SYP Movie: Luigi’s Trap!

Mar 19, 2021 20:30 · 1609 words · 8 minute read

*My Intro music plays. * and i can’t wait to drink that water bottle ah hey mario what is it luigi uh i want to show you something not now okay open that what about that he’ll see oh my god what do you want luigi i’m gonna show you this thing i killed him why would you kill shark puppet that’s murdering i want to call 9-1-1 no put on put on your hand okay there’s the gear on okay oh cheese yeah i really stumbled on stupidity look yeah yeah i’m so stupid okay i’ll put it on oh my god luigi why uh okay luigi check it out would you eyes aren’t coming off uh come on what do you do i already caught you you put glue why did you put glue in it why so i have to go on the bench and see princess oh come on luigi you have to you have to do it there have to be the way to get out of this thing i’m gonna go okay let’s go find the way out oh oh yeah i can’t darling grab a dollar ah forget it oh what are we going to do now uh oh i know phony follow me all right luigi try to cut it off okay all right he’s not working oh come on what could it work then okay follow me okay oh man i left with my new big so much i’m gonna eat it’s just herbs okay look at them okay that was good tootsie rolls that was delicious i’d love to see rose oh wait i love my i lost it already but good thing i have sour patch kids that’s delicious that’s delicious okay oh i’m so full okay i don’t think i’m not gonna eat anymore oh oh oh i’m so full okay i’m just going to go to sleep i guess all right luigi this will be the way to karate this oh we can crowd this in half oh wait luigi mario luigi why your voice looks different okay that’s better okay okay mario how are we going to do that okay right now three two one ah didn’t work let’s turn on the light we just lamp okay oh ow that didn’t work okay yeah let’s go back to the couch let’s go yeah i know hey there we go luigi oh yeah why am i behind you i don’t know i could lay on you okay sorry about you how are we going to get out oh i know follow me okay all right sorry would you creepy i need ah so what we’re going to do yeah we can’t find something on the stove okay okay oh chica are you sleeping okay oh come on luigi where are we going to find it oh joycon controller hey mickey what what do you want what do you two want um can you find a way you have to get unstuck get the final way to get unstuck i don’t know okay it has to be the way uh okay oh no oh well i guess i’ll do all right oh come on that didn’t work sorry champs didn’t work guys where are you oh hey pikachu okay youtube i heard that that mario and luigi’s stuck inside a shark puppet yeah follow me wait before that can i use the restroom yes you may okay oh boy now follow me oh hey guys i’m back from the bathroom what does pikachu doing oh he’s sleeping it’s so hard to get this thing oh my luigi is stuck yes we are we are stuck we trying to get out of this thing luigi kills shark puppet are you okay okay pikachu pikachu pikachu wake up pikachu go give you a treat come on oh that didn’t work we were so close yeah you know come on guys we have another plan okay guys okay okay okay okay one is okay okay when i count to three you pull push this cop down all right maybe you’ll hit us and i will pop out this trap okay here we go three two one luigi trap for real try again try again okay three two one pikachu we’re stuck yep okay okay okay so uh let’s go try new okay let’s go somewhere else he’s dead try another plan come on guys go to the bathroom wait guys no no i made a mistake and not that bathroom right there the computer oh okay you gotta wait for this boot up um this is done booting up um who knows how to type uh we do we do we do we do we know we don’t have to type it i think we should let pikachu try no let us try we’ll do anything your hands are stuck in the shirt remember okay yeah crying okay okay i want your pikachu what letter would possibly press okay is this okay all right pikachu just move us out of the way okay press spacebar crap there’s a password okay i know the password is zero okay nine one one one one here it is oh god don’t tell me if this happening pikachu oh god don’t show me this happening forever to forget about you oh my back a wacko huh what a funeral oh my head why luigi why [ __ ] why why why luigi why come on let’s go in the bed i want to see a trick okay luigi got unstuck he’s lucky he’s a freaking lucky ass hole right okay everybody pull harder everybody do the same thing you did come on guys come on four three two one shut up where’s black mickey in the air oh i’m going to hospital go to the hospital don’t tell me why i hope you go down to hell please don’t leave me alone please please i don’t think if you can’t hear mickey would you calm down calm down please run stuck how many hours do you have to live hmm we need to think come on guys we need to figure we the figure we need to figure out guys guys come on we need to think we need to think guys stink i guess you got something oh we need to find a way to bring him back hello i am the doctor oh what do you want chica i am the doctor now where’s your dollar go get it go get it before you die don’t worry so um it says right here um you saw you hit his head bones do everything or not wait why is nuts oh come on go go go go go get everything that’s where he is oh god he’s dead he’s coming in three two oh it looks like he’s gone [ __ ] you know and went back to live yes you are and your friends want to come in give me a dollar fine hold on hurry up i already to wait my heart rate’s here i guess doctors don’t need the iv i got you down thanks for the dollar piece of [ __ ] yeah i got the dollar yeah yeah yeah hold on your friends want to come see you oh boy guess so what got a dollar yay yay can i go can we go home now okay okay let’s go home yeah ice ice cream wait do you see his first word ice cream okay yeah yeah yes we you say your first word come on come on let’s go get ice cream guys let’s go oh yeah let’s go go guys go home why you forgot the dollar come on let’s grab a dollar mickey you’re rich yeah do you see your first word ice queen okay bye see ya if someone’s in a coma okay delicious ice cream yeah i guess i’m saying ice cream you piece of [ __ ] i’m mickey mouse where you’re going what is he doing on our house how do you get inside of our house okay okay big family yeah good dude i got a dollar you couldn’t buy monkey you can’t buy ice cream money money okay come on guys go buy another ice cream yeah yeah let’s go give me ice cream too no please fine yeah come on guys let’s go to the store get some more ice cream or go to the ice cream truck okay so who should take the money pikachu pikachu oh hello little cute thing what do you want ice five ice creams please oh since you’re so cool i’ll give you i’ll give it to you for free that was a good ice cream guys we got another one that was so good yeah i know chica we didn’t get free ice cream psych oh okay okay there’s one for you one for you okay wait wait where do you ate them all where are we ready okay yeah let’s end the video i guess subscribe and like the video yeah subscribe and comment down below subscribe comment down below if you want pikachu yeah okay okay okay and turn around on vacation so you don’t make us miss another video and also a new channel is kind of called the gaming plush really you don’t know how to create counts all right and i hope you enjoyed and i hope you enjoyed the pika video okay thanks for watching goodbye i tricked them the ice cream was poisonous what.