Ramaiya Vastavaiya full movie

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Hello. Hello. Okay, sir. Okay.

02:30 - Raghuveer, You’re still awake. Surprisingly, For the first time in seven years, lam seeing you smile.

02:47 - You will be released tomorrow That’s why you are happy, isn’t it? I’ll be seeing my sister after a long time.

02:56 - Can’t explain how happy I am. You really love your sister, Don’t you? - Yes! In all these years, you never met your family Neither did you speak to them, You’re a good man How you landed up here? I have spent seven years in this jail.

03:16 - But, my story dates back even longer. I was just 11 years old.

03:21 - I was visiting the temple with my mother and younger sister.

03:24 - He’s my son Raghuveer and my daughter Sona.

03:29 - Please make an offering in their name, Priest.

03:31 - Sure dear. Mom, you promised to take me to my father.

03:38 - That’s where we’re going, son. Here’s the offering.

03:44 - Won’t you offer the coconut, dear? I completely forgot, Priest. - Do it now.

03:49 - ‘My mother used to say’ ‘. . a rotten coconut brings bad luck. ’ ‘And, that’s exactly what happened. ’ ‘My father had married someone else. ’ ‘He humiliated my mother. ’ - Get out of here! ‘And broke all ties with us. ’ ‘My mother couldn’t take this betrayal. ’ ‘She was completely shattered. ’ ‘She kept weeping the entire day with us in tow. ’ ‘And, left us forever. ’ Mother. Mother.

04:29 - What happened? Who is she? She’s my mother.

04:35 - She’s dead. - Dead! Pay your homage.

04:52 - Here you go, Priest. - Bless you. Stop! Who put this tomb here? This field belongs to them.

05:05 - Why are you bothered? I own this field.

05:08 - His mother had taken a loan from me. So, the council has decided, I can seize this field.

05:14 - Get rid of this tomb, now! I’ll repay your debt.

05:19 - Don’t break my mother’s tomb. He says he will repay your debt.

05:25 - Give him a chance. At first, his father eloped.

05:30 - Then his mother died. He’s still a kid. How will he repay my debt? He’ll plough the field and pay you back. - Him? I’ll toil day and night.

05:39 - And repay your entire debt. Otherwise, I will repay your debt.

05:44 - Fine. Every year the involvement should reach me on time.

05:49 - Its installment, not involvement. - Whatever.

05:53 - Let’s go. Sir! Don’t cry, Sona.

06:40 - Mother used to say, that star is you and that’s me.

06:52 - Come on. Come on. Don’t worry, Raghu.

08:56 - Your sister’s going to top her exams. Break the coconut.

09:18 - Wow! There’s a flower inside. She’s definitely going to excel now.

09:30 - Sona. Sona. Your books. Hey! Be careful.

10:14 - You know she’ll drop them if you interrupt her.

10:18 - Gauri, its my exam today, I won’t need them.

10:21 - Take them along, Sona. You can score better if you copy.

10:24 - You’re too much. - Is it? Let’s go.

10:28 - You remember everything, right? - Yes. Concentrate on your studies.

10:32 - And, do well in your exams. - Yes. Why don’t you go with her? - Why? How many times will you tell her. .

10:38 -. . “Do good, do good. . ” Hey! A hottie just boarded the earlier bogie.

10:46 - Sena’s always done well. . Where did he go? “You’ve cast a spell on me. ” “My heart’s fallen for you. ” “Baby, I love you. ” Come on.

11:12 - “Baby, I love you. ” “Baby, I love you. ” Nice song. You sound good too.

11:22 - But teasing girls is wrong. What did he say? Wrong! Who are you to interfere? Move! See that! I’ll stab you with this.

11:34 - What the… Check… and mate. Someday I’ll definitely beat you.

12:49 - I’m also waiting for that day. Hello Uncle.

12:53 - I heard your sister’s taking her college exams. - Yes.

13:00 - She’s pretty intelligent and smart girl. - Yes.

13:09 - Sona. Not again, brother. Sona, you see those stars in the sky. .

13:19 - That one’s me and the other one’s you. Mother used to say that, correct? That means, after Sena’s marriage. .

13:26 -. . One of the star will disappear. Mind your own business.

13:30 - And. . Brother, shall I take the eggs to the market tomorrow? Yes.

13:35 - But be careful. I didn’t say that to her.

13:42 - You keep dropping stuff. I dropped it only twice today.

13:47 - Hello! - Priest, what brings you here at this hour? After a long search, I’ve found a suitable match for Sona.

13:57 - He works on a big post in a big American company.

14:05 - Then, he’ll definitely take his bride along.

14:08 - Of course, in a big airplane. . This offer’s too big for us.

14:17 - I don’t accept it. Huh! Anyone else would’ve pounced on this opportunity.

14:26 - I don’t want a prince for my sister. Then? I want a boy that can stay here and look after her.

15:29 - Hey, Ram! Where are you? - On the beach. On the beach, with the girls? All by yourself.

15:35 - You didn’t invite me. You’ve become selfish. - Hello.

15:39 - Hello. - Hello. That’s my trick. This is what I do when your mom scolds me.

15:46 - Hello. I can’t hear you. - Okay. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. - Thanks, dad.

15:53 - Wow! He heard this though. I heard you made a donation. .

16:00 -. . To the Royal Australian Orphanage. It’s a petty amount.

16:03 - 10,000 Dollars. You call that a petty amount.

16:08 - You could’ve spent that money for PR activities.

16:11 - Could’ve thrown a party for your business colleagues.

16:14 - Think about the profits. We anyways throw parties.

16:19 - Stop wasting money on useless things. You knowl don’t like it.

16:32 - Hi, dad. Bad mood. Tell me.

16:39 - I’m your best friend. Mom yelled at you again? Thank you very much. - Why? For not asking whether she beat me up or not.

16:50 - You know how she is, then, why the long face? - I’m not upset.

16:56 - Do you know why the world’s greatest philosopher was happy? Because he knew how to tolerate his tormenting wife.

17:04 - Angry bird! Hello. It wasn’t for you.

17:11 - I was talking about Socrates’ wife. Hello, brother-in-law.

17:14 - Krishnakant speaking. How are you? - Trying to get along with your sister.

17:20 - Whats new in that. It’s your brother from India.

