RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 17 - Secret Location (PC)

Jun 6, 2021 06:30 · 1652 words · 8 minute read

Welcome back to more residential village action so in the last episode we were finally able to get a magnum so i guess now we have to use that magnum on the wolf the wolf pain that’s why this gun is called anyway i’m gonna start assuming [ __ ] and let’s get into the video all right so we are back in the village man come to think of it the first i started this playing this game oh there’s a goat black coat man this game looks some way beautiful now than before there’s the headshot the show must the show must go on this guy is calling for it i guess he is on our side now some [ __ ] i think he’s not he’s just playing us so we are gonna find out later now where should i go next i just want to make sure i’m finding every treasure in this game i don’t know just exploring this game looks beautiful now and there’s not much frame drops it’s playing smoothly now you know where i should go now i should go for that bridge that has earlier in this game well i have only three i will i will not be able to do whatever is required i have searched this area thoroughly now this way i know there is one board that i wasn’t able to go there now that i have the crank i can lower the bridge and go use that port that worked down there i don’t know this will lead me so let’s go find out man the water looks so clear time to turn around this boat or maybe i should go straight i wonder what’s on the other side there’s the talking just gonna park my boat here and there’s another bridge go crack do your work now this this area i know there’s the well yeah yeah there’s the well that i wasn’t able to go into because i don’t have that well tool that is required now i have so i’m gonna check it out what’s in there some shotgun shells perhaps oh no it’s the stairs man i’m so afraid to taking the stairs after that second boss fight when we were chosen by the big bad baby whose mouth was so huge and man was barely able to get out of there oh there’s a lockpick that’s gonna be convenient now this looks to be a puzzle i’m just making sure i’m not overlooking any [ __ ] that i can pick all right text looks clear time to solve this puzzle so what i’m assuming is i need to arrange these so i can get across what’s this i guess it was worth a try just did one pipe bomb i don’t care i have plenty now this comes up and they all go green oh nice i can push it first i’m gonna check some shotgun shells nice just gonna push it then i have to push that also this will go down and that’s it now i can go down there and then climb up first i’m gonna make sure i’m not missing anything is there some kind of rubies in the stones above me anything down there no nothing i’m excited what’s this treasure gonna hold no no there’s nothing i wonder how can get out of there i guess we’ll find out large pitch in blood ruby nice some flashbangs and explosive rounds they’re gonna come in handy alright so now i have got everything time to go out of this place a nice little puzzle all right so what did i just pick up perfect oh that’s gonna be very valuable but it requires one more valuable dude i got so much stuff i’m gonna be a rich guy after this game ends too bad it’s it’s this shit’s gonna stay there i’m just gonna save my game here real quick all right time to head out i’m just gonna try the store it’s a little i’m sorry it’s locked this one yeah yeah it’s locked too did not even budge um so now this what’s this right here some kind of treasure perhaps great another puzzle i’m just gonna slam that thing oh let me guess so i have to let the fire on those let’s unlock this door hold up i heard someone there’s a zombie i guess it’s a villager that died and turned into one of these creatures how did this guy catch fire again all right buddy it’s you and me and i have a gun full of arsenal and you have a sword apps to be this way guess if i only had this handgun and two bullets what will be my i guess you can say faith what’s gonna be my fear then it’s gonna be hard man that’s why i keep the inventory full on against that shotgun it’s worthless so i’m gonna light this one can this thing go all the way to that now this guy is catching fire oh miss that shot stay away man don’t come any closer so i’m gonna do this the last door this thing is not going all the way down there to light that candle hold up can i yeah yeah yeah maybe i should oh no no get the hell out of here maybe i should yeah that’s the only way hold up let me try this this could be probably wrong but i guess this worth a try all right mister come come here so here’s what i like you to do i’m gonna have to ask you to stay there yeah man you did it thanks a lot all right what’s this golden lady statue nice i’m not gonna sell this one it’s lady dimitri statue that’s iconic wait she was never like that is she i mean she never wore that dress i don’t know man magnum ammo nice time to get the hell out of this place i’m just gonna take a quick look statue based on demetricus that’s narcastic all right there’s nothing here this area is clear i guess that was a treasure after all i think i have find every treasure i don’t know maybe i didn’t right so where should i go yeah yeah i should head back man this ride is peaceful so what’s forward i guess i should explore yeah i never been to that place the area looks so pretty oh there’s another pool i should look at oh it’s the rare fish hey i’ve been looking for you all over the place finest fish great so now i can make that recipe that’s gonna make me faster i guess you can see and make my body feel weightless that’s what that recipe said all right where this goes man it’s dark here i am horrified it’s there listing attack i don’t know man i should stay alert and take coin from resident evil 7 nice and extension part probably for the shortcut now this area is still red where am i at i’m right beneath ceremony site some mines next some explosive rounds what this laptop say all right dna sequencing complete 99.

95 matches two will weigh more time may that a variation of 0. 005 can presumably be attributed to artificial changes by humans which means this is probably the source future investigation into how the connections manage to find an extract the world is needed the fungal colony is spreaded out under the entire village when you take the picker in student into account the host of the vitamix are part of a network of which consciousness says if that network is linked to here then we could assume this organism here is data storage if that’s the case then what tata is miranda after so i’m guessing these trees are thorough reason for all this village is turning into i guess you can call monsters what’s this tree is coming alive it should get the hell out of here is that it they’re not following hp i should turn back yeah yeah area is green there’s no boss fight yeah i should take care of them there’s only three i love the way how we coming flying these ones are even worse than the villagers in the surface i guess you can say surface because i’m right beneath ceremony site i’m guessing this tree is gonna come alive mr tree 9 mm shots didn’t work on this thing oh you know maybe i should maybe i should hold off i need to get something maybe i should shoot them with flashbang not this say flashbang and this is explosive rounds i’m just checking in the icon nothing happened this is the first time i use use flashbang no maybe i shouldn’t waste my shot there nothing i don’t know what the hell is this thing i have a pretty vague idea that this will be the last boss because it’s right beneath ceremony site all right my inventory looks good yeah evaluables do i need to sell in any one of them right now i’m gonna collect with the necklace thing oh you know what i just picked up an antique coin i just probably gonna sell this one time to head back then the last area of this game developers had done pretty good work there is no frame frame dropper lagging like it was in the first section of this game in the castle all right i’m gonna head to the merchant now yeah there’s the ceremony site i guess there’s no point going there now i’ve searched this area the sd merchant what is c holding just gonna save my game there alright that’s it for this episode peace out you.