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Jun 2, 2021 02:15 · 12652 words · 60 minute read

so all right welcome in everybody to comic book women tonight we are going to be spotlighting i think we described her as a powerhouse jen bartel she’s amazing and the girls and i were like let’s let’s do this so uh lucy how was your weekend before we get into it it was good i guess it was nice um spend some time with with my husband’s family so i was okay i worked worked worked and more worked seriously the whole weekend you spent working that’s shitty yep that’s the time so you know yeah with the holiday though it’s like you you feel like you should slow down but then i ended up feeling like the weekend just flew by yeah it goes like this yeah all right before we get into the market report half of it we’re to give people a second to hop in but first let’s talk a bit about the wonderful jen bartel so uh jenna and i were kind of nerding out before the show because her and i both watched an interview of jen at the san diego comic con jen what did you think of her as a person just that she seems super duper nice and she’s just so positive and she is uplifting like she wants to help other people in in the community and like other artists and yeah yeah i i love her hair somebody in the comments of the interviewer watching her like oh she’s getting her full gamora on but it’s it looked really beautiful so guys if you aren’t aware somehow jen bartel is a korean american illustrator and comic book artist she’s best known for her work uh with marvel and image comics she co-created blackbird with sam humphreys and she won the eisner award for her work as a cover artist back in 2019 but how did she get started again so what’s funny is that uh so she went to school for like illustration right she she figured like children’s books like those lines and then she just started doing fan art on instagram and and other like medias just fan art and then from there uh idw picked her up for gemini holograms and it’s like what she started as a fan just drawing and she was even saying that uh like pretty early on she like loved storm but that like she had a hard time drawing her and or like different different ethnicities and that she worked on it and she worked on it like really hard to the point but now if you look at her i’m like damn out of like a lot of artists like look people can be super talented but doing multiple different kind of ethnicities is difficult like when you look at some people’s heart right you’re like getting the right shade of the skin and making sure you get the hair right i mean that that can be difficult yeah so like yeah i think just and it’s also cool to like go back on her on her instagram it starts like on 2011 and then just scroll through because you can literally see not literally like you can see her her style evolve and just get better and it’s i just yeah i’m kind of i i’ve always liked her stuff but i think now learning more about her i’m like now i think i’m actually a fan yeah you you like her even more every time you learn a little bit more and more about her yeah she’s just so down to earth too like she just seems like a really sweet human being and she said once her platform got large enough she thought okay now i have a voice that’s actually being heard i’m going to use that voice to promote other artists in the industry which is amazing because i mean comic books don’t get me wrong it’s a great community but there’s definitely some sharky shark type aspects to it there are so it’s like the fact that she was still willing to kind of go out there and promote others her competition essentially i mean that’s badass and it was cool when she got to do the adidas oh i want those shoes she did she has done uh uh captain marble and she did what else she did another one recently yeah she has done like few of them like yeah it was pretty cool didn’t she they should do wonder woman too or no i think she has she did i think the hard part about this this like putting this together some of these comics to talk to today about was number one i you lucy and i were talking about we know the drunken chat that ultra did a jennifer tell we tried to figure out what what covers he talked about i went back i could not find it lucy you couldn’t figure out like right we couldn’t figure out like yes i asked ultra he’s he’s in the chat right now i asked i was like do you know do you remember which one was uh the the episode that you talked about it because he put a bunch of like book i guess you know if you guys watch uh drunken chat you see that he he does uh either artists or or characters or things like that so and he i remember he did one for bertel and and uh but it was pretty well put together so if anybody remembers that episode yeah ultra let us know because we i talked to ultra a little bit about this too and he’s he’s exactly like jen he’s a team player and he’s like girls go to town did you see frank so he got to [ __ ] and then she was very polite like that’s cool i mean yeah she let him down easy frank’s probably not used to that either he’s like wait you’re saying no excuse me you say no to me well do you know who i am i am the frank goggle anyway uh yeah so guys if you’re just hopping in we are gonna do a quick market report here on jen bartel stuff and if you haven’t please check out frank gogle he does a uh youtube show right after this called comic book food chain with anthony and aaron yee and they are hilarious they are so much fun to watch and i’m just screwing with google he’s a really really cool guy a very talented creator and writer so check them out after this but moving on so before we go on to her covers she was talking about some of the good parts of it or how what she considers the good parts of the cover do you remember this part jen about the coloring and composition yeah well she kind of takes more of a design approach versus a narrative illustration yeah so when she does a piece she wants it to be almost a stand-alone piece not necessarily a narrative to the story itself but something that could be timeless i think she called it evergreen when we were in the interview it’s funny uh when brent was doing these slides she’s like hey you remember those oh man what was her name lisa frank from the 90s the oh my gosh yeah holders and i’m like oh yeah and then we were listening to an interview and then they asked her like what she thought her art style was and she was like oh an evil lisa frank and britt was like boom boom all right so let’s hop into it the first cover as jen was mentioning she started out at fan art with an idw reached out to her for this one and it was so this was a subscription uh cover so you have yeah so it’s not it’s a kid’s kids comic ish and it just i’ve never come across it ever since i found out about this want to say six months ago i’ve been really trying to look for it i can find the later issues but i can never find this number seven i’m feeling her outfit i like it nice okay so so ultra said it he did it for i did one artist every week for women’s history month so you’ll find that during that month on drunken chat if you go if you guys go back and soon one of those weekends perfect so this one right now is selling for roughly 122 for a raw and then if you’re lucky you’re on like 63 if you’re lucky and then i get back issue bins you never know i mean granted it might have to be from a comic shop that was ordering more than like five so that’s how i was gonna say i mean i don’t think you would come across them very often i mean this would definitely be one of those finds that you guys have to message us on because it doesn’t seem like it would be an easy one and thank you rare if you’re gonna try to find that one hi adam but yeah 122 for a raw copy of her first book but i mean that’s that’s a what do you call it when it’s like the an important part of the collection well it’s where she is her first stone yeah yeah like a keystone i think that’s still a good price like i mean i think she’s still in the rye so maybe like later on you know like uh it will be worth a lot more so right now it’s like kind of a good time and i can’t imagine trending so that’s kind of good i can’t imagine like wanting because you know you know there’s one collector or a few collectors out there who are like i’m going to own everything she’s ever done in comics oh whole buddy what was that first published work okay yeah but there weren’t there like so many of this run particularly yeah so when i was uh it starts at seven the next one we’re going to do is her second to second september eight but throughout the whole run it’s just every now and then you’ll see her name pop up he kind of kind of writing a little bit of like rick foster from straight dogs but she had her start in ponies and then like it came through gems and then she ended up getting other stuff like like later so it just yeah there’s a lot of if you try to go back you’re gonna be tracking down a lot of bugs there’s a lot of quantity before you started realizing yeah uh let’s see first publish work is key there you go tough to find high grade without color rub and spine breaks but they press nicely this is from ultra and flicks and comics is in the house hello jojo she said bartel day yes we were excited about this one too so here is her second cover and this one’s october 2015 still with the gem interesting to see bartel without color right isn’t it a little disorienting yeah but i i really like there’s a tmnt cover like this i think issue 50 or 51 that’s very similar with like how the like the border like the oh what what’s it called the border you know so the way you see the cover is like how i picture that they get the page to go ahead and do it on like this is the cover for that so there’s an issue of tmnt 50 or 51 that’s very simple oh i know what you’re talking about yes yes like the original like the original storyboard look to it yeah i love that and you can still tell us bertel by the eyes she’s the same like with uh with jennifer prison you always know like their art because of the way they do their eyes they have that certain way to do it um and like i don’t know they have their special like this specialty i guess that you’re able to recognize when it’s a uh yeah when it’s a certain artist especially when you like you know they have their trademark and you can kind of spot it right away even it doesn’t have color you can tell is bertel and then this is a retail incentive all right so that’s probably why where this price comes in so the highest known value for a raw comic is 94.

