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hey you guys it’s me reyna wells and i’m here to do your reading it’s a general collective reading for high level soulmates twin flames and i was i just finished one for karmic masculine feminine energies um i was feeling like between divine masculine divine feminine but spirit is telling me this is going to be about divine masculine energies because i am picking up on a masculine energy that wants to explain about the delay and so this is for you that are in separation that’s also who i deal with and um i actually i have worked with twins that are living in the same house but they’re having union issues so i’ve coached i have coached twin flame couples together but in in the same house um but this is mostly those that are in some form of separation so you can be in the same living in the same house but not together and you know what that’s like that’s for a very small few but this is uh divine masculine is really coming through of why there’s a delay and so we’re gonna pull some cards and see about that i’m using the twin tarot today it has only the major arcana from the tarot and they have uh the reversal the dark aspect and the light aspect so as you can see this is the light the upright and this is the dark so i’m going to use this because spirit pulled me to use the quintero for the divine masculine and what he’s dealing with and why there’s a delay and i think we’re going to get into some detail so this is corresponding to the last reading i did too that’s at the same day so if you want to go look at that one as well welcome if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and like and comment and if you guys want to do a reading um just take a look down below send me an email i am still looking for the last two weeks i have tuesdays and thursdays open i have booked up the other day so if you can’t work on a tuesday or thursday email me and we can try to fit you in but those are my remaining days for this week next week and the remaining of june so let’s take a look here what is going on what is going on for the divine masculine spirit thank you father you want to bring through the masculine and what he wants to say okay thank is it that you would like him to say this is why he’s he’s slow to progress right now okay this is so fast we have the devil with the lovers so the devil upright with the lovers in reverse and this is what’s creating separation if you take a look at these two cards he’s dealing with this toxicity that makes it feel good you know in his situation but he knows that it’s creating separation in this in in with the twins okay so they’re together but they’re looking in different directions and he knows that this is pan who would play the flute and hypnotize people it’s a demon it’s a dark entity um that walked the earth and um it’s one of the ancient gods supposedly that walked the earth and would hypnotize it’s very much like the pied piper and would hypnotize people with this beautiful music and have them carried away and so he is aware of that this is creating some sort of separation i love that spirit asked me to use this deck because it’s like you guys could be from two different cultures two different races but it may be hard to merge that and there’s a tree and you guys are meant to have a family together so i’m picking up on family as well it’s just maybe having a spirit child i’m picking up a spirit child the spirit child here oh i just saw that as i was saying that so the spirit child wants to come in this masculine knows of the spirit child needs to be birthed in this union so that’s not for everyone but for some of you and um this is about yeah knowing that this is causing a separation here okay and we have here the hierophant with the sun so this is like breaking um i love these cards and the imagery that came through for you guys this is why i love following spirit my intuition it’s so perfect so this is like the strict structure of like you have to do this in your marriage in your how you want to have a relationship this is what relationships are like and this is they want me to put it underneath the devil here because this is what they’re dealing with right now in their karmic situations it could be family it could be tradition you don’t do this to people when you build a home you follow through you stay by their side you work through all the hard times and you know with twins it’s not like that you don’t need to suffer it’s not a suffering with twins you go through the suffering when you’re healing when you’re in separation you don’t suffer when you come back into union that’s that’s it if you guys want to know more about dark energy and i’m going to be talking about that more and my new dark work series that’s out you might want to listen to the one that’s just out today and i just told about my story but i’m going to talk about alien love bite and how there’s the dark forces have created and mimic twin flame unions to unflame unions when they come into union do not suffer it’s healing completely so if you’re seeing twin flames out there that say they’re in union and they are still suffering that’s a dark force okay and i’m just gonna claim that i know people don’t like that but it’s true like and you can go listen to my story about how i know what’s dark and what’s light so um and i’ve worked with some of these twin flames who claim to be twin flames in the community they’re not okay um and i’ll claim that i’ll take that i’ll take that to my dying death bed with me because i know it’s i know it and um this toxicity is like this is the tradition this is what you have to be doing and this masculine was really stuck in this situation and it created this this uh separation here but this masculine is also saying it’s helped us to find the innocence get this horse so your mascot may be a horse a free spirit riding look at these two children just laughing illumination happiness it’s like innocence and this is god’s love this is how it is it’s like the innocence of being able to find the purity of spirit again in yourself and so this is like you know these two adults here you know um coming out of this you know and and realizing wow we had to go through the separation to find this because you’re backtracking