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[Music] not so long ago humans and elves fought together during the great war that’s me fisher as a human i was awarded the highest honors for my bravery but what was even more rewarding was the love of leah princess of the elves she calls me little fish even though we had to return to our own separate worlds i’m not worried after all we slayed a dragon a long-distance relationship is nothing compared to a dragon right [Music] it’s so beautiful and you’ll look even prettier in the dress i’m excited aren’t you you know i am i’ve waited centuries for this day leah thank you for choosing my wedding gown oh yeah regarding fish have you you must be aware your brother is very against this but that said how could i not let our human allies attend they helped us win the war i don’t believe it i know it must have been a difficult decision thank you man i mean your highness most elves in the kingdom are like your brother and are prejudiced against humans do your friends a favor and make sure they behave [Music] go take this to my fish really you gotta be kidding me two coins for the weapon of a dragon slayer looks like a plato knee cleaver to me a meat cleaver forged by a dragon slayer huh here we go wait that’s my letter okay come back here you gonna hand it over or not hey get in celebration your presence is requested at wait how do i even read that the royal union of the elf queen to the duke what the human fish and his companions are invited to the wedding huh i can’t believe it ah girl i got to see leah give her this and no detours okay hey yes closing up shop for the day i have work to do in the ruins of a battlefield long forgotten among the forgotten souls of elf kingdom lies the forgotten gem and the forgotten me i couldn’t ask for a more perfect scenario now dark gem um i offer to you a sacrifice let the elven blood that flows through me bind us together let these ruins be our altar and let these forgotten spirits be our witnesses beware atop the throne of elves for soon it shall be mine [Music] be quiet this isn’t easy to do oh [Music] what are you guys doing what is that the guard [Music] stop [Music] [Applause] [Music] flying [Applause] open the furnace hey you want to keep it down i’m not dead yet there was a falling [ __ ] something oh it smells delicious it’s gone a ring i teach you the secrets of forging weapons and you use my furnace to cook pumpkins and make trinkets it’s not what you think it’s uh you know what this is when you pull the bow string you can injure your finger this protects it and what will protect your heart huh love between an elf and a human will only end in tragedy don’t be so dramatic without tragedy you can’t have comedy besides good things can come out of tragedy like me meeting leah right uh come my sisters my forgotten souls come let us give the queen a wedding present she will never forget the fish cat named her after me come on boys let’s go hey hey cat let’s go i’ll request permission to board what’s he doing here i’d rather throw him overboard oh we’re flying don’t feel like a bird up here bro akajima hurts from here [Music] oh no i’ve left the back door open cap look here the rules of medicaid for the elk kingdom rule 250 when meeting someone new one must bow at 10 degrees if their bow is less than 5 degrees or more than 50 it won’t be recognized we’re not gonna learn all those we don’t have elf girlfriends [Music] oh benedict coming up [Music] huh [Music] the finest example of my craftsmanship the best design idea i’ve ever had just add a flying gem of the highest quality you can find and you can experience the joy of soaring among the clouds this will be the fastest flying experience ever thanks birdie it’s the most amazing gift ever you’re the man hey birdie uh have you tested this thing out yet wait you never told me how it worked it’s simple you just make like a bird floppy floppy faster [Music] that’s it i felt like a bird oh the old timer toilet’s the other way and where’s fish well what do you think i’m looking forward yeah i’m guessing he’s that wee black dot over there see wha can you see it ah yeah you’re just above the albatross no no over there are you blind you get them back on the ship right now or you’ll be a little red dot just like a bird am i right master black friend best invention ever arrow come on [Music] and i thought i’ve seen it all am i [Music] whatever impossible um [Music] is that you [Music] little fish it’s you [Music] long time no see huh wow hello stranger you’re just as beautiful [Music] don’t you want to introduce your handsome human to everyone i meant handsome hero i can’t wait but let’s not attract too much attention [Music] sorry excuse us your brother knows i’m here right well he’ll know soon enough watch out then hold me tight should we slow down nah just hold tighter you’re not holding tight