Dont Be Hidden, Participate and be in the Social Demographics

Mar 4, 2021 19:00 · 6109 words · 29 minute read

Ya Rasulul Kareem (The Most Generous Prophet), Ya Habibul ‘Azim (The Beloved of the Magnificent).

00:13 - Wa Atiullaha wa atiur Rasula wa Ulil amre minkum And a reminder always to myself ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, wa miskinu, wa zhalim, wa jahl and but for the grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

00:26 - InshaAllah Haji Shahid will recite the holy hadith of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ inshaAllah and we’ll start with that.

00:45 - Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Qala Rasulullahi (saws) “Hayatee khayrun lakum tuhadithona wa yuhdatha lakum, fa idha anaa mutta kaana wafati khayran lakum.

00:56 - Tu’radu alayyaamalukum, fa in raitu khayran hamidtu Allah, wa in raaytu ghayra dhalik astaghfartullaha lakum. ” Sadaq Allahul Azeem! Sadaq Allahul Azeem, Barakah Rasulul Kareem, And alhamdulillah that Allah’s (AJ) beloved messenger Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said that, ‘My life is good for you and was related and you will be relate with me, you’ll be related with me and it will be related to you but when I pass from this world, it will be better for you.

01:41 - I observe the deeds of my nation and my ummah.

01:45 - If I find it to have any good, I thank Allah (AJ) and praise Allah (AJ), and I find anything bad I ask for forgiveness from Allah (AJ) on your behalf. ’ This is from Allah (AJ) giving “Shahidan” that Prophet ﷺ is “Shahidan, mubashshiran wa nadheerun. ” And that when Prophet ﷺ veils his physicality, the ruhaniyat (spirituality) and the reality of the light of Prophet ﷺ is very much alive and very much present.

02:25 - And the grand intercessor, the one whom has the machine language with Allah (AJ), that nothing comes between ‘Ahad’ and ‘Ahmad’ and there is no angel, there is no Prophet, there is no one who can take that dialogue and that communication.

02:41 - And, ‘I have one nation that is. . one face always facing creation’ means taking all their information, all their ‘amal (deeds).

02:52 - ‘I’m under. . their nazar (gaze) is coming, my nazar is coming and observing what is good and what is bad.

02:59 - What is good, alhamdulillah. What is bad to correct it and ask Allah’s (AJ) istighfar (seek forgiveness).

03:05 - And I have one reality always in the Divinely Presence. ’ Means the power that is never off, it’s beyond understanding of binary ‘On’ and ‘Off’.

03:16 - It’s a power that is in a continuous phase of ‘On,’ it’s continuously on.

03:23 - Neither sleep nor slumber takes that power away.

03:27 - That it’s Hayyul Qayyum (The Ever-Living and Self-Sustaining), that something that insan (mankind) from physical world doesn’t understand the spiritual world.

03:37 - Now the reason for this hadith lays the foundation of what we wanted to talk about.

03:43 - As a reminder always for myself, that all the emails coming in he’s asking for nazar that, ‘Shaykh keep us under your nazar, shaykh keep us under your nazar, keep us under your nazar. ’ And what do we have as a reminder in our life, what we said the keyword was? Demographics Demographics.

04:07 - That you don’t… it gives a sign; technologies give us a sign of Allah’s (AJ) Divinely kingdom multiplied by a billion.

04:21 - That for a shaykh he doesn’t have to use spiritual power to see what people are doing.

04:29 - Right now, everything Allah (AJ) is giving him demographics and all sorts of reports.

04:34 - They merely go on to their computer reports, they know who clicked on YouTube, means they know who’s watching the videos.

04:43 - They know who clicked on the shop, what they’re getting.

04:46 - He knows who clicked on all the different mediums.

04:50 - Today we were clicking on Soundcloud and we saw Ali’s name.

04:54 - We clicked on the shop we saw Ali Aftab’s name then we clicked another page we saw Ali’s name, we kept seeing Ali’s name everywhere.

05:01 - And then we started to talk to him and said this is what’s important not that you keep asking you know, ‘Make your nazar upon me, make your nazar upon me’ but you’re not showing up in anyone’s demographics.

05:14 - That’s the dunya (material world) of it, imagine how the akhirah (hereafter) of it.

