Yeah, yeah. Well, speaking of drafts, one thing that we need to do that we didn’t get to do this year, is go, well has nothing to do with drafting.

03:16 - But, I was thinking you might be a little colder, and that’s hit the slopes, man.

03:20 - It’s been way too long since we hit the slopes together.

03:24 - - You’re not lying man. We gotta hit up Park City.

03:26 - I’d love to. I don’t know what the weather’s like.

03:29 - But I don’t think there’s much chance for much spring boarding.

03:32 - Yeah, it’s all dried up. - Everything’s closed right now except for Snowbird.

03:39 - - [Austin] Hey! - Yeah, and they’re able to keep that open because, I guess the other ski resorts lease the land from the forester service, and for insurance purposes and liability, they make them close on a set date every year.

03:59 - Doesn’t matter if there’s 100-inch base, they still have to close.

04:05 - But, hey, let’s jump into this. We had a bunch of awesome questions from people following the USANA Athletes page on Instagram.

04:17 - And some of them are questions we get to quite a bit, but on yours, there’s a lot of great fight questions that I’m really excited to get to, that I don’t think I would have thought of asking you if it wasn’t for these people chiming in.

04:37 - So, appreciate everybody who threw in questions.

04:40 - But, let’s get started. The first one, this is an easy one.

04:45 - What’s your favorite USANA product? - SportsPak.

04:51 - The vitamins, and I say they’re my favorite ‘cause I use those twice a day, daily.

04:58 - And I make my family use them. And honestly, nah, I’m not even gonna make any claims.

05:05 - Can’t make no claims. (Jason laughing) - Yeah, no claims.

05:08 - - I’ll just say, I don’t get sick. And I haven’t got sick in a long time.

05:15 - So, the SportsPak is definitely my favorite, but I love a lot of different products.

05:22 - The product I get the most excited about when it comes in my box is the facial stuff, Celavive.

05:31 - Hey, my skin? - There you go. There you go.

05:37 - (laughs) I gotta be honest too, I hadn’t tried the Celavive, it’d been out for a handful of months, but I was with a couple athletes and this athlete comes up to me and she’s like, that skin care’s amazing, just went off the rails about it.

05:56 - And I was like really? So, then I went and I started using it.

06:01 - Yeah, I like it. It’s a lot better than, I shouldn’t say a lot better than I thought, but I just never used face stuff before.

06:11 - - Yeah, better than the bar soap I was using to wash my face.

06:14 - - 100%. 100%. (laughs) All right, here’s the next one.

06:22 - What inspired you to become an advocate for Parkinson’s Disease? - Ah, that’s a great question.

06:29 - I remember back in, I wanna say 2005, Floyd Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya.

06:36 - And Oscar De La Hoya’s coach, Freddie Roach, he suffered, or suffers from the Parkinson’s Disease.

06:43 - And they were showing him waking up about 5:00 A. M. , and he put on his own gloves, and he starts hitting the bag and doing a little boxing workout, and he was saying that the disease would have swallowed him up much sooner, but because he does these boxing workouts, it’s helped subsiding.

07:02 - Now there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease yet, unfortunately, but they found out just a high-intensity, one of those HIIT trainings, interval trainings, helps with the Parkinson’s Disease.

07:19 - But boxing specifically, because of the four-way coordination, because of the hand-eye coordination, the feet-hand, and the feet-eye coordination, it helps rebuild some neurological pathways that the disease cuts off.

07:35 - Now, you know, once that pathway is cut off, there’s really no bringing it back.

07:42 - But, the boxing helps the brain make a new pathway around to get the connection.

07:47 - So, a lot of times the symptoms, not only do they not progress as fast, but they also subside.

07:54 - You even get, I have some fighters, I like to call them fighters, I have some fighters that tell me this is my 15th year with Parkinson’s, and this last year with better than my first year with the Parkinson’s.

08:11 - - Wow. - Last year, just doing the boxing training and what not, he says he was able to ride a bike again.

