How to Grow a Podcast in 2021 (5 Questions to Consider)

Jul 23, 2021 06:26 · 3906 words · 19 minute read

what’s going on what’s going on what’s going on family jonathan jones here your podcast mentor and today i wanted to dive in right and i wanted to talk to you about how to grow your podcast in 2021 okay and if you’re somebody out there and you’re like but wait a minute john i don’t have a podcast just yet well that’s perfectly fine but i want to give you some questions and i want to give you just some insight that you’ll know and be able to reflect on all right so that’s what we’re going to dive into today making sure that you understand how you can grow your podcast in 2021 but before we get there if you’re not subscribed to the youtube channel i would encourage you to make sure that you subscribe uh to the channel which is just jonathan jones speaks and if you’re somebody who enjoys podcasting or you’re wanting to learn more about podcasting in addition to somebody who appreciates self-help strategies for success i would encourage you to subscribe to our channel so as jonathan jones speaks on youtube so now without further ado i want to dive in today and i want to talk about this topic first because i think so often it’s easy to say i want to grow right i want i want to grow my business i want to scale my business i want to do all of these different things and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that right because that’s an area that i mean i would say that i i’m in as well wanting to grow and scale the business but then i had to get to the point and to the place to where i had to ask myself but john you want to grow you want to get more opportunities you want to do more things but the fact of the matter is the first question i want you to consider am i consistent right and the reason that i want to share this out is because um based on the book that i read it says if you’re faithful over few then i’ll make you ruler over many right and for me for some time currently i’ve told my wife that i want to start working out again i want to put on a little bit of muscle mass right this is something that ultimately i want to make sure that i’m being in a position and being in a place to where i can grow however i don’t consistently work out i work out for a day and then i’ll stop i work out for a day and then i won’t so i can expect me to build muscle mass just as well as we can expect the podcast to grow if we’re not consistent so the first thing i would ask you or just encourage you to ask yourself is am i consistent am i putting out content every monday like i told people i would am i doing three episodes a month or four episodes a month like i told people that i would so that would be the first thing i would encourage you just to ask yourself and begin to reflect on are you consistent right and i think that’s the that is the biggest key that i’ve seen in um growing my podcast with speaker success which i had a few years ago and then now with beyond the ball i’ve shown the level of consistency so now i’ve seen a slight uptick in uh engagement as even as well as listenership so ask yourself am i consistent all right then the the second thing i would ask you is because we’re in a time of social media right there’s so many different platforms we have youtube we have facebook we have instagram we have twitter we can go down the lines for all the different platforms that exist when we talk about social media then the question that i want to ask you is based on the followers that you have if you’re somebody who has a podcast right if you’re somebody who has a podcast do your followers know that you have a podcast it’s just something to consider do your followers if they see your username will they say oh that person is the host of blank and blank podcast if they see you post content or would they follow you because they can appreciate the podcast content that you’re going to share right this is another area to where if we’re looking to grow a podcast on top of being consistent being number one then the second one would be do the followers even know that you have a podcast platform do they know what you talk about and discuss on your show because if they know what you talk about and discuss then they’ll be in the point and be in the position to where they’ll want to share it with other people who need the content that you’re offering right so thinking about that right there we have to make sure that our followers know we have a podcast and with that being said i’m just going to put in the shameless plug here if you have not checked out my podcast entitled beyond the ball you can see it’s scrolling on the bottom if you subscribe to the youtube channel you’ll get at least two episodes a week right two episodes a week and my content like i said is ultimately about tangible self-help strategies for success in addition to assisting student athletes to succeed beyond their degree so that’s beyond the ball had to do the plug there just made sense so we have to make sure that our followers know that we have a podcast platform if we’re wanting to grow our podcast all right that’s only if you want to grow your podcast if you don’t want to grow then hey i mean continue to post continue to post the way that you post right just do what if you want to get the same results that you’ve always gotten then do what you’ve always done okay so that’s the second question we need to make sure that our followers know that we have a podcast all right now the the third point i want to share with you is if they know that we have a podcast or they don’t know right maybe it’s a fact because we’re not posting enough right would you agree maybe it’s the fact that you’re posting once a week maybe you’re posting once every two weeks right i’m not sure what what your uh schedule is or how often you decide to post about your podcast content however this is something that you might want to consider is how often do i post and i know what the immediate thought is you might think john but i don’t want my followers to think i’m trying to just force feed them my content but john wait i don’t know if i should be posting about this but john this is my personal page i don’t want to put my podcast on my personal page well do you do you want to grow the podcast i mean because for me personally and what i teach in my program get paid with podcasting i teach that we have to identify the purpose of our podcast right and if the purpose of a podcast is to get out a message right the purpose of a podcast is to inspire the people the purpose of a podcast