Mansa Musa & The Riches Of Africa with Rabbi Kohain Halevi

Mar 20, 2021 17:40 · 4180 words · 20 minute read

you know everybody talk about the slave trader and how black people got to the americas but i want to take us back to a period that nobody wants to talk about and it appeared around 13 24 or thereabouts the world got introduced to a personality called mansa musa hey what’s up everybody thank you for checking me out my name is echo simpson and i live in ghana well you are watching this channel because somebody introduced you to it it was recommended or suggested to you on youtube basically my youtube channel is to connect africans and the madeleine to africans in the diaspora so thank you for checking me out if this is your first time of watching my videos kindly subscribe to my youtube channel man from samosa west african kingdom that we know as mali many of our people here today are descendants from those kingdoms ghana mali you’re all my great so he was famous because today they call him with all your warren buffets and your bill gates and your zuckerman they say that money to muslim by every standard was the richest man that ever lived that he took 60 000 men from west africa all the way to mecca i want you to get this picture monster took 60 000 men from west africa to mecca passing through egypt and he had more gold than anybody ever seen in the world on him he was richer than anybody could ever imagine and all the time that he was on his travels everywhere he went he spread that goal around he spread that gold around and when he went into mecca they said he broke the stock market brought all the currencies down because he had so much gold was spending it so freely he did the same thing in egypt but he was from west africa they say that he had 12 000 men that were called servants all they did was serve all the other members answer out of that 12 500 of those men they were dressed in apparel that they said was weaved and sown that were more beautiful than it seemed anywhere in the east whether it was persia egypt iraq and hillary that’s how they were done and 500 of those men out of the twelve thousand servants they said they walked with golden stabs not good painting would go away but golden staff that weighed no less than seven pounds each five hundred they walked in a single file like you see our nano walking today so when they came back from that pilgrimage they talked about the glory of manchester usa for centuries but you know what no one ever talks about how manchester became king mansa musa became king because his uncle abdicated the throne and how did his uncle advocate the throne his uncle heard about the continents across the atlantic and he wanted to find out if there was land across the atlantic this is 180 years before columbus the first white man across that atlantic i’m talking about our history they stole our memory and they lied to us i want to tell us some of the truth abubakar the second with the uncle of manchester and he took he sent 200 ship loads of men and 200 ship loads of gold and provision across the atlantic to find out if there was land he wasn’t satisfied with that a year later he mounted up 200 more ships of gold and provisions and goods and then he himself joined that second expedition of 200 ships amen and sailed to the americas so when people got there they saw native americans looking like you and i already there when the white man got it our ancestors have been traveling to the americas before any white man knew there was an america they didn’t know that they was in north america they didn’t know that they were the central america they didn’t want to deal with the south america in fact that first white man christopher columbus thought he was going to india he didn’t know he’s gonna bump into a new continent that’s why they call them nbn because he the stuff with no man in europe knew that there was other continents so rather than tell the truth that he found a new place he went back and lied to the king ferdinand and to the queen isabella and told him that he landed in india and he renamed the people in the end that’s why they call indians today because he lied and said that he went to india and even some of our people when they were carried away from here we even call ourselves that west india that’s how mixed up we got i’m saying that to say at that time europe was coming out of a flag they were at war with each other their standards of living was very low most of them were poor only the royalty had money but the citizens were peasants they had no money but they also heard about this rich king and his source of gold being in west africa so you had arab traders and you had europeans who were speculating about where’d that goal come from we want to find that sauce people living in west africa whose standard of living is higher than any standard that we ever knew they even also knew that there were people in west africa that knew how to sail across that environment i’m telling you the speculation that brought the white man here to started our troubles we got to know why he was coming because today we think that the white man is automatically means money the obroni is the money we think europe is money money we think america’s money money but do we