History of the World Part 1 (1981) Movie Reaction - WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!!! LMAO

Apr 11, 2021 00:30 · 2529 words · 12 minute read

oh jehovah has given unto you these fifteen oh snap that’s probably what’s wrong with us now we’re missing five commandments what’s up everybody this is your boy movie man great coming at you guys with another movie reaction and today we’re doing mel brooks history of the world part one i don’t think there’s a part two but anyways that’s what it says in the title i’m sure this movie is going to be extremely funny because i just watched blazing saddles for the first time and man it was hilarious so i’m excited to see this but if you can smash on that like button really quick it costs you nothing but it means everything to me and the the youtube analytic uh algorithm guides you know it means so much to them as well and if you like my content also please consider subscribing and clicking that bell to get notified but without further ado let’s get to the reaction gregory hines i’m that’s i know gregory hines that he’s a tap dancer he pass i know his name because when i was little everybody called me gregory heinz because of my name so yeah that’s fun but now i really like gregory hines that was my guy and the apes stood and became man is that what happened is that exactly how it happened they just stood up one day all right so our forefathers saw that one on the left look like he’s doing something rather disgusting okay they are all ready ladies and gentlemen our forefathers that’s where we come from the stone age the greatest calamity that could befall early man is the loss of fire wow wow okay this need this talent clearly separated early man from animals who would never know this gift the artist came the inevitable afterbirth the critics oh yeah we fighting we fighting bro i just sat there and painted all that and then you gonna piss them nah you got to die in marriage homosexual marriage one of the first oh he just got murdered that’s going to get infected real badly if he lived oh yeah he’s dead in ancient times man was ignorant as to the cause and nature of death so death was greeted with a certain degree they about to throw them over the cliff i knew it i knew it that’s what i would have done oh [ __ ] oh jurassic park and they enjoyed that before it was formalized into notes and phrases for mankind it began with an accident google heard the sound had liked in thought and finally he found the answer oh music was born okay i shall give you my laws and you shall take them unto the people yes lord rome fountainhead of culture rome yes you sir are going to rome but i am in rome i want my money back yo annual orgy and buffet first served first come wow like man we don’t care about no plumbing no pipes listen this is your last week of unemployment insurance either you kill somebody next week or we’re gonna have to change your status you got it oh man somebody got to die yo logical comprehension oh a [ __ ] artist sounds about right did you [ __ ] last week good news i just got you a job now that you’re working you won’t be needing this wait a minute oh damn this is mine i’m sorry i’m on my wine break ah damn now the main room the main room the main room 10 10 10 10 10 10 20 running thirty thirty thirty thirty third and forty fourteen forty forty point dryer fifty fifty flow to the line oh no because i have gregory hahn only eat christians christians and i am a jew jewish person he missed i i jumped and he missed it was his first day on the job he was very nervous i’m gonna start oh there you go pulling this tap dancing man what part 125th street i’m going to sign him up get up you’re causing me good money ah damn flipping the horse oh wait a minute i know this horse he used to be the fastest is him do you know the punishment for a slave who strikes a roman citizen they shove a living snake up your ass ah no but that’s very creative are you oh he liked that idea you’re a vestal virgin you know that babies are not allowed outside the palace without an escort the color the slave the slaves i beg you perhaps you can use him at the palace he’s truly gifted gifted well we could use another wine steward i got a great corkscrew this is oh that was gross this guy’s nasty he just looked nasty there we go yeah man mortal remember thou art not a dude but the servant waits while the masturbates yeah wow okay he’s disgusting he about to eat that oh watch this that was a cookie say when 8 30.

