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Thank you. everyone. He closes his eyes more and more.

00:11 - current time Where is my cell phone…

00:37 - Baby wait a minute Happy birthday baby Happy birthday♥ I set the alarm to be the 1st one to say birthday wishes for you, Let’s be together forever my love. Keep your eyes on me, stay with me.

02:02 - Bad breath!! Didn’t you say you’d be moved if you edited it? Brush your teeth Ah, I only had slept for few hours though… Guys….

02:30 - so today…. is Ju-wan’s birthday…. so we’ll have few drinks even thought I only had slept for few hours….

02:42 - I set the alarm for 12am. So when it hits 12am….

02:48 - I knew that he’s gonna get birthday messages for sure But I still wanted to be the first one to say it….

03:00 - ??????(huh…. ?) Wow, I’m sleepy as f.

03:08 - But I feel proud that I could do this. Will Ju-wan like it when he sees this tomorrow…. ? So tomorrow morning….

03:18 - I’ll prepare for seaweed soup, so I gotta go buy some beef… This is it for today guys! I’ll go sleep now.

03:25 - This will be a vlog that Sik has filmed himself for some time….

03:32 - Even though I might be a bit awkward…. Well, that’s not the point….

03:37 - Happy birthday my darling. I love you Aigo~ so pretty.

03:45 - See you in a bit then. I’ll turn it on again when I go grocery shopping This darling just saw Sik saying happy birthday…. .

03:53 - while editing this. I love you~ Hi guys, it’s morning now~ Ju-wan’s still…. Err….

04:11 - Ju-wan’s still sleeping. I was going to cook seaweed soup for him in the morning, But then my mom(Sik’s mom) called me and said….

04:24 - that she was gonna give the seaweed soup for Ju-wan.

04:27 - Do you know that guys? There’s a saying… ‘telling someone to sweep when they’ve just took the broom’ But first, we don’t have any beef at home….

04:32 - so I’ll buy few things that Ju-wan would love to have besides that, So I’ll be off to the mart then.

04:40 - Going to the mart to make seaweed soup for Ju-wan.

04:43 - We don’t have any beef at home. The members who are going with me, Horse #1 They’ve all been working really late till morning… I went to sleep late…. .

04:54 - Ju-wan finished his work early so he went to bed after that, but the rest of the kids finished their work in the morning, So I’ll buy some snacks for them as well~ Let’s go buy the ingredients for the seaweed soup together.

05:09 - It’s been a while since I went outside early in the morning.

05:12 - My… my eyes hurt. . ! Did you prepare some gifts for Ju-wan? Yes(…. maybe?) Did you guys prepare anything? I’ll give a couple underwear I’ll refuse~ Huh…?! I want a refund~ Cuz I know your home address~ so if you give me, I’ll give you back…. .

05:33 - I’ll send it by express delivery. You know that’s very expensive…. ! Ah, I don’t want it. We have a lot of undies at home~ I need to prepare for Ju-wan’s birthday present as well….

05:45 - But first… I’ll give him the beef inside the seaweed soup… After buying that… next thing….

05:53 - Let’s buy some Hanwoo Korean beef And then…. today…. .

05:57 - since Ju-wan’s been into tteokbokki korean food lately…. ! I’ll buy some tteokbokki ingredients as well~ (Juwan is expecting something delicious) OMG…. . ! !?!?!?!?!? They say this is clams…. .

06:17 - Should we make some braised clams? Last time I saw it, Ju-wan likes rice cake.

06:24 - rather than flour cake. Juwan’s more into rice cake….

06:25 - Huh…? It’s not here? Where is it? And the fish cake….

06:33 - Ju-wan actually prefer the fish cake more….

06:36 - but last time I made it with rice cake… and since then he seems to prefer rice cake more? Let’s buy this with the rice cake.

06:43 - This is…. I love to eat Cold noodle soup when I drink But tbh, I’ve not yet….

06:50 - found any tasty cold noodle soup…. But let’s try buying this first and find the tasty one….

06:54 - This edit is not flashy, so Joo-wan is excited Since today will be a birthday dinner, so at least we have to have meat on our table…. duck perhaps? Pork…. duck?? pork… ? Which one will Ju-wan like? The spicy sauce one!! But this isn’t that though….

