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water constitutes two-thirds of our planet it is responsible for all life-forms and our own existence but with all this abundance only 1% is available to us rivers form majority of this sauce you Oh danke potable it a pour que porra Miguel Ipoh Drakkar hey Alma pataka ohanga Nanoha Tardelli Passover so delicious and ER Vita a GTI Tata no Dada auntie dollie Moonen attaboy Vita Motown Kareena dejection dear pooja karoon Monica Monica : Shastra be strata : so Lorraine yamandu Marietta gay Jonin and his 100 year old grandmother are on a journey to the source of the river that feeds a little hamlet partically it’s a journey to the root of their life line the karlie Colleen and the little girl Oh ah ha ha ha ha me done chinnu neva neva neva toggle under the table but I would No Carly placebo tara kannada district of karnataka in india she rose from breathtaking landscapes before joining the Arabian Sea the landscape Carly cut through is a mosaic of peculiar geology and for the most part she cuts through dark volcanic rocks making the water appear black and hence the name Carly or the black river like most rivers in India Carly too is born in the mountains a little mountain stream in the heart of the Western Ghats is her birthplace as she flows she nourishes the land with life partically a hamlet of ten houses is among those whose sustenance solely depends on this river Janaki and her grandson are Kuna bees a local tribe that survives mostly on agriculture Kuna bees and galleys are among the main tribes found in these regions these tribes though vary in their traditions are very similar in their way of life almost every aspect of their life here is shaped by water kai later Panama the Piave vajrapani caolan80 panel choppa beg or Levin Chabert pure an inch apart bend a panelist on a day Lanka nowhere else is the impact of water on life more evident than here the river provides not just water to drink but also for paddy and my slop Janaki and her family survived mostly on agriculture the river rain and the nutrient-rich soil makes the valley ideal for rice cultivation gray soda Dukla silence elusive letter Shikata llama foetus Otakon people jungle motive and opossum and Tina Shepard porta logic the soulless how daddy daddy can’t we put a comma because nanny piranha Pauline astonish at DePauw party goody sits nestled between the bridge Ferris abdon Bailey and she tiger reserve Reserve spreads over an area of 815 square kilometers and is located amidst the Western Ghats mountain ranges it is one of the top hot spots for biodiversity in the world in recent years thanks to the dedication of the State Forest Department the forest and Wildlife have flourished the Tiger Reserve is a remarkable habitat a mosaic of dry deciduous jungles rich evergreen forests and high-altitude grasslands it is rich with biodiversity and is home to some of the planet’s most rare and beautiful species this is among those rare places on earth where Tigers roam the evergreen jungles the reserve is also a haven for spectacular birds while the birders are in search of that rare endemic Warbler to add to the checklist the flagship species here is the hornbill the Indian grey hornbill the Malabar grey hornbill the Malabar pied and the great pied hornbill are all found here a hornbills main diet is fruits and figs are at the top of the list a single hornbill can feed on fruits from up to 40 trees a day making them excellency disperses and rightfully earning them the title farmers of the forest the Don Daly area is abundant with fig trees and is one reason they are found here in large numbers the birds are so crucial to this forest that the area has been declared a hornbill conservation reserve while the hornbills contribution to the forest is remarkable their own life story is nothing short of a wonder the hornbills made for life and with it comes great responsibility once the female is ready to lay her eggs she finds a suitable tree hollow and settles inside with the help of soil seeds and her own droppings she seals a nest allowing only for a beak to come out this provides safety from other hornbills and predators but comes at a cost the female would be locked inside here for about three months she sheds all her feathers and turns flightless her only source of food is the male which comes several times a day to feed her and the chicks a threat to this mail means death to the entire family it is only when the chicks are old enough to leave the nest and fly that the female breaks open the nest a great sacrifice that usually pays off well while the place offers so much for the avian lovers there’s something remarkable and rare that attracts the big cat enthusiasts the done daily unchi tiger reserve is probably one’s best bed for spotting a black leopard a melanistic color variant of the more common Indian leopard while sightings are quite rare dark evenings offer the best chance to glimpse this elusive mythical animal the camera traps though reveal their relative abundance in the area tigers leopards and other small cats also pose for these cameras the camera traps reveal the unseen side of the jungle a secret door into the mystical world Macallan is a gender bootable WETA and the said amber with an Avant Rosetta passport award by La Rochelle Amerika Amerika the small Hamlet’s in these remote regions have very limited road connectivity most have to walk at least half a day to get to the nearest motorable Road since the villages fool in core areas of the tiger reserve the government has offered to relocate them to areas with better access to health care and education most of the villages have now relocated and only a handful remain in these areas Kali is one of the shortest rivers in India she flows only 184 kilometers before she reaches the sea and in this short distance there are 70 dams built across her her unobstructed natural flow is only 8 kilometres the dams have submerged past patches of forest and displaced the wildlife there but the dams do provide electricity and also help in storing water for the dry months the reservoirs are teeming with fish life it’s not just the birds that take advantage of this but also the fishermen each morning as they set out to receive Carly’s bounty they almost never ever return empty-handed Carly also has a fun side to her the gushing Rapids make for one of the best rafting experiences down south ecotourism here provides a clean green employment alternative to traditional methods the forest department in association with the local communities has started many ecotourism activities Wildlife safaris trekking camping and rafting as some of them camping in the serene settings of Kogi unchi or Castle Rock camps and going for a hike in the jungle is also a way of inducting awareness among the urban travelers frequent nature camps are conducted here for children by several organizations a beautiful way to capture the imagination create awareness and set the right culture for future generations two streams converge at Minari to form Kali and as she flows along car neti Varkey Sark Lee under II and other true beauties join her the true source of a river is often mystery and long maybe that way Janicki and her grandson have traveled almost a day now but the journey has taken a toll on Janaki and she decides not to travel further gage Arlen has to make the journey alone now with each passing generation the tradition must go on Oh geodon will cubes and aluminum umka pour ahead which overlay I mean total kinda dizzy yonder geppu geppu roon I’m meeting a guy ferrochrome a toccata in Harasta kali ends her journey in the arabian sea a car war she nurtures land and life through her journey and she’ll continue to do so the German reaches one of the sources the mythical birthplace of the river to offer his prayers to Carly a true mother who gives and nurtures without bounds you you you.