I will NEVER forget my first time in BURSA 🇹🇷

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there are 81 reasons to fall in love with turkey and number 16 is Bursa Bursa is located in northwestern turkey and once it was the major capital of the ottoman empire i n ottoman Turkish Bursa actually means god’s gift and to me that makes total sense because there’s literally nothing that you cannot find in bursa mountains forests islands lakes history and of course good food here was the place where the major traits happened on the silk road so the place where i’m right now is actually on the Bursa Kalesi a fortress that is overlooking the city you can go up here and watch the sunset or there are also a lot of cafes around Cumalikizik is probably the most historical and charming place in buza it’s a village where the ottomans first settled down in the 1300s and what’s so special about this place is that the houses that you can see here the architectural structure was remained from the ottoman empire so they did not change it they didn’t modernize it and even today it’s forbidden to hammer a single nail without permission because this historical village is a treasure that needs to be protected all the houses that you can see here are made out of wood and also stones the houses generally have three floors and are painted in beautiful bright colors this is not a movie set i mean it is actually this place was used many times in turkish tv series and also movies jamal kisik is a place that literally takes you back in time welcome to francis food review we all know the best iskander can be found in busa but where exactly and look at this dinner kebab so i sacrificed myself i tested a few iskanders to show you where to go or where not to go so now i’m one of the most famous keep up shops in busa which is the uludaki Kebapcisi bukit neden joseph so i’m here with my friend ejan it looks super delicious already so the kebab was presented thinly sliced on the plate with the hot butter on top of it adjectives a tasty 11 out of 10.

tell us about this shop today my next destination was not only the most expensive iskander in busa but also the oldest and original place the mavi de khan of iskanderolu it’s so crowded there’s so many people i don’t even know how long i’m going to wait here when i came here there was already a line like at 2pm in the middle of the day and i waited for around 30 minutes so i’m really curious if it’s worth it or not i ordered iskander year one person of iskander and i got my iron so the east canada just arrived there was a guy called iskande efendi it was 1867 when he had the idea to roast the lamp at his father’s restaurant vertically rather than horizontally people liked it and some years later the duner kebab was born so we just get the butter on top of the iskandar wow it is really good i’ve added a lot of eastenders in my life it’s all my favorite dish ever it’s very good here the east canada was really good but due to the high price and that i had to wait such a long time i would give it a 9 out of 10.

the last iscana that i tried was probably the cheapest one in one of the touristic areas of bursa and it was good but not as good as the others so i give it a 7 out of 10. the uluda it’s not only turkey’s favorite mountain but also in the past it had a big importance especially during the roman empire for christianity monks were settling down around the mountain that they called olympus today uluda is a popular spot for winter sports and with an elevation of over 2 500 meters it is clear why they call it the great mountain okay let me blow your mind because the longest cable car in the whole world is actually in busa and i’m right here at the busa television it’s a 8 kilometer long ride up to the ulluda mountain it’s 10 am in the morning pretty early so let’s check it out okay it was pretty expensive 150 liras for a round trip and with teja card i paid 60 liras i’m not scared of heights but if you are who it’s pretty scary oh my god ooh and winter there is super famous ski resort i think we should go there it was the coldest winter day that you can imagine and it was also the day i was designed to go skiing for the first time in my life here i was just saying wow there’s so much snow i hope i don’t break my legs i’m excited i think we are going to try out skiing work i have absolutely no idea what we are doing that’s where you can rent everything wow i made it the telephony is open all year round and actually a great idea if you want to take a break from the big city life which you can see right here wow beautiful so up here there are actually lots of hiking trails and people can go camping and enjoy tea they can go on a safari tour the safari to us 250 liras i decided not to do it because i’m just on my own and yeah you know so i’m just walking around see what i can do and then i’ll probably go back down having a chai on top of mount ulluda in the middle of the forest that’s what makes me happy just a few kilometers out of bursa there is a more peaceful and quiet old greek town called girl yazoo it is situated on a small island surrounded by lake ulubat the ulu abbad lake is a protected area and home to many starks that’s why you can find many stark nests on top of the roofs inside of the city so this one is over here one there you can see one over there and there so this is i think proof that we are in the city of the starks which means green busa because there are so many natural places in and around the city and one of those are waterfalls like the sewage too or the saita bacillary is with 3 million people also one of the most crowded and vibrant cities in turkey the city center is charming the bazaars offer everything you’ve ever dreamed of and there is something to explore around every corner i’m now on jamhuria jatisi which is like the most populous street in busa it’s like where all the shopping is going on people hanging out and towards the evening it’s getting pretty crowded so let’s go to kozahan which is one of the historical places and also it was a very important meeting point for the silk sellers and buyers in the ottoman empire so here it is the grand mosque of bursa this mosque is a multi-dome mosque it has 20 domes which makes it the mosque with the most domes in the world and it’s pretty big it’s called the grand mask for a reason so i want to go inside i brought a scarf so that i can go inside i think i’m ready now to go inside let’s check out the mosque so bruce is a very big city actually the fourth biggest city in turkey and also the center of the automotive industry and basically the birthplace of limon they have a tophash museum here and that’s exactly where we’re going right now limon tophash museum i’m now at the tofresh museum and they also have an auto park so it’s perfect to come with tofas here and the museum is also for free and we all love free things oh my god i’m so excited wow this looks beautiful so they basically showcased back in the days how they created uh horse carriages which was like the time before the car even got invented so this is the grandfather of limon i can’t believe it you see me dirt model the first ever produced murat it looks so fancy it looks so nice to you first murad from 1971 lima was born in 1989 so maybe that’s not the grandfather but uh choke me and right next to murat’s father is the uncle that’s the first murad 131 from 1977.