08:17 - Something that his shakes kinda stopped him from doing.

08:21 - Just kinda regain control. So, when I heard that that helped, I was like look, I know boxing.

08:27 - I don’t know all about the Parkinson’s, but I can learn.

08:31 - But I would love to offer my services. To me, it’s like the best way that I’m able to help with what I’ve been doing my whole life.

08:42 - - Yeah. Yeah. An easy way to give back.

08:45 - - Yeah and the things I’ve learned about the Parkinson’s Disease, and how boxing helps, I would love to expand the boxing training for dementia, ‘cause I think it could help.

08:59 - Of course, I would need their own caretakers to come with me, but even Alzheimer’s, you know? Boxing could help with those things too, I just don’t have a certification for it.

09:09 - - Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, is there a certification to help with boxing and Parkinson’s? Or are you using boxing– - Yeah, it’s called Rock City Boxing.

09:20 - You get certified in their little training and then you can open up your franchise, so to speak.

09:26 - - Yeah, wow! That’s awesome. - Yeah. - Yeah! I honestly would have never thought to ask that question.

09:35 - - Right? And most people think boxing causes Parkinson’s ‘cause the most famous fighter alive, Muhammad Ali, he ended up suffering and dying from Parkinson’s.

09:45 - So that’s the stigma that gets associated, but in reality, boxing helps cure, well not cure.

09:52 - It helps treat Parkinson’s. - Subside it a little bit.

09:55 - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah. - Okay, and then, also you have Muhammad Ali, but Freddie Roach as well, which probably adds to a little bit of that boxing stigmatism. - He’s probably the most famous boxing trainer, you know? So, you’re right. You’re right.

10:12 - But it is awesome, seeing just the progression, though, from our fighters.

10:17 - Even from week one to week two, it’s awesome.

10:21 - - Nice! All right, so this person says, you’ve been getting better every fight, have you changed your style? - Thank you, I appreciate you. You’ve been watching it.

10:32 - And I feel that the progression is there. And honestly, the style hasn’t changed, but my discipline in between fights has.

10:43 - I’ve stayed in the gym. And you know, all COVID aside, for the beginning of COVID, I wanna say it was eight months, ‘cause New Mexico, if you know, New Mexico’s very strict, they shut everything down.

10:59 - Shut the gyms down, shut the restaurants down, strict, for a good six months.

11:04 - And then opened up, shut ‘em back down for another two months, for the better part of the whole year, New Mexico was shut down.

11:11 - And I didn’t get to get in the gym for that whole time.

11:15 - I was telling my wife, I was like look, I need to hit something.

11:20 - And I also need something to hit me. You wanna put on some gloves? I don’t wanna hit you, but I’ll let you hit me and I’ll just punch the wall or something, you know? It was rough.

11:28 - And I told myself, never take going into the gym for granted.

11:33 - So, once things kinda opened up, I’ve just been in the gym trying to, you know, not just stay in shape, but just to perfect the craft.

11:43 - So, when it’s time for camp, we’re gonna start on-weight, sharp, all we have to do is just up the intensity to get me in better shape.

11:55 - So, I think the discipline in between. Also, I stopped eating meat for probably the last four years and I think that’s helped.

12:04 - Not only, not four years, last two years. And I think that’s also helped with just my recovery, my mood, my endurance, a lot of different stuff.

12:14 - - Yeah, I used to talk with Timothy Bradley back in the day, and he said that he always went vegan months before a fight.

12:26 - - Mm-hm, and you see that’s so interesting to me, and I remember I was asking to him.

12:32 - It was at the convention too. I was like, so are you vegan? Or do you just do it before? He says, I do it months before the fight and it helps him clean out all the things that he was eating wrong.

12:46 - And he says he just has such a crazy amount of energy for his camp.

12:54 - And I was like, you know, that’s interesting.

12:55 - I’m not quite vegan. I’m gonna forever like eggs and honey.

13:00 - For now, I should say. Never say forever. For sure honey. (laughs) Get over the eggs, for sure honey.

