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i go with this betting glove and some from ebon’s resting place oh great oh blue wow and tell them if they would not bring under china we’re going down do it myself patience my thing patience console the gods or fix my wrath your majesty even i cannot compel the gods to speak if they are silent we must wait more demons do you mean like i’m not going there have you been at the pan wine this morning leave us your majesty sit down i have words from the gods finally they choose to speak out what did the god say your majesty what i’m about to tell you no air should hear yet and here listens i am not in for your riddles what did the girl say after that you must not see the child you speak madness the child is mishappen or she will not be able to speak she possess your own spirits i’m theirs in her all the powers of tiber you will thrive and prosper as long as she lives your enemies will cower before you but you will never set your eyes on her and she will never see you what happens if i she will die you will die tiba will die she must be taken to a nice shrine immediately i will do it myself and this princess must raise her as our own child and nobody must connect the child to you the man who challenges the gods to a fight has one leg foreign and they are worshippers they said you are the chosen one yes foreign do not take one more step no one can approach the daughter sofa are you the only one in the seven kingdoms who does not know this ah it’s your impudence as a result of momentary insanity i am sorry why is one your sister hijack has been chosen by annie to serve as a high priestess tell her to come to this sheridan at first light tomorrow for purification welcome once more i trust you were made very comfortable in your chambers last night we were comfortable thank you your highness so what message do you bring from akadoo his majesty akaru lord of the seven kingdoms of tiber demands that you come to tiba in next full moon and swear your allegiance to him and pay him promises i see and if i fail to do this your lance will be seized and your people will be mid sleeves oh this is a most momentous occasion fetch my ceremonial sword here good thank you thank you i got her during my surgeons beyond the seven rivers of omama she cost more calories than you can ever see in a lifetime and she has seen a fair share of war blood and sorrow i call her the judgment of death not even that demented fool who calls himself lord of the seven kingdoms so go back and tell his royal foolishness that i e i will not be threatened would you like an incentive to get your feet moving can’t back here you slave take that to your king tell him that’s my reply to his cheap threat has no idea what he has brought upon himself and his wretched land oh or he will he will by this time tomorrow glory flop freely your highness you can’t go to war with omako now the purification right for adro festival begins in four days we will finish the festival but and what do we know what’s coming to him tell you don’t see my first light oh no oh yes i oh uh igua today challenged me and here i am sitting on this tool like a dosa housewife in her kitchen am i no longer the lion that girls the seven kingdoms the one who single-handedly killed all warriors of epeledo am i known insult and now i have desecrated the purification because of that imbecile there is already the fifth day of the purification i cannot go back and start again there is no time after the festival i will atone for this so your highness lord of the seven kingdoms the favor of the gods my thing no matter what happens and things will happen you must not see her face know what the consequences are protect all the seven kingdoms daughter of the river goddess cleanse our land of all evils cleanse us of all aberration take away all our pestilence for you are our mother and the mother must protect her foreign oh oh oh roof uh oh is my right uh oh ah your people are here let us find heaven in your sight receive us beautiful ones what’s inside how did you come before me but i will face it i will visit you in my rats you uh oh wow what do the girls say what went wrong foreign a highness the gods are silent make them talk make us speak the festival will not hold until the sacrifice is successfully completed because we speak only when they want to speak and not before one thing is clear the sacrifice was desecrated in some way and until we find out i suggest you refrain from touching any of your wives i am going to muba forest i shall be back yes great god of our land the father of the gods the owner of the hills and the valleys the impression number one i pay my respect i have come your servant to seek your wisdom concerning wisdom do you not have eye use your eyes see the abominations going on in the land wise one no man can have eyes like the gods yes gods are gods and men are men tell i can do that the answers you seek lie with him get out where is it goku did you stop on the way to enjoy this scenery i want you to go to umako at first light a gratual must not see another sunset go i do not come back and if for any reason you do not succeed do not come back um your highness have you nothing to say more than below should i have anything to say your highness i’ve just told you that the gods have broken their silence and that they and that they are punching their shrunken fingers of