07:22 - Then both! If we do both then it’ll be too much for me.

07:27 - Soy sauced? lol Okay let’s do that~ lol You already knew the answer right…!? Did you knew the answer. . ? Yeah ㅡㅡ lol Sir, we’ll take this~ Oh, so do we just put it in ourself? Okay then…. now Japchae korean food. .

07:49 - Tteokbokki…. . Japcahe, Tteokbokki, and Seaweed soup….

07:56 - And what else…? Braised pork ribs~ Yyeah. . bought the ribs~ What else would Ju-wan like to have guys? Any recommendation. . ! What would he like us to make? Excuse me…. why doesn’t anyone know…? I have no idea since he’s not picky about food…. .

08:21 - Braised short ribs!! Braised short ribs take awhile cuz we need to take out the blood for a long time…? Let’s look around for something else then…. .

08:32 - Oh…. !? Ju-wan likes tuna pancakes. Let’s buy tuna~ The big…. one….

08:43 - OH this is better for kimchi stew. Ju-wan likes Kimchi pancakes….

08:51 - But fo we have any ripe kimchi at home? I don’t think we do…. .

08:55 - Hmm…. let’s look around a little lit more. Oh…. ! right. . Ju-wan… said that he wants to eat noodles… but noodles… I don’t think I’ll make it but let’s just buy it…? I’ll just buy it for now. Since he said he wants it….

09:22 - Cuz I can make it for him next time if not today….

09:24 - Ju-wan really likes noodles. He likes the special soy sauce that I made lol so I’ve bought four bags like this…. ! K, now then let’s fo and make birthday dinner meals for our Ju-wan! I’ll make the seaweed soup first as soon as I get there! Wow…. I just got here… and was cleaning up what we bought….

10:00 - and we’ve bought so many things…. to make Jju’s birthday dinner….

10:04 - And bought 4 garbage bafs…. . First, I’ll….

10:10 - Oh, this is the seaweed that I soaked in the morning as soon as I woke up I’ll start cooking for the rest when Ju-wan wakes up….

10:19 - but from my experience, you have to boil the seaweed soup twice to make it tastier.

10:24 - Boiling it twice makes it tastier. Maybe cuz it tastes much stronger(?)… So let’s make the seaweed soup first… since the kids are hungry, I’ll make some tteokbokki first, I’ll cook the seaweed soup then~ First urr…. .

10:38 - I’ll do the seaweed soup…. I’ve made it before but uhm….

10:42 - he only ate the soup and not a lot of seaweed….

10:45 - Ju-wan actually is not picky and he eats almost everything but….

10:48 - last time he only ate one bite…. I’m not really sure… no I’m sure… Haha I remember what he says since I’ve lived with him for a long time….

10:57 - I remember he said ‘if I could eat the seaweed in one bite, it’ll be so much better’ And so I broke it down smaller….

11:06 - But I’ll cut it again…. But I’ll cut it again….

11:11 - and make it…. . So that Ju-wan could eat it with rice in one bite, The seaweed is well soaked.

11:48 - Guys, y’know since we’ve lived together for a long time, I get to know a lot of things even the smallest things.

11:57 - Damn, the fact that I know his seaweed size preference…. .

12:07 - I’ll do this…. for now…. and seaweed…. for later….

12:36 - Since we are a big family…. I gotta make a lot of seaweed….

12:45 - if those kids on the third floor have a bite While I’m waiting for this to drain….

13:07 - I’ll soak some rice cake, and fish cake~~ It feels like it’s been a while since I cooked for Ju-wan.

13:26 - Since we’ve been ordering a lot lately…. Will this be enough. . ? I’ll soak the tteokbokki first, and then later I gotta soak the japchae.

14:11 - The man who cuts the knife~ If the food is cut in a big size… Err… Ju-wan would spill it a lot… So I’ll cut it so that he can eat it easily in a bite….

14:38 - In a thin size…. Tadah, I’ll put some garlic and the fish sauce and then it’s done! Whew…. oh! No no no, come to think of it, I should give Ju-wan first…! First, before Ju-wan… since I’m the chef, so I gotta taste it….

