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how dare you climb on top of my son how did you get into my house oh sure wherever my son goes michael’s simple dennis what what is this you gave your mom the keys to my house let me ask too many questions well that will not push us out from the real issue at hand do you want to make love to my son why climbing on top of him no can you tell me is that part of your plans to emasculate my son what in god’s name are you talking about daddy what is she talking about oh leave dennis out of this face me woman woman my son is not going to lie under a woman why trying to make love to her you have to lie on your back while my son climbs on top of you and makes love to you we don’t have all night lie down let him make love to you why are you standing there like that i’m sorry my but he’s still standing outside the office i thought i told the security not to let him anywhere near the premises um they kicked him out of the office building so he managed to find his way back to stand just at the gates actually he wasn’t causing any trouble so the security man lets him be that’s that’s fine he can stand there for eternity but i do not come in here talking to me about him again have you heard me yes ma’am yes excuse me boss i can’t stand dating that man anymore him and his mother him and his mother i don’t understand what do you mean listen i love dennis you know that but what’s his mother i mean she’s everywhere she’s everywhere in the relationship i have known that man eight months and i still can’t get to do anything with him without his mother hovering in the background cam i remember you telling me that this boy has been close to his mother ever since he was born i mean since his father ran out on them so why are you complaining about the closeness now you and your boyfriend about to make love and his mother decides to sit and watch excuse not only does she want to sit and water she also wants to tell how it is done no no no stop it that’s not true that sounds like a comedy lisa there’s nothing comic about this can’t happen in real life it happened to me whoa in my house oh girl i i i can’t i mean god knows i love that man i love dennis but his mother would drop him off at my house and come back to pick him up like he was some kid in kindergarten no way i’m telling you no freaking way what and dennis is comfortable with all of that you see that’s why i had a serious problem dennis didn’t seem to have any issues with the way his mother was manipulating his entire existence he was just okay i’m surprised i mean do men like that still exist girl if i wasn’t stuck in the middle of this sickening drama i would have thought the same thing but see that is why i want out but this guy will not leave me follows me everywhere he’s at my office he’s at my house everywhere give me my piece of advice you need to stay away from such a man i mean it’s one thing to manage a man adding his mother to the equation is too much a baggage for any woman to carry you say that again are you what’s that not speak to your son not today not any other day i want nothing to do with him my son loves you tell me do you know what that means i’m sure you’re going to tell me oh yes i will for my son to love you that means you are now taking a part of what belongs to me and me alone kimmy what are you talking about oh keep your tongue stuck to your mouth jeez don’t spit on me again wait did she just insult me lisa listen please i’m sorry okay let me just handle this myself i respect you because you were old enough to be my mother but do not let me throw that respect into the goddess i don’t need your respect don’t you get it you came from nowhere to steal the love my soul has for me and you expect me to be happy really you’re not happy you’re not happy your son loves me i love my son and he loves me too that love i won’t share with any other woman not even you good now you keep your son away from me you heard her what is wrong with you how dare you how dare you sit here and talk about another woman like that before me how dare you i gave back to you i went through hell to make sure you are living i spent my youth and all my life taking care of you i stopped living to ensure that you live you sit here and tell me you cannot live without another woman how dare you dennis how dare you i am the only woman you should ever love because i will stay i suffered for you i say from taking care of you when every other person run away don’t you ever forget that dennis don’t you forget that jojo take the car go out there and get a girl for my son tonight come back get me three beautiful trending girls i’ll pee i want them to spend a good time with my son this night concerned with dennis’s mother does the woman is destroying the man that i love i would gladly give my life a dentist but not with the mother hiding in the background and watching us like a hawk thank god i’m done with him let his mother continue keeping him like a personal food carpet i don’t care what am i doing this is the man i love here one might throw him away to the wolves shouldn’t i be trying to save him from the monster that is his mother i’m so confused right now so confused daddy dennis ah please open up please please please please please just just hear me out please please don’t don’t push me i beg you don’t worry i need to talk to you i want to speak with you please please it’s important i thank you kevin please please is your mother with you oh no no no no please please please thank you thank you so much thank you i’m sorry i’m really sorry i know how often offended you please look as i stand here with you right now i am