is to be positioned in a way to where you can be seen as an authority and generate revenue and income then you need to let people know about your podcast right i would have to say that and i’m gonna go dramatic here i’m gonna go dramatic all right i’m just gonna go wide left and you know if you’re watching this video on youtube i would encourage you to give it a like a thumbs up or or share this with a friend that you know has a podcast but they’re playing with it right or you have a friend who has a podcast they have great content but they’re not getting it out to the masses i want you to think about the podcast like this imagine the podcast is a medication right let’s like let’s think let’s think about it let’s think about it the podcast is a certain medication and based on the content that you’re giving out on your podcast based on the information that you’re sharing with the people your medication can will be the difference in somebody living or somebody dying really really reflect on that like do you believe in the content that you’re giving people or as i’ve heard it said before uh you know we eat our own cooking i eat my own cooking there’s nothing that i will tell a student athlete on the podcast that i don’t believe in there might be a guest i bring on they might have an alternate belief however i’m not force-feeding them to do anything that i say or that the guest says but i want to bring and introduce them to opportunity for more information okay so we want to make sure that we’re posting about our podcast we want to make sure that people know post two times three times however many times a week that you can be consistent post right post post and uh with that being said i’m just gonna i’m gonna keep i’m gonna stay on social media for a second i’m gonna stay on social media because i was looking at um somebody’s post the other day they just launched a podcast i was like oh that’s what’s up that’s awesome they just launched the podcast i was like man i’m excited for you and they’re not somebody who’s in the program and then as i saw the content that they were posting out uh i started going through their feed on twitter and i was like man i’m not i’m not seeing your podcast con i’m not seeing no podcast content in here i was like okay well maybe it’s a little bit further down i went all the way down like man okay i’m not gonna work that hard to find your podcast i was like nah i’m good on that and then it hit me number four is my podcast listed in my bio like somewhere okay somewhere somewhere anywhere pick a pair please if you have a podcast i’m going back to the analogy i use for point number three in your podcast has the ability to change somebody’s life based on the content that you’re sharing i think it’s in our best interest to at least post it in our bio somewhere somewhere just post it in the bio somewhere right because if it’s not in the bio and you tell people you have a podcast people are only going to look so long before they give up they’re like bruh nah i’m not wasting no this no i’m not looking for your podcast because you’re making this really difficult for me to give you this listen i had to work that hard for nothing in my life nope i’m good sorry bye so number four put the podcast in your bio somewhere anywhere okay and um now now you all i got you all rocking with me now i want to just um is i’m curious if anybody listens to audio books right if you listen to audio books you listen to audible i would love for you to share with me like shoot me a d and be like yeah john i listen to audible i i rock with the audio books because i know we’re in 2021 and this is the time to where it just makes things easy it makes things really really easy and i was listening to an audiobook the other day about david goggins uh it’s called you can’t hurt me right it’s the best self-help and personal development book tangibly that i’ve ever heard in my life that in addition to uh the magic of thinking big and just i wanted to just share that with you all just as a resource um but in addition to that being a resource i wanted to um i wanted to also let you all know that if if you don’t have an audible account you can just tap in right here you can just shoot you can text me uh hashtag audiobooks uh hashtag audiobook to 67865 just text me audiobook to of 678-658-3627 so for you all rocking with with me today on this episode i wanted to make sure to give you all um that uh that that freebie right there once again just text the hashtag right the actual hashtag the symbol and then put in the word audiobook and then send it to 678-658-3627 and you can get that free audiobook right there okay okay lindsey said i want to get on that yeah yeah can’t hurt me is flames yes it is and the audiobook is actually actually better than the original book because he actually puts in some additional content in the audiobook i’m gonna go back and listen to it um again um so i’ve told you if you want to grow your podcast i gave you four questions to consider so far and i’m gonna give you number five and then i’m gonna review them all but number five is how easy is it for people to find your show how easy is it for people to find your show if you’re saying john my show is super easy to find man i in the title i got the emoji of the moneybags and i mean i have all these cool fonts and all that other stuff and i mean i think that’s great i think that’s dope you know if you’re somebody who’s like artsy i think that’s super dope and more power to you however however just like i shared with you all in that explanation earlier i was trying to find the episode of this this person’s podcast to listen to right i was trying to find it but i couldn’t and then after i couldn’t find it on twitter and since i’m the podcast mentor i did a little bit more dig and i was like okay oh it’s on the website oh okay it’s on the website cool cool it’s on the website but it’s not on the social media and if i ask you all if i said dm me if you go searching for people’s websites right i’ll be curious how many people just go searching for people websites probably not many you’re probably going to find them on instagram and then click on the insta the link in their instagram bio and then from there from there then you’re gonna make the decision oh somebody somebody taking notes with the heads up in the ass oh man from there then you’re gonna make the decision oh i to find out and i want to go to this person’s website but people aren’t going to just go look for your website just off the street looking for your website like i’ll i’ll tell you that out the