99 guys really quickly if you are just joining us i wanted to give a quick shout out to coverprice they are sponsoring the show they are providing all this incredible information so shout out to coverprice if you haven’t checked them out please do they are such a good resource um i can’t even tell you how much like jen put this together but without that i think it would have been a lot harder yeah they helped a lot uh but back to this highest known value 94. 99 and then but it’s weird to see like the two dollar sales in there and along with the 3920 so it does kind of range everywhere i think sometimes people don’t always know what they’re posting and so you if you if you’re on the hunt it’s still possible i feel like you can get this for for now this makes no sense let’s makes no sense but um but if you it’s all about people listening and that’s one thing too i’ve noticed is like when you look for certain artists yes put their name in there sometimes but sometimes just put in the title with the number and you might get someone who didn’t know and they’ll just have it listed this is when they’re normal and then oh awesome now i get this book for way cheaper than a city but look at this this is three sales within two days of the same price have you what is it called fatfingers.

com where you type in something and then it gives you all the misspellings of it on ebay that’s one of your secrets though i don’t know if we’re supposed to be telling those yes why not all right so that’s another that’s um her second cover the one in 20 this came out in november 2016. this again looks more like bar tell me now we’re back on track and what i picture um let’s see here one 94 sounds like a big reach right that doesn’t sound right something about that last slide just seems odd to me there’s something suspicious and there’s like 30 but like it’s things they kind of give you different some different numbers to kind of give you like a range so it’s like you should never pay more than this just so you know this is like the highest it’s ever sold for maybe it was signed maybe there’s something else that was like was it like i don’t know like but the 34 seems more in the range i might be comfortable with if not like two dollars would be awesome yeah right if we could find for two bucks i’d be thrilled so okay this is slam number one i’ve never read this one of you guys no no that’s my list though because it’s that thing so i remember these are the most recent uh i couldn’t i didn’t come across this the data for this on uh cover but i found this so it you can see it kind of ranges in like the 40 to like 60 and then there’s a couple high sales back in march like so it’s i think the big lesson is just keep stuff in your search history and star it or heart it and then you might get lucky like don’t don’t when you see something don’t just click on it it’s like you don’t know what else is out there like calm down take your time well that’s what she’s saying oh wait your time the 169 is a cgc yeah and that makes more sense because it’s guaranteed yeah yeah yeah i’m thinking of looking at these trying to figure out some of the numbers here because whenever i look at the numbers like this i’m trying to find a trend of some sort did you guys do you guys thought i hate that line i really wish they would put what the person paid yeah i wonder why they don’t who are they protecting the buyer the seller like what what’s the what’s the motivation behind putting that line there because it’s definitely not helping the buyer because it takes away our ability to know what the negotiating range is but then for the seller maybe they’re doing it for the seller then because they don’t want to sell if you it shows what the seller is willing to take and they have multiples listed at that quantity then what’s the point of it enlisting it but if you put best offers then you just kind of yeah but i mean best author we have a 100 book and somebody will offer us 50.

somebody who offer us 20. somebody will offer us 80 which is reasonable you know what i mean like the offers are just so crazy what there’s also offers recently i got you remember we’re talking about black i mean this is completely unrelated i guess but on mccary i got i had a book for 35 dollars and they asked me if they could do shipping free shipping for 16 i’m like yeah your blog i wish i had that like that baldiness that you have to block people i i can’t do it i’m always like denied but here’s my counteroffer i’m like always being nice yeah i mean oh it’s two books and it’s they’re venom and it’s i think it was like number five and six or something like that it’s like come on come on yeah we are not doing lots of tonight lotte is coming up we have a special week dedicated just to her because guys trust us we are huge lotte fans and yeah but yeah so not probably not this week but the week after we’ll do a low taste special it’s gonna be we’re looking maybe at july i’m thinking like the end of june okay somewhere in that range lucy is cutthroat she’s gangster alright so moving on to the next one uh i love this cover i think this is stunning america number eight the variant one in 25.