willing to do everything it takes to make you happy please don’t push me away please please hey why are you here this time of the night oh i had to run off i had to run off i took one of the keys from the house and i ran off i came here because my mother my mother got three girls to come spend the night with me she wanted those girls to have sex with me tonight but i couldn’t do it hold on a minute your mother got three girls for you to sleep with i i suspect they are prostitutes you know she wants them to have sex with me so that i can forget all about you she knows she she she’s trying to to separate us but tell me i love you okay it is you that i want to be with please please find it in your heart forgive me but since i met you my life turned around i can’t i could i couldn’t do it i couldn’t do it i had to come here to be with you please trust me where i want to stay i want to stay here i want to stay with you please please please baby please just one time one time just one time one time baby i love you i love you too baby i want you to move in with me i want you to move in with me i mean this house is pretty much like your house anyway and i want us to start our lives together properly without the interference of your mom give me i i don’t know what to say you know i all my life i have lived with my mother you know she has always been around and we need to we need to get rid of her eric honestly i cannot i cannot do this with you with your mom always woven around us he’s everywhere you have to make a decision dennis it’s either me or your mom because this place is it is too small to do for the both of us to survive i mean i i i i can’t i turn right she’s there i don’t let she’s there before she’s dead okay okay okay can i think about it please please please baby let me think about it okay come on now smile for me okay he’s a grown-ass man why are you going to start talking to and about him like their daughter he is are you sure oh hey baby baby do you know the kind of pain you’ve cost me when i found that you’re not in your room last night i brought you some girls to have fun with do you want to kill your own mother do you want to kill me you’re causing me pain mom it’s okay it’s okay we are not going to talk about it here we’ll go home and then we’ll talk about it we’ll go to the car outside when we get home he’s not going anywhere with you this is this new home excuse me please let me not disrespect towards you i actually want you to come to like me and see that i am not i’m not trying to tear you on your son apart i love your son i love him so deeply and i want to spend the rest of my life with him i know you love me too but you cannot give him the kind of love that i can that is best for us baby you can imagine the kind of insults i’m taking from her all because of you baby please we have to surf this whole nonsense once and for all let’s just start going the car is parked outside maybe come let’s go did i just hear you right what did you say what did you say oh my gosh to start something with him grew with her please no no no no no no no you have to come with me you are my son i love you you have to come with me you will regret this it’s a promise you can explain i i think you’ve explained more than enough already how could you let this guy stay with you because i love him and i’m prepared to fight for him fights for him yes with his mother we’re not talking about you fighting with another girl over him what’s happening about his mother here i mean this is someone who enjoys being around his mother and he enjoys being around you well it was his personal decision to move into my house and not mine kemmie i think he made a mistake by allowing him come stay with you i mean a man like that needs a lot of time to get away from his mother’s breasts a lot of time well that is what i’m trying to do right that’s why i’m taking him out of his mother’s house so i can properly win him like you put it come on this is the man that i’m in love with and and all i’m trying to do is is help him to become a man and that’s the only way he can be useful to me well it’s clear you’ve already made up your mind about all this but always remember that you are fighting a woman as [ __ ] as dennis’s mother the same girl i understand your okay and i appreciate your concern but but i love this man i’m in love with him and you’re my best friend so so i need your support on this matter that’s fine you have my support a hundred percent still worried oh happy that i took the fool by points tell me this last two weeks of dennis being in my house has been nothing but absolute please i’m so happy for you anyway thank you darling so what about his mother has he made any contact to go see her ever since i living with you know that i know of except the woman comes to see him in the house when i’m not there but this girl he must have really walked your magic on that guy for me to just forget his mother like that if somebody talked like this son she knew me when i finished what i have to do to that man in the bedroom trust me he forgets everyone i want to make but she thinks it’s a good thing for him to forgive his mother why should i care girl that woman was emasculating the guy listen i don’t care about all that all i know is i am a happy woman i have my man all to myself and that’s all that matters that thing is just said it what about when you both decide to take it to another level you know things are bound to change right i don’t understand that you want to get married to doing this right of course so definitely things are bound to change i mean before you both can become man and wife you need to reconcile with his