05:20 - That they’re teaching that you want their nazar, they have to read these demographics.

05:25 - They are aware of everything that they have as a mission from Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, every donation comes in, every video that goes out, every comment that coming, every email that coming.

05:39 - In our whole lives everything we do it’s being reported.

05:45 - So, before mukhabarat and spies they had to do a lot of work to find something out about you.

05:52 - Imagine then the spies of the heart. And then they came and said, ‘Well now we don’t have to really do anything because whatever you click on, on Facebook and social media, we’re observing you. ’ But that for the believer should be an understanding that of course Allah’s (AJ) aware of everything.

06:08 - Of whatever I click on, whatever I’m doing, whatever I’m commenting on, wherever I’m not commenting on, whatever I’m doing there’s a demographic file being built on me.

06:23 - Hizbul shaitan (party of satan) they’ll use that information to figure out who you are, what you like, what kind of food you like, what entertainment you like, what videos you like to stream, what you like to click on.

06:34 - Your whole psychological profile is being developed by their software’s and algorithms.

06:41 - They know at certain time you log onto this, a certain time you’re eating this, a certain time now you’re ordering these foods and these drinks.

06:49 - And all of these technologies Allah (AJ) is giving to us to understand, ‘Do you see how they look at those demographic files and they build an understanding for you. ’ So, when we are asking for the nazar, Prophet ﷺ is teaching that, ‘I told my companions in this holy hadith that the amal is being witnessed, I’m witnessing your amal.

07:12 - Means my nazar is on Allah’s (AJ) demographics. ’ Everything that insan is doing, it’s either going towards good or to bad.

07:22 - If their files, their clicking, their ibadah, their worshipness, their giving, their charity, their. . everything we do is building a demographic profile for Allah (AJ).

07:35 - When the ‘amals (actions) are good and they’re strong then they’re building the nazar of Prophet ﷺ to praise Allah (AJ) and all of us are in search of that.

07:47 - So, then they give to us that it’s very simple – if we want the nazar of people in life then participate.

07:56 - Every comment that you make, everything that you click, everything that you do, everywhere on these platforms that you are active and involved you’re building a demographic for that shaykh and that’s why that reality of the hadith that, ‘I become the ears in which you hear and the eyes in which you see. ’ So, who’s seeing these demographics? So, when people are making du’a (supplication), they’re asking, ‘Okay just make nazar upon me’ and then in their lives they’re making du’as.

08:26 - Their du’a and their demographics are not matching and Allah (AJ) is not answering, very simple understanding.

08:34 - They’re making du’as, ‘I want this, I want this, I want this opening, I want these things’ the demographic profile doesn’t match for Allah (AJ).

08:45 - That, how they’re asking for it the file gets looked away, ‘Oh. ’ But the one whom their file is filled with all these demographics, they’re clicking, they’re doing, they’re contributing, they’re active in all of these things, that demographic profile now is being raised and then it validates what they’re asking.

09:09 - That no doubt Allah (AJ) say, ‘What they’re asking then alhamdulillah grant to them. ’ Because everything comes from Allah, it’s not coming from any shaykh.

09:18 - Everything is coming from Allah (AJ), the reality of the shaykh was to build your demographic and social profile.

09:26 - He comes into your life to teach you, to get you to be active.

09:31 - Before all of these technologies you were doing a khidmat (service) and having to live near the shaykh.

09:37 - Now the shaykh is virtual, he doesn’t need it because all that’s necessary is he builds a social and demographic profile on you.

09:44 - Gets you to be interactive, he doesn’t need you to come and pick his oranges.

09:50 - When they didn’t have the technology, you had to come there and pick oranges and go out and play with the sheep and you lived a life of service.

10:00 - Now it’s much more virtual. You know dealing with sheep is not easy [shaykh laughs].

10:17 - You never lived on a farm so I don’t know what you’re thinking but to clean that guy and to feed him and to go through all his waste with a shovel is a lot of work, not easy work, not a fragrant work.

10:29 - So, you know and that was always the case people come and say, ‘Why I have to do these things, I came to get knowledges’ and it didn’t work that way.