um volume yep i regret that the last c2e2 before the pandemic there was two of these sitting in the in like a five dollar variant and i was like i i was buying so much and i think that was on a it was a thursday or friday and i like saw it i’m like oh i really like this i’m like ooh but five dollars because i i like the dollar two dollar boxes and to be like i can get two comics or few comics for this if not five we’ve all made that mistake jen we’re with you we’ve all done this you and i like and he’s like oh do you i do he’s like oh i have don’t worry i have one or two behind the thing too and i was like oh so you have a lot and he’s like yeah and i was like okay so in my head i’m like oh i can just get this next time like no worries and then what the price is on this staggering i feel for you that that story makes my stomach hurt you could have bought them for like 10 bucks and i would have been like i’ll buy all of them yeah you know i know though i’ll kick you too i’m just kidding okay cool okay here here’s the thing is that you guys we did a past episode about collections yeah i i i do my girlfriend and i have a thing usually when i go to comic-con it’s like either a good amount of money or short box and i can’t really go over that so when i get close or i’m like oh shoot like i’m trying to like this is a thursday or friday i still have a couple more days left and i pace yourself and i just like it does bother me because it’s like oh i could have gotten all of them kept one and then like giving one away on the show i’ve been like eh five bucks this is insane though 400 is the highest known value for a graded 9.

8 so keep that in mind for a raw you’re looking at 210 which is still pretty incredible you know what you have to be with the whole i think with america like went with the announcement of like american everything that’s when it started getting crazy prices because i remember seeing this one like i uh seen it for like 25 and i i saw somebody on instagram i had it for that price and i was like oh i’m gonna buy it and i was like i’ll go i get a little bit and then boom uh it just i think they talked about it on drunken chat and then after that it was all going crazy and then i was like damn it i should have got it because i love not because of the title it’s just such a beautiful beautiful art i love it she did a great job yeah like what you were saying earlier i’ve seen a couple america covers i’m not going to name them so don’t ask me where the ethnicity on them doesn’t look right to me and it’s tricky getting the skin color is tricky and that’s what we were talking about at the very beginning how uh and jenna actually went out of her way yeah there’s a lot of features that go into capturing um a woman of color correctly and she nailed it this is gorgeous gorgeous okay but if you want it you’re gonna spend at least 200 bucks unless my hope because next week i’m gonna be traveling with my family for ten days uh through america i am really hoping and i am praying to the comic guides but i’ll come across one and you never know may you come up an extra two for me i know i was just gonna say that if you come across one or two i’ll go in happy with it with you i found two of the twelve yes that’s a good one that’s probably that that would be one that you have to write as she did a lot of uh that first volume america covers like a couple it wasn’t just one it wasn’t just this one she just covered with a couple but this is my favorite yeah out of all of them i i looked at the one before the show and i think that’s this is my favorite i think she nailed it on this one all right let’s keep going oh damn it right when i said something about it being my favorite this has i think become the iconic piece when you think jen bartel is that just me or do you think automatically blackbird probably just you because i feel like not a lot of people know about blackbird really this and silk are like the two things that come to my mind when i think jennifer yeah what do you guys think of i love this one the america cover the american cover okay lucy when you hear jen bartel what just pops into your head uh oh my goodness it’s hard because there’s a lot and i don’t know why uh it’s yeah like there’s different ones that they come in my mind but blackbird definitely it’s one of them because i remember i uh when this one came out and i was like i need to pick this up and i got it you did and then she did the interiors too yeah right well her and sam humphreys were the ones that kind of developed this together so i mean i guess that makes sense all of them are gorgeous what were you telling me about the foil one over there jen uh that uh matt from coverprice was saying that this is really hard to get in a high grade but it is so what i found out during the pandemic and i don’t know why i never thought about this before is that like when you get a foil cover they scratch really easy when they scratch that’s that’s the grading so this was from the local comic book day in 2018 uh and it’s just it’s tough because 2018 and you know uh so it’s gonna it ranges i think when looking at the foils i did find one for like 30 to 40 and i was like that’s interesting and then these other two covers down here are also number one that she did she did a couple variants and just the series i never read it either it’s on my to read list i have a big to read list uh but remember we’re talking before the show about she had like seven up and or up seven female artists do other variants for the series and i’m like oh man i kind of like one of them mm-hmm oh i cannot wait to do that we will get there i’m getting ahead of ourselves again but yeah there was a lot of variance for this but i think um again with her blackbird there it’s her use of color that’s become her trademark she’s very very particular and what she uses for placement wise and in that interview we were watching she was saying that she does consider her color even while she’s sketching it out because it makes such a huge difference in the composition where you have light colors meeting dark she knows that’s where the eye is going to be drawing so like this one for example you look at her eyes and her lips and her nose it’s like boom right with us i’m telling you the eyes are always like you know like when it’s bartel because of her and her and jenny you you could tell when i because some you know what it’s been a couple times that i have gotten confused the covers when i think it’s jenny and it’s bertel wait i’ve gotten this couple times sidetracked so how awkward says marrying the board yeah that’s how that’s how you do like it took me such a long time to figure that out and i didn’t know that for until i went to go back and review my marvel and i had like that rub what the heck is this oh crap it’s because i slide it in and it’s like that stupid so now yeah you marry the the comic and the board and slide into the bag that’s just how things need to be done it does take a little bit longer to do it that way i think that’s why people are like nope i’m just gonna slide it in especially when you’re doing like hundreds it does take a little bit longer but again uh yeah if you i think since i worked at a comic book store and then we back and board like we do like uh back and board first like we do boxes of just bag and board so the day that we will get the shipment then we just put them in so i think we were already doing that so now like i’m used to that first you know the back and board and then you put the comics that i guess people do that you go against the habit of it it’s yeah it’s tricky okay so blackbird this one’s going for said and 59.

