Pharaohs Servant | Yu-Gi-Oh Progression Series #4 - STAGE ZERO

Apr 28, 2021 20:00 · 10015 words · 48 minute read

now let’s get up to speed with yu-gi-oh 5d and our very special business today is the enchanting phenomena associated with things that roll rolling things hoops and spheres and discs and the like consider the following and what am i getting at i’m getting at a most astonishing discovery god let this last card in my deck be something merciful okay i’ll take i’ll grab a thousand it was people kill me in one turn john hell no 2 500. no i can’t oh i did it john i too owed ya so we uncover a most remarkable thing and i would invite you wherever you go in the world find a disc and a sphere and a hoop and roll them and see if what i say is not true hey what’s up goop it up up it up i lost last time chris spin you will all right let’s spin the wheel and spin spin spins to spin a bunch of times we’re gonna progress oh oh all right it is uh tournament pack well no [ __ ] so i get uh three tournament packs it looks like sorry open your tournament packs and then we’ll open this i just gonna go down to the tournament packs we’re okay ah here we go tournament pack first season haha i want to know what’s in there i will pull up well i have a what is this uh the statue of easter island oh good i got a i got a i got a pretty okay card right here though uh-oh all right oh it’s set for 24 it should only be three that’s fine uh flip um why in the world uh oh are you so expensive i guess i’ll look at that but that’s pretty good it’s well why is all these those were common i swear to god okay if you pulled mechanical chaser i’ll stab you in the night okay and then i’m just like looking at these prices and i don’t understand why what the heck i mean you’re not even good why are you 20 bucks you know you you’re you’re worse it’s because it’s a tournament pack from like 22 years ago i mean you’re right okay i just have to wait for this stupid thing to load up yep yeah and then flip oh i got my boy no he didn’t yeah i got giant flea he’s my boy oh no giant flea yeah so i really didn’t get anything um much of value there uh i got one thing which is um kind of interesting um besides that really nothing else so we’re just gonna go back oh that’s not what i want we’re gonna go oh okay oh oh i went too far okay so we’re back here at the uh you can go pack opener we’re doing fairest servant okay john are you ready to be bamboozled as ready as i’ll ever be to be bamboozled all right so looks like we got an ultra rare off the bat uh i got a rare oh yeah i got a rare as well uh they should make this card into a uh actual sequel oh okay i like that yep mm-hmm mm-hmm we like that no you know um this is also pretty good uh we’ll save that that’s a super rare well i know what most of the cards are oh no our garbage oh baby yes all right looking good looking good okay i know he did i’ve got another one of those too he didn’t pull imperial order or jinzo because he would have freaked [ __ ] a lot harder if he did oh okay well that’s the card okay cool cool cool okay nice okay yeah yeah that’s pretty good that’s pretty good oh i got you even more and i have you now which i think is very awkward but we’ll see you’re gonna be respectful oh hello i gotta i got a nice little super rare here out of the deal that’s pretty good too i can get you some uh big brain plays there all right that’s pretty good as well not gonna lie it’s pretty good pretty good all right rock yeah all right good luck my dude good luck duelist let’s kick some ass indeed let’s ask some cute uh stretching and stretching oh you actually let me go first okay yeah okay so i’ll send you to send to the grave add into had a hand and a little other hand okay no car no oh far and we’ll set some cards here we go and i’ll have my turn all right i’ll draw standby main i’m gonna take a page from your book fair enough to hand and to hand okay okay then i’m gonna activate the swartz flip them okay and flip wow yep all right well so much for that okay all right i’m going to set a card and set a monster and pass okay i will well i will attribute something cat for the beast of tal war yep yeah yep this is wonderful one of the things that i got wow i’m using it and now in my turn all right let’s turn one on swords yep okay uh let’s go stand by main okay all right we are going to activate the black illusion ritual oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] uh we are going to pitch um i don’t know yeah i want this one to go away and i’m going to summon relinquished okay okay so there we go i’m going to use his ability i’m going to take your beast of tall war and equip it to it yep i figured and then he now has 2400 attack which is dope yep all right and we are going to go into battle phase and attack okay i’ll take 24.

oh [ __ ] it’s working boys all right and then i will end okay i’ll draw uh okay i’m gonna uh get off this nice handy-dandy conversation i get to look at your car your your hand and see what i can get rid of wow you’re only gonna get rid of one card i know i will there you go oh yeah fair enough yeah we’ll get rid of that magician of faith yeah that can go away there it goes okay and i will set now past duelist all right uh i think my hold on gotta fix something over here on recording side no you’re fine there we go okay now you can use my screen if you wish well maybe hold on are you good there we go yep it was um it was too far shrunken as let’s turn two on swords okay uh standing behind me i was getting worried there looks like everything had frozen nah it’s all good i got stuck all right so we are going to do our ever fabled crashy crash okay so i get to have it was a mystic tomato wow all right and face up attack okay yep what the heck was that i flipped a coin why ow just because okay i’ll get another tomato all right i will normal summon sky scout yeah and put him into the fence aha all right and that is done for swords indeed all right stand by man fasten to you duelist terrific i’m going to set a card and i’m going to battle again okay scout all right during damage calculation rush recklessly uh he goes up to 2500.

