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Good evening everyone good evening and welcome to another live inclusion Here we see you again with one easy of course interesting a topic especially for young people not only for young people for windows and that topic a little Unlike these previous ones, we have had enough of these frans and ugly ones topic and so on Let’s go back to love a little bit is that so yes we talk a little about it it is always interesting this very topic that how to is interesting and some words that topic especially on these ours The forest areas where you are still not only actually with us but especially maybe in our country, not counting some Middle East there, I don’t know I what Where is still seen on this topic as a kind of board stools of such a hand in which as it should not be talked about and it’s not something scary or this way and that way or so and many are like that watching now We’ll talk about this topic what is logical is in this case from a masculine point of view We will talk about the experiences of women and not so much the experience from the female mind about experience men because for the simple reason that they are with us it means how he observes and will be now a little rude ate but that’s why when they say about a guy the guy had a lot partner is so many women before you means guy is it so and some Macho Man some guy girl had a lot of partners before him so she is unjustified I say just let’s not be so much uncultured now with that kind of thinking I personally don’t agree at all that’s how we immediately define it and immediately say what my opinion is I don’t agree with cancer at all, I think, and that’s completely complete for me pointless and can’t even make you grow up looking at me but the fact is The fact is that even today it is viewed that way and it definitely is through history, but we have always been so mirrored throughout history and be careful not only is it not always and but it is not in all cultures in some cultures but rare cheap cultures is even the reverse situation of women is in some ways more sexually dominant than a man and she has The prima donna can choose partners and so on you have one of Tibetan tribes where women sabirov if you did not even know about this information for the fact that a woman can have multiple husbands so no not that as in Muslim certain Muslim countries is Arab husband and can have up to four wives no wife can have more husbands what is so fascinating in essence and who can substitute them for what he has the right to blame them if it is absolutely what it still sees that it is and so it will be Now and henceforth in the future we will always be a mod on means you can’t leave more than one in 30 seconds comments and any comment that has any message word what it old ugly stops automatically if it is and it can fall either what word do i mean and what shouldn’t break up type write moron And why is it a medical term but they automatically block it but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, let’s go back to this side, so if there are cultures where it was the other way around and where there is no discussion about it where it is free wars and of course that a woman in such a culture Can she has as many partners as you want and it even seems then she is a guy is that so and she has more husbands Is there another culture where it is in equally and so on but but realistically in most cultures and especially in European throughout history again not the whole of history is so that it is a muse dominant Why not the whole history because in our long ago and Serbian culture, the so-called culture class, is called its center Behold, Vincia has nothing to do with anyone boats in the old Serbian culture before from 7,000 to before 2000 years before the new era it was the woman who was the baby had primacy But she was more at stake and When matriarchy ruled brain in the sense of the rule of rule so that it is the main main but more shadowed a woman than this man was interesting therefore that these are our ancestors only happened over time hung up the transformation is so some other shift came in contact with us then did not return in Irish culture, the Vinca culture did not know war and everyone lived harmoniously more or less but when he came back when they came and so it is koloski that man and man Nada came to the fore because it is he was the one who wields some way that kills people if so then really started Come on now don’t talk monitors but just to know the antip it doesn’t even matter so in that case it’s Jasmine’s comment now stopped Miloš sees but I don’t see anything ugly about him but you see this is what YouTube does on which in that sense when we observe, let’s deal with the present time, but let’s do a little through history What men have done to man through history often forced to control female libido whether it is so to control female sexuality and it seems so today throughout history has been much more much so already now folded were man over woman answer European culture in the last 2000 years I don’t have to do everything else and much more controlled than the worst worst ways of control, which unfortunately is still performed today in certain to African nations and that is circumcision of girls so that is not so much civilizationally you are so idiotic that I am anyone to attack me like Pa well it’s their culture they have a right to do it’s theirs tradition No matter what tradition Jesus tradition good dad tradition no that is not good but is completely idiotic idiotic is not a man on is and above all very very dangerous because a huge percentage of girls very young girls before puberty mostly die because of it the process of how to call it means in 1 is a horrible disgusting thing if not you know what it’s about no i don’t want you to think this this to her I show graphically it will be ugly but do a little research to see what happens sets up is very ugly one horrible practice and i don’t want any girls in the world to go through something like that but that’s why it still happens today So men have so much need they certainly don’t need women that women participate there in their world their culture and it participates in it and they even justify it but I didn’t sure how much they truly justify it from the heart and how much it is conditioned culturally and life about so and arrange and I the same as that justification that women justify these burqas and free them and everything else they close like like a cemetery right religiously so strong and I’m not sure how much indeed the heart thinks it but simply For example, when you read, life is determined by a woman’s system culture then you even start to think that way but that’s not good It it’s not it’s it’s the opposite of liberating a human being all that but come on we do not enter the spa large of that complexion It is awful the practice of circumcision German movement of today through the tunnel accessibility in another this direction Where is the poisonous extreme that is Saturday has nothing to do now it would not be a topic but the essence is that the Government has a certain Stigma towards towards women towards girls who quite naturally express their sexual wanted so and is the fact that they always are throughout history, innocent women have been valued, and today little is being done little by little and somewhere they change but but realistically you don’t always because Come on come on like this to help everyone in their eyes and to say as a man if that’s how he is he says Ma no I like to be with a woman who has an experience like I will now I will harass the innocent, so let me learn something, and yes we have sex then I better have it with someone who has experience is that so yes great except when the day comes to think about a woman PIO so and when I think of a woman and then she thinks Now I would find you some young and innocent so to marry her yes there are 850 others who were not innocent maybe you are watched innocent you record I had fun kidding and enjoyed but all when I need to get married then I’ll find someone innocent, so he can’t master I think he can’t That’s exactly how you can’t have double standards like you’re fine while you play, but when you have to get married, she must be innocent so yes they were those innocent at the price and today they are and today they are you innocent and therefore young and so mostly although I don’t know what he is saying Bora Djordjevic has no innocents over 14 in her song, two or more that it is so is not always so that it is absolutely not so there is and how this no you are not men and women and women and deep at 20:00 and can 30 e even some people who are 50 years old have never had as a partner but it happens but it’s not that much Usually that’s how they were at the price of you girls to marry to be innocent so of course the younger Better is it so why wouldn’t it be 1918 15 14 9 and so Is what there is in today’s world I mean that in that custom giving girls of seven eight nine years 10 11 12 still exists today and today it exists in several countries in the world and that its husband and you are the husband of Tanja men is just a husband and not so much is the term husband implies something completely different but that man who married there a girl and he is 50 years old is that right but he bought her next door village from someone and she is nine 10 11 12 years old he is entitled to to their to whom this people’s general right has the right to consume that marriage is so Imagine Vito so that’s the thing that’s happening today on which is not something from the past, so that’s how it happened history no no no it’s a practice and today died again ugly practice is so but you’re doing well today, now let’s be there a little realistic So to move a little to the other side, namely indisputable is that there is something that is said something important something great Vračevi significant in that when someone gives you their innocence so it is not controversial if you take care of her Of course I’ve had the opportunity in my life to me give innocence a few times I don’t like to talk about that personal things but it’s a topic and I have to help mention the great experiences Yes that really don’t talk more things a little good to definitely be that either because of what there is something that means there is something wrong with that in the sense that there are such men who like to continue to rule I’m going to dominate a woman and a girl is it like that, so they love it or not girls or something like that is her south side but okay if someone Audrey innocence that someone has 18 19 20 five years doesn’t matter And well that someone kept for you and why there is that something so in that fact that someone was guarding for you and that’s it in a way a great honor and a great recognition when someone gives you that something he can never give anything to anyone in his life again sense It just means how much she appreciates you and how much I consider you It is important to me that it is more important to the good or I don’t even know what when it is already did well to understand I can work there to cheat so people men is so very easy I do not know from manipulating girls the girls don’t care, so in quotes from 12:00 you’re crazy of course but in the sense that she will give it to you on her own, but not with her his side and it is not out of respect and women out of love for him girls than him and the desire for sex and then she is it stated that I beat and after maybe we repent women it doesn’t matter so there’s something I’m not saying that I don’t have newspapers is that somehow a great Turk, although now maybe I see it more like that old-fashioned and too romantic Well, that’s still a size for me Is it so when someone gives me their innocence and maybe I’m asking for it today young I don’t know Here I am now asking here is now the young is the garden on dozens of it I’ve already seen how many of you there really are and that’s a super lot you and that statement what to ask all young come on all those who are teenagers don’t you seniors answer only teenagers yes answer this question whether it means to you today in your team today generations Is it you today whether you are a man or female regardless of whether you give innocence or receive innocence from someone else, and whether it is an important thing for you today, whether it is important to you in the sense that it is an expression of respect and love and all other positives emotion Have I ever repeated this I would also feel younger when I was with innocent girls Alas, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be with innocent girls today be literally older this so Do you find it today and so significant as there is no sure it was significant once before or or it is to you it’s insignificant to you, it’s completely irrelevant to you and it’s like what does it matter I am going to give innocence to the first one who comes, call innocence, so I take it off pays Well can I further whether so to answer this question is significant not significant here you see how interesting Nemanja says