enough you asked for it okay all right stop stop no no really i’m really particular stop stop sorry about that okay onwards and upwards watch this queen mayor congratulations huh [Music] hey you should bow [Music] that’s the queen why didn’t you tell me they were invited because i knew you wouldn’t agree to it but the truth is he is your sister’s boyfriend boyfriend human lives are but a blip compared to ours how can a mighty oak fall in love with a tiny flower if we know it’s temporary and won’t last why should it involve you because she is being selfish and immature and this relationship will destroy leah before it’s over leah will grow wiser with time we need to let her learn from her experiences there’s no time there have been reports of strange monsters spotted they say it may have something to do with this dark wind what there is an invisible enemy on the horizon so you see leah must wake up don’t worry she’s not a child you and i have a love that is eternal it is based on respect that is the proper way for ourselves we must protect the gem of life that is the reason for our existence you know this as well as i i’m so happy you’re here i can’t stop smiling from now on you’ll always be smiling the green gem of life the root of life for the elves and our source of energy only ourselves can draw power from it it’s amazing i’ve never been this close before originally there was only one gem but the gods split it in two one dark and one green to represent death and life and the perpetual battle between light and dark that has plagued the human world for millennia no one knows where the dark gem is but this one has always been protected by the elves here the queen wears the gem at her wedding that’s our tradition its magic will bring prosperity to the kingdom leah you should wear it to the wedding though you sure why me because of the dark gem i felt its power it still exists and grows even stronger and nearer the gem of life is no longer safe and i’ll yell in my hands you are who we trust most so you must protect it you won’t be disappointed in me it’s so beautiful i can’t wait to show it to fish leah huh i think you and i should have a talk wow the elf kingdom is awesome yeah people ignoring us turning up their noses what’s there to love no way wait hi excuse me ma’am i’m fish nice to meet you my friend was wondering if you were oh save your breath kid nobody wants to hear your blathering about to put up with a day in day out speak for yourself wait huh stop here uh that’s right i’m human i like to dance and sing sorry about him long journey before entering you must give up your weapons look lady right uh no worries there you go [Music] here you go no way what a weekly what a lean week it’s been it’s what he means hmm all your weapons oh so you want a chitchat well i like walks on the beach candle at dinners and i would love to give you a flower that was all his weapons well that went much better than expected wouldn’t you say don’t forget your mission leah you can do this [Music] [Music] if i don’t get any wedding cake i’m gonna eat one of these elves the gem of life is a sacred elven treasure you cannot let fish nor any human near it i can’t why not because the gem must remain far away from desire or conflict and that means you cannot risk exposing it to any humans how could you possibly say that little fish is a good man he’s loyal i trust him and he loves me how long have you known him a few years i’m afraid that from now on you must stay away from little things oh no please anything but that i actually thought you understood leah it’s not about that it’s our duty and responsibility to protect the kingdom do not risk our lives for something that cannot last leah leah leah i’m sorry bird you need a boost i bet you can’t see anything from way down there it’s beautiful up here this is my favorite place [Music] [Music] cheese [Music] applesauce [Music] oh as the tender chute reaches toward the sky and the roots plant firmly in the ground so has our love bloomed and will only keep flourishing love is life and life is love we are bonded it’s all living clear is something wrong this is for you i had this gift especially made i hope it reminds you of me wow this is great hey leah i got you something too and you’ll never guess what it is you made me this bow and i made you that finger card i love it thank you guess we go together like this bow in that finger guard what leah i don’t ever want to leave you i finished my training with the blacksmiths and i really want to stay here with you what do you say huh let me always be bathed in the light of your spirit and i yours our two beating hearts under this tree of life now with this ring our fates are sealed and continuously that’s free and it will and it will set us free set us free huh no i can’t do this uh why not what’s happening my apologies for arriving so late sister but i