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so hello there and today we’re gonna have a look at the super retrocade by retro bit and as you can see it’s a tiny little box and it comes with a whole load of games a whole load of retro games so i get quite the nostalgia buzz when it comes to retro games brings back all those memories from when i was a kid in the arcade and there’s a whole load of arcade games on the retro bit and there’s the box there as you can see so we’ve got the super retro cage the ultimate home arcade as it says here by retro bit packed with over 90 games so you’ve got a whole load of arcade games plus some nes games and some snes games or snares i call it snares i used to have a snazz as well by the way so we’ve got double the nostalgia value in my head so if you had an nes you will have triple the nostalgia value so some of the games include final fight mega man 2 burger time double dragon loads more so you’ve got capcom games data east games irem games and tecmos games i used to love the old capcom data east and irem games it’s a whole load of other games arcade games we’ve got 1942 super cools and ghosts ghosts and goblins double dragon bionic commando so that’s some of the arcade games we got on here this is the uk version so it may differ from the us version high resolution 7020p graphics on hdmi two classic wired controllers included so there’s one of the controllers they’re wired with a whole load of lead so you can obviously be quite far away from your little console and enjoy the gaming experience i bought this mainly for the arcade games because i used to love arcade games although they were very difficult that’s my only complaint about them too difficult of course that was a mechanism to get people to spend more money i think i said already one of my favorites is ghost goblins but i’m absolutely rubbish at that game but it’s great to have a look at that commando that was a great game sidearms i loved that game i used to go into an arcade in shepton mallet in somerset united kingdom with a friend years ago we used to play that and spend a lot of time on them it’s a lovely game great graphics at the time 1942 of course a classic and 1943 i think i had either 1942 or 1943 on the zx spectrum i don’t know if the zx spectrum was uh very popular in the us but any us viewers let us know if it was and if you had any experience with it or actually own one as well so i had one great fun 48k spectrum with the rubber keys so of course the computers back in the day used to try and replicate the uh arcade games in the best way that the computer system could handle at the time double dragon that was always a popular game r type of course and r type 2.

fantastic game i’ve actually played that more recently than i did back in the day i didn’t play it very much back in the day but great game and there’s also an r type 3 which is the snez version or snes which is a great game so there’s some console favorites here as well so we’ve got super r type r type 3 super cools and ghosts so there’s a couple of uh there’s some duplicates from the arcade games also bionic commando buggy popper burger time final fight two final fight three mega man and a whole load of other nes and snez games quite a stylish box so back to the console once you’ve got the two controller ports there on and off switch around the back you’ve got av output we’ve got the hdmi output power adapter and an sd card slot so if you’re so inclined you can download roms from the internet stick your sd card in the back and play those roms via the retrocade also which is great the only thing with the uk version is with the roms you can only play nez and snez games there you it doesn’t handle the arcade games which is unfortunate but apparently the us version does play arcade roms so playing games via the sd card in the retrocade perhaps we’ll cover that in another video but there’s lots of videos on youtube telling you how to do that so i guess this is kind of similar to a raspberry pi sort of thing just a posh version for lazy people perhaps like me that can be bothered to get a raspberry pi and download the games and set the raspberry pi up to uh act as a games emulator also i mean you can you can download emulators onto your pc or your computer to play the arcade roms via your pc so you don’t actually have to buy one of these it’s probably for the lazy person and perhaps a person that doesn’t know how to run their emulators and get roms and get those working on the computer i mean there’s lots of software that you can use uh for instance retro arc which is great retroarch or retroarch i don’t know how you pronounce that but uh i got retroarch on my computer and it’s uh fantastic and you play all kinds of um games console games arcade games and retroarch utilizes all kinds of emulators which you can install into retroarch and download from retrowork anyway that’s for another day so check current prices on amazon and in the uk this is around 60 quid i bought this for 62 pounds 98 and that was earlier this year january 2021 so i checked amazon today and the us version is around 79.