10:37 - Allah (AJ) was you know ‘Before We grant what We want to grant where is the file, where is the demographics. ’ So, old time demographics was much harder to build and you had to physically be in a proximity.

10:49 - Now subhanAllah with this technology the shaykh can reach you from any part of this earth, you know.

10:56 - We know because we know who’s logging on. Every night we’re asking in and they’re coming from all over the world, their demographic profile is logging in.

11:04 - And even after if we didn’t catch them in the live broadcast, they’re coming in when they wake up and they’re logging in, they’re making a comment, ‘Oh I watched the zikr (Divine remembrance), mashaAllah the zikr was powerful, I did like this. ’ They’re building a profile; they’re clicking and that’s why the shaykh is encouraging.

11:19 - That’s the only role of the shaykh – is to create these mediums in which you should build your profile.

11:26 - You should be clicking, you should be contributing, you should be supporting, you should be writing a comment, if it’s Prophet ﷺ that you love why are you staying silent? You think your love is just between you and Allah (AJ) knows it, but you’re not a person that makes your love to be active, to be visualize? You have. . no profile is going up.

11:48 - So, when you’re active involved in all of this muhabbat and all of this love and all of these activities then when the shaykh is looking at it, it doesn’t need rocket science.

12:00 - They can see the name its throughout everything, the same name.

12:04 - And that’s why you don’t also make very bad names as your profile because some people have like horrible profile names and then they’re clicking and saying all these nice things but the profile is sort of kind like a bizarre name.

12:17 - keep it be nice, Prophet ﷺ is watching. We are people who do everything in a beatific way, we don’t write bad things; we don’t you know create bad names.

12:28 - Whatever you create of bad, you create a bad tajjali (manifestation) on yourself.

12:33 - When you put out something bad, it’s a name that associates that bad energy upon yourself.

12:40 - So, think of beatific things and clean and proper ways.

12:44 - And then once we’re doing all these activities it’s building a profile for us.

12:49 - And when the shaykh’s nazar is. . not necessary for you to say, ‘Shaykh make your nazar upon me’ because that’s like a as a hollow request.

12:59 - Why, why the shaykh’s nazar upon you? How? You haven’t done anything, you’re not active in anything, in any platform and anywhere that the shaykh has on a virtual world.

13:11 - Not a YouTube that you click on. That’s why we said before 4000 views and 300 or 200 or 100 comments that’s it. .

13:20 - What happened to the 3900 other people? They don’t want the nazar of Prophet ﷺ? They don’t want the nazar of Allah (AJ)? They don’t want to contribute and that name come through? They don’t want to watch a video and put a comment? They don’t want to participate? They want to think that they’re hidden and their hidden reality is of a special nature.

13:43 - Why are you hidden? We said before: why Allah (AJ) the first step in Islam was to make your shahadah (testimony of faith), why? Allah (AJ) doesn’t know the faith He gave to you? Why, who’s your shahadah for? It’s for Allah (AJ)? He knows He gave you iman (faith) or no iman but He wants you to know it.

14:01 - He wants you to actively all day long, you’re calling the azaan (call to prayer), you’re giving your shahadah, you’re giving your salah (prayers) ‘Ashhadu an la…’ all day long you’re reminding yourself for your social profile for Allah (AJ), that ‘I’m actively saying and I’m reminding myself, I’m reminding myself, I’m reminding myself so that that file when it’s going up it’s getting the nazar. ’ It’s not needed that you keep saying, ‘Make your nazar upon me’ because the real nazar is be active, be involved and participate.

14:33 - Your participation is your best proof. The rest you can say from your mouth all you want but if you’re not participating, you’re missing the immensity of the ocean of that reality.

14:48 - And in these days that nazar goes up to Prophet ﷺ and that rahmah (mercy), and that faiz (downpouring blessings) and that blessing begin to dress upon the nation, upon the family, upon everything that we do.

15:01 - The shaykhs they live by that reality. The shaykh doesn’t have to keep calling his shaykh, ‘Please you pray upon me, please you pray upon me’ because the shaykh was endowed with that reality that ‘I don’t need to pray upon you.

15:18 - If you’re not doing anything all my prayers in the world not gonna help you.