me i have ruled these several kingdoms for 15 years and in this time fiba has prospered i have won wars for this kingdom i am the protector of our land i deserve dance not accusation the seven kingdoms will always remain indebted to you what’s your highness people cannot survive on fruits every drop of water in the land is boiling hot even the water my daughters went to fish from in kikka started boiling as soon as they got into tiba clearly mama is angry with us the mama is angry the people are demanding answers they’re asking questions everyone is looking at a door and now you too have joined them i am on your side but i am afraid i fear that a mama will visit us with a worse fit if we do not find out from where the desecration is coming from more develop then you go ahead and begin the sight immediately you go ahead get out oh oh guinea what is it now eh i wonder how long i’m supposed to put up with this investigation hey oh [ __ ] it’s bubble and get in my way what is it now hmm what is happening here this girl this girl does have any prisoners she’s trying to get into the palace go away this embassy go away you take her back to an instrument and make sure she does not enter the palace at any time do you hear go your highness more the below more villagers asking for water no your highness it was me did you see me jay yes your highness i’ve instructed one of the guards to take help she was struggling to get into the palace to see you do you know what you know your hands but she looked very frightened i will speak to each other about it later today no you must speak to her now yes you will give everything to see her face won’t you more there below there is no need fighting for something that will never be why is worse i think before i leave i have a message from the girls what do they want it’s about america i thought you have taken care of that matter if you see a threat my king he must be killed i will ask hindu to take care of it at first light yes my thing how is it jenny how call is wrong all is well she sends a message for you she says this for your ears only she held more table telling the king that your husband cam was being killed my [ __ ] she said you must take your husband who can live with t but immediately why is this happening now that okago has come to our life to change it for the better who is okago a man sends to us by the gods to wipe our tears ever since nihanumoka became friends onoka has had good fortune on his hunting trips and now this where do we go to why did i get married to unaka marriage to him has brought me nothing but dom i must leave immediately ah no more what do the gods say who is behind this abomination shut up let me hear what the gods have to say shut up your enemies have a hand in the third of your son even the most stupid person in this palace knows that which of my enemies which of them the lord of the seven kingdoms has done this but the gods say you must do nothing for now be silent erguard to be silent what do you mean do nothing do nothing anymore anymore could has just murdered my air my pride my first son and your counsel is do nothing if it’s not my counsel your majesty the gods command it great river goddess the beautiful one the protector of our lands debatable arrogance has vlog you foolish do you think that the freaking content of the california will cloud my judgment you might want to learn from a thousand verses i will get great one i did not mean to offend yes everything you do do this without thinking about arrogance with right what do we do to steal your anger you are not fake to questions i will let you question it by an infinite child a mama says that you have all the answers so go on speak highness i am a mere mortal i cannot have all the answers enough of the modesty moto below out with it what do they want how do we appease our mama it is heavy news do i need to call us and control you like a reconciliation god before you speak know your highness mama says another sacrifice has to be carried out then let’s go on with it we carry the ajo as usual but this time she will not come back what do you mean she will not come back no no way she is the life force of tiber if she dies what becomes of the seven kingdoms the seven kingdoms existed before her bed and we continue to exist long after she has gone if she dies you will lose your powers you will no longer be king the kingdom will go to your enemies all day no such sacrifice will be performed go and tell your mama to choose another sacrifice to perform your highness luigi was a gift to you from a mama if she chooses to withdraw that gift we cannot question her but you can question me go and tell her that i said no your highness lord of the seven kingdoms what brings you to annie it’s you that i’ve come to see i need your help speak on where is the girl roaming the markets like she usually does at this eye presume i need you to hide her for me take her away from tiba to a place where no one we know of mamma wants her back doesn’t she will you help does he me the pain of childbeds oh can he claim to know the joy father feels watching his son grow i mean how can you take advice from a childless man a childless man your majesty i am more is the mouthpiece of the gods that is what you have also believe but i other than apologize breaks out of the mouth of that trunk hey careful woman let the gods strike you dead the gods will understand my