13:07 - But I’m getting closer and closer. Starting to eat some raw stuff, which sucks.

13:13 - It’s gross. But I feel good, you know? - I think that’s the biggest problem, is so much of the food that we eat now is processed, loaded with salt and sugar, that it’s really changed our taste so much that trying to eat raw vegan is really tough for people because it doesn’t taste great.

13:44 - You’ve actually gotta get out of wanting that sugar, and the more sugar you eat, the harder it is to even eat celery or carrots because they’re not loaded with the sugar, you know? - They say, and I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you if it’s true or not.

14:10 - But they say that quitting sugar is harder than quitting cocaine.

14:15 - - Yeah. - And all I know is by day, I wanna say day seven of no sugar, I was like, ay yo.

14:25 - (Jason laughing) - Yeah. - I need something. Let me chew on a cough drop.

14:30 - I’ll take that. You know what I mean? You do feel the withdrawals.

14:34 - And they say cheese is another one that’s very hard to quit.

14:38 - And I haven’t tried quitting cheese yet. (laughs) It’s on the list.

14:44 - You know, I can’t do sugar and cheese, you know what I’m saying? (men laughing) - Yeah.

14:49 - One thing I gotta say though, I wasn’t vegan, because I would, I’d eat crab meat every once in a while, or sometimes fish, but I don’t really like fish very much.

15:03 - So I wouldn’t eat a lot. But I cut out milk, cheese for the most part.

15:12 - Not now, this was like six years ago. Yogurt, and I still haven’t gotten back into yogurt or milk, right? But this was when I was training for a full Iron Man.

15:26 - - Oh, okay. - And I would go out on a Saturday, ‘cause Saturday and Sundays were always my big days, right? Because I could put in the biggest workout, right? (clears throat) I’d go run six to 10 miles on a Saturday, and then I’d wake up the next morning and ride like, 60 to 80 miles on my bike.

15:48 - - Dang. - And I felt amazing. And this is– - Yeah! Even after all that mileage.

15:55 - - Yeah, yeah. Because I think, I’ve been told that dairy is a big inflammatory.

16:01 - So, if you’re full of inflammation, you can’t recover as fast, right? So, but what’s crazy about that, and what I don’t understand, is a lot of us go through these phases where we make these remarkable changes, right? Whether it’s diet or whatever.

16:23 - And then I did that for three years, and I felt amazing.

16:28 - And then one day, I had a craving for meat and I was like okay, maybe my body needs meat.

16:35 - So, then I ate the meat, and then slowly, you know, it all came crumbling down.

16:46 - I fell off the wagon, the wagon backed up over me.

16:50 - And I mean it’s crazy, looking back, ‘cause it’s like I know I felt so good doing that, why is it so hard to get back to that point? Because we feel like we’re missing out on the donuts and the candy bars and whatever.

17:10 - And you’re right, it’s like an addiction. - It is, food is an addiction.

17:14 - And they say if you can master your diet, that’s the first step of mastering yourself.

17:18 - Mastering what you put in you, and I heard that a few years ago, I was like okay.

17:25 - Let me start taking steps to master that, ‘cause I do wanna be a master of myself, if nothing else.

17:31 - Back to the slippery slope of you had a craving, so you ate, and then it just kinda kept balling.

17:40 - I think it’s because we have to be able to shift our priorities when it comes to food, right? The first priority needs to be nutrition.

17:47 - And I think that’s where you had that priority, nutrition, was the first priority.

17:52 - And then, it goes taste, and then convenience, you know? And I think right now, we even give up the taste for the convenience, because microwave-anything is trash.

18:06 - As opposed to, you put the pizza in the microwave to eat it, that sucks, but put the pizza in the oven to heat it? That’s so much better.

18:13 - But the convenience of the microwave is 30 seconds as opposed to warming up the oven, putting the pizza in for like two, three minutes.

18:20 - And then taking it out. So, I think we even give up taste for convenience, where convenience is first, taste is second, and then nutrition is last.

