LEVEL (Flat Earth Film) 2021

May 25, 2021 04:04 · 9629 words · 46 minute read

So there it is. the earth from outer space.

00:33 - Do you believe this is a real live recording? [Do you believe?] How about now? Does this make it more believable? Ask yourself.

00:48 - [Is this real? Do you believe] Let’s try this another way. - Breaking news NASA finally did it.

00:56 - They finally did it. They’re finally live-streaming the earth spinning from outer space. The world is celebrating.

01:03 - This one will go down in history! - Convinced? Well…

01:08 - if you didn’t fall for that, then why would you fall for this? Maybe you just never paid attention. When you do pay attention, you start to notice things. Are you paying attention? Did you know that starting at the end of 2015, through 2017, flat earth was one of the top searched terms in the USA, let alone the world. While most of you were falling for the political charades, the rest of us were trying to discover the true nature about our world.

02:25 - - My name is ODD TV. I’m a local rapper here in Denver, Colorado.

02:36 - I’ve been rapping for 20 years, just like anyone else when you’re a kid.

02:39 - And you’re really into music, you’re into making music.

02:42 - Every kid looks in that mirror and fantasizes about being famous.

02:46 - And because I like to make my own music, I just decided… screw it! I’m going to make a YouTube channel and start talking in videos.

02:55 - There has never been one experiment that proves that the earth is in motion.

02:59 - When you try to find the curvature of the earth, it’s nowhere to be found.

03:04 - Unless you’re looking at footage from GoPro cameras that have fisheye lenses, Hollywood movies, or NASA propaganda. I started making the videos in 2014, early 2015.

03:17 - Started getting noticed… - You’re living in a world where there’s fake people faking events on TV in order to move agendas forward.

03:27 - With the earth being flat. I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing.

03:32 - There was videos everywhere. There was videos of people doing science, putting balloons up with a camera that doesn’t have a fish eye lens on it, like a Go-Pro lens, a wide-angle lens.

03:44 - And they were using these cameras that didn’t have those.

03:49 - The horizon rose to eye-level, which would be impossible on a ball that would be falling away from you as you rose up.

03:57 - There’s people putting out top 10 NASA hoax videos, debunking the moon landing, picking apart NASA just left and right.

04:05 - It was awesome. Awesome time for YouTube between 2015 and 17.

04:10 - - Even Google mentioned it during their commercial.

04:14 - Do you remember this? Why would Google be promoting this? [As a joke?] As a joke? No. We know why. They were panicking, panicking because the platform they purchased 10 years ago was collapsing with truth. The powers that be would not allow that.

04:35 - - As we want to provide users with authoritative trustworthy information.

04:39 - - I’m sorry to cut you off. I only have a minute and a half and I, I don’t really need to hear what you’re trying to provide.

04:44 - I want to know how you’re dealing with all of these conspiracy theorists on your platform.

04:49 - -So the first way is by demoting low quality content and promoting more authoritative content.

04:54 - And the second is by providing more transparency for users.

04:57 - So we’re introducing boxes that provide factual information at the top of results that have shown themselves to turn up a lot of information that gives counterfactual, such as searching for “the earth is flat” on YouTube, where you see a lot of your.

05:11 - - Your response is to put a box saying, “Nope, the earth is not flat. ” - Correct. - Okay.

05:15 - - So instead of deleting all of the millions of videos we have made, they simply decided to bring in their puppets to reiterate the agenda at stake.

05:24 - - We are already sufficiently motivated to invest the necessary resources and people in addressing this threat.

05:31 - - You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake honestly.

05:35 - - The earth being flat is getting out of control. Can you please help? [Can you please help?] - When you stand on the shoulders of those who came before, you might just see far enough to realize the earth isn’t [explicit] flat! - One plus one is? - Two. -What color is the sky? - Blue.

05:51 - - And the earth is… ? - Round! Just like it is here! - This float celebrates Flat Earth theory that is spreading, ironically, around the… - World and its possible roundness! Yeah! - It’s spinning! - Now they’re talking about it.

06:07 - They want you to search for it because they already changed their algorithm to be set up in their favor.

06:14 - [What is this trash!?] None of this tells you our side of the story.

06:19 - These are all videos they put together. So you can watch and learn… nothing! Nothing that any of us would show you. Like here.

06:29 - Have you ever seen a time-lapse of the sun? Does it look like the earth is rotating backwards and the sun is still, or does it look like our sun is simply moving across our sky, traveling away from your perspective? Again, but with some inversion, you can clearly see the sun, not only decreasing its size, but heading towards its next destination with a slight turn before it disappears from your line of sight.

07:07 - While Google would make sure when you type in “flat earth”, that nothing like this would ever pop up, many agree, the science regarding our sun is far from settled.

07:22 - - We’re told that the sun is a massive bull of burning gas, 93 million miles away. But if that were true, then all the light that arrives here would be parallel because it’s so far away.

07:35 - And it has to be parallel because one of the most often cited supposed globe proofs is Eratosthenes’ experiment between Alexandria and Syene, by which he calculated the size of the earth.

07:50 - For that calculation to be accurate, the light must come down parallel.

07:56 - The only problem is that that’s not what we see.

08:00 - If you go out on a sunny day with broken cloud, what you will see is that light comes down at angles, diverging angles.

08:09 - And that means that we can follow those light rays back to the source and triangulate the sun’s height above the earth, proving that the sun isn’t millions of miles away, but we can also perform physical experiments that prove that these crepuscular rises (they’re called) can only be recreated with a light source that is small and close.

08:32 - - It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the further the light source goes up, the more the sun rays would spread out and become parallel.

