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do so oh my oh i’m certainly myself time has answers to all our problems just go in peace my son go in peace thank you for go and please my son has i can’t believe you’re going anywhere leaving me alone generally it is only for a short while please take care of mama i’ll be back soon where are you going to i’m leaving the village for a while it came it is my fault i did not tell you the truth when i told you that i didn’t know anything about sobacco udeza had come to me and told me that it was necessary to put your love to test since you’re about to marry urine and he told me that is the best way to check the extent of your future wife’s trust that was why i agreed all along i knew you had a hand in it you are either bribed or deceived but now i’m sure you know how it turned out she failed the test she could not trust a man she has known all her life that is my grief you came i am sorry i am sorry i am leaving this village to allow peace rain let me take you to the edge of the village now before you get hot what do you want we have a method from footprints so take me up otherwise you’ll be a dead man let me prepare for the prince there okay mother chanel where are you going i’m going to get here for you the great thing is papa my daughter there’s no reason for this greeting because you’re not here for good oh you’ve come to see if your love aldaze succeeded in killing my brother so they can go ahead and marry him isn’t it papa in my pain i made a mistake but my mother took the advantage of it and misled me but even at that i never gave with desi an opportunity to my heart i’ve sworn my heart belongs to rick him and no other man isn’t it late go and tell odesi that he has succeeded in killing my brother what are you talking about what was it your mouth stop pretending uh just let ura be it’s all right my daughter he can was attacked and beaten few hours ago you can go in there and see him he came it’s all right greetings greetings my day okay how can they do this to him why are people so wicked i am back to you and i will never leave your side again can you hear me i was i was misled to distrust you i’m so sorry okay you can look at me as i’m talking to you your highness i am really embittered i have only money to control my anger i understand your emotional disposition now but if i may ask how can one be sure that it was judezy who sent those men to attack ikemefuna i know that he came from the andu desert have been childhood friends now tell me how possible is it for daisy to attack his bosom friend your highness those people made it clear to he came that today they had a message for him the message was that he came should keep off or be killed what for the evidence do we need i suggest you rent him in because that action office was a direct challenge to my fatherhood better keep him in control because next time i would have acted before complaining i don’t want to be preached to the world i don’t want to be preached at the war let’s not remember that i was once a valiant warrior of this community i don’t want to be put to the wall grow in peace i can let you awareness go and fetch you then say here right now my prince the kenya asked me to report you immediately please come with me it might be very important it’s very important when i suggested you teaching a lesson i did not tell you to leave a message behind that was so fearless it was a vision and i know they came very oh here comes the pretty one hurray isn’t it so good to have you around it is not good for me to see you again knowing how repressible you could be what is it how could you how could you avoid it in your mind to kill someone you once called your best friend what for what are you talking about i know nothing of what you’re talking about really you know nothing about what i’m saying you know out of pain he came decided to leave this village yet you pursued him and sent people to kill him my love i did what i did just for you i told him to leave you alone for me but he was as stubborn as a he goat did you see the stare he caused in your house did they hire musicians to play for you so they can dance away your sorrows after cheating he didn’t cheat on me you framed him upon that just to discredit him and you you misled me to believe that even then remedy what he did to me is how could you as if that is not enough you sent people to kill him you were despicable and for you to do this to your best friend makes you nothing but a conflated evil blessings he chose to stand on my way he should have respected my wishes and let you be i am all desert the prince of anumah i get whatever i set my heart to get and no one can stop him unfortunately he was a stumbling block so he got what he desired what am i loved please don’t misunderstand me keep your distance and never come close to me again i love ikem and i would love him to like die who they say what have you done how can you be so careless to attack your bosom friend and for what reason i wanted to scare him off my old father did you have to resort to such barbaric means to achieve your goal i only sent my message to stay off to back off unfortunately it backfired and it backfired terribly now listen to me if anything should happen to ikemefuna or urane accusing fingers will be pointed at you and that will bring scorn and shame to my household if we in that medium should be catastrophic i suggest you look elsewhere you oh it is my oh