mother since she’s the only living relative he has according to what you told me besides he needs to work and end money i mean i like this you won’t continue to provide for room think about it okay think you doing to her son what are you doing oh my i i don’t understand what you’re talking about i thought you said you loved me you told me you loved me you told me many times you never allow anyone to come between two of us now i can see you never intended to keep that promise you do it what are you doing i’m so crying now don’t leave me let me cry let me let me cry i’ve been crying for the past two weeks that’s what i’ve been doing get to see you you’re watching me like this i trust all the eligible men coming for me i tested my weight off because of you i don’t want anything to take me away from you but what are you doing to me now what are you doing mom i’m not i’m not leaving you because because of kenny i love her i really love her yes she’s a good girl you know she’s a good girl okay since you said she’s a good girl why has she not allow you come and visit me even for once i well i you see has she ever mentioned my name to you no mom you see what i’m talking about she’s trying to separate us forever is that what you want no tell me that what you want mom nobody can separate us forever you’re my mother and i love you but um i love kevin too i love her and she’s doing a very fine job taking care of me mom you need to see how she takes care of me she papa has me she gives me food what i should eat she buys me things i mean she takes me out she buys me clothes she buys me stuff you know she makes me really really happy do you know that kevin’s like you okay if you say she’s just like me tell her you want to come and pay me a visit just for one day and see if she will agree okay i love this song i love you so much i love you i have spent my entire life taking care of you i don’t want any harm to come to you i love you please i don’t want to lose you i just don’t want to i lose you did you just say that i want to go now i want to answer my mother look at me now how might you want to go did i do something no you did not do anything wrong tell me you know it’s just that i have been here for what up to two weeks now and i have not seen my mother since that period and throughout i’ve just been here let me see her now okay i know what it is you miss your mom and that’s understandable maybe we should just you know hold on no no no can we know i want to go i want you to answer that jesus what is this what is what what is this i have left this house since morning and i had a rough day everything that i went through outside and and i come back to this what is all this so you don’t want me to go no no i do not want you to go i don’t want to see her no ah said it oh she said it she said what my mom was here today and she told me that if i tell you that i want to come and see her you refuse ah give me give me i’m sorry i’m sorry i yelled at you just calm down now i don’t want you to almost three weeks you wake up in the morning you know we do it in the night you come back i have to see my mother yes let me tell me you sounded like you don’t kill me had a fight is everything okay everything is fine i i just got tired of staying here i you know i need a change i want to go to my mother’s place your mom’s place yes yes did you and can we have a fight or not no we are not fighting i’m just you know i just want to go see my mother your mom dennis i don’t get it two weeks ago you told me you were moving out of your mom’s house you know we we celebrated we had a drink over it right now are you going back there yeah what’s the problem now can’t i miss my mom again guy does your baby me living there or not oh yeah she does so take me in there and introduce me to her why because i need to let her know she’s making the biggest mistake of her life letting you run off to your mom’s i’m looking are beginning to talk to me like when you are a child dennis you are you just you just have the body of a man but you have a child don’t insult me why are you insulting me because i told you i picked me up guy your mom is controlling you in ways that are really unhealthy she’s perfecting you for goodness sake i mean yes she did everything to raise you i agree but she doesn’t have the right to profit you like that enough okay enough please enough thank you very much now tell me are you going to drop me off at my mother’s place or you want me to catch a cab dennis you’re my guy i’ve known you since childhood well i’m married with three kids i still clinging onto your mom’s breasts i i don’t get it why you know enough can enough of your enough please are you going to take me to my mother’s place or not if you’re not going to take me just tell me so that i can catch a cab okay and thank you for also dropping me off i will catch a cab when i get to my mother’s house thank you dennis dennis thank you i prepared your favorite meal the moment you called you’re coming ah thank you mom thank you um do i look good or did i lose weight you need my meal a month yesterday the cat man that brought me he needs to be paid okay i’ll do just that thank you mom thank you thank you how can i help you my name is kenneth and i believe you all kimmy do i know you no not yet but i’m dennis’s best friend he called me out here last night to pick him and give him a ride but we kind of got into an argument and he left off angrily i’m just here to see him i’ll tell him what you mean dennis is not here he left last night too so his mom’s house i haven’t seen no hit from him what you mean in spite of everything i told him tell us to went up to his mom’s last