08:39 - The reason you’d even think that… - If the earth was flat, wouldn’t it be sunny all the time?! I mean, haven’t you even thought about it? - Well, if you’d let me finish…

08:49 - The reason you’d even think the sun would be visible from anywhere on earth is because of the images “they” have shown you.

08:56 - No one promoting this [explicit] stands for truth.

08:59 - You can keep believing in your fantasy gas ball, 93 million miles away.

09:04 - You can keep believing in your fantasy gas ball…

09:06 - While we keep experimenting to try and figure out what the sun actually is and how close it could be with a local hotspot.

09:15 - It should be easy to comprehend that the sun is small and close to you.

09:19 - - To put that in perspective, imagine a table, two meters wide in a completely dark room.

09:25 - And you were holding a small, but very bright light bulb, 3. 4 millimeters across, and you were holding it about 31 centimeters above the table.

09:37 - What you’d see is a circular pool of light directly on the table, you know, beneath the light bulb. But on the other side of the table, it would be in darkness. Now it seems to our mind that if you are on the other side of the table, you would see the light, you know, above the, above the table.

09:58 - But that’s not true because on that part of the table is in darkness.

10:03 - Meaning that the light isn’t physically reaching that part of the tabletop.

10:12 - - [Your senses are correct. ] - We’re also told that the sun sets because as the earth rotates us away from the sun, it’s actually obscured by the physical curvature of the earth.

10:30 - That’s not what we see. - What we see is a local sun that is taking it’s local light with it.

10:36 - What happened to the horizon glowing across half of the world? Most sunsets are already fading through pollution, dander, chem trails, and fog.

10:45 - Plus refraction will always make the sun seem like it’s going down as well as your perspective.

10:51 - It would appear to sink down in the all field of view that’s perspective.

10:56 - The further away you get from it, the lower it will appear.

11:06 - It doesn’t physically change its height. It just appears that way to your eyes until eventually it will disappear behind the horizon formed by your eyes vanishing point.

11:17 - Your eye has an angular resolution of 0. 02 degrees.

11:23 - And anything at that height will disappear beyond the limit of your sight.

11:28 - Many times we can see a time-lapse footage of the sun that shows it getting smaller as it moves away from us.

11:39 - Now that’s not always the case. Since the sun is traveling around the North pole, the closer you are to the North, the less you’ll see the size change, but from locations, the equator you’ll absolutely see the sun’s size change and that could never ever happen. If the sun was 93 million miles away, you wouldn’t see the sun change at all.

12:05 - Our eyes cannot see farther than what they were designed to see, but that is no reason to keep them.

12:11 - There’s also an effect that occurs under certain conditions called atmospheric lensing where the sheer amounts of atmosphere, as well as the rain between you and the sun acts like a lens and a prism, magnifying it greatly, which leads to another observational proof: that the sun setting is an optical effect. At such times when the sun is setting over the sea.

12:34 - And it seems as though it’s half hidden by the horizon, then you can zoom in with a high-powered zoom camera and see that it’s actually still above the horizon. It’s just an optical illusion.

12:48 - Pay attention to the sun rays here. This alone proves our local sun. And so did these shadows.

12:58 - So what about the moon? We all witnessed the moon only illuminating the local clouds around it.

13:05 - That is because it is also a local light, but with opposite effects from the sun. As we can all agree, shade from the sun is cooler than direct sunlight, but did you know the moon’s shade is actually warmer than direct Moonlight.

13:20 - The moon produces cold light something. The science priests must have forgotten to teach us all about in school.

13:26 - Not only that, but at times we can see stars through the moon.

13:30 - Proving it is not some solid rock 238,900 miles away.

13:37 - In the sixties, true science regarding the moon was the shadow banned topic of its era.

13:42 - - I consider myself to be an ordinary humble person who wants to serve mankind with what man has stood for from the beginning of consciousness with truth and understanding of the world.

13:57 - - Now, one thing you have a theory about the moon and that we expect to be able to get observable facts about the moon fairly soon. what is your theory? - Well, it has been, rather more than a Theory Uh, 10 and 11 years ago, I stated to various scientists that the moon is not a piece of rock but it is a plasma, Cosmic plasma, Gravitational theories are out and the new concept of the COSMOS and of its laws has to be evolved.

14:25 - This fact will eventually be confirmed. I made certain predictions which were already confirmed in 1958.

14:30 - And the situation now is coming close to a complete confirmation.

14:34 - - What would be the result if you are proved to be correct in your theories? -The result will be profound and decisive because if the moon is a plasma, no man will ever land on it and… -The Americans and Russians are thinking of landing men on it. - Well, that will never happen.

14:48 - - People actually believe they walked on the moon, talked with Nixon, played golf, drove a car and planted a flag.

15:01 - If you really believe that Neil Armstrong took the first step, then why don’t you give any credit to the camera man already there, waiting for him?! These guys were all us, military men coerced into acting.

15:14 - They wanted the money and power that came with the deal. Of course, the problem was they were terrible actors.

15:21 - They couldn’t even pretend to be excited, knowing they were lying to the world, but the show had to go on. Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong rarely spoke in public about it, but there was one man not shy about lying to your face, the spokesperson for the Apollo deception.

15:40 - It’s my pleasure to present Colonel Edwin Aldrin No handshake, hug, smile.

15:51 - Their facial expressions are similar to those experiencing constipation, not celebrating an accomplishment.

15:58 - Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a great sense of pride, as an American, and humility, as a human being, that I say to you today, what no men had been privileged to say before we walked on the moon.

16:20 - I mean, they couldn’t pay them enough to look up and smile.

