ENG SUB Run BTS! 2021 EP 138

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[RUN BTS EP. 138 BTS Table Tennis Class1] [This content is produced with sponsorship of FILA] RUN BTS! [This show is filmed in compliance with COVID 19 quarantine guidelines] [So excited] [Calm done] - j-hope! - Yes.

00:27 - - We’re wearing this FILA’s training wears now. - Wait.

00:30 - [Today’s RUN BTS looks like?] - Yeah. - I feel like we need to work out today.

00:32 - - So I don’t feel good. - I know. - Actually, [Huge spoiler] - Look what’s behind. It’s obvious what we’re doing today. - Yeah.

00:35 - Have you watched the tennis special recently? I didn’t know how bad I am.

00:41 - [Replay] I jump whenever I make a shot. It’s so sad to watch.

00:45 - - j-hope, are you good at table tennis? - Table tennis? [j-hope, the king of table tennis?] I’m pretty good at it.

00:50 - [j-Tak not Kim Takgu] - Are you Kim Takgu? - I’m j-Tak.

00:54 - [So cute] Who do you think is the best player? [Who’s the best player?] - At first… - Let me pick.

01:01 - [The youngest picked 95z] - V and Jimin are pretty good. - Right.

01:04 - - V is good. - I think V is good. [A master hiding his skills] On “BTS In the Soop”, [He showed his skills on “BTS In the Soop”] - he taught us. - V is good.

01:10 - Today’s RUN BTS is BTS’ Table Tennis Class.

01:13 - - Table Tennis Class! - Table Tennis Class! [He’s in boxing class] - Alright. - Let’s… - Whenever we try something hard, - things don’t go well. - You’re right.

01:18 - As it might difficult for you without a coach, - we invited a coach. - A coach? [A quiz time before introduction!] Here’s a quiz about - the coach. - Okay.

01:27 - [Q. ] You Seung Min is your table tennis coach for today.

01:31 - Which two years has we won the gold medals? [Confident] - At first, 2004. - 2004.

01:37 - - It’s for sure. - Yeah. There’s an Olympic in 2004, right? [2004 Athens Olympic] - 2004 and 2006. - Right. 2004 Athens Olympic [2002 Asian Games in Busan] and 2002 [Won gold medals!] Asian Games in Busan.

01:48 - - 2002. - Busan, again. - Busan, again. - Busan, again. - It’s Busan! [Short quiz: What’s Jimin of Busan?] What am I of Busan? - A spinning tornado shot. - A spinning tornado shot! - Why shot? [It sounds a bit… ] - I don’t like a shot part.

01:57 - Why don’t you be just a spinning tornado? [Jimin, the spinning tornado of Busan] - Okay. - Spinning… - Tornado! Let’s welcome the gold medalist, You Seung Min.

02:07 - Let’s welcome him! He’s a BTS of table tennis.

02:10 - [The shy youngest] - Jung Kook, why don’t you introduce him. - Let’s not say… - No.

02:12 - - Let’s not say something like BTS of table tennis… - Please shout quickly.

02:14 - [j-hope instead] j-hope, please do it. He’s the BTS of table tennis! [Please welcome] You Seung Min! [Excited] - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.

02:23 - [Appropriated gesture for the situation] I saw him so many times when I was young.

02:26 - [RUN BTS, BTS’ Table Tennis Class] [You Seung Min] [Current member of IOC] [Current chair of Korea Table Tennis Association] [Career records 4th place of Men’s Doubles at the 2002 Sydney Olympics] [Winner of Doubles at 2002 Busan Asian Games, Gold medal of Singles at 2004 Athens Olympics] [3rd of Team at 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2nd of Team at 2012 London Olympics] [Park Jong Boem Currently, a KTTA-certified 1st grade referee] [14 years of experience in elite trainings, 5 years of experience in amateur trainings] [Trained current male and female national and professional players] - We’re excited to have you today.

  • Actually, we’re [Honesty] - not good. - We’re not good.

02:40 - We’re really not good. [Conclusion - Not good with balls] - We’re… - We’re not good with balls.

02:45 - I just saw you earlier and we’re going good.

02:47 - - Really? - Who played? [Who is it? Who played?] - Who played? - Again… - It’s V.

02:51 - [He’s the one] - V! - A few plays well. Let’s see if we can do well on table tennis.

02:54 - I’m looking forward to it. [Excited] The coach brought your some gifts to help you play well.

03:01 - - Really? - Are we having a new racket? - Yes.

03:03 - I brought… [WOW] This is a bit different with standard ones.

03:07 - [The coach prepared the professional rackets] I bought ones for professionals.

03:09 - Ones for professionals? - It’s too much for us. - I know.

03:12 - There are 2 grips in table tennis. These days, people prefer the shakehand grip [He brought two-side rackets] - so use this two-side racket. - Shakehand.

03:18 - - Shakehand. - I like protein shake. So I prepared these.

03:21 - [The youngest got so excited] - Thank you. - Why are you so excited today? - I brought one [So nice of him] for SUGA who can’t join us today unfortunately.

03:26 - [Saying thank you instead of SUGA] - Later. - Thank you.

03:27 - [Equipped with professional rackets] Everyone, now we got professional rackets.

03:29 - - Rackets are now… [WOW] - Let’s see how…

03:31 - [Equipment is important for sports] - It’s all about equipment. - Thank you.

03:33 - - How bad we can get. - Everyone. - Give me the blue one, - please. [Confused] - Those who are bad, - use the best equipment. - You first. - Guys.