09:58 - good evening ladies and gentles i just got back from venice and boy are my arms tired gotta make a venetian blind like this wow how poor are they thank you they are so poor that they have only one god wow look at god for everything the only thing we don’t have a god for is premature ejaculation but i hear that that’s coming quickly oh that was actually pretty good who wants to look like a big fat pig oh [ __ ] uh politics politics politics politics politics it goes all the way up to the emperor oh my god bro [ __ ] yeah you about to die bro oh damn he’s about to die too okay gregory oh [ __ ] almost bust our ass if they’re captured they’re hung not necessarily wow very nice selection i liked your choices you made some very big decisions put on your no entry signs all is it not true when eunuchs are castrated they become enormous you have to give him some time he has just been slipped if he is truly a eunuch like the others caledonia let’s make their big head so hard all righty she about to die you’ll never survive gloria i didn’t know gloria was sick where is he don’t worry he has to come this way shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich or shall we aspire to a more noble purpose and build decent housing for the poor of course they’re not going to build housing for the poor yeah i knew it i knew it was dead when i got there never mind never mind look how do we get out of here goodbye bye look stop with the goodbyes okay okay one more thing wait if we do escape will you come with us of course my man’s got a boom box now hurry walk this way don’t you know you love flying from your right flank i’m sorry sir i flunked flank your flunk flank get the flunk they’re stupid i’m fighting with cardboard wow get the horses get the chariots get them i smell something papyrus rolling papyrus rolling paper i just gotta made a giant blunt oh [ __ ] wow they bout to get high mighty joint prevails okay moses oh all right good job moses so random though like oh what the roman empire [ __ ] it i’m done with this movie y’all i’m done i don’t want to watch nothing oh man it’s time to do the splits waiter and dishwasher i’m gonna be later i’ll be the cashier yeah i’ll be the hatchet girl why do you don’t write hey kids i’ll take before this night is over one of you shall betray me three times oh i’m supposed to be god how can you feel that anyone here would betray you we would follow this may be our last supper hey it’s mary’s daughter oh look one little question i’ll let you all go are you all together or is it separate checks sits amongst us has already betrayed me this night who who who who can it be judas do you want a beverage jesus yes what yes jesus yes okay everybody want to be in the picture get up and go to the other side of the table come on wow hey they got him in the back the spanish inquisition oh somebody getting whipped they getting beat down oh there you go ouch oh god oh just murdered him oh man they are stupid i got a feeling like they’re not about to be average normal nuns oh swimmers synchronized stupid the french revolution we moving through ugh oh that finger thing makes a bell on her face we have no say she’s right she’s right we all talk like mauricio he said oh my god they really did a high note oh my god man they sound like zombies immense cops should be even with the tip of this beep what the [ __ ] all the way down your balls what the [ __ ] at least i have them oh oh boy you about to get killed you got to get murdered oh man they’re playing chess with real people two it will suck to have that as a job threatens bishop all right popinjay i’m invoking the king’s privilege three moves to one yes what jump queen oh my god oh god what what am i watching oh snap oh man no wee wee yes a lot of it i wonder was this a real profession back in the day oh he’s peeing on him you are pissing on my shoe sorry that’s for you piss off oh dog thank you wow how’s it going marie it’s good to be the king wow um you’re lucky still alive oh man that’s all he said and i’m putting jail because of that you don’t put out he don’t get it oh damn your majesty i simply don’t do it very good i’m glad you’re throwing it over be it my chambers at midnight at two till there wait don’t wear any it’s good to be the king wow oh man oh my god about your majesty just in case of the remote possibility of him on the throne ah a double in case of trouble i like it but where would you find a handsome dog majesty you look like the piss boy and you look like a bucket of [ __ ] it’s good to be the king oh my god not the beauty mock it’s coming thanks please look see see i can’t even walk like a king i can’t walk in heels he’s good in here this will never work why are you if there is a double on the throne the king can remain in safety while they cut off the donald’s head ah i get it wow i get it damn they come to money but the uh he even messed up his own name wow come to the right place please it’s good to be the king let’s talk about this um why don’t we go out and have a wonderful candle at dinner and then after that a couple of magnums of wine another one rambo is that french hmm here we go july 14 1789 signed by the capitol oh wow man did you hear that my little winged friends please they shall be free man he asked his hair all i’m the revolution quit your majesty it’s the revolution you’ve got to escape the storming the palace so that’s the noise the revolution hurry put the sign this place oh time to die oh man oh damn horse i knew the horse so she said miracle oh okay so he likes to break the fourth wall a lot in his movies apparently but coming to the end see oh my darling it’s a big ending hitler on ice oh man they stupid oh man jews in spain oh wow this bishop is the star of david oh man i’m done with this movie this should have happened they all can come together to make one giant star and there we have it people history of the world part one yeah that movie was crazy that was a crazy crazy movie right there boy i’m smashing some of those things was rough but man it was good it was good like again considering this came out in the early 80s you know oh man the man the the the rape culture this movie was crazy like again they can’t make a lot of this stuff today you know but i understand why a lot of people like uh mel brooks you know i feel like he was a a comedic genius you know especially in this case you know making fun of a lot of stuff at the end of the day it’s comedy but you know i also understand why people are sensitive to everything everything is not funny to everybody but i enjoyed it um i definitely still want to watch a lot of uh other mel brooks movies again i watch blazing saddles and man i found that downright hilarious so um let me know in the comments below um what other movies you guys would like me to react to um again if you haven’t hit that like button please go and hit it now um i think also think about subscribing um but with that being said that’s it that’s all i got for right now um movies i’m still trying to get on the list oh nothing i had there’s nowhere i could rent this movie like it’s not on netflix it’s not on hulu um i couldn’t rent it for like three bucks on amazon i had to buy this movie 15 so that’s my commitment to you guys like all these movies that i’ve been watching you know like stir crazy i had to but i had a rent terminated had a rent you know a lot of these movies is not you know on some of these streaming platforms but you guys keep supporting me i definitely keep cranking out the movies um i know some people were saying like i should check out young frankenstein um i haven’t seen that before um robin hood men in tights robin hood men in tights i seen when i was little i remember that you know but you know i just remember dave chappelle being in it um but that’s it but i’ve seen that i was like i had to be like five um but if you guys have any other suggestions comments concerns theories hypothesis feedback conclusions or just want to say what’s up make sure you do so below and with that being said i will see you guys during the next reaction peace.