15:59 - It’s amazing. If we boil this a little more, it’ll be too good uhm~ having it with some kimchi, it’ll be over~ Ah~ Ju-wan must be so happy.

16:09 - that he got a husband that cooks well for him~ Wth…. . LOLL See you later then~ But in the end, I overslept.

16:25 - I was going to wake up early before the streaming….

16:28 - to prepare the birthday dinner for Jju but….

16:31 - I woke up 30 mins before streaming…. . so I’ve made it in a hurry… I didn’t even taste it….

16:36 - Before we start the streaming…. I’ll warm up some seaweed soup for Ju-wan.

16:44 - I made birthday dinner for Ju-wan’s birthday but….

16:47 - since it’s been a while since I’ve done vlog… I overslept….

16:49 - I don’t think I shoot it right. . First I’ll call out Ju-wan~ Tteokbokki, japchae, braised clams, ribs, and… seaweed! Tadah…~ How is it hun? Birthday dinner made by Sik! Let’s blow it before the streaming.

17:20 - One, two, three, four! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Ju-wan~ Happy birthday to you~ Did you make a wish?! Did you ask to win the lottery!? You must ask for it! That’s something you must do everyday. . ! As soon as you open your eyes! So that I’ll be done drinking a night long Should we do streaming only once a week if we won the first place? Ehem, but we should do it constantly! Cuz we have the Bromings! Taste it.

17:55 - It’s a braised clam but it’s a bit cold now. Try it~ Wow…!! Is it good? Yeah.

18:08 - I thought I was gonna die since I overslept and I was so busy preparing for it.

18:16 - Isn’t it good? Yeah. The soup tastes good too, try it.

18:29 - (Wow…. . ) Right? Hun, but the seaweed soup is the main dish why don’t you try it! I bought the beef, Korean beef. And boiled it since morning…! With the beef, yeah that’s right~ And look at the seaweed hun~ Since you said that you don’t like the seaweed in a big size, I cut them all~ The seaweed soup from last time remember? This time I cut it small~ It’s not hard to chew it right? Aigo, my darling eats so well~ It’s really good.

18:59 - What do you want for your present babe?? Well, this is a present as well~ I thought I was gonna die babe You did a great job I love you~ I love you too! Why are you soulless hun? Do it again I loppp you~~ Let’s go in now.

19:17 - The rest… with our fans… With the fans~ since I can’t have Ju-wan’s birthday for myself, since my Jju is so pretty and is loved by a lot of people so,, gotta meet the others as well, Let’s go meet our fans.

19:31 - Let’s go. See you later~ Sik’s vlog…err… I’m fine with pranks, but this is awkward Since I’m not good at being good to him, Like that, we all had a birthday party on the air.

19:55 - Please be a lotto first! So after the broadcast ends…

20:13 - Guys~ we’ve finished today with the streaming! Received so many birthday wishes…. .

20:26 - Say hello quickly Jju! K now say hello at the camera Thank you guys~ Thank you for your love… But why do I look….

20:46 - like a corn…. Guys, it’s because we’re lying down, that’s why.

20:51 - We’re so loved by a lot of people…. And we feel grateful, truly grateful….

20:55 - Stop touching my d*ck you MF Oh, this… Stop touching my d*ck you MF Why do you keep touching my D when we’re shooting, No, they’ll think it’s true… BUT IT IS! Guys, this is how you’re being framed…. Come here, The most beloved… Happy birthday to my prettiest hunny in the world Next year….

21:28 - I’ll make it much better…. much fancier….

21:34 - I’ll do that, Love you always~ I wanted to shoot for Jju’s birthday dinner But I overslept, and the schedule was so tight… so I couldn’t shoot the process of making the food, and I rushed it, only took 40 or 50 minutes….

22:02 - I didn’t do it right since there was no time left before the streaming starts. .

22:09 - But… Preparing for birthday dinner… by Korean Gay Couple….

22:19 - This is it for ‘Preparing BF’s birthday dinner’.

22:26 - What the, so were you preparing so hard just for this? Not for the video, it’s for you hun No way I’m going to pass my hunny’s birthday just like that.

22:37 - Isn’t that right? Love you always~ I love you too I love Ju-wan the most in the world Really…. . ? Really…! See you again guys~ This is it for Ju-wan’s birthday party!.