03:38 - No matter how good or poor you are, [Excited] make sure you get the best equipment.

03:41 - Coach, the grip is a bit different. [Table tennis newbies got excited about their rackets] - It’s different. - It’s for professional.

03:44 - - Why do you have a ball? - I will tell you this again later but, - I’m sure you used to grab it like this. - We all have a ball.

03:48 - - Yes. [Like this?] - It’s because you don’t know the grip.

03:50 - It’s called shakehand. [Teaching a different grip] Most people do this these days.

03:54 - - Like this? - Like this? - Grab like this? [To use both sides!] - Like this. - Yeah, these days, we use both sides.

03:58 - [Studying] - 2 sides! - Yeah, for the other grip, - it’s not good as you need to turn a racket around. - Turn…

04:02 - - Yeah, conventionally… [Snitching] - Jin is grabbing like this.

04:03 - Is this okay? [Up to you!] - It’s totally up to you. - Spatula. - Really? - Are you grabbing a spatula now? - It’s up to you.

04:09 - Are you scooping rice now? [Bring it on] Are you an assassin or what? Hey coach, can you play even with a spatula? [Confused] A spatula…

04:19 - - I think he can do it totally. - It’s a stupid question.

04:21 - - Jung Kook, don’t forget we just met him today. - It depends on which spatula [Answering to questions sincerely] it would be.

04:25 - - As long as it has a flat side, I can play with it. - Wow.

04:28 - - Amazing. - I see. [So… ] [This is what Jung Kook was wondering] How can he play with that? [Spatula table tennis by You Seung Min] [Look forward to the game!] [Table tennis’ grips!] As I told you, there are 2 grips.

04:43 - This is so-called penholder grip. [Penholder grip, like holding a pen] It’s called penholder grip [Pros: Powerful forehand attack] as it’s like holding a pen.

04:47 - [Cons: Difficult backhand attack and defense] - It’s called penholder grip. - For this grip, you can’t use the back side! - We’re not allowed to use that side? - For the back side, [Because there’s no rubber!] there’s no rubber.

04:53 - - Right. - So, you can’t use the other side.

04:54 - [Passionate student] - So, you need to move a lot. - Yes.

04:56 - So, I used to be an official sweeper of table tennis Because I’d sweep all across the floor.

05:02 - [Listening attentively] Because I move around a lot.

05:03 - [Most people use the shake-hand] Shake-hand is the one popularly used nowadays.

05:05 - [Shake-hand grip] [Holding it like a spatula] Because it’s like you’re shaking hands, [Pros: Easy to switch between forehand and backhand] it’s called a shake-hand grip.

05:08 - [Cons: Weak on balls coming towards the middle of your body] With this, you can use both the front and back side of the paddle. How should I put it? [Shake-hand lets you play more economically] You can play more economically.

05:13 - [Passionate student 222] Does that mean the range is decreased then? It’s not that the range is decreased, but…

05:18 - - Since the table tennis ball is so fast. - Yes.

05:20 - - Right. - With the backhand, you can [Focused] play offense more freely, right? [Fiery eyes] - But since the pen-hold doesn’t have this, - We can’t play backhand.

05:26 - you can’t play backhand. That’s why you play like this.

05:28 - - Right. - That’s right. - This is a bit uncomfortable! - Yes, it is.

05:29 - - It’s hard. - So, for today, [Members got the shake-hand rackets] though we’ve handed you shake-hand rackets, - Yes. - You can just play with the grip you feel comfortable with. - Okay. Got it. - Understood.

05:36 - [Before diving in, let’s see the teachers’ rally!] A short rally between the pen-hold and shake.

05:37 - - Let us show you a bit. - Okay, okay, okay.

05:39 - I know you recently learned to play tennis. Same thing. The forehand is the basis! - Starting with the forehand. - Yes, yes, yes. - We enjoyed (tennis) rather than played! [Ball is handed rapidly back and forth though it feels still] This is too fast, isn’t it? [This rally is just a warm-up!] - This is very slow right now. - Is it? - Yes.

05:49 - [Back and forth] - This is quite slow… - When table tennis [Falling in] players warm-up, is this what they do? [to the world of table tennis] - Yes. - Hold up. This hurts my neck too much.

05:56 - - Getting dizzy now. - My eyes are… - How can you watch this? - What? - It’s getting faster.

06:00 - [Almost a test for dynamic visual acuity] - This is… - Hold up. I…

06:01 - [That was a sample of forehand rally] - Now, it’s called a forehand rally. - Optical illusion. - Dizzy.

06:05 - [Completely understood!] In table tennis matches, people turn their faces like this.

06:09 - [Another rally started] So epic. [Meerkat-like BTS amazed by table tennis] Oh, the net…

06:16 - [Though hit by the net, the ball continues on] - Back to life… - He makes that work.

06:18 - [I’m feeling nauseated] Hold on. I’m feeling nauseated.

06:20 - [It’s not over yet!] - Hold up. - That was the forehand. - Yes.

06:22 - - I can’t see the ball. I can’t see the ball. - Let us show you the backhand a bit.

06:24 - [Shake-hand can play with the back side, rather than the inside of the hold] - Backhand. - Shake-hand can just go ahead and play on like that, but penholders like me, have to twist it like so.

06:29 - [Master twists and plays!] Twisting it like so.

06:30 - [Shaking his head] Too fast! - It’s a bit too fast. - I kind of feels like I’m in a temple as well.