night what is wrong with this boy you say you two are best friends yes we are we went to school together grew up in the same neighborhood best friends i see that means you’re just like him oh i oh i don’t understand what you mean by that what i mean to say is simple mr kenneth that if you and dennis are best friends then i take it you’re still living in your mom’s house eating off the palms of our hands because you do not have a job and you never have right wrong jimmy very wrong i’m a married man i live in my own house i’ve got two great kids and i run a very good business matter of fact i run a good business with 16 employees so does that answer your question sorry i’m so sorry i i had a rough night and i still haven’t still yet to recover from the the way denise just left me you see janice’s mom has always been extremely overprotective of her son i remember when we’re in high school she would drive dennis to school drop him off and she’ll still wait at the school gate till school closes you kidding i wish i was but i’m not i remember the first time a girl went to see dennis at home she got the beating of her life from dennis’s mom and her driver toto yeah jojo he’s been with her since he was a teenager is he married i mean does he have any family i ask because every time that i’ve gone to see dennis at his mom’s house i noticed he doesn’t say a word or react to anything other than dennis’s mom yeah that sounds very much like jojo frankly speaking nobody seems to know anything about jojo i don’t know if he has a family i don’t know anything about him except that he’s very loyal to dennis’s mom wow so i i have been wasting my time deceiving myself that i could could turn down the sense of demand that i would love to spend the rest of my life with kimmy do you love dennis with everything in me my spirit soul and bodies is my life then fight for your man dennis is a great guy you know i know he’s been messed up in the head by his mom you know and he’s only looking for the next convincing person to listen to but dennis is a great guy kenneth i don’t know jimmy fight for your man i’ve never heard dennis speak about any other woman as lovingly and as emotionally as it speaks about you don’t leave him kimmy fight for your mind i don’t like the way you handle yourself without this issue i can’t take it easy i can’t i mean dennis hasn’t been to my house for nine days nine more days maybe that’s because he doesn’t want you anymore why don’t you take it as a sign to just move on with your life i don’t get it do you i love this man i mean i love him i love him more than life i i need him what is wrong with you how do you love somebody who doesn’t love you he loves me dennis loves me i’m telling you his mother is the problem if you take the woman out of this equation i have him all to myself i’ll say it again i don’t like the way you handle yourself over this issue but i’ll suggest you go on a vacation you know just go somewhere far have fun stay by the poolside just pass it that is it once you hate what did i say i’m i’m ready to go out so where i’m i’m going now with kelly no and what do you mean no i said no no but i told you now i told you we talked about it now i’ll be going over coming today you know if you remember i told you that she wants to take me shopping she wants to buy very nice nicest things dennis if you step out of this house i’ll break your head mom mom don’t spoil my joy now please let me go now i said no that’s fine what is my life how big how dare you want me to play your spirit against me listen dennis is my son i own him not you not any other girl i have come here to give you my final warning this nonsense has got to stop i must come now if i see you if i see you anywhere around jesus i swear i will kill you i have played with him long enough and the games are over if you come anywhere in jealous again i will make sure you disappear from the face of this airplane run run run far away don’t dance keep an eye on my son on no account must he leave this house without you with him if that harlot who calls herself kemi comes close to my son or close to this house make sure you let me know i will plug her eye and give to the dog okay tell me you tell me what to do tell me what to do to get my mind back locked yes in his mother’s house for a day i’ve got several times for him he’s fully switched up i will drop but i also saved my location just to see if i could get a glimpse of him for nothing he is i’m telling you you have to help me because i’m losing my fight calm down okay just calm down i can help you get a message across the dentist you can i will lingua it’s been a while it’s been a while with sorak you look a bit fatter your stomach is even rounder oh god juju uh okay anyways uh is dennis in i’m here to see dennis daddy’s amazing that’s good i’m good bro wow yeah it’s really worth it good to see you i just thought to just pop off from walking see you briefly before oh good mom good morning how are you i’m fine thank you you look good as always thank you we are trying to take good care of ourselves yes so how are you i’m i’m good ma i’m fine uh dennis yes uh do you mind let’s move just sharply see elsa we have some small business you know to talk about ah oh business i like business yes ma i know you do but you know it’s just some quick guy talk you know i won’t take much of his time then feel free to discuss the business right here dennis is trying to discuss the business in front of me he’s fine right dennis you’re fine right yes yes it’s okay you can’t talk now okay you can talk there is fire on the mountain there is fire on the mountain and genesis in the middle of that