okay that’s unfortunate so any battle damage that i take you also take okay i’ll take 100 then okay okay and then i will pass you know that your relinquish doesn’t die right oh yeah that’s right i forgot a duh uh special summon him back in attack i’ve i’ve read it three times and i forgot that that was a thing i could do you right you right uh oh then i should have hold on then i should have been able to take a monster yeah oh [ __ ] i think it’s too late yeah oh okay well i’m just gonna i assume i assume that is what your your target would be uh quite frankly i was actually going to eat the mystic tomato oh okay yeah fair enough fair enough so change this okay okay uh change control okay cool that way you can’t you know recruit anything with it yeah uh there you go and then i’ll let you uh suck him up thank you all right we’re good sorry about that i completely forgot that actually okay what have i ever used relinquished like legitimately in these two duels never until now so i’m still figuring it out okay go to main phase uh normal some of my white magical hat uh oh a hat of the white magical variety and then i’ll go to battle so i will attack in the u and i’ll take uh we’ll we’ll take 400.

hold on before you take anything oh okay we’re going to activate mirror wall oh okay so he goes to what eight his attack is cut in half so it’s 900 and i stay 14. so you’ll die and then take 500. uh yeah that’s right yep you still want to uh still want to attack with that white magical hat there do ya do your day no i’m fine uh and my turn okay so i have to remember during my standby phase so draw standby you go are you going to pay for that mirror wall i am not okay so main face i’m going to set a card and then i’m going to play the top deck of polymerization yeah that’s the card send to grave and summon out my twin headed thunder dragon oh nut all right oh that goes to great all right let’s do it let’s play beat down because you have nothing that interacts with me all right i’m going to throw my 14 into you yep so you’ll take oh no oh whoa whoa what happened there oh you took for the thing yeah yeah never mind yeah i assume you’re gonna attack twice uh you actually took 32 not 33.

oh i messed up my bad yeah it’s uh 400 difference i’m sorry so you gain 100. fair enough bet all right we are we are winning a game we are winning a game let’s go let’s do it twin headed thunder dragon and relinquish let’s [ __ ] go and there’s no grave keeper servant or gravity bind or [ __ ] ah yup yup okay so i think we’ll just do that and pass all right draw yep stand by main i’m going to set oh a card and then we’re going to go into battle attack with twin headed thunder dragon it was a witch of the black witch of the black forest hey get your search oh you admitted yeah i’m dead oh i love it i’m gonna go first you’re gonna go first yup bet it was so good and now it’s so not all right we’ll go to main phase one i will set and set my turn okay i will draw standby main i’m going to activate pootif grood any response for that it’s a card uh nope no response let me draw two cards oh my god is that what that card does and now i draw another card oh but i gain a thousand you do all right and then i’m just gonna set a card and then set a card and then pass and then uh during the in phase i’ll pop your back row i wish you didn’t i know but i had to you did all right go ahead ghost cool fun okay i’ll flip this missed tomato okay uh and uh attack you mean okay there you go yeah it took a second and then i’ll normal summon this my mechanical chaser wait mechanical chaser came out and pharaoh servant no it came out of one of the um uh what is it the three sets that i got for my win for last time chaser i did get out of here oh i know isn’t it glorious no it’s not okay so that’s not okay yes let’s go to battle and we’ll attack with mechanical chaser aha it was magician of faith okay okay as much as i want i want i want the pot of greed but i have to take the dark hole and i’ll attack you directly for 14.

good i probably didn’t but i just i didn’t okay all right and i’ll pass all right draw stand by men mm-hmm all right i’m going to set a monster and set a card and i’ll play a bit more passive all right i’ll draw oh okay oh normal summon my white magical hat okay and i’ll remove the battle and then i’ll check with mr tomato on that face down and you will take 600 damage from that face down yeah that’s what i thought okay fair enough and now i have a wall yep until i can get over it i’ll activate messenger piece and my turn now i have a wall i hate your wall all right i’m gonna set a card yeah and it’s monsters with 1500 or more attack cannot declare an attack correct so basically your mechanical chaser is useless my mechanical chaser at this time cannot attack that is correct okay my other two cards can that’s fine uh i’m going to summon a mystic tomato okay and i’m going to battle and i am going to attack into your white magical hat okay so we’ll go to the grave and i’ll take four banished oh you’re right my bad ah bash okay all right and then i will pass the turn all right i’ll start so i will not choose to not pay for messenger a piece okay okay okay and we’ll go battle phase and we’ll attack into our mr tomatoes and they will both be banished and we will not get the draw since they’re both banished instead of sent to the graveyard actually i want to respond to that if you don’t mind oh okay go ahead uh bring your tomato back uh so uh let’s see oh special summon attack there you go okay i’m going to activate magical hat and i sadly am going to activate seven tools of the bandit okay that is fine banish spanish okay and then uh yep so realistically who came out on top here i’d like to where’s he’s attacking into me and then during uh damage calculations rush recklessly yup so that will get over uh that wall all right i’m gonna chain magic drain to that oh okay and i’m going to send this dark hole in response okay okay i’ll allow it to go through so you’ll take 150.