17:25 - Hello. - Sister. Yes, brother. - How are you? How are you? - Everything is good.

17:30 - So what’s new? Too many things, but the biggest news is. .

17:34 -. . Ria’s getting engaged on the 14th of this month.

17:39 - So soon! Was she in love? - Exactly.

17:43 - I objected but she cried, so I had to agree.

17:47 - But is the boy from a good family? I mean, are they rich? That’s exactly why I agreed.

17:55 - Listen. Reach here as soon as you can.

17:58 - Because you only have to look after the arrangements.

18:00 - And… Don’t forget to tell brother-in-law.

18:02 - And. . - Hello, aunt. -Yes, dear Ria speaking. - Congratulations. How are you? Fine, aunt, Bring Ram along too.

18:12 - We haven’t met since our childhood. Sure, dear. Bye.

18:16 - Ram. - Yes, mom. Ram. We’re going to India.

18:20 - India! India! - You aren’t going. Why? - You’ve to attend a conference in US.

18:27 - Don’t you remember? - Oh yeah. America, Yo! Stop! Brother.

18:39 - Ria, how are you? Chocolate for you, brother.

18:44 - You never forget to get the chocolate, do you? Welcome the bride. - Bride? When are you getting married? Next Friday. That’s just 15 days. - Right.

18:55 - And, you are both invited. Of course.

18:58 - We’ll reach there two days in advance. J ust two days? I have come here to take Sona right now.

19:05 - Now? - Of course Sona, when would you expect me to come over. .

19:09 -. . For your marriage? I don’t know, ask brother.

19:14 - Brother! How many days before, you expect me to come for Sena’s marriage? At least 15 days. - Right.

19:24 - My marriage is just 15 days later. I’m just like your sister.

19:28 - Please send her along. Please, brother.

19:32 - Please. Actually, I have never sent her alone anywhere.

19:38 - She has also never stayed apart from you. But you will have to send her along.

19:42 - Please, brother. Please. Please. Please.

19:47 - You want to go, Sona? I won’t, if you say no.

19:55 - Go on. Be careful! Hey my coconut, give me my money.

21:31 - Hey! Hi, I’m Ram. What’s up, beautiful? May I know your name please? Paro. - Hi.

21:37 - Dad. Mom! Ram! Look what a big bouquet I brought for you.

23:37 - I… I am Bijli. Biim Nephew.

23:51 - Nephew. Uncle. - My dear! Put your leg down.

23:57 - That’s enough. He’s naughty! What is he doing? Who is this beauty and the beast? She’s my distant relative.

24:14 - Her too. And I’m a close one. You. .

24:26 - Why aren’t you saying anything? Tell me, even a vegetable vendor in Australia speak English? It’s okay. Don’t say a word.

24:34 - The policeman, maid, fruit-seller, cleaner, everyone speaks English? What’s your problem? - I’ve a bad stomach.

24:44 - So, why are you telling me? - You just asked, what’s my problem.

24:58 - Bijli. Who’s that? - Ria? Rial I’m not Ria. - Why? I’m Ria’s friend. - Why didn’t you say that earlier? It’s okay.

25:38 - Mistakes are common at this age. No need to apologize.

25:41 - Oh! Anklet. Ram. Rial How are you? - Fine.

25:51 - Please. She’s. . - I know she’s your friend.

25:54 - I mistook her for you, and hugged her like this. .

25:56 - Rial What are you doing? She doesn’t like all this.

26:01 - So, what does she like? - Ria, where are you? Coming.

26:06 - Come on, Ram. Come on. Ram! No, monkey.

26:14 - So what’s your name? I know you won’t tell me.

26:19 - My name’s Ram. I’m from Australia. People say, boys who come from out of India are spoilt, manner less, crooks and conmen.

26:31 - They’re right. I am exactly like that.

26:34 - So beware. Where’s the sugar? Sugar. .

26:47 - Sugar. . What happened? Why are you so scared? - I thought that monkey’s back.

26:53 - Who? - The one who has come from Australia.

26:59 - He was raised in Australia. Not every foreigner is so spoilt.

27:04 - It’s not his fault, its his parents… . Who raised him like this.

27:09 - If I ever meet his parents, I will question them face-to-face.

27:13 - Isn’t it correct aunt. Do you know who you are talking to? Ria’s aunt.

27:23 - That Australian monkey is her son. - Is it? “Hold. . ” Need some sugar.

27:52 - That’s better. “Everyone lacks a little sweetness. ” Let’s go.

28:03 - Welcome. How are you, dear? - Fine.

28:08 - Hello, sister-in-law. - Hello. He’s my partner in the construction business. - I see.

28:13 - JP. Jai Prakash. Oh Yes. He was with the Central Ministry for 20 years.

28:18 - Please don’t. . She’s my sister Ashwini. - From Australia.

28:21 - Hello. Aunt. - She is the one with the son? Yes. - You promised that her son and my. . - Right, right.

28:28 - Then introduce me to him. Let’s go in first.

28:30 - Come in. Let’s go. Sona, look at this. - Nice.

28:43 - I have got the news from the kitchen. . That you called me a monkey. - No! Australian monkey.

28:48 - WOW! My mistake. Should’ve called you a Gorilla.

28:53 - Rial There he is. Get lost.

29:16 - Hi. I’m Dolly. - Hi. Hi, I’m Bijli.

29:20 - Bijli. Bijli. - Whatever. Come on. Let’s dance. - Sure.

29:28 - Ouch. Everyone in India wear saris and salwars.

29:36 - And it’s so colorful. Okay, dad. Take care.

29:39 - Got to go. What are you doing in my room? This is my room. Get out! Sorry. My mistake.

29:50 - Did you see anything? - No, I. . Just get out. - Thank God! Nice horse.

29:58 - Don’t touch that. Hey! My brother gifted me that.

30:20 - Please! Your brother gave it to you? Get out of here! - Okay.

30:51 - I have a doubt. I troubled you so much.

30:56 - Any other girl would’ve slapped me. But you didn’t.

31:02 - Does that mean. . Something-something. - What? Something-something. - Nothing.

31:19 - “Touch me… Touch me. ” “Hold me… Hold me. . ” Ram. You’re nude. - Now, you’re nude.

