A Life Without Fear or Anxiety

Aug 11, 2021 19:52 · 6968 words · 33 minute read

Today we’re talking about how to live a life without fear and anxiety and worries so I believe that there are people that need to hear and there are people that will be set free they need to be set free from anxiety and from fear so you can be an answer to somebody by sharing this video and uh and and participating and uh liking it and sharing it so we’ve got some people watching from top finish we’ve got some people watching some more people watching from Seattle from los angeles California amazing amazing amazing those of you that are with us on zoom could you turn on your face camera facetime camera just wave at me wave at me wave at me we love we love to hear uh and see you well i’ll see you first and we’ll get a chance to talk to you amazing amazing um those of you that are on zoom watch sorry on youtube watching facebook watching if you want to be a part of our zoom you want to be in in our zoom especially when it comes time for the ministry uh oftentimes we release the prophetic words word of knowledge we pray for individual people that are on zoom so you want to if you want to receive that personal ministry or have a chance of being minister ministered personally you can come to our zoom and the way you can go to our zoom is our moderators are dropping links but it’s hungrygen.

com you go to that uh form fill it out you’re gonna get a automatic reply with an email that has credentials how to get in into zoom and so we wanna welcome everybody we wanna welcome ed from uk he’s one of our mods helping us moderate and run zoom church online church so everybody wave and say hello to ed is a valuable member of our team and we appreciate him amen amen amen how many blessed people do I have in this place those of you on zoom wave at me if you’re blessed those of you on facebook and youtube blessed or common blessed uh and i’d like to see that so let’s like I like to say that if you are physically present here and sitting in a sanctuary you would be shouting clapping and and dancing but since you’re across the screen you can still do that by through emojis and comments so let me hear some let me see some party emojis let me see some hands up emojis let me see some heart emojis let me see some clap emojis come on come on come on let’s participate and uh and encourage one another and at the same time let it serve uh in a way that the algorithm will will will pick it up and and and make it available to more people so with that being said uh actually before we go into the word just want to remind you that we do have a youth annual youth conference that’s coming up in just two days starting Friday night pacific standard time I believe it’s seven and then uh Saturday night we’re going to have a deliverance service deliverance service on zoom online deliverance service unfortunately the spots are already booked and those people that have signed up have gone through pre-screening uh pre pre-counseling and they will be receiving prayer deliverance but you can watch it online and participate in prayer and distance is not a barrier as they get it delivered you can receive a deliverance as well too but we will have future sign ups for uh for those sessions um and you you’ll be notified about them and uh and then saturday evening we’ll continue with with youth annual youth conference and then sunday night we’re going to have a guest speaker so tune in it’s going to be amazing it’s going to be powerful and yeah that’s that’s it for the announcements for uh for now so let’s see I see people commenting bless hallelujah emojis amen amen that’s how we do it that’s how we do it now share the broadcast with other people so let’s talk about how to live a life without fear and anxiety I think in the last year year and a half being in the ministry i’ve prayed for more people than i’ve prayed combined in the life of the ministry of people to be freed from specifically from anxiety and fear and due to what’s happening in the world due to covet 19 spread and and I think more than covet 19 spread what’s been spreading is fear around the world and while I don’t want to say that that this pandemic is fake or this covet um pandemic is is uh something to take lightly or something to not be cautious off uh I have friends that that died from it died from covet or complications that that covet brought I had coded myself recovered it and but I think more than more than this pandemic satan have used this pandemic demons have used this pandemic to spread fear and to bring people into captivity of fear and bring people um to their knees and fears is such a interesting thing somebody said the fear is is uh false evidence appearing real and sometimes it’s true and sometimes there’s a legitimate fear that that it’s not false but it it that the legitimate fears fear grows into this obnoxious abnormal and eventually becomes a spiritual thing that then we eventually need a deliverance from in joshua 1 9 and joshua 1 9 says this haven’t I commanded you the Lord speaks to joshua be strong and courageous do not be frightened and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go joshua had a serious conquest in front of him joshua had serious enemies ahead of him joshua actually had a legitimate reason for fear but God appears to him and he says joshua do not fear before israelites and before joshua leads his people into the promised land God begins to address the issue that would keep him out of promised land God begins to address the issue that kept them from promised land for 40 years see the journey that israel took to exit from to exit from egypt and get into the the promised land should have taken about 40 days or so but because they allowed fear to dominate them they allowed fear to captivate them they allowed fear to make their judgments they they used fear as a foundation for