21:35 - uh yes russia should be banished uh wait wait a minute oh yeah magic drains vanished oh yeah i’m sorry i did it too oh and dark hall is also banished here let me get that out you’re right darko is also vanished it is also banished how could i have been so ridiculous did i summon this turn uh no i didn’t okay and i will set and end my turn you’re gonna normal set i have normal settings in my card okay stand by me okay oh there’s so many blowout cards i could just pull and just live forever i’m gonna set a card and pass the turn okay i’ve put you in a top tech war oh but you know but you knew what’s really good in the top deck war when you draw dark hall and blow up my field oh oh no all right draw you too okay i was hoping i was hoping that i could magic drain the pot of greed however it just was not meant to be oh then i get my other card here let me get that second card oh that’s pretty good no it’s not you know what else is good though john upstart goblin yes that’s also good i will take a thousand yep i bet you will okay okay excuse me and then i’ll activate fisher ah why would you do that oh it worked okay so he himself gets back they both go to the grave he gets he goes he goes to the grave and i go to the grave i didn’t mean to declare anything oh the effect of what a finisher of the light yeah his effects just kind of on yeah right um he does everything forever yeah i’ll go ahead and flip some of the sand in oh a sand gang and we’ll go to battle and i’ll attack your face down with my mechanical chaser fun fact it was in aquaman door oh okay another 150 indeed okay and i’ll just go ahead and set a card and now in my turn all right draw stand by main yep oh i could oh but that’s the thing i could too oh i can’t though all right i’m just gonna set a card and pass the turn okay um okay and battle phase and i will attack this face down and see what it is all right it was in fact a heinhain okay and i’m going to put the mechanical chaser back okay so it’s going to go to my hand and then i’m just going to normal again yeah all right uh when my turn oh here it will be uh there we go let me hit the right button for once for once uh stand by main i’m going to set actually um yeah i’m going to set a card and then i’m going to pass again i’m waiting for that all to update right now yeah it’s okay i went a little too fast for it just waiting for all this to catch up yep where are you at there it is oh there we go okay i’m gonna go uh i’ll put my listen to the fence okay i’ll go ahead and i’ll attack this face down all right it was in fact a sand gan okay one day there we go something to your hand so sand gan effect oh please please damn it i wanted so badly i wanted so badly for thunder dragon to be 1500 oh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay all right i am going to get oh yeah that’s right i didn’t pull a single witch of the black forest i’m going to get my cyber jar to hand okay and then i will go ahead and set a card and then i’ll end my turn all right draw standby main i’m going to set a card and pass okay all right i think i might know what that is you’d be surprised it’s actually not well let’s go ahead and we can see what this is so i’ll go to battle okay and let’s see what that face down is you were right it’s a cyber jump okay so this is simply the hero so i’m actually going to get off uh sangen after the cyber jar as well as my witch of the black forest yep so that’ll happen after we do all of the cyber jar so do you want to go first for cyber jar do you want me to go first so yeah i know uh i’m trying to think of how it would go if i’m turn player i think i have to go first yeah so reveal the top five and then summon any monsters face up or face down yeah banish one oh oh finish top um i guess i can just do it well here we’ll do it this way one two three four so we’ll go ahead shining angel mystic tomato and the rest go to your hand yeah interesting so painful choice and prohibition and chain destruction and we’ll do a special summon and attack and then special summon and attack all right i got to hope for some mans here that are bigger than your mans true is it just level four level four or lower and then the rest go to your hand okay yeah everything else will go to the hand so nothing really gets wasted with this right so banish top oh okay spanish top oh vanish top banish top vanish top oh that doesn’t help um so i’m gonna put the two harpy ladies face down but i have to summon them out and then the magician of faith i’m also going to put face down this is going to go to hand this is going to go to hand and then set set set okay okay oh so you’re setting everything oh yeah i’m just sending them all so then i’ll go ahead and attack okay so nothing happens yeah and then attack oh wait i forgot there well yeah it’s not too late now i forgot they were like 13 14.

