Lets Chat about Updates - Tristyn Bailey, Cash Gernon and then series talk Broderick and Benoit

Jun 26, 2021 16:00 · 5243 words · 25 minute read

i’m just good at caring too much i’m just good at caring too much is it too much hey guys it’s melissa and welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is melissa ellen and i do these true crime stories so the last couple weeks things have just been a little difficult for me in regards to recording there’s been just a couple cases that have kind of changed i wanted to work on them and just move some things along so what i’m going to do today is i have an update on two cases i think most of you are following one is a case that we’ve already done and then we’re going to talk about two other cases that i’ve been researching and i’ve decided not to do regular videos on them i actually want to try to do a series on them for a couple different reasons and i’m going to explain that to you and when we get to those cases so i do have everything time stamped for you down below the first two things we are going to do is i’m going to give you an update on tristan bailey we did a video talking about what happened to her recently and there have been some updates and i made a decision on what i want to do in regards to moving forward and covering the case in regards to the trial so we’re gonna talk about tristyn first then i want to talk about cash gernon and this was a case that i decided not to cover and the biggest problem for me is that just like in the tristan case there was so much and there is still so much bad public information that could almost interfere with the case it’s uncomfortable i don’t know where it’s going for like why people are saying the things they’re saying how they think they’re helping anyone in any way shape or form and it’s just awkward however there are a lot of reasons that i do want to talk about the kashgar non case and talking about what happens when people are trolling and when they’re causing all this public outcry and then talking about the system i mean at the end of the day cash was absolutely failed did that lead to his death probably not probably so it’s all kind of tied together uh and then also on top of that we are talking about someone who is responsible who appears to be clearly mentally ill however the system failed as well there with not taking care of that so i actually want to talk a little bit about the cash grant case and then i would like to come back to that case as well when it does get closer to trial when there’s not any interference i’d be running in any way and i could actually explain what happens in the trial what he actually gets charged with why and how they’re going to move forward with those charges okay so i will be doing that second and then at the end i’m going to talk to you guys about two cases that i had been working on that i want to do a series on one is going to be on betty broderick she was responsible for the murder of her ex-husband and his new wife and not it’s not really about betty broderick and unfortunately it’s not really about her victims but this case is a case that is used often to highlight a lot of different elements of domestic violence that people don’t really think about normally when you hear domestic violence you think about violence like being hit and and hurt and called names there is just such a bigger part of domestic violence that and call includes gaslighting financial abuse and so this this story brings that topic up do i think it’s the best story to talk about for this topic probably not however it is going to probably start a series for me on something that i am i’ve always been interested in covering so this is something those that have followed me know that i was in a very bad relationship prior i went through a lot of well all avenues of a violent relationship so i do want to do something on that and i would like to talk about the things that people don’t normally talk about and that would be the financial abuse the legal abuse that people go through from their partner so that is something i want to do and i want to turn that into kind of a series so i’m going to talk to you guys about that case really quick but that’s why i’m going to be moving forward and then also we had the case of chris benoit which was a wrestling superstar here in america well i guess worldwide and he had actually murdered his wife and son and then killed himself and the reason i wanted to talk about this case is that it was just it’s salacious it’s interesting and i heard that there was these conspiracy theories that people put out involving somebody else responsible and the you know wwe which is like the worldwide wrestling entertainment and so there was just a lot i was going to cover that however i did not take into account the fact that i was already looking at the veterinary broderick case which involved domestic violence and that does always bring some things out for me uh but then we were also now talking about steroid use which was a big part of something i caused what i we’re just not gonna put too much of my business out there but obviously this one was a very high trigger for me um however so i first i decided like i’m not touching that because i my head can’t take that that’s a little too much for me to think about right now uh however once doing research on the chris benoit case it turns out that a lot of this has to do with head injuries and the allowance of excessive overuse of steroids and i’m just kind of curious and i’m so freaking curious why people still say chris manuel wasn’t on steroids and steroid wage doesn’t exist like that is the most insane thing i’ve ever heard like it exists yeah no i promise you it does so those are what we’re going to cover today sorry for the long intro i just wanted to kind of get you guys where we’re going i have missed you guys like crazy um those that have been with me i’m yeah i miss you guys i just sometimes i just me and i just can’t get what i want to say on the video so it takes me a minute so let’s jump into the video okay number one let’s talk about tristan bailey tristan was a 13 year old little girl who was murdered on may 9th mother’s day of 2021.