understand how that money was acquired how europe got rich and we in africa got poor did we ever question that how is it now that 500 years later that people who were sick and poor are now sick and rich and we the people who were rich and healthy are now poor and healthy we still got the best bodies the best spirit the best of him but we’re impossible why because of that line that i said earlier that was stolen how can we be walking on the richest continent in the world and every historical record contemporary historical record we’re the poorest people in the world how how can we have the largest gold deposits anywhere in the world and we not be rich how can we discover oil and bauxite and minerals every month we read the newspaper that we’re gonna found another precious mineral and we got to ask white people to come in here and help explore that precious mineral to give us some jobs the people that our ancestors work during independence to be free from now our political leaders the first thing they do is get dressed up go to europe meet with your leadership and say please mr white bank can you come and open the factory so my son and my nephew can have a job please mr whitebank can you come and show us how to get the gold out of our ground and refine it please mr white man my people ain’t got no job now we got an undeveloped nation we got to build houses we got to build railroads we got to build industry we got to build homes and we say we jobless how can we be jobless of all this work to be done unless our mind is not conditioned to be industrious and if our minds are not conditioned to be industrious who reprogrammed our mind the speech that the twofold said in the beginning we could have stopped everything then because he said it in a sum total i’m adding footnotes to it to give some footnotes to this overview that was very much on point consultation of our enemies but we learned to put value on ourselves and trusting each other we can rebuild mother africa starting with rebuilding our minds you know in the new testament and the new testament of the bible yeshua when men called jesus was sent to try to salvage the broken people i say broken because our people were under the roman empire and he’s trying to give them the message of freedom well ultimately they crucified him as we all know the story but they didn’t want to hear that but one of the messages he tried to get through to the people is that you all cannot have the kingdom restored they want to talk about building a nation they weren’t talking about building a state they were talking about the kingdom that’s how you do that until kingdom come they thought that king david was coming back you’re going on the throne and someone building a kingdom but he told them that you cannot even see the kingdom in your mind unless you are born again and some profound professor university professor said to him professor what do you mean how can i be born again i gotta move get back up on my mother’s wall he said but you were supposed to be a man of letters i thought you went to school and you asking me a question like that he said i’m talking about renewing your mind freeing your mind from roman occupation from fire and occupation from foreign dominance from foreign values and come back to the understanding and the knowledge of who you are knowing yourself and believing in yourself that is what being born again is you can’t have no faith born again and you’re still the same person we can’t be born again i mean looking like white people acting like white people dressing like white people wanting to be white people this is not racism this is black love this is racial love no other people are made to apologize for being themselves so why do we as african people have to apologize other people anytime we talk about loving ourselves and being ourselves we have a right to be in love with ourselves we have a right to romance ourselves we have a right to promote ourselves and most of all we have a right to be ourselves the whole world wants to be like us but if we don’t forget who we are you see when the congressional black walkers came here during the year return and they had the speaker of the house nancy pelosi when they went back and got met with all this right racism and the protest that was going on here it is that this is nancy pelosi not even of african descent i don’t think you know white folks got more of our blood than they want to acknowledge but she suggested why don’t we put on that kente that we’ve gotten done wanted to be like us some of us were saying look at them they got on what are they doing you know white people were you wearing their clothes you carrying their spirit on you so what’s wrong with them putting on our spirit so our ancestors can speak to them we haven’t shed their wardrobe so they got something they admire about us let’s promote that not to be deceived so i say to us we have to go back to school and allow our minds to be reshaped and repassioned out of the mold that they have been fashioned in and that is not hard to do that is the essence of what this university or what kessie university of excellence has been established to do we have during the time of what they call reconstruction there’s about 10 years that we had in the u.