that’s my bad whoops okay so we’ll go main phase two yeah and now you’ll play all that good [ __ ] oh yeah i forgot um i do actually have to get off my saying in and your witch yeah so we actually kind of forget so go ahead and grab this so view so sangan and witch okay i didn’t pull a single witch of the black forest and i’m so saddened by that oh yeah like it hurts me oh wait did i summon this turn uh no and i gotta look at something so 1500 or less defense oh boy okay so i think you can get oh [ __ ] i [ __ ] up hold on wait let me let me do this you drew a card instead of adding a card yeah yeah i know yeah instead of like looking through it oh no that was just like that’s what i wasn’t looking at the screen oh yeah it’s a top of deck okay i need a view here okay and i think okay what do i want so okay i’m gonna add uh this to my hand oh and then i’m going to add the fact that you pulled jinzo i hate you oh yeah okay and then i’ll add this to my hand i think there we go yup [ __ ] magician of faith let’s go okay and then we’ll go ahead and shuffle this up okay then i am going to do let’s see okay i’ll go ahead and activate no oh come on let’s not do that never mind i’m going to set this i wonder what chain destruction that could be set this set this and then i’m going to yeah i’m going to activate this and i am going to call um uh what is it hold on i’m trying to think of exactly what it’s called because i i’ve had this i’m gonna call the uh black illusion ritual okay and i will pass okay start stand by maine oh how do i want to go about this i’m walling up on you my dude he’s walling up he’s building that pain um all right so i’m gonna flip summon magician of faith okay any response to that no response i’m gonna get pot agreed fair enough okay and then i’m going to activate the pot of greed uh in response to potter greed okay imperial order why do you why do you why god yep sweet god all right let’s see i don’t have anything to stop that okay that doesn’t help me i’m going to set and then i’m going to set um and then i am going to set two more okay all right and then i will pass i’ll go all right so we’re playing pre-imperial order i assume uh yeah okay so then you’ll have to pay 700.

yeah i’ll pay 700. okay um okay i’ll go ahead um put some in my magician of faith uh-huh and i’ll get the only spell you can yeah i’ll give fisher to my hand let’s just say you want to play that fissure no you can’t play that fissure wait then prohibition and grave keeper servant are then negated oh okay then i don’t feel so bad yep that and then all right did that happen uh the hand hello hello it’s already we’re just waiting at this point and then i will boop wow as soon as it catches up with me i’m going to send the magician to faith for jameson yeah you are just a wall of contradiction right now play imperial order to negate spells play jinzo to negate the traps let the spells pajanzo go some spells negated pagenzo comes back so trap’s negated what the hell are you doing yep i’m trying to wait for this stupid thing to actually catch up with me you absolutely do a spirit of mess of a human being come on they can do it it’s your internet bro there it goes it caught uh yeah bet okay so normal summon jinzo jesus christ all right all of that just to summon machine dad yep uh we’ll go battle no you won’t [ __ ] you won’t no balls and i’m going uh we’ll go ahead and attack this magician of faith with uh shine angel okay so i’ll take 1100 yep and then we’ll attack this face down and missed it tomato it’s another harpy lady okay so nothing else all right so we’ll just attack this get it off the board okay i’m going to declare the effect of harpy lady which is a stupid thing that they put in oh in my turn all right draw stand by maine yep i have the wall of the year right now you literally have to take two more turns to get through all of this and if i draw something that runs through your jinzo fast enough okay so since traps are negated i’m going to play chain energy okay and then i’m going to pass all right to normal okay so to normal summon okay so it’s basically anything yeah you do anything you have to pay 500 to do it i’ll take that bit yeah it’s supposed to work where if i have a lot of them it’s just going to hurt you even more huh this should be i don’t know what happened there that should be there because i was normal something what oh i see what happened okay i was trying to get out the banister of the radiance but i went over the freaking gravekeeper accident way to go i know okay um main phase and battle phase and we’ll just go ahead and attack over this boy uh okay give me just a second i want to look at something and see if it’s funny um it is very funny so in our legend of blue eyes set you know the one card i pulled absolutely zero of what trap hole yeah same no you pulled the trap hole i don’t think i did yeah you used it to beat me oh did i oh i must have forgotten all right of course you did okay oh in my turn and it’s your turn all right draw stand by maine yep um oh he’s been oh i didn’t even notice him there okay he’s banned yeah he’s banished that’s fair um remember if you had to play anything you had to spin life points yeah i’m just gonna pass i’ve got one more turn i’ll put him in the fence of course as you do i’ll attack i’m going to take 2 800 in total yeah 2800 and i will and my turn okay draw standby main haha swords okay yep because of these two yep so i will take the extra turn we’ve locked out our entire back row oh no yep my turn oh you gotta pay 500 to do that oh yeah you’re right yep all right let’s turn one on swords yup i’m going to pass yeah the chain energy’s in there so if i want to be like all right i’m gonna activate three chain energy for either of us to do anything you have to pay 1500 life points every single time and then just burn each other to death sir two on swords yep all right pass again okay i’m gonna live i swear to god i need just one card to get out of this you have been