31:31 - I didn’t knowl could have that effect on women.

31:36 - “Touch me… Touch me. ” Let’s begin.

31:39 - Where’s Ram? - Must be around. Dear. Ram.

31:51 - Ram. Tell her to get close to Ram. What’s wrong? Don’t worry, She’ll get too close for comfort.

32:11 - “Let’s see… ” “Who’s got the strength. ” “Keep a firm foot ahead. ” “My friend. ” This jacket belongs to that Australian monkey.

32:32 - Rial Now I’ll show you. Mogam bo’s pleased! I hate your name! “Let’s see… ” “Who’s got the strength. ” Ram! Have you seen Ram around? - No.

33:28 - But he isn’t there. Hi. - Hi. Hi, Dolly. - You naughty.

33:34 - So there you are. - No. Here I am. Okay, listen.

33:39 - Don’t make any plans for the evening. My friends are coming over. Okay.

33:45 - Ram. They’re my friends. Radhika. Rashmi.

33:49 - Pooja and Aanchal. This is my bermuda, my t-shirt and that’s my slippers.

33:55 - Shut up and get back. You keep working the entire day.

34:01 - Come and sit here. WOW! But I didn’t make this.

34:09 - That’s why he liked it. She’s fuming.

34:13 - So, who was I talking about? - Ram. Ram! Ram’s dad is amongst top 500 billionaires of Australia.

34:22 - A big mansion. 100 acres of a plush estate.

34:26 - And a private chartered plane. You’re not too far-off either, Dolly.

34:31 - Of course. My dad’s a billionaire too. We’ve ministers for breakfast.

34:35 - Actors for lunch. And builders for evening snacks.

34:39 - Does your father run a mess? Don’t mess with me.

34:44 - So Ram’s a billionaire and so am I. In fact, we all are rich.

34:50 - We’ve everything. But what about you? - I’m rich too.

34:56 - Really? What do you have? We’ve a small house back in the village.

35:01 - 10 acres land. 20 bulls. 25 cows. 40 hens and 100 goats.

35:07 - But I also have a brother… . Who loves me more than his life.

35:14 - And his love is invaluable for me. Sona. Let’s go. - Yes.

35:24 - Bye, Ram! - Bye sona. What are you looking at? Don’t know how, but Everyday I see something new in Sona.

35:38 - But why? - She’s something. Something-something.

35:46 - Sena’s finished her studies. Get her married this year.

35:50 - I will, if I find a good match. Yes.

35:55 - My son’s done his graduation in farming. We’ve been getting proposals from affluent families.

36:02 - But… he wants to marry your sister. Do you have an objection? Sona. . - Oh! You want to take her consent.

36:18 - And I will have to consult sir too. - Yeah right.

36:35 - Why are you crying on such a happy occasion? Soon my daughter will also get married and leave for Australia.

36:41 - You think pretty positive. What are you doing? I’ve already brought tickets to Australia.

36:57 - Hello. Now, I’ll read out the wedding invitation.

36:59 - Sri Krishnakant Bhargav’s daughter Ria. Who is that? Sri Krishnakant Bhargav’s daughter Ria.

37:05 - Who is that? Sri Krishnakant Bhargav’s daughter Ria.

37:08 - Priest. Please carry on. Sri Krishnakant Bhargav’s daughter Ria.

37:12 - Stop this nonsense. Why did you stop? - He asked me to stop.

37:17 - Please continue. Continue. Continue.

37:20 - Excuse me. Excuse me. Hi. When are you getting married? - What? I’ve a friend.

37:29 - He’s got 10 hens, 4 bulls and a horse. He’ll be a perfect match for you.

37:34 - Tea. Bijli. What’s the time? I don’t have a watch.

37:42 - You don’t have a brain either. - I know. Let’s go there. - Yes, let’s go.

37:49 - Sister. You just made this party come alive. - Thank you.

37:55 - You’re the star of this party. Why are you repeating the old lines, say something new. - That’s very nice of you.

38:01 - Only one thing is missing. - What’s that? What’s this? - A small, petty necklace.

38:11 - Looks pretty expensive though. . It just cost 2. 5 million.

38:15 - You’re trying to butter. This wasn’t required. - It’s okay.

38:22 - Every time I see them together. I feel happy, sister.

38:27 - I feel really content. But I feel like puking. I can’t stand it.

38:36 - Hi, guys. . - People call me Bijli Gaga. . Hey, everyone.

38:41 - This is Ram. My boyfriend. - Hey. Come closer, Ram.

38:50 - Get off me, you dirty pig. Pig loves you! Pig loves you! Shiraz said that. - No, baby, it was Prabhu.

39:00 - No, it was Mr. Kumar. So, cuddling up! spoilsport! WOW! Hi! She’s my best friend.

39:26 - And she’s Rinki and Jazz. . - Hi. Ma’am, the buffet’s ready.

39:29 - You talk to them, I shall be back. Ok? - Okay.

39:32 - Nice party, isn’t it? - Yeah. Why are you following me? - My wish.

39:46 - Come to the side. Put some chicken pieces and. . - Go away.

39:54 - What would people say? That’s why I am saying, come to the side. - I won’t.

40:02 - Your zip is open. You’re lying. You’ve a mole ten inches below your neck. Right? “Stranger, don’t leave me. ” I told you. .

40:24 - Your friend’s calling you. What happened? It’s stuck.

40:38 - Come on. Thanks. What? - You’re a monkey, but a nice one.

41:05 - What? You praised me. Not bad. Something? - Nothing.

41:13 - Something-something. Nothing-nothing.

41:20 - Yes. Dance with me? Wow! Somethi ng-somethi ng? Something-something.

45:23 - He was my friend in college. He gave me champagne to drink on his birthday party.

45:31 - I was slightly drunk. He was shooting me.

45:37 - And was also trying to kiss me. Now he’s trying to black-mail me with that clip.

45:48 - He’s asked Ria for money and her jewellery.

45:52 - Otherwise, he’ll upload the clip on the internet.

45:54 - That clip’s on his I-pad. Is this what you meant by “Something-something”.

46:05 - Only someone of our age can understand our problem.

46:08 - I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I talked to you.

46:34 - Let’s search. - Yes. That way. What now? Watch me.