99 said it i know you told us that uh that series uh um where is it at uh every single cover in this series is done by female artists and i know you told us that jen yeah and the blackbird one there’s like seven of them there’s a lot yeah yeah that would be a whole show by itself just doing like all these runs that have all the comp like the women that what would you get one um i’m getting excited okay what’s cool about this is i’m pretty sure that i heard that there was some kind of options around blackbird and so 99 60 bucks for a 9.

8 so it’s it’s still that’s to me for 9. 8 of like a number one that that’s pretty cheap that’s interesting that’s because it almost in my opinion holds more value than the american one does because not only is it her cover but it’s her interiors and she co-created it yeah and that’s the highest one and it’s the highest one was last year but then it looks like the the uh what’s it trying to say fmv is still or in that ballpark that’s interesting you will think yeah you’re right laura you would think that uh blackberry will be a higher uh price and then but i think it’s because of the whole america thing that’s why it’s going it’s not only because it’s her cover but it’s because the america uh you know how will you say the jest the jazz uh the buzz around it right the buzz the excitement that that drew yeah yes 100 oh hey husband he’s bringing me a refill i don’t know what you guys are drinking out there but i’m doing limoncello shots tonight flashback to italy all right um okay next up 1 in 50 the iron hearts number one variant this is the one i was finding the girls before the show i would be the least likely to recognize off the bat as a bartel it would take me a second i mean maybe after a second glance i’d get there what do you guys think of this one i like it and i like i was telling you guys off air i saw this one for like 10 15 bucks i honestly did not i don’t i i don’t remember being aware that it was bartel when i sold it so she sold it for 10 or 15 guys and i’m sorry lucy oh yep so 99.

8 in february so for 6 25 and then like look raw you’re looking around 250. i see reflex so i’m guessing this isn’t an easy like you’re not going to find this most likely in the back bin it’s going to be i mean for 50 again you never know you never know right like yeah some some comic store who is you know really into gold and silver age could get in a collection of new stuff go like yeah this came out like not like two years ago like whatever i’ll put this in that you you never know like always check those back issue boxes i like how hopeful you are it could happen right if you can find it uh again we have yet to have one person message us since we started these market reports they have found one of the books on here and last week those were all pretty obtainable so i’m talking about these these higher end ones if you happen to find one we will feature that entire story on our show live because how freaking cool would it be they’d be like oh we were watching convict women and they mentioned this book and i found it for four dollars we do take a half commission 50 commission that is fair i don’t i don’t think anybody’s going to argue with that right binders mean that would be their fee whatever informant fee next up power rangers oh google are you still out there this is like his jam right power rangers ranger slayer now this one has some backstory to it go ahead so this the one on the left was the first print it came in a polybag because it was a spoiler variant i remember seeing at the country i’m like spoiled spoiler variant he’s like yeah don’t don’t don’t even when you take the bag off don’t even look at the cover because it gives away the whole what and then yeah so and then the one on this on the right is the second print uh but this is a really obtainable like i i love this cover wait oh thanks all right he’s frank right no this what what did you say frank likes power rangers shocking what a nerd partner is great we just like messing with gold one we can’t help it if gold comes in it’s like you just have to mess with them a little bit this is stunning um the lighting is again fantastic so you can still get a hold of the one on right but both of them are still i was surprised how i mean if you got it for cover awesome and then if you i think it’s only like oh shoot can you slide okay go mad devo says go go power rangers this is his name frank go go uh so yeah it the one that you see the listings you see in the left-hand side are what’s currently the lowest the lowest three and then the right hand side is the data that i got from cover price and it’s it’s in that bulb the ballpark of like it’s super attainable like if you if you can’t get that iron heart and you’re like you really like her like again the art i thought was stunning yeah oh his book it said foc that he i think the the book that he’s coming out the the power rangers one the fancy ranger one yeah go gold power ranger that’s funny uh yeah so this one’s still attainable again this is one that you could probably still hop online and grab it um quick shout out to everybody that’s watching to cover price they helped so much they are sponsoring comic book women and providing us with all the information that we need to provide these market reports it’d be cool i mean sponsoring so we all got memberships that’s pretty cool we’re very happy all right let’s see here moving on oh we were talking about this one before the show i’m salty about this one um but this is the dr alpha number six variant the one in 25 which at the time i was telling jen i was debating between purchasing this one and then you had the prison cover that came out afterwards after this one and i went with the prison me too because you know you only have a limited amount of money and you’re like oh 145 this one or this one i i like them like both i’m like but i can only pick one was this a ratio number uh a a variant or i was so i knew it was great it looks great like you just like it looks amazing but then okay i’ll get it maybe later when it comes back down maybe it’ll come back down because sometimes the ratios go up it’s like you know they’re 25 and they pop down until like 15 or 10 and you’re like yeah if not fine and then but this is again that this is going back to the beginning of the show when we were talking about her art style you take away the tray dress to it and this is a standalone piece this is a evergreen work of art here i mean it’s beautiful the composition’s on point the coloring is fantastic i didn’t buy it now it’s going for 202 bra i mean you might get lucky and get it for around 140 and then great getting lucky though 140 is getting lucky i’m like i could have got it yeah wait for how much when i was around 10 well because oh that’s right yeah i know a guy could have got it for me for less i know a guy but it’s like damn it i should have just from now on girls let’s make a pact whenever we have like a oh should we buy either or let’s just buy both uh yeah probably food and water i mean chicago’s not even that cold jen you don’t need heat you’re just being a wimp wear a beanie when it was negative 30.

