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And always a reminder for myself ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, miskinu, wa zhalim, wa jahl, and but for the Grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

00:20 - Alhamdulillah that the holy month of Ramadan is approaching and Allah (AJ) inshaAllah give us a life to see the immensity of that month, the month of immense power – qudra.

00:39 - Divinely lights in which Allah (AJ) completes His Favours upon His creation.

00:45 - All the months of practices all the blessings of Rajab all the blessings of Sha’ban, Allah (AJ) dress it with His lights of Ramadan inshaAllah, and alhamdulillah somebody had contacted for further information about fasting from the senses, that we’ve talked many times on fasting of… the reality of fasting and “Hudan al muttaqeen” that Allah (AJ) at beginning of Qur’an “Alif, Lam, Meem.

01:18 - Dhaalikal kitaabu laa rayba feeh, fa hudan al muttaqeen. ” That from all the secrets of “Alif, Lam, Meem” and the whole conveyance of realities from Izzatullah (Allah’s (AJ) Might and Magnificence) to the laam and the lisan and the tongue of truth which Allah (AJ) clarifies in this oceans of Al-Muheet of immensity in which everything and all-encompassed within the ocean of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.

01:45 - “Dhaalikal kitaabu laa rayba feeh” that ‘Verily this book there is no crookedness’ and that’s why we established in the nights before that look how a society where everything is crooked everything is a lie everything from Santa Claus to its bunnies its trees and everything around us it’s just all crookedness and all lies.

02:09 - And Allah (AJ) for these last days understanding how important that you’re surrounded by crookedness but ‘Verily this book has absolutely nothing of crookedness’ it’s pure of pure the haq and the truth of all truth and it’s a guidance for muttaqeen (those with high level of consciousness), it’s a guidance of light of reality but that’s a guidance for everyone but Allah (AJ) is then describing and bringing our attention the this reality of “Huda” and this reality of a light and guidance into the heart, that we have to study from muttaqeen whom their level of taqwa and their level of consciousness in Allah (AJ) is not at just ‘One’ but Allah (AJ) has trained them, Prophet ﷺ has trained them dedicated to them that all their senses are being trained and the highest training is the siyam and the fast.

03:20 - so “Muttaqeen” from beginning of Holy Qur’an Allah (AJ) is describing for us after the immensity of Surahtul Fatiha in which all Qur’an all realities everything is dressed in Surahtul Fatiha, then we begin with Holy Qur’an and Allah (AJ) then clarifying this immensity of “Alif, Lam, Meem” that in the end follow these muttaqeen and they teach the reality of the fast from all senses.

03:53 - So that when people are inspired to come to the tariqah (spiritual path), Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q)… Allah (AJ) first describing throughout Holy Qur’an is that ‘The believer to lower their gaze’ So it means that the immensity of the importance of the eyes and the reality of the eyes and awliyaullah (saints) come from every isharat (sign) of Qur’an and like it’s a seed that is going to blossom, Allah (AJ) blossoms Holy Qur’an every ayat (verse) of Qur’an that Allah (AJ) brings is like seeds of realities, He placed into the heart of these awliyaullah which include from the Holy Companions, the holy Ahlul Bayt (Holy family of Prophet ﷺ), they’re all awliya (saints) all the way down to the awliya of today, they’re taking these holy seeds into their soul and Allah (AJ) blossoms it’s reality and they become blooming like trees giving fruit, of the immensity from one word one letter of Holy Qur’an how much it can be expanded.

04:59 - And when Allah (AJ) drawing attention to them that ‘Lower your gaze’ then the turuqs (spiritual paths) came as the paths of perfection “Is taqaamoo fit tareeqat” where Allah (AJ) described in Surahtul Jinn, ‘Keep firm to your tariqah because the tariqah here to bring you towards your amanat and the trust in which you promised Allah (AJ) in the heavens before He put you into your physical body you promised Allah (AJ). ’ So tariqahs are here to fulfill our covenant with Allah (AJ), from that reality of the eye Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) is bringing “Nazar bar qadam” (gaze upon the feet).

05:41 - That the 11 principles of Naqshbandiya on the website Nurmuhammad. com you can go to the 11 principles of Mawlana Shah Naqshaband (Q), means the essence of the tariqah and nazar bar qadam is giving to us ‘Keep your eyes on your on your qadam – on your feet’ because lowering the gaze and the immensity of the reality.