entirely filled huh yeah everything’s filled everything’s filled good luck doing anything i don’t have to i’m good all right and swords is gone miracle draw oh miracle draw all right thunder dragon anything for thunder dragon uh no nothing from thunder dragon okay i have nine or ten cards left in my deck yup all right now i’m going to activate polymerization okay and i’m going to summon out my dad i’m getting rid of these uh yeah so spanish yep okay spanish and i realize he’s also banished yeah they’re banished oh finally god merciful damn it okay my turn not yet not yet are you attacking john what do you mean how am i attacking look at the board banisher of the radiance and grave keeper servant how are you attacking you know what but here’s the question how are you getting over this ah i don’t have to get over that i got it no not yet oh yeah wait you haven’t been paying life this entire time yeah oh because because it’s negated never mind i forgot go ahead oh okay the question is do i risk it for the biscuit so i think what we’ll do is i’ll attack you with my mr tomato i’ll take what 1600 1400 oh yeah you’re right my bad and this is going to be banished yeah okay and then the in phase two now i’ll set a card uh yeah i had to take 500 there we go and i will pass all right stand by main so spells are working right now those are working but um yes those are working traps or not traps or not okay i’m gonna set one take 500 and pass all right okay main phase one i’ll put you i’ll bounce your thunder dragon yep and that’s game two hey we did it alright let’s go game three okay [ __ ] it we did it all right you know what you know what you know what you can take you can take uh you can take a thousand uh points of uh of heal thousand points i’ll draw one off the top yep a thousand points of feel i’m going to set one and i honestly don’t know yeah we’ll go ahead and we’ll just say that’s all the way yeah i know i’m playing around cars that won’t exist for like another 40 years another 40 years i think i’m gonna start with the fresh go off of the wave you have anything to respond to my wave all right i’m gonna um no i’m good my guardian and then we’re gonna face oh flip summon ha ha ha ha ha you’ve activated my morphing jar number two so you shuffle and then see what else excavates cards from the top of their deck until they excavate the same number of monsters they shuffle then send the remaining okay so i just go until i get one monster and anything else goes great okay so mill yes oh that’s correct mill oh yeah it’s probably not too too bad in this section there you go all right i got rid of your magic drain oh in face down defenseman okay okay so it has to go down okay i was thinking like correct nope it’s not a cyber jar that’s it because you can’t do any since there was none well cougars i don’t i don’t do it all you did was get rid of one magic train with your you’re right but that could be the game [ __ ] goddamn empty jar i had a little hiccup there there it goes okay fine okay i can’t do anything until let’s see here until your next turn you and your opponent cannot play so i can start on my main phase one and uh so oh yeah same by me main phase one there we go so there’s a couple of things i could do in theory morphing jar number two is at three okay well we’re gonna flip all right and then we’re going to go into buffle face and then we’re going to eat it was okay which is my witch of the black forest or lester so i just need to have 1500 or defense yep so fun fact um it was like two weeks ago now but we went to fresh market and i actually found something really good there that you would like the hell is this yeah oh i’m sorry oh you edit you got it janza okay oh and i’m not sponsored by the way it’s unique uh they’re called the splits pretzel it’s in a big bag it’s just like an airy pretzel it’s like an airy hard crunchy pretzel and it’s actually quite nice yeah tastes really good the problem i have is i got the very salty version of course being a dumbass and going it’s not that salty oh it’s not that salty at all it shouldn’t be that bad yeah i mean you’re right so i will go ahead what the hell what’s that now in my turn what are we doing here all right stand by maine i’m gonna i’m sitting and i’m passing to you and now it looks like it’s frozen oh there it goes and then i’m just going to go to buffalo face again and yay okay and i am going to go ahead and all right he can tomato let’s see let me go ahead and view okay anything really as long as it’s a dirt monster anything as long as it’s dark and i will son get my sangan all right we’re gonna main face too and i’m probably gonna take a minor neg for this but i’m keeping advantage by not letting you get jinzo out so i’m gonna play fisher and get rid of your scene again okay so we’ll go ahead and get your scene again yeah which is 1600 or less attack okay so let’s go ahead and view and we’ll just go ahead and do this banisher of the light all right all right well then i will then actually i’m going to set one more card and then i’ll mend my mirror we’re keeping up that tempo chris despite the fact that neither of us has lost any [ __ ] damage whatsoever we’ve actually gained life as a result of it um yeah this probably isn’t the best at this point i’ll write the cartoon ritual yeah you take that thousand just to get rid of a spell card that i haven’t drawn the ritual monster for and realistically if i draw a magician of faith i can get it oh god i know right uh let’s go ahead and we’ll play prohibition and we’ll call um magician of faith okay and we’ll see how that works and then we will go ahead and do a set very good standby all right and because the card specifically mentions cards already on the field are not affected including face down cards i’m gonna flip some of them off yeah i figured you probably already had to face down but i was like yeah we’ll try just to see um oh i’m stuck do i gain card advantage or do i stop you from well you haven’t had a lot of