well what does that even feel like man the coldest it gets here is like 60. you it hurts to breathe and then the car wouldn’t start at first and it was horrible laura and we we don’t we don’t need ac we’re good we can just freaking pass out but you know who cares yeah it’s not that bad it’s like a spawn in my house if i turn it off but all right so guys if you’re just hopping in you can get this one the highest known value was 202 but if you’re getting lucky you might be able to score it for about 142 but it’s a beautiful cover this is one that i would think you would want in your collection if you are an avid jen bartel fan uh same here jen wasn’t saying it’s gonna come down oh man i don’t think it’s coming down it’s gonna keep going up oh abbott all right tell me a little bit about this one jen so i have a number four this is the one for 25.

it came out came up this year oh sorry abbott 1973 came out this year and so this is boom right yeah so boom has it’s really funny because frank’s in the chat like boom offers ratios on their website for ratio price i remember seeing this and being like oh i have time and then i waited too long you need to stop doing that jan you don’t have time are you thinking with her i got time i got time no you don’t we we all do that though we all do that i’ve done it many many times but yes gotcha but it’s smart she did a fantastic job like but then another her internal struggle here sometimes that being frugal hurts yeah it’s rough because um because this book is bartel doing her best prison oh oh i was just gonna say that i thought it was first and again i’m telling you those two are like so closed captioning not so the black and available version is actually cheaper currently on ebay than the colored i found a couple that are in the 10 range to 20 range and then it was selling for like one sold for well it’s a dollar but 15 shipping so you know 16 bucks or whatever another one sold for around the 15 mark another one after that was like 17.

so if you if you want this cover but you can’t afford the color version get the black and white version and then maybe send it to her so she can color it no yeah i stand by what i say if i’m gonna invest in a bartel book i want the colors the colors make bartel like you can’t get a black and white and be satisfied with it right at least i might have to be for for the prices because yeah when you show the next slide i’ll be like oh well look at this one this one’s going okay 100 175 for a very high near mint 180.

so what was funny is that when i was looking at the sold i’m like oh okay like 50 even though i deal with 25 or less right but 50 okay and that’s what those are the last three so those are the last three so right and those are that much so probably why those prices as so i don’t know what happened after those three sold that the people who still had them were like you know what i’m gonna times this up i’m gonna make it a hundred dollars i’m gonna make it almost two hundred dollars and i’m like why would but it if you want it and and that’s the only price you’re seeing on ebay i mean i feel like sending offers then send the offers for that for the whatever sold last time i mean you might get blocked i mean yeah because if you’re asking if you’re going to ask 50 or 60 the person selling it for 100 plus shipping like i don’t think they’re going to take 50.

yeah and that’s still to me it’s like i was trying to first i rather i would almost in this instance to quell my like oh man get the black and white version temporarily and police prices come back down yeah they’re just in offers i would suggest to send out because that’s just kind of dumb if if it was going selling for that much if i was selling for if it sold 480 then uh you can put in an offer yeah for 50 60 bucks and it would be oh that’s my stuff don’t do that but if it’s not selling for that much why are you charging that much because no one else is listening this year i don’t know it was crazy because they have the power at that point look at this that might be the new thing it comes no more blank covers it will be can you cover my black and white what if anybody’s ever done that that’s kind of brilliant right you’re taking your body right you’re like just add a couple little strokes here yeah here i bring you colors color yeah i mean i i think that’s that’s brilliant um watching i like watching books on ebay the seller usually sends offers if you’re watching books exactly so just watch those and i’m sure they will end up lowering or whatever one for 25.

do you know i hope guys if you are just joining us welcome to comic women do us a favor and give the give the show a thumbs up that’s our way of knowing that you are do that we’re doing a good job here we are sponsored by cover price so make sure you check them out all of their information is so it’s so good this is like it helps you as a for a seller if you’re a seller it helps you makes it your job easier to see what’s the latest price so uh which i’ve been kind of i’ve been using now like i’ve been a member since 2019 18 or something like that and got the you you have you can uh uh view five for the free subscription um so you can do you five a day yeah or i like that yeah they have different packages with you know so go ahead yeah do that funny i was laughing because i realized that if if i was trying to buy from lucy on ebay she would totally block me yes i will oh she probably would i wonder have i blocked you before have you been blocked yet you picked them up lucy i’m just kidding she’s like yep if you guys join though we’re talking about the abbott one in 25 this is a fantastic cover again she nailed it look at the strength in that expression it’s beautiful it’s absolutely stunning in my opinion don’t bother with black and white i would want the color but that’s just me being picky about it the black and white is more affordable so i guess if you can’t have the color that’s the next best thing right glenn we’re so glad that you have your daughter watching this this is awesome that’s exactly what we want to hear we want to bring as many girls and women into this community as possible so tell your daughter we’re thrilled to have her we welcome you uh lucian block me on makari speaking of women in marvel and women in this in this community what a great segue i didn’t mean to do that was by accident but this was my pick um for the one that recently that i was like okay this is stunning this is bartel at her finest uh the self number one for the women’s month hi husband what do you guys think of this one and this is this is the one that jojo uh set on nearing nirvana that got her to read the series which is really good yeah yeah it’s a beautiful cover all those covers that she did for that month are beautiful the one that it got me to pick all of them was go ahead wait are you trying to talk about the hulk yeah look wait yeah that’s uh yeah okay hold your thought there hold your thud well anyways i love this one i love how she looks it’s just such a beautiful cover yeah i mean this is cindy moon you know it kind of if you guys haven’t read the series it’s really good it i mean of course it takes that classic approach of the reporter by day and badass by night but this one’s it’s a good read it’s a really good read and i think her the way she the approach she took to this character is stunning so right now if you want to pick that one up it’s still reasonable thank god right but here’s the thing i see these prices and like okay so these are on on ebay yay uh these are on ebay and i’m like oh here okay when i see this that means i’m gonna go my local lcs and then just pay cover so i avoid shipping and then you don’t you know right like whenever you’re sitting really low on ebay you’re like okay that means i get it it just makes sense might as well go to your if it well look me i only have three comic book stores around me uh not all of them got these you know not i mean only one or yeah only two stores got it or something like that and very limited um i think where i got it they only order for me and then couple others so like if i wouldn’t had pre-order i would probably have to order from ebay or any other store but yeah so it’s still obtainable and it’s a beautiful cover i think that eventually this one will get more love but for right now i think the coloring is fantastic i mean that that perfect marigold yellow in the background a lot of her her work is perfect for signing like she leaves really good spaces for just like like right here wait can i see my cursor no right here that’s where she would find right it doesn’t obstruct the artwork but yeah that’s wrong that’s a good one all right so this is where lucy go ahead okay that she-hulk is just so beautiful and because of that she-hulk i wanted everything but i wanted that one i pre-ordered that one and i didn’t again i didn’t get it well you pre-ordered it yes and i didn’t get it they didn’t send it to the shop uh he said that he put he ordered it but some reason he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t get this book then i was right after i found out that i didn’t get it i was trying to pre uh order from other places but it was sold out then one of my friends uh custom slabs he told me that it was a low print a little run print so this one sold out basically everywhere and uh what i know like this one was like selling on ebay for like 20 bucks 20 15 uh 15 um 10 15 bucks from 10 up thanks rob and uh yeah so i got all of them except that one and i just another one that is going that i know that is going for uh it will it only that’s the only one that is sold for more than cover price it’s the uh ghost rider that is all for 29.