16:24 - Society has always debated these planned Apollo events since day one, never imagining then that almost 50 years later, they haven’t had the balls to fake another.

16:37 - As a tattooer. I talk to hundreds of people a month and people are actually really starting to wake up with everything that’s going on right now. I mean, people are sick of the lies and this is the biggest deception ever.

16:54 - The globe, this spinning ball globe is the biggest deception.

16:59 - If NASA was legit, literally all they would have to do is one thing.

17:04 - Take one of their satellites, zoom in on someone in Australia, upside down, driving a car or in the ocean, swimming upside down.

17:21 - That’s all they would have to do. Just zoom in, but they won’t do it.

17:25 - They’ll never do it. We have the footage of them in the space capsule, still in earth orbit covering up a small section of a window.

17:36 - So you can see through the circle and making that look like that was the earth.

17:40 - And this is, this is a joke. I mean, how do people think this is real? I think it’s hilarious that NASA will straight-up tell you they destroyed the technology to go to the moon.

17:52 - -I’d go to the moon in a nano second. The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to, but we destroyed it.

18:03 - And it’s a painful process of build that back again, - But they destroyed the technology and they can’t go back. It’s ridiculous.

18:12 - There’s an interview with Buzz Aldrin, actually, where he’s being interviewed by a little girl.

18:19 - Her question was… - Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time? Ha! That’s not an eight-year-old’s question.

18:33 - That’s my question. I want to know, but I think I know…

18:41 - because we didn’t go there. And, and that’s the way it happened.

18:46 - After 50 years of lying to humanity and perpetrating this giant fraud, he’s sick of a lie and he has conscious moment of humility and his conscience wouldn’t let him lie to this little eight-year-old girl, This silly globe model with water magically attached to it spinning at a thousand miles an hour, shooting around the sun at 66,000 miles and hour and a rocketing through the universe at a half a million miles an hour is just the goofiest silly thing that I’ve ever heard in my life.

19:29 - They want you to think you’re a monkey man, a purposeless accident and created by nothing that exploded from a Big Bang that was created, not by scientists, by a priest, mind you, while they steal $58 million a day in taxpayers’ money to show you cartoons, CGI…

19:49 - They just have to show you enough of Hollywood and magic tricks and [explicit] for you to believe the nonsense.

20:03 - It shocks me how many people actually believe they’re floating above our heads.

20:08 - It’s all filmed here on earth. Outer space is a fantasy.

20:15 - The earth is a stationary plane, Google “Bubbles in space. ” You can literally see bubbles coming up from these astronauts’ helmets.

20:26 - It’s ridiculous. When I, saw it, I was like, this is, this is a joke.

20:31 - - Many times during space walks outside of the international space station.

20:35 - We can see air bubbles rising up. Can you touch on how there are air bubbles in space? - Um, can you be more specific here? Bubbles…

20:43 - - So, yeah, like a lot of times during the NASA footage, you can see bubbles, coming out of the helmets.

20:48 - or kinda from underneath you. How do you explain bubbles in space? - Yeah… Often, um… on the outside of the space station, you have little pieces of…

21:02 - you know… It’s a really harsh environment out there and the outside of the space station and it’s beat-up pretty good. And sometimes, you know, you’ll still just flex of pain or something that you might’ve disrupted floating away from the suit. And, uh, you know…

21:18 - that’s generally what that is. I’ve never seen any kind of air bubble anywhere.

21:26 - - And could it be that you’re filming in an underwater pool and you’re not really out there? [laughter] I just want everyone to look up “bubbles, in space” #bubblesinspace - How’s “bubbles in space” doing? - How’s what? - Bubbles in space? I don’t know what that is…

21:46 - - No? You’re Mr. Kelly? - Yeap! You don’t remember the question from Tampa about the bubbles in space coming up from the helmet? - No… - You guys are in an underwater pool.

21:53 - Remember? We know! Just remember. -What’s up, man! Can you sign mine #bubblesinspace? - #Bubblesinspace? - Bubbles in space, brother. What’s your word on it? - What does that mean? - You were asked that two times in the last couple of months, actually.

22:09 - Bubbles coming out in the spacewalks. - Oh, you’re that guy! - I’m not that guy. I’m one of those guys. - Yeah, I’m not going to write that.

22:15 - And astronauts on harnesses as well? Anything to say about that? - Do I have anything to say about it? - Yeah…

22:21 - - I have anything you want me to say about it. What do you want me to say? - Whatever your thoughts are? I just want your honest opinion.

22:26 - - Umm… about what? - There’s video evidence of guys hanging from harnesses in the international space station. - I’m sure you can find video evidence of anything you can imagine. - How about selling a book of pictures with taxpayer money? - With taxpayer money? - These are all on taxpayer dime.

22:45 - - Come back over here. You know what you can do? You can sell the same pictures yourself because they are public domain.

22:52 - Absolutely. - They should be free to the taxpayers. - They are free. - Why are you selling at $40? - You can do whatever you want with them. - Well, you’re doing a disjustice by ripping off the taxpayers.

23:02 - - Hey, thanks for coming. - Once people start realizing that we’ve been lied to on a grand scale, everything from the government to our schools, it all just comes crumbling down.

23:17 - It shocks me how many people actually believe they’re floating above our heads.

23:22 - I’ve seen the international space station on YouTube and the astronauts floating about in it while they’re orbiting the earth at 17,000 miles per hour…

23:34 - You can’t do that unless you’re in outer space. [Laughter] - Practice makes perfect. Give me another week.