47:20 - Brother! Why didn’t you close the door? Why didn’t you do it? Did you have to yell so loud? But I. . - Wait.

47:40 - Pass me that bottle of shampoo. You want to take a bath now? What now? Watch him run away.

47:55 - He’s dangerous. Get down. Get down.

48:00 - Think about getting out of here. Idea! You go this way.

48:06 - The dog will chase you. And I’ll escape from her with the I-pad.

48:11 - Was that a joke? - No, I’m serious. Then why don’t you go out. - Hey! He’ll bite you.

48:20 - I like it. I totally like it. Madam. Take a seat.

48:40 - Go ahead. Keep it on my head. Chill.

48:52 - What now? - Sing a song! You like my voice so much.

48:57 - It will shoo away the dog. Turn it off.

49:33 - Turn it off. It’s my phone. Hey, Lisa.

50:01 - I’m in the bathroom taking a shower. Call you later.

50:06 - She’s my girlfriend. - I didn’t ask. I thought you might.

50:12 - Doesn’t make a difference to me. By the way, how many girlfriends do you have? 14! Including you.

50:23 - I am not your girlfriend! - Girls always say the opposite.

50:30 - I mean I am. - That’s what I said. But I. . - Oh, come on.

50:34 - There were other boys and girls in the party too.

50:36 - But you asked for my help. Why? Because you consider me a friend.

50:41 - Girl, friend. Girlfriend. - Fine. But not the other type.

50:50 - Everyone has friends. But only one special someone makes a place in their heart.

50:55 - I do have someone, you must have one too. Who is he? Look. . - Where? The shower’s gone off. - Great discovery.

51:10 - Think of a way to get out. Google. Google.

51:15 - Idea no. 2. - What? I’ll tease the dog.

51:17 - The dog will get in from here and we’ll get out from the other side.

51:20 - Why didn’t you think of this earlier? So that I could say it now.

51:34 - Go, go, go, go. Let’s go, Sona. Let’s go.

51:43 - Come on. He’s gone. Let’s go. Come on.

51:50 - Hey! - Brother! Give me my I-Pad back.

51:55 - Or else I will shoot. - Shoot me. No. You shouldn’t shoot girls.

52:01 - Shoot me. No. Shoot me. The gun’s empty.

52:11 - But I still have the gun. Rascal, how dare you blackmail girls! What happened? Sorry, Ria.

52:28 - Oh. my God! Why are you bothering her? Come on.

52:32 - Here’s his I-Pad and phone. Thank God! Thanks. - No, thank him.

52:43 - No, thank Sona. He went through a lot more trouble than me. - No. Thank her.

52:48 - Okay. Thanks to both of you. Why should there be formalities between friends. - Right.

52:56 - It’s okay, I don’t mind. Okay, Goodnight.

53:09 - Ram. Friends! Only friends. Nothing else.

53:31 - Okay, okay. Friends. What happened? My glass. .

54:21 - Go, get the ball. Loser! Loser! Loser! Loser! I’ll show you all.

54:38 - Loser! Loser! Loser! Please don’t touch! That was fun.

54:58 - Did that horse belong to you? - Yes. The ball knocked it over and it broke.

55:07 - Sona! It’s always been with you, right? My brother gave this to me.

55:36 - I love it more than my life. I never thought I’d lose it someday.

55:57 - Counting the stars. I’ll also join.

56:04 - One, two, three, four. . Five, six, seven, eight, nine. .

56:17 - Calculation went for a toss. It’s the same one.

56:36 - The one your brother gave you. I went through a lot of trouble to put it back together.

56:54 - It had too many marks on it. I decorated it to cover them up.

57:03 - You can take it off if you don’t like it. . It’s nice. - Thanks, Ram.

57:14 - Since you didn’t mention, I thanked myself.

57:17 - Okay’ bye. ‘ Ram! You called. Why did you take so much trouble for me? You want me to be honest? - Yes.

57:36 - To see this smile on your face. Is that all? - Yes.

57:43 - Nothing else? - No. Not even something-something? - No.

57:50 - What? Brother. Someone’s come between you and Sona.

61:22 - Who can come between us? Take a look for yourself.

61:25 - Come with me. Come on. Quickly. Look. - Where? That’s you. That’s Sona.

61:35 - And there’s a third star between you two. No one can come between us.

61:40 - It’s just probably for a while. Get back to work. - If you say so.

61:46 - But I was worried. That’s Sona. That’s Sena’s brother.

61:54 - Who’s the third one? What? - Nothing.

61:58 - Nothing. Are you going to wear glasses during the rituals? She’ll wear them even on her wedding night.

62:14 - Even if she does, the lights in the room will be switched off.

62:19 - You shouldn’t talking all this at your age.

62:20 - At my age, all I can do is talk. Not mine. Take your aunt’s blessings.

63:43 - Bless you. - Mom. Did you ever hit me? - Why you? She’ll hit your father. - Uncle, please.

63:51 - Mom, I’m serious. Have you ever hit me? - Never. But. .

64:02 - Hi, buddy. How are you? Dad, did you ever hit me? - What are you saying? How can anyone think of hitting you? What’s wrong? Okay, dad. I’ll call you later.

64:40 - Ram! - What? I am sorry, Ram! I am sorry.

64:52 - Ram. It was my mistake. You can kiss me if you want.

64:58 - Forgive me. - Sona. I am sorry, Ram.

65:02 - I am sorry. I am sorry. I am also sorry, Sona.

65:28 - Ram! I am very happy today. - Me too. What were you two thinking? I won’t find out about you two? - Please, Ria.

65:44 - Please, Ria. While arrangements for my marriage were on. .

65:49 - You two were planning your own, right? Please, Ria.

65:55 - Let me get married. I’ll get you two married too. - Ria.

66:02 - Phone. Give it. - Hurry up. Or sir will give the green signal.

66:08 - So much luggage? As if your own sister’s getting married.

66:12 - I’ve a sister, but Ria doesn’t have a brother. - I see.

66:16 - See you. Hey! You forgot this. Look after the house. Be careful.

66:24 - Gauri, be careful. What are you doing? - Deleting your number.

66:33 - Why? I won’t attend this marriage. This marriage will get over today.

66:38 - Tomorrow, everyone will return. Leaving me and my daughter behind.