18:30 - So, we gotta flip that. Nutrition first, taste second, convenience last.

18:37 - So, I look at the change of the diet as independence, right? Eventually I’ma learn how to grown my own food.

18:46 - ‘Cause that’s next on the list. I have my own tomatoes, and they were just way better than store-bought tomatoes. - Right? - So red, so tasty.

18:56 - I was like, I’ve never tasted a tomato before, I feel like.

18:59 - (Jason laughing) - Yeah, it’s night and day. It’s crazy.

19:03 - And I heard a quote that I love, it’s that you should eat to live, not live to eat.

19:13 - - That’s right! That’s right. You know, all sicknesses, most sicknesses, even mental sicknesses, start in the gut.

19:22 - So, if we learn the right combinations of what certain ingredients can help fix these sicknesses, big pharma wouldn’t be around.

19:34 - Wouldn’t have to worry about them. So, I love the holistic doctors that are really doing their homework.

19:40 - The real alchemists, which is the herbs and spice doc, that’s my guy, that’s who I wanna see.

19:49 - Before I go see a doctor. - 100%, that’s awesome.

19:55 - Let’s jump into the next question here. This is another great one.

20:00 - What are you looking forward to most this year? - July 10th.

20:08 - I got a fight in Dubai, that’s probably the most, the biggest thing I got for me right now.

20:17 - Now, I got this multi-fight deal where I’ll be in Dubai three times this year.

20:21 - But the first one, I’m looking forward to this first one.

20:25 - So, I gotta get a USANA patch, ‘cause you gotta go ahead and break into Dubai.

20:29 - - There we go, there we go. That’s funny you say that about your fight in Dubai, ‘cause that was actually leading into the next question, is when is your next fight? And who is it? Do you know who it is? - Alejandro Davila, but I don’t know if the contract’s signed yet.

20:46 - That’s the front-runner right now. And just a little call out, Sergio Martinez, we were supposed to get it in over there, bro.

20:53 - (Jason laughing) I thought you wanted to come on and get this work in paradise.

20:58 - It’s okay, hopefully I see you there and we can set something up, ‘cause I’ll be there three times this year.

21:02 - - Nice. - Get the smoke. - There you go, there you go.

21:06 - Have you been to Dubai before? - Never, this will be my first time. So I’m very excited.

21:12 - I wanna go to Egypt, which I know is right next door.

21:15 - And go see what I can see. - That’d be really cool.

21:20 - I’ve never been to the Middle East. - Yeah, the closest I’ve been to the Middle East, I would say, is Azerbaijan.

21:29 - Right next to Iran on the Dead Sea, give me a sec.

21:34 - So, that’s the closest I’ve been. I wouldn’t recommend it.

21:40 - - (laughs) Noted. - Beautiful architecture.

21:50 - And that’s about it. It was pretty rough.

21:55 - (Jason laughing) No shade to anybody from Azerbaijan, but you know what your country’s like.

22:00 - - Yeah, yeah. Nice. All right, here’s another good one.

22:06 - Who was your toughest opponent to date? - To date, the toughest opponent, you know there’s categories.

22:15 - Toughest opponent to date would be Jarrett Hurd.

22:19 - Jarrett Hurd is definitely the toughest opponent to date.

22:22 - I literally, for six rounds, beat the breaks off of this man.

22:27 - And I punched him, until I couldn’t punch no more, and he was like okay, my turn.

22:36 - - Wow! - And that was kinda his strategy, he’d just take a vicious butt-whooping until the guy was done whooping, and then he would dish out his own.

22:46 - So, he was for sure the toughest opponent I’ve had.

22:51 - The most skilled opponent I’ve ever faced was Erislandy Lara, the Cuban.

22:57 - And then probably the most famous person I ever faced was Canelo Alvarez.

23:01 - - Yup, Canelo. I remember that fight. - It was a good one.

23:05 - - My dad still talks about that. He’s watched it a handful of times, and really feels like it could have gone the other way, but it’s neither here nor there, right? That’s what’s tough about your sport.

