Cycling in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (Yizhuang New Town)【4K】骑行在北京

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Friday, July 30, 2021, afternoon Luying Street South 4th Ring Road, Shibalidian South Bridge Boda Road The continuous rainy days for more than a week ended with the disappearance of the typhoon “fireworks” The last light rain in the morning, and occasional water can be seen on the side of the road The road now cycling is called Bo Da Road, which connects South Fourth Ring Road and South Fifth Ring Road.

01:49 - The area we are going to today is called Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area Located in Yizhuang Town outside Beijing’s South Fifth Ring Road, you can reach it after riding this road East Gate of Hongbo Park The buildings in the distance are the development zone The uncle riding a three-wheeled electric bike in front of me is about the same speed as me. I will see him for a while.

09:19 - South Fifth Ring Road Ronghua Bridge Ronghua North Road There are free parks on both sides of the road called the International Corporate Culture Park Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area was approved to start construction on August 15, 1991 It was formally approved by the State Council as a national development zone in 1994 In August 2002, the State Council approved the expansion of 24 square kilometers, with a total area of ​​46. 8 square kilometers.

11:51 - In January 2005, the Beijing City Master Plan (2004-2020) was released Expanding outwards with Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area as the core, planned as Beijing Yizhuang New City, with a total area of ​​225 square kilometers Above is the Metro Yizhuang Line In 2019, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government approved the latest “Yizhuang New Town Planning (2017-2035)” It is clearly pointed out that efforts should be made to undertake the function of the capital and to build Yizhuang New City into a low-density green urban area free from Metropolitan Disease In July 2002, 1,055 companies from 35 countries settled in the Area, including 40 of the world’s top 500 companies In 2012, more than 4,800 companies from more than 30 countries and regions invested in the development area Among them are 77 Fortune 500 companies including Nokia, Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, and GE Ronghua Middle Road BDA is the English abbreviation of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area On the right is Boda Park, an open street park He is curious about the display on the front of the camera Except for the park just now, there are taller office buildings on both sides of this road The road design of the development zone is somewhat different from other areas in Beijing The blocks are smaller and there are more traffic light intersections, so that traffic jams are not prone to occur Ronghua South Road However, in my opinion, it still inherits the common characteristics of Beijing streets: too wide The buildings on both sides of the road are separated by a long distance It’s not easy to see what kind of shops are on the other side of the road, also it’s not easy to cross the road This reduces the fun of take a walk in the street Ronghua Road South Ring Island Rongchang West Street Jingyuan North Street On the right side of the road is Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University (South District) Jingyuan Street Hongda South Road The Yizhuang Metro is operated on the elevated way in the development area.

32:12 - The two cars driving out on the left are self-driving taxis The entire development area is a high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone Now passing by is the Lincoln MKZ hybrid model It can be seen that there is a sensing device for autonomous driving on the top of the vehicle Including several lidars, millimeter wave radars and cameras Self-driving taxis can use the app to call rides within the development area At present, self-driving taxis are still equipped with a safety officer who has many years of driving experience and passed the test Intervene in vehicle control under special circumstances to ensure safe operation.

33:31 - In addition to Lincoln models, there are also Lexus and other brand models that provide self-driving taxi services In this video, self-driving cars may be seen many times The appearance feature is that the top of the car is equipped with a sensing device like that one Individuals are still looking forward to autonomous driving technology I believe it will replace human-driven cars in the future and become the most important vehicle on the road I’m just not sure how long it will be popularized, maybe at least 10 years or more? Not sure how long this unfinished building will be completed Xingye Street Yongchang South Road Huo Ma Road Liangshui River It is now close to the southernmost end of the development zone, less than 1km from the South Sixth Ring Road Xinghua South Street Xizhou Road Dongdian Road Dongdian Village The road in the village seems to be crushed, it looks a little muddy after the rain Ma San Street The old line of Huoma Road This belongs to Majuqiao Town, it should be a more lively area in the town At the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, because it was a pasture, a large number of military horses were stocked here, so it was named “Majuli”.

52:56 - The pasture is close to the Liangshui River, and the bridge built on the river is named “Maju Qiao(qiao=bridge)” Majuqiao Town was included in the planning scope of Yizhuang New Town in 2019 Now you can see many shops selling shrouds and urns on both sides of the road This part of the road is also called Majuqiao Funeral Supplies Street Tongji South Road Im drinking water The rails of Yizhuang T1 line Rongchang East Street Yizhuang T1 line is a ground tram Opened operations on December 31, 2020 The starting fare is 3 yuan, the full fare is 4 yuan No joint billing with other lines, transfers need to leave the station The current vehicle operation area is mainly within the scope of Yizhuang New Town The maximum design speed of the tram is 70 km/h, and the daily driving speed is 25 km/h In terms of speed and fare, it has no advantages over buses But comfort and safety should be pretty good It is not the rush hour for commuting, and you can see that there are not many passengers in the carriage Hongda Middle Road The Yizhuang Metro next to it will run parallel to this road for a while Drinking time. . Hongda North Road Beihuan East Road Jingwang Road Sam’s Club in Yizhuang Cultural Park East Road I seem to be in the wrong lane Thats all for today Thanks for watching.