it is not significant a again Harris Says is significant to a man both so of course that there will be different opinions and Odem is a man again He says he is on what I’m glad that men say yes and Milos says it’s important there are 16 years old video I like this and I just went it out somehow a while ago I was afraid to be the most honest male responder from this guy i would think they would say who cares if this is so this one but I’m glad that Aleksandar here and he says Veljko all men fits in very interesting and bole x and i don’t know i have over 100 so going out is male very interesting give me then we hear girls Come on, you say, and OK, you’re a kamika, he says it’s not important issue Vinko says no to men but to girls Yes but you see how much he is male answered that it is important to them does not significantly say the effect of butterflies in ok so even though most answered yes it means of course it will be those who say it is not true me now in terms of physical life mental health irrelevant Listen to me is a significantly higher number in all that I do passed in life and we each that it was one moment and goodbye Hi We move on provided that that moment was normal that he was with a mutual desire that there was no coercion that it was that there was not some bad physical experience someone stabbed or I don’t even know what it is so what can all say to happen but essentially not physically mentally no significant thing if all is well if it is in any negative way to be able to leave and even permanent consequences of emotional mental lasting consequences if it happened on a way we won’t even mention now if that’s the case if it happened how it should be essentially in such a way is not significant but in a sense emotional life with that other person and connection with that other the person is important and the majority and the majority He says is significant so yes i like it especially the good of most men spoke to me especially men who say it’s significant though it’s money and I said it’s not Well, now, men, let’s understand a few things a few things are these guys or men to them or whatever it is no matter how old you are in the desert you have to realize you shouldn’t and shouldn’t it would be good you don’t have to figure out some things on the name we didn’t Masters of no one’s sexuality Imagine only men but human beings who are not masters anyone’s sexuality you can’t be what you will Maybe I am and surprise and maybe some amaze even you parents are not Masters of your children’s sexuality not even That means not even us parents You are not the mistress in reality of your children this of course does not mean that they do not You need to keep it under control until a certain year is under control under quotation marks in that said under control honey and hold in cage him than to just Be on them whether David counts what is happens to teach them to explain to them things related to people and so on in that sense under control not what you can’t forbid you go out by chance you can’t meet any guys like when move out of this house then meet guys until then you can’t do anything she it’s been 25 years You understand you can’t do it It’s Saturday on which we we are not Masters of anyone sexually we have no right to control so I’m talking about fathers and mothers and husbands and wives but especially about the male side since the male side is prone to it to want to control female sexuality we have no right to we control that woman sexually 100% know worry you keep it up of course like this video follow my youtube channel if you already you haven’t done it, you’ll have something smart to hear and see, and you have 900 through those videos you really have something smart to learn to share on social media of course and even though you like my work donate the performance need those super four you have this dollar sign I guess he so shows below the company and you can come to work live like should namely when we look now you are let’s say like a man fucks We are both talking from a male point of view, and Zeljko may be the same apply or or under quotation marks the harder variant is whether so when it was when the girl had more partners E now and you boy or man so take it that you came in situation to wonder you are still not a girl but you wonder if you would you should be with her knowing she had an xy partner before you how old is 333 what you don’t have incomplete no matter whether you should be with her so you know what master take or leave take or leave but don’t buy you have no right to criticize her you have the right to express your opinion, for example, if someone is like that a prostitute in the sense of doing that job So you have your own opinion about that’s fine so you even have my opinion about promiscuity as such, that’s fine too, but you don’t have the right to tell him about her choices for her life and how many partners she had before you masters take it or leave it you like it you don’t like it you don’t like it you leave it look no further There is someone who will like her and what do you care if she is I’ll tell you right away You have nothing to cunt and you are ashamed of how many of them you had, but come Give it to me, don’t watch out, rich man, you would like to get a little, but it will you criticize and push it on her head, it costs a lot of money, yes you have no right to do that but come on what should we do people yes we would just turn this world around on this topic Maybe it is the rest on the table you know maybe someone paused we’ll do some banal video we’ll talk a little bit about falling in love with you mom, is it like that, that’s it na for the kid and what i know no no even close that’s not the point of this video this video is very important in terms of sociological social approaches another phenomenon and of course the psychological one in terms of the individual how he looks at all these things and all in all looking at the issue transformation of consciousness chest look at looking at these things and i think you should already Finally to transform the world and repeat the valves means to let people go to live as if you weren’t already with you, you made me wrong The bread What is it necessary to do to begin with we all need to know a little more about human beings that literally human beings do not speak in one in one person one a woman or a man and a woman than Turkish beings as a species animal as a whole as homosapiens drunk means human beings what This means that human beings have their needs and have their own needs their desires their aspirations their natural structured Where is nature a you can say god whatever you say she organized that there is something called sexual urge or sexual desire or sexual need Call whenever you want nature or God are there machine or just like men and that sexual urge that I don’t want women to have that sexual message and who I am and I or you or anyone to a woman says no you must not have a sexual urge and that is why I will mutilate you by circumcision when you are nine or 10 years old that girl no matter what you may die And my daughter is so cheap you may express what sexual Pori when nature would not make sense and when God would not want a woman to have sexual urge naturally nose god woman would not give if one organ who is called Uncle Gorio directly and openly to you young men who do not know so much about it and for your graduation loved men who didn’t aware of whether this is the purpose of what that organ is, do you know what it is used for that organ that organ in a woman only and exclusively in one thing providing physical pleasure which is of course reflected in the mental pleasure she emotionally that it doesn’t matter solely that thing no there is no other because I have a different role of organs in the female organism Do you know what you do not know here known therefore to worry that she did not want or that God did not want that woman has a sexual urge to have sexual na you last longer to have sexual the need to enjoy sex would not give her that organ briefly and clearly if it is already anthropologically natural in that sense, however physical it may be when we look at things there is no doubt that we have no right to I criticize a woman who expresses her natural urge or nature human being does What we have no right to do Where it is from it is necessary to get to know good human beings.

It is necessary to learn what it is sexuality Again, you think that this topic is like a love topic no no no we deal with a very very important very important topic from writes in learn What is sexuality as it is expressed What he wrote the nose of a man standing sexual woman what she means in nature what us means in the nature of the relationship between the two sexes Let’s be Polish worse doesn’t like music rector can delete that wave I don’t care let Everyone doing what only Samantha wants animals and other things so we get to know how sexuality manifests How it is expressed where it comes from What it produces and so on and so forth So on and give the name we realize that sexually rustling is a sexual woman almost identical is not entirely identical of course so in the end the ends are not completely going Siniša sexuality we two men Not two women think what as many men as so many ranches need for tomorrow massaging these manifestations is not even important But essentially in the human sense Being is almost identical to the sexuality of a man and a woman has one Extra Pori Very often Of course not all of this most that birth and so on further and male fertilization that is now We come to these things is not it so important for this conversation so learn what is sexuality from by men More women need to be understood more more understand women not what I know she that one trick like you have a lot those pictures as a guide to understanding a man type something like that such a thin non-existent instruction for understanding women for men is some volume of books huge that you can’t pay women in any way that same thing as messages men english writes I don’t know it’s not true without announcements fora but in any case therefore there is a need for men masculine to understand women more than to observe them from that traditional one in quotes male chauvinistic this sleeping Nevena woman is an object for my pleasure and she must not have her own pleasure it is so superficial so ugly but good so definitely That’s it it is necessary to accept the fact that women also have their needs and desires it’s not just emotional in nature because very often men are mistaken that a woman has only an emotional need just a need to love and be loved that I do not know to give birth that it has nonsense purely completely naive nonsense Of course women girls have their sexual pure physical purely physical sexual needs and desires and accept it as soon as you understand it it will be your talking men it will be your simple OK Well of course I wish you my sexual needs and what now what should I be silly and naive So where do I think she was born just to give me pleasure I think It’s crazy is stupid of course thus learn to appreciate women to which you men all male young guys especially learn to appreciate you a woman a girl to appreciate and her need her desire her occasionally don’t worry everything like this maybe all this looks to you On one side but I will say later that this is not what one might now think of in the end Let’s see just not at the end of this pain story but how to say segment when you have already found yourself in that situation is therefore not that the question of whether you will be with such a woman with such How ugly sounds like it’s something of a bad woman isn’t it with a woman who had more partner this or not so as you choose me no bigger is paste in meanwhile found out you may not have known but that’s how you started filming relationship and in the meantime it’s you she told you or whatever it isn’t important and now you are wondering what to do with the one you found in u wonder and all tormenting in my head Alas I had banged two girls before her or maybe he didn’t have any man he kept for marriage OK there are those a man was kept for marriage I also have one before her and she was 30 so that’s terrible Is that so she she is 30 to 18 years old is that right and he has heard of marriage and U 35 is her There is a lot of it they now find out as if he has learned some terrible news o o that woman and that’s how men often experience Let’s see how to overcome it in your head because it is a problem in the swamp but look only in your head is essentially not a problem It’s just a problem of yours heads first you need and you can do namely knit guys watch men Mom be thankful that she is in your life now and not in the life of these of their exes be thankful that now the good has chosen you she has chosen you and they have rejected Does that tell you anything about you no that doesn’t automatically mean she’s so promiscuous that she will you to throw you that moment no it very likely means she’s in too looking for the right man and right now you look like the right one to her man do you say something