had trouble finding my invitation it’s really you she is not welcome here capture them guards protect your queen no wait here stay out of this huh hey leah [Applause] [Music] what else we got around here what do you want from us you know very well why i’m here then you’ll be disappointed why isn’t the gem on you tell me where it is somewhere you’d never think to look [Music] tell me where it is tell me human alvin please my dear alien if you want your bride back then you’ll give me what i want three days from now meet me at the ancient battleground and next time don’t shoot arrows at me you have been warned fire ready the ship we leave immediately yes sir leah you know where the map is go and get it humans you’re not welcome here leave now you have to go i’ll miss you i’m so sorry fish i’ll come with you no this is between us elves i know but it’s too dangerous please let me help you we can all help you you should go just go pack yeah buy fish aaliyah wait we’re gonna follow them look i know you got good-looking hair and all but she doesn’t want you yeah you were dumped kid yeah i should know happens to be a lot she doesn’t mean it and i know she needs my help look kid rescuing the princess sounds fun and all but i’m gonna need a little more motivation the ship look besides you’ve taken my dogs oh no they’re dogs i couldn’t live without those slobbering mutts we’re at full speed we should arrive in two days leah is the gem of life safe protected with your life and trust no one mela isn’t trustworthy how do we know she will keep her end of the bargain even if she doesn’t we have no other choice don’t worry about saving mayor the soldiers and i will do it protect the gem just focus on that little fish come let’s go are you crazy you should be here i have a plan we can save mayor together no what we already have a plan in place so what is the plan let’s open a large ship for a sneak attack hmm but come with me instead i can fly faster and grab her before they notice trust me as long as we’re together there’s nothing we can’t do whoa uh why didn’t you take my gifts earlier don’t you like it leah now’s not the time to discuss that i can feel it getting colder then come here i’ll keep you warm we’re going north why the ancient battlegrounds are south you’re going the wrong way promise feel strange are you wounded it’s nothing i don’t believe it what is myla ship doing here i’ll ask one more time why were you not wearing the chest it’s quite simple i knew you were coming you can’t fight destiny it was always the fate of these two gems to be reunited again you should give up all you can allyon will never allow you to have the other gem i will pardon you for your sins and you can come back home to us how polite of you sister did you think i would just quietly hand over my hard-earned treasure sorry but i have other plans once i get the map to the elf kingdom you won’t mind helping me will you oh come to me over there so oh yeah i found her your highness leah you have to go my child did it not occur to you that you were summoned here for a race [Applause] it’s clear you should go back to notify alliant grab my hands you’re safe now not a chance little fish you saved me well actually we saved each other we should go back to the others he cannot go back where were you we snuck on board bayless ship and she has the queen it’s not what we thought mila is actually human have you forgotten about your mission you played right into their hands i’m so sorry and what were you doing stop it you’ve done enough you don’t belong here leave and don’t come back that’s why we don’t get close to humans you behaved immaturely and after the queen put her trust in you hey don’t talk to her like that hey audience right i shouldn’t have left with you and you shouldn’t be here at all i know it’s hard you have to leave you don’t belong here i belong with you you know that all i know is that you have to leave and never come back are you serious you can’t possibly mean that please just go you’re not an elf goodbye fish leah you’ve changed attention full speed ahead prepare for battle no more mistakes this is [Music] human boy the power of the dark jam courses through my body and my veins i can feel it in my blood pulsing can you feel it as well [Music] i know what you want and don’t give it to you hey welcome back sleepyhead man you look terrible why the long face love is not for the likes of us pal i don’t get it i thought we were in love there’s some realities you got to accept this relationship was doomed from the start stop dreaming they don’t come with instruction manuals and if they did we wouldn’t read them would we kid because reading is hard right i’m proud of you this may be your first heartbreak but it won’t be your last so cheer up listen to an expert fish sometimes loving someone means letting that person go plea and i are different what do you