okay nice yeah do i serve your food here no i’ll first visit about it when i come back i’ll eat by the way how is it he came he’s he’s getting better slowly rory has been a great help to his recovery greetings emily how was about coming to see your husband before you arrived my husband is not feeling very well welcome no no ah my husband is something very well so i have to come here because we can’t keep waiting we need to come and see how this ball is recuperating but yes who is a constant visit has helped his recovery especially her knowledge on thank house we thank our guys nothing will happen to him because this is not time to drink or eat no did you have to take something i am not hungry i am just happy that this boy is getting well daisy can you speak to me who does it speak to me it is my son what is wrong with you you did not eat since morning even this night you’ve not eaten your food do you want to get sick mother is it not better that i get sick and die i’m already dead emotionally already the one that i love so much is about to be taken away oh my please just let me be leave me a thought please there is more to life than dying do you realize that enormous people look up to you to rule them after your father my disabled normal people that look up to me to rule them would also want me to provide an air who do i do with with a god mama the only girl that i love that i wish to perpetuate this lily with is being given the way to another man the next decade market day please if i do not marry urey i would not be happy it’s okay it’s okay my son it’s okay you tried to ware her but it wasn’t possible there are other media no mama never never it is only already on nobody if i do not marry her i will run away from this community and i will never come back hades come let’s go and discuss this with your father this is a dangerous stretch jesus is following me let’s go i am totally disappointed in you on the day you made mockery of my friendship and hands of fellowship with you in spite our class difference i had to come low to make friends with you thinking that you will cash in on it to improve your status by allowing uray to marry my son into reality upon all the gifts i’ve been sending to you you couldn’t do anything you might just i did my very best i did what is your best he came with be married to ure in a couple of days i am about losing my son because he is devastated do you know what you are just a pro-stranger and post stranger you will remain now get out of my compound i said leave my compound now hmm if you this time you will move into your house on my leg that’s my foot as well so what would you be doing with yourself if i start cooking i’ll be getting ready for my own sutures every maiden wishes to be in your shoes oh yes my father asked me this morning when a sitter is coming to ask for my younger marriage but i told him i don’t know okay do you know what he said he said it’s because of my bad behavior excuse me um you’re doing so well for your friend they made me so beautiful yes we are looking more beautiful thank you very much let our ancestors direct your own suitors to you easy especially for me my wife you wake up you’re welcome why are you donecast i i was expecting you to bring food for me a worker are you not ashamed of yourself no i’m asking you all you want is food food everyday food here why your friend he came he’s getting married to my friend in a couple of days he came here to his promise to marry uber my friend what about you namaskey what about you all you want is food did you eat one in your see i am planning for our marriage i don’t want you to suffer when i marry you you see my father died a poor man and left nothing for me even this hot i’m living in is built on community land should they take it from me i have nowhere to go to wake up we will not suffer yes we will not suffer you are better off than a lot of people yet they have families and they are living happily let me tell you i’m giving you one good week yes one good week if you don’t walk towards our marriage you will lose me yes you are going to lose me i don’t really nonsense someone my i was resting i am so sorry i can i can go and come back if i have to stop you please no problem you’re already here so go ahead what do you want please i’m so sorry i need to marry you but i have nothing back i have no land i have no house of my own my prophet died he left nothing for me please i beg you i beg you please help me even the land which my house is built on belongs to the community and he came that i’m hoping on he’s busy preparing for his wedding please that’s why i’ve come to you look please do you really love a girl of course i do and i would not want to lose her okay i will advise you to do everything possible to make sure that you do not lose her okay do everything human impossible okay okay but you must do one thing i i’m ready to do anything to keep god you are going to do me a favor you will facilitate the reconciliation of he came and i you want to reconcile yes immediately you do that i will support you with everything that you need to mario go is that all that’s all considered you wake up now you awake i said no that is unacceptable who desert that has tried everything humanly possible to eliminate my life wants to reconcile with me we can listen to me if he had sent someone else to deliver this message to me out of shot his legs just brought a message from odesi saying he wants to reconcile