06:09 - So then awliya come and now begin to expand that this nazar bar qadam they’re teaching us that these eyes are the reality of hawa (desire), your eyes are the reality of your dunya (material world) desire and if you leave it unchecked and you don’t ever fast with your eyes, as much as your eyes see as much as your dunya will be increasing, your desire for material life is all related to your eyes.

06:48 - I know we’ve talked probably many times on these subjects but apparently they can’t find it for the Ramadan book because they keep changing the YouTube titles to match you know more click bait type of titles so they can’t find the content, they’re not labelling the content correctly.

07:08 - But tariqah is based on this reality of these eyes and that every hawa and desire is related to the eyes, as much as the eyes see as much as the dunya desire is increasing.

07:26 - So this [shaykh points to eyes] is a window to the soul, we have then ‘Who’s guarding’ and ‘Who’s destroying it. ’ Allah (AJ) wants us to guard your eyes because it’s the window for your soul, so imagine all day long you’re throwing mud on the window, mud on the window, mud on the window, your heart becomes blackened and there’s no light coming to the soul.

07:55 - For us to have an analogy when you say ‘The window of the soul’ means what comes to the eyes will reflect onto the soul.

08:04 - When we know that the positive from malakut (heavenly realm) is Allah (AJ) want ‘Keep your eyes pure’ because all of the lights and reflections will be reflecting onto your soul, later that opens up spiritual power that awliyaullah whom they have an immensity of light their eyes have an immense amount of spiritual light coming out and they don’t even have to open their eye they can keep their eyes closed and the lights from their eyes are coming out.

08:36 - We go from malakut down to dunya. From the right eye is Bahrul Hayat (The Ocean of Ever-Living), that Allah (AJ) has dressed them “Qurratol ‘ain jaddal Hassani wal Hussain. ” That this nur (light) that comes from them the right eye is nur and the left eye is Hay (The Ever-Living).

08:59 - So Rahman [right eye] and Raheem [left eye].

09:03 - Right eye - sifat ar-Rahman (attribute of The Most Compassionate), left eye - sifat ar-Raheem (attribute of The Most Merciful).

09:10 - Right eye – Imam al-Hassan (as), left eye – Imam Al-Hussain (as).

09:16 - They inherit from “Atiullah atiur Rasul wa Ulil amre minkum. ” That what Prophet ﷺ gave to his family of ulul amr, of the reality of their soul what Allah (AJ) has partitioned.

09:32 - The immensity of light that comes from the right eye is what Allah (AJ) wants us to inherit from the eyes of Prophet ﷺ coming to the eyes of his beloved descendants, coming to the eyes of Sahabi Kiram (Holy companions of Prophet ﷺ) and then coming to the population.

09:52 - That Prophet ﷺ wants for us to inherit sifat ar-Rahman.

09:57 - When we say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem’ the rahmah and the mercy and the light that comes out from the eye that what type of a nur that comes out from that eye that dressing people blessing people.

10:15 - Allah (AJ) when He’s asking for us ‘lower your gaze’ is because one - the malakut is what type of immense lights Allah (AJ) want to dress in “Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim. ” When we say ‘Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim’ that all of Holy Qur’an is in Fatiha, all of Fatiha is in “bismillahir rahmanir Rahim. ” Just by saying ‘Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim’ the light of the right eye has a nur that comes out and this is a light from the paradise that has no end from Allah’s (AJ) Divinely Power, it’s not something that diminishes it’s not something that that goes down in its power but Allah’s (AJ) infinite Oceans of Power begin to dress the right eye of the servant with this light of rahmah and immense mercy.

11:11 - This light is of the lights of paradise that when the believer, ‘Watch for the believer because they see with the light of Allah (AJ)’ and they reflect from this holy hadees when Allah (AJ) says ‘You came you did all your fard (obligatory) now you’re approaching with voluntary worship’ these are all these ayahs (verses) and hadees and teachings of awliyaullah how they all come together ‘I’ll be the seeing in which you see. ’ So when Allah (AJ) going to dress from His Seeing He’s going to dress the servant with Rahman [left eye] and Raheem [right eye], and this Rahman is going to dress with the lights of mercy, from the rahem to the noon and this nur that begin to come from their eyes.

11:55 - The one whom their light is deficient it’s enough for the believer to look at them eyes closed eyes open and begin to convey a light and many people have an experience through watching the videos of the shaykh that they saw a light come from his eye and come into their eyes and their heart, because the shaykhs image is the same as his personality doesn’t matter you saw his photo and this happened to you, you saw his video and it happened to you, because his soul is behind that image.

