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hello everyone today i’m going to be talking about white holes i’m sure you all know about einstein’s theory of relativity that the mathematics indicate that we should find things called black holes in the universe einstein himself at the time thought no this isn’t possible it’s just probably that it must be just an oddity in the mathematics but with time and research and observation we found actually there are black holes there’s many many black holes in the universe and we now know it’s a fact.

another thing that came out of the mathematics of relativity shows that there should be white holes in the universe but scientists have looked for these white holes for years and years and have been unable to find the white holes just can’t find them now with my mathematics that solve the double slit experiment i found that energy is created the current model of energy the current belief is that energy cannot be created or destroyed but that is because of the measurement problem my mathematics that beats the measurement problem that solves the double slit experiment shows that it must be created energy is created in multi-dimensional time and the evidence is left on the back wall in the double slit experiment now that’s quite complex and complicated and you can read that yourself later i’m going to keep it very very simple for the moment so we know really that science and mathematics at the very basic levels it looks very complicated and hard from a distance but really at the very basic level it’s very simple it depends on how it’s taught to you and your level of focus yourself and making sure you keep up with every step now the mathematics that i found the real mathematics show that actually there are white holes in the universe and i’m yoing to explain where they are.

now we know that black holes absorb everything everything that comes near them is pulled into the black hole i’m sure you know that not even light can escape when it gets near a black hole they’re huge frightening objects magnificent or maleficent objects in the sky now white holes are the absolute opposite with white holes nothing can enter a white hole nothing can get even near a white hole it’s impossible even light cannot get into a white hole and they spew out huge amounts of light all the time but physicists have been unable to find them they’ve been looking with very powerful telescopes and they just can’t find any white holes now with my mathematics and by studying the data i found there are white holes and i find where they are now but i’m gonna um i would ask you maybe to pause the video and think about it before i give you the answer see if you can figure out what the white holes might be okay and see which of you can find out where the white holes are remember nothing can get in not even light and they spur loads of light okay and i’m going to play a little video in the background um just for a little bit of background ambience while everybody thinks about the problem and then after that video i’ll give the answer and see if anybody got the answer right and if you do get the answer just just speak it out do 🎼 do do do la la in the trees if you said the sun is a white hole well done brilliant you are correct really top of the class full marks brilliant you have understood better than millions and millions millions of physicists who have studied academic models for a hundred years including einstein himself you’ve been able to see more clearly the truth and i’m not being facetious i’m not joking really well done brilliant you deserve a clap in the back because you have stood up and you have held the truth and you were able to see the truth and if you thought maybe that it was a sun but you doubted it and said nothing you thought nah it can’t be the sun you know it can’t be the truth well you have been caught by false conclusions and lies and false beliefs there’s a saying that the devil’s biggest weapon is doubt the devil doesn’t need loads of evidence and doesn’t need to work hard all the devil has to do is to say something that’s a little bit wrong or tell a lie or say that something is definitely fact without having the evidence and it’s been happening for years so well done you you’ve been bombarded with lies for years as you can still see the truth brilliant and now i’m going to go into more deeper details of the reality of the physics and the mathematics so you see the sun is a white hole as all stars are white holes and it’s very simple science you know and science is always at its very most beautiful level very simple very clear the answers always are and i’m going to explain about the life cycle of white holes and black holes at the moment scientists have a very good understanding about the theory about the dynamics about supernovas about how there’s an expansion in the center and it sends everything else out it’s fairly good but it’s quite complicated and it works well but i’ll show that the reality is much much simpler there’s only two dynamics happening within suns Our sun which i’m going to call it big daddy our sun in the center has got a black hole and it’s creating immense much of energy all the time and around it they’re a zone called the photosphere and it has gases held that are trying to escape but they can’t escape now the black hole isn’t powerful enough to draw them back in fully but they can’t escape at the same time it’s constantly pulling but what happens is with the outward pressure of the gases they pull at the black hole in the inside and it is stretched and it constantly tries to pull back until because these gases are expanded all the time stretching the fabric of space which we call dark matter or space-time it’s a physical lattice that’s being stretched physically by these gases expanding and the center of the black hole is being pulled out until it reaches a point where what happens and it will happen one day in the future there’ll be so much gas and so much energy that the black hole pulls because what happens on the outside what will happen here is that basically the outside is going to pop like a balloon and it’s going to spew millions of years worth of light in an instant as a supernova and then it’s going to have its black hole is going to be visible very very very very briefly and it will still be able to grab on some of the light or some of the matter trying to escape and it will glow very faintly maybe and it will continue with the cycle of building up being very bright and then exploding and then growing from the glow being