with me really accepted my son it is better to be in peace than to fight papa accept it i welcome you all to my father’s compound one chord what are you already you’re welcome my dear greetings and mine you’re welcome the greatest restaurant has ever known i salute you where is possible the king would have been here himself but he’s early represented in this course of restoring friendship and harmony he gave you these gifts as a sign of reconciliation all these photos all these things for us how great is to historia highness yes that’s right norma the memories of our youthful friendship cannot be washed away there’s a lot to gain by being friends than being enemies i welcome our friendship with my whole heart my friend thank you he came and fled my good friend the son of the one of the greatest wrestlers has ever had you are indeed a good friend whoever takes that for granted is a big fool i want to say my good friend please forgive my exuberance yes my best friend so where are two of my best friends going you can while i’m on my way to your house to find out how your wedding preparation is going nowhere in particular we were taking a walk to chase away boredom boredom he said no no no it’s not bottom it’s tension you know why a friend of mine that just got married recently prince of enough when he was about getting married something like this happened to him i suggested hunting i think this sounds good why don’t we hunt tomorrow for old time says i know when some people get married and they’re really they’re talking with the old time games especially when their wives are involved today okay if hunting is what my friends want then let’s hunt tomorrow good the day after tomorrow i shall get married and i will be saying congratulations so it is good for you to do something else to ease attention get enough gum powder because we are going to keep all the meat in the buns have a good day the newest married man i should have known it is you’re late odessa is not even here those rabbits and antelopes they like to come out in the morning to drink water if we leave now when are we going to shoot at them um i was waiting for him before he sent a message that his father sent him somewhere with a kennedy that he wouldn’t make it but we can still go ahead and check our traps we know he’s been long we check them last you’re right so let’s go whoo so he came it seems we have lost our way this is the road to amateur i’ve just noticed uh maybe we’ll rest at this then we trace our steps come on let’s sit down oh foreign hey oh time i said what is stomach i was having runny stomach and i ran into the bush to ease myself when i came out so oh before i came out i had a scream and i came out i saw tiger hey okay okay hey myself oh huh you can you came to this side you were dead but not to me you will always be alive to me till i die and no one can take your place in my heart no one go on come back there is something i still don’t understand why was it awake that broke at peace between he came and daisy where was it also eureka that went haunting the day he came was killed when was he not killed mother please please mother i don’t want to talk about it can’t you see that now he came he’s out of the way and there’s a thing that the road is clear for him to marry urey i keep on saying it i don’t like that boy called daisy one can never trust a gluten because his stomach things for him instead of his brain you will go to their compound to give the message do not let anybody to see have i made myself clear i will do that greetings please cannot have a word with together preaching citizen you want to talk to me it’s been over a month now we had an agreement i’ve done my own path if you are yet to do yourself calm down you have too much in a hurry slow i have something big i’m working out for you you will like it at the end just i am fast losing my woman i have not spoken with her in a mucky day and no one to feed me it’s been tough for me you have to do something please calm down go home i’m coming to your house to see you i will come to your halt to see you okay i’ll be waiting you are indeed a wise man no wonder my father never allows you out of his presence your advice for us to use ewaker worked out very well i free my promise or not you wake up will never give our secrets out to anyone of course of course my prince did you tell him to wait i told him your suggestion exactly very well he will continue to wait let him win you’re welcome please come get a seat inside and bring here can you sit there with me come closer would you want to eat something no my mom i am not hungry where are my daughter i know how it has been for all of us to have lost again all the same what happened has happened and we must move on with our lives what am i trying to say i want you to allow one of these young men that is asking your hand and marriage is not dead he is alive and he will always be alive to me i i feel him i i talk to him we talk mom i am happy besides there is no place in my heart for any other month so it’s useless for me to get married to anyone else oh see mama where it’s possible i will come and leave here and wait in ikea’s room till he comes back because i know you will come back for me my game is not dead and you will always be alive in my come heart right how are you doing today greetings today we’re fine i i don’t know why you have been rebuffing my overtures to you what is it that i am not doing right to woo you to my