i did a video talking about her case on may 21st now when i did that video i made it very clear that my intention was to just try to be a little bit of hope and light i believe that that works sometimes if you try to put that into the world um not to get out crazy on you guys but there were so many bad native things being posted about tristan there were so many fake accounts being made instagram twitter out of control just trying to make put the victim in a really negative light trying to there are even people that are still trying to pretend that they are pro for the killer like they love him that they’re fans of his it’s disgusting it’s it’s i don’t understand why people do it um but they do and it’s a common thing that’s been happening in the true crime world where people will use a case and beyond going like you know i get accused of clout chasing for you know using my face and putting myself in video trying to make money to by using victims but like that’s not happening first of all and second of all a lot of what we do is trying to actually bring awareness there are accounts that like they just they want that troll status like they want to be like the worst account who says the worst thing so they can get the most followers even though they’re absolutely disgusting and hated for what they’re doing and unfortunately there’s a lot of young kids like my son you know he’s 11.

he’s the one who came to me and i was like mom didn’t you say you talked about that girl and he’s like i saw this on tig talk and i’m like how is that even on your tech talk you know we take tock away because i’m like i don’t want you seeing that kind of stuff these people are just trolling and saying horrible things and i just think it’s very unfortunate the family lost a child a beautiful little girl who had so much to offer to the world and so much of her family and she’s just gone viciously i know everyone knows every detail of what happened so um i originally didn’t feel that there was any reason i would come back to this case unfortunately it’s it’s disgusting it’s horrible what aiden fuchi did to tristan but he murdered her it did come out since my video i don’t remember if this was in the video yet but he stopped her 114 times it appears that she might have been out that evening either snuck out or her parents weren’t careful about her curfew time to be in but she was out and she was at a friend’s house and she was walking back and it appears that she was walking with aiden she knew him but they weren’t like the best of friends or hanging out together and he attacked her they got into some sort of argument and he attacked her and he stabbed her and he killed her now since there are reports that aiden had already been telling friends prior that he had wanted to kill someone that he wanted to take someone and harm them so i’ve decided that i would like to cover this case when we get closer to trial because of i want to know were there other people that knew about this and who were these other people and how soon was this was this like a younger friend that just heard it the day before and he just as a kid and didn’t know what to say didn’t take it serious were these older kids were these multiple kids did teachers hear these rumors did did his parents know this i want to know if other people knew that aidan fuji was telling people that he wanted to kill someone and then he was let out in the evening with a young girl where he did kill her i want to know what his mother was thinking aidan fuji’s mother has been arrested she not only she didn’t just make a quick rash decision and try to wash some blood specs off of her son’s pants according to the report i believe it’s in the arrest affidavit she actually went into his room got the pants out of his hamper after he was already with the police and was looking at them inspecting them cleaning them over and over taking them into her room to look further so this wasn’t a rash decision his mother tried to make sure that the pants he was wearing when he was with tristan were cleaned so she was arrested and she has been released on bail and we will find out further on what that is going to mean for her and for aiden’s case but i just have a lot of questions so the first one was will he be tried as an adult and that decision was already made and he will be tried as an adult at the age of 14.

there’s a i don’t know guys okay i i have no problems with them trying as an adult what he did was vicious vile and out of control and this doesn’t need to be someone that has a chance to be released anytime soon they definitely need eyes on this person i had a lot of comments in the last saying that in the state of florida they do not do parole i didn’t i still didn’t take a moment to look up exactly like what the actual term is going to be for a minor but they do have a form of parole and that is a review and when you’re a minor and i believe this is federally now all minor cases are looked at after a certain period i believe it’s across 25 years everywhere correct me if i’m wrong but they’re never going to send a minor to prison and not look at the minor again to see and i’m not just talking about aiden i’m talking about any minor okay they’re not going to just sense them and then not look at their case again it’s just not how it works because of the fact that their brains aren’t developed and all these things that i know none of us want to give him like think about for him i’m talking about for other kids and for him 20 something years from now like they do need to come back and look at it so i’m not really sure what’s going to happen in trial like really what are the options for him at this point like you’re getting life in prison and you’ll be looked at in so many years like that’s what i thought is just very clear but a lot’s going to come out in this trial there are still a lot of rumors saying that she was actually assaulted sexually and i it does not appear so so if that does happen that would come out trial and that would be something that we would talk about then so i will be back later on in this case to talk about the dynamics of the child the defense that’s going to be introduced his mother’s involvement the other people that knew and just kind of an a whole around like how in the hell did nobody know that this boy was running around with the intention to kill somebody and then just did it so that yeah we gotta talk about that for sure uh until then i will link everything down below for you in regards to tristan bailey and anything that her family is asking to do in order to preserve her memory try to remember that this is a little girl who was lost and she’s not everything that happened to her that she’s a little girl whose family desperately misses her all right so moving forward i