06:36 - [If you only listen to the sounds, it does kind of sound like Moktak] [Barrier-free ears] The table for table tennis is small, but the radius of our movement is very large.

06:44 - - I see. - So, even from back like this, [Getting further away from the table] for example, you can play from the back like this.

06:47 - - It’s very rhythmical. - I know, right? [Playing from this far?] - Edge. - Okay, okay.

06:52 - [Thump!] Okay, okay. [Their reactions are so good] - You can play like this. [Youngest is excited] - So fun! [j-hope’s smash of dreams just happened before his eyes] The smash of my dreams was the smash we just saw.

07:02 - [You know how it feels, right?] You know, right? If you show us something cool, that won’t work.

07:06 - [The head turns with the ball automatically] I can’t even see it! [Members are so amazed] - If not… - Table tennis also gets you going like that.

07:11 - [Next is the forehand drive] - I can’t see. - Next, we’ll show you the forehand drive.

07:13 - It’s the one where you spin the ball. - The turning. - Yes, spin is turning. - Right. Right.

07:16 - - Just now was just the basics? - It was the basics.

07:18 - It’s the thing that V used to try, isn’t it? [It’s the move V used to follow] - Right. That’s what you do. - Yes.

07:23 - - But it’s totally different from what I do. - That’s the real drive.

07:26 - Oh, I want to keep this for myself. - There’s a lot of spinning. - How did he fend that off? [Successful fan (?)] There are rules to the service.

07:33 - - You need to throw the ball 16 cm or more from your hand. - Right.

07:36 - [Really?] - You’re supposed to? - Yes. Do they check the video if it’s not high enough? [Not the video, but the referee checks it!] Not to the extent of the video. But the referee judges it.

07:41 - [Question angel of the day] - But tossing for serve and bending the body… - Yes.

07:43 - It’s to hide how you’ll go in, right? [Rather surprised that he knows the exact reason] You know it exactly to the T.

07:46 - - Really? - Really? - You know a bit about this.

07:48 - Because you dyed your hair (?) today. [Thanks to his self-dyed hair (?)] I’m shocked. You know exactly why.

07:52 - Actually, the rule on this has changed a bit.

07:54 - [Focusing on looking cool when playing sports] - Before… - You shouldn’t show us anything cool - like this. - Since there’s too much premium on the ones serving… - Yes. Of course.

07:58 - [Answering Jung Kook’s question in details] If they block this with their left arm like so, - Hiding it. - they can’t see it. - Right.

08:01 - - Here it comes! - So, they can’t tell what kind of spin this is.

08:03 - [Playful] But the rules - have changed now. You need to move your left arm out now. - Right, right.

08:07 - Move the arm out of the way like so, to let the other player see which side the ball hits.

08:11 - [But, sadly, you can’t use the left arm to hide it now] - The rule on that changed. - Yes, but even so, us, pro players try to hide it even if only for a bit, and get it here like this, [Getting by with whatever you have left] to hide it with our body.

08:17 - - With your body. - You almost hit like this.

08:19 - [Mimicking the master] You almost hit like this.

08:22 - - Yes, almost… - Don’t be lying. When did he go like that? [So precise!] He’s reenacted so precisely.

08:26 - [So playful] - What’s this? - So, you hide as much as possible like so.

08:28 - The serving is not just a service like this.

08:31 - [Master is telling them all the tips to the game] Shift the center of gravity from your right foot to the left.

08:34 - [From your right foot to the left!] From your right foot to the left. Hit it like this.

08:37 - Can you receive this? [Wow] - You can’t be showing us things like this! - Yes.

08:44 - - They’ll just focus on looking cool. - Mimic this. Mimic this.

08:46 - [Blowhard (?) BTS to come your way] You can’t be showing us cool looking stuff.

08:48 - [Predicting] - You’ll all just be doing this. - But, there’s something like this.

08:49 - [This would be foul play] - Just this. - Suddenly… doing this is a no-go.

08:52 - [Already on the guard about each other trying such moves] [Blacklisted (?)] - Him. Him. - This guy. This guy.

08:56 - He’ll be like, “Look here. Look here”. - This is the most important thing! - This guy…

09:00 - The sliest person. [So sad] - You can’t do that. - This is the most important part. This.

09:02 - - Okay. - It’s bad manners. [Such behavior is ill-mannered!] - It’s bad manners. - Manners…

09:05 - [Global artist, BTS] - As a group that’s leading the globe… - That’s right.

09:08 - - The global players… - In table tennis, also…

09:10 - [Sad] We need to be exemplary. So… Table tennis has a net, like this as well.

09:14 - [Manner is important in table tennis matches] You also need to focus on well-mannered play.

09:15 - - It’s a sport that requires respect. - Jin will start learning the sport with that.

09:18 - - He loves things like that the most. - As for me, I like playing my offense when the opponent is taking a drink of water.

09:23 - [Exceptional Jin] He’s the kind of person to hit you on your Adam’s apple when you drink water.

09:27 - - We’ll get serious now. - Right. Let’s get divided into 2 teams to learn…

09:31 - - Divide by the color of the clothes! - Actually, our outfit right now… - That’s right.

09:33 - - The way I see it, the clothes already… - The clothes…

09:34 - [KIM brothers and 3 Js] It’s already divided into the KIMs and the others, isn’t it? It’s not like we tried to wear it like this.

09:39 - [We just wore what the style team gave us] - Right. - We wore what was given. - But today…

09:40 - It turned out like this. Before diving into the training, the master has prepared something for you all.