12:24 - If you draw the shaykhs face, no. And that’s why they don’t like drawings and they don’t even like what the drawings look like so better to never draw the image of a shaykh because you portray him in something funny looking and that can be insulting, it’s best to only use a photograph of the shaykhs because this is what Allah (AJ) created the other is what you’re making with your hands.

12:47 - What Allah (AJ) has created there’s a reality of the soul behind that image so when they’re looking from malakut this Rahman [left eye] and this nur begin to dress, Mawlana Shah Naqshbands (Q) gudra (power) is so powerful that from his eye he will fill seven or four paradises of souls that their lights were deficient and as a result his nazar bar qadam was not to use it in dunya, not to send the light to people everywhere you go stare into their face fill them with light and they go and lose it the next day doing horrible things and looking on the internet and looking at all sort of forbidden things, but they keep this light for Yawmul Mahshar (Judgement Day) in which Allah (AJ) will allow them to bring that light and that reality out.

13:42 - Shaykhs are able to bring that light out in every association, that from their soul is attending the association and from their right eye goes a light out to whoever is watching present, past, future, it doesn’t make a difference between time because light has no time.

14:02 - The moment the light is flowing in these associations it’s not based on ‘Eight o’clock’ there’s no time for that light that came out, you watched this 5 years ago, 10 years from now, 100 years from now makes no difference, it’s no expiration date right it’s not like a fish that would go bad after a week, this is from the heavens.

14:27 - So this light has no time it immediately come out and begin to dress anybody who’s looking at it, that’s why hizbus shaitan (party of satan) they can’t watch the videos they can only make very bad comments based on the thumbnail image, they never even watch it they just ‘Oh this is this… this hindu people that’s like…’ all these horrible comments because the hizbus shaitan they can’t take the light of what’s being emitted.

14:52 - So this is why Allah (AJ) say ‘Lower your gaze,’ why because we take from what Allah (AJ) gave to Prophet ﷺ and what Prophet ﷺ gave to Holy Companions, Ahlul Bayt and awliyaullah, there are our guideposts of what we should be achieving in life.

15:09 - So they described that this light of Rahman [from right eye] comes out and a nur that begins to dress, so the siyam (fast) and the fasting for the believer is ‘Guard your eyesight,’ not only for Ramadan, tariqah comes and it takes all of these trainings into the training of the khawas and the elite, that at every moment guard your eyes, men and women.

15:39 - You don’t have to look at only nakedness to lose your eye but you look at dunya, so now look how shaitan (satan) is coming after the eye, 10,000 cars, 10,000 models, 10,000 places, 10,000 images, anything that can attract your attention, it doesn’t have to be haram (forbidden) because you could say ‘No I’m looking to halal (permissible) things,’ women are looking at other women and they have too much makeup they have too much expression, too much this, too much jewellery, too much whatever it is of a dunya it’s feeding the eye, this doesn’t have to be haram this is not something about haram but anything that shaitan wants us to indulge in to look at and keep looking at, and that’s why now his systems have gotten so advanced that when you look before at a picture and you paused and change, now Tick Tok doesn’t even allow you to pause it just feeds through ‘One, two, three, four, five, six.

’ So you see these kids are sitting there for hours just ‘Prr, prr, prr, prr’ [scrolling sound effect], because it’s one video after another video, after another video, after another video, after another video because shaitan is feeding them [shaykh points to right eye] and they have an insatiable appetite.

16:55 - He knows he’s feeding them from haram, to not haram and whatever it is he’s feeding the eyes, why? So that they don’t become from sifat ar-Rahman.

17:07 - Because the eye that is keeping itself fasting and the reality of fasting is abstaining, when you abstain your body is purifying, when you’re not abstaining you are absorbing, you are consuming and eating, so you’re eating through your eye so what does it make a difference between the eye the belly or any other part of the essential organs, the ears, the breath, there’s no difference they all eat but in a different way.

17:41 - So the one who eat too much we’ll talk about later the power of the stomach and what’s happening in the stomach but what Allah (AJ) wants is the pure eye to be dressed from sifat ar-Rahman and Divinely lights these Divinely lights to come out and to conquer all negativity.

18:01 - Shaitan wants to feed the eye from every type of vision so that the heart becomes darkened, the heart becomes blocked and that’s why the dajjal (man of deceit) and his covering of his eye that - ‘I want to give you from my eye that the life of dunya the love of dunya, but I have no nur to give you.

18:29 - I have no light to give you. ’ So means shaitan comes to take away the light of Rahman [shaykh points to left eye] from the eye.

