[Prophetic Message] The Hope of Glory - Kat Kerr (June 21, 2021)

Jun 21, 2021 22:00 · 5915 words · 28 minute read

Hi this is Joan Hunter welcome to another awesome Facebook live I love coming to And I’ve been coming I’ve been doing a lot of teaching And I’ve been actually having some of my friends come on because it Just give the little variety And today I have a very very special friend of mine And her name is Kat Kerr Welcome to Facebook live with me Hello Joan I’m excited to be here today Well I am so excited I have been thoroughly enjoying Your declaration Free And whenever you feel prompted Facebook live You just get in there And you go for it And And you just don’t care what anybody thinks You know what I mean I was watching last night Declare and decree You know we had like four or five this around your work we’re yelling with you and Thousand The same time and I’m like This is such a Incredible toy Of unity In the body of Christ Oneness Declaring decreeing speak Teaching together Shirts of a things that God’s got on your heart I just know that A lot of people don’t know what time it is I’m God’s timeline And when they don’t do that it can cause confusion they can assume the wrong things Sometime technologist involved Or they just go to the end of the Bible and think that’s it And that’s One of the things that God has asked me to Talk about almost every time I talk at least mention it That is not the end I’m not saying we’re not in the end times but this is not the end Go to meetings and laugh you know that he wants We need to accomplish Wyndham And it hasn’t happened And he has assured me the father has assured me He’s not sending his son to rescue us all out of here The Rapture will not be a rescue partying and the first time you said that I’m like wow that is a great way to say it That’s very appropriate yes The Rapture when it does, guess what nobody knows but the father That’s why I I will not give a date on it live people tried to pressure me and wifey Give you dating anyone Guess what I don’t think he’s giving anybody D-Day Because His son said he’s the only one that knows And what do you want Do is focus on ruling raining Taking Authority like Jesus said Occupy which means take Dominion Until he comes back It doesn’t mean climb on your rapture rug and white And not but the Holy Holy Spirit I think is one of the funniest People I know He’s always giving me these One-liners that describe exactly how Or what God has said to him And it’s not the end Alright people back talking to my phone backup You mean go all the way back to March Seeing if you want And the disciples And even at that time Jesus said the end is not yet And so I tell people the end is not yet that’s what he still saying to me He does talk a lot about the revealing of the spiritual King Price right now in this world I take authority Manifest Beginning to appear on the Earth And he has assured me the Enterprise is not even on the Earth right now Let’s not waste your time talking about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse He said they’re still on the barn after the holy spirit says they’re still in the barn And he said no Christ jaiva The commission the authority Even though The Revelation on the kingdom itself Roman Reign in the Kingdom The kingdom Again a lot of the body do They don’t understand They don’t understand their Authority or Or even how to operate there So they let fear get in and the enemy jumped on that fear train and he runs at Wild Does beer train is going crazy right now It’s going crazy Appointment Aaron you almost can’t even Picture Or think of anything else happening in yet we’re supposed to call those Things that be not as though they were Don’t talk about the stuff that is going We get Change that By what we believe the actions we choose and the things we did Declare And the boy are declaring his demon Gloom in the end coming guess what you Your phone’s going to believe Going to believe that What is the opposite of faith Yes when you have tear Then there is no face Space cannot operate Nearest fear will block all of that When’s we remove the fear than face can go straight ahead I have seen People even Especially this chart Spirit-filled Christian That are Do fearful I’m dying They’re fearful of the rapture They’re fearful of the Antichrist You’re beautiful Abdulaziz whatever disease it might be And you’re like going this is like really ridiculous You know it looks like we’re this is a time when the body crises Rise up Be strong And do all that God has called us You know You know Because we have put our trust In the wrong We put our trust God These things are going to turn around You are absolutely right and this is the Season This is the season of The High Calling of God that’s what he tells me Would you think that doesn’t mean there won’t be B complex You think the devil