09:47 - - Really? - Really? Yes. - Please put in the PET bottles. - Did you say PET bottles? - Plastic bottles? [Could it be?] - Could it be? - Are they going to hit that? Totally a stunt performance.

09:55 - [To hit plastic bottles with the table tennis ball!] The way I see it, Jung Kook will probably be able to do this.

10:01 - [A-what?] Come over here. Come. Let’s have you try it out first, to see how hard this is.

10:04 - [Jung Kook’s stunned] - Hold up. Hold up. - Jung Kook, you like things like this though.

10:07 - - Jung Kook, try it… - In table tennis…

10:08 - Sorry, but… You’re not doing this because you can’t do it, right? [Taken aback] No. Well, that could be, but…

10:12 - - Try and hit that. - He’s going to get this in? - How can… - It’s to just hit it. - So…

10:15 - [Trying to lessen the pressure] - Jung Kook, he’s trying to draw a comparison. - Try hitting it.

10:17 - Hitting it. Hitting it. - As a point of comparison. - Oh, for comparison. - To compare against.

10:20 - - I think he could hit it though. - How can I…

10:22 - [Hit the bottle with the service ball!] - With a serve. The service. - So, the master [Teasing him] looked around and chose you for his prey.

10:26 - [Missed by quite a lot… ] That was so close.

10:29 - [Tries again with big brothers’ support] Try a bit more. You can do it.

10:32 - [Getting closer] You’re getting closer.

10:34 - [His appetite for win kicked in] - He’s doing this in fine details. - Hide your body. Hide your body! [It went over???] [Of course. He’s bad at playing bad] That’s my brother! He’s so good.

10:45 - [Edit??] - He got one done. - You can just edit this falling… - There’s nothing he can’t do.

10:46 - [This is what really happened] [Our youngest’s awesome serve] [But the ball missed by so close] [And a hand came out of nowhere?] [Project Boost Jung Kook’s Confidence] [The youngest grows up with older brothers’ love] That’s my brother! He’s so good.

11:07 - [Now, for the real demonstration by the master!] - Pro players usually… - Yes.

11:09 - When training to master their service, in order to increase their accuracy, - Like this. - they’d train like this. But that’s too big, actually.

11:14 - [This bottle is even bigger than the ones they use to train] - Usually… - This is big? They put a small ball here and practice hitting it.

11:18 - - hitting it, or… - Master, shall we change it, then? - No. - He could hit that…

11:22 - [So funny] So, usually, they’d go like this…

11:25 - [Jimin scolds (?) the production crew on behalf of flustered master] - We… - You’re so bad.

11:27 - [Put in a serve] Go like this. [And hit it at once!] [Throw the ball more than 16 cm above and makes it an awesome success!] [Teddy bear is shocked] Such goosebumps.

11:40 - He just hits it on top of this. Not even the base.

11:42 - - Master, I apologize. (?) To be honest, I had a bit of doubt. - So, usually…

11:46 - [Witty] I was a bit nervous. [Starting with the basic rally!] I think we should start with the basic rally first.

11:51 - After that, we can [Next up is learning how to serve!] learn how to give services.

11:55 - Well, we’ll also do training like this later on as well.

11:57 - - Service. - What’s a service? - I think today…

11:58 - [Service. A table tennis term referring to the 1st ball thrown in before the rally starts] - Serve. - Yes.

12:00 - - I think you’ll have fun. - Okay. - Then, if you could start the chant with “RUN”. - Okay, start the chant.

12:03 - [They always ask the master to start the chant with “RUN”] If you could shout, “RUN”.

12:04 - - “RUN”? Should I do it? - If the 2 of you could say “RUN”, we’ll say, “BTS” and get started with this.

12:09 - 1, 2, 3. RUN BTS! - Let’s go, table tennis! - Okay.

12:14 - [Master and the members getting ready to learn] - Since the forehand and backhand rally is important - Yes.

12:17 - [Forehand = Master You Seung Min] - I’ll take the forehand. - Yes.

12:19 - [Backhand = Master Park Jong Boem] Mr. Park Jong Boem will take the backhand.

12:21 - Yes! [Paying close attention to the members’ grips as well] Then, Jin, which way do you prefer to hold the grip? [KIM brothers are going with penholder grip!] - I’ll go with this. - With that? - Then, RM will also. Okay. - I also find this penholder grip more comfortable.

12:28 - Then, you’ll go with the penholder grip, huh? [Youngest KIM also joins in with penholder grip] - Yes. - Then, they’re all using shake grips.

12:32 - [Penholder vs. Shake] - Really? - We can play penholders against shakes.

12:34 - - Totally. - Right? [3 Js are using shake grip] - They’re all using that? - They’re all holding it. - They’re all that.

12:38 - - Let’s hide our true skills! - How should we play? - For starters… - Then, if we go with this grip, we have to go like this for the backhand? [With penholder grip, the backhand gets your wrist twisted] - Right. - Really? It’s harder to learn.

12:44 - It’s easier to learn with the shake grip. - It’s like this. Like this. - First of all…

12:48 - [3 Js start from learning the shake grip] As a basis, you need to hold the racket like so.

12:49 - A bit to the side like this. [Busy with something] So, it’s like you’re holding everything in your hand.

12:54 - [Takes a handful of balls] As if you’re embracing it with the hand.

12:56 - - A handshake. - Right. - Don’t get too tight a grip. Let’s just start with holding it here. - Yes.

13:00 - [Full of passion] - Lightly. - Okay, okay. - That’s right. Okay.