in your healing process to find your truest self so you go back to your most you know the innocence of when you first came here um that’s the purest and uh that’s what this masculine knows that this separation has brought this through and so one more two more this mask and says this is what he needs to do he needs to cut the ties and return to the past okay to bring this masculine feminine loyalty there’s two two puppies here who are loyal both twins are loyal this masculine knows that he’s loyal he knows his feminine is loyal and these karmic ties are being are being completely severed now so that he can return to the past that there’s unfinished business to do here and that’s what he’s doing right now so uh we can have this renewal the renewal hasn’t happened yet okay because he needs to return and cut these ties so he really wants to reiterate that it’s not that he’s ignoring you divine feminine it’s like he really wants to clean up this mess i’m gonna pull i feel like there’s more we’re gonna do more oracles um do you want spirit yeah okay we’re gonna get emotion from him too so let’s do that first we’re gonna see about his emotions because i feel like he wants to come right this time is what i’m feeling and this masculine wants to make it right and he doesn’t want to just come and not have anything ready for divine feminine so let’s get his emotion about the situation spirit what’s going on with the divine masculine that he wanted to bring through for the divine feminine here what is going on whatever needs to come through yeah so he’s feeling very hopeful is what i’m getting he he sees you in his glory divine feminine he he wants to tell you we are in union no matter what i’m dealing with this toxic higher vent here i’m dealing with this devil i’m dealing with all of this um people telling me what i need to do but i just know that i am completely feeling you in this energy he recognizes divine feminine on the inside and really wants to bring that message through because i feel that we get lost in the non-action in the 3d world and you can’t twin flames are nothing about the 3d world it’s all about your intuition and if it’s all about your intuition you’re gonna know energy very strongly so that’s why i’m suggesting listening to the dark works because um i’m gonna be helping you guys through a lot of this dark stuff so that you know where you’re being siphoned yourself um because i know a lot of twins are really stuck and and if you find there’s like this one teacher out there i can’t remember but i think she’s pretty prominent she i did a session with her too and she was like oh you can’t go into the black magic that doesn’t exist and i’m like okay whatever this person has it’s not even a twin flame thing if you can’t even acknowledge that there’s dark forces at play like what like every religion every teaching out there has talked about the jinns or the the entities or the demons like it’s a thing okay like so um yeah there’s definitely he’s acknowledging i feel you i see you especially when i sleep i’m connected to you okay and i feel this i know that we’re in separation but we’re coming into union so he wants to bring that into his present moment okay this is in the present moment these are also his actions situation action outcome okay and the outcome here is breaking the ties to have this renewal it hasn’t happened yet but it’s coming okay and he’s going to make this happy happen because he’s awakened to it so i love this because it’s like separation and union and knowing that his feminine is just is fine and content and is holding the space for this divine masculine this is divine feminine he feels you he feels you completely and um i love this because these two came out here masculine and feminine energy right i feel you i know you um we’re together i’ve enlightened i’ve gained this knowing of the father energy i am aware to what’s going on now and so his awareness and see how he’s just waking up he’s just coming out of this darkness he’s just waking up to it so he’s going to come forward again when he’s ready it’s playing into the last reading so go look at the last reading guys and um he has this work to finish first before he comes forward so yeah let’s pull some more miracles what else is going on spirit with the divine mask let’s see what he’s dealing with in his toxic world he’s really standing up to people they feel it’s it’s more than just the karmic energy could be family could be co-workers it’s like what are you doing like you’re breaking war contracts we had this to build this with you know the karmic partner or we were going to do he’s backing out of a whole bunch of stuff he’s like no and like you can’t do that like he’s dealing with some very domineering people but he’s realized that these dominating people have been doing this to him his entire life and so he’s at the point where he’s like no like this this can’t happen anymore um he has to deal with it so what is his masculine dealing with spirit in his current life here with this and his his union with his feminine is pulling him through this okay that’s exactly it ego look at this he’s standing up to all these people it’s a nice feeling it’s like i’m standing out to all these people like i can’t like i’m telling all of you and look at them they’re all their nice fancy wine glasses and he’s like no he’s coming into this enlightened state of sanding his ground and being like no i know what i want i’m dealing with the ego that’s exactly what i was feeling anything else he’s he’s grateful for this he knows how it’s bringing him his passion is bringing him his balance yeah look at this bringing karmic justice so he’s he’s grateful for this energy right now it’s giving him an opportunity he knows his divine feminine is is allowing him that space to find himself it’s so important because he’s realizing how the karmic energies would never have given him the space and this amount of time and separation and still know that his feminine is still there with him and um he recognizes that and it’s he’s has so much gratitude for this divine feminine here he’s birthing him in a sense you know because that’s what feminines do you birth your masculine and um you give that nurturing um you don’t chastise him like a child you love him