to yourself so be content be thankful yes is she now with you to understand you some things in the name of usually criticism according to a girl with multiple ex-partners comes from the insecurity of the man this is the most common case honey so much from moral motives perhaps religious what I know as much from uncertainty only men especially if that man is young or relative again inexperienced so can be older come on inexperienced and had no partner partners and before a lot or at all and so on and even unsure what it is you are insecure you are not sure if she will compare you with your ex and if so you are the one to you first but you are to her 21 is it so now and will she to give birth to you with your ex and to her how will I be to have her What will I be in bed whether I will be good or whether I will be able to fall out smota because she had 20 of them who knows how they would be guys it has to are killed and that on the actors from porn movies whether that is so and now I do not know how there are tools and effort I think because people are conceited in themselves head but so whether I will turn out to be a man or he will turn out coiled child or I don’t even know what so men are afraid of it It’s pointless it has no reason The first thing sex is not like riding a bike is said to be like riding bike Once you learn you know how to ride a bike live and work when riding a bike Once you learn, that life means riding a bike Bicycle sex is not like that doesn’t mean that sex is a must over and over again you learn not but the exact opposite sex You don’t even have to learn sex comes it comes naturally to know just to make it natural yes so it is not something you need to learn that of course of course you can be better can be bad and you can be more careful you have more dry watt mexico Feelings Feelings Feel your garden your partner so see what she likes what she doesn’t like So she asks what she could do like this and that to learn Of course you can of course as in dance and in any technique you can be better is not disputable but to me it is that you are it takes to learn to ride a bike I think let’s be realistic so you don’t have to worry on that side at all and one thing you need to know That is, if you had fewer partner partners than you do it does not mean that you are bad and in bed automatically as I had and I had one and she she was 20, it means right away that I’m bad and she doesn’t know the opposite at all in bed It doesn’t mean that if she was 20, that she’s better doesn’t mean your name at all if that is the premise, forget that prejudice forget that in practice it simply doesn’t have to be like that at all what he has Slobo Jovic as much Slobo says room What are we going to do with emotional psychologist the other consequence we all carry from previous relationships is the question of which would definitely come on let me answer the person right now something in stock we have in the name Of course each of us carries it with us And in that sense those over the connection have meaning when we talk about the whole story no means How much paper is there besides having some physical How much So what you do We are not emotional Of course there is as they say Americans carry a carry bag to see if this is the case with this previous relationship the emotions of everything remained and in that case I hear just the mutual relations just speaks so further which is required of course so that it will have significance Is it only in that sense in terms of mental emotional and the like but not in we are physically the same and will have towards her and you should help her and not that she should help you because she was more of a partner So to you as a man Slobo so it hurts you a lot as a man it doesn’t it should be a burden but to her is running because of maybe the bad ones experiences see what I know so you need to help her then you need to I talk to her and so on, so it certainly matters there may be consequences and so on but only with her and someone with you that is, conversely if the defense case does not matter so it is in the sense of yes but not in the sense of when I should be lamenting Martin how many partners did she have, I think when Milica Milica cares a lot Prvulović this one as this is called It’s not my logo God this smiley As I haven’t seen this interesting thing in the evening yet, so is this one Insecurity There is another type of insecurity is it is the fear of that read and you will soon become an ex because that thinking you know how people think and are not very realistic I think Sometimes it is realistic in but mostly not in the sense if she was 20 and 21 so very soon I will send more because it will take 22 no it’s not at all not so it’s not at all not means that it will be so that if someone had 20 Nis But maybe he’s looking for the right one he may have no problem looking for the right one not waiting for him Find the right one by waiting for him just as waiting for love as love will you won’t come, you won’t have to look for love, if she asks for it, you won’t welcome you can look for the right one or the right one it doesn’t matter that fear that you will send your ex just because she had one a few exes so you too will walk that category is irrational unreal or real in relation to how you are behave How are you environment to her is it we will come after that we definitely don’t have the right what you don’t have right anyway because I don’t i make her replace those former experiences without replacing aunt in a sense like that she somehow fell asleep cheated beware she didn’t even know you So people have that feeling indisputably have here you are free to confirm run away when your sister knew your ex or your ex had a lot partner before you did you feel like she was cheating on you some way I think an almost identical feeling as if she cheated on you the moment he sees her, the moment he sees her, so I had that feeling I overcame it a long time ago thank god but i had tajo but u at that point watch out be when I had it when I experienced the display years at that moment I thought God you are stupid I mean Boris and you are totally stupid How can you have that feeling so it doesn’t bother you because she translated you because she has to confuse it has to do with you man, she neither knew you nor had anything to do with you son And where did you get the idea that you feel like I’m cheating on you and yes but i solved it myself with my head to the moment and i have that the feeling that it is so if it blew through me it my uncle was born through me but I’m right now you’re just like that as a sales fool you think what you do it takes to make that stupid thinking but that it happens often May Day She cheated on me because she had no me before me I know on Saturday that there is no person, there is no reason for them to be you as you have there and thank you hope to look a few times this fine says like so like this video is good one honestly warning for men Well behind women equally but championship it again I note this I say and from a male point of view Don’t happen to me think in a way that you should forgive her for something to her that you as a man need it to a girl woman to forgive Watch out please forgive what she had I don’t know how many former masters you have nothing to forgive her because she did nothing wrong or how wrong she was of you if she understands it it has nothing to do with you she didn’t even know you before that or maybe he knew you went together to a class that cares Ali she had 10 year old guys while here you are again after schools and colleges so now it’s about you and now you think like well well I forgive you here you know what a girl my wife my I forgive her to you that you had something Marsh there roughly I would marry like that advised you to react like that.

Please, what are you forgiving me? normal You have nothing to forgive her, she didn’t do anything wrong shave the awl from you forget it fuck you now on the matter how to you don’t hurt yourself or her, but once you know if that’s the case about the fact that she had more exes three times more than you don’t care about them, but even they don’t matter to men who had a hundred girls that she had 20 about him so shame and either he had a hundred it doesn’t matter he’s a guy is that how we are said one fact definitely don’t keep asking her for don’t just bring the details of former relationships to the surface and especially not with that tone of blaming someone like that so are you had and how much you had no and things like that don’t do it all the time potency we need you to constantly talk about it beware angry it’s okay Once you do that conversation, finish it, so it’s not disputable when you are already learn that it’s okay to have a conversation on that topic do that do the conversation once and finish it for all time neither you nor she need it ok it’s not disputable sometimes you can ask for something and just ask bans or out of curiosity or a desire to get to know you better heard on Saturday he can park that woman in your partner and get to know you better to ask you what those relationships were like, but not the desire to judge her about either being her or her being gone no no no but simple or from some messages of the child’s curiosity or below you to get to know how she behaves what it was that were such relationships Why are Why has broken off some relationship in the sense that you learn something from that story in the sense to learn What these men report did bad badly so it is she left them and so on and so in the sense that it is not disputable so everything is ok but don’t ask that to ask if you are me doomed to be either or or the worst thing is to justify your deception into nature because you her you cheat with others so to justify yourself mentally then you ask her haha how were you with 20 exes and she doesn’t have you now because she was 101 with your ex Well, you perceive it as a fraud, so now he justifies sitting down what are you throwing around so even the worst variant And even if you don’t send it doesn’t even matter just be careful I mean you just don’t need you a picture in your head if you are not already able to if you are not mature enough no matter how old and 50 you are but if you are not mature enough person that you can simply overcome it so it means nothing you don’t need those pictures in your head that when she tells you to imagine she is unnecessary with other men and on the other hand she is not it is necessary to remember people with whom it was not good to sew so because those connections were all sorts if they were good they wouldn’t have finished they wouldn’t have finished and now you’re done with it she insists on them with persistent questions, you actually tell her about those ugly ones things so what do you expect her to feel at that moment Well she won’t feel good and will not be grateful to you for telling her about it if it’s not do it just don’t drive it growing all the time negative negative this memories of her Anita Grabovac Grabovac interesting last name there from my hometown you lose Who has a lot a lot bebo WhatsApp love my first Neighbors were then were sitting there this many good people and animals if by any chance this one follows this Mate hunchback you know alive he was great hello his parents deceased are wonderful people that doesn’t matter and you you have no obligation for the Grabovac family this in any case so in it’s okay to love that conversation is okay even from that sense of dating maybe even allowed so but not okay to get someone material on nose it is wrong at the end of the answer you do in that one or let’s not be unlimited, it doesn’t have to be literally one it can be called again in five years Yao But not right now you can be in that conversation you ask well to tell her what is really bothering you Come on let me be the sea but let the men be a little less Macho u meaning no no no I must not show emotions I am male and so on show her nonsense, dear brother, tell her what’s really bothering you, tell her you know what My girlfriend loves my wife my however I kept thinking about when you told me that you had 20 of them and I had two and it constantly stings me and fucks me somehow inside and creates Miloš’s thoughts so then you tell her what kind of bad thoughts and so on and then it’s simple you ask what she thinks about it and be sure she will in the absolute greatest number of cases she to answer you wonderful things such things that will to encourage the body and to make it clear to you that you are now its love her desire her everything and you shouldn’t be afraid she won’t you leave they are exes because they are exes because they were not valid and you are now right next to her and you are her most important and that conversation will be liberating for both you and her you have negative emotions that you certainly have as a man who is afraid of it the price that his had many exes or criticizes it or so What man to do that Woe means there is and that is disputable and leaves out those negative emotions but you definitely need to know one the thing in most cases is not always but in most