side my pretty woman tell me i’m in love with you i want to take care of you i want you i want you to sleep by my side and wake up the next morning please save my bleeding heart and make me your he doesn’t i have said it before but i’ll say it again there is no space in my heart for any other man my heart belongs to he came and he came along again i am not an ordinary man i am the prince of a normal kingdom i am the one that loves you he is dead and forgotten he may be dead to you because he never valued his friendship but to me he is a life and will always be alive can’t find any other men in the village of marry let me be you can never have me you deserve one i’m glad you’re here i have been mad waiting for you i hope no one saw you are you coming no no sorry please let’s go inside so you can make me feel like you know do i’m i’m worried about what daisy my brother this is six months after a a he came from a stumbling block to him marine uri died still guru has not given me to and it’s driving me saying don’t forget if there’s a marines worry he’ll be able to convince my father for him to revoke your status as a slave what do you do now my love is a pressing problem right now but what could i do i’m just so happy the most important thing to me now is what we just did i have to think about that tomorrow than talk with today’s yes okay you have to go okay thank you for making me feel like a woman ah my princess my love a buddha just like every other man would do to a woman yet she’s not bulging what kind of blood portion did he give to her don’t worry my friends i will do something about that i promise you had better do something or you remain a slave until you die or better still you will be hanged for sleeping with you what you did was an abomination who is there are you india no i am coming now please come come ojuku is about living i don’t know maybe i’m here hey he wants to leave huh would you don’t tell me you are tired of staying with us it’s not like that i have to be on my way down my mother is waiting for me my thank you very much this is beautiful thank you very much thank you very much my home is yours feel free let me tell you thank you very much thank you very much i am grateful for you okay thank you thank you greet your father my parents are so happy about it yeah is what i will do i can’t wait for you to become my wife and look my father and i are making preparations okay i have to leave you now okay please take good care of yourself and i hope it will be some thank you why why why couldn’t you wait for me i’ve waited for good for you good four years wouldn’t thank you father was not important to me someone whom i am important to has taken over please i can still do something okay we still have time okay please um to go go mum truly your highness odessa’s attitude is becoming worrisome i suggest we do something about it before he harms himself exactly now tell me what do we do he tried his best to woo her to no avail do i now force the young girl to marry him and you know that marriage is not by force you’re right your highness but i still think you get involved directly i suggest you invite ure her mother and her father to this palace and plead with them they may accept out of respect i’m happy i thank you and your family for coming thank you for the honor of inviting us i am greatly burdened and because i am burdened the entire community of anima is burdened my son jesus must marry and give the people an heir to succeed him because i am getting weak and old if he fails to marry before i die the kinship will leave my lineage and perhaps my entire family even i know the tradition i sympathize with you odessa my son must marry soonest and the meddling he has chosen in spite of all odds is urey please i beg you give me this pleasure and consent to my son’s proposal to you i say this in the presence of your father and mother your highness i am truly sorry about the real situation and i wish there is something i can do but there is nothing because i love ekim and he is the one i want to marry it’s my decision and it has nothing to do with udezu your highness hurry um allow me to talk look at this please help you give her time to go and think over your appeal and she’ll come back to you in no longer time and understand time she’ll come without a crack please very well then i thank all of you for coming thank you thank you so much thank you so much thank you go in peace let’s take our leave go in peace this was your idea so what do you think about it there will be a problem in their home once they reach the mother is agreeable the father is fine he would not force his daughter no matter what and the daughter what happens to her your highness i’m afraid she’s not bulging but not worry i will take care of her she will agree oh but why did you maintain silence right from the palace to this place because the matter entirely is in ura’s hands i cannot influence her decision it’s you yes run away with the would they would have been you know sometimes i feel ikea moon walk into this compound one day and i’ll hug him we can walk into this compound in personal i say ghost it came when i impressing or was it cost we can hmm do you know what you have done now to be injurious to your life i will warn you for the last don’t ever do it again so tell me what do you want who doesn’t you’re making me lose my because you fail to fulfill your promise please i am begging you to do so please i’m a very busy