13:02 - - Good, good. - Lightly. I have such a hard time controlling the amount of power I put in.

13:05 - - With this. - It’s too tight. - You hold it like this? [V finds the shake grip a bit awkward] I think I don’t like it because it feels awkward.

13:09 - - Awkward? Okay. - Yes. - For me, [Early starter. BTS’ king of table tennis?] - I can’t control my power when… - Ever since I was little, I played with this grip, so…

13:12 - Okay. Then, I’ll start by letting you know this grip.

13:15 - [KIM brothers also start with the trip!] - Yes. - When you hold the grip, you go like this, right? Right. Like this.

13:18 - - You can’t be holding it like that! - We can’t be holding it like that? Because, if you hold it like this… Try turning it to the backhand.

13:22 - [Wrist gets twisted] [With a shoulder drooping] - Hard, isn’t it? - Yes. It doesn’t work well.

13:24 - Try putting it together here. Like this. [Putting fingers together in the middle] - Put the hand together? - To the center.

13:27 - You have it gathered on the back, right? But, in front, it’ll be like this.

13:29 - [In front, in the shape of holding a pen] - It’s not easy to hold the grip. - Like this. Like this.

13:31 - - Like this. - Yes. That’s right. [Like this? Like this?] Like this.

13:34 - Go like this and twist like so. [Learning to hold is finished!] The ready position is the same.

13:38 - [Now, on to the ready position] Try and stand in this mood.

13:40 - From here. [A passionate table tennis class] - Right, right. - Right. Turn to your left, but your elbow cannot be lifted up! [Pull the elbow down] Don’t lift up your elbow.

13:48 - Try and follow me. [The same vibe as following the home training video] Look in front, and go just as you are.

13:53 - [Eager] This is forehand. [Think that you’re hitting with the torque from your waist] As if you’re hitting with waist torque.

13:58 - - Right. In that vibe. - Like this. Like this.

13:59 - [Okay. Got it] - Okay. - With this feeling. 1, 2, 3.

14:02 - [Take turns and hit 10 balls to start!] Then, let’s try hitting 10 balls.

14:04 - [Jin starts off the KIM brothers!] - Starting with Jin. 10 balls. - Starting with me? Get ready and go.

14:08 - [He hits one right away in the practice stance] 1. But [Is this right?] your bottom half shouldn’t move too much.

14:12 - When you’re hitting it, move your center from your right to left.

14:14 - [The way Jin hits balls with forehand] I’m like this.

14:18 - Something’s off! [Master to rescue Jin from weird posture] Look again. If you’re like this, [Showing him how it’s done physically] If you go like this, it kind of has to be in the same line.

14:26 - [This way and that. X] They can’t be going this way and that.

14:27 - [Together. O] 1, 2. In that mood. [Understood] - Got it? - Okay. Understood.

14:32 - [With a bit of a correction to his posture, he’s playing so much better] Right. Keep your body low.

14:35 - Keep your legs low. Oh, good. Good. Nice! [Master keeps praising him] Good, good! Oh! Jin! - Okay. - What’s this? What is this? Is this what learning does? [Next up is the youngest KIM] - Is this what learning does? - Start. Just as you are! One.

14:49 - [A bit like the tennis] Not too strong. Just lightly.

14:52 - [Hehe] Slowly. [Hit lightly with your body, not arms!] So, don’t think that your arms are hitting this.

14:56 - Think that your torso is what’s hitting them. Right.

14:58 - [Moving with so much tension] - With your body. - So, you can’t think you’re hitting with your arms.

15:00 - [Cute] - You’re… - Well, your stance is so nice. But too strong.

15:05 - - Too strong. Don’t hit too hard. - Oh. Lightly.

15:08 - [1:1 tutoring] Have a look. I’ll try. [To adjust the stance] Don’t use this to hit the ball. Relax.

15:14 - Try to relax. Like this. [Eyes got relaxed, too] Try to relax. Feeling like this.

15:22 - [Blank stare] Like this. Good. There you go! Relax your arm.

15:29 - [Not looking at the ball] The ball is going too far.

15:31 - - His waist is not moving! - Because it went up.

15:33 - - You need to use your waist. - Right. Waist.

15:36 - [Relaxed, as taught by the coach] Right. It’s okay. Nice.

15:40 - That was like a robot. [Smile] Lightly.

15:43 - - Don’t swing it too much. Here… - Let’s go! 1, 2. Like this.

15:47 - OK! [Rapid progress] Right! Lower your upper body a bit.

15:52 - [Perfect stance, leaning forward] Good. There you go! - Oh, V. - Good.

15:57 - [Better stance] Right. - OK. Next. - OK.

16:03 - [Excited] OK. Namjoon! Show what you’ve got! [Relax your eyes, too] You need to relax your arms and eyes.

16:07 - Focus on your stance! [BTS is always happy] Namjoon! Show us! Let’s go! That was nice.

16:16 - [Reading RM’s thought] You stop in the middle. Being afraid of sending it too far.

16:18 - [Stretch your arms a bit further] - Move it further. - Forward.

16:19 - - There you go. - I got it. [Shaking] 1, 2.

16:24 - [Don’t tilt your paddle] Your racket is tilted like this.

16:26 - - Like this. - OK. - At 90 degree angle? - Yes, here. Like this.

16:29 - [1:1 tutoring] Lower your body, from here. [You know it, right?] Feeling like this.

16:33 - [What are you doing?] I see. Forward.