wants to let go of it it’s already he has built himself the platforms he built high up in the showroom You think she wants to just let that go And yet our war We have is that we we have weapons to fight that where we are not literally physically Going to go fight that war is his spiritual battle the army of Heaven is Waiting You coming in our side and And yet people are so filled with fear and their face I think it’s just On the back Berner Somewhere I don’t know but they need to keep that up as what they need to do Because this is Step out in faith In faith and belief in chess Zing God And those are important Austin step Step out and Show all I know for years I know you and I understand about being trapped in the closet you know how God has in the closet for a long time We did all of our prayer warriors He doesn’t want to do that anymore it won’t happen Right now we’re supposed to visit Taking Authority operating in Our faces Bloating I’ll just be able to see this is how you roll You don’t wait to everything is just fine and everything going smoothly no you Help that change yourself By what you believe by what you’re trusting God was I taking his very words An operating in what it says That’s supposed to be absolutely And in the thing is it’s like The word says in Isaiah 49 25 but this is Allure He who contends with you I will It also ends And I will save your children So our job is You fight our job Is to worship I love the songs that we fight our battle It is like we fight our battles Worship Yeah and that’s what’s so important We worship Worship Tre Thank you We’re going to see What are very Bean wannabe we’re going to rise up Like we’ve never GreenStar life And this is a time and a season Or things to Supernatural Turn around Brighthouse Bearded God Just say I don’t want this Spear anymore and because Spirit cheer connection become a stronghold Yes and God can’t even overriding Stronghold When worth hanging onto You’re right you know and this is a time of weird to walk Sligo You’re absolutely right I love it And I know people think it sounds so I’m going to take this is your time to celebrate It is a time to celebrate He is in the power that Of course he is all power all knowing Dear God And yet We are his sons and daughters and we’re supposed to be just like Hamilton According to what the word says We’re coming yes you died to eradicate But he also died to take back our Authority from hell Adam gave away We have the right to rule and reign in this world she gave up this world Wasn’t given It wasn’t given to hell Which has been taking advantage of the fact that we haven’t been doing very much Much about it We just been waiting for something Thing to happen that we have to fight fight fight against we’re supposed to set an atmosphere of a habitation of Heaven on this That’s why we’re here we are like in this world we know you’d like but guess what you’re like do And that way I can begin to burn so brightly that the enemy within one point look at He’s a burning Inferno and that is the power in the light of God can’t us X price In us the hope of glory It’s like icing People Seriously forget every scripture they ever learned or they used to operate in And I think this is exactly what the enemy It’s what he want Really a virus It’s not even a play It’s not a plague is not a disease it is a virus Passes Speedball And it’ll pass As long as He tolerated it might remain My son’s house Noticed No latch No no attacks of the enemy I think that’s What is this word tolerating and sometimes By getting in fear By believing what we’re seeing Calling those things Are not as though they were here So we’re supposed to do the opposite of what the enemy is Offering to us Fui means fear is like throwing gas on a fire Yes Juno and ended Just finished I just become so much bigger But it’s just it’s literally crazy The thing is I want to You know I want to really encourage all of you that are watching Did this is the time When we need to relinquish Any kind of sphere Really trusting God Brazen Because You know what if you look back on your life And I can look back and God saved my life when I was pregnant My mom was pregnant Nn Come to shoot us We didn’t get killed praise God And there’s so many times When Death Who’s at my door When I was pregnant giving birth in ready to give birth to my oldest daughter They said we’re going to take the baby in the morning And hope to save the baby but there’s not any help for your wife And I’m like I didn’t know that thank God cuz I didn’t want to come into agreement with that So by morning I was totally completely Heal Had her the following week And I went on to have free more concise olafur And Come in and Griffith We need to thank God For the times when We didn’t have any money for food on our table and yes I was and I come home from work And there’s bags everywhere.

