Restyling Fate The Winx Saga on Netflix as IMVU + Trix & Male characters with concept art

Mar 22, 2021 16:00 · 4900 words · 24 minute read

hey welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is tajay if you aren’t new here i’ve been i’ve been a little m. i. a off of this channel for a year so i honestly i i filmed so many videos and deleted them because i just didn’t like them and then so if that then this video you like it go ahead and like subscribe and put on those notification bells to get alerts of when i have new videos finally so obviously by the title i am restyling winks or fate the wink saga show the live action of the winx cartoon i’m a little late to this no so many people have restyled them and speaking of those people who have restyled them i forget their youtube names but i will put them right here they did really cute restyling and honestly i just love seeing everybody’s different creativity of where they would take the characters also to add and maybe like change it up a little bit i’m also going to be restyling the supporting male characters and the tricks witches and the original cartoon that were for this netflix adaption so or adaptation whatever so anyways not and also to just talk about it really quickly how netflix whitewashed this show personally i only watched two episodes and then i stopped because i was like why am i supporting a show that’s whitewashing poc characters it’s not what i stand for that’s not what i’m about and to be honest if we keep showing support to it and showing support to shows that whitewash characters are they gonna stop whitewashing characters no so that’s just a little my little think piece on it if you like the show and you watched it go ahead i know a lot of people liked it because it was trending in the top 10 for a while on my netflix page so there’s that and also the point of this video is that the styling is horrible one of the worst stylings besides emily in paris it seems like they had a vendetta against these girls acting on this show the way they dress them and i was thinking like what does it remind me of like what are they dressed like they’re just like the part of the mall where you like walk through macy’s or jc penney’s to get to the other stores or the good stores in the mall when i walk through that macy’s and jc penney’s part and i always look around and think to myself who’s buying these clothes these clothes look like what middle-aged adults were wearing in like 2010 and they just sit on the rack and i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the stylist for this show pulled from those dusty macy’s and jc penney’s racks if you shop at macy’s and jc penney’s you shop at macy’s and jc penney’s but i personally just feel like it is so drab and just plain ugly the way they styled these girls and i just don’t understand why they refuse to have shows in general that dress how the youth is dressing today like i said let’s just get into the video let’s get into the styling also further clarification i’m aging up these winx characters for my imaginary live adoption they’re going to be ages from like 19 to like 24 and my adoption so i am dressing them accordingly and appropriately to their age so just letting you guys know that i’m also going to be showing the specialist boys and the tricks witches all through imvu characters i made myself honestly it took a while to do and i’m going to be showing concept art because clearly netflix also don’t know what they’re doing when it came to that so so to start off with my favorite character aisha if you are outside of the united states she was known as layla to you she is a water fairy but in the cartoon she was like a morphix let’s just go with water waves fairy let’s just go with that also i’m extra so i’m gonna be talking about hairstyles makeup and shoes to just add a little bit of umph to this video so with aisha i just completely got a sporty vibe obviously but also a grunge vibe like 90s grunge and also a mixture of like 90s early early 2000s girl group type of styling like destiny’s child a little bit of christina aguilera a little bit of britney spears type of styling for her as you can see i gave ayesha a lot of like mini skirts brown type of looks um just very earthy tones even though i know she’s a water fairy i saw this green dress and i was like this i don’t know this is screams aisha to me see her and like sporty wear so like athleisure type of styles but also fashion based if that makes sense so this is our imvu character i decided to go with the original character design as you see and i see her hair having like this auburn burgundy type of look so i thought it’d be cool she’s a black character to have braids and have curly looks wear wigs just very versatile hairstyles um and what else screams more fairy than having like loose faux locs like that screams very to me that screams ethereal scissor type of like big curly hair or even with her powers being like water and fluid like having blue hair that would be cute as far as makeup of course just like bomb um ig body looks of like lip gloss maybe even like some blue eyeshadow some soft glam beat type of looks and this looked like nice blue eyeshadow for her powers this is her transformation look by her everyday style i gave her the same look of her character of having like a green dress and like thigh high boots since she’s a water fairy it would be cool to have like her body kind of like morph into water looks like she has water emerging from her skin also saw these wings wings made out of water that would just work perfectly for her character and yeah next is my second favorite flora who they completely whitewashed you guys gonna get a plus size brown skin latina because they exist they exist so i i don’t understand it so anyways so flora styling for her she is the earth nature fairy and i just get whimsical vibes i get like just ultra femme just laid back a little bit of like artsy like art hoe vibes early urban outfitters bohemian very bohemian style i can see her wearing designers like oscar de la renta and maybe lower designers like free people as far as aesthetic but i do see her as like a thrifting very sustainable like vegan girl crochet dresses especially since that’s very trendy i saw this jumpsuit of this kind of like 60s mod flower which is very in trend right now