like you would love anybody else because that’s divine feminine energy you know and a lot of distorted feminines don’t understand that they think they have to chastise a man uh that’s just demoralized man like hello no i don’t think so that’s why i had my my i have a boy and a girl um i have a transgender child who’s a boy but her energy is female but yeah it’s like the the masculine energy and knowing that these men need this type of emotional support having passion to serve as well and knowing that he’s having this passion for his divine feminine and it’s going to bring karmic justice and look at how upset all these people are that are trying to chastise him he’s like in this place of like i’m standing up for myself against his ego to bring in this kind of justice but look how many people are pissing off it’s like yeah you will you will because the energies of siphoning are strong let me tell you strong and so yeah this i’m just making room for this so this this masculine energy here knows it’s causing separation no they’re coming into union and he knows that his feminine knows we’re gonna get exactly what i was feeling so he knows that this divine feminine is going to hold that space and is in her in her complete joy here okay and is willing to discover this with the divine feminine energy okay so he’s working hard he’s working really hard right now guys and he wants you to know that putting in all that hard work knowing that it’s going to reap the benefits um he’s praying and it’s dissipating any energies that are that’s keeping them apart okay so he’s gaining power in the solar plexus if you’ve been having any solar plexus energy shifts digestion issues any of that guys recently that’s a massive shift in the energy of the kundalini rising and you’re masculine in the solar plexus okay and the energy is dissipating of you know anything karmic here because he’s been working really hard on that let’s pull one more about the dissipating energy what is that dissipating energy thank you of his complacency to serve look at this to come into mission to work with divine feminine so that’s the complacency that he had before and that’s going away okay that that is completely healing so that energy is really beautiful he he’s grounding it too because his root chakra and solar plexus so anything in his self-esteem he’s being guided you know to ground his self-discovery to work hard at this to pray for this to feel as divine feminine to know that he’s she’s on his side in in the energies and that she’s giving him the space to deal with all of this like traumatic trauma drama that these people in his life are trying to tell him what to do they’re all trying to tell him what to do and this masculine may have been very much a people pleaser you know like oh okay like i’m just gonna do it it’s fine i’ll help you i’ll do this but he doesn’t really want to do that anymore he wants to choose himself he’s been doing this for years it’s like he’s quite over it so he’s cutting ties and for this renewal here and he’s just gained a level of awakening that’s what i was feeling last week in the energies you guys we have creation coming forward okay thank you so let’s take a look we have creation so creator is definitely coming in okay it could be earth or mother energy or father energy either or but it’s creator energy god’s spirit universe that’s coming in to cut these ties so that he can move back into the past to clear up any unfinished business the loyal heart to work on this judgment call here we have trickery and gossip look at this okay a lot of people talking about this connection look at this okay i love this because this part actually is like people in my own journey like if you listen to the dark works this woman looks just like looks just like the woman who did black magic on me and this looks like my twins karmic like i can’t even with that like isn’t that funny so it’s like this is mean this is what people are doing to your masculine like this big old mean dragon like i’m gonna hold this acorn from you so you can’t get it like blackmailing say you can’t do this you can’t invest in the pull out you can’t ever it’s affecting everybody so what this masculine has to tediously break these ties and er and this person here looks like the the menace if you listen to my story the person that did black magic on me his this is the fire guy that does whatever all black magic look you can’t make that up i can’t make that up it looks just like that i didn’t print these cards these cards aren’t mine um and so that energy is coming in that everyone’s talking and trying to trick and gossip and it’s causing a lot of chaos but he knows this masculine has enlightenment okay and it’s very similar to this vanity card that he’s breaking this vanity card god he’s the light of the father that’s coming in and he’s like breaking and following the mysticism he’s been having signs and visions and he believes in the mysticism he knows he knows nobody else believes it that’s where people think you’re crazy trust me people think i’m insane but it’s the mysticism and when you gain that kind of level of understanding people are gonna think you’re crazy so they hung juices on the cross i can’t even it’s like so funny so they poison buddha and gave them a poison mushroom because the visions and things that you know and things that you see it’s like people are like no that’s not real because it takes away from their own power of what they’re doing and that’s what this masculine is doing he was empowering everybody around him and no one was helping him nobody was helping him and he’s really tired of it and he’s trusting his enlightenment and the mysticism to come forward so yeah it’s it’s it’s really pretty awesome here let’s see if we can get some i don’t feel like pulling tarot i’m asking tara and i don’t feel like i’m going to clarify i feel like let’s just get some overall energies that he wanted to say um let’s get some other oracles and see if there’s a time frame um he is working on this renewal process he’s breaking up there’s a lot of people involved in this so he’s breaking a lot of ties to enhance the light in this okay to come forward do you have spirit any messages uh for the viewer please in regards to my masculine and where they’re