99 so at the moment it’s march 2021. let’s uh have a go at this let’s get this going so plug in the controllers plug in the power supply plug it into the tv and have a look right so let’s have a look at a few of these games let’s start with 1984 1984 1942 even start a game bit of volume 1984 there oh that’s weird in it 1942 was made in 1984 but 1984 was written in 1948 let’s not get confused here right insert coin so you press the select button there to do that across a few times and start button to start so here we go oh yeah 942 it’s got the little swivel rollover or whatever so there we are there’s the arcade classic 1942 i don’t last very long on this game lots of trouble with video games i’m just rubbish at them or some of them most of them i used to like golden axe gold max 2 i think it was that was the only game that i could uh sustain any time on but a gold max isn’t on this um system unfortunately but like i say if you for the us version you can download games roms they’re called roms arcade roms onto a memory card and you can download any game you want and play basically through the us version of this system and of course if you want to get into uh raspberry pi and install retropie into the raspberry pi you can do the same but you can use your pc as well as i’ve already said download retroarch or retro arch and you’ve got access to loads of emulators anyway i’m waffling on let’s have a look at some more super retro games so you press these two buttons here to go back to the main menu return to main menu there we are right 1943 start game and here we go there’s a load of these 1940s games 941 i’m sorry 942 is there a 1941 i’m not sure anyway 1942 943 44 and i think they get that as they progress here we go let’s have a look at this again start game in this one you get special weapons instead of the uh rollover and i’m just wasted on by accident oh just missed that weapon is does that mean i’m gonna die all right let’s go back to another game let’s check out sidearms that was one of my favorites back in the day lots of fun memories of them side homes let’s go oh the coins in parking let’s try and at least get to uh end of level boss shall we and this is a good thing about this you don’t have to keep pumping in real money just press the select button to put the coins on the arcade games of course because with the pads you’ve got the pad in the arcade weapons almost tommy got the camera so let’s have a look at some others let’s look at our type great game oh as you can see i actually uh downloaded our type dimensions on the nintendo switch where they’ve given this it’s fantastic and you can have infinite lives as well look at the graphics on all of all of the levels it’s a bad game girl story of my life game over r type 2.

i think r type 2 is my favorite pretty much the same as our type 1 which is like spruced up characters if you are unfamiliar with the game archetype of course naruto is a very popular game in the game i think it’s very popular now as well probably amongst for us like myself there’s that memorable soundtrack silly mistake all right let’s go back and have a look at some more you’ve got snazz version of our type 3 start the game of course the nes games are on there i don’t play those so much i’m not really keen on the nes i suppose i suppose uh people that had one are going to get the nostalgia value from that what’s going on i think i knew one person had an nes that was a friend from school that’s a long time ago this must be quite an old console though i can’t find a different fire button again pretty good version i remember when i had nice snes a lot of fun on it i used to like love actually legend of zelda great game so street fighter street fighter 2 wouldn’t it um star fox had a few games just over the weekend i’ve revisited final fantasy 7 which i had on the sony playstation and i downloaded it on the nintendo switch i’ve just discovered they’ve remade final fantasy 7 for the playstation 4 and it looks fantastic and i want to get that i haven’t got playstation 4.

i used to love the wipeout games as well so i think i would buy a playstation just for wipeout and final fantasy 7.