and i can see her wearing those type of clothes also like grandma sweaters this is flora’s cartoon with the imvu character i did for her for hair especially especially i know i keep saying things are in trend but this two toned two front strands being blonde is very in trend right now so what a coincidence that her cartoon character had that i can see that for her hair and i can see her hair being a lot more like wavy or curly as far as makeup i see her having very like soft girl glitter and a lot of blush i also see her having a lot of tattoos for some random reason flower colorful tattoos this is her transformation look for her powers it would be cool if she was able to have like branches and flowers grow out of her wings and also have like flowers immerse out of her head and skin i think that would be very cool i’m going with the main girl bloom um she just gives me all-american white girl vibes that’s bloom fire specifically dragon flame fairy because you know she’s not like other girls she’s different she’s special i just get all-american like brandy melville type of like also a little bit like preppy style is where i went with bloom a little bit of like academia not dark academia but just regular academia style is where i went with her character so as you can see with bloom out of all the girls she has probably the most like chill relaxed style i also saw like 70s like i said roller skate girls to amp up her relaxed chill look a little bit this is her cartoon original design and my imvu character as her and just the same old aesthetic i decided to give her chucks instead to make a more laid-back look and with her hair i especially see what if we did like with that 70s tease a shaggy type of like layered bang look and also have her hair yes be a natural redhead but like maybe with like a red rinse dye in it to make it a little more vibrant especially to match her like fire power i think that would be very cute this is her transformation look honestly i don’t know why i gave her um black mary jane shoes i should have gave her blue but i wasn’t gonna go back and redo her character she seems like a glossier type of girl just very natural like no makeup makeup look barely wearing anything fresh face probably having freckles i just associate that with like red hair her everyday look next to her transformation look also as you can see with her imvu character i thought it would be cool since she does have the dragon flame power it would be cool if her whole body like emerged in fire or especially her hair like this picture specifically that would add for great effects musa i also really loved her as a kid i loved her color palette like i loved her hair i just loved everything about her and musa is another whitewashed character and this one they didn’t even try to hide like flora they were like nope you’re not getting a full asian character from you so y’all which to me just sucks like i just want everybody to get representation it’s not hard it’s not hard stop it so with musa i just get all around like alt girl e-girl bad img vibes so as you can see with musa just a lot of like gogo boots edgy batty leather red accents purple accents cutouts i think would be nice just kind of rock star tease like if she was in a girl rock band i think these would be very cute styles for her i saw specifically this bella hadid look and it just screams musa to me like if you look closely at it it looks like sound wave pattern and i think that would be perfect a lot of like go go boots type of swirly patterns i see her in this is her original cartoon character with my imvu character next to it i did go more black with this imvu character and added more of her accent colors of like pink and purples and reds as you can see all of these hairstyles i’m showing you just looks so musa to me of just playing around with different updos of ponytails and buns looks for her makeup i see a lot of graphic liner like sharp old red lip with graphic liner and that would be very cute maybe let’s bring smokey eye back i think that would be such a cute look for her like rock star aesthetic this is her transformation outfit and i decided to go with pants with her just to mix it up a little bit but also keep her color of being red and as you can see very sparkly glam like it girl wings to go with it i saw these wings and for some reason they kind of reminded me of like music notes maybe i’m reaching maybe i’m not it would be cool if like for her power she had sonic sound of like making people’s ears bleed or just like creating like sonic waves that can just shake the atmosphere think about this singing songs that influence people’s actions that would be a cool power instead of the lame emma empath power they gave her in netflix but that’s just my opinion i feel like people kind of sleep on stella like i don’t know why i just don’t remember her being like a favorite of the winx as a kid but yeah so with stella stella is also the light fairy she was the most difficult to style because she just gives me rich vibes like bougie girl and you can go so many different ways with that but i decided to go kind of closer to her original cartoon design and do like y2k smug bling style and like fuse that together and just make her like a designer girly girl a little bit like a little bit of like bimbo i know they’re supposed to be like teenagers but like they’re in college so i’m getting like kind of like bimbo vibes from stella and that’s very long for character maybe even a little bit of like barbie style but upgraded this is her cartoon character next to my imvu design and yes you might think that i went a little more beige but i thought not everybody’s wearing bright colors but i especially see with stella her adding like accent colors to like her designer bags and sunglasses would be very cute as far as her hair i just see long luscious blonde hair maybe even platinum i saw in one video one girl said her hair would get lighter since her power is light and that’s exactly what i thought for her character before i even watched the video definitely face beat for the gods very pretty like contoured makeup maybe even influence from like euphoria and show girls i could see her doing looks like that especially to like reflect light off of it this is her transformation look and i decided to add more color into her transformation