16:37 - [Learning and making progress] There you go! Good.

16:39 - Good. Namjoon! Show us! [Namjoon is showing now] - Show us! - There you go.

16:42 - [Taetae is receiving balls] Good. Nice! [Today’s ball boy] Good! Good.

16:47 - [Unexpected rally with RM] Good, good, good.

16:50 - Good. Nice! [Never moving his left arm] Good.

16:53 - [Praises make RM do better] Good! Good.

16:57 - - Great job. - OK. [Happy Jun-triever for praises] - I think I am doing well. - Good job, Namjoon.

17:00 - [3 Js start learning the basic stance] Stand up and look at me.

17:02 - [The basic angle of a racket] Think your will hold a racket vertically above your bellybutton.

17:05 - [Passionate] - Right. - Diagonally? No, vertically.

17:07 - [Don’t tilt the racket] Your racket faces the front.

17:09 - - Like this. - There you go. - Not easy, huh? [Put your elbows close to the upper body] Don’t spread your elbows.

17:12 - Feeling like it goes down a bit. [Good students] Hands. Right. Keep that angle.

17:17 - - Don’t tilt it. Keep it straight. - Like this? - Like this.

17:18 - From there, push it to the front. [Like this?] Toss it forward.

17:21 - [Feeling like pushing the racket slightly] Like pushing your racket lightly.

17:23 - - OK. - There you go! - But I grabbed it so hard.

17:26 - [When the body doesn’t follow the brain’s directions] I can’t help but strengthening it.

17:29 - - You’ll hit. - Like Jokbal. (Steamed pork feet) - What? - I thought so.

17:31 - [End up with tightening muscles while trying to relax] - Imagine a ball. - OK.

17:33 - Bend your knees. There you go! OK. [First ball with backhand - Missed it] - Yes. - There.

17:39 - Your racket faced the ceiling. - Oh, I shouldn’t. - It’s fine, Jung Kook. - Keep it facing the front.

17:42 - [Keep your racket facing the front and push it forward] We’ll start with how to - toss the ball gently. - Right, Jung Kook. Push it.

17:45 - [Passionate] Don’t lower your racket. Lightly…

17:48 - [Way to go] - Great job. - There you go. [Malte-Kkook got the hang of it] - OK. Right. - He’s hitting harder.

17:53 - [The stronger it is hit, the farther it goes] When you hit a ball harder, - the ball goes further. - Yes.

17:57 - - So, when you think it’ll be hit hard… - Backwards? - No, no. - No? [Tilt the racket down] - Tilt your racket down. - Oh, down.

18:03 - - Like this. - Tilt it down, when it seems faster.

18:05 - [I got it] - So, here, in the stance… - I’m so good at this. - There you go.

18:07 - - You’ll push it. But if it’s too strong, tilt it down. - There you go.

18:11 - [Professional players in their hearts] - You can adjust by doing that. - I’m a professional player in my heart.

18:13 - - Like this. - You better use your fingers well.

18:15 - [Using fingers well, like this?] - Fingers. OK. - Fingers, right.

18:17 - - Like this. - Lightly, there you go. [Kkook is ready] Relax your arms.

18:20 - [There you go] Good job. 1, 2, 3. - I got the hang of it! - Great.

18:22 - [Learning it with the rhythm] 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3.

18:25 - - There you go. - j-hope. - Me? - Why? - Checking him out… - There you go.

18:29 - [Jimin’s table tennis skills] - Next one, please. - Jimin! - Keeping the posture. - There you go.

18:34 - - You shouldn’t put the right foot in front of the other. - No.

18:36 - [Fast] - Move it this way. - Like this, this way.

18:38 - [Recapping what he learned] Put your legs…

18:41 - Right. Like that. Feet. - Put it a bit forward. - Good.

18:44 - [Jimin corrected his stance] Slowly. [Practice of the backhand grip] 1, 1, 2, 3.

18:48 - Oh! [Again] - Ball. - 1, 2. 1, 2.

18:55 - [He’s good at this!] - 1, 2. - j-hope, come here.

18:58 - [Grasshopper V?] - There you go. - j-hope, play with me. - I need to learn first.

19:02 - 1, 2. [Without missing a ball] - 3, 4. - Jimin, great job! - Jimin, get out. - It seems hard to switch the grip.

19:11 - - Jimin, come here. - You’ll be able to do it, try.

19:14 - - Jimin, come here. - Come closer to the table. - Yes.

19:16 - [Running fast] OK. [Jimin & Jung Kook are practicing on the next table] 1, 2.

19:20 - [hope is doing very well!] 3, 4, 5. - There you go! Feeling like that. - OK.

19:26 - You need to learn how it feels when you hit the ball.

19:28 - One, one. [Disappointed] Relax your arms.

19:31 - 1, 2. [Amazing concentration] 3, 4, 5.

19:36 - Six. There you go. Seven. Good job.

19:39 - [hope is getting the hang of it] 1, 2. There you go.

19:43 - [V’s turn] V, come here. You’ll have a rally with me.

19:48 - One. Neither above nor below the ball. At the same height with it.

19:52 - One. Too strong. [Tilting his head] [V’s ball keeps going up] - Too strong. - It’s not easy.

19:59 - It goes up easily, right? With the rally. - I’ll relax and try it. - Let’s start the rally.

20:02 - [Fixing his stance and practicing] One, one.

20:05 - There you go! Good. Good. - Don’t tilt it up. - Yes.

20:09 - [Without lifting the paddle up] Imagine you toss the ball like this.