have a case that i’m going i’m going to do the case for you guys in the future when we get a little bit closer to trial and some things are clarified so that i can do one full video this is regarding the oh yeah i hate this one the murder of the twin cash guernin him and his four year old twin were asleep in their crib when they were he was removed from his crib by an 18 year old man by the name of darren brown who took him stabbed him and left him in the street it is horrible this was all caught on surveillance camera and darren then returned to the home a couple hours later and looked at the other twin carter but did not take him this case has gone crazy and i just don’t want to be in the mix of it yet because i don’t feel that i can help with anything yet i don’t feel i have anything to offer and it there’s so much troll mentality and clout chasing and weirdness that makes me just uncomfortable i don’t want to ever risk impeding an investigation so since this case is solved okay the only thing we could possibly be doing would be helping with the memory of the child and that has already been done there was a gofundme there’s memorials those things are there and if i can find anything that isn’t full of um a lot of trouble i will link it down below if you guys have a reputable source that you think that we could help cash’s family in any way and so i’m talking about carter his twin brother and he does have two siblings and they are all with their maternal grandmother now so if we want to do something for them i’ll link it down below if you guys have something let me know but here’s the deal i want to come back to this case because this little boy was staying in an unfit home and he was left there by his biological father who was on the run from the cops from an arrest a drug arrest that he had his children in the car and he didn’t want to go to rehab this child had apparently been being looked for but mostly just by the maternal grandmother the paternal grandmother was it’s a mess when i talk about a failed system because why wasn’t anyone ringing a damn bell an alarm months ago and i’m not talking about the maternal grandmother because she really seemed like she was trying to she was making the call she was contacting cps she was contacting the departments that she could and she was definitely trying but everyone else was just failing the father left just left these children to this woman that he’s just known a couple years i mean he knows she has a drug problem in the past but like hey she’s a good mom you mean with the children she didn’t have for a long time that she just got back it’s a whole mess and it is absolutely a failure but the thing is is that we can’t undo a failure all we can do is use this failure as an example to advocate to change for the future and this is not how children should be living there’s no it’s just weird to me there’s these two twins in this world that are just living in someone’s house for months without anybody biologically related to them and nobody’s talking about it and how do you support them but then like you’re getting money from someone else yeah it’s a whole mess and i want to come back to talk about it on top of the fact that where he was living was a complete failed mess the suspect was already known for doing what he was doing he was already trying to commit this kind of crime he was already all over that neighborhood the police have been called the police have been notified and i understand that the met team i’m not sure what you’re gonna we call it so like the the mental health team that would be in each police department i believe they all have one they’re supposed to have one the mental health team is supposed to be the crisis management they’re supposed to be out there and say okay so hey neighbor you’re calling in because this guy broke your camera and then the neighbor would have been like yeah but he broke into so-and-so’s house and he broke into so-and-so’s house and he broke into so-and-so’s house he broke into this guy’s house and tried to kidnap his granddaughter he’s out of control he’s bad but the neighbors were like they didn’t quite want him arrested at first they wanted something done they wanted him to go get help they knew something was wrong with this kid and unfortunately this kid came back and took a boy and murdered him and it’s nobody quite knows why there are so many gossip and rumors that he assaulted the boy differently he just stabbed him okay i it’s awful there’s not always a further motive sometimes people are just too far struggled in their head i just want to be careful terminology because i’m not trying to insult anyone who has a high medical diagnosis that they struggle with and they take their medication and take care of themselves but some of these diagnosis are big and it takes a lot of responsibility and they weren’t being taken care of so i don’t know what the issue was fully at this time in regards to darren brown he has been charged with capital murder he is in jail uh and they are working through his evaluation to find out whether or not he is competent to stand trial yeah so i’m gonna come back to this one because we’re talking mental health and then we’re talking about a child and then the the system with like keeping track of our children in this world like all of this is all coming together so once it gets a little less murky and we get a little closer to trial i would like to come back and try to do a full video for you guys presenting everything that is actually factual from the affidavits and the court records so that i can present what is being presented in court so that when we do have verdicts in these cases that we understand whether or not we agree with them when we get them but we’ll understand how they got to those decisions and i think it would be best if we just go and cover it then until then again i will link anything i have down below for you in regards or if you guys have something in regards to how we can help cash grenade’s family um feel free to drop it down below i know there’s a lot of drama but i trusted my viewers to let me know if there is something that is reputable out there that we can actually help with his future it’s going to be very hard for carter to grow up without his brother and anything we can do to make that easier would be great also the woman who found the body of cash in the road was incredibly traumatized it traumatized her it was a bad experience she was out jogging and the way she came upon him her confusion with what was going on with him and the state of his body and being a child um was very traumatizing to her and i know a lot of people have gotten together to kind of be a support system for her and that is the good side of the true crime world that i really appreciate so we