look since her everyday look was a little more bland and just include her color palette of like pinks oranges yellows having wings that would be just fragments of light and just her having a glowing effect with her powers and maybe even having like a firefly effect with her powers would be very cool for a live-action adaption last but not least of the main fairy girls techna and the netflix just they said nope techna who and d they just left my girl out tecna is the obviously technology fairy she also reads as more like androgynous to people and that’s kind of where i went with her character too because i want to see more androgynous girls on the show especially since all the girls in the cartoon were more feminine but with her hair i was getting a little bit of like punk influence and also futuristic maybe a little bit of tech wear i know that’s a little redundant her style like new glare and like lower brands pricks workshop or pre-workshop something like that and human aliens if you know them on instagram that’s really where i wanted to go with her character you can see just very cyberpunk like i said punk but i want to go cyberpunk with her purple and mint greens i saw set and i thought that it looked perfect for her and also these silver pants pricks workshop their cutout and arm sleeve looks especially because arm sleeves are very trendy now i love me some arm sleeves so this is her cartoon character next to imbu design as far as hair definitely keeping her purple magenta color hair honestly i see a lot of auntie styles for her but i think she can make it cute maybe even like some top knots what about an undercut that would be cute i saw this makeup look and it just screamed colors for her but more specifically i see her doing maybe like bold color eyeliner of just having one monochrome color for her lid or under eyes this is her transformation look this bodysuit and i thought it screamed techno so i just couldn’t i didn’t go anywhere else with her besides a bodysuit maybe a little basic but these are also like maybe like gadgets and gizmos that she could have for her power of like glasses and like be able to pull up tech screens with just the movements of her hands maybe even have her body like light up or maybe even she can transform herself into just like digital data i think that would be very cool and these pics maybe show a visual for you where i’m going with this didn’t really pay attention to the guys and the originals i was focused on the girls because they were so adorable and cute and the guys just really gave me nothing and they give nothing in the show for riffing i get e-boy vibes i know they don’t get a good rep for style but i honestly see that for revenge and also see like metal head maybe a little splash of punk and also just like i see eboy for him so we’re going with that also our direction i went with him as far as style would be like archive fashion if you don’t know archive fashion it’s like when you pull pieces from like the early 2000s it’s like upgraded vintage shopping of like especially designers ralph simmons marzella rick owens carhartt even it’s like underground fashion looks so a lot of like dark grungy little bit of punk looks button-ups even a little bit of like androgynous looks with like maybe you could be wearing some crop tops especially as you see his original cartoon character next to my imvu character and i saw this jacket and it just this graphic just screamed ribbon to me also this eye tea i wish it didn’t sell out because i would have bought it this screams riven to me i could see him with like having a whole bunch of tattoos like i said normalize tattoos and tv shows for young people please especially the red hair i think it would be cool to have every episode him have a different hair color since that is very like common of like e-boys just always having different hair colors and i honestly i like it so i decided to go with his character of having this i do see him wearing makeup i’m just having very like smudged dark eyeliner looks and eye shadow this is his i guess transformation specialist look and as you can see he has a lot of gadgets i leaned in more to his red color palette and i decided to go with that um this is his everyday look next to his specialist uniform next sky right this guy so as you can see skye gives me like soft boy look especially skater boy a lot of like golf wing influence early 90s boy next door influence so a lot of like sweaters crew necks beanies but like with pops of bold colors like greens blues yellows reds i think would be cool in his color palette a little bit also of like preppy 90s boy as well baggy pants this is his cartoon character next to the imvu character i made of him and maybe i toned it down a little bit too much but i just see skater boy for him as far as hair i just thought of like leonardo dicaprio very like messy but also put together blonde hair i think would work well for his character and his personality type um this is his specialist transformation look i decided to go with green for him and like switch out the blue honestly i don’t know why i did that but i like forest green on him and i think it fits with his character and him having like gadgets and all the stuff he needs for whatever the hell the specialists do to be honest um this is everyday look next to the specialist look and that’s skye so i’m gonna skip what is it brandon and timmy because to me they’re just like sky and riven and i decided to bring back from the dead naboo okay aisha is the token black girl and a live action for netflix to be frank so i think it would be deserving to bring back her boyfriend don’t you think so i decided to bring back nabu who they murdered in the original cartoon and yeah so in the original cartoon he i don’t want to mistake it but i’m pretty sure he’s indian south asian coated southeast asian coated i wanted him to contrast aisha’s grunge sporty girl group aesthetic and have him kind of be like maybe like euro fashion like i’m thinking like french boy scandinavian type of fashion of like having like turtlenecks and trench coats and loafers i don’t know if i’m correct with that but that’s where i see him he really has that like i traveled to europe for my summer off and i met the most fancy art guy at a coffee cafe like that’s the look naboo is giving so that’s