66:42 - What are you looking at? Look at me.

66:44 - I see, so that’s the problem. Sister. - Yes, brother. What is it? Can you tell him what were we talking about yesterday? What? About Ram and Dolly. - Yes.

66:58 - Mister. We accept your proposal. But let this marriage get over.

67:03 - We shall talk about it in detail. Aunt! - Bless you.

67:09 - Let’s go. The procession’s arriving. - Yes, aunty.

67:12 - What are you doing? - Give me your phone number.

67:49 - Welcome. Welcome. - Bless you. Let that be.

67:53 - Talk about cash. Money. Where’s the money? - This way.

67:57 - This way. - Inside. Get it out! What are you doing? Hey! Why do you keep troubling her? Today’s the last day to have some fun.

68:11 - Once the marriage is over, There won’t be any chance to do all this.

68:17 - What’s wrong with you? You’re upset because you’ll miss me in Australia. Correct? - Yes.

68:26 - Listen. . What are you doing? Let go of my hand.

68:32 - Ram, leave my hand. Someone might see us.

68:35 - You’re always in a fun mood. . I’m going back to Australia tomorrow People say boys who come from out of India are conmen, flirt and spoilt brats.

68:50 - No. I am not one of them, Sona. I love you.

69:05 - As soon as I get to Australia, I’ll talk to dad about us.

69:10 - And your brother too. Dolly. Let go.

69:27 - I love Ram. - Let go! Let go. - I want to die.

69:30 - Dear, you’ll hurt yourself. What are you doing? Aunt. . - We should teach her a lesson Such girls are always on a look out to entice rich boys.

69:40 - If we don’t act now, we’ll lose Ram. I mean it.

69:51 - Come on. - Ram! Come here. - What, mom? You will have to go to the jewellery shop right now. - Now? Why? Ria’s my niece.

70:09 - I wanted to gift her gold bangles on her wedding.

70:12 - But I forgot to get them. - But how am I going to choose? Take Bijli along, if you can’t do it alone.

70:21 - Bijli. - Yes, aunt’s right. Let’s go or we’ll miss the wedding.

70:26 - There isn’t any need to hurry. Get some nice and expensive bangles. Okay? Come on.

70:37 - Let’s go. Aunt, would you like some tea? How old are you? - 20.

71:05 - You look smarter for your age. Let’s go.

71:14 - Let’s go. Let’s go, everyone. Who else is there in your family? - Just an elder brother.

71:22 - What does he do? - Farming. Farming! We have a poultry farm and we sell milk too.

71:32 - Did you take your brother’s permission… . To attend this wedding? - Yes, aunt.

71:38 - I never do anything without my brother’s permission.

71:40 - Then you must’ve taken his permission… . To entice my son.

71:47 - WhY are you quiet? What would she say now.

71:49 - Her entire plan has been ruined now. Ria.

71:55 - Your aunt’s yelling at Sona. I was really impressed. .

71:59 -. . At how hard this girl’s working. Now I understood what she was up to.

72:05 - Why are you yelling at her? We were busy with the wedding.

72:09 - And she grabbed the opportunity to entice Ram.

72:12 - Don’t say that, uncle. Ram likes her too. - Yes.

72:16 - That’s what her plan is. Uncle, please. . - Shut up, Ria.

72:19 - Let us adults handle this. But. . - Quiet! If you have any shame then leave right now.

72:25 - And find someone else. See. Didn’t I tell you? She can’t stay without me at all.

72:55 - See. How is she crying. Your brother’s here.

73:03 - Stop crying like a baby. Ria. How are you? Look. I’ve brought this wedding sari for you.

73:14 - Wear this during the nuptial. You will look really nice.

73:22 - You must be… Ria’s father. I was rather young when I saw you.

73:29 - I brought this shawl for you. Brother! What’s going on? What happened here, Sona? See. Both siblings are alike.

73:52 - We invited you to attend the wedding… . Not to entice rich boys.

73:56 - What are you saying? Sister… was flirting around with a billionaire kid.

74:01 - And the brother doesn’t have a clue. Hey! Not a word against my sister or I will kill you.

74:08 - If you find out about your sister’s deeds. .

74:10 -. . You will beat her black and blue. Hey! No, brother. No.

74:37 - It’s your fault, and you are still fuming at us.

74:39 - Who are you? A simple peasant who works in the fields.

74:48 - You’re not even fit to be our servant. How dare you try to entice my son? Get out! Get out of here! Didn’t you hear what she said? We’ve seen enough of your sister’s dirty tricks.

75:04 - Take her away. Let’s go, Sona. Brother. Please forgive me.

75:27 - It’s my sister’s wedding, so I’m leaving quietly.

75:31 - Otherwise… Each one of you. . Let’s go.

76:09 - Hurry up, Bijli. Hurry up. We’re losing time.

76:12 - Not here, load it in that car. This car? Where is everyone? Here they are.

76:18 - Call me as soon as you reach, dear. Yes.

76:22 - I’ll say bye to Ram. - Go on. But be quick. - Yes.

76:33 - I want to say something before I leave. Listen only to your heart.

76:41 - You think Sona left you. She’s left her heart behind for you.

76:48 - Go take a look in her room. Let’s go, dear. You are getting late.

77:05 - Bye, Ria. My brother gave this to me.

77:40 - I love it more than my life. I never thought I’d lose it someday.

77:48 - Ram. Ram. What are you doing here? Everyone’s waiting for you.

77:57 - Let’s go. Go on, I’ll join you. We’re going back home tomorrow You do remember your promise, Don’t you? You’re coming with me.

78:08 - Yes, mom. The marriage was grand. But that girl messed things up. - Forget her.

78:13 - Look there. - What? They look so nice.

78:16 - Made for each other. Is it not? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so silent? Juice? - Leave! Why are you thinking about her? She came and left, just like a passing cloud.

78:34 - But I… l am still with you. Can you wait for me? - Of course I can.

78:43 - One year? - Yes. Five years? 15 years? You can’t, but Sona can.

79:03 - You’re the passing cloud, not Sona. “The clouds are thundering. ” “Enraging someone. ” Don’t pay heed to him, dear.

79:18 - He or his father has no say in their family.

79:21 - They all listen to his mother. And she has promised me.

79:43 - I know what you went through. Rich people always behave this way.