fire what happened i’m still shocked at what i saw there dennis’s mom would let him out of her sight not for one second she sat down there beside us the whole time i tried to talk to him and then i suggested to take him out so we could talk privately but she refused she insisted on going with us to talk what i’m still in shock coming it’s very obvious that woman won’t let dennis out of my sight not for one second not one oh god baby he must be so sad sad i disagree with you cammy i beg to differ dennis didn’t look sad at all matter of fact he looked very contented with having his mother there beside us it’s hopeless i’m telling you nothing good can happen except we get dennis out of that house and we have to help him you have to help me please get it please listen to me i know i talk to you about trying to help dennis out of out of this messaging but from what i saw today nobody can help dennis not even you kimmy no no please don’t please don’t say that listen and listen to me real good you can only help somebody who wants to be helped you don’t force a horse to the river and frosty to drink still dennis cannot be helped by anybody so just forget about danny scammy forget about dennis move on with your life find love elsewhere you need to move on i’ve lost him i’ve lost tennis forever what happened again his mother she has him on the lock and key dennis doesn’t go anywhere without her and then it’s all my fault i mean i shouldn’t have let him go back there not after all i went through to get him out of the house in the first place give me what’s the matter with you why are you tearing yourself up because of this guy because i love him and does he love you as much as you do yes well if he does he’ll stand up and fight for your love so you don’t get it my dennis is not the problem it’s his mother she has she has brainwashed him she has colored his brain and then turned him against me the mother stunned my dennis my poor baby into a weep what is wrong with you his mother is controlling him and you’re trying to do the same thing yes listen you know what you’ve overstayed you’re welcome it’s time for you to leave what you heard me i said get out of my house get out and stay out love shall be celebrated if it causes you too much pain and makes your life miserable then you walk away from it don’t let this love for dennis destroy your life my dear friend please thanks for your advice but keep it to yourself and leave i said leave so you do doing you’re supposed to be sleeping sorry rest why are you no resting really yes so this was the plan what to come and meet me in my most vulnerable state and dump me like some roadside pilots no no okay no no look that’s no flight okay let’s not fight you know i love you i didn’t i didn’t come here for us to fly you you know i i came here because you told me that you miss me and i miss you too that’s why i came so just told you that i miss you yes that’s all um dennis that is why do you why’d you always make me feel like i am having an affair with a six-year-old boy you’re talking like that now i’m not a six-year-old boy i’m not a six-year-old boy don’t talk to me like that i don’t appreciate that that is so true because your actions your behavior is worse than that of your six-year-old you know what i’m done dennis you win you and your mother you put me i’m done with this with this nonsense go back to your mother suck your new mother series if that would give you some selfish what are you doing there courses go to your room and stay there i’m not going to my room how dare you dennis i didn’t speak with you mohammed you have to listen to me how dare you talk back at me you want to speak to me and i have to listen is that what that evil can ask you to say when you come now i need you to listen to me i love you mom i love you so much i love you with all of my heart but i love kevin you a stupid boy that is the kind of life i give to you every young man of your age are killing you tell me why are you pioneering with one stupid girl when i can arrange thousands of girls for you every single night i do not want a hundred girls i want kevin she is the one that i love she is the one that i want to deal with if you truly love me like you have always told me that you do and let me be with the one woman that i have come to love with all of my heart you belong to me you will stay with me until death do you understand me only that can separate us don’t let me lay thousand curses on you and blacklist you from everything that i own now get inside and stay there until i decide otherwise are you sure you can handle that because i know you love him so so deeply i have no choice keeping him with me when he’s not ready to be a man it’s just me taking him from his mother’s house to create another place like his mother’s house in my own house just just take it easy okay so why is my son dennis daddy ma please that is that is that is where is my son i want my son your son is not here please and stop shouting i need to go to work i want my son i want my son can you understand i noticed my son did not sleep in his room throughout the night why is my son i want my son i want my son for the very last time your son is not here he came here last night and i sent him back to you that should make you happy right no no i don’t believe you i don’t believe you you are a liar hello my son was fine before you came into our life to destroy the peace and happiness we share together happiness you shield the happiness you shared that was built on a false foundation you’ve raised your son to be a boy even though he’s an adult you raise him up to be a [ __ ] all because you needed to ensure that he was