spells or traps so i think i’m gonna take the aggressive set here and i’m gonna get upstairs and then i’m gonna play the other oh there okay yeah i am back in a thousand baby try and play the field here so i’m actually going to take this in a certain order and i’m going to flip some in can i flip someone twice okay cool i didn’t know if that was yes i don’t know look i don’t know old school stuff i don’t set john does chris i don’t set monsters i summon and i eat i’m an aggro player leave me alone but you john you have literally played show well not for long yeah but you’re not sitting there just like okay i flip over one shadow and that’s all i have yes you can flip over as many as you want i mean it eliminates the use of my moff if i drive and everything i mean at least i get three monsters back now and that could benefit me well you ha well you get three monsters face down what is it face up yeah but in favor of that they’re all face down okay and this now this time since they were just summoned okay okay so yeah you can do it as many times as they’re already been summoned just level four or lower uh damn it’s monster yes it’s level four or lower monsters oh look at that i have a tomato okay so one oh okay two that’s actually kind of good that that fuels me for later two oh oh oh ah okay and you got your celtic guardian that you still have for your deck because you literally pulled nothing else that was very terrible so i did you not even pull like harpy’s brother or whatever it’s called now yeah i have to look my god he’s a comment up here um somewhere i can look really quickly if you don’t mind oh yeah you’re fine i was just surprised that you didn’t pull a comment because my god if you pulled that card and you did not put that in your [ __ ] deck uh i think i still i may have it up uh update i don’t fair oh well that’s awkward oh okay well i mean it saved this video i could watch at least but i’d really oh this gets set by the way i mean it’s not gonna matter in the greatest respects yeah they’re all they all get set because i’m just going to play oh yeah you’re right again uh okay and we’ll go ahead and we will flip okay all right there we go boys and girls so uh yeah all right we’re gonna pass on that actually okay i activate painful choice okay so let’s go ahead and we’ll view and i get to send five cards from my deck to my grave okay let’s see what do i want to have okay probably nothing of use so yeah maybe now that i think about it i should have attacked you first and then flipped the jar i kind of did that wrong but that’s okay yeah oh i’ll do it i mean the worst thing you have in your hand is a jinzo and even then like facilitating the right card prohibition four star ladybug of doom and we’ll do a thunder dragon why it’s probably something that you’ll pick oh that’s me thin out my deck you yeah i’m playing empty jar that’s what you want to do um messenger of peace that can just [ __ ] stay there and the other one i want let’s see yeah um we’ll go ahead and we will do shining angel this a 1500 or less attack light monster from your what oh from your deck and attack position well he’s 16.

yeah the only one i can think of spanisher of the banisher of my dad i don’t know where he is oh he got shuffled okay oh no he got added to your hand okay yeah um grab shining angel you can have that one okay goodness all right and we’ll go ahead and do a nice little shuffle all shuffle we’ll go ahead and we’ll set one all right let’s turn it down my turn all right stand by main hmm i’m going to go ahead and set a man’s and then i’m going to flip let yup and flip all right so let’s see i have to imagine that this is something i just don’t want to deal with so let’s fire off okay then well so where would you buy for that i guess yep so now nothing that is little four or higher that’s that’s petty bites would you like to attack your white magical hat um hmm i’m intrigued here i mean even if i just play passive for the rest of the next 22 turns i still win so i mean i’m not the most hurt right now and if i draw a dark hall or cyber jar i just blow the field out anyway and it doesn’t matter so i don’t care yeah all right i will pass and the game will freak out there guys okay sure i mean if i draw a trap jammer then i’m doing pretty good for myself but you know i haven’t drawn trap jammer because i don’t think it’s anywhere near this set yet there he is i figured that’s who it was and plus even if i attacked into it it doesn’t like what does it do like what other light what other light monster do you have that benefits you like magician of faith that’s it now go ahead here and i’ll activate uh fissure and since your two cards are the same attacking defense i’m going to destroy miss it to me all right that has the lowest attack um oh yeah you’re right that’s fine because level four level four level four level four i just have to wait for you to mess up and throw jinzo onto the floor and then be like hey negate my own trap yeah and that’s what we are cool with the still inability to attack me at all nope let’s bring out mr shinzo and i will go ahead and set a card yeah this will be charging number two by the way yeah all right here we go and turn two on swords okay stand by main all right here comes the fun banana dicks let’s go i am actually going to tribute summon the summon skull oh bet indeed i’ll bet all right so now we are going to go to the phase of buttholes and then we are going to attack our tonto into your angle okay so crash and turn player priority i’ll get my monster out first a dark monster with 1500 or less attack that severely limits my options because most of my monsters are not that i will summon a sangan in attack okay grab a light monster i will who’s most likely just magician of faith oh white magical hat why does it have to be white magical hat yeah whatever i’ll benefit from a sand gang search yeah you got something for me big man oh yeah what you got oh yeah i do you think you got hot tits well