two know anyways i’m not giving up hey where are you going to do what i know is right um uh yes [Music] its light has gone out again do you think that the ice mountain will satisfy its appetite you’ve desecrated the spirits of the ancient battlefield now you’re going to steal the souls of the dragons my dear little mayor don’t be afraid the dark gem has changed you you’ve gone too far see how wrong you can be the elf i’ve become today it is not due to the gem it is due to you what how can you say that i’ve been on your side i’m not blaming i’m thanking you man if it weren’t for the fact that i was better than you and yet constantly shunned if it weren’t for the fact that only you could use the gem of life so i was abandoned if it weren’t for the fact that you my youngest sister became the heir leaving me to become a dark elf then i would have never known the type of power that i have now envy hatred these are not the natural qualities of an elf but they are the qualities of a victor and i will now reclaim what is rightfully mine it was only you two his fish with you do you think you can help me with something darkest of gems i’ve opened up the graveyard of the dragons for you legend says the soul of a powerful dragon has been sealed in this ice for a thousand years i thought you might want a new friend you certainly took your time human boy we’ve been waiting for you who are you anyway and what have you done to me we are kindred spirits we both desire things we cannot have we are not alike oh i beg to differ let’s see we would do anything to get what we want the most like you it longs for another the souls of the dragons have only made it stronger it cannot wait it must be reunited with the gem of life there’s another gem lea didn’t tell you of course she didn’t you’re a human how could she ever trust you with something so beautiful and precious as an elephant gemstone this is an elven matter what’s it got to do with me so you’re giving up then what a pity i could help you nothing makes me happier than watching young love blossom and you deserve it once i’m queen leah will be all yours honestly i’m sure she’s worth so much more all i need is for you to bring me the map of elves fix my hand and we’ll talk you’re in no position to negotiate child then you can find your own map your friends are walking into an ambush as we speak shall we try this again bring me the map of elves or suffer the consequences i’m not your puppet are you sure about that prince allian we found no traces of queen mayor brother what will we do now we can’t give up maintain our cover but keep searching positions [Applause] fire right one side full scale attack [Music] spread out now everyone regroup prepare to counter [Music] attack [Music] [Applause] ah [Applause] aim for the chest the ship won’t make it gather the remaining troops [Applause] oh faster what do you think i’m trying to do we humans don’t fight like elves elves dance in the moonlight and play with flowers we eat meat and drink wine flowers i’ll give you quick get on the other side or suffer the consequences look at this damage when this is all over it’s gonna cost you and it won’t be cheap we’ll just buy your ship go ahead human name your price i can’t believe your pointy-eared arrogance this ship is mine and it’s priceless the greeks have dog in the stench of old men a sack of silver should be sufficient silver don’t you mean cold and a sack as large as i can carry while you’re at it consider it done and collect your belongings i want you off my ship as soon as possible well i guess i’m gonna need a new ship huh how could you sell the fish i should have asked for more shouldn’t i how will we help liam now the deal’s off forget it i’m keeping the ship it’s priceless anyway besides i don’t want your stinking elven money if you don’t win the money i’ll take it shut up old man how could you if it weren’t for them we’d all be dead already we are already outnumbered as it is we need their help did you see his hand the dark jam is consuming him he’s a danger to all of us the dark gem what’s going to happen to fish the dark gem will infect his mind and then he will be lost becoming nothing more than the gems puppet just like mela if mela could not resist it what chance does a human have can we save him with the gem of life it’s not some toy you can use for your selfish needs doesn’t this gem naturally repel the dark one why can’t we use it it has never been attempted on a human could make it worse i cannot allow the risk if mela could not resist it what chance does a human have nothing makes me happier than watching young love blossom and you deserve it once i’m queen leah will be all yours master blacksmith do you think i could borrow your board again you can have it what’s the point of an invention if no one uses it just don’t push it too hard yeah i’m serious you you be careful is there really