79:48 - Brother got humiliated because of me. Still he didn’t say a word to me.

79:55 - He will get disturb, looking at you so upset.

80:00 - Take my advice. Forget everything. I cannot forget Ram.

80:11 - What? What are you saying? Ram didn’t catch the flight.

80:15 - He was with me till Singapore. But he never got on to the connecting flight.

80:20 - He’s betrayed me. What nonsense? What for? - Love.

80:26 - Love? Oh. my God! Sona. Aren’t you the Station Master? And who are you? How did you come here without a ticket? I do have a ticket.

85:15 - Careful, sir. There was a plate in the way.

85:22 - Go on. Complete the rituals. Excuse me, sir.

85:41 - You’re already making me nervous. I wonder what you will do after hearing me.

85:48 - I am Ram. The same Ram, who is in love with your sister.

86:00 - Hi. Sir. Sir. Your sister’s a really nice girl.

86:06 - You don’t know how long it took me to woo her.

86:11 - $orl’Y- It wouldn’t have sounded so bad in English.

86:16 - But what shall I do? You don’t know English.

86:19 - My family shouldn’t have insulted you. You brought Sona home in rage.

86:23 - You did the right thing. I apologize on behalf of my family.

86:29 - Please Forgive me. Are you done? Or do you have anything else to say? I don’t know if I made sense.

86:38 - But that’s what it is. Come with me.

86:55 - Raghuveer,why are you taking him inside? What sir? He wants to talk to me in private.

87:02 - Come, sir. Lets go. He’s walking up the death row.

87:09 - You’re completely the opposite of what I thought you’d be.

87:12 - You’re a complete gentleman. Wow. Nice house.

87:22 - Why is it so quiet? It’s the silence before the storm.

87:30 - Afzal. Pick him up. And throw him out of the village.

87:38 - This is your sister’s problem, not yours. And throwing him out of the village won’t solve anything.

87:44 - A sister can’t express her feelings to his brother.

87:47 - She would’ve told her mother about it, if she was alive.

87:51 - I’ve decided. Every time I look at her, I miss my mother.

87:59 - I can never forget the day… . When my father humiliated my mother.

88:06 - She was so heart-broken that she died. The rich don’t value relationships.

88:16 - I can tolerate whatever she is going through today.

88:21 - But I don’t want her to face… . The same consequences as of my mother.

88:27 - But. . Raghuveer. He’s come here to take his bag.

88:39 - No, sir. I’m here for Sona. Raghuveer.

88:48 - Raghuveer. Please. Don’t separate Sona and me.

88:55 - I love her more than you do. I left my parents, and everything else.

88:59 - For her. Tell me, What shall I do to prove my love? Tell him to leave.

89:06 - A person with death penalty also gets a wish.

89:09 - Won’t you give me one chance? Didn’t you understand what I said? What’s making you so angry? If your sister reminds you of your mother.

89:19 - Then he reminds me of you, In your childhood.

89:22 - Even you begged for a chance back then. Have you forgotten everything? Without that one chance, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

89:37 - You can’t have different rules for yourself and others.

89:41 - Like a fair man, you should give him a chance.

89:56 - Sona. Do you want to choose your own life partner? Or I can also have a say in it.

90:06 - You should also agree on him. Sir. How do I assure you of my love? So you can do anything? - Yes, sir.

90:21 - You’ll have to do farming. I’ll lend you one acre of land.

90:28 - You’ll have to grow as much of grain as I do.

90:34 - You will have to wash the cows. Clean their dung.

90:40 - Would you be able to do that? How would he do that.

90:44 - He will have to. Leaving the parents is not a big deal.

90:48 - He’ll have to toil in the fields like a farmer.

90:51 - The farmer, whom his mother humiliated the other day.

90:54 - Only then can he marry my sister. I am ready sir.

91:07 - I’ll do everything you said. And grow more crop than you.

91:11 - What… what are you saying? Then only he’ll realise that I love Sona more than him.

91:18 - It’s not as easy as operating a computer. It’s too much of hard work.

91:24 - Falling in love was easy, Sir. But I’ll work hard to prove my love.

91:33 - And I’m ready for it. And if you lose, you’ll forget my sister.

91:44 - And leave this village forever. Afzal! I’ll wake you up at 5 in the morning.

92:00 - Get that? City bird. Hi, mate.

92:12 - New roomie. I slept pretty late at night.

92:51 - It was stinking. Oh! How about some tea? No. Cappuccino.

92:57 - There’s your Cappachi no. So how was the Cappachino? Here.

93:10 - Go clean the stable. Holy cow! Holy cow! Excuse me, ma’am.

93:28 - Dirty fellows. Hurry UP! You smell, man.

93:53 - So much work man! Aren’t you done yet? Oh no! Greetings holy cow! Wrong button.

94:38 - Go. Go. Where’s my tractor? Tractor? Stop. Oh my God! You crazy bulls.

94:59 - Stop. Oh my God! Brother, look at this foreign farmer.

95:05 - He won’t last a day. He wants a tractor.

95:12 - Oh mummy. . Here. Eat it. Colourful.

95:39 - Wat e r. Come on. Take it. Wat e r.

95:46 - Hey. Listen. Catch the early train tomorrow and leave.

96:25 - There isn’t any need to tolerate all this. Will I get the same thing to eat tomorrow? - Yes.

97:57 - So are you taking the morning train back? Not in your dreams.

98:44 - I’m putting you on a diet from tomorrow Go on.

99:36 - Come on, baby. Let’s do some farming today.

99:41 - At first he said, “We’ll discuss the marriage proposal when my sister returns. ” I guess, now he’ll say, “Let this boy go. ” Why don’t you ask? Whats there to ask.

99:51 - That boy’s toiling hard for his love. He’ll win the bet and Throw you two out of the league.

99:56 - Hey. - Let it be. Excuse me. Where does Raghuveer stays? - And, you are from? Australia.

00:40 - Anybody home? - Who is it? She’s the girl.

00:48 - So you’re the one who’s hooked the gold fish.

00:53 - I am his father. What are you staring at? Go. Call your brother.

01:03 - Who is it, Sona? So you’re Raghuveer.

01:13 - Yes. Do you know who I am? I am Ram’s father.

