Open Sky House Residents in Satsang with Isaac Shapiro

May 21, 2021 13:30 · 2356 words · 12 minute read

so i’d like to make a little introduction uh first of all welcome it’s wonderful to have this amazing connection from all the way from europe to the other side of the world and we can see that in in your part of the world it must be very sunny and you’ve got a lovely shirt on there we’re all here i think there’s 18 people we’re all sitting here together so this is pretty amazing technical hookup i would say yeah amazing we’ve never done it before so kind of a first time historical moment i experienced a lot of love and also a lot of expansion yeah beautiful and then without doing anything yeah someone asked you how did that happen how can you answer them you know once i uh someone was doing an interview with me and they asked me when did you wake up and i said i never woke up that which was awake was always awake it just you know somehow it wasn’t seen before it just didn’t then at some moment it was seen and there was reckoning recognized that wow that’s my nature it’s always been here it’s always like that and the sense of me yeah was a mirage of fatah magana just it appeared from a certain activity you could say that activity of identification but when i looked nobody did that it was just all these automatic movements that happened but that was which was aware was always there aware of it just you know somehow it wasn’t noticed yeah yeah so the sense of i you know that can never wake up because in truth it doesn’t even really exist it’s just uh mirrors you who we are we always are we’ve always been can’t be anything else here and whatever that is which we can’t really ever put into words everything appears in that every sensation every thought the whole universe time matter energy space it all appears in that yeah that’s why you know it’s like when you when scene you see it you practice to get somewhere and it takes you away from here for what’s already here it’s lovely to see you again and that this love affair has not left you it’s beautiful okay thank you for coming to sit with me thank you so much what do you notice if anything um i would say i noticed that you are very quiet inside is there a boundary between you and me that you can find it can be honest you know it’s totally fine just i mean there’s it’s a boundary in some way with thoughts that come and go but yeah so those goals yeah those thoughts come and go and so and so you know it’s like uh so it’s it like there’s a sense of a boundary that comes and goes or um yeah but when it goes then there’s no boundary yeah then there’s no boundary yeah yeah okay i get it then there’s just flow right this information flowing here so a funny question where where do you begin and end experientially right now not nothing you’ve read anyway or heard anyway just right here sitting just exploring together yeah i don’t know this is good doesn’t really matter it doesn’t really feel like any any beginning or end no yeah no limitations yeah yeah just this this in which everything is appearing it’s just and thoughts are still coming or they’ve slowed down yes less well they just fall away and the funny question but just just to play not nothing serious here and you don’t have to give a right answer or anything like that just some the simple question who are you not to answer with your mind but to answer really from being here and maybe no words come it’s okay just a question just dropping it in and seeing what comes here i’m sure you’ve read enough books you could give the right answer but that’s not what the point of the question is well that’s not really any answer i feel uh some um maybe some movement or some energy in the heart that’s all that that happened yeah beautiful this personality that you used to think of as yours when you look for me oh what is that it’s also something which comes and goes movements habits yeah old information memories yeah how is it for you is it easy to let go of this concept of personality pure it’s just quiet it’s just like just not even needing to let go because it’s just yeah just like again i would say it’s just a seeing you know well that’s just a construction you know it’s just how the system functioned it’s hard to learn to function at some point it’s just very clearly seen it’s just it has nothing to do with who i am nobody’s responsible for it nobody does it it’s just it happens by itself if it happens yeah this yeah maybe inside during uh dinner with the community yesterday that we are all taken care of we’re also just totally taken care of so we can let go of this responsibility for everything yeah i mean you know that that whole idea of responsibility was just an idea that was put on our heads actually who is it that would actually take responsibility i feel very very peaceful very much at home very fantastic yeah beautiful yeah thanks for taking a few moments together i also feel it’s here being part of the community feeling like being at home yeah and being in the right place how beautiful really lucky and someone is just lucky maybe i had some questions but it’s not so important at the moment i can understand okay thank you how would you describe prima i would say on the surface there’s lots of small disturbances but on the inside deep it’s just quiet yeah i love how sweetly your system receives from me it’s lovely and now that meets me is very sweet for me and i have to say this technology is really miraculous yeah i mean it’s so interesting yeah yeah i mean it’s it’s we feel each other we see each other it’s just like no time no space thank you puma thank you so to me when we meet like this it’s like you know when you hook two computers together you can download each other oh it’s very beautiful and what’s beautiful is it’s a two-way street you know the flow of information just goes both ways and so whatever you know has been learned in all the years of exploring is immediately available to you i mean it’s it downloads at such a speed it’s incredible and uh yeah and it seems like you know it’s like the what makes