pain the gods will understand the grip of a woman who wants her son permits me to call you by your name and gratule hey what’s your son how can you [ __ ] your answer to nothing i was first son oh our sun will be avenged that we must be patient it is we academia dealing with he is one of the greatest kings the land has seen he is a man like you and nothing more i could do this i could do that i could go everywhere those akkado have two heads what is it about this academy that has everyone trembling you mentioned that you expect me to just quiver it is your grief that is talking that’s why i will overlook this foolishness you’re a male woman you are in no position to advise me on matters of warfare calm down and get some rest i am a woman no one’s a son and i cannot get a rest until you affect my son do not just sit there and do nothing adidas great goodness opportunity ichiaku your lawyer still does great i have come with your money in oblation mother earth let it please you you can no a is nothing left oh what kind of course is this women who have to work half days journey tune kicker to wash clothes while the men sit at home and hold endless meetings the gods must really be punishing me for getting married into this coastline oh wow stay here i’ll be back you are safe oyema the wife of omaka wishes to have audience with you has unlocked been found no no know your highness where is behind us i don’t know so what do you want your highness it’s about unoca’s new friend he said he’s from amako i saw i saw him speak clearly woman forgive me your eyes johannes i saw him turn into a beast i think kobodo may be among us i’m gonna be based impossible i think your husband is trying to draw attention away from himself i swear by her name where is your husband i don’t know god god take this woman away and lock her up until you should reviews the mind’s name hunters whereabouts take highway please please autos are indeed very foolish bringing this arrogant fool to his knees will be easier than i thought okay have you had something oh don’t worry i have signs for mordo bellow you will soon be up and going you know i know that this happiness i will send in the guards to come and clean your wounds i don’t let it cross um your highness yes your highness you have known me since i was a child and you have also been with me since i was crowned king i have your highness in all that time have you seen me do anything that is not strictly for the good of the kingdom no so why are the girls deciding to visit me with so much calamity my people are dying of fist and those that have survived the tests are dying of a strange illness so mother ballet why have the girls decided to afflict me with all kinds of evil your highness i hear that the jelly has been afflicted with this strange illness if it is true then nobody should touch her she must be removed from the palace immediately remove from where ejele is my wife her place is here in the palace and no self-serving goddess will change that your highness i have news better be good we can use some good news around here i am sorry i have to disappoint your highness is jaco and luigi are missing do you know something about this your highness we are down here motherbella turn to jelly and see if there’s anything you can do to relieve her pain did nobody tell you that elias said put on mama you really did nobody tell you that there is no way to deliver goddess she gives with her right hand and takes with her legs ah means your wisdom and advice but you were my closest confident but the afterlife seems to agree with you your flattery serves no purpose now oh my mama must be stayed and he has favored you you must go to umako and extend the hand of friendship to eguato no way hey brother challenged me and god you killed my servant and said he said to me that was an insult to tribal that was and he said to me i will not do that humility academy humility you must lend humility before you ruin yourself number number my home is your home thank you oh google but i am the daughter of annie now forgive my buddies let me get you seat i shouldn’t be keeping you stand after such a long journey don’t worry i am in a hurry hopefully i have been looking out for you for the past four days now your submarine didn’t say when you would arrive yes that is because my mission is of utmost secrecy this is muiji she was entrusted to my care since her pet but now her life is in danger i want her to stay here with you for a while until things cool off a tiva no problem you know there is nothing i would deny your mother was like a sister to me what is your name the gods have not gifted how the power speech if anyone become one if you want it take this girl inside find something to eat let’s get inside annie owes you a debt i must return to siva immediately so soon won’t you at least have something to eat i can’t eat i am needed back home urgently if you say so wait let me get something for you that you give to your mom i’m sorry 20 i have been sent to give you your voice back speak people who are you i am just a humble servant from the gods wishes you silenced forever i want to know why the gods are wise they know you did no wrong you must tell me why more developers put a spell of silence on you if akatu finds out he would not mind searching the depths of the sea to find and kill him and don’t you think that the gods that cured you from the spell casted