at right now yeah i’m not feeling tarot for some strange reason know why um it’s just it is what it is i think the imagery and everything else so let’s clarify here just the end the last two cards of cutting ties that’s why things haven’t started because he’s still honing his fire spirit is saying about that because he wants to romance the divine feminine so he wants the time and space to properly do this and that’s why it’s not the right time right now because he tells he can’t get away from whatever he’s doing and so what is this gossip and trickery and his life yeah he’s creating the opportunity out of this trickery okay he’s breaking it to create um big happy changes here okay and what about this ego stuff and this hierophant devil that he’s dealing with he’s recovering okay guys so he he has uh ended things for his abundance here he’s recovering for his abundance to bring it to divine feminine okay he knows in the near future he’s going to be ready look at this okay in the near future he is ready okay so there is a little bit of a time there so do not worry my divine feminine okay so this masculine is definitely coming forward you see keep just wait and look for signs okay some beautiful messages there from your divine masculine let’s see what other messages he has for you we’re going to do some messages too from my deck and let’s grab some of these and yeah let’s do the yeah let’s do those and then that will be it we’ll do three more ducks what else spirit what else would the divine masculine like to say to the divine feminine what else would the difference be thank you spirit ah beautiful beautiful so yeah really look at this so right now he’s like divine feminine i’m in between worlds okay i’m definitely moving from gray to color all right so that’s why i’m not coming forward i’m out to see doing this work i’m out catching the fish out in the middle of some rough waters all right i’m working with all that glitters i’m taking off the mask from the ego stuff that has kept me from you okay so we can have a new happy happy new life together wow guys this is some beautiful energies that are coming through and i’m going to do the divine counterparts and separation let’s see my deck is like i need to like shuffle it the other way oh my god bear with me cause i’m like oh my god it’s getting too like wrinkled sometimes i use it the other way you know you know what so just bend it this way i have to straighten them out what is going on to my masking tape feminine oh my god so slippery i’m just going to my mask on towards i always try to keep it nice and neat i don’t know how some tarot readers make it so nice and hate mine are like kudos to you guys and slob okay what is going on with divine masculine spirits like to say thank you sprout this is what he wants that’s what he wants so you know we have to let go of the impatience and keep doing our work right to find feminine because this is unraveling i keep seeing this right it’s unraveling right oh my god oh my gosh i love you i’m gonna cry it’s so beautiful he’s like what’s happening okay union emperor i love you that’s what he’s saying so just know and that was a very profile message that i know had to come through today because he’s really working on clearing things up he wants to know this connection he wants happy new life he’s taking off the mask he is really fighting a hard battle right now send him love send him prayers okay guys he’s uh a lot of dark energy a lot of dark energy that’s why i’ve decided to listen to the dark works the readings i’ve done lately i’ve seen so many people coming to me and i’ve realized i have a lot of information to help people because i’ve been doing this work for almost 30 years now and dark ha god threw me into darkness i if anything i’m i know i’m one of the people that can deal with some really really dark things freak my life but that’s just how it is it’s not something that i ever thought i wanted to do but it’s just how it is so um listen to my dark work series if you guys want a new perspective of really what darker energy it’s not just shadow work there’s dark things up there you need to be aware of who you’re actually working with so let’s see some final messages from divine masculine to use my feminine if it’s black that turns up it means that he’s feeling your telepathic messages and he’s hearing it inside of himself okay if i masculine to the divine feminine thank you got a few here wow we’ve got quite a few masculine messages look at this so he’s feeling you i keep getting attacked by darker forces i can’t seem to pull out of it are you in a dark space so he’s feeling he is in a dark space he’s feeling uh being attacked by demons and darkness that’s exactly what i’m saying so he’s working on it by cutting these ties out of his life and he doesn’t want it anymore so he he feels uh divine feminine may be going through the same thing so again for some of you that people that i work with uh i work with people who um are very insensitive and who darker forces tried to attach to and hurt so if you’ve been siphoned or you’re having trouble send me an email and we can talk about it um and i can help you you can book a session or we can do a reading okay um messages from the divine masculine i knew it was you the more we got to know one another something stirred deeply within me you fascinate me you have awakened a part of me i had forgotten in fact i didn’t even know this type of love existed you’re following you’re sorry you’re following your flowering heart called me but like a hummingbird i could not linger for long can you forgive me our love is magic it’s what songs and poems are written about i love you that’s all i’ll be toys there it’s so beautiful yes i’m looking at your social media that’s funny and i need to trust that you won’t push me when i return can we please start as friends i need to find my footing so he may came come back as friends to find his footing but he definitely wants us with you i mean i can’t with these cards union emperor i love you guys beautiful messages if you want a reading hit me up with an email if you would like to work more with me send me an email don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment and i’ll see you guys soon have an awesome monday bye guys.