the connection like the fastest speed possible is when we feel safe when we just feel like we can race together then it just downloads into this thing you know one way to speak about this whole story is you know it’s like there’s that recognition of being that our nature is that awareness but you know at the level of the nervous system if our parents didn’t have us ever you know i could say a sense of being able to enjoy the moment and be present at the moment they couldn’t have shown our nervous system that and if you know we also inherit a lot of intergenerational trauma and stuff and it’s it’s beautiful to meet another nervous system that has kind of explored some of that so that that can come to peaceness without having to do in do anything just in the download process here so sometimes i mean like now i am pretty sure you’re feeling tingling in your hands and your feet and that’s a release you could say of trauma it’s uh just without doing anything just by meeting together in the way like this you can sense that your hands and feet are tingling yeah yeah yeah so just your system getting new information it’s great and it’s good to take it slowly not to overdo it because it’s it’s a lot just yeah i’ll see you you’re enjoying and but also now it’s good to not cut too if you want to go quick it’s good to go slow and gentle so and even though we’re not going anywhere it’s it’s it’s just you could say the upgrading updating the the operating system you can relate her beautiful thank you thanks for just technical expertise you know one of one of the things i love to invite us because for those of us that have eyes your english is good enough to understand me yes yes okay for those of us who have eyes the south most powerful sense but our eyes have usually gotten to the habit of seeing objects but when we’re born as a baby our eyes are just holes and the light just comes in so you can imagine that your eyes are just holes and the light of me and the light of this moment is just coming in and so we don’t then project that there’s inside and outside and stuff like that you know when we we you know because language turns everything into nouns so we say a tree or that it’s really treeing and it’s actually you know when we look it’s appearing in us right that’s where we actually see is in in awareness here yeah so the experience of now is in awareness you can’t keep it out even if you wanted to it’s yeah i’m always loved to hear how people described how would you describe you can speak in german if it’s easier but well i i i don’t see you so well but i feel you very strongly yes that’s clear yeah yes it’s a lot of joy yeah joy bubbling bubbling joy yeah beautiful yeah lovely yeah to have joy like that and so the question is how much joy can we stand before we just explode ugh a lot of my energy moving that’s fun and it’s moving everywhere in the whole system in the whole body here that’s beautiful try to find words to speak about this and so it’s like meeting the moment is the beloved you know like if you meet the beloved it’s like this is such joy there’s such beauty here it’s just exquisite so now i’d like to hear how how you can describe this if if it’s possible it’s like a super present everything very alive and juicy can just speaking from the direct experience nothing you’ve heard secondhand nothing just from here what is this intelligence that’s loving us that’s seeing through these eyes it’s breathing ourselves moving every cell that’s moving every atom that’s hard to put in words huh it’s good to meet with you to be in this love affair with love thanks for you thank you how do you like this food it’s yummy y’all very beautiful to have some comments with you i mean to meet like to meet like this is just love loving love huh um this energy that you’re feeling it feels friendly or it feels like i mean i know it’s you not used to it but just feel friendly or feel unsafe or how would you describe leave yeah sometimes uh widely comfortable quite fast yes so is it the energy that’s uncomfortable or is it the resistance to the energy that’s uncomfortable good question i don’t i don’t know it’s you know it’s a good answer because yeah it’s just better just to just to look and see to my perception it feels like your system isn’t used to it and it doesn’t know me and it doesn’t it’s not it’s not sure it’s if it likes it or doesn’t like it because it is uncomfortable so something tries to control not you but some old information and so it’s it’s just this little dance that’s going on not a big deal you’re not doing anything right or wrong or good or bad it’s just interesting to watch yeah yeah it seems uh some months i try to to see if how i uh yes as you said if i resist or not but i don’t think so yeah is to see what if i didn’t if it is i resist against or if it’s not it’s not you that’s doing it yeah yes yeah that there’s just is resistance but it’s not you it’s just you know i could say who knows where it comes from but there’s just something is resisting but it’s not you if it was up to you it would not resist it’s clear and that resistance is just some way your system doesn’t feel safe that’s all and it’s it’s just like it is you can you can’t do anything about it if it feels safe and it can release but yeah nothing you need to do about it just noticing it’s okay it’s all okay you really don’t have to do anything just seeing something is resisting in spite of what you want which is the opposite so it’s automatic it’s unconscious nobody’s doing it it’ll find its way how does it feel to hear what i’m speaking what i’m saying to really hear that that resistance doesn’t mean anything about you if it was up to you it would not be there so just gently let it reveal itself it’ll show you everything okay karen what beautiful ah listen i’m gonna go just for a moment and say good night to the community and i’m getting a little tidier and thanks for organizing this you guys really a deep pleasure to meet you and feel what you guys have very generous offer thank you thank you yeah cool big love have a good sleep thank you.