kept by your side forever and you think that it’s love but it’s not love true mother’s love is one that makes a mother raise her son to be a man good enough to love another woman in future it is the love that makes a mother train her daughter to be a woman good enough for a man now anything besides that is wrong if you know what is good for you one more step towards mikiji and your obituary will be announced before the end of tuesday don’t dare me i have much time to talk here let’s get down straight to business kiki do you really want to see your son and in good condition did you so you have my son yes i have him and if you don’t do what i asked you to do i am going to kill him where is my son what do you want what’s going on papa who are these people what’s going on here juju you have a child you have a child that you didn’t mention her to me god i thought i knew you all that’s why i’m beginning to feel like you’re feeling shy so foolish indeed narema how are you today i’m trying papa you haven’t come to see me any weekend i’m not being worried don’t worry my dear everything will be settled today you are going to get that man of your dreams today is he here you brought him here yes oh my god can someone please just tell me what the hell is going on kidnapping is a serious crime in this country in case you do not know hey oh my god mom oh my god okay hit me up get me out of here is shut up i am sick and tired of this drama if you don’t release my song i will destroy you your son is the reason why we are all here my son just three years ago he promised my daughter marriage and today he is going to fulfill that promise this is a this is a joke right tell me this is not a joke woman look at my daughter very well you may not remember her quickly because she’s now the shadow of herself take a close look at her very well you have to remember her i don’t know her i’ve never seen her in my entire life i don’t know her you of all girls you dennis is dead in you come on we’ve been dating for more than six months now and he even promised me marriage then it’s my son promise you marriage are you stupid don’t you know when young boys want to get in between the ladies like they will tell her whatever she likes to hear this is not a joke ma dennis loves me don’t step your feet into that compound you just get out of my sight get out of this utility now i remember her face but so what she’s among the girls that is stupid around my son really she is my daughter my only child you destroy her and turn her into a reckless i never knew she was a daughter why is it hard for you to comprehend that you have destroyed the lives of a lot of young women kiki my daughter is the one that will destroy you today this does not concern me people it’s true this doesn’t contain me i i’m done with dennis i’ve broken up with him i have nothing to do with him anymore so i’m just going to walk out of here like nothing happened and i pretend i didn’t see anything not so fast again you are going to witness the marriage between my daughter and dennis right here a beautiful girl you’re still very young is this what you want a forced marriage to a man that doesn’t love you will your father chase the both of you for the rest of your lives with his gun jojo i know you love your daughter and you’re doing all this for her but do you do you really think it is in her best interest to carry on with this more creative marriage this nonsense must stop animal stop this minute what do you all know you don’t know anything about me and my son i don’t have any regret or whatsoever before i brought him up his father was a rich man before he died he rejected my pregnancy my parents also rejected my pregnancy because they felt i brought shame to them i was supposed to abort him but now i suffered i suffered i went through hell to help him and raise him up i can close my eyes and see another woman take him away from me no that is where you’re getting drunk much nobody wants to take your son away from you you shouldn’t be in a competition over loving your son the love your son has for you is safe because no other woman could give him the kind of love that you have but keeping him under your armpits would only destroy him can’t you see this woman is right papa dennis never treated me well all the time we were together it was always longer when the background somewhere let’s go let’s leave them alone to do whatever they want with themselves are you sure about this yes yes yes i’m ready to leave again yes let’s go don’t leave me here don’t leave me like this please i beg you please please get me you don’t need me i need you you need your mother let her fix what she broke goodbye carry please oh i’m glad you you still remember my name it’s been a long time you know the last time i saw you was at jojo’s house with your back to me telling me to suck myself out fix my life i i took your advice yes i did what’s up let’s go was that someone that used to be important but not anymore let’s go baby okay oh dennis tell me how’d he go i lost him you what just i love stuff forever man i’ve lost me a little mind that i truly love i lost her mom i lost her i lost her to someone else i lost the only woman that i have truly loved because the only thing that you did mother was ensure that you led me down the path of destruction that is the only thing that you did the only thing that you did was to take it away from me the one thing that i desired so much mother the only thing that you did was to break my heart in so many ways that was the only thing that you did but i am leaving you oh yes i will leave you because after this time i can’t stay here and still see you you.