he looks a bit different but it’s the same soul nice to meet you too oh my god i’m meeting the whole family today i wasn’t expecting that ah there is the aunties so what you can see here is a cartel from 1983. it’s quite a big model why because it has such a big bag a big storage room and this is the sister of limon i think murat search is perfect size we have a santibo no electrical fiat this hamam is functioning as an art gallery now and i’m curious what’s inside so this art gallery is full of artifacts and also it used to be ahaman from the 15th century it’s very beautiful museum and it’s for free recommend 10 out of 10.

15:17 - i love art and that’s why a gander cup museum was next on my list it’s a historical bridge that was built 600 years ago and what’s so special about this bridge it actually looks like a street there’s so many shops artists are selling their art and crafts but there are only a few bridges in the whole world that actually have shops on them so that’s so special about this bridge and it’s really really cute they also have some cafes since uh welcome to francis food review so of course there’s not only iskandera in busa but also pirelli curved and i’m here in the old kaihan district in busa and i heard it’s the best place to eat piedely curfte there is a street full of restaurants selling peter lee curtis so apparently this is the best place to eat pideli kofta of course you have to drink iron when you eat anything with crafty or duner so i just arrived the pidelli cafta oh my god it looks so good the first time in my life i’m eating pie delicious in busa what’s this dish it’s very famous actually in turkey and it consists of kefta of course on top of some pita bread with yogurt and on top of that we have tomato sauce and the hot butter the meat is really good combined with the yogurt it’s just perfect i paid 32 liras which is quite affordable and cheaper than the eastgander that i had yesterday should i go to inago just to eat indigo crafter i think so i’m now on my way to innego to eat inaugural coffee i promise this is going to be the last thing that i’m eating so here i am to eat i’m at a restaurant it’s called zainal it’s close to the ottoban so super easy to reach just the 30 minute drive from busa this is going to be the last thing that i’m going to eat in busan inego meatballs were invented by a guy called mustafa efendi in 1893 these are some really good curves turkish would never disappoint with me so far i always say it’s exactly because it is chocolate biannual the quality of the meat is really good let’s go to iznik e-sneak eznic is beautiful hello from my tent easning is a beautiful lake very close to bursar it takes one to one and a half hours to surround the lake with the cars so it’s quite a big lake the city of easney lake is called iznik and this is a very historical city for example a couple of years ago they discovered an ancient church under the water and also the city of eznic is very historical there is the hagia sofia mosque the isney castle and of course iznik is known for its pottery and handmade eznick tiles there are beautiful camping spots all around the lake for example i’m at black habana right now and also there are cozy hotels around the lake you know i love sleeping in the tent it’s cozy it’s clean it’s affordable it’s just great see you next time i’m followed by a lie.