Kyōryū Tankentai Born Free Episode 02 The Carnivorous Dinosaur

Jul 8, 2021 19:56 · 1296 words · 7 minute read

The Comet Herbie, approached the Earth, and caused frightening earthquakes. Volcanoes dormant for centuries started erupting and violent tsunamis caused serious damage to coastal areas. Dinosaurs, who were believed to be extinct 70 million years ago, have reappeared on Earth. The Born Free is an organization designed to protect the dinosaurs. It was reported that a dinosaur appeared in the heart of the Amazon, and the Born Free mobilized using all its means.

Masao found a baby dinosaur. Running after him Masao was caught in the tentacles of a carnivorous plant. And now appears a huge brontosaurus. Help me, please! Gon, we need your help. It appears to be a brontosaurus.

02:05 - THE CARNIVOROUS DINOSAUR It believes we want to take away his son.

02:15 - BRONTOSAURUS Quick, Reika! Go! It’s coming! Help, it’s coming here! It’s going to Masao! Reika, head to the Born Free and prepare anesthetic rifle! All right! Jorge, help me! Please! Help, free me! Jorge, help! Gon, attract the attention of the dinosaur. Distract.

03:29 - All right! Help! Stay calm, Reika! I’ll try.

03:56 - I’ll try to distract him. Keep your gun ready! Ready! Oh no! Reika, fire it now! Is this a dream! Go quickly and help Reika! Gara, what are you waiting for? I’m afraid of the dinosaur.

04:48 - Courage, Gara, you must save her I’m so scared but I’ll get out! Quickly, come on! Hey, a bit ‘of grace…

05:16 - Help, save me! Masao is still in danger! Release me! Quickly, let’s free Masao! - Come on! - Come on! We’ll shoot together! Fire! Be careful. From now on never wander off alone.

06:01 - Alright. That plant might have killed you, you know? I’m sorry.

06:05 - Now we resume the operation. We need to track down the brontosaurus and her cub.

06:09 - They cannot be far away. the puppy went north.

06:12 - They must be in the lake. The brontosaurus must hide in the lake whenever it’s under attack by an enemy.

06:18 - Do you know everything about dinosaurs, eh? Gon, Gara, search the lake.

06:21 - Reika, Masao, you patrol the shore from the left.

06:35 - Launch the submarine. It’s in the water! Insert the probe! Got it! Inserted! Sometimes I’d rather not be part of this Born Free department.

07:17 - Indeed, it often happens to me too. I never thought that dinosaurs were so, but sadly it’s too late.

07:26 - Nothing in the west. Let’s move to the east. Okay, be careful.

07:38 - We are looking for footprints and the ground is wet and soft.

07:41 - So we could easily find the footprints and know where the dinosaurs are.

07:46 - Where did you learn all these things, Masao? My father made important studies about dinosaurs.

07:51 - He was a famous biologist and my mother was a scientist.

07:55 - They are both dead, however. Little Masao, what about a race with me? Of course! That’s a great idea. But I will fight! We’ll see… Ready? Go! I won! I let you win.

08:19 - What is it, Don? Come on! Here are the footprints! I was right.

08:30 - I’m in the footsteps of the brontosaurus that were looking for? It’s strange! There is a mark of a long claw.

08:34 - No! These are not the footprints the brontosaurus.

08:37 - Are you sure? Yes, I’ve seen the footprint of a brontosaurus.

08:42 - Hello? Reika here, we found the footprints of a dinosaur, but they are not what we’re looking for.

08:48 - It’s not the brontosaurus’s? Where are you? Six hundred meters south from you. Wait, I’m coming soon! Hey Gara. We did not find the slightest sign of dinosaurs.

08:56 - Reika and Masao found footprints. Alright.

09:16 - Reika, you hear me? We’re coming. The commander of Born Free. New data has been entered. The footprint is 14 cm deep. - Chako, archive this record. - Now.

09:58 - But what is an allosaurus! Ah, good news! It doesn’t seem to be harmless.

10:02 - The footprint belongs to an allosaurus. Judging by the size of the footprint, it is 18 meters long, and weighs about 10 tons. The Allosaurus is a fierce carnivorous dinosaur. “Carnivore” means meat eater! That’s right.

10:18 - It even eats people! What? Jorge, if there is a nearby Allosaurus it will certainly attack the brontosaurus. I understand, it’s up to us to save it.

10:33 - - Help! - An earthquake! The earth’s crust is rising again.

11:03 - Commander to airship Get back here! Born Free, respond! Hang in there, Gon! Put some effort into it, come on! Strength and beauty! Push! Come on, Gon! Come on! The gap is closing! No, they’ll be crushed! Hooray! Bravo, you did it! The lake is disappearing into the hole.

13:51 - This explains how plants of the Mesozoic era have appeared on Earth.

13:55 - I don’t understand this… ? What a place! Even a man with nine lives wouldn’t survive.

13:59 - What happened to the brontosaurus? Maybe it’s dead.

14:02 - They may still be alive. We must be sure, let’s go! Oh no? not again? Is there water down there.

14:21 - Water? Gon, stop the Born Free. All right! The movements of the earth’s crust have altered the course of the rivers.

14:42 - I hear running water. Yeah, me too! Hurry, let’s go! A pond has formed.

15:04 - The dinosaurs will come here to drink. Since the lake is drained, they will be in search of water.

15:10 - You know? All the animals go by instincts to get to water.

15:13 - So we’ll wait here. They’re coming! Here we go! Stay calm! They are ours! Allosaurus Help, carnivore! What should I do? If we fail the brontosaurus, will get killed.

16:40 - Now Jorge, hit the Allosaurus! Fire! Fire, Jorge! Come on! No, I can’t do it if there’s a risk of hitting the brontosaurus! You ready to hit the allosaurus. I’ll try to divide them! Be careful, Jorge! I’m going! Gara, are you ready? Yes, I’m ready.

18:15 - Why don’t you fire? Fire, I told you! Come on, hit him! Another reload, come on! Fire again! Don’t falter so easily.

18:59 - We must attempt to use the net! I agree.

19:04 - Gara, get away now. Launch the net at the dinosaur.

19:09 - All right! - Ready launch the peril net! - I’m moving! You got it, Gara! It’s still strong, in spite of the anesthetic.

20:24 - The effect of the anesthetic will work soon! It’s only a matter of seconds.

20:35 - Go to sleep! Finally! I still can’t understand why they protect the monster, while our task is to save the brontosaurus and her cub.

21:08 - We will find the two brontosaurus We will find them and we will save them, don’t worry.

21:55 - Jorge, where does it lead? The Island of Sarlon.

21:58 - It is the only place where the dinosaurs can survive in an environment similar for them to live.

22:04 - Have enough to eat? Certainly. The Allosaurus will be happy.

23:16 - IN THE NEXT EPISODE: “SAVE THE BRONTOSAURUS” The Born Free continues the chase the brontosaurus mom and her cub.

23:23 - Thus begins the rescue operation. Will the Seagull Marino be used and the airship transport.

23:28 - But the weather gets worse by the minute, while landslides are increasing across the earth.

23:33 - The Born Free will succeed in saving the mother and baby brontosaurus who are running for the search of water? Do not miss the next episode: “Save the brontosaurus. “.