s after slavery ending that they looked like they were going to try to restore part of our dignity and give us a chance that they embroid from us during all the period of slavery so they call that the period of reconstruction it only lasts up to 10 years but during that period of reconstruction we have established over 37 universities black colleges become hcpus now historical black universities and colleges or colleges and universities the idea was that we got to train a new generation of africans not to think like slaves not to think like they’re enslaved not to think like they are less than because you can’t take somebody who was born as favorite told all his wife he’s inferior who doesn’t like himself and now say you were free we realized we needed universities and schools that teach us how to be free but those institutions weren’t able to live out their costs many 34 out of 37 still exist but they’ve been compromised they are still responsible for training the largest number of professionals that you see in the united states of america they still do a good work but the work is not finished the work was supposed to also relate us back to mother africa our university is here our universities here in ghana and all over africa we’re established that we can raise up a generation of africans that can manage our own families we got performing criminal university science and technology and yet we buy all our cell phones on somebody else we buy all our cars from somebody else we buy all the gadgets and mechanisms that we want to use every day as somebody else now all the world’s producing these cell phones they can’t produce a single cell phone without the minerals and the valuable parts coming from africa not one cell phone can be produced without what africa has its own material not one not one color tv not one satellite can be sent into heaven so that you can get a signal to radar those satellites need gold see we we’re going to run our neck and on our the white man needs that gold for his world of technology every computer has gold and it has silver it has copper in it every satellite has gold and it has silver and that’s copper every cell phone has the same thing it can’t function in pure material it needs pure materials in order to function and those pure materials come out of africa so what’s wrong that in 50 years our own university of science and technology cannot produce the technology that we are consuming as africans africa is buying more cell phones than anybody in the world that’s not speculation that’s fact due to homework but we’re not making them we’re assembling parts from other people but we’re not making it ourselves those are our jobs that’s our economy that’s our lifestyle going up that’s our young people not risking their lives across the mediterranean or across the atlantic killing themselves to try to get out of africa but they don’t see no opportunity we got vaccines coming in here that we didn’t produce as gifts as gifts from the people who helped put us in this position where’s our scientists we were the best herbalists in the world we gave the concept of medicine to the world the greeks that came to study in africa called egypt they didn’t come and study no arab egypt they came and studied in african egypt so when they got their so-called degrees which were very small degrees we only gave them a license to go back and practice medicine we had the masters of medicine our healers knew how to heal someone keeping their parts in their body not cutting out the illness not cutting out the sickness and say that you’re healed that’s not healing but you didn’t go to the root cause that’s why they got licensed to practice medicine they got licensed to practice law because they never mastered medicine they never mastered law but we don’t know we gave them those degrees we gave them the claw the cloth that we’re wearing in here our others wearing it here why don’t you take the concept of the cloth that the judge wears where’s the concept of the clock that the pastor wears in church where’s the concept of the claw that the graduate wears when he graduates it’s not a role it’s called the claw that’s why they call the minister a man of the claw that’s the clock that came from our ancestors because we were masters of the club and we’re not a rapper flaw that’s our culture they made the road out of the claw and that’s why every man of the greek has to put on the claw so when you walk across the stage you put on claw to walk across the stage they just close the road you can’t stand up in the church and preach the gospel without putting on a claw who’s supposed to be the man of the claw they never mastered the wrap of the claw so they had to make a ready-made soul claw and call it a roll we gave them those degrees and sent them back up into europe to try to civilize their own people and because they stole our memory we forgot who we were so we believed the false teachings that yes we’re like happy the white man came here called the white man to come here how can we learn how to sow clothes how can we learn how to build a house how can we learn how to have a government building how can we learn how to govern ourselves well that’s why we’re so messed up and misgoverned and unclosed and out of our mind because we’re not following our systems of governance for our development if we put the white man out and he left his institutions here have we gotten rid of him how did colonialism begin in the gold coast it began with us accepting the british law as our rule we accepted the british law to rule us and then that ruler stretched from 12 inches and left from being a ruler to a yard and from a yard to being a mile and from a mile