20:13 - [There you go! 1, 2, 3] There you go! Great job.

20:17 - [One praise for one rally] There you go, good! [Compliments make V move] Good. Again.

20:22 - Good. Very good. [I have a question] I try to toss it forward but it goes upwards.

20:27 - When you think it’s going forward, it moves upwards.

20:30 - [Having a look again] [V lifts his racket up when hitting the ball] [Oh, right! Coach] It’s your habit. Lower your upper body.

20:38 - There you go! Good. Like this. There you go! [Great job] There you go! Good.

20:43 - Nice, great job. [Stable stance and vibe] There you go. Nice. Good.

20:49 - Oh! [Excited] - If you want to hit fast, go fast. - No, it’s okay.

20:53 - One. There you go. [Rally with the coach] - 1, 2, 3. - JK.

20:58 - [Way to go, Taehyung!] Good! Good! Let’s go! [Table tennis prodigy] - Let’s go! - Nice! [Stable play] You got the hang of it! Be careful not to send it out of the table.

21:12 - - There’s a reason why it goes that way. - I got it! There you go! Based on your learning speed, you’ll master it quickly.

21:19 - [V is continuing a fast rally] Two. Good. Three. Four.

21:21 - [Kim Taetae learned forehand grip perfectly] Good. That’s how you play.

21:24 - [Kook is practicing the backhand grip] Again.

21:26 - Don’t tilt your racket up. [As the coach said] - Like this? - Hold it lightly. - Don’t you have to switch from backhand and forehand? [Rally] - Switch! - One.

21:32 - Two. OK. [Playing very well] - Oh! He got that. One, two. Yes. - Don’t we need to pick balls up? One.

21:39 - [Disappointed] Again. - Control your power. Right. Coming forward. - Guys, backhand now.

21:42 - [Open mouth, result of concentration] - I want to try the backhand. - That’s amazing.

21:45 - - How? - What, JK? - JK! Stroke forward.

21:49 - JK! [Endless rally] JK! Our ace! [Coach got surprised, too] Let’s go! - Our ace. - Let’s go! [Great job, Jung Kook!] - Ace! - Let’s go! [Who said BTS is not good at ball games?] [Who said it’s funny to see them playing sports?] [Of course, we know… It’s funny because they’re not good at sports] [But… What do you think about today?] [We’ll show you, how much we’ve changed] [Ball is me] [We became one with the ball] [It’ll surprise you] Everyone, did you enjoy learning grips? - Yes! - Yes.

22:54 - Yes, coach! [Showing off his beautiful face] Today, coach Yoo Seung Min taught you how to play table tennis.

23:04 - How will you team up to play? I guess teams are well divided.

23:10 - [V & Kook] [Ace of each team] - Ace. - As you can see now.

23:11 - [I’m flattered] I’m not an ace. Just… [Coach agrees] Since you sit together, please show an example.

23:17 - [Big match between aces] - Okay, okay. - It’s not a match of aces.

23:20 - Aces will play from the beginning? Ok. [Endless rally] 2, good. Three. Right! Four.

23:24 - [Got endless praises from the coach] Good, good, good! [KIM brother’s ace, Kim Taehyung] - Let’s go! - Nice! [Right angle, right stance] JK! Our best player! [Going from strength to strength] - Let’s go! - Ace! [3 Js team ace Jeon Jungkook] - Ace! - Let’s go! - It’s very interesting. - Quite interesting.

23:41 - [Asking for practice] May I practice services? - It’s over. No more practice. - It’s over. Stop practicing.

23:45 - [Kook is not warmed up yet?] He becomes competitive again.

23:49 - Rules are… Come here. - Shake each other’s hands. - Shake hands.

23:55 - [1. Greeting] - Greeting. - Take a few balls.

23:57 - [2. Decide who will serve first] Let’s decide who will serve.

23:59 - Our rules are… [1 set, to score 11 points to win] It’s 1 set to score 11 points.

24:03 - - Due to the time limit. - 1 set. - So, we need to decide who’ll get the serve. - It’s only one game.

24:08 - [It’s usually decided by drawing lots] Let’s play rock paper scissors.

24:10 - [To decide who will serve] Rock paper scissors. Hang on.

24:12 - [What should I throw?] - Call your angel again. - Why look up? - Rock paper scissors.

24:14 - [Kook wins!] Rock paper scissors. - OK. Will you serve or receive? - You will serve.

24:19 - [Possible to choose one] Will you serve or receive? You can decide.

24:21 - - I guess I need to serve first. - OK, then.

24:23 - [Jung Kook will serve] - You’ll serve, and he’ll receive. - Serve may not be good.

24:25 - [1 minute practice before a game] Players are given 2 minutes for practice.

24:28 - - Let’s do it for 1 minute. - OK. - 1 minute.

24:30 - Originally, that’s the rule. Why am I so nervous for this? [Wow, but… ] It feels like I should win.

24:36 - [Why… ] At the end line, [Why can’t we hear the rally sound?] please throw the ball in the air.

24:41 - I guess… [Students?] - all games will be like this. - Wait.

24:45 - Look at how Taehyung did. [Are you doing as you learned?] You’ve learned it, right? Taehyung, you can’t serve like that.

24:49 - - This is a rally. - Oh, okay. - They’re practicing. - OK.

24:53 - - Their stances… - Racket needs to go forward.

24:55 - [Greeting the ball with his upper body] Not your body.