18:38 - So you can see how intense by technology how close we are to the last day, he’s feeding the eye so fast it’s harder and harder to clean, impossible for people to reach a reality in which their eyes are so immersed in visions and pictures and images that you can’t even sit to meditate and tafakkur (contemplation) because you’re just going through all the pictures, pictures.

19:05 - It could be ladies going through thousand different styles and images and as soon as you sit to meditate you can’t, say ‘Shaykh I can’t meditate. ’ I know why you can’t meditate because your eye filled up with so much data it’s like a phone, you have maybe 10,000 images and your phone begins to slow down.

19:26 - Well unfortunately this technology is the heart and the more images we put in the darker the heart is becoming, the more suppressed the heart is becoming.

19:37 - So the reality of fasting with the eyes is that is to abstain as much as possible to keep our nazar (gaze) on our feet and to the reality of the feet is the qadam, is that my path Ya Rabbi keep my eyes on my path.

19:57 - That keep my eyes on what’s important for me to reach of these realities, that keep my eye on Madinatul Munawwara (Luminous city of Prophet ﷺ), keep my eye on these holy souls, keep my eye on my practices. ’ And then they teach how to wash these desires is that when you enter into the shower you have to step with your right foot into the shower, left foot into the bathroom, right foot into the shower.

20:22 - Don’t email us that ‘We made wudu (ablution) wrong and Shaykh doesn’t know what he’s talking about. ’ No the bathroom you go left foot but the shower is a holy sanctuary you don’t lose your bodily functions in the shower, you’re going to have like a ghusul (shower) of death that ‘Ya Rabbi when I enter in this shower wash me like the dead bodies are washed of all my bad character, everything that my eye and my body has been dressed by from shaitan wash it to be away.

’ You step into the shower with the right foot and when you sit under the water of the shower you close your eyes and see your soul is moving and you ask ‘ Ya Rabbi let my soul to come out and to push away all of the filth of what has been put upon me and is attempting to be put upon my heart. ’ And you spend five, six, seven minutes just washing away all these badness and all these bad visions and everything that the eye has seen, so that you keep yourself in a state of wudu not only you make wudu on the outer body but when you make your ghusul that the wudu of your soul that ‘Ya Rabbi wash this away from me wash all of these contaminants and anything that I have seen wash it away and keep my heart to be pure.

’ And shaitan’s purpose then is to attack that eye make sure that everything that is coming to that eye to be of a download of negativity and begin to darken the heart.

21:54 - The left eye - sifat ar-Raheem is the oceans of Al-Hayat (The ever-living), the oceans of eternity so means that from your left eye what they want us to inherit is the oceans of Hayat, that they come across the servant and they revitalize the dead and that’s why the fish came to life in the presence of Sayyidina Khidr (as) and Nabi Musa (as) when he said ‘I want a sign from one of these servants of Allah (AJ),’ Nabi Musa’s (as) dead fish for lunch, put on a rock next to a stream the fish came to life, in Qur’an this is not the hocus pocus of shaykhs.

22:39 - Holy Qur’an, the fish came alive and jumped into the river and Allah (AJ) described it was ajeeb (strange).

22:47 - And that reality of these servants is that the dead come to life, they can bring the dead to life, not the one who already went to Allah (AJ) because he’s with Allah (AJ) he doesn’t need to come back here but the one whom feel they have no hope that they have darkened their souls so much that shaitan made them to feel that they have no hope, but Allah (AJ) through a light in the eye of that servant begins to emanate Bahrul Hayat.

23:20 - See Bahrul Hayat come out and Hay, so ‘Raheem’ has ‘Hay’ within it, this under the authority of Imam al-Hussain (as).

23:34 - ‘Rahman’ is under the authority of Imam al-Hassan (as) and that’s why the love of Imam al-Hassan (as) wal Imam al-Hussain (as) Allah (AJ) described is to ‘Give me fid dunyaa hasant wa akhirah hasanat wa qinaa azaaban Naar. ’ Is that ‘Ya Rabbi give me from the goodness of Imam al-Hassan (as) and Imam al-Hussain (as), because that means ‘Little Hassan. ’ That keep me in their company, keep me under their love, keep me under their dress, when you love them that’s the secret of love, when you don’t try to put with your mind who’s important and who’s not important.

24:11 - Love, love comes free, when you love them especially the family of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ we have no understanding of what Allah (AJ) has dressed them, as much as we talk can fill books and books and books and still we have no understanding of what their reality is but we know that they inherit from the oceans of generosity, love and compassion.