man because i don’t have time such for such trivialities right now okay what do you mean hey stop relaxing what is trivia how do you consider the loss of michael trigger how i am talking to you i’m so happy i’m happy for you now greetings to you beautiful maddens my mother and my father are not at home i am not here to see them rather i i’m here to see you you know in that case i i have to leave i have come to know if you have made up your mind on what to tell the king and i hope is a positive answer i have nothing to tell the king other than what i told him that is where the issue lies it will amount to ingratitude if you turn down the request of the king considering the fact that you and your parents are living in this kingdom at the mercy of the people and that of the king i know the king you know nothing you don’t do anything you don’t know that you and your parents are strangers inaudible you do not know that your home is on the soil of the community so i advise you to take proper lectures from your parents so you can decide on what to tell the king have a good day neuro i’m just coming from your house haven’t not heard from your daughter the king sent me to know why but i have sensitized her on the implications of rejecting or refusing the king’s request but of you have a good role to play because the king is capable of banishing you people from this kingdom knowing the circumstance that surrounds your settling here does your family forbid royalty urey has just two days to come up with a reasonable response have a good day what i’ve been afraid of all my life has finally been following me hey wait i am asking if this is a threat or what what else is it if it is not a trust what is it okay why are you standing anything right for crying what is it true that we are strangers in this life oh satya ahmadi america massacre no it’s not for me at all at all why are you troubled what is it is it true that we are strangers in this land yes we are why do you think i’m begging you all this way to marry you deserve so we can change our status here your father here is omar amati me i am from anyone but if you marry you deserve you will now change we will not become indigenes citizens of this animal that’s what i’m begging you to do for me mama no if this is what they want to use to blackmail us it would work because i would never marry odessa or any other man i’d rather kill myself what is the matter with you woman you have had her i cannot force my daughter into a marriage she does not want so what do we do now get a guy get me go in there park ourselves begin to pack our things we are living here a day after tomorrow morning have i made myself clear greetings to you beautiful maddens my mother and my father are not at home i am not here to see them rather i am here to see you you know in that case i i have to leave now i have come to know if you have made up your mind on what to tell the king and i hope is a positive answer i have nothing to tell the king other than what i told him that is where the issue lies it will amount to ingratitude if you turn down the request of the king considering the fact that you and your parents are living in this kingdom at the mercy of the people and that of the king i know the king you know nothing you don’t do anything you don’t know that you and your parents are strangers inaudible you do not know that your home is on the soil of the community so i advise you to take proper lectures from your parents so you can decide on what to tell the king have a good day i’m just coming from your house haven’t not heard from your daughter the king sent me to know why but i have sensitized her on the implications of rejecting or refusing the king’s request but of you have a good role to play because the king is capable of banishing you people from this kingdom knowing the circumstance that surrounds your settling here does your family forbid royalty uri has just two days to come up with a reasonable response have a good day hello i know what i’ve been afraid of all my life has finally been following me hey wait how much this is a trait of what how many have you seen it have you seen it i am asking if this is a threat or what what is it if it is not the choice what is it why are you standing little bit why are you crying what is it true that we are strangers in this land oh satya ahmadi how many come answer the question no it’s not for me at all at all that’s your father why are you troubled what is it is it true that we are strangers in this land yes we are why do you think i’m begging you all this way to marry you deserve so we can change our status here your father here is omar i’m hachi me i am from anyone but if you marry your desert you will now change we will not become indigenous citizens of this animal that’s what i’m begging you to do for me mama no if this is what they want to use to blackmail us it won’t work because i would never marry udeza or any other man i’d rather kill myself what is the matter with you woman you have had her i cannot force my daughter into a marriage she does not want so what do we do now get a guy again go in there park ourselves begin to pack our things we are living here a day after tomorrow morning have i made myself clear oh relax just relax you’re seriously wounded what what happened i was passing by when i looked and i saw you laying down outside people thought you were dead but when i looked closer i found out i are still alive then i