on you will keep you safe have no fear tell me what happened and your shot don’t have fun well it’s about the girl that lives in the shark with hotels daughter of moderate i hope all is well what do you want where have you been and where is the girl and who are you to question me i have not come here to trade well with you you are a male child a jackal my difference is to annie and not to you now look here old man i have neither the time for the patience to engage in a power contest with you i ask you again what do you want and i asked you again where is the child you will answer my question where is the girl go and ask akado i do not answer to you i never have and i never will daughter of moderate i hope all is well what do you want where have you been and where is the girl and who are you to question me i have not come here to trade wells with you you are a male child ijaco my difference is to annie and not to you now look here old man i have neither the time or the patience to engage in a power contest with you i ask you again what do you want and i asked you again where is the child you will answer my question where is the girl go and ask akado i do not answer to you i never have and i never will ah yeah he’s the girl where is the girl where is the girl the hotel speaks i’m afraid sue your highness how did you find this out the gods see everything so how come your blasted girls cannot find out where the wretch is hiding the gods only reveal what they want to us this is madness this is madness this is where is madness house found you skimming wrench have the ghost struck you dumb like they did your interfering husband no know your highness so where is your husband locker i woke up one morning and it was gone more the bellow the ghost says she is lying your highness i asked you again where is your husband you wretch is your husband i’ll give you 7 days to tell me anywhere about of that right you call your husband oh those ancestors you’re going to strike you dead what do they expect me to do what these your gods that only take delight in giving bad news but merely keep their mouth short when it comes to giving solutions your highness the situation needs urgent attention you need to reconsider your position about to meet your currently i will not hear of it i will not sacrifice one more innocent child to those blood that’s the lunch your highness not one more word for mama likes let alone boil all the waters in tiber until they evaporate into a cloud of steam i will not sacrifice within it’s indeed she has been unveiled since yesterday what is going on has annie abandoned us as well annie has not abandoned tiba she has only abandoned me but that is of no consequence now i have come to offer to take which is place in the sacrifice seek omama’s consent immediately do you understand the consequences of what you’re talking about i do seek omama’s consent i shall await your word forgive the stench it comes with being a working club no it’s going to be is it really you see if the girls have sent fit to do this to me who am i too confused he telling no no if the gods truly did this to you and then i questioned your wisdom we don’t question the girls i came here to tell you that you have my full support as long as i have breath in my pain i will speak to acadum before the ghost take me i will convince him you know nothing about onokas whereabouts thank you my good friend but there is another matter that bothers me isn’t zebra i saw it myself are you sure are you sure a few moons ago a young man came to unaka and i we took him in i saw that same young man changed into a monster there is no mistaking it it was a buddha when it’s rain it’s poured i will speak to akadu if the gods span me another night i will come back hmm protector of the seven kingdoms we know this the seven seas all developed paid your visits beautiful one what priest what do you want i came on behalf of academy four of the seven kingdoms 58 professors please accept a jackal in the death let it please you to spare the child that you gave the kingdom as a protector in your wisdom wise words but i shall have something in return name it and it shall be your spiritual world i want academic manhood he practices deeper and he must have a price to pay for i will not be denied is calm down do you want to give yourself a balance whatever she must have done it’s not enough for you to want to keep the girl you want this embarrassing child of yours you kill how you feel hey that thing did not come out of my loins i can never be a child of mine i could have killed her if not for you imbecile it is okay i am here stop shouting something that’s more pressing you should brought me to your house biku forgive my manners what happened where is uber he’s inside uber just left he’s not around oh i’m here you can talk to me oh goku my heart is in grief i am in so much pain i wanted to buy your husband to come and talk some senses into the stubborn head of my husband huh you know they can’t have so much regard for your husband no it’s true okay but what happened now you can talk to me hey you’re guinea i have not invited you here to trade gossip but easy to go it is but neither here nor there never really enjoyed being a priestess anyway as far as i’m concerned it’s the worst form of slavery then why are you not redressing you can even get married now if you want get married you see there was a time in my