like off off rip that’s not gonna like that that’s not just gonna happen i’m i’m sorry but it’s not okay so really quick i want to recap i want to recap and just like i said before if you’re just tuning in or if you’ve been asleep this episode uh i’m jonathan jones speaks i’m your your your podcast mentor right so you can connect with me on on instagram i’m jonathan jones speaks okay i’m gonna do it across the bottom i’m jonathan jones speaks so really quick we’re gonna we’re gonna recap because today we were talking about five questions to consider because the topic is how to grow your podcast in 2021 but the focus that i had today is what are five questions that you can ask yourself to make sure that you’re doing these things to grow your podcast so now i’m gonna go back through them and i’m gonna answer i’m gonna answer each question that i laid out just to make this thing clear make it smooth and make sure it makes sense for everybody okay so here we go taking it from the top the first question i said you have to ask yourself is am i consistent john i struggle with consistency how can i be consistent first things first you want to create a schedule okay a schedule a schedule of some kind all right for me personally my schedule looks like this all right looks like that and on this schedule every day i have some items listed out that i need to get accomplished if you’re looking to grow a podcast approach it like that what are two things i need to do today that will help me grow my podcasts okay i need to post about it that’s one second thing oh i need to change the link in my bio and make sure that it gives people a place to click all right so am i consistent am i consistent we want to create a schedule of tasks two three however many items you can commit to i would say start with one y’all see the list that i just showed you i got there because i started with one item the next day i did two and then eventually it grew over time so that’s the first thing the second thing is do my followers know that i have a podcast i can’t say that without making sure that you all know i’m jonathan jones i’m the host of the beyond the ball podcast all right i would encourage you to check it out it’s on apple it’s on spotify wherever you listen we have the beyond the ball podcast all right check it out we interviewed some guests like from last chance you we had coach john mosley we had coach rob from last chance you uh i’ve had nick swisher on my podcast if you like baseball and i’ve even had james starks on my podcast as well all right so that’s beyond the ball that’s my plug there but if your followers don’t know that you have a podcast here’s the tip gem drop alert gem drop alert then today i want you to introduce yourself or reintroduce yourself to your audience your followers and let them know that you have a podcast in addition to letting them know that you have a podcast let them know where they can listen okay so that’s the tangible for step number two i like tangible takeaways all right like tangible takeaways number three how often do i post about my podcast that ties into two and that ties into one am i consistent i want you just to decide today i’m gonna post if i drop a podcast on mondays i’m gonna post every monday about it i’m gonna post every wednesday about the episode that i dropped on monday all right so identify what you can commit to and then post accordingly all right boom number four please jesus help us please post your podcast in your bio somewhere like use a hashtag for it uh tell people i’m the host of blank podcat like do something do something so that people know and then you can make a post hey i’m jonathan jones the host of the beyond the ball podcast if you want to check out the latest episode where we talked about struggling with mental health disorders click the link in my bio and boom that easy all right want to put in the bio some where and then how easy is for people to find your show make it easy for people make it easy if you’re on linkedin or if you’re on twitter post a link to where people can click it and go straight to spotify straight to apple or straight to google or wherever but post a link to make it easy for people to listen to your show if it’s not easy for people to listen to your show then you’re making it too hard you’re making it too hard all right so i would love if you all um just took the time and you know if you felt that there was value in this uh in this episode then shoot me a dm let me know you can shoot me a dm at jonathanjonesspeaks uh on instagram jonathanjonesspeak shoot me a dm let me know or leave a comment down down below uh what was your biggest takeaway from this video if you’re listening on youtube while you’re watching on youtube uh but other than that family uh i’m jonathan jones i’m your podcast mentor and if you have questions or if you even have a podcast up and running you’re like john i don’t know what to do with this thing uh and i’m not sure where to go next uh i even have a link in my bio right now instagram where you can click and i’m doing podcast consultations right i’m doing podcast consultations so hit me up there and i would definitely definitely definitely make sure that i i get to your i get to your get to your question great points my brother i missed tuesday so i needed this coach coach ken man that’s coach ken right there man coach ken is in coach ken is in our our our community to get paid with podcasts and community and coach ken is getting ready to launch his podcast coming up i’m gonna be excited uh to to share about that when coach ken uh releases that out to the world so shout out to coach ken um right there with with coach kenny coach kenny coach kenny okay coach kenny my bad coach kenny my bad okay okay um but family we’re gonna go ahead and get out of here like i said jonathan jones i’m your podcast mentor if you have questions shoot me a dm on instagram jonathanjonesspeaks and then in addition to that if you’re like john i want to do a podcast consultation click that link in my bio on instagram we can get you scheduled up we get you ready to rock and we can get you ready to roll um but until next time family i want you all to make sure that you get positioned you ultimately are sharing your purpose and then last but not least then there comes the opportunity to profit that’s what we are all about to get paid with podcasts and community but first it’s about positioning then it’s about operating in purpose and then that’s when the opportunity comes to profit jonathan jones your podcast mentor until next time continue to be great.