took you in and i lost you thanks to the girls you’re still alive daisy daisy my why did you ask to see me in my house you know it’s so dangerous to see a royal in an intimacy with a slave like me my loon there’s a problem i’m afraid the worst has happened the worst what happened talk to me my love i am pregnant i’ve been vomiting and having morning sickness hey my mother has been occupied that’s why she has not been able to notice this means death for both of us if they find out hey what do we do yes my princess we are in trouble hi my presence we’re in trouble we’re in trouble hi hi princess i am so sorry i am so sorry for putting you in this mess i should have stopped you from loving a slave like me hey i can actually kill yourself hey chimo hey if i would die let me die but i would not regret loving the man after my heart calm down calm down princess that is not the issue there must be a way out what way out my princess what way out you told me you are pregnant it is supposed to be a good news but look at this sounding so abominable to me wait what am i going to do why don’t we look to another land please my princess we will consider that option but for now i am keen on making ure give her consent to jesus request so that he will fulfill his promise i want to make him say yes that’s my mission that’s my mission i want to make sure she says yes so that i will be free so that i will be free hi my princess please you have to go now so that people don’t see you here please please okay at least hug me before i go just hold me please trauma where are you people going we are leaving because we will not succumb to your cheek black men blackmail indeed and i wonder living as a stranger and leaving us wonder us which one is better ah have you told her the circumstance of her bed and why you have to leave a match to settle here i’m going to tell her papa what is it what are you not telling me yes my daughter i will tell you now you will want me yes and twins are forbidden in how much we have to sneak you and your brother out of the match in the midnight so that they will not sacrifice both of you to the goddess of the python we came to settle here because these people do not forbid twins unfortunately for us your teen brother died you see why you have to seek the favor of the king his royal highness just one way you’ll be kicked out again and i ask you will you continue to live your life as wondrous my friend think well that’s why i’m thanking you become woman i appreciate your effort to make me happy i appreciate your love but i will not let us be wanderers or our lives you know how much i love you i cannot force you to marry a man you do not laugh just because i’m a status okay it’s okay you come it’s okay i am ready to sacrifice my happiness take me to see his majesty nice one wise decision yes yes no no father i want to know why you’re laughing why i’ve been laughing it’s a good day we must marry you yes it’s a good day my son is greetings my daughter do you have news for me i have decided to consent to odessa’s proposal to marry me i time because this day for blessing me and my household my daughter father my daughter no you have made the best decision of your life i promise you that you will be happy as my daughter-in-law we shall commence with the marriage rights immediately ugh yes i always rely on you oh my lord love honestly today is the happiest day of my life i owe you to you it is the saddest day of my life but not the same i will marry you a victory intensely fought for yeah i owe you to you thank you my prince so can you go in now and talk to your father about my freedom the atmosphere is right i cannot to be honest with you i quite appreciate your contribution your contribution in this palace is immeasurable your wisdom baffles me had they known it they wouldn’t have sold you into slavery like they said one man’s loss is under man’s game i will take that as a compliment my prince thank you very much what about my freedom i can eat you it is only a fool that would think it possible or letting you go because you belong to this palace tell me what do you like just stay here and you get everything that you need my prince i i may have all i want accept my freedom no no don’t talk about freedom do you know what i can’t even imagine it thinking of it let alone telling my father to grant you freedom it’s impossible but you promised me okay there is no crime and not fulfilling promises ask awaker he will tell you oh the girls have blessed my day oh the goats i thank you thank god i thank you for blessing my day because i thank you i made you legal what did he say to you is he going to talk to father he refused my brother says i am so sorry for coming into your life to cause this havoc please forgive me no [ __ ] yes it only makes me to lose her brother calm down think of something think of anything i know you can always come up with a better idea if not both of us are dead but i have to talk too daisy myself i have to talk to him it is a good day so you’re so far away come home your food is ready i appreciate you buckle if you had not come to my rescue and lost me back to life i would have been dead by now thank you for taking care of me you understand what you’re going through daisy betrayed you you even lost your friend he came here for that can you believe that option now a daisy has not fulfilled that promise which made me betray iran chemical it seems they have their way in the palace and