Shadow Figure At Disney World

Jun 28, 2021 20:00 · 2914 words · 14 minute read

there it is guys this is the beginning of the all-star music resort which is one that i said was currently closed down due to the pandemic we actually saw a shadow figure it’s a little bit eerie during the day even it doesn’t even have to be late at night to be eerie welcome to the all-star movies resort we are so excited to be staying here tonight what an awesome value resort this is one of three there’s the all-star movies which is this one the all-star music and the all-star sports resort hopefully the all-star music and the all-star sports resort will be reopening again soon i do believe they are currently refurbishing their rooms but they have been closed for one year since the pandemic go back here and show you guys some of the different theming that they have going on here this is the 101 dalmatians area that is actually where we’re staying currently which we thought was pretty cool since the 101 dalmatians movie just came out i love the fire hydrants i think that’s a cool touch one other thing that i really think is a neat touch is down here let me show you guys immediately you can tell something’s up because there are bones everywhere here on the sidewalk which i think is an amazing touch sorry it’s a little bumpy here but you got the cruella de vil car there and there’s the bad guy with the box truck and there are some giant dalmatians down here we are gonna go check them out you can already see pongo there and there’s purdy i love how they have the dalmatian markings on the building right behind them i think that’s so cool i love all the little dalmatians running around looks like little film strips they’re running through the film strips that’s pretty cool okay guys so check it out our room number is 47.

58 go ahead in so the rooms were recently refurbished here at the all-star movies resort i believe they are working on refurbishing all of the all-star resorts if i’m not mistaken so there’s our mini fridge here’s an ice bucket coffee maker some nice shelving for odds and ends of course we have our hats there right now and there’s another light there’s another light right there and then of course we have the pull down bed i’ll show you guys that in just a couple minutes but i love how it doubles as a table during the day i think that’s pretty awesome we have a huge flat screen tv right here plenty of drawers available nothing in there nothing in there it smells so good though it smells brand new nothing in there and then of course we have a safe a bible and extra pillow how cool is that nothing in the safe let’s just double check so one thing i absolutely love about these refurbished rooms and all the new disney resorts is there are plenty of places to charge your phones your laptops any kind of odds and ends that you may have that is always a problem for us but not when we’re at disney very cool i love the lighting the light fixtures are very cool i also love that they include so many pillows so there are six pillows right there which is perfect because when you pull down that bed you’ll have plenty of pillows for everybody and there’s a nice little nightstand um plenty of plugs there also both sides going into the bathroom what’s up guys i got my sun hat i am ready to go to discovery cove tomorrow plethora of things in here some tissues uh the brush is ours of course it does not come standard with the room uh extra toilet paper you guys know how valuable that is of course we got our blow dryer and an iron some more tissues and just want to let you guys know even in the value resorts they do offer h2o spa that’s amazing that is awesome yeah here’s a closet some hangers in it and the ironing board is right on the other side there in case you need to iron anything there’s some more little spaces down here like cubby holes extra towels and bam we’re in the bathroom so plenty of towels here the baby wipes do not come standard those are our own addition to the room take them everywhere we go so there’s the bathroom and plenty of towels in here these showers are all new you got your revitalizing shampoo revitalizing conditioner and body wash i love that the value resorts have started getting rain shower heads that’s so relaxing and it’s really like a five-star resort so now i’m just going to show you guys how easy it is those are some really heavy-duty chairs though for real watch this i think this is the coolest thing once you get it started it’s really easy these guys are sleeping and that’s what you’re going to be doing as soon as you open up that bed so comfortable okay let me show you how easy it is to put it back look at this super easy i wouldn’t let a little kid do that it could be dangerous so we’re gonna go outside now we’re gonna show you guys around we’re staying in the 101 dalmatians section which is section four really cool can’t wait to take you guys with us let’s go all right guys if you want the red carpet treatment be sure to call up buena vista rentals for your next theme park scooter rental or stroller rental they got you covered let them know raptor adventure sent you and they’ll give you the red carpet treatment there goes a really cool lion king bus guys check that out that’s awesome they’ve had some really cool themed buses here this trip i’ve been noticing some buses that we’ve never seen before all right guys we are headed in we are going on the red carpet right now this is the lobby here at the all-star movies resort theming is pretty awesome definitely feels like classic hollywood in here plenty of seating areas hello to the left here is the store actually i’ll go ahead and take you guys in there we actually tried to go in there during the live stream but uh it wasn’t the best reception so we’re gonna go on in now toy story got the classic disney characters awesome plushies here sorcerer mickey who the main pool is themed after here you got your goofy and pluto got some disney clothing here nice selection actually you can find quite a bit of the same items here at the resorts as you can in the parks back here are the snacks a couple things right here they have the rice krispie treats and the unicorn lollipops i just noticed that they have some cheetos here in case you want to feed some pigs funny these are definitely new additions i’ve never seen these before these are new you got the the goofy honey barbecue pop potato chips and then you’ve got the mickey squirrel mini rice crisps those sound good both of them sound really good and they have their classic the kettle corn the confetti popcorn that is really good guys just got to tell you it’s so good uh the cheddar popcorn and the caramel corn for all of our star wars fans that top mug there is also a disney refillable mug that you can refill at your resorts 29.

99 the price is a bit steep but it is a refillable mug for the length of your stay now these ones down here these are the ones that you guys have seen us have before in previous videos these are 20 what has lisa found is it mouse coin it’s mouse point there you go i was looking at these the other day i think these are so cute i love the colors what do you have there is that a turret a turret zipper i bet that’s going to be for the 50th anniversary yeah that looks like a 50th anniversary cup those are pretty cool how much are they 24.