the judgments and for thinking and for acting God said because you chose fear over faith you will wander in the window wilderness for 40 years so joshua is standing at the foot of a promised land they’re about to enter the promised land and God wants to make sure that joshua and israelites the new generation that was raised up do not repeat the same mistake that their ancestors their parents have done and that kept them from a promise and he addresses this thing called fear and he says to joshua do not fear do not be frightened do not be dismayed but be strong and courageous God commanded joshua three times not to be afraid you know there’s 110 times bible mentions this particular phrase the phrase do not be afraid because I think fear is something that we so often face I think fear is something that we so often are um come across with the fear is something that almost every single day we go we get in touch with and that’s why God specifically addresses us today dresses you do not be afraid be courageous because your fear can stop you from entering into your promised land your fear can stop you from enjoying your best health you know as a matter of fact this is scientifically proven that if you live in fear and phobias and anxiety it diminishes it it suppresses your immune system and you will suffer in your health fear will stop you from enjoying your best relationships fear will stop you from enjoying your best marriage that God has for you and your family your business your career your fear will limit you from your promised land if you allow fear to dominate your life and run your life but God calls you and I like he calls joshua he tells us do not be afraid get hold of your fear be strong and courageous and our strength and courage is not found see we’re different and how how in how we approach fear the world derives courage the the world musters up courage from their own abilities and their own um how should I put it this way from their own self from their own will they pretty much encourage themselves they are source of them of their own courage their um positive thinking their positive thoughts they it’s they are the source of itself the problem is it’s very shaky it’s very unstable oftentimes their own feelings are the source of their courage but as Christians God says to joshua be strong and courageous not because you are strong and courageous not because you feel strong and courageous I don’t want you to master up your own courage and your own strength but because I am with you because I am with you because God is with you in your marriage you got to be strong and courageous because God is with you in your health you got to be strong and courageous because God is with you with your finances and your business he is with you in the ministry he’s with you everywhere you go he says I will not leave you nor forsake you i’m always with you because of that we have a right we have a foundation for our strength and our courage and fear cannot dominate us fear should not dominate us in Jesus name amen if you agree with me type fear not fear not type fear not those of you watching me on zoom say with me fear not fear not come on come on so fear will keep you from a promised land fear kept servant with one talent from enjoying the reward of the master in matthew chapter 25 master comes to the servants three servants and he gives them talents he gives them money to invest money to put in to business or some kind of investment so that he can yield a return uh and he give to one person one talent uh he gives you another three talents and five talents just to give an idea what is one talent is worth one talent is worth 75 pounds of gold which is equal to about 1.

25 million dollars so if somebody feels bad for this servant from getting one talent well i’ll take his one talent i’m sure you will too and so but the point of this parable is what kept him from multiplying even the little that he had even though he wasn’t little but in his eyes compared to other servants what kept him from multiplying the talents that God has given him was a fear of a loss now was there a legit was that fear legitimate some people say no some people say yes I would say yes his fear was legitimate being in the world of investment in the world of finances I understand that every investment comes with the risk and if somebody tells you that this investment is 100 uh sure and guaranteed and there’s no there’s no way you can lose on this investment and there’s only upside I want to tell you right away it’s a scam run away from it any time you come to the place where you have to make an investment and you stand to make some gains the bigger the gains the bigger the risk the smaller the gains should be you should have smaller risk so if somebody tells you well uh this person had nothing to fear yes he had something to fear he had a fear of loss but I think that if he would have invested it and if he would have lost it and he would have come to his master and said listen I invested it I tried my best I did this and this but unfortunately the investment has gone bust it’s gone away I think his master’s approach would have been different than what he had here he would have not called him wicked lazy he would have not called them he would have not called them uh those things he would have said you know you tried you were faithful let’s see what we can do about recovering maybe perhaps or something else but because the servant and his fear kept him from investment kept him from exploring his gifts his talents his abilities then the master’s approach was much different he said he wicked and lays his servant and he punished him oftentimes fear keeps us from reaping the rewards he kept the jews israelites from entering the promised land somebody said this fear stops you from doing what you’re supposed to do and makes you do the things that you don’t want to do how true