honesty is not their watchwood yet they are supposed to be the communities morocco students i will be the last person who deserves to see or betray i promise him that having lost hugo i am not afraid of losing my life i promise him that he came they say the wind conveys messages in the quiet of the night and that is why i am calling out to you wherever you are when i’m in spirit or in physical i know you can hear me i know you are listening to me akim please hear me out and come home hear me out and come home to me it is true i’m about to be married out please i can have my body but can never have my my heart and soul he can forgive me forgive me and come back to me forgive me oh brain hmm i keep hearing my name sounds like ura’s voice sounds like she’s the one calling me or is it my imagination it’s been six months since i disappeared i’m sure everyone thinks i’m dead who knows what ewika told them so so okay you’re thinking again what is it this time nick i hear voices of your life a familiar voice is calling out for me here you go again the six months you spent with us here i thought we’ve built a world of our own you know happy with me nika you have to understand that i must go back the familiar voice i hear shows that someone somewhere is heartbroken because i am far away i’m sure you wouldn’t like that if it were you he came sometimes in life you have to be selfish you brought sunshine into my life how can i just let you walk away like that yeah okay what happens to me what happened to me though i wish it were possible but i can’t okay okay nicole let us do it this way if i go back home and odessa is married to ure i’ll come back for you i promise to come live with you you have my word i promise let’s go inside i promise i’ll come back for you i have always known that one day you go back to your people and of course find out what has happened to your loved one i wish you well when you live tomorrow and remember you always work hard here thank you so much thank you for all you have done for me one day i shall come back with my father to appreciate all you have done your work thank you do i know how attached we have come to kim since he came here we have to understand that he has to go back to his people you know going to him be on my yeah if it’s for you he’ll come back for you how can i just watch him walk away oh kidding me i can’t do it no the gods have put smiles on my face day after tomorrow hooray you’ll be mine forever in this room on this bed we shall be consummating our marriage by producing our own children heir to our neoma kingdom oh what could be better than that is a happy moment for me i am happy i am happy what else could matter nothing else nothing else oh a daisy i can see you’re happy and i know why of course every child in nanyama knows that i’m a happy man because hooray is going to be my wife finally oh why don’t you let the merry go round oh seeing that a lot of people put their efforts to it myself inclusive of course i can achieve who you promise to see to his freedom once we say yes shut up how do you speak for your lover are you not ashamed of yourself that you allow yourself to be dented by a slave you should be ashamed of yourself you’re here talking in my presence calling that slave’s name if not that you are my sister and i love you so much i would have ordered for your execution right away shut your mouth and for that idiot defiling the princess defiling the royal blood his penalty is dead he shall die please and who is getting pregnant mother asked your daughter don’t allow that to spoil our beautiful moment mother we will discuss about our desert after my wedding mama tell me mother tell me what color of clothes am i going to wear during my wedding it is my beautiful my lovely the only one that i love that is my son it is we have to leave this community now we have to leave as soon as possible our secret is out coming this obvious cannot stop you from leaving me please before you go i want you to make me a woman you’ll see me so that i can have something that will remind me of if you don’t come back put on your clothes why’d you turn away from me again what am i not as beautiful as a lady already tell me [ __ ] look at me look at me nick are you a very beautiful woman but what you’re asking me to do is impossible it will cost more pain and trouble not just for me but for you you’re asking me to put my seed inside of you what if i give you my seed and another man comes for your hand in marriage what would you do is that what you want maker why not eat something before going to the palace thank you very much my lolo don’t bother yourself i will eat later by the way where is ekinechi i have not seen him since morning obiama where are you coming from looking so weak as if you went on a journey your majesty the princess selection have you loved they looked last night what what are you talking about they loved because the princess is pregnant for kennedy they made me escort them to the mother and asked me to come back how dare you lie against my princess how dare you open your mouth and say that my princess is pregnant for a slave do you know that i can order you to behind this moment she’s not lying she’s right a kennedy and the prisoners have been having affairs maybe that was why they looked father is it not better that they eloped with the shame please father don’t spoil the mood of my wedding we could find a solution to this after my wedding with gorey you you