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because so you dare me in this community huh how many times have i warned you not to cross this road again is is this is this your road are you mad are you talking back at me oh sorry maybe i want to see what i will do to you abby you want to see what i can do to you listen let this be the first and the last time i warn you against passing this route like this do you ever get to your house what is your grandfather your grandmother died do they body hair like this they don’t even have food these gates get no value your father what did he do for the past three weeks now if i’m passing that one going to the philly square usually i should not pass there why does he belong to his father or did you do something wrong you know you know tikkina his legs he likes being in control he likes being in control again if i ever have myself to blame for once hey there what happened today mama he saw me again today he told me that should not pass out ever ever again or else i allow myself to blame hey now when you run all the way to the house he might not come yet who is his mother oh you know what’s good hello hello how are you good day what’s your name my mother your beauty well my name is dk i became the one of this village i i like you and i want us to be together well i’m engaged to educate you yes that has nothing to offer you apart from the peace of mind this father left for him before whatever the fact is we love each other and we are set to get married you know you love what do you want to die in poverty honey can we buy you you should know who i am like i said i am engaged to educate and we are set to get married so thank you i must get you in this village leave me alone no he has gone to the village square in fact he said i should tell you to come and join him there okay man um did the mecca go with him no not yet he’s still inside why are you so good how are you good day are you going to the village yes let’s go together now okay enjoy myself i so much respect you because what is yours must only be your come here understand he’s not going anywhere come on get down from here come on pick your slippers for those sizes your sleepers i don’t saw this now huh why don’t you stop fooling yourself around the small boys my brother i love to be cezu huh why are you doing this nada cece i love you so much i love you so much listen i will do anything for you i will give you protection i will give you money listen i am captured here let me tell you i am rugged yeah i mean that small agency can be going into this why is it too hard for you to understand i’m engaged to educate and we are ready to get married that richard think that has nothing to offer but i think think you’re too big i mean look at you you’re beautiful my elsa remains no i’m more interested i can’t have anything to do with somebody like you excuse me i think i thought you’re working out on me okay we shall see i promise you one thing no man will own you in this village except me i will keep killing every man even if it’s your father i will keep killing everyone that stands with you until i have you i became the one of this community amen i promise you that our day with you to the end a day with you what is yours most surely be yours amen what did you get now you got a move they’re not a dragon there’s no two ways about it what did he tell you he was asking me out what i already told him i’m engaged i don’t know where he is that’s a guy he’s a very dangerous person you have to be careful i know i was ridiculous about it no i don’t want to tell him ah you may feel bad no you look far away tell him please i’ll try no problem oh what is it well i’m sorry for not telling you about the kids ah come on it’s okay it’s okay wait a minute dk dk tk is so he’s a mother so full of herself that whatever you want he get it and he knows that life does not work that way my love don’t worry okay everything will find okay i love you well you just need to be careful about the kid you know he’s very dangerous oh come on come on the case is brad is it right are we angry man i will crush him like a rat okay i understand the ways but don’t worry everything’ll be fine okay why can’t you just forget about dk and talk about us what do you think do you miss me seriously i thought you walked out on me we shall see we shall see you in this village again stay away from mother let this be the last time i will warn you again stay away from my dad have you forgotten that is the woman of her life she’s the one i actually want to get married to have you forgotten thinking what’s wrong with you that’s my wife to be and you know that so why are you going after her who is your wife to be the girl that i love so much it’s your wife to be i love at that so much and i am ready to kill to kill and continue to kill till i get her so stay away from her this would be the last time i warned you dk dk you have all these strengths and my other side need to go out there and search for another woman not to go after my own work that i don’t want to get married to it’s not gone and nobody on this side can stop me i love mother and i will die there get that into the peace corps nurses in this village i swear the next time i would eat it i will kill you today i will not warn you the next time i will do this you are dead tell your stupid brother that i said to before is to be foreign i will not want you on this again i might understood hmm listen i do not have your time i have come here to warn you to tell that your wretched son to stay away from her if he doesn’t i swear i will make life miserable for him but there’s no need making much noise you know who i am and what i can do so run your son because i will not come back your soul what is wrong with this boy what gave him the cost to come here shot like this what did somebody send in to come out to me to my family imagine the audacity cheering gym don’t worry i’ll mellow you i’ll show you dk was also here he told me to want you to stay off of that else they will look for you in this village he was very serious who it’s not a laughing matter my mind just leave this they came out of a thing okay you see when the man decided to as a beat is foolishness publicly what does he have i have to just keep it quiet because they can’t say rats i will crush him so just i want to do it my own way please my mom how can’t you leave this like that for him to marry eh there’s so many other girls in the village why can’t you look for somebody else to marry mama please don’t go there don’t go there i love her and i will die for her please let me take my own way i pick up you oh he’s married how do you advise your brother tell him to leave her therefore decay let him get somebody else better to marry and leave her so special about that i say she’s beautiful or anything i love her with you i’m talking you’re