guess what so do i [ __ ] got them fiery roasty nipples what do you have one too yeah oh you got one too okay yeah sink insert there you go let’s go all right that’s enough i’m done um well he’s gonna die so i don’t really have too much of an inkling to worry about it but my issue resolves around the fact that gravity bind will be back online once i do a magician of faith is useless because true thing boy over there yep and now yeah so you can’t even get your pot of green yeah well i i had hoped i wouldn’t mill it but that’s a thing that happened so i will go on a minor defensive ploy and then just take cyber jar okay this time cool cool cool cool this is when you magically drew a second jinzo and then i just throw my hands in the air and say [ __ ] it [ __ ] this [ __ ] you pull what did you pull imperial order no what i get it but chris if i have anything to blow this up yeah so now what the hell all right stand by main i mean you have to have something that’s specifically a level uh three or lower that has a hundred or less attack all right so no cards in hand one set card in the field and a banisher of the light i’m not hurting the most right now so i’m gonna set a card and i’m gonna pass since someone’s called it’s kind of just a wall you can’t get over right now unless you of course pull like a feature or something or dark hole so we’ll go ahead and we’ll set you i i hit set instead of defense that was my bad guess what it’s gonna do oh swords is dead oh swords is now dead oh yeah so we’re just now dead oh that’s uh banished by the way um yeah and then i will say okay i will pass just waiting for everything to catch up this is high quality gameplay from an aggro and control player top notch what do you mean i’m i’m pretty aggro i like to do the beat down i just really like banishes not mechanics banished but one card what you’re doing is like half empty jar half jinzo traps done oh god i mean to be fair oh i was gonna say to be fair we could just chronicle like what our cards are everywhere and then just rebuild it from there yeah that’s too much work yeah might as well just scrap the phone uh okay how is it that we are the only ones with this problem i don’t know when i was testing everything was going fine holy [ __ ] there we go [ __ ] it i was gonna say if it drops again i’m offering a draw like where you if you completely disconnect i’m offering a draw that seems a little counter-intuitive but i guess there we go um actually and hold on yeah in response to that i’m gonna accept it uh okay yeah i’m just gonna pass i’m just gonna see now you’ve completely filled up your back row that’s why i was gonna just let it happen i was like yeah it’s fine okay all right and stand by maine hmm you know what i could and that’s the stupid part i could literally just do that and that’s really funny to me what you gonna do jim i’m gonna flip and i’m going to force that back to your hand okay um but yeah in response i’m going to activate chain destruction so targeting your hand hang that was just summoned so that will destroy hand hang and then all copies in your hand and main deck okay yep oh john now we’re even but i mean if i don’t attack you’ll die first i’d like to assume yes you think so all right go ahead boy okay all right i will set all right and then i will draw and i will go to stand by main and i will pass and you will draw and you will go to stand by main and you will pass oh there it goes and then i will draw and i will go to stand by me and i will kill myself because this is ridiculous i will flip and i will um send your summon skull back to your hand why would you do that why do you hate me because i hate you i i don’t hate you i just want you to die i don’t know ridiculous shits is that okay uh battle phase and we will attack directly for 450 i did how could you do such a thing and then i will wow and then i will draw and i will go to stand by maine and i will realize that the cat has jumped up on my desk okay which one tulip she likes the desk yeah it’s always tulip all right i am going to i could do funny thing or i could do thing thing i’m gonna do funny thing and i’m gonna set and i’m gonna pass okay i okay i’m going to do a funny thing as well and i will attack i kind of wish i put the other one down that way you could have taken a lot more damage but it was in fact a cybertrooper so you’re going to take 450 yep all the monsters choice everything right okay and then to grave and then reveal the top five so we’ll go ahead and smell smell now oh my god what did you get mechanical chaser so ah yes i did so this is going to special into attack so i got moth or i got three at least because thunder dragon can’t go i got jar whoops so let’s see one two three four five okay and we’re gonna special summon defense and then the hand and hand and all right so you got a morphing jar number two and a mechanical chaser a mystical space typhoon a thunder dragon and what was the other one uh dust tornado dust tornado and mystical space typhoon okay i got uh magician affair celtic guardian morphing jar number two thunder dragon and uh wait hold on what i’m gonna do hold on wait what was it thunder dragon oh like an egotist okay that was that i remember continue is i’m going to activate rush rush you’re not going to do that on my mechanic because i’m going to activate magicjammer now i will activate seven tools of the bandit okay once again destroying your magic jammer yep and then i’ll activate mystical space typhoon to get rid of my own gravity you know what wait how much damage can you theoretically do because i might have a response here i might actually have a response um i mean it’s essentially what what is the 700 14 15 16 17 18 so seven eight nine ten eleven uh so yeah how much that came into my face if i let this go yes okay actually yeah yeah i think i’m gonna let that actually slide go ahead i didn’t realize you pulled mechanical chaser or else i would have done something different with my god all right so 11.