12:19 - And how God met my every need And it’s like that the communion and a lot of people really doing communion this year On a daily basis More than ever And so as a communion is happening is this This do in remembrance of me Remembrance Yes of Jesus Christ dying on But you know what what did he do for you today That’s right I don’t let her An email say put money in your account tomorrow Hallelujah Yeah Church Saturday night When I got back to my My phone did That’s fine I’m not seen that And if somebody else is putting money in my account What it’s like every time I turn around You know whatever it is and they’re going I can’t believe That you are as healthy as you are at your age I hate using that term but you know They want to put you in the category of no good anymore because you hit 65 You know I like I’m 67 and thank God Check every month I’m planning on being Timeless so I don’t even talk about age anymore okay But we had a birthday in May I got what I mind I feel bright all year-round I do to isolate all the time but I’m I’m not Giving up on my declaration What are we do today Declare you will match your decree Eat the words of religion You know all those scripture Just people better be reading James and sayings Things about that because You can change literally the way you You operate the way you feel even the Your body And the way your body operate By what You say what you You believe If you believe in God for that And he tells me be What time do Planning an end My life I’m being charger that I will be here as long as he wants me here And I’m running my race I’m not crawling it okay until we but even if I know people began to Declare life the life of God to be in their body And they came against every sign of sickness Infirmity in their body And they got stronger and stronger until they were completely whole And they don’t stop saying that now With a Participating with Cigna What people on this Natural Earth expect to happen to them I’m expecting for what God wants from me I’m expecting what he has chosen And that’s what we need to believe what he has said to you no run after what he sent you You better written it down somewhere because when you write things down something happened to the Sparrow People don’t just let them hear something and just let it go in and out Hey kitten Aubrey in Yeah I just recorded Last month I recorded a Teaching on goal Setting goals Without a vision the people perish You’re right in Statement which I thought was so amazing 95 + Set Go And then five But the five Do 95 + Actually accomplish those goals So what we’re saying Write it down without a business people fairy Write your goals out what do you want to do Are you what you want to do for God What do you want to do as a family what do you want to do is a minute Things like this what do you hope to accomplish And as you have this goal Then it’s going to make it a whole lot You know right it down is with the Bible Write it down We don’t have to exit because they have I know but You know we can write on Sticky notes on her mirror in our bathroom Who did Inferno What are you doing today Accomplish That go You know and it’s like I wanted I wanted Go back to the gym and get fit Sunday You have goals But they don’t Complete their goals SD in this is what’s really hard Is the Like when I go to heaven I want God to say two things Number one Everything I ask Second thing is Well done thou good and faithful servant NSI And in every blessing I had for you You receive Every Blessing And it’s like I don’t want all my blessings Stockpiled in heaven But I didn’t think I was You know that God has so much That I’m pulling down like you You talked about earlier Pulling this down Into the realm of the natural And and so what’s it’s so important that we That what he has That we are good enough if we don’t feel were qualified then that makes Even more Godly Never thought I would have my own I never thought I would ever be doing Facebook like I never thought I would even write a book Wengie 21 Inference 22 is almost done Because I don’t know a lot of people don’t even know this that And all the authors who start books 10% ever get published What’s a 100 people start about 10% actually get published because They don’t give up Pursue that and let me tell you It’s not the easiest thing in the world when you’re already busy when you’re already got you Noah Cole listen to both sides You have to make yourself stop and do that tygodni Books written He’s always willing to put a pen in the hand of the ready Rider that means you’re ready to ride it And get it finished Because it will change The nighttime Get my latest book But just came out last month is called miracle And if you don’t believe in miracles by time you get through the book You will believe in miracles Schmidt New Testament nowadays Credible testimonies of Miracles Yan People are getting Shield as they’re reading the book they’re getting here when they get the Revelation that God wants to heal that Cheddar getting set free They see him doing it for others you know and Because that is his heart He desired number one that none should perish obvious But he also wanted Hold he wants Prosper And people like you said Sears probably in them or they think they’re not worthy which is a Lie from hell Animals that are read Bible Anywhere People here I tell them that’s from hell That is not from God God is for you he’s not against He’s got great plans He wants you running your raise you want you taking Authority everyday of your life You rule don’t run away okay don’t hide This is our time to shine for him And I said you have to get your whole mindset Lose all that garbage out of you cast your cares on price I mean is all kinds of Read the word Re-read the word people then start doing what it says If you never have a supernatural You never have a heavily Hey his word is powerful It was a reason why he had it written Begin to apply the word Things will be added You and I All the time If you have lucky nice remember this Shane Doan right Naked person ever He will be added But if you’re sitting in a corner just Braided dog in the end somebody’s going to come get you Destroy your life The enemy lying Gu Listen to Every thought Captain right that rises up again Cancel God wants for you As you take Delight in the Lord He will give you the desires of your heart yes Okay if you if you gripe and complain And why you don’t have enough money you’ll never get out of debt you’ll never make it through this you’ll there All That cast.