01:17 - So you have come here to take him back. No, I’m here to congratulate you.

01:21 - Offer you sweets. How rude. Is this how you welcome guests? He’s not getting his due respect here because of you two.

01:30 - I don’t want to be your guest of honour. Anyways, do you know what it means? You made my son toil like peasants.

01:39 - Do you know who he is? Tell him. His father is one of the top 500 billionaires of Australia.

01:46 - $0? Wait and watch, I’m going to take him away! So take him away.

01:53 - Why did you keep him here so long? We won’t spare you. - Hey! Mind it.

01:59 - That day I didn’t say a word because that was your house.

02:02 - But this is my house. If you try to raise your voice…

02:05 - What can you do? What can you do? Are you threatening us? We can bribe the police to get you arrested. - Yes.

02:12 - You need money for that. But I can kill you two right now.

02:22 - You… will kill me? You will kill me? Kill me.

02:28 - Let’s see. Kill me. - Dad. What have you done to yourself? Why did you come here, dad? Ram. He as come all the way from Australia.

02:51 - And you’re asking him why. Your condition’s making me cry. .

02:54 - Quiet. Let me talk to my son. Leave us alone.

03:01 - What’s wrong, Ram? What are you doing? You’re ruining your future for a girl.

03:07 - Come. Let’s go back to Australia. Sorry, dad.

03:14 - Am I not your close friend? If you were my friend, you would’ve helped me.

03:19 - Well said, Ram. You? Why didn’t you go with them? Like only son, like only friend.

03:40 - Being your father, can I ask you something? What if you lose? How could you ever think that? First answer my question.

03:54 - What if you lose? - What if you fall in the well? See, I’ve support. I won’t fall.

04:03 - I’ve the support of my love. I won’t lose either.

04:08 - Love’s made you crazy. Did I ever say money’s made you crazy? What a thought! Did you get that? - No, I didn’t.

04:20 - That’s why I said, “What was the thought”? Everyone’s acting wise here except me.

04:26 - Here, eat it. Stupid. What’s he doing? I don’t get it.

04:41 - You call this life. God gifted every individual with a fate.

04:49 - You’ve everything. So have fun. Once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back.

04:58 - Does he understand? Is he listening? I think he’s listening.

05:04 - Bijli. Some people work hard all day and make loads of money.

05:09 - And consider themselves fortunate. But they don’t know. .

05:13 -. . That the greatest wealth is love. And by the time they realise that, it’s too late.

05:19 - Love. Bloody nonsense. You think this is the power of your love.

05:25 - You think I can’t do this. Can’t I eat this? This? You want me to eat this? Water? - Water! Water! Water! Water! Quickly. Water! Water! Water! There’s… no water in the car.

06:51 - Water! Water! How can you eat this? It can kill anyone.

07:11 - You’re not used to eating this. Can you endure anything for your love? Does love really give you all this strength? If it wasn’t for love, I wouldn’t have come here.

07:26 - Neither would’ve you come for me. Pardon me. I’m not rich like you.

07:36 - I’m just a station-master. It hurts you to see your son eat this crap.

07:44 - But she eats this too. If Ram sleeps on the floor. .

07:48 -. . Then so does she. You must be thinking these are old rustic values.

07:57 - That’s true. But that’s how she is.

08:02 - And every day she prays in the temple for his victory.

08:16 - Don’t ever let that lamp extinguish, dear. My son’s led a life of luxury and comfort.

08:25 - He’s never done anything all his life. Seeing him toil here made me go crazy.

08:33 - Your love has shown me and my son… . The value of this soil.

08:40 - God bless you. God bless you, dear.

08:47 - Your decision’s wrong, brother-in-law. My sister will never agree.

08:51 - In fact, it can create problems between you two.

08:54 - Yes. It can make things worse. I don’t want any problem between two of you because of me. - Yes.

09:01 - Don’t worry. I know my wife’s weaknesses.

09:06 - She always listens to useless and good-for-nothing people.

09:08 - I’m returning home today. I know how to make my wife understand.

09:13 - Excuse me, gentlemen. Excuse me. I tried my best.

09:19 - Take a look. Take a look at my daughter’s condition.

09:22 - What’s going to happen to her now? Stop it, JP. Stop it.

09:25 - My sister won’t agree so easily. Look. Your only concern is. .

09:29 -. . That Ram might marry that girl. But he’ll have to win the challenge for that.

09:36 - Yes. And Raghuveer doesn’t want Ram to win.

09:39 - Ram will definitely lose. Say that again.

09:44 - Ram will definitely lose! 100%. There’s crop in everyone’s fields.

11:31 - But, nothing in mine. Yeah! There’s crop in my field too.

13:35 - Please. Give that back. Hello. The situation’s getting worse.

14:32 - That girl won’t let go of Ram easily. I think we’ll lose Ram.

14:37 - I am holding on to your promise I always keep my promise.

14:42 - The same will happen this time too. What do I do now? No need to tell me what you do.

14:49 - But she shouldn’t become my daughter-in-law.

14:52 - You wait and watch now. They won’t know what hit them.

15:11 - Who are you? It’s me? - You? What are you doing here? - Making a canal.

15:21 - Canal? Why? To save the fields from rain.

15:26 - It won’t rain. Just leave. I think it’s going to rain.

15:35 - You fool. I’ve been farming here for years.

15:38 - And you’re going to teach me about rain. These are just storm clouds.

15:43 - It’s not going to rain. . Afzal! Don’t worry, sir.

16:01 - I already made a canal in your field. You’ re getting drenched.

16:08 - I’ll handle things here. Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Why are you sleeping here? What’s wrong? - I was missing mom.

16:33 - Sir, I was thinking. . - Stop thinking. I’ve good news for you.

16:38 - Sena’s scored first class in her exams. Yes, first class.

16:43 - Sona. Take sir’s blessings. Always be successful.

16:51 - Marry the one you love. And lead a happy life.

17:00 - I didn’t say that deliberately. It just came out.

17:04 - What are you looking at? I would’ve gifted Sona the station, if she was my daughter.

17:10 - What are you giving her? Go ahead, Sona.

17:13 - Ask for anything you want. Bangles. Earrings.

17:16 - Go ahead. Go. Ask away, Sona. What do you want? Can we arrange a feast for the villagers? Of course, invite everyone.