nothing we can do are we giving up just like that once we get back i’ll reach out to our neighboring allies get reinforcements but what about queen mayor protecting the gem he’s protecting the queen you human do you still trust this human hmm sister have a look it’s even more beautiful now that’s why what i desire should never be taken lightly so how does it feel to finally be rejected the dark gem can only be held by those who wield a true power did you really think someone like you could speak my dear little sister i originally wanted you to witness my ascension to the throne however after this your lack of respect for me is giving me second thoughts what’s the point of even keeping you alive stop don’t hurt her i brought you the map the map no stop you can’t give that to her take us safely back and i’ll give it to [Music] you if you want to negotiate you have to have something to negotiate with too bad you don’t have any let’s ask the elf map where the gem of life is your queen is just dying to know leah don’t you dare harm her you hear me said i had plans for harming her but you thought you you have no idea what you’ve done yeah i’ve been infected by the dark gem i need the gem of life how did you know i have the gem of life baylor told me oh yeah will you save me leo don’t listen to him they’re not messing around boy got one you still can’t god give me the gem of life now [Music] uh it’s a shame i guess you figured it out leah hurry do it what are you waiting for leo [Music] uh little fish the gem of life why’d this happen it’s no use hmm gem may be useless to humans but for me that’s not true what are you doing what’s the point of protecting the gem of life leah in order to protect it we’ve sacrificed so much do we have to watch our loved ones die now too if so then what is the point of protecting it but then you’ll get infected too it’s you you’re back there’s no need to cry did the best you could it was my fault i didn’t respect that you had this responsibility i wanted to be the hero and save the day instead i put everyone else in danger my life is short i know and i’ve wasted it you deserve better the queen’s in seventh peak of the dark valley she’s in terrible danger leah we must go back for the queen we can go together will you come with me hey ears make that plus one and me huh how about one and a half what the nerve that settles it then all right let’s go together set a course for the dark valley i see it looks like we’ll be having some guests we’ll be sure to give them a proper welcome let’s make this ship watch out all hands evasive maneuvers [Music] ah [Music] yes leah be a good girl and give me the gem i won’t let you do this yeah whatever he said quick use the ship to ram them come on run she’s over there ugh [Music] master mayor’s at the end of this path we can’t get through [Applause] is there another way if only we had the board then we could fly there wait i have an idea ah come we better get out of here um it’s no use it’s a dead end i’m sick and tired of your meddling since you won’t die you may as well witness my coronation leah it’s time you handed me the gem of life you weren’t too late where is the gem of life whatever you do kid just don’t let it go what is no one going to save leah well you had your chance ugh [Music] why won’t you help me you belonged the gym is not yours anymore and it doesn’t belong to anyone [Music] ah you are mine [Applause] thank you your highness for all your help i told you i would be queen everyone run what are you doing come on [Applause] um oh take a right hurry she’s right behind us no no what do we do that thing is your sister and i thought my sister was bad open the furnace listen up i have an idea but you’re gonna have to trust me you know i do we trust you as well ditto i have what you want right here huh oh hurry up mr blacksmith nice catch hang in there little fish i’m holding on to you and never letting go [Music] look i’m wearing the ring you gave me see then guess what else i’m never taking it off there i love you [Music] little fish yes yes [Music] ah uh the gem is beautiful you’re finally mine now that i have you life can be a part of death the throne of elves the throne of the world is within my grasp did anybody ever tell you you need to learn to let things go okay ugh [Music] my [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] little fish you’re alive you jerk stop don’t you dare do that again i don’t believe it no human has ever fused with the gem maybe you should look at humans differently he’s proof they’re capable of sacrifice maybe that was what the gem was trying to do to show us what in life is really worth protecting our fish is back he’s really back don’t worry boys i can fix it it’ll fly like a bird again soon this flower sure is prettier uh gift for you a gift for what are you laughing at relax romeo [Music] wow [Music] uh [Music].