life where that was the most important thing to me the gods the gods have a funny way of playing a fast one on us you’re speaking leaders forgive me i’m just rambling obika i called you here because i need your help when the time is right when no mamma has been appeased i want you to go to the king and deliver a message to him i’m listening tell him that the thing he entrusted in my career is in umako in the home of ogugwa wife of uber what is never mind do you want me to stay with you tonight sadly we have come to the end of our road ubi may you find favor in the sight of the gods may they give you a good wife to share the rest of your days with and where is the girl i cannot tell you i will not tell you and what is it that gives you the confidence to defy me and he has rejected you and you are powerless against me tell me where the girl is i will strike you where it’s hot the most you mean to hammer i will never tell you where she is never oh you will well yet you rejected daughter of honey you will have like a dog and you will growl you will come crawling on your knees eye of the gods lord of the seven kingdoms blessed one may your ring belong i have appealed to the river goddess to accept ijaco instead and she has accepted it and what do we have to pay for this benevolence you and i know that our mama gives with the rights and reclaims a parent will always demand from a child what that child can give proverbs too many proverbs can you for walls speak in plain language what does or mama want nothing nothing more than nothing your highness have to worry because idiaco has been afflicted by the evil disease she lost her immunity and all the special privileges that come with ben and his priestess the day and the renouncer i have already instructed the new priestess to start her purification rights yours will start tonight the majestic have you i have not touched any of my wives i cannot enjoy the warmth of any other woman whilst the kingdom boys your wisdom is undeniable my king i will return tonight ayah classes i ask strengthens i am torch borne away our impurities wash us clean so so um lord of the seven kingdoms rely on that god’s tiba there is heaven news is dead and because she died of the evil disease her body would be buried in the evil forest immediately i have already asked to see to it um oh oh is she who rules the seas protector of our lands beautiful one powerful one let our token find pepper in your sights me people are happy the people are happy i must mourn each other i must go to um to see her you will do what is needful your highness but i’m afraid there is another matter that must be addressed first what is it unoka must be found even now time runs against us unoka has told your secret to an enemy evil is being perpetrated in our midst must be found as his wife said anything go bring unoca’s wife to me right here yes for many years and in this years i have never been known to be a king that goes back on my words because i do not intend to start it now you do not learn a new dance step in all day now i ask you for the final time where is onoka where is you speak when your king asks your question where is i don’t know yet yes i don’t know if you knock a scribe i don’t even know what he has done i don’t know yeti take her out on this oh i had a dream my wife on him was killed akkado laughs over your wives cups unfortunately good friend it was not a dream no i refuse to believe you akadoo may want me dead but he would not kill my wife on him she did nothing i could do it’s not like that i am afraid you know nothing about the man you call king no it cannot be akadu cannot do this he cannot do it he will not motors impetus and stupid greet my fathers oh yes the man i was going to see i have been told you are the one i have to meet for the freshest palm wine and the whole of the seven kingdoms you see i have to take some fresh palm wine to my new in-laws for the festival oh i’m sorry friend but not today i need to see the king or gently the king is all world yes all this world but you can still come for the wine tomorrow the dead priestess sent you on a run hasn’t she where is the girl what get hijacked who told you where she hit the embassy where is she what are you talking about your highness lord of the seven kingdoms may your reign belong eye of the gods have you come to join the palestinians as well all i see are people rushing up and down preparing for the festival so should it be your highness out something is troubling you your highness what is it muiji i heard that hitchhike will hit ouija away from omama’s gripping hands now that hijacker is no more i don’t know where to find her consolidate until they tell us where she is where is she the gods say you acted alone without consulting them they say you must find her on your own what use that is god’s mother believe what used that day all they do is to play with male mothers for their selfish amusement gods our gods my king and men are men fine do what you must you who understands their games cross control them until they reveal where she is because that festival will not hold until ouija is found your highness the festival is necessary it will complete the cleansing process go ahead and tell them i will not sacrifice one more member of my families to the prank stars you call gold great god of our land the father of the gods the owner of the hills and the valleys the old