cases over time it will send you less important simply in are life with that woman you will understand that you have no reason to fear the dogs of god She is with you already six months or six years or 30 years you are married running I think it really doesn’t matter if she had 20 30 or 130 before you there is really nothing to you, that number is completely irrelevant, therefore Time will do its that you just have more confidence in one other if I’m talking to really young guys even if you think in such an interesting shallow way and physically yes You know one thing by name Don’t worry about using it not being spent on triangular very well what I mean is not worth using is not spent so everything is ok if it’s relaxed on that side e i said that a while ago in the course of the story that to someone maybe this here was an adopted justification promiscuous woman and what is not it come on someone can take it as yes I justify that I should also say that there is as much sex as possible, Grandpa no, it’s not all that I said before, it means all this Like I said it’s not a call to promiscuity at all it’s not a call to promiscuity for you very young I don’t know teenagers what I know who really don’t master these expressions promiscuous means that you are slowly looking for a lot sexual partners and that only sex is important to you and that you only whip eye and and this you pull rare is that so it roughly means to me in promiscuity and not all that I said is not a call to have as much as possible sex not all of what i said is just in the sense hey it’s okay it’s okay it’s nothing bad didn’t happen did she mean I’m talking a and they repeat for the third time what scares them the most is that she had more partner and the fact that he had a partner so it doesn’t matter he lasted is not that nothing important nothing terrible with What if she or he did it sink anyway from from certain urges not to the choice of simple natural physical sexuality than from some other motives Is that motive money or motive something second or it is conditioned growing up and life events preceding perhaps some abuse in parenting don’t give god or some other people so some have happened psychological changes and so on here we come today it is not a question of whether So it’s a completely different problem and it sells those completely So the video and everything else, so I’m not talking about ignoring it now than all this is normal is it so normal for a woman to have sex the urge It came out she did what she did physically is it right ok what now if it doesn’t matter what it matters what it is the most important thing in the whole story of people is exactly when he says what he has connections that are the most important, so it is important that this is the connection with that the connection that the two of you make so that’s what matters most the most important is not anyone’s numbers yours or not not so the most important thing is the current relationship that you two have had she could have a history Whatever You could have a history whatever it is it doesn’t matter except as part of what matters to me just set in terms of these cytological chemo you me consequences if it is someone had and carries with them due to possibly bad connections through them like that further but that is another topic is it so But in this sense of your relationship it does not matter the most important thing is your relationship, your connection, that is, your love understanding your attention and most of all and always consider it most important in every relationship is your mutual respect that in every relationship and Marriage respect I put first and not love maybe you weird it seems I may not know if I have seen someone explain I did not I forgot I thought I was talking about it I don’t know if he sent the video so that I would not know to name but to respect the most important because love comes love passes love has some amplitude disappears so does reappear, so usually when they are in their early youth, they love each other a lot, so they are in marriage, so how much love falls out after the third fifth year, so be it it doesn’t matter if it happens in the next 30 years, but again ignite flares when they are in older ladies in older years How does it seem as if these People are more childish again, is this the case and then that love grows again so that but all that didn’t matter love does not awaken from love in 40 years 50 years of marriage marriage survives when there is respect for the marriage relationship whatever if the respect was the most important thing is who it is, the most important thing among you is not whether she had it this much and those no one Miloš I guess he regulates what is this who are left for review a lot be I don’t see it you don’t see until Milos no no no good you some comment is a lot of comments stopped from some here now let’s say crash in comment is waiting for approval A probably because of the word drug glasses as something hunting and other and so on it still doesn’t matter Probably because of that word she stopped with I don’t know whether you have just approved it is not I have no idea but it is gone and this one in anyway What matters is what matters What comes she she didn’t have with all those exes now she has every thing with you if not she would be with you now if you were the same as everyone else she wouldn’t be with you would have something to do with you then I thought nothing different the inheritance you give her now you give her something she didn’t before turned off some attention love I have no idea what is not an important experience Some adventure is something irrelevant and realize that you are special in that respect as well No I’m not talking about you being someone she took for one night one night she’s nothing special then just one bre is it so you are you already have something to do with her boss you five years 10:00 11:00 that you are you are special because she is in a relationship with you and now you haven’t told me that in one night and for the end of this basic story now it is yet to be said to make it all work and that’s why I really wouldn’t have any reason to worry in any way that you don’t think about it she leave everything I said earlier that I will hurt you blah blah What it takes You need to be a real man you will be a real man and then you have no worries whether she will stay with you related to you How to be a real man Here’s a link to that dog you mater video called 28 and on a real man that which flew that video and The same will essentially be clear to you what is roughly what should make that have another video this What women want in a relationship so be calling the video It seems to be just literally called this you roughly so it doesn’t matter Well, that would be it for this basic story entertain you questions and answers but we have time and you certainly again I repeat like this video of course follow my YouTube channel if you haven’t already done share the video on social networks and somewhere anyone who needs this needs it to many and of course join our colleagues who have already used this one superchat and Thanks again to all of you who are so thank you all to you who are not Follow me of course and that is essential Isović on you which they want or in the evening it happens when they ask me it doesn’t work Why it doesn’t work I can’t pay to make it happen from I don’t know which ones reasons maybe some countries may not allow it What happens if you know what to give me to answer that question but if already want to donate have another way contact me personally and directly and then we will agree on how and what to do before he calls ours issues let me ask you a question and I will not go back to the questions you have above I will not swear this one, so we will repeat it a few more times Probably to know that it is entering the practice means there is no this paying for tuition but let me ask you if this is all I said it makes sense to have drinking water Is it okay or not you agree with that E and now you’re fine and if you don’t agree but I would then asked to write why you disagree and to make some arguments that’s how many of those few lines we can already say, says Nemanja Mijailović see the same conquer and be conquered Well of course it is not the same no implies neither Miss that procedure is so I say again the picture is not the same feeling nor is it the same feeling after that is it true that the fact is both in case you have a new partner or a partner but it does not make sense whether it is partner her partner are you I gave a male female irrelevant won or you won differently a little bit felt the results are you because of it it should be the same you should equally dedicate yourself to your bacteria partner whether she won you or melon makes no difference so I also dedicate myself to the same attention and respect for love only what we were talking about Marko Jurić and what when we have a completely different case of a girl from 18 a year that never had a boyfriend or a combination and a first kiss let alone first sex What is mostly thought of them interesting topic in the tavern nowadays I can’t say unfortunately what it is I don’t care, but in relation to the former Where I appreciate it, it was like that the price, however, in the once at 18 was stopped already for marriage if so yes 814 but but it has been heard with whom the level of that innocence price is hot today It’s not always you everywhere Very often it’s as boring as I am and not can i come now now she is 18 years old she is not there yet when i am here should have worked Ivica he left let the nonsense to all that the moment we get to the moment of marriage the lowering of marriage and then that same man who said now she will to me when he just went to kidding is that so when she needs to get married she says this now I will I find someone innocent I told you a while ago this Marko maybe you weren’t in video let’s see if it’s okay to be the girl you’re hanging out with or you flirt that he does the same with your friends of course it’s okay because understand one thing you’re flirting with her she’s not your girlfriend she’s it’s not your wife of course it’s okay for her to flirt with yours friends she needs to find a boyfriend so why not flirt with to your comrades So what would she see at all maybe not even primitives flirting with her may not care at all what she flirts with yours comrades Why not of course that’s okay and another fact that I’ll tell you that a lot before, but maybe Alan just like that somehow in a beat in the head it’s okay to flirt oak in a relationship and when you’re in marriage does not automatically mean that you want to jump into someone else’s bed bread does not automatically mean when your wife or husband flirts with to others and they do it even in front of you about it and it is an interesting charm hear it by melting me hiding it does not mean that he as a husband and she as a woman but that wants you to jump into that other person’s bed not him and that interesting game interesting and not Flirt look miracles and not strange at all only if you know better the nature of man what I said Flirt it is not always an expression of sexuality and irony by the sexuality of Tony’s Flirtation It’s a flirtation moreover, it is primarily an expression of attention towards that person and giving as such I say significant to that person attaching importance to that person and to cheer up and that person than an invitation to sex in translation to repeat what I said earlier I cry with all women and with young women and with older women and with grandmothers and girls, don’t think that you are a pedophile right away eugenol as they say at once profile no no no no Because that Flirting is not of a sexual nature to have when we do these desires we are not regarding Alas yes of course but not everyone before sexual nature and when you do it when you do it you just make that person feel good as well nothing more that grandmother to feel good she she feels lively to what like I don’t know what to pay for how my day was so creatively retired bills and everything else and some guy comes for her is he so young pri in the end he shows that she is still alive to ask her and that girl then she wants me to be what I am as something important, and I don’t know what I don’t Miona poisoning half a year and Alija so we have to get to know that we get to know the difference between flirting in order to sexually accomplish something desires iverta what bread essentially actually Is every Flirt is so slowly each flat is primarily a desire i need it to be and so and so it all managed to know purely if you don’t know how to knit to have peace of mind to show that person that he is it is also important to cheer her up and in a way I drive into the details and it is not every summer Nena in every flirtation adds that sexuality sexuality desires sometimes have once and no it is an essential thing For everyone Vlada Dronjak Until when would it be best for every man to have a relationship how do you think Until when while he’s alive but you don’t think in terms of when to start.