18:50 - so i just got back into video games after years of not playing anyways i’ll go through phases i mean i got a nintendo switch now but the the last console i had before the nintendo switch was the original xbox i think so that was that’s 20 years ago i played france consoles of course one of my favorite games is mario kart on the switch mario kart 8 and i used to love playing that on the nintendo wii right let’s have a look at some other games right ghosts and goblins i used to like that but absolutely i’m still rubbish at that game i still can’t get very far we used to go swimming in street again in somerset in the uk and they had the ghosts and goblins arcade machine there i used to play them and uh i still can’t i can only get so far like in the first i can’t get past the first level and um i still can’t know something i had to give up on them i remember like i just loved the graphics i again i love with my zx spectrum i managed to get a copy of the game for the zx spectrum because the zx spectrum graphics were monochrome a pretty good device in its time but graphics the graphics in the arcade they were state of the art at the time nothing came anywhere close to the graphics that you would get on video games in the arcades in the arcade games or on the arcade games right insert call start button i think there’s schools and ghosts in them not ghosts and goblins yeah it is balls and ghosts got the wrong one anyway we’ll have a look at goals and ghosts and you’ll see how rubbish this is working with the joystick here as well just padded very good yeah these controls aren’t very suitable for some of the games unless you’re a bit nifty with a control pad probably me i get the buttons mix up i think i got dyslexia with crap um he’s going to take a bit of getting used to the gamepad here not leaving very well unless my gamepad’s not working so i’m going to swap them over game over right let’s go back to where we were let’s have a look at the actual ghosts and goblins here’s some gobblers right the original let’s go i think the other controller might want a dustbuster stuck through it i think the pad was sticking but then a bad game player always blames their game pads bad worksman always blames his tools 1985 this game do that’s my gameplay they made them too hard though didn’t they back in those days i guess it’s a shame really because i think they would have made more money if they just made them a little bit easier to start give us a bit of a chance to get going so you look there we are and then you go all the way back i should hate this game really i think i just love the concept of the game there we go oh let’s have a look at some others final fight does anybody remember that in the arcade i remember these games i didn’t spend that too much time on them i remember them being there come on you’re gonna get a little bit more value from money working your payroll of course back in the day these types of games this you guys should get a game let’s see like some pre-runners i love the styles a couple more we won’t go through all 90 or 90 plus games here we’ll just pick a few out well as we go x multiply the shoot em up and i mean i haven’t heard of all these games what’s that game there wizard fire now that was a good game i remember this in the arcades data east now which ones i like being oh i just love these graphics because uh dead already so as you see you’ve got a nice little screen there that you can toggle through each game to see which game there is to play street fighter 2010 that’s a snazz thing i think i think i was that keen on that game renegade that was an old arcade game i remember that game forgotten worlds i think that was a good game let’s have a look shall we there’s another shooting up in there did you find the guy all those noises just sounds they just take me right back to when these games came out seaside piers the arcades and playing the games i’m dead i’m not very good multitasker as you can probably tell talking and playing games at the same time commando that’s a great game in this game another arcade game just in one credit you wanna die quite quickly in this one as well so shoot and fire some hand grenades at the same time generally these trouble is with these old games the trouble was is you’d have to go all the way back to the beginning when you died during a lot of the games i think actually got to get so far i’m not actually on command though they are a little bit kind though there are certain checkpoints that are not marked as checkpoints as such though yeah game over why on a commander i never really remember playing i remember it being there air jewel there’s another arcade game i think this might be one of the best ones on this system on the retro [ __ ] yeah i like this game please ability in this game is suitable mike hyper weapon in there i like the graphics on this game and don’t actually like the game too much right so let’s have a look at a snazz game if you press the x button you can choose genre system there of course so let’s check out some snazz games i don’t think i played any of these back in the day on the snares so look at rocky road iran game 1993 come on it’s come on i just want to play the game that’s a funny looking rodent i have no idea what you have to do here i don’t think there’s anything to shoot just jumping a little bit like a mario type of thing just talking again oh graphics are pretty good i like the graphics let’s have a look at another showing magical drop i figure this rings a bell i suspect this is familiar with a lot of others out there 1995.

this is an arcade game as well i don’t think it looks like my type of game oh oh i don’t know what i’m doing i’m also listening this guy would get my nerves off yes another game where i get my ass kicked which is pretty much thank you very much game over right let’s return the main menu we’ll have a look at an nes game shall we just to show viewers what that’s like hell yes where we go let’s see if there’s something i recognize i don’t think that street fighter 2010 is much good or i don’t like it anyways dark lord let’s see what that’s like 1991 oh oh we should have gone blizzard oh i don’t know what i’m doing how am i supposed to go to the next part so how do we start the game this is [ __ ] all right to the main menu what we got here image fine let’s try that it’s like a shooter map which will suit me sounds like an arcade game the graphic seems too good for an ids so so oh right anyway there we are return to main menu was that an actual that was an nes game was it that is an nes game that’s really good graphics that was quite quite impressed that looks more like a sort of arcade game obviously they have the capacity to do quite good games there anyway i won’t go through all of them there’s um just a few to demonstrate of course it comes with a manual that’s relatively straightforward to get into tells you what’s what so if you’re unsure about downloading um emulators onto your computer and you don’t want the hassle of doing that then the yeah this super retrocade is um highly recommended it’s got a good selection of games and of course you can expand on your game library if you want to and like i say the um uk version will only allow extra nes and snez games but the us version apparently will allow you to download arcade games so they’re like the main games so i don’t think there’s anything more to add good bit of kit good bit of kit for the non-technically minded so that might be me on a bad day or even be on a good day but there are other options of course if you want to go through and spend some time on learning how to download your emulators and get things working on your emulators but this is an easy plug-in and play and away you go no hassle and if you’re into all the games that are on the retro cage then you’ll love this bit of kit and if you’re into the nes and the snares as well then you’ll have this bit a kit even more i’ll leave a list of what games are on the retro arcade in the description below and if you if there’s anybody else that wants to add anything um leave leave the comments in the comments below as well of course and that’s about it for now more videos to come soon and um thanks for watching see you soon and over and out for now you.