question number one let’s pay my respect he is be the lord of the seven kingdoms but that does not include the gods who gave him that privilege in the first place that one he does not think himself equal with the gods he is impulsive i’m prone to anger and impatience but he wants the good of the land indeed but you must leave your highness may your reign be long americans grant you victory over your enemies welcome to marco what brings you so far out i have come to swear my allegiance to you your highness and to help you in your fights against our common enemy who might this common enemy be akadu your highness lord of the seven kingdoms you’ve come to help me fight your king interesting and how do i know you’re not archidus spy your highness your wisdom and discernment are legendary if i was a spy you would already know and i would not still be alive so why have you turned traitor your highness akadu’s pride has brought nothing but pain and suffering to tiber he cares nothing about any other person than himself the gods have turned their backs on him and even now disease and pestilence have overtaken the land yes i hear that the river boils and that the entire kingdom reeks of disease and stench it is so uranus welcome munoka i will deliberate carefully on this matter and inform you how you’re going to be of service to me take him to my brother akane’s house tell him he’s my guest i should be treated as royalty yes your highness thank you for your kindness your majesty hello out of my presence yes mama what do you want where is the girl akado i don’t know i merely wanted you i’m foolish to think you can hide half of me i am a mamma keeper of the seven seas and grievous with one breath i can lay your entire kingdom to quests and you try to challenge me i am not challenging you the goddess of the seas i may remain to keep her safe safe from who me she is my ricardo my lord the youngest child in your dream has more wisdom than you do you imagine you can judge the deaths of the gods and escape on hearts i am no dancer mama and i certainly do not wish to dance the dance of the gods i was merely protesting the kingdom just like a good king showed so where is my cry your match your bubbling food the child you sought to protect from me is not being treated like a slave the front of my lies being bitten and pushed around like as life where is she you hear that find her before it’s too late uh yes did i tell you i have not had my back this morning wicked imbecile you could have cracked the pot on my head while i’m still on it this is all i get for taking care of a wretch like you every day i’m so clear the gods say the festival must continue immediately and i say no what are they going to do write their more pestilence on us or stop falling on it right off our bones your highness nothing good can come of challenging the gods it never has what benefit are these gods mother below i said what benefit are the freaking gods if i had not but lord the oblations given to the one called oberdo you all would have still been sacrificing innocent souls to him every moon are you going to upload all the ancient traditions left for us even before the time of your fathers no but i am not going to succumb to the waves and compromise of this of god who has not given us anything good about mischief what good have they done us let them show us where we eat we cannot question the wisdom of the gods that is why we are mere mothers i will challenge the wisdom of this god i will not be detected too not by any god or man find whitey on the festival holds your highness i will hear this smarter no more how dare you lay your hands on the daughter of the river how dare you lay your hands on me do you know who she is yes i mean no no i don’t know oh okay is this together that the king fathered with that one of a girl about no that is a girl my brother’s wife was taking care of for her friend before her demise i still can’t believe her is dead is it only that she is dead do you know that that useless drunk that’s causing silvania moon said that she will not be buried in this village why he said she died under some mysterious circumstances that she must have offended the gods somehow obama has been going through a lot right now he but received to is salt on an already festering sauce iguatu has refused to prevail on anya he just swallows whatever that useless drug that caused himself a priest tells him who climbed a sinker do you want to offend the gods which god happened the gods can never be in support of a useless drunk like him a fully forger that’s what it is again do not meddle in your mouth then let him release all god’s body to us if he doesn’t want me meddling in his affairs you know what i trust i just don’t want to talk about that old man the thought of him brings bowel to my mouth i am more what brings you out to see an old man like me they say what you’re right the king is all right tonight okay okay the king is all right you see obasi brought me some fresh grass cutters this morning and i decided to prepare your favorite delicacy okay okay let me hi hey thank you let me see that must have been the aroma that had means elevating when i went to the palace early today you see what my daughter nine you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble to prepare this there’s nothing at night i mean you take care of the whole village it is only why is that once in a while we