15:23 - But if you got something from us and you got something from Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, you better be active’ and that’s what your nazar is because every time you move, you talk, you propagate, you speak, you put out this, you put out that the shaykh is looking at his file and all his shaykhs are looking at them, and the whole chain of the shaykhs are looking.

15:47 - That’s why they say, ‘You don’t have to like us but you better believe that we’re on a mission. ’ You don’t have to like me and you could watch me privately and not tell anyone.

15:55 - We’re like the person nobody wants to know that they’re following.

15:59 - They follow the shaykh, they don’t wanna say it, ‘Maybe it’s controversial, maybe he talks about things we don’t understand. ’ But one thing you definitely will know is that we’re on a mission.

16:09 - We’re putting out as much as we can, doing as much as we can with the apps and books and videos, and this is what’s taught by us and this is what we teach the students who are following.

16:20 - They are all on a mission. They are putting out immense amounts of work.

16:25 - When they put out and do and serve and all the participation that they do, you don’t think that’s already going up to the shaykhs all the shaykhs of the golden chain.

16:35 - That’s why we’re no longer in need of a physical communication to be validated by my shaykh physically and to be validated by my shaykh through his mureeds (devoted disciples) who do absolutely nothing.

16:50 - They sit on a couch and they’re couch potatoes commenting on everything is wrong.

16:57 - This is a world of being active proactive and being involved.

17:03 - And that’s how you know, ‘This shaykh whether I like him or not he is super active.

17:09 - He must be under the nazar of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ because his social profile. ’ All that he’s doing, you don’t think our demographics are going up to our golden chain which is each of the chain is looking and saying, ‘Oh my God look at how many the videos he puts out, he puts at least 3 videos a week is going out.

17:26 - Look how many books they put out. Look how many on their app and how much they’re propagating and spending money to advertise the app. ’ Some people they don’t even want to pay for their website.

17:38 - They are offering us now to buy the website address’s online because the group come together they don’t wanna even pay the 30-dollar website fee.

17:47 - You know you click all over the world, these websites are. . nobody’s paying for them.

17:55 - There was a… which one you told? There’s a khatm in a city and they offered that ‘Come pay the rent for the place and you do your zikr’ and nobody stepped forward and they closed their zikr because nobody wanted to contribute.

18:10 - So, you think things are happening by people who only are interested in a profit? Or the people who do dawah (religious propagation) and their work is for Allah (AJ).

18:20 - If Allah (AJ) makes them to be successful that’s Allah (AJ), but they did it to be of service and that’s how the shaykh lives.

18:29 - He’s not telling anyone to do something he’s not doing.

18:32 - He has to be the living example; he doesn’t need his shaykh to sit there and praise and throw roses on his head as he walks.

18:40 - He doesn’t care what his shaykh is saying, all he needs to know is that what his demographics are.

18:47 - His demographics speak for him that his mouth never needs to, and that’s why their whole tariqah (spiritual path) teaching was ‘You don’t have to validate or vindicate, save yourself with your lips in Allah’s (AJ) presence. ’ Right? So, when they taught the shaykhs that ‘You’re going to be attacked; people are going to attack you’ and then people even emailed, ‘Oh there’s somebody is attacking you, you know what’s your response?’ This is not our way, we don’t have to validate ourself to anyone nor do we care to vindicate ourselves or to qualify ourselves for anyone, because nobody gives us anything that is of any importance.

19:30 - Our validation was “Wa kono ma’as sadiqeen” whom they are truthful with their deeds and their actions.

19:37 - That the deeds of the shaykh have to speak, not him, not him telling with his lips ‘Oh I’m a great guy, I’m a good guy please you know follow me. ’ No, it’s the deeds of the shaykh have to sit so that those demographics when you look at this person you say that, ‘This guy has got a lot of demographics for Allah (AJ) and for Prophet ﷺ. ’ That all these videos going out, all these products going out, all of these. . this love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ from every modality.

20:08 - They are loading on Soundcloud, on podcast, they put it on YouTube, they put it on Telegram.

20:14 - I don’t think there’s a thing that we haven’t touched, wherever shaitan is we’re right there fiercely going after them.

20:21 - So, that why? Why is the shaykh doing that? Why is the shaykh busy and active trying to raise funds to do all of these projects and much more, why? Because his demographics have to be very strong in his silsila (chain) and his only interest is that make sure that these 40 shaykhs they are happy.