you you listen i don’t want a word of this to get to anybody’s head if not every one of you will be happy is that understood yes go in peace my son always keep in mind that you have a home here thank you very much nine may the gods bless you thank you thank you [ __ ] why are you crying your tears weakens my resolve but i have to go ah um do do wait hey wait heading this way no no no no just stop there stop that stop there you are dead and you have no business with the living yes oh no i am not dead i never died it was only set up i am still alive get there’s no need for the arches the person i’m seeing here is indeed my soul i it’s indeed my son i am not a spirit i am he came right my father’s son ginalo this is he come the ghost of our land he gave his back he gave me his back oh i have to thank you the ghost of a land you wake up who does it planned it all they sold me off to slave masters but the gods were on our side but you gave you have never brought us this round before yeah don’t worry we are going to retweet our steps um let me ease myself i need some water to drink you wake up hey come here giveaway keep fight keep quiet come on he saved me my friend we’re looking quiet i said keep quiet we need to get our ticket on time everybody get up i say get up you get off pull him up my friend move move hurry up uh to yeah stand is all right um uh we have been running for hours where are we i think i know where we are this stream leads to my vineyard please just come let’s go please please please look at me look at me you’re weak who are you what am i doing here i am agk the great herbalist you are kidnapped by the slave traders she told me that you rescued her but they shot at you with a gun so she managed to get some people to help her bring you here i’ve removed the bullet in your heap holding you this passion for your wound to heal thank you thank you i should be the one thanking you for saving my only daughter so we’re grateful to you you work what a word even a worker that i thought was your best friend he came here and told us all sorts of lies he even claimed that you were killed by a wild animal or the queen mama i’m happy to be alive yes papa i’m happy to be back home i am very happy okay what about rey has anyone heard from god oh yes yes you see the most important thing is that you survivor all these problems we are happy you are back my son um we look for a very good meeting from our community for you you already have been coming here asking after you what you see it came as well as we are talking now uh already will be getting married no no that wedding will not hold i had to cross seven rivers i climbed seven mountains just to be with uray no man will take her away from me i am going over to her place he can’t please he can’t stop who doesn’t will kill you no no no my son go nine please stop no no he has my support nice stop him follow your heart well that’s a wicked animal i am happy that the reconciliation went well i am happy i am very happy to thank you very much um so when am i getting what you promised me so very soon but you have to be a little more patient you know what i am working on something something that will cement big reconciliation better come let’s discuss my prince good day became i am ashamed of what i’ve become but it’s not my fault i i i’m doing this so that gouma will not leave me i had to go to daisy to help me and this is the only option he asked me to fulfill before i get anything i need to marry ugum became i’m supposed to kill you but i cannot shed your blood you’re my brother i cannot shed your blood the only option i have is to give you a way to please sleep tell us i’m sorry i am sorry may our ancestors guide you my dog so hey [ __ ] wear people should hurry up now okay mother is getting late what am i going to wear i’m confused you have to dress me up you know it’s my day today is your day and you’re still asking me what to let’s go inside let me find something for you hey don’t hurt him let him be listen today is a day of merryman everybody is allowed to come to my home you wake up what can i do for you who doesn’t you make me lose the woman i cherish and love you made me lose the one i cherish like a brother my best friend yet you still not fulfill your promise because of today because you want to marry hurray a wise man uses the people around him to actualize his children’s dreams you are a pawn in my hand and i have used you to actualize my purpose and you think you’ve succeeded so what do you think so who’s going to stop me today i am getting married to ure that’s the most important thing how wrong you are how wrong you are the worst thing you can ever do is to look at a man with a dangling penis and testicles and tell him that you cannot do anything really you said in your heart who is awake you said in your heart who is this poor village man who does it today i am going to tell you that this nobody will spoil your party you awaken that a man has a big pennies and a dangling testicles does not make him a man you stop me really can you imagine oh no no no no no no no no aah it is a day of joy for other medicines but to me it’s a day of sadness this is just the beginning of unhappiness in my life what do i do right it’s okay she said she has good news for you the only good news i want to hear now is dead is this a joke oh oh so oh my hands on me it is only one oh tell me what make him so special that you are so in love with it it is i loved you.