23:46 - It’s as simple as using a zero-G plane and strapping a harness to their belt, then, just like Batman movies, they removed the wires, using a computer.

23:54 - At times, the manipulation reveals itself. Green screen and blue screen technology cannot always be flawless.

24:02 - How can you keep denying this trickery? Here we see Europe’s space agency at NASA studios using a blue screen with grids.

24:12 - This technology has been used for decades. It works best for 3D and live manipulation. It’s funny.

24:20 - Once NASA was caught red-handed. They produced a couple of senseless videos eight months later, trying to pretend like they always use them for science experiments, knowing damn well, it was too late.

24:32 - Why do clowns defend them? - There is no chance. You could remove the Background.

24:38 - - These people lie to your face in the hope that you will not do your own research.

24:42 - NASA knows that most are too lazy to dig through its massive rabbit hole.

24:46 - Yet in the meantime, they just love to rub it in your face.

25:15 - They steal $52 million per day from American taxpayers just to create a fantasy display of men orbiting their spinning pear-shaped, space testicle earth.

25:24 - Their green screens are awful when they are live and something glitches.

25:29 - Their reactions are always priceless. I’m not sure why you globe-heads keep defending all of this.

25:36 - Are you waiting on NASA to finally come forward? Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, dear citizens of America.

25:48 - We here at NASA have been lying to you all since the sixties about our projects, operations and missions into outer space.

26:00 - We have never been higher than lower-earth orbit.

26:04 - Right now, we only can fly in earth orbit. That’s the furthest that we can go.

26:08 - Every image we have shown you is CGI. Our films are mostly done in an underwater buoyancy facility, We have funneled millions of dollars per day to show you cartoons and false illusions.

26:26 - And we are truly very sorry. We will repay all taxpayers back the trillions of dollars we have stolen.

26:37 - This will be divided evenly between the citizens of America, as well as rebuilding poverty-stricken towns and cities all across America.

26:52 - As this department has finally come to an end.

26:57 - - Isn’t it weird that every space documentary, all of the series, I had them all, Joe had them all. We watch them all the time.

27:04 - I tried to remember all this [explicit] about a neutro star and a super hybernova.

27:08 - I was balls-deep and Joe, we were balls-deep into space.

27:11 - Beyond Venus, 93 million miles from the Sun, is Earth.

27:16 - Its great oceans forming the clouds and the air currents, which warm and irrigate the planet.

27:21 - I thought I was better than people and [explicit] because I knew so much about space and every now and then I’d watch all that [bleep] and wonder… what? this is all cartoons? And every now and then I think to myself, it’s weird that we’re not watching any actual footage of space. It’s all CGI.

27:38 - All DVDs on space are all CGI. There’s nothing real.

27:42 - And everyone watches that. They believe it. The narration is all programing.

27:47 - What’s above us and what we’re on, we’re being lied to.

27:51 - Do we he have a Hubble? Why don’t you point it at the earth and get some awesome shots of where we live? All the pictures and images from space are CGI. None of them are real.

28:03 - We haven’t gotten past that. Are you telling me that that’s okay? We can just gloss over that.

28:10 - And they admit they’re all CGI except for one in 1972, which is fake. They have one picture? They say one is real, 1972, all the rest are CGI? Like where are the [explicit] pictures of earth from space? I want to see a picture. I want to see tens of thousands of them.

28:28 - I want to see, [explicit], the sun all the way here and the moon over there.

28:32 - People should have posters and [explicit]. All over the world, people should have these epic pictures of the earth from space with the moon over here and the sun over there and the planets.

28:42 - There’s none. - Literally zero. They do sometimes exaggerate like claiming they used a NASA camera, 1. 6 million miles away to take this alleged video of the dark side of the moon.

28:58 - It doesn’t take a genius to see how undeniably computer-generated this image is. And yet you think we are the more the moronic ones? I would rather be thought as a moron for not trusting criminals than a [bleep] sell-out and a traitor for defending them. The things that come out of your mouth… .

29:17 - Are you saying something that a defense attorney would say, or are you saying something that a prosecuting attorney would say? When it comes to a government, that criminal, that it’s like John Gotti, I’m saying [bleep] that a prosecuting attorney would say not saying [explicit] like: “We’ll prove it! We’ll prove it!” It’s a criminal! Without a doubt! Whatever’s coming from the government, I need some irrefutable…

29:37 - I need the kind of [explicit] evidence that would shut down a case. If I don’t see the evidence, why would I believe it? - What is gravity? - I have no idea. Okay, next question.

29:47 - - So you’re telling me gravity is strong enough to hold oceans onto it, battling inertia from the spin.

29:53 - So gravity’s holding oceans, and inertia’s trying to pull it out and make it fling.

29:57 - Skyscrapers would fling off the earth, but this gravity’s holding these…

30:01 - It’s so strong it’s holding these, but it can’t hold a [explicit] helium balloon? Things that are less dense go up.

30:06 - Things that are more dense go down. Has nothing to do with gravity.

30:09 - Where’s gravity at with butterflies? You would think that if gravity’s so strong it’s holding [explicit] skyscrapers down to it we would be flat on the ground! - There is gravity all the way out to the moon and beyond.

30:24 - - Long before the theory of gravity was a glimmer in Newton’s imagination the natural physics of density and buoyancy already perfectly explained why apples fall down. Objects fall or rise based on their relative density to the medium surrounding them. Apples fall because they are denser than the air.

30:43 - While helium balloons rise because they are lighter.

30:47 - - No gravity necessary. This is why raindrops fall down through the air and air bubbles rise up through water.

30:54 - Everything seeks its relative density and rises or falls until settling accordingly.