20:40 - His Ahlul Bayt (Holy family of Prophet ﷺ) who are behind him they are happy when they see the demographic profile.

20:46 - So, imagine that you think business and the business tycoons are something.

20:52 - You know the CEO when he comes in all he looks is at demographics, he doesn’t go to like you know, ‘Is the milk coming from the cow. ’ He looks at the report, how much are you producing, what are these numbers? And there’re chart readers and number readers.

21:08 - What do you think then from the shaykhs? They’re going into like minute details or Allah (AJ) sending them reports that ‘Look at what their reports are, look what they’re doing, look how they’re trying to reach, look at all that they’re trying to inspire’ and that’s all that matters.

21:27 - If their shaykhs, their Ahlul Bayt and all their support system is vigilant over what they’re doing, the numbers, the product, the. . what they’re putting out speaks for them not their tongue have to show and promote themselves.

21:42 - What they produce speaks for them. And then all of that information is going up to Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

21:50 - Who has to speak on the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, the love and muhabbat of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

22:00 - You think how much competition is in that area of demographics? You think there’s thousands of people producing those types of products? We said Ahlus Sunnah (People of Prophetic Tradition) has vanished and became Ahlul Qur’an on this earth.

22:14 - In the masjid there’s nobody speaking about the sunnah ((tradition of Prophet ﷺ) of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and the akhlaaq, the character and the sunnah because the imams (religious leaders) are not covered, they’re not bearded and they don’t even represent the sunnah anymore.

22:29 - So, in a time when they’re not even proud of their, of mentioning and Prophet ﷺ describe, ‘The day would come that they won’t mention my name in the masjids. ’ So, then you think with this type of profile, how many of these profiles are going up into the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ? They’re spreading the love, spreading the haqqaiq (realities), spreading the reality? No, and that’s why as a result there’s so much faiz from Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, so much nazar.

23:03 - Not from asking anyone, don’t have to ask anyone for that nazar to come to our soul, It’s what we produce that produces that.

23:11 - What we do with our actions and what we’re, what you see the proof is in the putting.

23:17 - What we put out you should know with all your heart and soul that Prophet ﷺ must be happy with them.

23:24 - That his faiz and nazar must be upon them because so much is coming out of that reality.

23:31 - So, anything you do in that way, in that report when Prophet ﷺ is looking he’s looking like us at that same thing, he sees the demographics.

23:42 - So, all these things that they’re doing is, ‘Oh my God look what Shamash is making, look what Lloyd these producers are putting out. ’ We said the miracle of how they produce those videos – they take talks from we don’t know how far back, could be months back, weeks back.

23:59 - How they put it, how they edit it, how they put clips together, it’s all by faiz.

24:06 - How are they receiving all of this inspiration to put these things together and then when it comes out it’s so timely that events in the world will match what their product is coming out.

24:18 - That can not be by anything other than Grace of Allah (AJ) and the madad and the support of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ that the direct nazar of Prophet ﷺ is happy and rida (satisfaction) upon that and dressing that reality, blessing that reality.

24:35 - So not only the shaykh’s ‘amals (good deeds) are going up but everything and everyone involved in that ‘amal because he’s merely just a conductor, he’s not the whole thing.

24:47 - He’s the one motivating people, ‘Come, contribute, come and write, come and translate some articles, come and produce for us. ’ There’s a computer person who’s running the computer… is unimaginable what he does producing apps, websites, the databases, everything.

25:09 - You don’t think when Prophet ﷺ is looking at the app and say, ‘Oh how their numbers of their app. . ’, how many people got the awrad (daily practices) this year from the app when all the big ustads they didn’t even put out what the awrad was.

25:26 - How this app has 20,000 followers and they found their awrad for Rajab.

25:32 - Who gets the barakah (blessing) of that? Every time you recite, everything from that app we get the barakah.

25:39 - You just say, ‘Bismillah’ because of that app that dresses, that’s a sadaqah jariyah (ongoing rewards charity) for me, for my family, my descendants, for my community and the people whom are following – they’re all shareholders in that reality.