24:40 - That by just loving these Ahlul Bayt, that’s why Allah (AJ) makes a test for everyone makes all these stories and all these schisms and all these groups that are breaking in paths, makes it difficult for people to follow the reality, it’s a test And someone says ‘This is Shia, this is this,’ say “I don’t know what you’re calling it, this is the family of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and it’s my duty and obligation to love them. ” And when you pass all the fitna (confusion) and all the façade, we don’t know the reality of what one act of love towards them will be dressing us by.

25:19 - Imagine bringing a cake for Imam al-Hassan (as) and he dress you and intercede for you that sifat ar-Rahman to bless your eyes and wherever you go this light comes.

25:30 - It’s not from shaykhs or from tariqahs because some people say ‘This is from shaykh so and so big shaykh this from shaykhs so and so,’ no no this is from Imam al-Hassan (as), if he gives you from his right eye light will come from sifat ar-Rahman.

25:47 - When you say ‘Bismillahir rahman’ light will begin to emanate from your eye.

25:54 - They are the owners, so then awliya said ‘Oh we are from jaddal hassani wal hussaini’ because they are inheriting from this jedd (progeny).

26:04 - That’s important, not that it came from that wali (saint), that wali was not the source of that reality, he came from these two big family members.

26:13 - They inherit from their jedd from their descendancy, so this sifat (Attribute) and the reality of the right eye is with Imam al-Hassan (as).

26:23 - Left eye, Sayyid as-Shuhada who is the master of witnessing and the master of how he died upon this earth, what Allah (AJ) gave is the keys of Al-Hayat, that the ocean of eternity, the oceans of immense reality “Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Raheem. ” That if in the heart of Prophet ﷺ Surahtul YaSeen, if your love is so perfect so correct that why Mawlana Shaykh said ‘Even you should shed a tear for Imam al-Hussain (as)’ why because this key of “Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Raheem” is with that one that you don’t seem to be crying about, shame on you that you didn’t cry for the sound and the story of his death, because imagine what he’s carrying, he carries “Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Raheem” he is the rabb and the lord of sifat ar-Raheem, he carries the oceans of Al-Hayat because his name is Hussain (as), and has the “Ya” within that.

27:31 - Yeah, the “Ya” of “Yaqeen” (certainty) is in there in that reality.

27:37 - So it means that this light in the left eye of oceans of Al-Hayat the servant then is being dressed from oceans of eternity and these are the balance lights of all realities that through their eyes they have the lights of paradises and the ocean of Al-Hayat from paradises and these are the paradise servants that carry these lights and these emanations wherever they go.

28:05 - Whoever looks at them gaze upon them attend their association, they’re being dressed by oceans of light from ar-Rahman, they’re being dressed from the oceans of Al-Hayat from sifat ar-Raheem.

28:17 - And this is the immensity of saying ‘Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim’ what Allah (AJ) dresses of these lights upon them and why shaitan blocking because he has no, no power of Al-Hayat, but if I talk about shaitan on this then they’re going to make that as the cover of the video which is just nothing to do with that, yeah don’t distract this reality of the video with putting dajjal covers on, this has nothing to do with that.

28:47 - Shaitan’s only purpose is to take away the reality of the light and this is the power of Ramadan this is the power of fasting when Allah (AJ) Say ‘Okay you came one year you fasted Ramadan, mabruk (congratulations).

29:01 - Now next year fast with all your senses. ’ It’s not only fasting with the mouth but complete the fast, fast with the ears, fast with the eyes, tonight we’re talking about fasting with the eyes so that Allah (AJ) can complete His Ramadan Favour upon you.

29:19 - That ‘You fasted these 30 days and that only I can give you the reward that I want to give you, I want to dress your life your eyes with Al-Hayat.

29:29 - I want to dress your left eye with the Hayat, your right eye with Rahman.

29:33 - I want to complete my Favours upon My servant. ’ So this is the immensity of these realities and always remember that tariqah comes and teaches ‘azimah (determination), not ruksiya - the easy.

29:49 - When people are saying ‘Why we should do like this why we do like that’ you don’t have to do anything you can do whatever you want but the tariqah comes and teaches the most difficult and the highest reality so that we are always trying to achieve something.

30:05 - If you just teach kindergarten then people never leave kindergarten, but when we teach the college course PhD courses we have something that we should be aspiring for.

30:15 - ‘Shaykh I’m new I don’t think I can even do Ramadan’ inshaAllah Allah (AJ) give you strength, don’t worry about it next time you’ll understand how to fast with more senses and all of these understandings.

30:27 - We pray that Allah (AJ) give us more and more understanding and the reality and the importance and the immensity of purifying the eyes. .