Until when was the turn the longer you go the more you wait for more is a completely individual matter and no one can answer you Lazarus to that Ask him for I don’t know how much you are years old, I used to write before, but I don’t remember anyone alive can’t say like he’s 16 years old yet son sees shame you either or you have 20 you can’t do it to me yet 27 you’re still innocent or you have as much as you still are innocent as and how did you go what no crazy stupid blah blah blah blah blah that’s nonsense no one can tell you that because people are very often alone and not that I don’t have can’t I don’t know they don’t have a chance opportunity but themselves keep and certain motives and reasons say no I will not before bathing in marriage and not marry until 27 or Whatever year is so so still innocent so what, nothing, dear brother, it means nothing.

It doesn’t mean anything in a socio-sociological sense it should mean nothing to you No matter what whatever it is like your friends say see it rolled up in terms of physiological anthropologically natural it is regulated by roller skates Constantly when a sexual urge occurs puberty montada is a person physically ready for sex I do not know what is mentally emotionally ready for that or perhaps still immature in a time that is maturing a lot later and many not with the last ever but in some past and past times while we were collectors hunters as a human species until we had all social categories of norms and other moral ones and I don’t know what kind the category let go does not say that it must have been his stupidity emblem it was clearly seen here the first sexual intercourse I learn I learn girl has menstruation first and as soon as a man can get the job done and that was it that and then they gave birth then and but they were dying now like that at the age of 30 that was an old man is that so I am that natural side of sexuality as soon as can and for these others socially socially don’t let her marry you you really care how much you have years I have no idea 17 16 18 you’re still innocent you don’t care 25 not yet not you don’t care what that means anything Marina Pesic should ask the future partner if the number bothers him men With whom the person slept or that stupid and unnecessary Marina it’s not stupid it’s not unnecessary but it’s dangerous You can never do that because most often you will come across not understanding found her social every societies it is not excluded heals the most Only today you will most often come across a misunderstanding of that partner future partner And alas, let that topic come when you are together already three years does not matter is three months is irrelevant Because in advance if it you say And anyway brought up made I say brother dear what do you care now I want to be with you, what do you care what I had and how much I had let dad have come later It’s a dangerous fairy tale Remember me before be in a relationship for a long time we will not play anything good that Milosevic so that who is the admin admin fuck What is proud of Milos I mean, I don’t call him what, so I call him Miloš, that’s it says Humphrey 07 Why won’t you answer me what Why do you think he won’t answer for God’s sake I said for all those questions you wrote and while I was telling the basics I won’t even see the story, I mean, I don’t want to see it, I won’t be them because I won’t give you this one before chemistry and I have something to say to mine the region is not available super that it is clear and therefore can not get it use it would be good to leave PayPal for donations to anyone who wants to donate via paypal my PayPal email for PayPal is Boris teodosijević et gmail.

com As the name of the point is the surname et gmail. com it is my private email and this one I don’t use this official stuff but anyway this unimportant is unknown now and that mail come on I would never I didn’t even say it here with the contracts of my official Boris teodosijevic. com but it is irrelevant to know this so it is for PayPal PayPal donations work everything else whoever wants action schemes Boris teodosijević et gmail. com and he says humphrey 07 Why won’t you answer me what now to the girl who is to me ruined life and I carved an egg into her carved her name in a coffee shop Pyramids at a time when You were Cairo Is there a curse on her god first there is no one curse to forget it and second thing you do it For God’s sake, man, I’m not going to ignore your question now.

I’ll get back to that question with the girl but I have 1,000 times is valid and the latter was the same as what you wrote that you engraved it doesn’t matter what her name is in the Pyramid Dear brother, what are you doing? You know that yesterday a migrant was an Afghan broke part of the cross on that monument to Stefan Nemanja there on Savski square you may know you may not know you all know about the monument to Stefan Nemanja this new magnificent great monument to immigrants is no less and no more from the mosquito logically does not catch this are him now I think they will deport him or whatever, this one is ours and so on they just came across the communal police when he did it he did he started to run and threw this part of the Cross into the park and further because I’m sorry I caught him desecrating the monuments and the pyramid is one of the largest in size than in significance of human monuments to desecrate monuments again especially because of such banality I will look at you My girlfriend’s name sticks to me because so much ugly deed Now forgive I have to give trittico means sorry Here I don’t know your name I know Swollen hemfri 07 I’m sorry but that’s it so ugly a suit it’s so flat wrong to do that I don’t have nothing but words of criticism towards such a procedure is you can u okay and anything else in the pyramid man of god is just as ugly and that as ugly as those caliphs had taken off in previous centuries form that canvas stones what fine is that white this limestone is he all so they built mosques no matter what they built time gradus the mosques of the palace and what is that of that stone it was equally horrible desecrations I think this worse than engrave a name of course incomparably worse but why that makes you a message well come on now that I’ve criticized you for it I hope you don’t mind my criticism, if you do, believe me, I don’t care if you mind then I will question you even more I hope you regret that meal Let’s see what is engraved on the girl who ruined your life her name first How she ruined your life for you longer You are no more girl maybe you are Come on so I don’t sin my soul maybe she taught you something really sorry but since i have no idea what she did to you then i can’t answer the question what to do with her If she was just with you so she’s not with you anymore what’s up with her so nothing Find another girl and it costs nothing and hurry Vojko and that is that that you can tell him that if a man wants to be in a relationship and won’t say it how many he had through me all questioned the girl the same So what is it means this interesting first means he is selfish again Why selfish he wants to hear everything from you, but he doesn’t say anything of his own can not so must exist in some cases some way I have to there is reciprocity not necessarily in everything and everything but in that it is say specifically to need thank you very shitty soul says Goga soul Panda what sings tonight Greetings Thank you very much this one is wrong while in some volume sense there should be some kind of words read on that if he just wants him to know everything about you and you ask all that so then it’s time for him too she says that in a way she is selfish about what she is hiding.

Is she hiding something? Maybe she is I don’t know, I don’t think I have to do anything, Bosa, then I have to hide, maybe he thinks that if he says how many he had he will give it to you in Vidi if there are any much and he may be afraid to say he had none or had one or he had three so it seems a little to him I think it can be without no reason not I can impossible to stab the right thing until I know the case but it’s not good at Anyway if he’s already asked he should go says says green I disagree because innocence on both sides is only worth it relationship and women who change men are not a good choice of the New po movement some other comments you gave let’s still have a miracle if if Montevideo is wrong what am I going to say then by those comments It seems to me that Green is actually not to Jeanne war if I’m wrong I’m sorry worry if it doesn’t delete I don’t hear attitudes but I don’t agree at all this cares about your personal opinion which is not based on anything that mutual innocence is only valuable for a relationship I am not at all afraid of means zero agree not what I agree in one percent 230 agree only i’m wondering that doesn’t mean it’s without one just saying it doesn’t matter with the value of Diana ’s connection in the story Is Practice Something Boris in story Yes but the practice is something else women judge each other more than only scissors woman Well well that’s another thing I don’t know what women I condemn another It’s their business let them condemn I won’t condemn it is thing to condemn each other they do the same I mean a little nonsense I just don’t know what is decorations for another I didn’t figure out which part you mean since it’s a lot told the world so I don’t know which part you mean Kristina Čeperković for next live I suggest the topic What if the girl didn’t have much ex shift or experience is not exactly sometimes a kid interesting topic but in basically we don’t have to make an entire video on the subject yet simply What when means didn’t have much experience to me somehow conversation and again the same as I gave to men Well nothing So what It matters if he is and he would be little talked about if he is 27 years old but he’s still innocent.

Well, nothing like that has anything to do with it someone I don’t think busby Kristina someone so some girl woman who has For 35 years, she has not had a single partner for any reason circumstances 35 in 36 years have I think it has to do so no people have it to do April is important that it really is before these significant is that I I understand the attitude of innocent people is great and significant to them and they always fantasize about think about how he will lose his virginity and what he will do there happens so years great because what when he is innocent has 13 Imagination about it so 14 15 16 116 half friends are no longer innocent 90% of girls already hanging innocent that such relationships are men guys on average lose later innocence than girls and here I am already the problem I am not that half but so with the 19th century the big problem is 90% no longer innocent and I He is in those 10% at 25 years old at 30 years old You understand what Well nothing just that the innocent think And everyone else doesn’t care I think it’s important to have a healthy sexual life and relationships and partners and both marriages and children is fine but if you don’t it doesn’t matter to a human being it shouldn’t paint you in that sense so it doesn’t matter to her how old she is and she doesn’t have much experience it has nothing to do with it more Dalibor Dalibor ović Why did you throw it all the time in the presentation accent that they are ex Because they are not Valja can that girl left Well almost leaves on Well almost from men until it came to example 21 because this second variant is far less likely statistically far less likely so is a girl who is 20 men much less statistically and probably all 20 EUR thrown in relation to the fact that she rejected which incomparably less That is that Snow 1,000 versus one so that’s why I emphasized it and not because I think it’s always so of course Daniel has just in case here Yes, says Nemanja Mijailović, is it ok to move the ex with this friend and it is absolutely it is and it is there in that sentence once in that one a small question is the whole story that I just told that ex She has nothing to think about, she is no longer able to get angry on that Nemanja on you Nemanja like you with my ex so master she’s your ex what do you care more so you don’t have what I said in the video Well moody pinching at training you are not the master of her sexuality you are no longer with the story is over with her, now I will be with her.