23:27 - I was having this conversation with one of our skiers as well, the free skiers, does half-pipe.

23:36 - And it’s like, when you’ve got judges, it’s kinda subjective, it’s not objective, right? If you’re running a race, it’s the first person across the line, there’s no if, ands, or buts.

23:50 - That’s the way it is. But, if somebody sees something a little bit different, a trick a little bit different, or whatever.

24:00 - - Subjective, yeah it is. It’s just a battle of opinions.

24:05 - And some people are better salesmen than they are fighters.

24:10 - So they get rounds, selling whatever it is.

24:14 - But yeah, I don’t know how to solve that one.

24:16 - Just gonna have to start knocking these cats out.

24:20 - - There you go. - That’s objective. - Yeah, I was gonna say. (laughs) Touche.

24:28 - Nice, here’s another good one. What do you do to stay in the right path as a fighter? - Again, here’s one way.

24:42 - ‘Cause there’s times, especially when I don’t have to fight, that I get, let’s just say for lack of better words, lazy.

24:50 - Don’t feel like doing nothing, I don’t wanna go to the gym.

24:51 - For what? Why? I don’t have a fight.

24:54 - There’s no reason I need to be in shape at this moment.

24:57 - You know, I look at it like wear and tear on the body.

25:00 - But, I also know, even if I don’t have nothing going on, as far as a fight goes, if I don’t get into the gym, it really doesn’t matter what I did that day, the day’s not as productive as I’d like.

25:11 - I could have ran all the errands in the world for my wife, I could have built her a fricken gazebo.

25:17 - If I didn’t get a run in, or didn’t get a work out at the gym, I feel like the day was kinda wasted, and I kinda put my mindset in to stop wasting days.

25:25 - You know what I mean? And, so, I have a little daily, I call it daily and I write in the things I wanna get done in the day, workout’s on, say my prayers, I’m very spiritual, is on there, bond with the family, I put that on there.

25:43 - And if I can just get those things done daily, then you add up enough days and you got a good week.

25:49 - Add enough weeks, good month. Enough months, a good life.

25:53 - Productive. You know, one step at a time.

25:57 - I’ll make this step being a productive step.

25:59 - - So, that ties into one of the questions I like to ask every athlete when we do this, is what’s one thing you do daily that helps you to either be a better person or a better athlete? So, I mean would you say that’s yours? - That’s one of them.

26:18 - But the one that I, and sometimes I miss days on the journal, but the one thing that I do daily without fail is in the morning and in the evening, you call it prayer, you call it meditation, and it’s even before I open my eyes.

26:30 - I start going over all the blessings, I go well, I’m alive, so that’s one.

26:34 - I thank the most high for all the businesses that I have partake.

26:41 - I thank the most high for the potential businesses that I want to have.

26:45 - I just thank him for it already, like you know what? Thank you, ‘cause I want it, I’ma have it.

26:50 - So thank you in advance. And it just become, I start the day off real gracious of the things I have, and I become real gracious of the things I want, and then, I do some self-reflection.

27:03 - What did I do yesterday that I can do better today? And for me, who loves me, I can’t usually answer that question.

27:11 - I’m like I don’t know, I’m kinda great daily.

27:14 - How could I be better? So, you know, I have to think of that.

27:18 - (both laughing) - Nice, that’s a good one. I like that.

27:24 - Look, we’ve been chatting away for 30 minutes now.

27:28 - I don’t wanna take up too much of your time, but there was one last question I thought was really, really good.

27:35 - And they said who do you think is the top fighter in the game right now? - Yeah man, it’s definitely Canelo Alvarez.

27:45 - He’s the top dog. He put in the work. He’s up there.

27:49 - I’d like to see Teofimo Lopez takes it. He’s definitely an up-and-coming superstar.

27:58 - Devin Haley, Haney, I don’t know why I messed that up.

28:02 - Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, that there’s the future.

