Vanlife Costa Rica | Tasty & Easy Cast Iron on a Campfire

Jul 11, 2021 14:00 · 1708 words · 9 minute read

all right coffee’s ready good morning i am just opening up the doors this morning whoops so that we have a nice view because today is a work day i’m gonna be finishing up a video so Curt are gonna be finishing up a video and then he’s gonna work on his apps which he’ll talk to you about later can’t imagine a better place to work than right here so we got the seats turned toward the back to enjoy the ocean sombrita likes being outside well i’m going to tell you guys real van story walked over here to the road going to the bathroom of the guy we met yesterday when i get to his place the water main is gushing out water right by the curb and he says hey got some bad news about the shower but hey you know i’m really here for the bathroom i’m gonna go ahead and he showed me his backyard he said here’s a bunch of cocoa drying and then he says i make chocolate wait one sec he goes upstairs gets in his fridge and grabs these chocolates that ignacio makes over there and he said i want you to take it to the rest of the van people they can try these out let’s play one whoa dark chocolate but that’s good story my morning finding a bathroom living in a van worked out well looks like crew and snow are up so let’s have him try this chocolates the guy gave me good morning good morning chocolate um whoa i can’t i can’t eat a whole piece i’m just gonna need to buy the curtain okay yeah my diet i can have another piece i’ll just have a little bite have you all tried it yet yeah yeah they’re tasty what do you think it’s pretty dark so oh yeah i don’t think do you think it has a lot of sugar in it i don’t think so no it’s not bad yeah a little chocolate love it sometimes you meet people with the van and maybe you’re just looking for a bathroom but some people are really nice in this is this is a pretty nice spot because we need some power and here the back is just barely poking out so since we’re pulling in 145 watts might as well open up the doors well i went over here this morning and hit up you know ignacio well we just met that guy who works a little ways down in a hotel so that might be the shower spot so i’m going to make some red pepper cashew dip for everybody and hopefully it works in my immersion blender that i have here i soaked the cashews overnight in a bowl which makes them super soft so and they’re actually a lot softer than i thought they would be this is the first time i’m ever making this i’m putting in one clove of minced garlic a red pepper a jalapeno and a little squeeze of lime and a half a cup of soy milk okay so it looks like we’re gonna have to immersion blend this for the first bath i hope this works okay i got the other batch ready i asked for two tablespoons of nutritional yeast nutritional yeast is gonna give it the cheesy taste i’m gonna taste it to see if it needs soft and if it’s not too grainy because my immersion blender isn’t really grinding it as much as i think it’s supposed to be so we’ll both try and see if it’s what’s going on here yeah it’s pretty good oh it’s perfect you like it yeah no more nooch don’t change it okay should i blend it more no no so how does that dip emily oh it’s great i was just checking the solar because i say we’re getting pounded and yeah we got 113 so it’s not a new high score but it’s still really good but you’re gonna make up of a little plate for curtain snow yeah to go with their lunch definitely going to have leftovers for later oh look at that whoa yeah all right cashew what are we gonna call it cashew red pepper dip cashew red pepper dip taste test going now good yeah i like it that’s really good a good work day always needs a tasty snack well since i am an iphone developer i had to try to keep my phone number so that i can do the two-factor authentication when logging into everything google phi has international data so no matter what country i’m in it can connect to any kind of network it’s pretty nice but it would be cheaper down here to get a new sim card but then i wouldn’t have my same phone number and i also use the google fi just to have internet oh wow bitcoins down today i’m gonna submit an update for my photo investigator app so i’m gonna test it on emily’s phone before i upload it ah looks like we’re doing fine on the batteries at least well this app of mine is basically a photo app here you can see a nice map of your photos where you’ve been you can look through your photos and see all the metadata basically i redid this right here and it’s looking good now that it’s looking good on the phone just have to upload the app to apple and submit it for their review okay off to the races let’s see if i can get this uploaded on the beach connection google fi is killing it while that’s uploading to apple since the app has 13 languages i have a script that will upload for each language the release notes and some other things per language so i get to feel like a hacker let that run while letting the new version upload before uploading the information for each language it shows me a preview french dutch german swedish well looks like everything got submitted correctly so now it’s time to submit to apple this version has been submitted for review sweet looks like the work is done for the day two o’clock time to go for a swim see you later how’d it go oh visibility no bueno but but it’s a nice swim yes nice water the waves kind of crashing out i’m not too sure it’s the best search spot but maybe later they’ll develop hey either way you got cooled off huh i go again but might as well leave this oh okay all right we’re gonna go for a swim play with the wabooba a little bit thanks cyrus and mary for giving that to us while you guys were here we’re gonna go test it out in these oceans over here so not too sure about this i want to make this dutch oven on a campfire recipe hopefully this fire will light not make it i can’t stove so okay toss it on the fire hey throwing it on there that is gonna be cook’s fast so our dinner on the campfire today is yucca and then carrots and then sweet potatoes onion a little bit of garlic and mushrooms to chop it off we’ve been making this for quite a long time in the van it’s like our it’s our favorite thing to make on the campfire for uh you know our van friends when we started van life it used to have chicken thighs on top but since then i have not been eating meat so now it has mushrooms on top and it’s i think even more tasty than it was before it’s looking pretty good it’s good super hot smells really good done with the hot sweaty work of cooking over a fire in costa rica but i think it’s going to turn out well and curtain snow invited us over to eating their van thanks to them yes so the time has come let’s take this thing over on the bottom you got a red carpet dinner in the van woohoo got it very nice thank you so much guys here we go really good that looks awesome that really cooked down these herbs were just gonna peel off now yeah yeah oh nice being live cooking on a fire yeah that’s awesome beautiful where did you get the job danny what at the store the time the whole sprig yes so it’s easy such a nice girl oh just leave the burnt pieces you know i would i would scrape them up and yeah i want oh you want some that looks nice don’t deprive me of the burnt pieces danny likes burnt pieces too that’s why he’s like oh we’ll just leave those in there for a second perfect explain to them how you all have second dinner we always have two dinners you’ll tell them though no so these guys eat like dinner like normal and then when it’s time to go to bed for us older folks and he’s like yeah i’m ready for second dinner it’s great i love it what’s your second dinner usually like it’s like ramen is the easy second dinner ramen rice and beans peanut butter sandwich maybe you put a banana in it oh that’s a nice second dinner banana i could go for a bowl of cereal as a second dinner too you know this nice little bowl of cereal with a little tv show oh yeah is that second dinner or early breakfast or just insomnia munchies i love it let’s eat yeah i got some lizano for us too thanks for having us over guys oh no thanks for cooking a yummy yummy dinner thank you guys so much for giving me some heart of palm yeah that’s right emily’s first heart of palm well we had a great dinner here a little potluck okay we’ll see you tomorrow on snow and curt’s channel we’ve got big day tomorrow again yeah another another moving day i think moving day checking out puerto viejo doing some cool stuff.