is that oftentimes in the marriage our fear of our spouse leaving a fear of divorce fear of unfaithfulness and we control our spouse we um we manipulate them with our tears we manipulate them with our words we manipulate them with our action and we we hold the relationship hostage simply because of fear of being cheated on a fear of the relationship falling apart because maybe perhaps you had a bad relationship in the past maybe somebody was unfaithful to you in the past in relationship but we are making the new person suffer because of the mistakes and the sins of your ex and those fears we hold on to them and we hold our current relationship hostage we don’t allow this relationship to bring yield to bring reward into our life as it should so fear is keeping us from doing those the right things which is to love them to not control them to to encourage them to allow them to express themselves be free so it’s it’s stopping us from doing that and it’s making us do the opposite which we don’t want to do often is to manipulate control and at the end ruin our own relationship i’m going to ask you today about your fears I want to ask you today what are you afraid of maybe it’s in relationships maybe you had one two or three failed relationships and now you’re afraid to get into the next one maybe you are already in the relationship but the fear of a of a a previous failed relationship is keeping you from enjoying this current relationship God has brought a Godly man Godly woman into your life but the the the the the failure of the past still holding you hostage the fear of the past still holding your hostage from enjoying the reward of this current relationship maybe if you went to school and you didn’t pass the class maybe you were not able to finish it once or twice or three times whatever the case might be and now you know you need to go back to school you know you need to finish that that course but you are afraid to take it because of fear of failure once again or maybe it’s in the area of business you started a business and and you went bankrupt or you started another business and it failed it did not succeed and you know God has called you to do business you know God has called you and he has a promise for you on the other side but a fear of failure a fear of unknown is stopping you from stepping into the promise that God has for you what is your fear maybe you had some traumas in the past maybe you had some abuse in the past and some of those fears are lingering and keeping you hostage at night you’re having nightmares of those things happening again to you i don’t know what your fear is today but I want to tell you that God wants to break that fear off of your life today some of you held on to some of those fears for so long that those fears we’re gonna talk about it they open the doors to demonic and now demon is tormenting you it’s not just fear it’s a demonic fear at this point listen everybody experiences fear it’s how you process it that matters I go through fearful moments in my life i’ve experienced fearful moments in my life everybody does fear is a vital response to a physical and emotional danger somebody said if we don’t feel it we would not be able to protect ourselves from a legitimate threat so fear is placed by God within us to protect us from danger from emotional physical danger but when fear when we don’t control that fear God always got given us a will that we’re able to control that fear and when we don’t conquer and control that fear we don’t put it in its rightful place that fear can grow into like a negative faith negative expectation expectation and negative results and then it begins to torment and rule our life somebody said this fear is a weak man excuse and strong man’s motivation again let me repeat that fear is weak’s man’s excuse and strong man’s motivation saul in the bible it says saul said this I was afraid of people multiple times saul says this statement and he does the things that he and he does not finish the things that God called them to do he does opposite to what God told him to do through a prophet because of this he says I was afraid of what people will say I want to ask you today are you ruled by fear what’s happening with you are you ruled by fear of people are you ruled today by fears of opinions of people and that’s why today you’re not in school that’s a today maybe you’re not in a relationship maybe that’s what today you don’t have a business you don’t have a career that’s why today you don’t have a valid uh uh thing going in your life is fear of people and opinions of people keeping you away from enjoying what God has in store for you the promised land that God has for you see saul was afraid of people and he did not complete the test that God had for him and therefore he lost the throne saul could have had his descendants he could have had his lineage continue to be as kings but instead he got rejected because he was a people pleaser he was afraid of people he was afraid to do what God called them to do despite of what people would say some of you are not in a ministry God has called you to be in the ministry simply because of what would relatives say well how am I gonna provide for myself fear of what other people would say feel of talking and addressing people fear of speaking in front of the people and that fear is keeping you from achieving the goals and and the mission that God has for you and what God has in store for you we look at david on the other side david was the man after God’s own heart and he says this in psalm 56 3 i am afraid but I put my trust in you that was the response of david he never denounced his fear he never ignored his fear he addressed it but he said I am afraid but I will put my trust in the Lord I will put my trust in the Lord psalm 23 verses 4 yea though I walk to the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your stuff they