20:42 - As a parent If you’re around whiny kids and whiny grandkids They’re not I don’t want to spend time with her number one number two Is I want to Shower You know I give them $5 over is that all you have Grandma You know Why don’t And anyway in And so here we’re dealing with all these different What is going on here And so what happens if As they go old grandma I love you I love coming your house And I love you Looking eyes You know Whatever you want You know I’ll give you my money I’ll give you this I’ll give you that you know All that Shower Actually recognize the ESV It brings joy to his own heart people think will I need you I need to You know what is Awesome The heart of God And you make him Rejoice animation celebrate What are the other reasons why we’re here right that’s all part of worship Our lives are lived as worship All the things that we say on his behalf more human Recognizing Drawers She is gone To the Heart of Worship right it says he Embraces it busy And as we worship Him Presence just Comes in Where You Are And where I am Yeah just feels The room Yes as we are talking I am hoping that you and turn are experiencing Is greed Prison Where You Are Yesterday I was I was watching a church service And from a friend of mine Unless you was talkin Okay Right in the middle of everything In the middle of the message everything Stop And I went Stop That was like Stop a message Okay And I want to stop And I want everybody just Raise your hands And just say Thank you Jesus I worship And and I’m sitting there This is not a good camera shot Plywood Back in my chair And I’m like oh my gosh this was like The power guide It’s actually Rytec.

Spain in the Spirit right there Did my in the kitchen An area And I’m like This is amazing Jesus looking for Estes Worship Him Praise Him Chim You know early in the year most of us got You know $1,200 We had $2,400 in our house phone Glory to God that we need No we didn’t need it but it was like Glory to God’s help You know A lot more action But but the thing is It’s like you know People are going Like $1,200 Thank you Jesus Show me bless me with $100 today I’m like Call ritika grateful Yes I’m thankful for Every Single Dollars It comes in every Free single blessing Every single revelation Honor book You know I have I become Thinking about this booking I just need time to ride it Hello I got time to write for it.

24:30 - You know it’s at the editors now So which is like really really awesome Sing is this like what God is doing He’s looking for people That will praise him You’re looking for financial breakthrough Praise him Before the Breakthrough Not complained about the lack Crazy for the Breakthrough I can’t wait to get my house paid off That’ll never happen Shut your mouth Life and death in the power Stop saying things like that okay Doing desert we have is is on the house And cars are paid for everything paid for which is like really awesome Ministry added Building Camera Quest No doubt whatsoever And this is the way God likes it this way you want it You know in praise God You know we have a savings account you know We got money saved up in case you want to do something Special or whatever We have not even used it we had stayed up for Christmas What do not trouble you Christmas And we haven’t had to touch it Glory The God praise God that is awesome It is it’s really awesome Yeah all my needs are always met the heaven for some You know that is such a From God And I am great Everything That comes in it doesn’t matter what it is you know I’m great Godwin Anybody says God that.