what i gave him a lot of neutral colors um open blouses just very sophisticated elevated type of style for him this is his cartoon character next to the imvu character you’ll already know um i saw these like different type of like blazers and the different silhouettes and cuts of them and i thought they were interesting to like elevate his style a little bit more and maybe even play around with like very sleek like open blouse funky type of looks would also go well with him this is his specialist outfit as you can see very different from his cartoon design but i decided to go with like all black with a blue accent to him like blacks and grays i see him having definitely facial hair and like longer hair like his cartoon has longer hair or maybe even like just nicely pushed aside like thick bouncy but definitely dark hair i see for his character next are the tricks girls or the three witches that netflix decided to just make them into one because they’re cheap honestly when i was watching the original cartoon i love the trix original design i thought they were some bad honestly with these girls i’m just going the same with the character design and i see them as alt girls but unlike musa where maybe she’s soft alt alternative maybe i don’t even know if that makes any sense they’re like very very like alternative very maybe a little bit goth maybe listening to goth music very like dark heavy makeup dark colors and in my live action in my head they are well two of them at least are like poc i see them as so there’s that and that’s kind of the look i decided to go with the girls having differing looks but all being together since they’re always the three of them now to start with icy icy has power over cold ice and snow and this is her original character design in the cartoon and i did her with her like everyday look and this imvu character right here with her i see her out of the tricks being like the sleekest out of the bunch um a lot of like cutouts and like kind of just sophisticated but dark looks a lot of stripes long sleeves i see with her and her original cartoon as he saw her hair is white but i decided to twist it a little bit and do like a black and white look because i really love this hairstyle on people and i thought it would be cute to have that instead of just regular just white hair this is her transformation look for her makeup i see a like dead girl aesthetic if that’s if i can appropriately say that um like just very like bruised pale looks to contrast with her hair i don’t know how else to describe it just as you can see through these pictures there’s a lot of like blotchy type of makeup looks i don’t know how else to describe this besides like dead girl aesthetic and this is them side by side with her transformation look and her everyday look next is stormy and stormy’s power is storms and lightning electricity so with stormy since they all have that goth aesthetic i decided to go eat girl very flirty with her so a lot of short skirts um bustier sweetheart tops plaid ruffles also kind of just like your goth girlfriend type of vibe a lot of like lace maybe like lace gloves um lace dresses very baby doll type style dresses this is her transformation look and i of course stuck with the same flirty aesthetic but made it a little more amped up for her hair you cannot tell me that stormy in the cartoon didn’t have a fro okay so that’s why i went with her character i made her character black personally so i see a lot of like colorful afros purples pinks reds for her look and with her makeup i decided to go for also e girl aesthetic with like dark glam looks a lot of purple shadows and dark purple lipstick so this is her side-by-side for everyday look and that’s for stormy all right last but not least we have darcy and out of all the girls in the tricks i changed her style up the most darcy’s powers are illusions and dreams and i changed her up a bit decided to make her brown poc to add more diversity this is a cartoon character with my iron view of her and with her i kind of wanted to go a little more kind of like grunge but also like romantic this is the skirt she’s actually wearing in the i’m view what a coincidence but like a lot of torn pieces and things looking like they’re decaying or rotting so a lot of like browns creams blacks very muted colors i saw this pink hair on pinterest and i just decided to give her pink hair because i just felt like it will contrast greatly with her grunge look and bright pink for her transformation look to jazz it up a little bit as far as makeup i see like very like pretty glam as well with her but also like dark playing around with different um colors and this is her every day next to her transformation look now on to world building because we know netflix of course paid fit dust winx is known for mixing futurism with like cyberpunk and like fantasy for its settings so this is alphia the college for the fairies these are the inspo concept art that i saw either one of these could work for the college i think making it very whimsical and colorful but yet a little different and darker this is like the interior i see maybe like the bathrooms and the cafes lounges outside gardens inside rooms for the red fountain of the specialist boys i see like very high tech spy type of architecture for them for the cloud tower and the witches especially the tricks i see very dark gothic architecture this is andros the kingdom for princess aisha barry water utopia melody for musa celaria for as the kingdom for princess stella domino for bloom in her kingdom zenith for tecna and lastly lympheia for flora so that’s all of winx characters i decided to restyle um i hope you liked it i’m sorry that i didn’t like link or say where any of the clothes are specifically from if you liked the styling of the characters leave me a comment down below what you think if you didn’t like the styling and you see like different directions for any of the characters also leave that in the comments down below and let me know your ideas for them i would love to see them yeah like i said in the beginning of this video go ahead and hit that subscribe button that like button and also that notification bell to get alerts of when i am more active on this channel and for new videos lastly thank you so much for watching this video and i’ll see you in the next video you.