What do you care so much that’s ok should Jasmina Komnenović first sex should definitely be in love I should absolutely agree with that if at all possible it should be but it is always possible for me and the other thing is not always undesirable to be the most sincere and most realistic is not always desired by any man no one girls nor in boys no girl is in is desired most often case in fact that you just want to do it as soon as possible without no love they want love male and female no difference than they want sex alina would be nice to be first in love yes it was really nice but not always animators says me mind flirting my partner kindness Ok but also further Banovci actually kind of fest antimatter Mokri Lug you yes talk to him and ask him directly openly to tell him well you know what you do when you do that bothers me because of that and I think that’s what you do they give it behind it and to know what you think or what you feel or what you do, so they just explain what it does to just be what’s really going on Well, nothing bad has to happen, Karla says Boris Is it true that tied three years can only once home in a week or so a third person on this second brought another girl in the house and since she was more Nis is not the same she says it has nothing to do with her as you think got the house it really isn’t clearly if he already got the house I don’t understand in what sense he brought home that’s it is that information strange to me so i can’t answer but if let’s ignore whether it can be a connection from home in seven days after three years just so only to myself not Absolutely not from anyone and psychological either What not for all that it took time she could get it shooting most manifested in those last seven days but with that principle long ago through some things that are not solved someone knows how many months years and then it broke for seven days but it didn’t happen now something no one ever cheated everything in order and on one it disappeared in seven days no no can’t when we can talk about it Here’s Thanks Tiana for visiting me Tijana Cekić says that the story is not completely left out intellectually sacred animals act instinctively humans should not do that part I didn’t mention this one, we didn’t mention it, it’s not religious to us either and that part I omitted namely what would be the religious aspect and that would be be it we keep ourselves until marriage because it is so prescribed whether it is so we was mentioned because it is everyone for themselves let me think so if thinks so it’s okay I personally it wouldn’t make a woman barely stop and and not I think it matters to God personally whether it matters to God whether you are What did you eat on what days because it would matter to one such being what you eat and when you eat either or you will bring this insect to Stasa in April, nature is your economy sexuality nature human being and economic only you and now as God and it is important that you have or do not have sex before you have signed a document you are not complete nonsense this so that belief according to me yet a religious home that has nothing to do with life as well but that I am not mentioned from that I didn’t even call intellectually and that would mean and in fact the moral from the sea these by the way intellectually in tea would not not either religion or I have to and I look at things here and certainly everyone each of us individually can have our own moral principles principles that hinder or encourage his sexuality Or are the grandmothers of a neutral BMW expressing their sexuality just as angles I didn’t talk to Tijana for the simple reason that it’s completely personal thing individual and then it would be 7.

8 billion angles looking at that creates it is unnecessary to do so Bravo, this was wonderfully told to me, this is the only thing Kristina told me, and that’s it what I like to do Kristina Čeperković says I really like Flirting 2 intellect means Uh here Kristina would kiss you now if you were here for me cheek that you are close to me here means you could not have said this better I didn’t remember to put it this way I really like the bread of two intellects this as if it were a sentence from the depths of my soul Every part that this is it is Flirting the depth of flirting the core meaning of Flirting and not what like bread I just want to I turn it on it’s not fair it’s flirting whatever conquering Flirting is a lot more than that two intellects and it can be grandma and no no no which a boy can be a girl and a man can be anything without sexual connotations Bravo true Uh how did this comment lie to me why yes says he has a notebook and no tonsils maybe just be kind Why Why do you think that flash has no tonsils is a team that this tonsils not sex has tonsils for god tonsils is that that feels person feels to there are all the other guys and girls who experience you the wrong Flirt In most people flat has only one goal before sex but it is not good Flirting and she needs me to give you one secret of flirting one fantastic the secret of flirting that so few people know and when you find out this secret flirt and when you treat her you will have far more Success in love life is far more success namely the goal of each of you bread yes from today onwards Here I am at home, I tell you that secret no one told you the goal of each of your flirtations should be a desire to that person cheer her up to be well fine and pleasant and not a wish to be from You pull into bed when I feel upset and we will be nice and comfortable the farther it is the incomparably greater the probability that it will indeed finish it with you in bed than when the goal you have an expert is to be decided it is seen it is absolutely seen it can sometimes be problematic In what sense is it problematic and now I will also surprise you before a few I don’t know how many will have a month two I have no idea today mentioned yes I have problems no stores no no I sold It really is a problem that too many women girls fell in love with me from this falcon, is that so I don’t know the name personally those who know me personally fall in love and then go crazy for me and then that manifests June very strange and indecent ways first a little express curiosity Well a little bread a little love So until they reach the range and then there is obsessive having fun with me and that becomes a problem and what did I do so I was just kind and normal and ordinary and a cavalier-minded man but that cavalry and kindness that yes it was Flirt but without sexual connotation it was understood as desire and call to bed and there was no call and then I have a problem having too many offers to strangle half the men what to say they’re crazy Well it’s great that yes you have multiple times no it’s not people you’ll understand it I mean if you experience it Now you will say that it is not good at all because you get into big trouble there here and now we sleep ways and then the end you refuse then they do as I do They work in life then then it’s then they feel I don’t know what you want I feel cheated, I feel rejected, I don’t know what’s going on which are like loving expressing great love in strong messages emails comments or what now becomes the reverse there is coming You are the worst, you are a villain, you are the same, you should do the same it means it to you now it comes and it happens to me and it’s not good but still I like to be that to be a Cavalier to be kind and flirting now with a woman’s boat from to years is irrelevant and it doesn’t have to be the sex connotation of the sky state when when I want it too and the sexual connotation to the knowledge I think is not anything controversial one there there is no confusion there is no jam but this one kindly is often wrong interpret then that guys men when Flirt doesn’t have you for goal only your physical satisfaction therefore sex than be aiming and you say that there are Germans and that there is a goal.

The goal is to cheer up that person when you do, you will have far more offers than before the greatest secret of the world in your life that you can ever hear and which no one has taught you and all these sex gurus and other nonsense who is not The Monsters guru is 23 years old and he talked to himself you have experience not to swear I have no idea what they are talking about because I don’t know I don’t know the psychology of a man. Who is your biggest secret and you will have this one all but say flat to satisfy him rather than the simple mood of you the other person it is that flirtation that is exclusively and only kindly of like like that kind of Christian kindness or from some religious I don’t know what a stimulus paska 88 kind I am good to her I will never go further that i want to go further if she if you have an extra you it is connections come on bed I want her to show that she reacts to your signal she has that signal you will go on and on and on and then I will get result that others Want to have results not only as far as I have stated Marko Ilić How do you comment on giving material on social networks from the girls who strip half-naked expect some serious behind The connection is usually a question of the current state of society at the moment as he said I even think maybe not completely but I even think it is one thoughtful agenda to be that sister for the moral aspect of the human being to the deepest that lowlands Jer it also goes through the media and through all these things you would see tomorrow from where all these reality shows were banned automatically so not what they are allowed to do after midnight, they wouldn’t forbid me there would be a narrative that is heard in the media would be complete a different emphasis would be placed on other things in the culture of science on education at positive values of society and not what is the opposite of what is given on the negative so that’s how to comment on it except Well what does he expect it to be get what to expect How to read play men when they show up like that I have to fuck Nora and what about the men who don’t invest in Nis, what they think they deserve only the best girls who are like a plane and nothing like that Milik to be considered worthy of them and made for me forgive her ex The person questioning Nora that they are is a bit overbearing is it Maybe maybe people who have a lot of money or you to say this they are full whether so the hunters are full as a ship As they say and thought yes therefore, he can have whatever he wants, unfortunately, it is theirs the opinion is not exactly unfounded because unfortunately too many girls today can be bought and I don’t mean what prostitutes literally don’t buy having one drink in the evening by going out showing the keys to his car unfortunately so unfortunately I really don’t like that way of communication between men and women but too much text may not be perhaps not took over the primacy, although it could be discussed whether it is more represented or less represented than the other side So what do I think about such Well not much good or they just take advantage current situation what to say don’t ask questions anymore and the rest just please don’t anymore ask questions because there are still a bunch that I haven’t answered and I won’t a lot of puppies to answer something for about 15 minutes and that’s Veljko Stamenkovic, how do you look at the argument, the key that opens many doors versus locks that nail each key toast an interesting saying that justifies male promiscuity and female need for sexuality to which an interesting saying I disagree is interesting but I’m not saying I’m not and you’re interested in what with mothers-in-law with the vast majority of mothers are all new so it is most likely too scary consequence of an error in the matrix and that error in the Makarska fire than that mistake in upbringing what with mothers-in-law So nothing with their mothers-in-law leave alone than you and those sons separate them from your mother you are already Finally you as much as he me not literally of course but it’s hard to separate them either says Vukoman Scekic, and he can fight an example of flirting if they drag me you didn’t notice was that example of flirting Here now I’ll give you more one secret but if you carefully handset the list you worry your what you will a while ago when Kristina said that intellectual Translate What I did it before I said it was exactly what he got comments came out kind of like it came out of me I said Kristina Now I would kiss you on the cheek if you were there while I said that, I just mentioned it in my cheek so that it wouldn’t turn out that i would have to french kissing is it so the team i gave her is exactly what it is feels good but not sexually endangered tempted my desire to I kiss her if I think so I