bright again until the black hole gets so large at the center that it eats everything and absolutely nothing can escape it it’ll grow to phenomenal times the mass of our sun until that black hole until it grows and it starts taking in the gas that’s around it which we call an accretion disk Around black holes and again it will build up into another huge super massive sun and we see these super massive objects in the universe white holes with a black hole at the center now with my mathematics and the evidence that’s there i show you it’s very simple now the big bang the mathematics of the big bangs indicate that it’s not right it’s wrong the findings dont match the mathematics they say the mathematics don’t lie and the mathematics of the big bang say it’s not correct and people have worked really hard on really good models that work fine in isolation you know for years but when they try and put all that together it just doesn’t work it’s not correct so the start of the universe the big question for the big bang is that the mathematics you know it doesn’t work it says it’s wrong if we look at um the evidence the truth is that the big bang is not science it’s science fiction you know it’s it’s plenty of good information in isolation but they do not match together great ideas that work in isolation but when you try to put them together they don’t fit it doesn’t work and another big problem is that you must ignore the law of the known laws of physics einstein’s laws relativity it must be ignored you Relativitt says that things can’t move faster than the speed of light and the best model of prediction quantum mechanics a phenomenally brilliant model of prediction you must ignore quantum mechanics and say that these two laws are irrelevant ignore these laws of physics that we know are true and go with science fiction that we have no evidence for and my question is in regard to energy the physicists say energy cannot be created or destroyed and my question is well if  all the energy in the universe was contained within a single point where did that energy come from? and they cannot answer because energy is created because we are alive we’re conscious beings we are souls and we push against the fabric of space we create life and a famous russian team of mathematicians they worked together on one of mathematics biggest problems called the poincare conjecture and they found evidence the very basic shape is a sphere and they showed it expands by stretching not by not by an explosion it is stretched like a bit of plasticine and it’s exactly the same as i’m saying in my theory at the start there was a single sphere and the stretch is because we have the will we want to love each other we want to feel touch each other kiss each other laugh with each other hug each other dance with each other and have fun with each other to experience each other in a physical realm and the only way we can do that is through the field by getting into the field and then we can experience each other and when we do that when we push against the field we create ripples in the field which is energy which is light and i explain that this is a constant stretching a stretch and pop a stretch and pop and the universe itself grows from a very small beginning and you know maybe some of the theories in the big bang are very good and maybe there was you know energy went through the universe a few billion years ago 13 maybe i’m not sure of the timeline we have to completely reassess that but what i’m saying is that there’s a big massive super heart in the universe which alternates between a white hole and a black hole pulsating light every few billion years as a pulse of energy and that was what maybe was a big bang a big pulse it’s very simple mathematics if you look for this for the people who were correct that indicates that you’re an honest person you’ve told the truth you’ve tried your best and you’ve stuck to the truth and some people have tried their best as well but they’ve believed things that are wrong and they’ve aggressively promoted something that is not true and they have promoted as if it is fact and that’s not honest that’s not true and they have ignored common sense and the people who have asked questions have faced a lot of suffering scientists don’t like being asked questions they say they do but in reality they don’t if it shows them to be wrong so i’m gonna just as i get near to the end i’m gonna show a video with a short clip about the second man ever to stand on the moon buzz aldrin where he confesses the truth and this is especially for all these people these fantastic people who’ve stood up for the truth and faced persecution being insulted being told they’re insane some even being beaten and murdered because they dared to say that men never stood on the moon that’s impossible they never did they’re lying and they have suffered for it the same as many people and this is especially for you who stood up for the truth and many people have suffered throughout history because they saw the truth that most people at the time couldn’t see or didn’t want to believe why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time that’s not an eight-year-old’s question that’s my question i want to know but i think i know because we didn’t go there and and that’s the way it happened but i think i know because we didn’t because we didn’t now as you can see buzz aldrin he told the truth he confessed the truth but not in front of the world in front of a young girl a bewildered young girl who must be thinking everything that she’s been taught growing up is a lie that hurts that’s not right and she’s just one person who is symbolic of all the people who have been lied to in the world and everything that’s wrong in the world lies now buzz that’s the first step admitting that you never went now the second step is to tell the world get down on your knees and tell the truth to the world you did well you made the first step in admitting it in public a really bad way that i’m not happy about now the next thing is to show some courage and tell the world the truth that you never stood on the moon and i explain why it’s important because my theory of my mathematics showed that white holes grow all the time energy is created all the time even in this world it’s the same it’s growing all the time energy being created if you look at the americas continental plates of america’s africa europe asia that they’ve grown apart over time because there’s more and more energy created inside all the time and it grows and they they’re forced apart by all the