comfort me remember what I said in the beginning our strength and courage is not derived from our own self from our own will from our own ability to be strong our strength is based on the fact that God is with me always and that’s what david he knew it very well he said I am afraid I put my trust in you though I walk to the valleys of the shadow of death I will not fear evil why because you are with me many people should be further I should be further in some areas fear kept me back and I pray every day that God will help me expose some of these areas and would help me to take the steps and leaps of faith that you follow him fearlessly even into the unknown so that I can accomplish everything that he has for me many people many of you that are watching today God has called you to do one thing or the other but fear has kept you away from it some of you that are watching me online right now on facebook and youtube God has called you to do great exploits you should have a business by now you should have a relationship by now you should have a family by now you should have many different things right now but today you are stuck because your fear had kept you some of you the fear of unknown or how am I going to pay the bills if i’m going to start my business I have a solid career if I work for somebody I know every two weeks i’m gonna get a paycheck and you’re stuck you don’t have enough you’re struggling you’re praying for God to open the doors for you and God has opened the door or God has put a dream inside of you but your fear has stopped you from stepping out and you will never enjoy the abundance that God has for you simply because you’re afraid of the unknown simply because you’re afraid to fail feel rejection fear failure people fear of people and their opinion fear to be alone oftentimes people don’t go far with God because going far with God often means going alone it’s comfortable and it’s safe in a group but sometimes when God calls you he calls you to go alone bible says we will soar in the winds and like egos and we’re like yay we’ll soar in the winds of ego the the the thing that we don’t realize is the eagles fly alone you never see eagle flying in a group and you have to overcome that fear of being alone sometimes God will call you to go deeper after him but we like corporate prayers we like prayers when we are in the home group or in the church but God says I want you to dedicate a night and go after me by yourself without anybody and that thought scares us and therefore we never go further and we do we don’t achieve we don’t get that fullness of what God has for us number two so first thing is that fear keeps you from your promised land number two fear attracts negative results into your life job says this what I feared came upon me listen to this again job that bible that God declared him about job to to satan himself said that the job is righteous a man that loved God a man that sacrificed to God and prayed to God every day sometimes more he did more than most of us do a wealthy man that had a favor of God but he did he had this one thing he had fear in his life to lose it all and to lose his family and he said what I feared came upon me fear is a negative faith our faith in God our faith for the things that we believe in they materialize our faith materializes the physical things in our life our faith in God and his promises attracts those things into our life but our our fears there are faith too but faith into the negative things faith into the negative outcome fake faith into failure faith into rejection faith for uh being not understood by people that fear also materializes and draws and attracts things except that it tracks negative things faith allows and gives access to God to operate and work in us because God does nothing outside of our faith in our life on the opposite side fear opens the door to demons and satan in our life and I would say that without fear demons can’t do anything in our life they first bring fear and then they use that to operate in our life as we talked about that servant that one received one talent he was fearful he even voiced it out himself and therefore it’s it attracted punishment from the master fear ensnares you in proverbs 29 25 says this the fear of man lays a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe listen your fear will ensnare you if you allow it to run your life you cannot be afraid the way you overcome fear is you trust that that your God your father your savior is always with you you you put your trust in God you put your trust in the promises of God see fear is trust in a negative outcome faith is trust in a positive outcome put your faith in God put your faith in his word put your faith on in his promises bible says meditate on these things day and night and you will find good success and you will be prosperous what God can do through faith satan and demons can do through fear and the lusting and we’re going to pray fear opens the door to demonic if our natural fears are not kept in check then that fear will begin to grow and dominate and see fear is invasive you don’t have to see faith you have to cultivate you constantly have to build it fear on the opposite all you have to do just do nothing and it will grow you’ll do nothing you don’t keep it in check you don’t keep your mind in check you don’t keep your thoughts in check you don’t keep your emotions in check and it will grow automatically and if it does it opens the door to demonic demonic fear okay let’s take it what is uh natural fear versus demonic fear natural fear is logical and it’s common sense for example fear of height it’s it’s a natural fear the reason why you have that fear so you don’t jump off the cliff and you hurt yourself or even kill yourself that’s a normal fear and there is a demonic fear where you look at physically at the situation and a situation says that you shouldn’t