do something to appreciate it moreover i know that you like to take your palm one with some good grass cutters in the evening may the gods bless you and reward you in kind for remembering an old priest like me thank you manny you need to be on my way to the palace now yeah yes sir that’s nice okay um thank you very much give my regards to iguato thank you i’ve heard all what you said my people have suffered enough and deserved little joy let the preparation for the festival begin thank you your highness your love for your people is unequaled it is what makes you a great king indeed let’s hope that the gods will acknowledge my acquisitions and reveal where ouija is let’s hope so now i must take leave of you your highness more the bellow yes your highness you say that the love for my people is what makes me a good king but that love exists because you are constantly there to remind me of things that are important thank you yourself what is it guys i am yes it is there johannes what did you just say i am has been killed your highness how do you know he was cute he was an old man he could have died in his sleep or something he was bleeding to his mouth and his stomach was swollen that cannot be i saw any only yesterday what will that if i could do things that by killing anya more it would get me destabilized he does not know me hi i am the son of thunder i am a guaranto i fear no one no one summon the warriors now we match on table respect for the gods he murdered the priest of ahmadiyya that is akkado for you your highness his arrogance knows no bounds that he will bow he will kneel kneel before abrato and then i will have the greatest pleasure in cutting off his head this is i called you here to seek your advice when will be the best time to hit akadoo now your highness the kingdom is vulnerable most of his cats are dead and they won’t steal our life a disease or dispirited the best time to attack is now and where will be the best place to penetrate the land your highness if your warriors follow the akagu route they will get behind akadu’s palace that’s your rights that’s good all right you will go with us go and prepare we leave that’s done yes your lightness where where is the custodian of the river can see the face of fairy the wives all in her pot oh mama the time has come and my destiny beckons enemies of tiba the deadly flame oh man open your mouth and drink of me okay go fulfill your destiny to claim the kingdom that rightly belongs to us yes we will fight with courage yes yes we will fight with honor yes we will fight for glory yes we are men of umako yes we fear no one i say we fear no one so stop your highness can you see her luigi what are you doing here return to the village at once your highness the god hath about you kill her now she’s not what she seems what nonsense are you talking about that tide is harmless she’s orphaned and was placed in the care of my late sister she is my word she is your enemy your highness stylist you know someone be silenced forever who are you i am the protector of the lands you match for turn around and go back to your kingdom and no humble for you you’re a child yet untrained in the ways of the world and in the art of war so i will forgive this your foolishness run back to aflano when i return we will discuss this business with unaka turn around and return to your kingdom or you perish what nonsense is this what nonsense bring me that child now your highness i think that girl is evil says this i say bring that girl to me now you’ve been wronged but i can’t punish me lies with the gods don’t do with him as the seeds now turn around go back to your kingdom my only son my air you murdered his servant are you comparing my son the crown prince of umarco with that servant that slave i am asking you to go home so your wife will not have to man a husband so soon after your son go back home i’ll need your sword avenge my son bring back that sword with academic blood on it the higher purpose awaits the sun i’ve been waiting for you show yourself you going you motors are an interesting lot bearing yes but foolish you and i know i’m no man water yes i heard i’m a must-have human spawn or akkado’s bastard if you prefer greetings it is good to see you know your place whose place has always been beneath those heels you are a spirited one and where is your father the mighty lord of the seven kingdoms hiding from me you will never befit the stand before a cross i would love to keep this up but i am not fond of chinese panther besides the beast me gross hungry that cannot be that sword was destroyed i saw it fall into the fires of the duckling you saw the mirage the gods wish to use to see i was deceived why i am one of them you are a loser creature a hideous aberration of nature the gods wish you dead just as the seven kingdoms do and today i am happy to oblige them what’s the name of this get her out of here you will not deceiving gods or check nature a second time turn around don’t you highness if we die please don’t don’t more develop the [ __ ] just speak yes your highness she she she shut old man turn around akado you turn around you always long to see my face father look at me you betrayed the kingdom entrusted in your care you think yourself wiser than the gods that gave you every power you possess i had to do what i had to do and now i totally do what i have to do you are beautiful as i imagined me us oh oh me.