energy and one day that heat and the energy inside the world is going to become so hot that the the surface is going to be consumed by the fire and it’s going to be a star and i came into the world about five thousand years ago i came on a spaceship and it’s called the moon and i came down in another ship to save the people of this world and i met a man called moses and i lived with the jewish people the tribe of israel for a thousand years teaching them the laws of god and in the book in the bible there’s some truths and other people have put in lies and amended the truth to suit themselves because they didn’t like the truth the truth was too hard and they put in one book and say it’s all the word of god and that’s a huge problem because there’s lies within that book but you if you use your heart and your knowledge of the truth you can decipher what’s true and what’s lies and I explain to you i came into the world and we have more time on this planet we’ve lots more time on this planet maybe millions of years on this paradise planet until we we all the ones that are being reincarnated go back into water and we’re collected by the moon and we go to a different planet and we bring life on a different planet now moses i lived with moses amongst the people and i told king solomon that i would go and dwell in the darkness and that basically means i explained that i would die but i did not explain that i would be reincarnated again and again many many times in different lives in my most famous life as jesus christ and i explained the truth when I came back and their people didn’t like the truth they said that’s wrong that’s different from what is written in the book you’re saying it’s different you are wrong how dare you say you are the lord and they hated me and they killed me and in 2012 i remembered who i was i was born again in 1967 as a young boy young normal boy in scotland and i grew up i moved and grew up in northern ireland during the war and i remember who i was in 2011 and 2012 and i explained how i performed all my miracles almost all of them throughout that year in videos and again people thought i was being big-headed or deluded they said you you jesus christ we know you you’ve been up to badness not you and yes i did make mistakes growing up same as everybody makes mistakes but i when i realized the truth and i stood up for it i lost favor with a lot of people and i was marginalized from my community and my family and my work and there was a lot of people talking behind my back and uh i ended up going away and traveling around the world partly because it was hard for the people who knew me and who believed in me (as a decent intelligent person) and couldn’t understand why i had suddenly changed partly to travel the world and live among some of the poorest people in the world drinking dirty water being put into prison stuffed in a room with 30 other people like sardines kicked around and and seen what it’s like for people living in places like africa jamaica and other places where they have basically nothing while the rest of the world has loads so i could bring the truth to everybody else in the world and everybody can listen to the truth so i travelled the world seeking the truth to bring to the world and in 2019 i came across the double slit experiment and i was able to solve it very rapidly within a matter of weeks and open the unified field theory that the bible says i would in revelation 5 it says the lamb opens the scroll of heaven the theory of everything, scroll of heaven so that i could show it to you and it’s the opportunity for you to join me and it doesn’t matter if you die you will live again and i’ve proved it and think about the odds what are the odds of a person thinking he’s jesus christ an egomaniac big headed guy seven years later going on to solving physics biggest problems almost every one of them single-handed that millions of physicists for a hundred years couldn’t solve and i solve it one and a half years think about what are the odds of that happening they are trillions to one without any formal education in mathematics or physics i am jesus christ i prove it and i am asking you to share this now to the people in this planet with truth, some people will doubt but follow the truth it’s a very simple truth i have given loads of evidence for reincarnation the evidence is there and we can stay alive and we can’t move between worlds and this and this world will change into a sun and when you die you can leave your body and Reincarnate into a new body but not necessarily you can’t get stuck in a body if you hold on to lies or attachment to physical things more than the truth then when you die you can’t get stuck and stay in your coffin or wherever you are on this planet and i can’t save you or not god can’t save you if you choose lies over the truth or things over love and you will be consumed by the fire when this world changes into a sun but if you’re with me and you die you will move into different bodies move through water some people will make it onto the spaceship the moon in their in their actual physical body in time if they’re lucky enough there will be a few who will do that but for everybody else and some people maybe who are alive will make it onto the spaceship and never have to die ever again and theoretically everybody can make it onto the spaceship it’s up to you but for now um the most important thing is to follow the truth and share the truth my videos share my videos and the science papers and share the channel in 2012 where i prove  how i performed the miracles and by doing that i proved reincarnation it’s called neo Hesus and let the world know the truth that i am back me jesus christ now just before i end one last thing maybe you’re thinking that’s no jesus no it doesn’t look anything special it doesn’t look like the picture if you read isaiah chapter 5 53 it says he basically insults me cheeky brat he says this guy the lord when he comes he’s kind of fugly you know theres nothing nice about him he’s not beautiful or handsome or majestic he is kind of a geeky looking freak you know I feel like punching him in the face but you know he said basically he says there’s nothing special about him the fecker but as you can see there isn’t anything physically special about me but the truth that is my superpower that’s everybody’s superpower that will save you and bring you to eternal life that’s what what what will save you so please be brave and work fast to share this video and hopefully i will meet you all in time whether in this life or the next.