25:56 - So, every time somebody clicks on that app, reads a du’a from that app, does the awrad from that app and Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is happy, the shajarah of the shaykhs they’re happy, they’re dressing, they’re blessing, then you understand that this immense faiz and light that comes upon the shaykh then begin to emanate to all those whom are participating, translating, actively engaging, running and keeping the center alive, keeping the products moving, keeping everything that we’re doing.

26:29 - It’s a huge orchestra. There are 50 translators now that people are managing and translating and putting translations on the videos and putting books together, these are immense.

26:41 - And that’s why they want us to understand this faiz is not just you ask for a faiz, other than if you name is Faiz ul Haqq [everyone laughs].

26:51 - We don’t mention Faiz, but faiz comes by our actions and that’s why the shaykhs are active in their life.

26:59 - They encourage people to be active, they encourage people to support, they encourage people to use their God-given gift.

27:07 - If you have hands then use them, if you have a knowledge and understanding, if you have a heart that can contribute, anything.

27:15 - If you have a pulse, just do something in the way of Allah (AJ).

27:21 - If you don’t have a pulse then we can’t do anything.

27:24 - But why, why? So, that you’ll get their nazar, you’ll be under this flow of immense grace that dressing and blessing them.

27:33 - And that’s why they don’t need to validate themselves to others.

27:36 - Sometimes the students will come and say, ‘Oh this one said this, this one said that. ’ Don’t worry about that.

27:41 - There’s so much on our plate right now mashaAllah with all these activities, that’s all that speaks to Allah (AJ).

27:48 - All day long you could praise yourself to people but if the demographic is not going to Allah (AJ) to be happy, Oh, all the people in the world. . and that’s what’s meant by that reality, all the people in the world won’t change Allah’s (AJ) opinion about you if the file is not matching.

28:06 - So, ‘This person wants all these things but I don’t see it in his file, Prophet ﷺ doesn’t see it in the file. ’ And our whole life was inspired to make our Islam real.

28:17 - You know find someone that you love, go behind them and begin to support, be active with them in every type of activity you do, every time your name is clicking and showing it’s going into that file and that file everyday is being presented.

28:35 - That’s how you know what you want to support you say, ‘These people are active and I want to support them because I know their file must be read daily if not minute by minute from the heavens,’ because of so much is going up, so much is countering.

28:51 - Look at the scenario of how their dawah changes the whole market place.

28:57 - Everybody’s video now has beautiful ambient sounds.

29:04 - Why? Because you come into this arena of people and say ‘Look if you’re going to talk about Prophet ﷺ you better make it beautiful because unbelievers are watching us. ’ You have to make it a beatific experience.

29:20 - You’re talking about paradises and immense realities, put beautiful scenarios, put beautiful sounds, put the best of what you have for Allah (AJ).

29:31 - And now look all these Ahlul Sunnah shaykhs all have beautiful sounds and even the people I didn’t even think they allowed sound they’re putting on ambient sounds, they’re putting on salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and zikrs in the background, alhamdulillah.

29:44 - Copying is the highest form of flattery; the people are happy with you, they’re copying it.

29:52 - But that’s a sign for the people to understand that when people are active get behind them and get involved.

29:58 - If you want the nazar and that’s what all your emails are asking ‘Nazar, nazar, nazar’ then it’s simple as getting involved.

30:06 - Getting involved and clicking, participating and say you’ll be on the Soundcloud files, we would see you there.

30:12 - You’ll be on Telegram; we’ll see you there.

30:15 - You’ll be on YouTube; we’ll see you there. You’ll be on the shop; we’ll see you there.

30:18 - You’ll be on the donor list; we see you there click by click, day by day.

30:23 - People who are giving on a daily basis, everything passes the eyes of the shaykh.

30:28 - And all of that is going up into the heavens and bringing immense amounts of faiz and lights and blessings and dressings.

30:38 - That, is needed in days of difficulty because now everybody is scared of this sickness, that sickness, this death, that death.

30:47 - It can be very scary if you don’t think your account is set properly with Allah (AJ).

30:55 - And that’s again why they’re inspiring ‘Be active’ because you’ll sleep very good at night because you sleep and put your head down, ‘Ya Rabbi I tried really my best, I tried my best today to do the most I can even if my eyes are not working properly I try to look at everything, comment back to everyone, give a shukr (gratitude) to everyone who’s involved. ’ And you try your best and at night you sleep with the best of intention and you pray that Allah (AJ) give you strength to go through another day.