30:59 - This is why a tiny pebble sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but gigantic cruise ships and aircraft carriers stay afloat on the surface.

31:06 - Because even though a pebble is so small, its mass relative to its volume (its density) is more than water. So it sinks.

31:15 - And even though a cruise ship is so large, its mass, relative to its volume, is less than water, so it floats.

31:23 - If Newton’s apple had landed in a puddle, he would have seen the apple only fell through the air because it was denser than the air, but then floated on top of the water because it was less dense than water.

31:33 - The natural physics of density and buoyancy was understood and agreed upon for centuries before they changed our textbooks and started NASA.

31:41 - - All our space information is coming from [explicit] - [NASA] - NASA.

31:44 - Wernher von Braun was the director of all six moon missions and he’s a [explicit]. Is that not a comic book? That’s a [explicit] comic book! [comic book] - My fellow [explicit]. I am sorry to say, I am leaving you to join the elite [Operation Paperclip] - In the United States of America. - [Operation Paperclip. ] - My people in Germany, all they want is freedom and peace.

32:12 - - We want to welcome you to the US of A. - We must divert their attention. - I’m going to make so much [explicit] money.

32:18 - It’s crazy. To brainwash a nation, we will need animation.

32:22 - I want to bring my technology of airplane models.

32:25 - I want to work with Walt! I want to see the best people. We need to get the indoctrination started.

32:31 - If people believe an airplane can go to the moon, we might be able to do it. To brainwash a nation, [I will need help!] We will need animation. [Please bring help. ] [The United States of America] And action! Ah geez, who hired these guys? these [beep] guys can’t act! Bring it up into the airplane dark window. You just record the earth from a dark window.

32:57 - We can do it all on a computer afterwards. - The people will fall for it! [the people will fall for it!] - People must know! - And the heavens declare the glory of God and his firmament.

33:08 - - [inaudible] - The people must know! - The people have to know! - We come from this Big Bang and floppy puffy, pixie fairy dust and unicorn farts. And all of a sudden, consciousness just came out of that. No! It was designed! It’s not an accident.

33:31 - Everything according to the bogus Darwinian theory of evolution, all of it points to a godless, atheist, demonic demon-crat. All a lie.

33:43 - NASA is a corporation. And they are the same people who run Disney. In fact that are very, very similar because what they do is they entertain people.

33:55 - They’re not teaching people. They don’t want people to know the truth about the cosmos.

34:01 - They’re entertaining them with CGI images. Every image you see…

34:07 - image, not photo, every single one of them, all of those are computer-generated [images].

34:14 - They’re not photos. Every one you see on Google is a CGI image.

34:22 - It is not a photo. And if you can’t tell that they are CGI either there’s two things wrong with you.

34:28 - You are either [explicit] or you are mentally deranged.

34:34 - You do not have control of your own mind. You, your mind has been indoctrinated, it has been brainwashed and you’ve been duped.

34:45 - And you still believe in Santa Claus and the upside down spinning Santa Ball which the Jesuits invented in 1542.

34:55 - Prior to 1542, every single culture, all our intelligent ancestors would be rolling in their graves, knowing that their stupid progeny actually think they live on a spinning globe that people bow down to for their false ideology.

35:18 - Zoom up to Venus, zoom up to Mars and you will see that they are lights. They are stars.

35:26 - Hence all the intelligent pre-Copernican astrologers, ptolomaic astrologers, like myself, taught that all the planets are wandering stars.

35:40 - They are luminous bodies just as the Egyptians said, just as the Greeks and the Mayans.

35:47 - And the Aztecs said, just as our intelligent ancestors said.

35:54 - If all the stars, as they say, in every constellation are all at different depths by millions of light years, how come the thousands and thousands and thousands of years of hurdling through the sky there is no distortion, no difference in luminosity of stars. We’re supposed to be flying at break-neck speeds through the Galaxy and yet the same boring stars keep turning over our flat, stationary plane earth forever and ever, and ever, [and ever and ever].

36:36 - So we are not moving. We’re supposed to be traveling at… Get this number in your head.

36:48 - 66,600 mile an hour. Six, six, six. That’s how fast the earth is orbiting.

36:56 - If you are a [explicit], [explicit], that’s what you are. You are stupid, stupid beyond your wildest imagination.

37:06 - That’s why we have a horizon, because it’s horizontal.

37:11 - That’s why we have sea level, because the sea is level.

37:15 - It’s not curving. You cannot call it sea level.

37:18 - You will call it sea curve. That’s why we have tectonic plates, and not tectonic balls because those tectonic plates are just that: flat plates. Check out the Suez canal. 120 miles, no curvature. It never overflows, it never drains.

37:40 - And to all those astrologers out there who think they are astrologists teaching Heliocentrism, like, uh, Laura Eisenhower, the granddaughter of her grandfather, uh, the president of the U. S. , uh, calling himself a heliocentric astrologer, no such thing exists.

37:59 - - From a very young age, wondering why the heck did I land in the Eisenhower family, I was faced with the opportunity to go to Mars.

38:05 - Some people wonder why the heck didn’t you go to Mars? But my intuition told me from really recalling, uh, a, a youth filled with a lot of insight about what I was here to do was to not go anywhere.

38:19 - - That is [explicit]. Laura, you are a false prophet. A line going from the AC to the DC is called the line of the earth, and it never moves.

38:31 - AC to DC, ascendant to descendant. that’s called the line of the earth, according to the astrologers of ancient. And that never moves proving that there is no movement of the earth calculated in any astrological chart-reading that you do.

38:53 - You never account the movement or the position of the earth in relation to any of these planets, because it’s that line of the earth, which we call the horizon.