99 i think and it was uh uh he posted on his instagram he sold it green blue artifacts i think let me he posted that he sold it he he said that he has no idea why it’s somebody bought it for that much because there’s still a lot for cover price but yeah he sold he sold for 29. 99 uh i believe it was like a bit thing it wasn’t something that he put you know uh so there’s a lot for cover price but that one itself he sold it and that’s the only one that it’s for that much it’s crazy so that’s your favorite out of this out of the screen you go hulk she held yes i love it that’s it’s tough i i know how do you pick right well like you were saying but in our pre-show that what was the bundle feel for this for a while it was a bundle it was like 30 bucks and you got all of them and i was like eight comments i got time eight comics for like 25 30 bucks yeah i’m trying to remember what side it it was just sold out though but if you try to find it it’s gone but it was an option at one point to get all of them as a bundle which i should have yeah i know a few people got the bundle yeah it was a fantastic price but my personal favorite i like the spider woman here well so it was kind of cool that i i didn’t have time to like there’s two a lot of slides so i was like uh but that image image has a magazine called image plus the volume 2 number 12 from august august october of 2018 is a jumper tall cover that talks about blackbird so i’m like oh interesting in august does that mean that might be that might be a true first for blackbird i don’t know probably a preview so if you think about it but it was just cool that was a magazine she also did a horror magazine cover called razer blades horror magazine number one from december of 2020.