31:24 - So, this gives us the sakinah (tranquility) within our hearts.

31:28 - Otherwise, if I know to myself, ‘Oh, I’m not doing anything,’ and I see the imminence of death and demons and all sorts of horrific things around me and my family and everything that I hold to be sacred and to be blessed, of course I should be scared.

31:44 - Again, your account and demographics is not matching what you ask, ‘Ya Rabbi save me from all of these things,’ and your demographic file is empty.

31:53 - Allah’s (AJ) like, ‘Why, why? You’re not doing anything here.

31:58 - What’s the difference you’re here or not here you go, its better for you. ’ Because they’re losing themselves here.

32:05 - They’re staying and you know if the demographics are not correct for Allah (AJ) and you’re not. . your kitab (book) Allah says, ‘I give you on your right hand. ’ When Allah (AJ) wants to give you a demographic file, read Qur’an with technology understanding.

32:21 - It says, ‘I’m going to place the believer their book in their right hand. ’ What is that book? Everything you’ve done, this is your demographics, and if it wasn’t good the book’s not coming into your right hand; the book will be given into your left hand.

32:37 - ‘That your sayyiat (sins) is all We have written for you, the abundance of your sayyiat is all that you have. ’ You didn’t click on the shaykh on anything but you watched all those inappropriate videos.

32:50 - You clicked on those one after another, multiple successions of… [shaykh laughs].

32:56 - That’s why the shaykh is in every platform, ‘Oh, oh, oh before you touch those buttons, click here. ’ How they put in that, that guy in the ding button like a wrestling ring, ‘Subscribe now, Ding [sound effect]. ’ Why? Because this is a battle, this is a battle to get people to have ‘amal that Allah will be pleased with so it goes into their right hand.

33:18 - And Allah (AJ) says, ‘All that you did on earth and your time on earth and everything that you participated in, here’s you kitab. ’ Your demographic file is beatific and blessed and become holy.

33:32 - But now people all they doing is just all of the inappropriate that’s why then the shaykhs are active, promoting, pushing in all these platforms wherever these things are.

33:43 - ‘Watch this, watch this,’ put that into your feed and subscribe to the channel so that you force yourself to get a daily sohbat (lecture).

33:51 - Why you don’t having that? When we were coming into tariqah we were dying for a talk from Shaykh Nazim (Q), and there would be one guy visiting from London, was Ismail? Because he would always go to the Ramadan big jama’ (group) of Shaykh Nazim (Q), and he would record like 20 cassettes and then he would come into town and then begin to sell them to everyone.

34:20 - You know record 20, 20, 20. . everybody was grabbing the cassettes of Shaykh Nazim’s (Q) talks.

34:25 - There was no internet then, there was nobody you could listen to what he actually said.

34:28 - You had to take it from this mouth to that mouth and by ten times somebody told you the story they changed it ten times.

34:34 - So, to get that actual recording of Shaykh Nazim’s (Q) holy voice and talking about Armageddon, talking about last days.

34:42 - How much people were trying to get these knowledges and feed themselves from haqqaiqs and realities.

34:47 - And Allah (AJ) make it simple because it’s the last days, dajjal (man of deceit) is moving onto this earth.

34:53 - Put the feed onto your TV, subscribe to it and make sure every day a video is coming in.

34:59 - And everyday I’m a talib (student), I’m going to sit and take a lesson.

35:02 - That lesson for the day Ya Rabbi let me to be dressed by it, to understand it, to be blessed by it and then I go out into my world.

35:10 - Or at night if the day it starts off too busy then I’m going to close off my day by subscribing to them, to listen to them and if I’m not going to do, I’ll subscribe to their audio files with SoundCloud and Podcast.

35:23 - I mean there’s so many ways to be actively involved, to feed ourself with these realities, dress ourselves with these realities and to make the kitab inshaAllah to be good, to be strong and this becomes the blessings for our home, for our children and our community inshaAllah.

35:42 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

35:49 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.

35:56 - Click the link now to subscribe. .