39:05 - - Speaking of horizons, some guy filmed a mountain.

39:11 - He was flying over Texas and he used his camera to film a mountain.

39:15 - This mountain was supposed to be hidden by 35 miles of curvature with the current circumference of the earth that we’re given.

39:24 - Just sitting straight up, it’s just right there.

39:27 - It’s not hidden by 35 miles of curvature. It’s, it’s crazy.

39:34 - As soon as Flat earthers found out about P 900 cameras that are made by Nikon, where they can zoom in times 80, I think, and what’s going on is like, you can see a boat disappear with your naked eye.

39:48 - And that used to be proof alone. That used to be proof for the curvature of the earth.

39:54 - But now you can watch the boat disappear with your naked eye and then you can pull up this camera and you can zoom in on the boat that you just watched disappear And you can bring it right back into full view. Perfectly, just perfectly visible.

40:14 - It’s crazy. There’s no camera tricks, there’s no illusions involved, nothing. It’s just perfectly back into view.

40:23 - There’s flat earth proofs coming out all the time, every other day, every, every, just, it’s just a matter if, if you can find it or not.

40:32 - If it’s going to surface in the right areas where people can share it, you know, they’re trying to censure this stuff nonstop.

40:41 - There’s just a mission to keep this stuff buried.

40:49 - I got mad love for all the flat earthers man, since day one everybody’s been doing their part, putting in work and just picking up where the, where they’re finding slack they’ll pick it up, you know what I mean? Like there’s no spot in flat earth that is not covered.

41:04 - They’re covering their zone, their quadrants and they’re just taking care of business, man. And if it wasn’t for you, if it wasn’t for all of us, we wouldn’t be where we’re at with this flat earth thing.

41:14 - They wouldn’t be so scared. They wouldn’t be trying to cover it up at every turn and stop it everywhere we look. Each and every single flat earther out there has played their part.

41:24 - And we wouldn’t be where we’re at if it wasn’t for you.

41:28 - We wouldn’t be heavily censored, they wouldn’t be scared to debate us.

41:33 - They wouldn’t be trying to censure us at every turn if it wasn’t for you guys and you wonderful women.

41:43 - Exposing flat earth with all your might, all your power.

41:49 - All the glory to God. What a wonderful world we live on.

41:53 - So beautiful. There’s pilots coming out all the time too, and they’re attesting to the fact that you can’t find any curvature.

42:01 - - Ask any airline pilot what the shape of the earth is. When they’re done laughing at you they’ll tell you it’s a sphere.

42:08 - - That’s not, that, yeah, no the ground looks to us like it’s standing still.

42:12 - - Did you notice any curvature while we were up there? - Uh no. - No? What’d you see, while we were up there? - Uh, just a blue sky and white clouds. - Yeah? Is it flat or… ? - Pretty flat. - Pretty flat? - Yeah. - Alright, thank you! - I was reading a lot of stuff on the flat earth. - Okay yeah, yeah, true, true.

42:32 - - It’s true? - Yeah. - Okay, all right, cool, God bless brother, - Did you notice any curvature while we were up there? - Curvature? No. - No? There’s no curvature? - No, it’s just all flat.

42:41 - - Casey, how are you mate? Pleased to meet you guys.

42:45 - There’s no way there’s curvature. We’re [inaudible] on a flat, aren’t we? - Definitely.

42:50 - - We are, aren’t we? - [inaudible] pancake mate.

42:52 - - Thank you, sir. - Flat as a pancake. - Most pilots know their plane is flying over a plane, a stationary plane. Always a smooth and level flight.

43:03 - We never feel the plane dipping its nose down. We only feel the landing.

43:08 - Which flight route matches reality in your mind? If you chose the left, you may need medical attention.

43:14 - Everything beneath you while flying is level and motionless, just as expected flying over a stationary plane. Sometimes it’s hard to see far ahead of you, but other times…

43:24 - - You can probably see the Rockies from Kansas.

43:29 - - Wow - If it’s a clear day, but if it’s smoky or hazy, obviously you can’t see much.

43:35 - - The world is, is so generous in its beauty. And, and you do your best to take pictures of it.

43:39 - It’s just, it’s just flat and gorgeous. - Silly actor-not. You took the words right out of my mouth.

43:44 - Earth is flat and gorgeous, but they trick you to believe something else.

43:49 - Not every pilot instantly connects the dots and keeps quiet.

43:52 - Sometimes it can hit them 25 years later. So when reaching my destination in Australia the orientation of the gyro is still the same And the upper blue side still remains blue and the lower side still remains brown.

44:06 - So there is no such thing as a sudden ‘flipping over’ at a certain moment.

44:09 - And this was a moment for me where I thought, oh man…

44:13 - Why didn’t I ever notice this after 25 years of flying? And this shows just how indoctrinated we all are.

44:21 - - It’s just so annoying. - It’s really annoying to realize you watched that happening year after year without noticing anything special.

44:30 - And the moment I realized the earth is flat I started to wonder why I never noticed that before just by simply looking out the window and to see just how flat it really is! - Better, late than never.

44:42 - Most pilots may have skipped over their training manuals. In their flight dynamics summary, section 1. 1. 2 explains all you’ll need to know about what you’re flying over.

44:52 - Heck, the military knows the same thing. NASA admits it as well.

45:00 - In tons of documents available to the public.

45:04 - They just assumed nobody would pay attention.

45:07 - - This comes from the Army Research Laboratory.

45:10 - This one’s from the CIA. There’s another one from NASA.