talking huh my only adapt you’re mad at me my friends after that yeah so after all my oneness you still have the guts to hold my woman this way i am not your woman can this what you said she is not your woman so this is jesus to me if i don’t have you in this village nobody says since i came back and if i refuse i swear on my mother i will kill him kill your father kill your brother and no one will ask me you will do no such thing i dare you you will watch me is um no are you aware that dick is pregnant to kill educate yes so please i want you to cut all relationships you have myself i want you to stop coming here to look for a name ah i’ll see what’s what do you want to kill my son no are you the only guy in this village i’m if my son dies go for pity that’s the goal would you mind somebody else you normally hey okay we’re not going to win that finance please i have told you next time you come here i’m not taking like with you do i look for somebody else please please go go i said go is it my first now go that is what i’ll be going through in this village huh you you know that everybody in this village know that others my wife to be i know just yesterday accosted her saying that a father did not agree to i know him as an arrogant person and he’s problem basically my name that is it mado that chicken madness dk madness has gotten a place that no one can control it at all for him to have voiced that and out of his mind that shows that he has been lost in it that is why i came to meet you people can do something i don’t want to lose that that’s so much lover please do something okay i’ve heard you i’ve heard you i will say it in our next council meeting it’s okay and anything that comes out from napatan you should have told her you should have told her you don’t stop it came here oh as well hey honestly i want to see my daughter i don’t understand what talking about i don’t want to stop mama i know you are said to marry my daughter in a few weeks time but that does not give you the audacity for you to keep her out of her father’s house overnight in time to go with me i have not set my eyes on her i have not set my eyes on at all nice she was here yesterday but she left when she realized that ajk was not at home but she left the house yesterday saying she was coming to visit him yeah she was actually here but that’s what i’m telling about she left hey excuse me oh you where is the dog huh i said i’m [ __ ] to you where is atta i’m not even reciprocity for somebody i can’t even hear anybody i’m just wretched why are you ranting in my company okay i’m ready right yes you are oh my god you know what i can say that you have carried out your evil plan away from me you will hear from me i swear that you will hear from me my god you’re not doing anything for me bro nothing happening i’ll deal with you to the air leave this guy why poverty they make you sleepy nothing happening try that guy before now it’s a gradual process that is on the body do i blame the ego because i came back to this business not to relax imagine with someone you get because agk here told us how you have been threatening to kill that oh yes i would have also heard about all your escapees in this village and i believe you know the whereabouts of my daughter you must provide my daughter so because ajk here told you and you all believed him listen my elders i do not have a hand in her that’s disappearance this is a lie yes it’s a lie nobody seen one use against me now it’s not going to be found provided for us please dk please dk you know that your name is miguel’s blah blah blah so adding this to it you know the repercussion thank you in my dependency no no yes listen i have said this and i have said it all i do not have a hand in a dust disappearance and that is all you like nikki i see you live okay and now let me tell you we give you three days to provide yes we shall take you to the group for pronouncement and you know what that means see if i can now listen elders i have said this and i am saying it again i do not have a hand in that that is fine now okay you people should go that’s good you hear from me you are from us okay hmm what have i gotten myself into i have nothing to do i know i know my mother in her grief now i know she will not be happy with me because she want me against my attitude before she died i mean who is even going to believe me with all the atrocities i have committed in this community believe me i don’t have a hand in this hey so for real i will just die for something i know nothing about hey dk this is the end of the vote please just forget whatever that has happened in the past please tk so you can beg yeah wondershare never says so you can bring down yourself like this go back i i just want you to help me begin tell him i do not have your hand in others disappearance please if you don’t have a hand in her disappearance then why are you here ichiki has reported me already to the elders and they have just given me two days to bring back others i’m sorry hey nikki you don’t want to die that’s absolute right when they kill you you die and you come back it will teach people like you a lesson the arrogance after bonus does not be look i don’t have time for you i have changed please leave my heart you are a woman um yes is forgive me for all i have done to you in the past i i swear it wasn’t intentional okay okay please stand up don’t worry about my naming down there i’m used to kneeling down since i was born don’t worry please all i just want you to do is help me help me beg your brother eg tell him i have nothing to do with her dad’s disappearance eh i swear you shouldn’t take this matter to the palace please dk you’re begging me yes i’m begging you am i dreaming oh is this i don’t have a handy head you will pay for all the atrocities you have cost in this village yes you will pay you pay you come back what are waiting for let’s take it for us now we gave you three days and this is the third day i want to see my daughter oh is i’m sorry i i disappeared deliberately why dk so you can cry and beg to kill an innocent soul where did you go to help i’m sorry i did what i did just to teach dk and others out their lesson so either tell me where did you go to where did you go to huh on that fateful day i went to your place okay well your mom stopped me from seeing you because of the king mama so on my way going back home i met amica you have been crying since morning till now 2k hmm what do you want me to do when your mom said i should never come back to your house again i don’t want to lose him yes that’s just unity that work now trust me now yes okay so you’re capable of this kind of thing ah dk i advise you to change for the better i’m a church person you can never get anything you want by force i swear it is not my heart why would you stop me never supporting my life okay anything like do do do you.