wouldn’t kiss her who can causes various feelings in Kristina and I really thought that now he really kissed that Kristina was there now he will not feel threatened because he knows I have no sexual arousal of this moment but who knows if I would have if I met Kristina I don’t know which I don’t know what it’s like and so on that it doesn’t even matter But whoever it is Kristina, I would also say whether she is a 78-year-old grandmother or a girl of 14 I would say the same thing without sex crazy And what happened to me later but another question here you wolves no example lyrics you have no idea how many and like this Once you learn and when you break free you ever know simply I mean, I know, I see and people are addressing them, and now I’m going to advertise a little bit if you have the option Because my business is not YouTube for you by which brother maybe the first time my job is not youtube my job and education or you different how this and consultation on which counseling personally one-on-one counseling and a lot of people approach me with those questions emotional Are they perhaps not the majority but but Closer maybe 50% is quiet 50% of all other possible this stuff so much I listen to it and I see it and I see problems and I see the light to many people has a problem with the world with finding partners and so on partners And it’s a big problem in their lives that of course and actually it’s not a problem it’s not a problem for them But how to do it Once you learn it when you get rid of it it’s so simple that way yes but good another example Well, now that will be a very good example of a simple one mentioned so I will now have to mention you have been drinking for quite a few years now I have no idea how many 15 let’s say 22 have no idea how old he is 2:25 is not essentially how much this one was with his girlfriend and some Konzum company today’s girl i there were not so many banks on the Subotica promenade, but only the entire promenade cafes and gardens that summer time and a bunch of gardens and thousands of people on the promenade literally the splendor was then seen for the works of the wasteland with the banks and I’m sitting some girls 4E Vojka together at the table you ass the middle one the passage between you is you is just me and I notice on one girl like that as we go we walk the promenade my girlfriend me and a couple of this friend of a friend receive on that girls hairstyle a little strangely different hairstyle and hair color that is like this he totally unusual and with her face the shape of a face and all that so perfectly fit Where is it amazing how good you are fit that hairstyle and that hair color and all that from her street line to me was a beautiful girl as far as I remember I was that moment absolutely I needed to say it, but not about the girl or the company, but him girls and without any thinking you literally Milica quantity everything is saw as soon as I got That first impression of that wow how good this is it doesn’t look like this girl thing, but everything on her this is how this color is all this her face and all that at that moment I immediately approached and said just to me Wait a minute and I immediately turned around and immediately approached the girl and three others next to her nje way iv-4 and crossed and said roughly brazil place exactly words but I have to tell you about the starting hairstyle and that color and so on to stay so fantastic it’s incredibly fine and nicely good you look it means to you not even 56 I just approached it and said and she was a little confused of course smile minutes of course that pleased her said is thank you and I don’t even know what she will do to say those three of her friends the one from Naruto they watch I say just that you want me to tell you a lot you good standing once again repeat Very good standing means fantastic your hairstyle is great you look Hello everyone hello girl Hi good have fun and go back keep it and my girlfriend and everything and everything Ok Of course, there are four of them, who knows what when I was younger, more handsome I trained and everything else like that Maybe they’re all sorts of Kele right? you might want to maybe you thought God didn’t come back if it did so that I went back and I guess I was just there and I wasn’t with I didn’t have a girlfriend with my girlfriend now, I could certainly do something achieve with any of them four but my intention that pertate praise it was not at that moment of a sexual nature but it was also a desire to First out I say what I really felt at that moment i’m going to be in the mood for a girl i’m totally sure totally sure that she was that night at least and certainly for days after that but at least man whatever I give her, maybe gloomy and nothing to cheer her up then and if she was in the best of mood that night, here’s Flirt Marko Ilić What about men who give reasons for girls to flirt with her so when she thought something might happen there, she slowly started to relaxes not in a sexual sense he begins to harass Velja first part of you think what with those men that idiot door what what what there is a comment that he is an idiot Marko, what to do when you don’t know when to fall in love.

What to do if you don’t know what type of girl you are and you want to be with someone Marko from the photo of this little icon I see that you are young I don’t know how little It seems to me that as a teenager, don’t worry about that question to impose the moment you fall in love means to forget it at all feel free to forget that question What to do when you don’t know when to you fall in love it doesn’t matter there is no profession to fall in love you knew Marko has I don’t know who you would fall in love with, don’t worry, you’ll fall in love with that too It won’t matter to you who that girl is and who the family is and so on further means nothing to you it will no longer mean who you girls and so on further It means nothing to you means to you this does not mean that a specific girl will automatically suit you for the rest of your life it doesn’t matter, but you will fall in love completely without knowing it neither girls nor anyone you want to fall in love with do you love girls nor anything to have 15 years and Chetniks or as many as 1413 any it doesn’t matter when he comes across almost pechenitsa Ivan tells Boris Do you agree that a person who is in the past often loved to change partners the same can continue during marriage when her that same partner gets bored no no I agree with what I said earlier no to be afraid is not that she is going to change the changes because of don’t worry about her at all, it doesn’t mean she’s a fraudulent person that it is a person who likes to cheat what their partners do to them in general doesn’t mean she’s ever cheated and one of 20 or 30 of them may be each time she first finished the swollen connection and then moved on to the next if it was does not mean that it will open because of that now he hears says Nemanja Mijailović, which is the next topic for this little one and Nemanja I beat you but interesting to others You don’t have to watch everything very much you just don’t have to look at yourself then you don’t even have to express yourself dad I mean I really need this nonsense flowers theme Here’s the luck to have tomorrow will be Why women don’t have beards Yes yes you heard right Why women don’t brother I mean not the lower jaw but the chin less I mean those who don’t have it will be the topic of tomorrow night and it’s not a bad thing that tomorrow we will do what and how and why that cream and that topic so something let’s all learn together Milos says bottles are the right time for children with men due to the maturity of the psyche of money and other conditions just when you think you can have them and you can raise them everything else and more you have enough strength and health to do it no one can say whether is it at 16 126 with 66 Behind every man, Marina Pešić is a different number of men who have a girl slept no reaction just Now I’m coming to Questions Should he be asked for his opinion and is it okay with him and that it is free to describe hahaha interesting and that question if not there was no reaction once after such a sentence no reaction it can be the worst reaction at first it’s already bad if you’re me in you creates pots of doubt and thinking What can he think maybe and really nothing maybe really doesn’t matter but in order not to cause more doubts it is not bad to ask so it is not no need not bad to ask even let’s explain that you have a little fear because he had no reaction to literally give it to him Tell you, I’m afraid you didn’t have any reaction to what it was in fact, you will see your opinion based on his sentences their reaction as well as you are Marina is not important to me relax whatever you care about you are mine and everything is OK great what do you care if it’s okay if there is some whining or something then you can already drink it doubt and you can ask extra and so on Let’s finish together for three minutes, don’t ask any more questions Please I have said this once before but I know it is not worth much i have a lot of questions and a company that doesn’t like constantly and constantly and constantly but there’s no way I’m going to get through it all without even skipping some bunch of questions Gaga Is it true that many girls or boys do not want to get married women precisely because I cannot find innocent partners provided yes are both on me it’s a lot Well I don’t know what it means a lot there are such cases but I can’t really say that there are too many of them counts in percentages possibly per mille but in those final figures How many there are from how I know I have no idea there are of course Adam Gaming says which one I like best for talking to girls all over themes adamescu ok It’s easy depends on the person to person What can be well I mean it can be anything but what is actually the best that topic which interests her and not that I interest you and that I am interested in who it is it is best to say that he is interested in that person Ivan asks if you agree that a person who in the past often liked to change the first we have already said to ask a question in the chapel Good bravo As this is well said bole says listen now this sentence this one wonderfully learned for tonight Bravo god how you stabbed him says it hurts Why have an adventure with a thousand women when you can have 1,000 Arthur with one woman this is flawlessly good always so well said Bole I don’t know whose sentence this is I think maybe and boletova really may not have picked up somewhere or even matters but it is phenomenal tea Why have and he tours with a thousand women when you can with once a woman to have 1,000 he tour way you have a better thing than that with one person to go through life and all Uh Bravo naked that you wrote it a maybe he thought of it Let’s see don’t just start the question again Please so we can finish in a minute and we see the darkening is still set which is OK if there is any more question it will be that two hours we are there it will be that list of progressives here says kg manina you stories how many women falls in love with you Let’s say now how many men fell in love with you Admit that o Yes It would be wonderful if they were only in women’s offers but not that I have an offer every possible brother i have a character who arrives me various inbox these and ma Of course a much smaller male to understand a lot of female images does where is the money right? you have no idea how much we talk must care there are many beautiful i think parts there you are hunting than many beautiful women who one example of a young mother is married to me but a young mother is very handsome very beautiful and very naked shows Well good but good to have it all of course i mean it’s it’s just this as i say the fact of public life to me it is it is not it just for me with me it you it it is It’s just that it happens as soon as you deal with someone, I’ll call you after something warm It happens that I’m something of a guy, so it’s like I’m so offered Ma jok How to do business Well, I don’t know, Karla, what do you mean, the doctor says that he is fighting for his homeland easier to put those women at a distance So erase such problems I guess I’m still in pain so I’m putting them at Jana’s distance she says about the switches, but be careful not to put them at a distance I blocked I have no idea how many accounts literally means I don’t know how many such accounts have I blocked and She persistently makes other orders persistently write I put on the block one he makes others and writes, I send e-mails and then they attack until I do I react then it doesn’t react for months and then after a certain number usually A month and not