45:15 - This report documents the definition of linear aircraft model for the rigid aircraft of consistent mass flying over a flat, non-rotating earth.

45:27 - This comes right from our own government. Now I have available 44 documents - Who do I give that to, sir? - Uh, give those to the city clerk, [inaudible] - which is… ? - This person here, Mr. [inaudible].

45:38 - - So what I want is a law that’s passed that we can’t teach anything about the globe. And we have to teach the truth of how things are.

45:47 - - From the documents to the imagery, they are not flying around a curve heading to outer space.

45:52 - They are flying over a stationary, flat plane.

45:57 - Stop falling for the illusions. Every rocket goes up and then levels out.

46:06 - Most of NASA’s rockets launch from Florida and head towards the Bermuda triangle. Well, besides the occasional…

46:15 - They’re not shy about showing the truth in plain sight.

46:19 - 125 alleged miles up, and they show you our level horizon with a local sun. Then quickly switched cameras to their eye lens. As if that didn’t just happen.

46:30 - You have to pick one. You can’t have both. Looks as if their cameras go about as high as most hot air balloons do before they burst. Who do they think they’re fooling? But let me guess, you saw the curvature in the images from satellites, the thousands of magical orbiting, aluminum tin cans floating in space.

46:50 - It’s all animation and games until one comes crashing down on your squad.

46:57 - Many crashed satellites have been reported the world over.

47:01 - And the one thing they all have in common is giant helium balloons attached to them.

47:05 - Of course, satellite technology is real. We get our weather information, communication equipment, and even some internet service from them. Look up Google loon for example It’s not that they wouldn’t use the magical floating satellites if they could, it’s that they don’t physically exist. Nor does the globe.

47:30 - They have been sending these up one at a time, since it all began.

47:33 - I will allow them to explain it. - And he got a patent on that in 1950. And those early balloons were so large they didn’t have any way to launch them, except they actually launched them from aircraft carriers.

47:46 - - Modern scientific ballooning was born. Was also the genesis for NASA’s newly developed super pressure balloon.

47:56 - - The reason for super pressure ballooning is they have absolutely stable altitude.

48:00 - Day, night, and it doesn’t matter how cold the atmosphere is.

48:03 - They are sealed. - So your shape is always the same, you always displace the same amount of air, and therefore you have the same amount of buoyancy all the time.

48:14 - - This day to night altitude stability allows super pressure balloons…

48:18 - - Hi! I’m Matt. And this is NASA now. - NASA has been using balloons for science research for over 30 years.

48:27 - The exploration that can be done on balloons is continuing to grow.

48:32 - Standard balloon that I fly is about 660 feet long when it’s made.

48:37 - So when it’s inflated, it’s over 400 feet tall by 440 feet wide.

48:43 - Think of a dome stadium. That’s how big my balloons are.

48:46 - - So let me get this straight. It is now public knowledge that they send up satellites on massive helium filled balloons. As you should know, NASA is the largest consumer of helium in the world for obvious reasons.

49:00 - But the issue with society is that they never critically think.

49:04 - Just think for a second here. If these are sent up to provide the world with all of the important information we need, and I’m sure the entire process is expensive and difficult to accomplish, then please explain to me what in the flat world do these pathetic animations do for you? Do they make you happy inside? Are they so super duper cool that you cannot see past the obvious CGI? The fact of the matter is everything NASA sends up on a balloon simply hovers above our motionless earth.

49:36 - That is why they rarely speak about orbiting satellites.

49:39 - And of course, they never show footage. Here is some footage of a random evening with a man, the moon and his Nikon P 900.

49:49 - Notice anything floating up there? - Forget it Bart, it’s so bright out you can’t see anything in the sky except the Fox satellite.

50:01 - - Another remarkable fact about NASA’s balloon launches is that many are launched from Antarctica.

50:08 - Is it because we cannot travel past certain parallels to witness their launches with our own eyes? What else are they hiding from us over there? It would be nice if someone was allowed to truly explore Antarctica again.

50:22 - It sure has been a while since the last guy. - Greetings to you my young friends, Our very distinguished guest for this evening is Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

50:31 - - I must say that Admiral Byrd, our guest tonight is not only our greatest living explorer, but he’s been an inspiration to countless Americans.

50:38 - - Admiral Byrd, is there any unexplored land left on this earth that might appeal to adventurous young Americans? - Uh yes, there is. Strangely enough, there is left in the world today, an area as big as the United States, that’s never been seen by a human being. And it’s, I think it’s quite astonishing that there should be an area as big as that unexplored. But more important than that is, it has to do with the future of the nation, and those to come after us, or even during your lifetime.

51:12 - Because it happens to be an untouched reservoir of natural resources.

51:26 - [An area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by a human being. ] - Since late 2014, one of the biggest things I’ve heard, “if the earth is flat, why don’t you find the edge and fall off?” “Why don’t you make up an expedition and gather people and go find the edge and take a picture of the edge?” Well, my response is, can you fall off the edge of a Lake, a pond, an ocean? Let’s see if you have any imagination left in that brain of yours, and pretend this is all the water in the world.

52:05 - This is the 71% covered earth filled pond. All of the water of the world. So let’s just say that this is trillions upon trillions upon trillions of gallons. You’ve got the continents, the islands in the middle, and the center where all comes to this point, you can circumnavigate, circle the lake or the pond left, or right.

52:24 - But as you venture outwards towards the banks, towards “outer space”, what happens? Once you pass that 60th degree parallel and you hit the ice wall, the ice cliff of Antarctica. What happens? Do you fall off the edge? Is there an edge here? [Is there an edge here?] Because we know the physics of water is to find and maintain level if you’ve been paying attention. And also water must be contained.