she does sex criminals number 29 like we can literally again 60 plus covers the sex criminals one is fantastic wait you have a picture of it oh i think it might i don’t know if i can no you can’t show it because it’s i don’t think i can but it’s really good dude i looked everywhere look it up you might get a virus it kept being the pink i was like i think i have it somewhere but i think i left it in the polybag i didn’t take it out uh let’s see you’re getting some offers here if you want it james james said he has several pm yeah yeah awesome yay that’s the only one yes i need that one all right oh go back no no this is good so like so we’re we always like to do if you can’t i mean the silk one and some of the women in marvel great but if you are looking forward to some of her like again she’s a lot coming out this one i think is wonderful a lot so we just picked four although so the demon days is coming out soon june june 16th if you’re driving and then now the mother of madness i can’t find an image for it man i’ve been looking and i can’t find one but she hasn’t posted on her instagram either right because usually they’ll post on instagram like instagram or twitter and nothing but it’s like okay it’s jen bartel and mother of madness from image if you guys heard about this but we talked about it right yeah emilia clarke this is lucy’s pick for a fan focus on nearing nirvana a few weeks back yeah she picked this one for hers you know amelia clark mother of dragons no mother of madness i think more me before you no such a good movie so sad i’ve been really watcher of sarah connor oh i should do that too i i like her i think she’s a great actress but that she’s you guys if you don’t know emilia clarke is developing this comic book she wrote it about a mom that’s basically a superhero that’s the best way to describe it and they’re not releasing any of the images so my advice is if you end up finding it yeah yeah right if you end up getting that if you find a cover b i would snug it up i don’t see how that could be a bad thing i placed a pre-order for cover b it was funny because the the store’s like there’s no image i don’t care i don’t care maybe jumper tell like i mean i now this will be my second time where i blindly buy a comic cover without seeing it the first time i did it i was a little upset but the second but it wasn’t her so i’m really hoping oh no do not jinx it knocking wood she’s not gonna spit on her but the movie was horrible it was horrible i haven’t seen it yet i haven’t seen yet either we’ll get to it we’ll get to it so that’s coming out and then lucy was excited about the good asian number three very pretty cover yes that one that a good asian was my pick for near nirvana number one i think it was was it uh for a few weeks back and uh again i didn’t get it i got it late actually he gave it to me late so i just got it i need to read it but i knew this one was coming and i’m excited for that cover oh beautiful i i’ve subjected because i’m reading chat jj maxwell i liked uh the not sure which is that what’s your real name lena heady who plays cersei as sarah connor that’s sarah connor chronicles season one and two and they left on that cliffhanger anyway so the good asians comes out july 7th you might still be able to get this uh free ufo seat right yeah right again yeah yeah but what we three are most excited about i think super excited killer queen’s number one coming out august 18th jim bertel is doing i think the variant cover c and would who who do we just talk to that is writing yes so guys on our podcast we have a separate podcast called mary nirvana that airs on the weekends and this past friday we interviewed the kanto creative team so we had artist drew zucker and writer david bower who wrote killer queens on our show we did an interview with them they are fantastic david is hilarious he described this as guardians of the galaxy which i thought was so fantastic he’s like that’s the best way to put it they’re assassins and they bring in a snack and assassins so this comes out on august 18th he said it’s a really fun read and i think it i think it’ll be a good one uh and bartel he said he was so excited that she signed on to this and did a cover for them and i’m pretty pumped about it yeah yeah i’m pretty excited for that for that one especially i love that cover you talked about on the show if you guys want to know more we talked about that covering he he gave us a little what was he the inspiration on that cover so definitely watch that there’s the homage to um don’t give it away so you can watch this yeah go and watch it super okay watch the show like it’s kind of obvious though yes okay okay okay i won’t say anything so watch nearing nirvana uh just search nearing nerdvana and you’ll find the three of us we’ll pop up all right now as we’re moving on those that was the market report on jen martel now we’re talking about the things that we’re excited about that come out tomorrow so we’re going to switch gears a little bit here i am up first super pumped about basilisk uh i cut lucy and i were battling over this pit because she wants she’s excited about it too this is such a cool story uh basically they operate as a hive mind the character there they operate as a hive mind but she decides to break away it’s so neat and the covers are stunning the center cover is just the regular trade dress and then the outer two are exclusives by megan hutchinson which i thought were so cool we’ve interviewed her before and she talks about her love of drawing trees and incorporating trees into every cover she does so this is like right up her alley first thing i noticed that i’m like oh look at all these trees what do you guys think i like the ratios yeah i i’m pretty excited as soon as i remember reading this on on previous and i was he wants to talk to me while i’m talking uh i remember reading them some previous book and right away i was like i need this and i added it to the pool right away because i i knew i needed to have this book uh so when i saw you guys were doing an exclusive like that was pretty awesome uh and it’s still available you said right laura you know it’s shocking to me that we still have this on our site but yes guys if you’re interested in yeah if you’re interested in the exclusives the the outer two are the bird city cummings um megan hutchinson exclusive if you’re interested it’s still available but the same thing happened with nottingham we had a nottingham cover and it just sat there for weeks and i was like are you guys crazy and then one day it just sold out it just went nuts because people got the story in their hands i started realizing what a badass story this was and i mean again this this book is the storyline is fantastic but again the artwork is amazing yeah right but we’re biased so we kind of love megan hutchinson over here who doesn’t sure sure but i did just those pretty cool covers it’s very neat so again it’s about a high mind as a member of a hyde mine that breaks away and she kind of keeps her eyes covered because that’s like the source of her power yeah um let’s see here moving on oh wrong screen uh lucy this is you whoo this one i i didn’t know this one was coming out actually just till today when i was like trying to find something for my pick and what are you eating laura that looks good i don’t know what it was i want it uh sorry i’m back i’m eating guacamole i didn’t do nothing but yummy uh but yeah like i i just thought it was coming and it’s i thought it was pretty cool i really like that cover i’m guessing it’s cover b the one all the way to the left give me a second please and and it’s based also on the movie so it’s dc is releasing a bunch of horror comics uh so this is i think one of the first ones uh this one and and then the lake in the house what what’s the name but you also did a house um yeah yeah you guys also did a an exclusive yeah again actually yeah and uh so there’s those two first kind of like the one of the few ones that are releasing 17 uh horror comics and uh so this is one if you guys like the movie definitely pick this one up uh i need to pick this up so i really like that cover on the right hand side yeah like vhs or was it no it’s a book it on the bottom left okay yeah it’s cool oh man i was talking and romi muted me i was saying on the bottom left i think he muted me isn’t there another yes there is it is so it says what i read a little bit it says it is it’s a little bit of a tie-in to the movies so yeah and then i think uh when the writers of the creator of the conjuring so they also i think help co-write this too so it should be good all right honest question when you guys read horror comic books like i most of you out there have watched this long enough to know that i am chicken [ __ ] is the best way to describe it i get scared really easily do these comic books have that same effect like i can read a novel and be terrified but did the comics have that like you know do you understand what i’m saying yeah got again like infidel it’s one of the one the one of the books that have creeped me out the most um i i it has taken me a while i still haven’t finished it because it still scares me uh but yes it does especially i i want to say that when i i think we talked in the past show how i passed up a walking dead number one when it first came out because i was like black and white and then years later i’m like oh stupid jennifer um and then i got the uh compendum compendium compendium for like 20 bucks at comic convention because it was like a torn cover but i’m like wow i read the story now uh and within one weekend i finished off 49 like i just couldn’t put it down but then i put it like i finished after the weekend of reading it once you go to work that third day and the way i viewed the world was different for a while because of like because when you’re reading it you’re just mixing next page next page like you get into that world and you’re like this is messed up people are messed up these zombies are messed up but people are messed up and then you’re like talking to people you’re like what is your intentions wait you go out to the world all suspicious what are you conjuring right there yes yes it is it is yes true you know like they think they get to you especially when you like i like to read a bunch of like uh at a time like i don’t each each issue it’s a little bit but yeah i read yeah it i don’t you should give it a try to see how you feel i was like joe hill i’ve read joe hill stuff i mean good i think it’s a little bit different it’s not as creepy i i don’t know um but do you think you get nightmares from reading uh horror stuff not really russian oh those covers are creepy as [ __ ] man i don’t know if i could read those that would the colon start slow okay yeah so definitely yeah there’s something that you guys want to check it out if you guys like all those country movies look what anthony has showed me it’s the facilities cover oh [ __ ] can you guys see that is it the one for 25 oh my goodness i saw that and i thought i was like this is the one 25 what is this it looks nice no no it’s just like cover b i think oh really okay sorry my camera is messing it up give me one of those i i didn’t order it i didn’t i didn’t order that one because i thought it was like a mistake oh i just ordered that one that’s a lot red room i’ve heard about this one and then check out the frozen noctura that just came in oh beautiful thank you so pretty i uh i didn’t order that one because i thought it was like a mistake i was like they must have messed it up i don’t i didn’t think it was a real cover i thought it was like i don’t know it’s really pretty it has the ice cover but it looks like no tara like i thought it yeah that’s why i thought it was a mistake i thought it was an octara cover because there’s another one that it’s like that and i thought they made a mistake jen have you ever heard of this guy tails from the dark side marco does he maybe you do like star wars click on sundays i don’t know it’s it’s fuzzy star wars stuff on sundays guys if you are not watching your tales from the dark side you were missing out on the best place to find star wars information marco’s fantastic jen makes appearances are you on it every sunday no i work has been a pain in the bud yes and i just i i’ll be driving and fixing stuff and i’m like listening to them and i’m like uh i don’t want to be doing this um but i will say that tomorrow is gonna be interesting peter and peter who’s also on dark side uh peter reyna yeah renovision and marco we’re going to do like a carnage list on on peter’s peter show tomorrow at nine oh heck yeah that’ll be fun yeah so check that out guys marcos marco’s good people and he knows his stuff um jen’s up so i liked batman the adventures the first couple stories and now they’re back and this continue part two sorry sorry season two and it’s fun it’s pauldini i haven’t read it yet it came out today i believe uh i like the cover on the right-hand side a little bit better but i’m looking forward to reading this just because i i loved the animated series and basically they just like the first uh season of the comic book they kind of took these stories that we all know from the comics and put it in that animation realm which was really cool uh and then they did a couple new characters and so when they did that those books popped off and i was like that’s funny uh and then this is going to be in a continuation and i mean i believe in from what i’ve seen from reading the previews of like description uh dead man’s in this and i think they’re going to go towards the court of l’s i’m looking forward to reading this very much nice nice you and anthony both he’s so pumped about this do you guys hear about batman they’re gonna do batman anime series coming back out anthony was talking about that he’s he’s obsessed with the one he made me watch um oh man he’s giving me so much [ __ ] it was really super violent one with the great ghost i love that one that’s not that’s my favorite episode the grey ghost one okay i don’t give too much away but there’s a part in the scene like where he throws the girl down like rips her shirt open uh is it the one when they’re on like that cat island no or is it italia one damn anthony hell no hell no it was one but i watched it i’m like oh my gosh these movies are intense the animation is so cool was it mess with the phantasm yes there you go okay thank you that’s what jeremy nuts was a good movie i was talking about that movie maybe watch the violent batman line mess with fantasma mask of the phantasm no we watched the death in the family oh wait no he said no was it yeah the one where barbara gordon throws down with uh yes the killing joke that’s what we want it’s what we watched oh the animated version of that yeah i didn’t like that we should go with him oh man now we’re going to watch that tonight he’s like we’re going to watch the fantastic watch really good well like i saw it as like a thing that came out in 93 94.