24:58 - [Jung Kook’s service] Receive the ball with your racket! [Taehyung receives] - Use your racket, there you go. - They…

25:04 - They learn so quickly. [End of the practice] - The rally ends. - Do as you did.

25:08 - - Let’s start the main game. - You can do it as you did.

25:12 - [Can’t wait to see aces’ match!] Way to go! - JK! - JK will serve.

25:15 - - JK & V. - V will receive. [I, Kim Taehyung… am so serious about table tennis] [You’re not the only one I’m serious too] [What’s the result of their fiery match?] - Play. - Go, V! - Serve.

25:31 - - Go, V! - Serve. [Hmm] - 1:0. - Serve… - What? [Merciless score board] Missed the ball.

25:36 - - Missed the ball on the serve. - Better to play it safe.

25:38 - [In the blink of an eye] 2:0. Hang on! Change serve.

25:42 - [Every 2 points] - The service changes. - Every 2 points.

25:43 - [The service changes] Everyone, calm down. [True leader] - Your scenes will be edited, if you’re calm. - No rush.

25:46 - We learned basic skills in a short time. [V’s fast service] Don’t try something weird.

25:51 - [Kook failed to receive] The tension… Don’t try something weird.

25:56 - [Taetae’s service] [Out] [V +1] Lightly. Lightly.

26:07 - V, you’re doing very well! [Jung Kook scores] [Kook receives the ball calmly] - What? - The service changes.

26:16 - [Interesting] It’s so exciting. - The game will end very quickly. - I guess the one who makes less mistakes will win.

26:26 - The one with less mistakes will win. [V’s ball hit the net] [Jung Kook scored] [Service rule? OK, I got it] Jung Kook, please keep the service rules.

26:31 - [Throw the ball at least 16cm in height] - You need to throw it up. - 16cm… Right.

26:33 - [V’s ball hit the net on service] Taehyung is good at serving. But he missed it.

26:36 - JK! [Neck-and-neck] [What?] [Fallen in JK’s part of the table] Rocket was launched! [Never seen such a table tennis game before] That’s more interesting! That ball reached the stratosphere.

26:51 - [Only players are serious] - Good. - Wait. - We can’t do a long time rally. - Almost a tie, V.

26:53 - [Nip and tuck] Score is… 5:4? I think Taehyung is a bit nervous.

26:56 - [Nervous Kim teddy bear] It became 5:4. Now, drive…

26:59 - [Mistake caused by being nervous] - You shouldn’t allow a mistake. - Almost there! If you make a mistake, you will lose.

27:06 - Coach, do other players have such short rallies? [Answering with a smile] - Why don’t you adjust your stances? - It’s not a rally at all.

27:11 - Adjust your stances before playing. [Light-speed movement of the ball and the score board] - Serve. - What? Throw the ball in the air to serve.

27:16 - Will you just play without that? [Wow] [Succeeded in attack with a precise smash] How can I receive…

27:24 - [Disappointed] I failed to receive it. Great job, V! Don’t be like Iron Man.

27:30 - [Kook missed the ball on the serve] - Be careful when you serve. - There’s no mistake. - Serve change.

27:35 - - It won’t do any favor for us. - Right, we’ll lose points.

27:38 - [Safe service] - I need to play it safe… - He’s so good at that.

27:40 - [Failed to attack] He’s good at service. [Kook received the ball with the precise forehand grip!] - If you’re good… - Again, neck and neck! Serve.

27:57 - [Kkookie sent the ball over the net] - You get points if you serve well. - Jung Kook, stay calm.

27:59 - [Disappointed] - Stay calm. - JK. [hope will cheer you up!] Jung Kook. Stay calm.

28:02 - - You need to catch up with 2 points. - Be calm.

28:04 - - It’s different from playing with our coach. - Taehyung, your service works. - Me? [Current score- Jung Kook 7:9 V] Is it 9:7 already? [Jung Kook scored 1 point] This is…

28:12 - [It’ll be a deuce] - It’ll be a deuce. - Deuce? [hope knows Deux’s dance!] Right. Please dance to Deux’s song if it is a deuce.

28:20 - [Kook’s ball went out] My finger was hit. [My brain knows it but my fingers don’t follow] - JK! 2 points to go. - It hit my fingers.

28:24 - [V will win if he scores 1 point] 10:8. [Match point] - Is it a match point? - Yes, it is.

28:29 - [V’s mistake on the serve] [Jung Kook scored 1] [Getting more interesting] He got too excited.

28:32 - [Jung Kook feels nervous for a series of mistakes] [V’s ambitious service aiming to end the game!] [Next episode] [Next week] Now, backhand…

28:45 - [Practicing what he learned] - Just as I learned. - Great job. - He’s good at this.

28:47 - Just as I learned! [6 members fell in love with table tennis] Good, good.

28:51 - [Their match is not over yet] [Other members following their suit] This will not be an easy one to receive.

28:58 - This is the spinning tornado… What? Wait. I need to collect the energy.

29:03 - [Jin’s unique way to play ping pong] [Looking at the opponent] - He’ll start suddenly. - That’s not a good manner.

29:08 - [You know me so well] What? Suddenly? No way! - Gravity service. - Gravity! [The skill that their coach needs to learn] I need to learn that gravity service.

29:15 - [The highlight of this episode] Why do I feel so nervous for this? [Match with coach Yoo Seung Min!] The gold medalist with his hands and feet tied.

29:41 - [RUN BTS EP. 138 BTS Table Tennis Class1] [This content is produced with sponsorship of FILA].