52:54 - It is contained. We climb up the banks and we keep going outward; southward.

53:00 - What happens to their control when millions of people traveling [beyond the 60th parallel]? They knew this was going to get out. They knew people were going to wake up.

53:11 - What if star Wars is true? What if this extra terrestrial, these extra terrains, they’re telling us the truth minus the vacuum of space, cause they got to put a Hollywood spin on it, don’t they? Star Wars, Star Trek.

53:24 - What if you globers can have your Star Wars and your Star Trek at the same time? Isn’t that awesome? How’s that make you feel? - The timeline goes as follows. So in 1955, operation Deep Freeze starts.

53:37 - And when Admiral Richard Byrd gets back, he comes on live television and tells us he found more land the size of North [America. ] They quickly start NASA and president Eisenhower calls over the Nazi traitors and operation Paperclip to start the upper space mind control program.

53:53 - Don’t look out there, look up here, look, everybody we’re going to [the moon].

53:58 - Then in 1959, 12 nations started the Antarctic treaty followed by 42 more nations where they have decided you and I cannot travel or explore any part of Antarctica South or past the 60th parallel without military clearance, without the aid of a guided tour.

54:17 - Do you really think that this is just a coincidence? - Well, imagine we find more land. Imagine there is more land out there. More [more] to explore, more [more] to reside, more resources.

54:32 - You think they’d tell you and I about it? - I’m sure a lot of you have heard about my $200,000 globe challenge.

54:41 - And up to this point, no one has been successful at completing the challenge.

54:45 - We’ve had a few clowns here and there that have stepped up to the plate.

54:49 - - [Here we go] - and claimed victory. But at the end of the day, you can’t make water stick to the bottom of the ball. Much less spinning.

54:59 - Okay? You can’t show where sea level turns to sea curve.

55:03 - There’s no curvature on the X-axis or Y-axis.

55:07 - - That stuff is flat. - Here’s a fair challenge here for Neil deGrasse Tyson.

55:14 - Why don’t you get off your fat, lazy butt and out from behind your screens and your scripts? - Earth, throughout its life, Even when it formed, it was spinning.

55:23 - And it got a little wider at the equator than it does at the poles.

55:27 - So earth got a little bit wider in its equator than it did pole to pole. So, so you spin, you know, when you spin pizza dough it’s kind of flattens out.

55:35 - Like spinning pizza dough. - Yeah. - You know, it just gets flat.

55:37 - - If you were a cosmic giant and you came up to earth and you rubbed your finger over earth’s surface, it would feel as smooth as a cue ball to you.

55:46 - - Wow. - If you shrunk the earth down to the size of a cue ball, - Yeah - You would be one of the smoothest, roundest cue balls ever made.

55:53 - That’s how round earth is. So it’s not actually a sphere, it’s an, it’s oblate. Where it’s like pear shaped.

55:59 - - Neil deGrasse Tyson, it’s funny. Six years ago, I sent a whole bunch of questions for you to answer. And, I noticed you haven’t answered them. You’re not a scientist, you’re an actor with a couple of science, degrees.

56:15 - There’s people with those same qualifications flipping burgers in Burger King.

56:20 - - [it’s like pear shape] - So you don’t impress me.

56:23 - - Neil Disgrace Tyson, you are a lying Jesuit, thug, and a deceiver.

56:32 - You are a degenerate from hell. Good luck to all your lying when you’re down in hell doing folders for demons.

56:41 - And remember my name when you’re in there, Santos Bonacci.

56:45 - - Hey Neil, you talk about pears so much, why don’t you try eating a few of you, fat [bleep]? - This pear is actually good.

56:54 - - Hey Neil, if the level and motionless plain is so easily debunked, so easily refuted, then why don’t you just debate Eric Dubay? [Why don’t you get off your fat lazy butt out from behind your screens and your scripts] And debate Eric Dubay? You’ve heard the name Eric Dubay.

57:14 - But you’re scared, you’re chicken [explicit].

57:16 - You won’t debate Eric Dubay because you don’t have a script in lines and people telling you what to say. You know you’ll get demolished.

57:24 - Why don’t you just come on a podcast or any type of show? 30 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe an hour. If you’ve got the balls and debate, Eric Dubay.

57:33 - - The earth isn’t [explicit] flat. - See how much of a man you are there, Mr. Mic drop! - It looks like we’re going to have Eric Dubay. He said he’s agreed to do it.

57:41 - Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. - What!? hee hee hee - Yes.

57:45 - - I had asked you to debate one of them flat earth guys. - No, I don’t, I can’t, no, NO! - I know, we talked about it.

57:52 - And we were going to have him on Skype. - No. What we do is, and I think this is a diabolical plot so that the next time we can ship people on mass into orbit, they all want to be the first in line cause they know we’re going to send them. So if they can see the round earth, they’re going to be the FIRST ones in space.

58:07 - Just so they can stop annoying the rest of us… - I don’t, I don’t think you’re correct.

58:11 - - And I know that you’re not correct. Why the backpedaling, Neil? You already agreed to debate me on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The show was scheduled, posted on Joe’s site, announced on air twice.

58:25 - And then you suddenly decided that you quote “don’t debate flat earthers. ” What happened? I’ll tell you what happened.

58:34 - Someone at NASA told Neil, “we’re not going to let you go head to head with Eric Dubay because he’ll make you look foolish. ” PROVE ME WRONG! Eric Dubay is the truth. Sean Hibbeler, he’s a legend.

62:19 - Nobody could make a documentary as good as Sean Hibbeler. #DebateDubay.