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oh oh the men can be very daft there’s nothing wrong with nothing with them i tell you they don’t have any other tactics other than oh you look familiar have we met before like i’ve seen you somewhere you shall just listen to the guy first now listen to who what happened to those five fresh guys from school well one’s a long day boy only toast me he needed to see his dirty timberland shoes and his cheap wristwatch oh i doubt if he has applied hair cream in that hair for like two years you don’t do ah i’m sure the girl be crying by now if he happens to hear you like i care i don’t really i don’t the thing is these guys they never know their level safe they’re saying see they can’t even see a girl that you can never afford a body cream let alone her hair do you go to star exactly so now are you saying that if a guy cannot afford a lady’s needs then he cannot have her it means that he should look for this type of person so could that be the final answer not yet what’s up guys welcome welcome okay okay yeah so is that the final answer oh god thank you you’re such a darling babe this is our friends who they pretend see look you guys should stop this he’s not my boyfriend okay then who is he to you he’s just a friend who usually helps me out with my assignments and nothing more yeah it always starts from somewhere now people should stop on this song ah fidelity is not even that type of guy no he can’t even be that type of guy is another riff raff i saw with you earlier today no one can even do your monthly subscription gosh must everything be about money money money yes everything have to be about money money because money is the only thing why do humans venture into the businesses it’s for the money or politics or even the ministry it is for the money why are you in school it’s not for the money my being in school is not for the money but for me to get the knowledge you mean you came all the way here to study back out max no that’s what she means because she wants to tell us that the one she lands in secondary school and what’s so funny everything’s really everything is funny you see you’re living in this false illusion of everything is not about money and as a result you settle for every tom dick and harry has a calm oh the earlier you correct your thinking the better for you because that time i saw you with today eh he will not only screw you at the slightest opportunity but it will also drain you off your back account that’s more money your parents are saying you go wash up for your body babes we know those guys who such guys we know them instead of them taking care of you now you deep beep we can’t just paint on top of them recharge cards subscription everything will be on you babe you’ll be the one to change your hunger because those ones they can’t afford the wardrobe what gave you the guts to touch even a pinch of salt in this house hey sister is he are we all right the next time this happens again i will only carry the plate for me i will smash it on your face have you ever bought evil ordinary bread to this house before you come here to eat my food oh god oh yeah first oh my god thank god send you a dream you still haven’t given me good reasons for my friends to stop visiting me babe want your friend let her know damn me since the first semester you’ve been here and you’re never appreciated and here you are drawn to you have not contributed to food no rain just who did it i’m sorry that we’ve turned down is foreign do you know that food i came to complain about music yesterday then able i’ve not seen him before why i met him at the stairs yesterday if you see him handsome i guess one short guy like that with bushy beards and i say they look forward go give her money to shave him yes well if you ask me i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the guy coming to complain earlier the music was too loud anyway unfortunately i wasn’t talking to you sister are you know until again the food just lost its tastes just tell us that you are full i’m not talking to you whatever okay you too let me enjoy my noodles in peace good evening um there’s no loud music here today i know right well sorry you you dropped your id card this morning what am i going down when i was washing my car okay thank you you’re a hundred level student i’m in my second semester and i’m really working hard to keep my cgp ads problem oh really you must be a really very intelligent girl should i see a needy girl oh i’m so sorry please forgive my manners what can i offer you oh god never mind um i i just got back from work and i thought it was that i bring your id card before i get into my apartment okay okay thank you that’s so thoughtful of me i’m really grateful all right um it’s like i i’m sorry about the other day all right um music noise it’s fine sorry take care of yourself right i’m sorry about the other day all right um what you mean he came to this apartment and the both of you were together alone what are you trying to insinuate you think everyone has a call of mine like you abby i already told you what’s brought in here nice place really thank you so i was cool today fine did your best friend take you out for a treat after school today i don’t have one no are you serious yeah oh such a pretty cat how can you stoop so low to to go to a guy’s house that you hardly know babe i don’t tell you i don’t how you say the outfit should go no better way out to a person go away come back with you wait wait wait wait entire sleep no please it’s not like that nothing happened between kell and i we’re only having a healthy conversation hmm shiva has a nickname for him kell never my problem rather my concern is this guy doesn’t deserve you babe you have to understand i want the best for you you need a man with swag and money not a low life of a neighbor i’m coming oh hi hi um you must be sundress for me yes i’m here pardon my manners i’m kelvin oh your next door neighbor kelvin please call me um because i’m expecting a field guest in a short while okay yeah i issandra home please she just left for school few minutes ago um i was wondering if i could drop this with you today he looks handsome than i imagined just look at his clean beard and lovely nose hello sorry you said i was saying that could you please help me give this to her yes of course thank you oh i beg to take my life now thank you he could be caring and all good but i advise you be very careful with him if possible forget about him and look for someone more descent and responsible who would wonder we’re ready to date you with a view to marriage because merely looking at this guy you know that he’s a game type and i bet you he will only play juice and dump with you can’t believe this [ __ ] has gone ahead of me to seek his attention i guess she must have won his heart already with our holier than doubt dispositions i’m going to do all i can to get together myself what’s even in the past happy happiness tracy you shouldn’t be here right i don’t know what to explain to sunrise she walks in here and finds you she can come here now i want to go to bed before coming kevin please i need you to understand that i love you to do everything deserving of a girlfriend creating space where you need more hearts it’s not a problem but i don’t know how sandra would feel if he finds if she discovers that i am cheating on her will have a friend can you just relationally where you coming from this list good night jerry hey this guy is sexist is this an obsession or what how come i can’t think of any other thing than him again how do i begin how do i get him to like me how about making lunch for him since it said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach who knows that may be a good start i can’t miss my lectures today i’m not happy oh hi here are your plates so did you enjoy the meal it was delicious just like just dance just like you how did you know i’m delicious because i’m going to eat you up right now please let’s not talk about those girls again oh no they are too young for what we have been doing with them there are big girls if there are small girls that would have stayed on the campus i’ve told you before that there are generous neighbors who don’t even know why they are in school oh is that why you are taking advantage i am not taking advantage of them like i said before they are generous neighbors wherever please can we get down with the business straight ahead you would have said that since can i have the client’s details okay crazy clara if this deal is not successful seriously i will not forgive you because you know linda was supposed to handle this deal you insisted on taking care of it kelvin don’t you trust me let’s just hope that the figures are right no no don’t tell me all i got was wrong not after all i went in to get the atm card details yes yes it’s a great deal look this calls for a celebration all right but not without linda and martins don’t worry i will make a call right away who’s the reason for all this excitement now prisca how is that your business oh i do not talk to you or please i’m not in the mood for your query today before you come and start reminding me that i’m a small then mind your business now just let me be go ahead um anyway thank you so much my husband told me that you took very good care of you while i was away you just came to say thank you thank you so very much ladies i appreciate your kindness all right linda darling thank you for taking those niches god man he screwed all of us just when i thought foreign you.