be afraid there is no danger to you no emotional danger no no no no physical danger but on inside you feel fearful and you feel afraid okay i’ll give you a example between how to differentiate between demonic fear and physical fear uh demonic fear and just a natural fear that was a person there’s there was this person i’ve shared this story with you guys that came to our church some years ago and uh she said pray for me because I have severe anxiety and fear of driving now we understand that fear of driving I mean we all we all drive right we all try to drive we we we try to be safe we abide by the rules we we put on a seat belt we have airbags in our vehicles and so while there is a danger statistically speaking there is a danger on the roads but we take all the precautions and logically we understand that if if we follow these precautions we should be safe but this woman had this demonic fear in her life that even though she had a car she had a valid driver’s license she was capable of driving she knew how to drive she used to actually drive before but now she doesn’t drive because of this demonic fear every time she gets behind a steering wheel she gets paralyzed and she could not drive so that’s the difference between natural fear and demonic fear and so today we’re gonna pray and I believe that there are people that will be set free from different kinds of fears and phobias today some of your destinies will be unlocked because fear has locked your destiny and you’re not able to walk into your promised land because you are trapped you ensnared by your fear some of you will get married soon after this some of you will find relationships some of your relationships will prosper today because the fear will be broken in that area some of you will start businesses some of you will go further with God because you will not be afraid to go alone and to do things you expose for God fear when natural fear is not kept in check it opens it grows and opens the door for demonic influence so this lady that I just mentioned to you one of the reasons why she had this fear is because of emotional trauma and trauma she had a root of trauma in her life and here’s what the root was some years back she was driving just fine she had no fear of driving but this one particular moment she was with her cousin and her friend and she was pregnant at the time she got into a very bad car accident her friend died in a car accident her cousin was severely injured and she was pregnant the moment she lost the baby and that moment was so dramatic to her so traumatizing to her that she would replay those moments of crash over and over and over and over again and she began to grow this fear of driving she did not keep it in check so when she got well and she was able to draw she was physically able to drive she still had her license she still had her car but that fear grew so strong that anytime she would get behind a wheel she would get paralyzed in her fear and she would not drive a capable woman that was able to drive was taking public transport to go to her workplace and to get around because she was afraid of driving so she had a route to her fear and so the way we helped her to overcome and she came to for prayer and she asked pray for us and we told her listen your issue is not just only spiritual but also mental we gave her a verse to read for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love of power love and sound mind and we said rehearse this verse and meditate in it a thousand times write it down on a piece of paper write this verse down a thousand times and meditate on it and then when you’ve done that calm will pray for deliverance for you for you to be set free from the spirit of fear anyways she left disappointed with with this with with this response she thought that we’re going to lay hands and pray for her and in an instant she’ll be free but her issue was deeper than that and but few days later we see a cars pulling in into the parking lot and she’s getting out of the driver’s seat she comes to the office full of life happy and we ask her what happened I thought you didn’t know you you could not drive you you could you were afraid to drive she begins to tell us the story when she went back home she said I was a bit disappointed uh that you guys didn’t pray for me but I took your instructions seriously and I begin to write down that verse and right about halfway about 500 times that she wrote that verse she wrote it down recited meditate on it wrote it down again she said I felt something snap inside of me I felt this heaviness lift off of me and I knew at that moment that I was free from the spirit of fear I went got my driver’s license uh I got my keys got in the car and started driving and I am not afraid to drive anymore until this day she drives the car and she is fully functionable in that area I don’t know what happened to you and I don’t know the root of your fear you know it and the holy spirit can if you don’t we’re gonna pray holy spirit can reveal it to you but if you dominate by fear but this demonic fear in your life first thing you need to do is identify the root cause of that fear maybe you were in a relationship and you got abused maybe you were in a relationship and you were unfaithful and you got cheated on now you’re afraid of that maybe you started the business and and things went bad really bad and you you suffered severe losses and today you’re afraid to start new whatever the case it is there was another uh lady um it was actually derek prince’s wife when she was little she got locked up in in in uh one of those cabinets and she was little they were probably in hide and seek and the cabinets and accident got locked and and people were playing hide and seek that couldn’t find her and then and then they left the house so she got locked up in the house for a long time uh in a cabinet and she was traumatized from