will link that for you down below now the two cases that i’m going to introduce to be part of a series let me just tell you guys really quick so betty broderick was married to her husband for 16 years i think by the time the marriage was ended and they had two children she was mostly a stay-at-home mom but she was also a working stay-at-home mom doing a lot of like tupperware sales avon sales working out the church nursery anything she could to do to try to help make ends meet her husband was in school at first he was going to medical school then he went through his medical residency and then he went to law school so his law school and all that was paid by loans and stuff that they had taken out because he knew that by the time he became a medical doctor so a malpractice lawsuit a malpractice lawsuit doctor a malpractice lawyer uh then he would be making a gargantuan amount of money like if they became rich rich rich rich rich while but prior to that during the time he was really going through all the school they lived you know on small means they tried to get by they did what they could and just everything they could for the kids to get by and live a good life but then he made it and this is when the children get closer into a little bit older and they make it and they’re making all kinds of money and her husband basically drops her for the younger assistant at the office we’ve all heard this story this is a very common one that gets brought up in the case of betty broderick and then from there starts this just insane trial of the divorce that they try to drag each other through you know when it gets to the point where he’s offered her 16 000 a month and she’s like no that’s not enough there’s a lot to consider because we are talking like if your husband is making 150 000 a month and you helped him build his business for 15 years and then he divorces you is 16 000 a month enough when you can’t go get a job you can’t find work you don’t know anything you’ve never worked like you don’t have the ability to ever live that life you were living and you also worked for that life because she gave up anything else so that he could do it so it kind of brings that conversation up but then you have this whole idea that they were harassing her she was harassing them okay i’m gonna get way too into it there’s so much but it brings up some really deep conversations that i would like to do a series on and that is and i don’t know how i want to put it together and i would love your guys’s input but i know that i want to talk on the fact of financial abuse and gaslighting be and legal uh abuse there these three things when you put them together can have more control over a woman or a man than anyone else okay that’s how you control a person is by controlling those things especially when it’s somebody who is technically a smart person who has a way to fight and they have that in them they’re smart they’re going to try and figure it out because they’re going to try and fix that because and then that’s how they get under it they’re under it they’re just trying to dig out they want to fix everything and they can’t um so i do want to do a series on that as well as the other case that i was going to talk about was going to be chris benoit now chris benoit was a famed world entertainment superstar wrestler it’s fake but it’s not i mean it’s fake wrestling but they really do get hurt because they do very big moves and just because they’re coordinated together somebody does have to take the brunt of the weight so when i got into this case i immediately started to back off as i said at the beginning of the video you guys i was in a very bad relationship with domestic violence including steroid radios and so um i always wonder like am i allowed to say that but yeah like it’s my life and it’s public record so i guess we’re good there i already knew that that was going to be something that was triggering for me but and so i started to back off of it but i couldn’t stop looking into the case because then that’s when they started talking about traumatic brain injuries and the amount of athletes and persons in the world that have been injured in their head and have gone on to commit crimes and no i’m very very uncomfortable with ever excusing anyone’s behavior harming their family harming themselves like i just can’t but there are times that are very uncomfortable when you have somebody when we have pure accidents they’re uncomfortable but you got to forgive the person you do have times where you also might have times where there’s mental health issues and then yeah it just gets really uncomfortable with having the conversation about always blaming someone when there are these other things that do happen that could lead and i just kind of wanted to get an understanding for it is this really something that actually leads or is this just a you know high-end defense attorneys have gotten these doctors on board to you know swift this blame but then there’s these major organizations that are really behind it so i was thinking it got me going and i do want to look further into this it’ll probably be something more for next year because i think i want to stick more with the betty broderick case and put together something on that for this year i don’t know what i’m going to do is yeah guys i just don’t i just know that my head went i found like there’s an area that i’m passionate about aside from just helping with missing kids and that case kind of just sent me in the right direction with other cases to follow so that is what i have for you guys i know that was a lot or maybe not a lot i know you guys are used to really long videos from me i’m good um i’m good with everything our research is moving along great uh i just get kind of stuck when it comes to ideas of how to present something and so sometimes i will just sit here and kind of go um i don’t know what to say you know it just happens so anyways all is well um i will be here the next one i will let you guys know we’ll include an update on haley dunn including the arrest of sean adkins and her mother so i will be doing that update in my next video for you guys and then i’ll be covering a case that you guys recommended in the comments sue keep an eye out for that all right that’s what i have for you guys if you have any questions for me drop them below in the chat let me know what you thought of today’s video are you excited for a series does that seem like something i could pull off i’d have to record it well in advance but i can do it all right until our next video do me a favor say this at the end of every one of my videos hug your babies and hug your lives literally life is too precious don’t take anything for granted enjoy every minute of every day i love you i’ll see my next video bye guys.