to being our whole territory that’s right they started out convincing us that let us govern you by our british laws and look now wherever now we have ourselves in hot west africa our judicial service wearing wigs and wearing ropes and sweating and sweating in the court with somebody else’s squawk on rather than the cork of their ancestors that’s right if we don’t get this mind fixed we ain’t gonna fix it we got to get our minds fixed in order to fix it people don’t like that but we cannot find ourselves wanting to be experts in british culture and remain african at the same time it cannot happen we have to set the standard which only means let’s go back and retrieve it san cooper it’s already there let’s capture that standard and bring it back we ain’t got to go back to the 1800s 1700s 1600s we only going back and get that a and bring it into the 21st century we’re the ones that bring about most of the discoveries that brought the west and to their modern day status what many of us here attribute to western civilization is what we africans work from here to there we gave them their light bulb they had a spark but it took an african genius to get a filament to make that spark turn into a light light now they give credit to thomas edison thomas edison was a thief i’ll read about it one of our ancestors louis latimer took him to court and he got he was found guilty twice for stealing his ideas so i’m not just some angry black man calling white people’s names i said he was found guilty of stealing technology from one of our scientists that’s how he got a light buffer that’s how we got the refrigerator that’s how we got the shoe making machine we now saw a movie some years back of the black women who were human computers before you had a computer and they calculated how the white men went to the moon how they can land back on earth black women african women of african descent they calculated that’s not the white man’s genius they stole all genius from africa they didn’t steal us because we were strong as bulls they stole us because we were intelligent and we were spiritual the first english white men that landed in jamestown virginia do you know what happened to them they all starved to death almost all of them those who didn’t stop the death they lived because they turned to cannibalism they ate their own colleagues who died that’s the first expedition to jamestown virginia see that we talked about 1619 in 2019 to 400 years but they didn’t tell you what happened before 1619 with the first englishman that landed in jamestown virginia almost all of them died and the four to five of them that lived lived on the flesh of those that died so they dug up dead meat and ate their own people and the second exhibition of english people they came in found them did a survey and said every one of those that survived were out of their mind they were mad see they teach us to be accountable and we come from jungles and they hide that history and even when we hear we don’t want to believe we love the white man so much won’t even believe the white man the white man we love not my good white man he can’t be accountable but these are the people i mentioned the state of where we were in the 14th century and where they were in the 14th century before they came in contact with us to know that if we don’t know where we were if our references that we’re coming up out of the bush and we’re coming up out of the jungle that that was our state and so it was good that the white man came in contact with us so now at least we are living a better life if we don’t know what we had in our glory and our brilliance we won’t know what we have the capacity to achieve ourselves and be focused on ourselves that’s my point we need to be able to hire higher standards than our former oppressors there’s a proverb in the scripture i say that for many of us we study scripture even though we are african cells there’s a proverb that says envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways now where does that leave us if there’s a proverb that says envy not your oppressor and choose none of his ways then what are we doing we’ve chosen almost all the ways of our oppressor and we envy him that’s why we choose his ways we have conversations right here on radio arguing about our stake in ghana which is worth arguing about for not comparing with england not comparing with america you can’t argue our destiny comparing ourselves with them because are we prepared to do the wretched things they did to be where they are can we go and steal a whole land from somebody and take all the riches of that land to catch up and be like america can we go and enslave people all around the world and take their riches to catch up and be like england we can’t do it and yet they find themselves in economic hardship here america had 257 years of free labor from our ancestors free labor they had land that belonged to somebody else with gold and timber and everything in it they stole it and right now today america is broke america is in i can’t even count the trillions of dollars of debt that she said with all of that free money and free labor england used to own ghana nigeria egypt the gambia jamaica the falkland islands england owned all of that and yet today england got poor people on the streets so how can we copy them and be successful when they are not successful so we have to charge our own course we cannot rely on their benevolence and think that that’s our future so as i said the band was assigned to ginger media and this first session is assigned to ginger you are i’m not gonna give you everything in the first session but the time is limited i only had about 40 minutes of gender to give out.