99 nice oh lisa found herself a snow globe that plays music let me see it’s probably tails all this time yes that’s my jam oh yes did it turn i don’t think it turned out of course they got the wine plenty of beverages back here for your enjoyment some more wine and beer back here of course all your personal items that you may require starting to get a little bit crowded in here oh look at those are those pjs i gotta say i’m not a fan of that color shirt i’m not i like the other colors on it but i do not like the yellow i love that mickey towel right there though all right we are going to head out towards the pool and hang a left here and the food court is right in here to the left right here world premiere food court they do have an arcade here but it’s currently closed so next time we’re here maybe it’ll be reopened i think it’s due to cover you know they don’t want people touching everything so that’s probably good that’s probably a good thing i’m gonna go ahead and go through the doors and under the giant star here look how cool that is and this is the main pool this is sorcerer mickey the fantasia pool we’re gonna hang a left and go around that i think our tour is probably gonna wrap up right before it starts to rain hopefully this is silver screen spirits they have some some drinks here look at this guys this is so cool hey buddy you want to race this is awesome look at those tires wow look at the giant buzz lightyear oh this is cool this is so cool we’re going through the door into andy’s room that’s really cool it says keep out guys but i think we’re going to go through oh wow this is really cool this is like maybe the coolest part of the whole resort and we just started out finding it out we did not even know this was a thing had no idea there was a toy story part of this resort okay that’s the biggest buzz lightyear on the planet to infinity and beyond look at this okay look at rex here guys isn’t he cute he’s a nervous rex guys look at this this is so cool it says woody here and what do you think is right beside that a big woody this is pretty cool guys this is our herbie the love bug not the one that was in the movies pretty sure but this is actually the one that was used in the magic kingdom parades from 1978 to 1990 really awesome they actually have a whole herby the love bug themed section right here at the disney’s all-star movies resort i just saw a rabbit running around back here i’m gonna go see if we can find him they got the tires all set up here that is awesome let’s see if we can find this rascally rabbit that’s excited and jumping all around oh my goodness there’s a there’s a bird hi bud what you doing what’s up don’t expect to see oh okay rabbit was right around here somewhere it looked like from where i was sitting i don’t see him back here somewhere though i bet they have a nest back here that’s my that’s my best guess look at these beautiful flowers though it smells so nice here over here they have the giant tools so awesome it’s a giant fantasia book really cool all this theming is pretty awesome toy soldier there’s a ballerina up there and a super creepy jack in the box there’s the jack in the box look how creepy he is that’s creepy all right guys this is the toy soldier i was telling you guys about who has an amputated lake look at sorcerer mickey go that’s awesome so this is the duck pond pool this is the other pool here at disney’s all-star movies resort this one if you couldn’t tell is themed to the mighty ducks movie which is also really cool the laundry and the bathrooms there’s the mighty ducks hockey mask also the entrance to one of the buildings really cool they got the hockey sticks all lined up here there it is guys this is the beginning of the all-star music resort which is one that i said was currently closed down due to the pandemic so sad this really makes my heart break there you go it’s a little bit more of a close-up so you can see what’s going on in there but a lot of the shrubs and trees are overgrown honestly though for being uninhabited for a year they’re doing pretty good it could be a much much worse i just hope that things are back to normal again real soon for them um because disney’s a great place and you know honestly i know they’ve lost a lot of money but the truth is they’ve raised their prices a lot i know it was so that they can maybe make some money back look we’ve got a little furry little friend here hi buddy but there’s a a new uh halloween party that they’re having it’s not mickey’s not so scary they’re calling it something else this year but the prices are astronomical unless we get on the media list this year there’s no way we’re going to be able to afford to go i really don’t think it’s going to happen let’s get as up close and personal as we possibly can here to this resort it’s a giant bongo drum i think that’s so cool i just love the theming here let’s go back to where we were seeing the shadow figure in the live stream if you guys did not catch the live stream be sure to go check that out we actually saw a shadow figure back here i’m gonna go to the spot where it was it’s a little bit eerie during the day even it doesn’t even have to be late at night to be eerie oh i think i just passed the spot we’ll go down here and we’ll turn around come back man i wish i could go in there right now that would be the coolest see it’s definitely getting overgrown in here but i know they’ll get that all cleaned up and it’ll be looking brand new once they reopen it because they’re supposed to be switching out the the rooms just like they did at the all-star movies resort where we’re staying and it looks amazing they did it at the pop century first that was the first value resort that they redid and it looks so good we’ll just go right here this is a cool part of it i love having this scooter because it really does help as far as um making the filming more smooth and also it’s saving my knee because my knees been bothering me a little bit there we go i love that that’s so cool there we go that’s what it would look like if it didn’t have the barricade don’t look like that pretty cool so cool here i can’t wait till they reopen hopefully soon guys hopefully very soon there goes a lizard i can’t realize how wooded it was back here well there’s double barricades here oh there’s a pond you know what that means there’s probably some pond monsters in there i betcha there might be i’m not gonna get close enough to find out this is as close as i’m gonna get to that wow that’s pretty big that’s a huge pond somebody lost a sandal have you lost a sandal back here i found it it’s funny that it’s just one look at all the um shipping containers back here this is crazy i mean i guess it makes sense you know they’re using it for storage right now since the resort isn’t open you know they might as well utilize the space right here is where we saw the shadow figure guys it was right there in those trees and i don’t see anything right now almost back to our room and then it will be time to go unfortunately guys definitely miss using this scooter but i don’t have the scooter i mean it makes it so much easier to film just really cool shots more cinematic for sure so you check this out i might have to get a scooter just for filming again huge shout out to buena vista Rentals thank you guys so much we appreciate you again guys be sure to go to buena vista rentals for all of your scooter and stroller needs they are amazing thank you so much guys we love you we appreciate all of your love and support and we’ll see you on our next raptor adventure you.