a day then they stop because they see that there is no fuss Iris says what you think Why do people go over the cheater Who is The reason for this disrespect or conception of the nose to keep you disrespectful is small maybe maybe it’s too much for respect, so let’s go over it deception or love or says acidity and neither one nor the other nor the third of which can be Of course not all of that primarily it you have my Video that I shot Italy this what can’t forgive in a relationship if it’s like that What can be what can’t be forgive and forget exactly what it’s called if anyone can find it now in a hurry so to throw that link can be scams sorry can i it may not leave any trace at all no one gosic dear or anything like that and that person even exists no longer achieves with such things can there are reasons how it can be done an interesting view of the real is not exactly that so by no means so Nebojsa Lazovic simply says if the goal then is to give it to another person to know that it is important and not the text then according to you it means that it is normal the world between two men who are not homosexual case it is not Flirting because it’s not even done the same way It’s not done the same way wind way that kind of communication that takes place between two people of different sexes, which can be classified as Flirting takes place between persons of the same sex take away differently means they cannot be the same thing is not it again you will tell your friend to them you say to show your friend that he is important to you and to do something through techniques let’s call it communication through and vocabulary of one flirtation so it is not the same it is not it is it it is very difficult to define it asks Ana where the main fast limit is between courtesy Flirting is very very difficult and impossible for you the answer is no answer at all, there is a limit to that and that applies to every person no no impossible And you have to establish or define that limit in in relation to each individual person with whom you come into contact with whom in fact it goes just like that in a war of communication because every single person is different because the boundary is where that person sets the boundary a somewhere you post so you have to know how to read very well people just don’t send me any more questions please so we can finish but i get to the end of this chat so ex Otasevic’s world, it’s no wonder that we made you a woman like a woman’s flirtation they know they recognize serious men but you all go right with acting no loves you security man flirting selfish I understand nothing I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t even know what the questionnaire was in the end in fact the question I understood nothing on Miša Krešo, I have to tell you about the funeral of Krešo Tara, Why are women aggressive at the start as soon as you tell her something nice not all women a let’s say dad what as women type all women of the world are not dependent on how you tell her like the one I said about hair and hair and to him also everything Not at all it wasn’t Arsene, what more was it Uh, there was already so much Milo And whether you get to How you say it depends on one more thing how you look not that you have to be a model not in relation to the circumstances Where it happens what you look like you can be a master at work The work suit doesn’t have anything to do with it and it can be great circumstances where it’s okay and you can’t come to the party work suit and to say that you will look like scabies You understand and not you can’t even go to a factory where something is being done and it’s all up to you in the part with the bow tie and to say that I’ll look at you like a freak It doesn’t end with the circumstances and the way of communication means your appearance of circumstances in relation to circumstances and Manner communications John 3,000 Is it manipulation when girls send private pictures a later when you show interest she ignores you completely so yes something you want names special anyway something i don’t know it means to dream of me probably falls into the category of manipulating the gods why men comment it you can’t know if it suits you until you do you see and when you see if it doesn’t suit you you can leave it right away not to I say you don’t see what the question is, you asked a lot why men comment it I don’t understand the question of how you think I don’t have contact million says Milosev, you see what if you know what if And what about those who can’t fall in love for a long time and meet someone like Milos What about those who can’t fall in love for a long time, I don’t have to Zadar and love never in life fall in love never in life I was in love a couple of times type once in the third grade of elementary school into one a girl from grade and once in eighth grade at the end of the eighth grade of Elementary School that was twice when I was in love You’re not shitting me anymore, of course, with the one from the third grade, what can I do? now we were in a relationship with the one from the eighth grade while we were all on one excursion about so nana you nothing important and she was from other schools from another place and when we came back I would have no more see simply because what kids eighth grade she in second place neighbor nom and that was it and I was never in love again if I loved yes and how I loved whether I love to love I was never in love more than those two times infatuation is I talked about that border of love in love which is more valuable falling in love is a very strong feeling but very shallow and you have it right now nothing it quickly turns out to be irrelevant and one must never be in love with life never ever but should love I can’t be in love with you for a long time, I have to fall in love with that lilac at all that part asks me what am I who can’t fall in love with memory for a long time to never fall in love at all in life but when to find someone to meet someone who will when they will love it is necessary but love is something which builds time but it is not something that show Love at first sight but it exists that there is very rarely but it can be said that there is So we can forget that part But you need to find a person you can love over time to Who should first hang out meet communicate Well she will come love if you write a narrow beginning and we really end we are really exaggerating today there are no more questions come on cake 14 I didn’t hear him tonight I often need to put hood And to start biting my nails when I see a girl who I like I really like what I think about it just trembling and fear but it is very easily overcomes but there was a lot of Sara to talk about after all check out my two videos How to tell a girl you love her that’s one a the other is How to approach a girl How to talk to this girl and there is a third How to flirt with the flight of three videos Well, you would understand Lazar Spasojevic people what you think a person of a loving nature often has negatives consequences I ask for the other I really know Lazarus to talk to others logically Well tell the other the following yes yes amorous we said strong memories in shallow and much less essential of real love is a feeling that has high expectations and As long as you just fall in love with having too many expectations there too Expectations are almost never almost never but it is 99.

9% nine estimates never meet the expectations of the person in love are different from the expectations of the love of a person who loves that Serbian expectations the person in love is mostly in love the person mostly idealizes the other side and that the times of expectations are never fulfilled, so don’t to fall in love find someone if you want to love because you fall in love with Goca lace, you will have great expectations and then you will have it negative consequences or you equally disappointed Hi call psychopaths can be a social anxiety issue to no regarding the topic since I had already read it I didn’t know what it was about but no matter everything went in the closet I can rarely say no they can never but very rarely because they work for them Feelings want to kind of any kind of more more because they are great calculate so it doesn’t mean anything to me wants to know calculated yes How to behave in order to achieve some results in a very Very this is rarely the case but does not answer the question related to you small it now exactly opa to end the noise where it tells you hurts how to motivate for work no answering questions that are not without a leg I will no longer questions that are not related to the topic I answer in those videos that are which are called questions and answers there you can block everything live and when they are thematic thematic lives then only on the topic Lazar Sakic set the question that was already a question says Lazar I have 16 how old would you be I should lose my virginity when you’re ready to do anything I’m interested You’ll come back so I don’t repeat the answers people have already heard bring the woman back to come video so you will hear that answer earlier in the course the video that was and Let’s really finish here we are at the end Here is the last question and we will finish with this than it is hours before I read, ask me a question and finish something like this video one more time It wouldn’t be difficult for him to be the only one which when for me for what for Gorica how already classroom YouTube that enough means for this channel it means a lot to each like you it means like it once again share this video on social media follow mine YouTube channel I will teach you a lot of things, use a great check, right now or later and the second time and says Kemal Fetic or Fetic I don’t know exactly how to overcome surely impossible love if a person has to see each one day we will have communications we will answer this question at the end of the video and this but I will not dwell on it namely you have a video on the subject but I totally forgot what it was called God, the heating plant, if anyone remembers, let him write this unrequited love or something like that I forgot namely one easiest way A is to find another person worthwhile attention to which to make an effort to go a little in the world and see people to meet someone else to just like someone else and as far as work is concerned given to someone else and believe me it will just six hearts to turn completely and to turn away from that man and to turn towards to another person so it is definitely and most effectively a fictitious account a there is that technique of the type to stand and to exaggerate them I would for you hate his moms and all that but it’s ugly that he didn’t recommend it It never sucks to really work but essentially needs to be reconciled in okay it’s not possible and eggs forgot It’s maybe a married man I guess I don’t know which one it is which is this combination but it is irrelevant until when to come to terms with that yes you can’t even look for another person to overcome it and that was it and we finish and to ask the question of fate only a moment Marija Milojević Marija greetings Maria as the first Boris when you are happy holes consultation Maria in doing so I do not mean those consultations in prison on a group on another platform another this application should have been planned by myself before It will be about ten days yesterday, but I couldn’t yesterday, it doesn’t matter if everything will be fine it will be next saturday saturday night at 8pm What are they consultation in a closed group It is a much smaller number of people a lot I just remind you more of your question and not to go over the question so quickly as to dedicate myself we talk about everything directly and openly in every question, and that’s it much much much more loves me much better than what I have to I quickly run through 100 as I participate in it, I just feel like it let me know anything but best to mail Boris evening teodosijevic.

com but when I promise to publish, don’t try it now it will be and let me know of course this participation in it is paid type 500 RSD 5 euros institute and that’s it myself still doesn’t even matter the details and lo and behold it ends up being OK great finish crown health therefore as you listened to this story which was not that surface here is what it will mom to do when the girl found out the names of 20 of them and him is something like that than they came from several angles to someone maybe it was boring someone was it’s not ok everyone can love what he loves not everyone has to watch everything do so and thank you for enduring me if these 2:22 minutes once again like of course this video follow my youtube channel my Boris Teodosijevic and I see you in the next video greeting.