17:30 - Brother. Ram is in the village too.

17:36 - Can he come? Fine, Since we’re inviting everyone, invite him too.

17:46 - He’s agreed but only after hesitation. But careful.

18:11 - Your brother’s coming. Can I get two more? J ust two? Someone tie the bull.

18:40 - He’s overeaten. You’re mistaken. That was me belching, not that bull.

18:48 - You’ re mistaken too. He meant you, not the bull. - Quiet.

18:53 - Quiet. Don’t act smart. And careful. .

19:03 - Thank you. - What for? You invited the entire village. .

19:08 -. . So I get to eat good food. The other day I ate that spicy food and you gave me bonus.

19:19 - Today, you’ve excelled in your exams… . And all I get is food? No bonus.

19:25 - Everyone, on the occasion of Sena’s achievement”. . everyone will get a bonus from me.

19:32 - A box of sweets. I’ve realised how much you love Sona.

19:49 - No one can love her more than you. Sona.

20:00 - Sona. Come quickly. Let go. Brother! Let go of me.

20:27 - Get lost. Hello. My name is Rao.

21:05 - People are terrified of me. I know.

21:09 - Who is the target? He’s the right man.

21:14 - Straight to the point. Keep this. I’ll tell you the job later.

21:28 - I’ll destroy the entire crop. Mix it.

21:35 - Mix it. Mix it. Boss. This is a new fertilizer.

21:41 - One litre will turn the fields lush green. And two litres will make it barren like a desert.

21:50 - Add three. - Fine, boss. Look, boss. - Pour it.

22:04 - Let’s go. Run. Quickly. Who is that? Boss. - Yes.

22:19 - I don’t know. Double action. Same to same.

22:40 - What’s he doing? What’s wrong with you all? Why is everyone making a ruckus? Oh, God! Fire! Fire! Fire! Brother, fire.

24:18 - Afzal. - Brother, fire! Afzal. - Yes, brother.

24:23 - Come to your senses. Throw water. Quickly! Come on.

24:41 - Careful. Come on. How did this happen? Hurry up, Sona.

25:07 - Hurry UP- Ram! No, Sona. No, Sona.

25:20 - Sona. Stop. Ram. - Stop, I. . Are you crazy? What if something Would’ve happened to you? What? What’s in the box? Brilliant! You did the right thing.

26:44 - Destroyed me com pletely. What are you thinking now? Who was that guy in specs, I saw in the field? You can keep thinking.

26:55 - I’ll find someone else to do my job. Your idea to ruin the crops was wrong.

27:02 - Give me another chance. If I fail this time you can. .

27:06 - Clobber me with your shoe. I’ve a plan. - You do? Then it must be good.

27:12 - Go ahead. Do it. Sona. Sona.

27:36 - The crops will be harvested tomorrow That will decide our future.

27:44 - Are you worried? I feel something-something too.

27:51 - In a fit of rage I said I’ll grow more crop than you.

27:56 - I was a little overconfident, right? A bit.

28:01 - Your brother’s a nice man. Ask him not to throw me out if I fail.

28:08 - I’ll work like a peasant. I cannot leave this village.

28:15 - The bulls and goats. The fields. Your brother’s sharp look.

28:20 - I never imagined this, but I can’t live without these any more.

28:33 - This is Ram’s pile. Let’s move some of it in Raghuveer’s pile.

28:42 - Then Ram cannot win. Boss, you’re intelligent like don 2? Are you buttering me? Get to work? Fool.

29:12 - These bloody mosquitoes… I forgot to feed the cows again.

29:52 - Boss, you burnt your back the other day… . Today, you got peed on your face.

29:55 - What’s happening with you, boss? Did you finish the job? Yes, I’m done. - Was that a joke? Get back to work.

30:09 - You are so dead, Ram. Why is everyone rushing there, shouldn’t we be in a hurry instead.

30:27 - Everyone wants the boy to win. Let’s go.

31:01 - One! Three! Five! What are you doing here? Praying for your victory? The offering in Ram’s name is done.

31:32 - Ram? - Here’s the coconut. I’m really happy.

31:48 - I don’t know whether he wins or not. But he’s definitely won your heart. - No.

31:55 - He’ll have to win the bet too. You’ re still adamant.

31:58 - If he loses, won’t you get them married? He won’t lose.

32:08 - He put his life at stake for my sister’s toy.

32:14 - My mother will never forgive me if he loses.

32:20 - I saw his pile in the morning. It seemed a bit less.

32:25 - So I added some of my harvest to his pile. When you were a kid, I bet on your honesty.

32:36 - Today I won. Break the coconut. We won, Sona! We won. - Rascal. Come on.

33:06 - How will I face my daughter now? What will I say to Ram’s mom? Your stupid plan has ruined me.

33:20 - Now… I’ll finish this job. You handle the police.

33:36 - Sona! We won, Sona! I managed to grow two sacks more! Two sacks! Get in! Get in! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Brother.

34:57 - Sona. Go on. I proposed for your marriage with my son.

35:34 - But your brother never replied. Now… l will get this marriage done.

35:40 - Come on son. Tie the nuptial necklace.

35:46 - We’ll see how she won’t marry you. Get lost! If you marry her. Her brother will kill you.

36:08 - He can’t. He can never come here. - Why not? I came here, right? He’ll come too.

36:18 - Look. Look, he’s here. Sona, run.

36:22 - Catch her. Come on, Sona. This way. Come on.

36:34 - That way. Go that way. Sit here. Don’t make a sound.

36:57 - Stop. There she is. Where is she? Where is she hiding? Tell me. - sir You dare spit on me! Stop. Come here.

37:59 - Leave me! Faste r. Run over them.

38:10 - Run over both of them. Sorry! Sorry! Brother.

39:01 - Hold him! I will. . Brother! Brother! Hey! So, you took the blame on yourself.

40:39 - Your sister is fortunate to have a brother like you.

40:42 - A new dawn awaits you. Get some sleep.

41:19 - You’re lucky… to have a sister like Sona.

41:24 - They didn’t get married… . As there wasn’t an auspicious day.

41:29 - There can’t be a better day… . Than the day of your release.

41:57 - I didn’t ask her to come. Ashwini came here willingly. .