that experience and from that moment she was claustrophobic meaning that she was afraid of small spaces she would never take an elevator because she was afraid of small spaces she would walk up the stairs and one time her husband derek prince recognized the issue that it was it became a demonic thing he prayed for her and cast that spirit out of her spirit of fear and from that moment on she was not afraid of small spaces any longer she would take elevators with him and uh it was fine so there are if there was been a trauma a traumatic event or something that happened or maybe you honestly you just kept playing a worst case scenario in your mind and that spirit entered your life today you can be free and you will be free if you open your heart to God bible says the perfect love casts out all fear and as I already told you that ii timothy verse 1 and 7 says this for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind how do you break off the spirit of fear over your life first thing is you have to recognize how you allowed it or where it entered your life is it trauma is it some kind of event happen some kind of disappointment some kind of a setback cap and something where did it enter where did that take root why are you expecting now negative consequences and you’re expecting afraid of negative things to a negative outcome um so first you got to recognize where to come where’s the root of it and you can ask holy spirit even as i’m talking to you right now holy spirit where is the root where did I open the door what happened and the first thing that will come to your mind the first thing that the images or the memories that will come usually these those things that open the door to spirit of fear in your life second thing is that you have to repent you’re asking me repent for what you have to repent for not trusting in God remember what we said remember what we said initially from josh chapter 1 verses 9 be strong and courageous do not be frightened do not be dismayed for I am with you the reason why we’re afraid the reason why we’re dismayed the reason why we are frightened is because we chose to not trust in God in those moments and those opportunities even if it was a legitimate fear even if it was legitimate danger and and and uh legitimate disappointment and pain but in all things we should trust God and we should trust that even the painful moments and painful traumas and dramas in our life that God can even take those and turn it into good so we have to repent from our trust in God john chapter 14 27 says this let your heart not be troubled neither let it be afraid third thing that you must do to break the great spirit of the grip of spirit of fear over your life is you have to renounce it you have to tell fear and faith in its face fear I want you out of my life fear you’re no longer part of me fear I trust God from now on I will not be afraid you have to renounce it and lusting is that whatever fear dominating your life those dominant thoughts of fear you have to replace it with God’s word you have to replace it with the promises of God so if you were afraid of dying you have to take the word of God saying that I will live and I will not die I will declare the goodness of God in my life if you were afraid of failure you have to declare God’s promise over your life of success that you will have good success that you will prosper in Jesus name if you are afraid to be alone God says it’s not good for men to be alone that God has somebody special for you you begin to declare God’s promises over your life if you’re afraid again that people will will uh disappoint you that they will maybe they’ll cheat on you they’ll abandon you you have to go into the promises of God you have to go into the word of God and find God’s promise God’s word for it find the fact that God will not leave you God will not forsake you target your fear specifically replace those thoughts of fear with thoughts of faith now again we’re not just believing for a positive outcome we believe in God and that’s the difference that’s the difference between us and the new age this is the difference between us and those people that are are just uh believing in you know um in a positive confession and and the power of the universe uh that’s the difference between us as Christians and hindus we don’t try to be a source to our own selves to our own positive thinking God is the source we believe God and we believe his word and that’s what gives us courage that’s what gives us strength to move forward and to do the exploits that called God called us to do how many of you ready to break off fear of your life if you are ready type break free break free break free if those of you on zoom if you’re ready to break off fear off of your life wave at me wait wait wait wait if you’re ready to leave your snare your trap that satan has kept you in today and you’re ready to step into the promised land to the to the promise that God has for you if you’re ready to take a step of faith if you’re tired of walking in fear but you want to be walking by faith righteous lives by faith not by fear listen things might come against you weapons might be formed against you floods might beat against you by your foundations the solid rock who is Jesus Christ who is God himself the God of universe that sustains the universe in the palm of his hand he can sustain you he can sustain your marriage he can sustain your relationship he can’t sustain your business and your finances he can and he will sustain you and even if things come against you he will turn it around and make it for you good and I declared it over your life in Jesus name I feel the presence of God in the anointing of God in this place there is anointing to break the spirit of fear and anxiety and every phobia right now from your life you must live free you must live by faith fear has no portion in your life in Jesus name.