mid mid 90s it came out it’s really good i liked it a lot but if you get a chance you guys both there’s an episode of the anime series where it’s the gray ghost where it’s adam west is the grey ghost and it’s awesome and you get to see batman’s with really be like a fanboy you and anthony gonna like hang out batman’s his favorite character he’s like i don’t care what people say i love batman he watches all of this like i’ll find him in the middle of the night watching animation stuff that’s awesome so yeah this is a cool thing this is our our picks for the week yeah for new new reads i mean there’s a lot of books coming out we have to just try to figure out like make it concise yeah i’m trying to pick one uh our yeah go ahead lucy cover this one well if you guys can get enough of us and if you guys think we are so cool and we’re the best and you guys love us so much make sure to check us out on your nirvana uh on the weekends and make sure to check out bird city comics on facebook they’re on instagram they’re everywhere they and they have pretty awesome books so for good prices so make sure to check out their live uh when do you guys go to live you know we we try to go live mondays and saturdays and guys by the way since lucy brought this up the straight out is number five exclusive that we did it was an it homage it sold out but then we got um or not not the it i’m sorry something’s killing a children book my bad something’s killing the children with megan hutchinson it’s sold out we always set some aside for damages and we got them like in perfect condition it’s really good so we reloaded our website this is a gen trick our website’s still priced at what we started them at but they’re selling for a ton more on ebay so before going to ebay check out birdcitycomics.

com and see if you can snag one up before we sell out on the second reload yeah yeah nice nice lucy what’s this deal with cover price and flip side well the well mad over at cover price it’s giving us an awesome deal uh for two months you get uh if you if you subscribe for two months uh you can only you pay only 199 for two months and it’s unlimited so you don’t have to do your five uh look look what whatever they call it like five five five comment look ups a day yeah look ups a day so if you don’t have to do that you could be unlimited for two months and it’s only 1.

99 and the code is uh flipside so you guys can use our code uh the channels code it’s flipside and you get it only only 1. 99 for two months so i mean that’s really good it’s such a it’s such a great resource if you’re a seller if you’re a buyer i mean either way this is something that you should have in your life so like lucy says two bucks it’s like and but but i also love that they let you just try it out try it out for free you get five books just to see what it’s like right be careful with your five be like with five and then you type them in and see if you like it yeah yeah they’re on instagram if you guys message them or anything though they you know and oh another thing they do awesome giveaways guys they my one of my friends i just got an email they’re one of my friends on instagram uh uh one of those it was one uh an exclusive comic i honestly can’t remember which one it was and i saw his name and i i messaged him right id i’m here i was like did you know you won he’s like oh my god i didn’t even know how to check my email you just won that is so cool so make sure to check them out on instagram because they also have awesome giveaways and then super quick because we’re talking about jen bartel she has she has her own website that has prints available between like 20 and 30 bucks and then there’s like pins and there’s like other merch on there and i was like this is really cool i think we put the description in our wait we put the link in our description we did yeah so the links in there guys the link to cover prices in our description and bird city so make sure you guys check all of it out we will be back next what side are we discussing we’re discussing cover price but it’s spell again the link is in our description because the cover is felt without an e uh check it out it’s really really good uh yeah we’ll be back next tuesday with another market report another spotlight and don’t worry tula lotte will be coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys later have a good night you.