25:53 - He spoke to the heart to bless And the money if she Because you know why we’re running our race We’re going forward in the Kingdom or not Wingstop has hold his back Delay us get us in You know precious down know we we are above The enemy has thrown at us You have to learn to just let me Things go love people any Play Never sometimes They don’t know what they’re saying dinner with guys And I think That is so great in the stomach Beautiful people Even people you don’t know no matter what is this playing Speaking against you They don’t understand they’re helping the enemy But I’m running my race I choose to be happy I choose to have the joy Lord I choose to Celebrate I live with expectation That God is using me because number one Imma Bang An obedient you know in the day of his power by the way This is the Davis Powers not the day of his rap We have not been appointed unto wrath wrath is not coming That might be a little private Sing but I can tell you I got timeline Time for rap It is his time for his son to be seen and known in this earth For the knowledge The glory to be cheering around the circle by us Who are running after him and want No matter what you see Will be thankful Wake up if you don’t have expectancy ask God for father I ask when receive accept I have sworn receive joy and celebration Excitement Guess what the Doom and Gloom believe Because you’re not receiving that you’re Declaring what he has for all of us That isn’t Just me and John that is any person out there Who wants the more of God you want to live a life like that you Tell you a whip No matter who’s around you trying to control you no matter what your circumstances are you still choose Yourself How your life will be By what you believe by what you You say Your own actions You change the app Being around you You can have the favor of God in you all the time and And follow you all the time If you are declaring that you believe in For that But believe or something Besides the end besides gimenez Doom and Gloom and lose your house or car Evict beer out of your house if you open the front door and Chicken all out it doesn’t loan You know if Heaven is around you the witnesses What are they cheering And I know I’ve been to Heaven many times if they came back Get a life Get rid of Reynolds beer and run after what God has for you in this time Demonstrate and manifest for him so this world will know who he is I totally agree And and the joy of the Lord is our strength You’re right The joy of the Lord if you don’t feel joyful What do you do Turn on some worship music You can go You know on on television on your Yeah you can get you a Worship channel and really really experienced Great and Mighty things The time of Supernatural breakthrough Like never before Yes it is the time of Supernatural Income Increase Like never before absolutely you know people are getting bonuses are getting raises There in a time when What You know When you would say no and You know in and different things like that and is the time when God Really he’s pulling out the stops Blessings of God to those that worship Love him Disturbia Those have been faithful Tell you this If you lost your job he has something Better for you You know maybe Maybe what you have is okay why not expect and believe for the greater thing that God has for you This is Deborah The time for him to show up and show up on our behalf You want some Those who believe in him those who will worship Him All the time we’re not mention Bibelot okay but your worship draws heaven Weed a habitation I have 24-hour Worship in my home I know Sunday Do you know what I have to do it I have Have to have that That brings life to me that brings God’s presence The angels When I start Having at work And by the hundred they walked right Open over my home people you can do it yourself That’s right I am Because of who I love Do white worshipping Believe That’s how you do what you do They will they have this I don’t have that what are you doing and what are you Do you want to open portals of Heaven Begin to worship until you all worship It also also Choices the enemy he hates it when we worship Satan doesn’t want YouTube worship God Guess what one you fear Him Don’t let Fear control you Sitting in the enemy Negative if it’s Doom and Gloom Bring If it’s a if Angel It is not It was bad from Hell episode God Because he is a good God and his heart is for us The more you worship the more his Your home I got your little people Even my mom sees angels My husband was Season 1 Download I did is because my Worship Write my buddy Dukes that it’s 3 a.

m. I’m out in the middle of the street We’re in a nice quiet I want the middle and I just begin to worship him out loud I adored him How much you love him How blessed I am that he has chosen you to be a part of things I want to be more like Chim I want And I just been working Thank you for the stars in the sky I thank him for the ice thank you And why not try that you can Enterprise The power of God begin to feel you because His presence Spilling you Anyone feel the same And also need is it as You worship Him You build a portal Then goes up Which makes the blessings come down through it You’re right And then that’s what’s so important that we And the power Of the worship To go through Do the Breakthrough Yeah and then to the blessed Income down even if Greater way Yes And let me tell you.