28:06 - But don’t sleep on your boy Austin Trout. (Jason laughing) I’m coming right back to the top.

28:12 - - Oh yeah. - There’s plenty of names I know for a fact I can whoop their, bleep.

28:18 - (Jason laughing) And with all the humility I can muster up to say this, I definitely feel like I still am one of the best.

28:29 - - Yeah. - Especially according to who they say is the best.

28:35 - According to them, I’m in that category. Now, there’s these up-and-coming cats that truly are, in my opinion, are the best.

28:44 - But, ain’t nobody talking about them right now.

28:47 - So, we just gonna let them get their time to shine when people are talking about them.

28:51 - - Yup, yeah. Well, I gotta say, my dad is a student of boxing.

28:58 - He boxed when he was younger. He watches all, he gets all the pay-per-views.

29:06 - And he said he thinks you’re one of the best fighters.

29:11 - He loves your style. He think you’re unbelievable and probably got ripped off a handful of times in your career, but I guess that’s all part of it and just trying to take the highs with the lows, I guess, right? - Yeah, yeah, I still love the game, ‘cause it’s been good to me.

29:31 - So, it’s been bad to me too, but more good than bad.

29:34 - - Yeah, yeah. Do you think you’ll be in Dubai in December? For one of your– - Actually one of the fights is scheduled for the end of December, yeah.

29:46 - - Okay, we’ll have to– - Actually not the end, mid-December to early December, yeah.

29:52 - - Cool, well, once it’s all figured out, let me know, because I think I’ll be heading out there for a Spartan Race.

30:03 - They have their world championships, I think, in Dubai in December.

30:07 - I gotta look. - Hey! - They have the date specified, but I can’t remember if it was like December 13th or whatever. - Listen, I’m gonna be out there about two weeks before the fight, because I wanna get acclimated.

30:18 - So, I’m sure we’ll get to run into each other.

30:20 - I’m sure of it. It’s gonna happen. - Oh yeah.

30:23 - I’ll keep you posted. - For sure. - And I’ll hopefully be able to make it work and watch one of your fights, that’d be awesome.

30:30 - ‘Cause it’s one thing that I haven’t been able to do yet.

30:35 - There’s always just something that’s happened.

30:37 - But yeah, it’s on my bucket list is to come and watch you fight. - You gotta catch it live, man, you gotta catch it live, man.

30:44 - It’s way better than on TV. Like hockey, you know what I mean? - Any sport.

30:49 - - You just gotta see it, yeah, any sport, seriously.

30:53 - But, I feel like hockey, especially. I will watch the heck out of a hockey game, invested, live.

30:58 - You won’t catch me turning to it on TV. - Yeah, yeah.

31:02 - My wife’s the same way. She’ll go to any sporting thing live, but she’ll never watch sports on TV.

31:10 - - She don’t watch it on TV, that’s awesome man.

31:12 - That’s cool. - Hey, well I really appreciate you taking the time, Austin.

31:15 - It’s always great catching up with you. You’re one of my favorite people.

31:20 - I feel like we’ve got a lot a great history.

31:24 - - For sure, man. A lot more to make too. - Oh yeah. - Dubai, 2021.

31:28 - Let’s go. - There we go. - They got the indoor snowboarding, so we can still catch the slopes out there.

31:33 - - Done, man! - You’re on, you’re on.

31:35 - - I mean, how crazy would that be if we’re able to connect in Dubai? Of all places, right? (laughs) - I’m claiming it now, it’s not gonna happen.

31:44 - - There we go, there we go. Well, tell your family I said hi.

31:47 - You’ve got a beautiful family. - Thank you, thank you.

31:52 - - And your wife, I’ve met her a handful of times, she’s always been graceful of your time whenever we’ve needed to steal you away.

31:59 - So, yeah, appreciate you, your family, and just wish the best for ya.

32:06 - - Thank you, thank you Jason. Have a good one.

32:08 - Give everybody my love, all right? - All right, take care.

32:12 - - Bye bye. .