50 okay i’ll attack into that yep 11. 50 i will i will take 1150 if it means i can push with where i need to push it okay main phase two we’ll go ahead and set one and we’ll set another one okay so i know one of those is dust tornado so draw standby main i’m going to activate you know it’s interesting how i have to go about this excuse me so let’s see here i’m going to activate hmm prohibition and i’m going to declare okay oh this is a tricky one let’s see here i have to imagine that it’s higher than or it’s lower than what i think it is i’m gonna declare gravity bind okay okay which as i think about it now doesn’t make a difference so we’re just gonna go about it uh next thing i’m going to do is oh actually i could do this in a myriad of different ways you have seven cards left i have seven cards left but i don’t know what my deck is like i’m in a position now where i could do a couple of things because you’re gonna if i do the one thing i was thinking of you’re gonna get the same amount of resources back anyway i would just be pushing you further to death but i would also be pushing myself further to death you can always risk it on the uh i don’t want to risk the face down as far as i’m aware you should still have another morphing jar in there if memory would serve correctly because there’s no way you only pulled one morphing jar or there’s no way you only put in one morphing jar i mean yeah i have another knowing you there should be another morphing jar somewhere so i think what i’m gonna do is i’m actually gonna take the risk and i’m gonna flip some in morphing jar number two of my own okay so what i’m going to do john is i’m going to activate chain destruction and i’m going to destroy your morphing jar and all other copies of your morphing jar in your deck okay well i’m going to clean your deck out even more technically he would have just gone to the grave and there wouldn’t have been any others okay so yeah that’s fine so this is going to the deck and then this is going to grave yep i already shuffled itself i’m going to shuffle i have to mill two or to get to two monsters oh yes we have to get two you have to get two and i have to get two so that’s oh thank god that’s two there it is mystic tomatoes okay oh there he is face down let’s face down right okay okay and then send any remaining other cards to the grave uh that’s it’s level five and there we go you have to keep going yeah it doesn’t do anything level four or lower oh do i no i know i don’t no oh i just only get the one monster um well then harpy lady yeah she goes there and and a seven colored fish well i have him at least you know so technically i came out of that position a little bit better yeah well i mean we’re kind of in the same position almost ever so because i haven’t normal summoned yet i’m actually going to attribute summon to summon skull back and put him there and then i’m going to polymerization for twin headed thunder dragon oh this is the this is the push baby this is the push this is the push baby damn you don’t technically count as being on the field if you’re set face down aren’t you um so for fusion a monster’s name isn’t its name if it’s face down right okay that’s what correct so this is an honestly i had to think of burning abyss rules and i was like wait a minute um okay so i have nothing else i can theoretically do but push oh did i know you gotta send your polymerization by the way all right so i have nothing else i can do for a big damage at the moment and i’m still ahead in deck advantage so we’re gonna battle and i’m gonna go i know it’s not a morphing jar i know it’s not summon skull so are you attacking with mill your card all please oh that’s fine he can go okay send your boy okay the good news is you still have a pot of greed in there that’s basically useless now and this is you have oh um okay i actually have no targets that’s awesome okay so now we are going to attack directly and i will mill my card okay that yeah you’re fine you can go you’re you’re usually you’re using this is done for me for this game we’re coming down to the wire dude i don’t know if i like this or not all right and then i will pass on the knowledge that i am going to kill you if you do not create a big enough wall for me to stop but if you did create a bigger role to stop me i will deck out first so that’s why i was saying i took the risk playing morphing jar when i did and it seemed to have worked out better in my favor mechanical chaser yep and i will attack your face down okay that’s fine yep all right stand by man we go all right here it is i am going to um first thing i’m going to do is i’m going to activate fissure and get rid of your mechanical chaser does that go through okay okay so that is 5200 damage uninhibited so i’m gonna normal summon a harpy lady and then i’m going to activate elegant egotist which is going to get me another harpy lady okay i wish i had sisters but i did okay so now we’re gonna go to the battle phase and we’re going to attack with the skull okay i will mail my card okay mail your card oh okay and then i will attack and mill my final card uh-huh okay and you randomly set up your back bro uh all right then another card just centigrade does the attack go through okay is that what you’re doing lose your [ __ ] damage your best i won with twin headed thunder dragon hey you did congratulations john i won with no cards i was just like dear god if he [ __ ] attacks me with one of the harpy ladies this is gonna be so [ __ ] hilarious yeah then i couldn’t attack with the other ones yeah you attacked me with the harpy lady and i was like okay mill one okay and then i attacked you with the other harpy lady it’s like okay cool no the other one okay uh gg i was like oh my god john if you [ __ ] this up if you [ __ ] this up my dude in hindsight i probably should have just activated the pot of greed and then just set a morphing jar i knew that was because the only card is it base is it yeah because in that case you would have shuffled i think i got like way too low it was in card advantage i noticed i had tempo immediately like when i had one more card than you did it was like 19 to 18 or something like that and i was like all right i’m gonna constantly just keep one card above you in card advantage and then i’ll just survive from there but oh my god there he is i don’t have spell trap removal yeah it sucks like a [ __ ] all right so we’re gonna go ahead do elaborate the nightmare get that out of the way that will hopefully won’t take [ __ ] a month like this one did yeah um thanks for watching yeah i know right thanks for watching everybody this has been chris with my friend john and this has been the bootleg progression series like for christmas [ __ ] get out there’s the door see yourself out of the door you.