32:58 - People do worship And haven’t been yet I call it living Neuron When you go to live instead you’ll never stop Giving him you’ll be so great EarthBound Is that same thing on Earth as it is in heaven And I will tell you this That I was in heaven one time and I saw people worshipping their caught up And they were riding a Skype having on their worship Taking it Into the throne room Work God was And that so My thoughts about The power of praise And you don’t stop doing that and have an itchy That you literally can Steve Frazier Spiritual thing Is a Tran JanSport It still brings up the blessing Think of God and Everyone in Heaven Knows Your worth You’re riding in the very worship that you’re saying your But in August Godzilla As worship God recognizes Siri It blessed Increase in Aroma incense in the What’s wrong when you Worship it becomes something spiritual Tangible thing Over over covers over God and blessings What is Tangela becomes like a liquid Golden Sands In the throne room so if people understood the Power of Raise And the power of gratitude and blessing YouTube Hannibal and Spirit Realm It has been taken before this So you’re not just singing the song You’re giving him a part of you that goes up Yes And it’s just it’s so incredible And you know I mean there is power in Praise Well that’s just a crochet snowman there is power in Praise And thank him Thank you for things But he’s doing on your behalf that you can’t see That’s where faith comes in You know and work And I believe it right now we’re going Rasiya greater manifestation of God In our lives and our Ministries than we’ve ever seen before the two of you all’s Ministry no Each one of you have a minute You have a minute To use you in a supernatural way Amen Amen What wonderful I appreciate you joining me today Miss My friend and I miss seeing you in person but this is really awesome and thank you for sharing with everybody Tell him how they can get in touch with you Website Etc And watch your Facebook life Yeah I do have a public Facebook page and a public use Channel And it’s decapped her And I know Jen knows all the rest of it I do have a website revealing heaven.

com What we talked about events and when we have our store there we can get things that will give you more revelation I also have cat forgot, which is my spiritual platform to God Speak song says whatever he wants to 21 And there’s all kinds of videos you can watch there that will help you Freya in a different way maybe more powerful way to rule and reign with Christ Uou no. 2 Call Ian the host of having to wear on your behalf is all kinds of things How to ask for grace for abundant life ever Everyday of your life You’ll from heaven Are listening to yourselves that you don’t want them buying the life in the love of God you’re so that will change you Iskcon having culture.

com Revealingheaven. com Are you can call her office You need yours 9045 2719 943 that’s her office number If you have questions about things and you can ask We have events coming up I think Starting in July I didn’t really plan much at all for this Spring it was just God you know he knew we’d be But I can’t wait to see you again and so there’s all kinds of ways you can learn more about what God is saying In the world And I say the true prophets of God are talking about life and the power of God his presence The glory covering the Earth Australian raining with prize taking Authority oh Danny Enemy making in Japan Living your life Dying from us Regardless of what else is going on in the world Because we are over all that with Jesus Christ price Nu Is the hope of glory that’s his hope For you That you will he is the hope of glory Carry the glory and released the glory in this world And that’s what are Definition is Number of the body of Christ So I say God bless you Run your race with Jesus Christ get rid of every weight Any fairs in There’s any concern And learn to live your life For him I’m with him Abacus And I appreciate that and anybody that your listing that you You want prayer You can give the ministry a call at 281-789-7500 You can send a prayer email Prayer at Hunter.

Org Food your phone number switch Call you back Play with you Thank you so much cat appreciate Taking the time And God bless you God bless I said hi Oh I will Yes I mean she’s got I think now they’re contact her And she will pray that little but that book that day decoration Decorations Miami She’s telling people that she Seek out your website And get that book Miracles miracles She still tells people that she loves you I’m sure she would want to say hi Give me today so God bless you You God bless Bye-bye.