Open Sky House Residents in Satsang with Vasant Swaha

May 21, 2021 13:18 · 8094 words · 38 minute read

hello rasam welcome hello a big thank you for this wonderful opportunity so here at the open sky house the residents are waiting in anticipation and um it’s very wonderful you’re making yourself available to them okay let’s go okay the first one is brother radha hey brother hello nice to meet you i just read your question okay in your interview you were talking about that many people had realization and lost it again because they are not mature or they have no foundation i experienced some of these moments very strongly for shorter and longer time and it feels like the door is open but easily slipping from one side of the door to the other side can you speak more about what is needed as a preparation for this realization to get permanent and integrated it’s a mystery no because you cannot when the when the happening is happening or even these moments of very strong insights or silence or bliss or joy it just happens spontaneously no it’s not something you do it just happens you say no so that is that is just the grace so if it happens it must be already a sign that you are very fortunate that it is happening but there’s nothing to do it’s just to be more and more if there is anything to do it’s just to be more aware more and more aware of your habits negative habits no that is taking you down or taking you away from it just become more and more aware of the moment it’s it all comes down to just living in the moment and don’t carrying any garbage with you you know what they all all you can do so slowly slowly but if this is happening then already for me it is like when people have an inside or satori or like this it’s like you the body or the whole system gets starts getting prepared so you can have more more space because it’s strong stuff no i mean how does it happen you cannot prepare it’s a paradox because in one way you have to prepare you have to do an effort yeah from the very beginning people come totally ignorant they don’t know anything and then slowly slowly they get interested then meditation therapy groups self-inquiry whatever is happening no and in this way slowly slowly the negative habits loosen his grip on the person and when the negative loose and disappear then you are more open for some higher energy yeah so when this starts happening it’s just it just agrees it’s not really it’s just to become more more aware there is it is really a strange business the business of isness because there’s nothing you can do and at the same time you have to do something now so you have to do things do do as much as you can but don’t expect anything so just function more and more like innocent empty that you are not in control but the whole is in control no trust that then it will happen but it has to be in my own experience this happens many many times it is like you you existence is preparing this body mind to receive something that is so vast no that is almo is shocking and it can only happen if you disappear out of the way so the more and more you become a hollow bamboo in your daily life not carrying anything not dreaming about anything just being present the more more this can happen so that if anything that is the preparation which is not really a preparation it’s just to be you just be you and be happy anything else right now not i mean for me it feels also like in kind of getting empty or emptying out yeah that’s the whole that’s the whole thing because people are afraid of emptying because who are they if they are empty no so this is where the trust the devotion the surrender that’s where it comes into the picture so because people want it but you you cannot have it you have to disappear to get it yeah so when this is happening more and more then you get prepared in a way to lose yourself and when you lose yourself that means that you lose the false or your identity or your ego then something bigger can come in than the divine or consciousness or call it what one wants can come in and when it happens it’s a relief but the ego is always afraid the personality is always afraid for that no so in these experiences if people haven’t had those experiences then they are still afraid no because they don’t know so when you get those experiences where you evaporate or disappear or get space years that’s what i mean that this is preparation because then you gain trust this is how it is i’m more than what i thought i was so devote yourself to that more to that emptiness to that love okay thank you right jen yes radian you say not so many people know about you in norway and also here in germany there is a limited amount of people we can reach with jd’s teachings it is a shame as true teaching should be more widely available what can be done maybe you are asking the wrong person because this one is doing hardly anything i don’t do much i don’t do effort is not for me at all and that not so many people know about me in norway for me it’s a total blessing because i have more than enough people all the retreats are full i never wanted to be famous they’ve been trying to publish books for 20 years i just said read all your books read papaji books read ramana there’s so many beautiful enlightened people so but this is how it is it is true it is a shame in one way i understand what you are saying and what you are asking because it should be available but where where are the people you know the masses and it’s always been like that the masses is always unconscious they are not interested in the truth and why because it will shake them up to come closer to yourself to know who you are that means you have to drop the false no you have to be willing to look at yourself and that is painful in the beginning because you have to leave the norn and look at the society looks look where you came from yeah look how the society is look how it is in germany look anywhere in the world look in china look in america how the masses is they are all thinking and functioning the same that’s why they crucified jesus poisoning buddha poisoning osho because they can’t stand the truth it’s always been like that so the truth or this self exploration has always been for very few people who want some adventure who has a longing yeah he wants more or they have some old memory in their soul that is more to life than just this society 95 yeah and those people will always find something look you are there no i’m talking to you so don’t think about the order like that because whoever is supposed to find will find when i came to oshu many people or my friends were seekers nature people hippies but when i came back to norway with the good news that you had a live buddha they just laughed they couldn’t relate to it so it’s like that it’s very few people but so i have my people around and whoever should come will come and ma you know things are happening but what can be done i don’t know because i’m not the doer anymore i just live you know why disturb the beauty you know why we disturb the beauty i my as long as i’ve been in this game of a spiritual teacher or a guru or giving satsang i’ve been much more reluctant to giving into you to talk to people because who understand no it has to be some people if i’m going to be interested to talk to somebody there has to be somebody who has some longing or who is already out of the box because otherwise that you don’t understand anyway and who has that longing no who has that consciousness who has that’s seeking for truth and that those are the ones i’m looking for now who are hungry not this wishy-washy people no so it’s like that and john david he’s doing good he’s putting out many movies many films and that is good because you are sharing that is also a beautiful way to share no but that has not been my way everybody has a different expressions of the truth no i’m just a simple lazy guy but very very happy for some reason only god knows no hardly i left when i was 15 years old yeah and yeah no i’m back but everything is functioning in english around me you have any other questions no i just want to share this that you are also i mean from norway uh and when i look at you i don’t i don’t in some way i don’t feel this i mean sometimes when you meet people from your own country you feel this cultural something collective but with you it’s not really it’s not there in your person but i still feel something deep inside which is very nice just about something that was missing uh yeah from when i was younger when i grew up uh why i wise personal wise people who who really knew yes that’s why i had to leave also you know and i didn’t find it before i came to india and met what you say wise people know because this memory was in me but i don’t see myself as norwegian you know i’m it belongs to a different species i’m healed i’m healed of any national or religious or any beliefs or any country or any anything it’s a i’m happy i have that passport because it’s a very good passport but that’s about it it’s like that but you know yourself no with whatever country you are coming from how many people like you how many friends is understanding you no so it’s like that if you really want to find yourself you have to be willing to walk your own way you know you have to really be willing to seek it’s like that no and that that takes some courage that takes some intelligence to do that most people are safe in this boring suicide way of the society you know where everybody knows i know who i am you an [ __ ] son yeah i’m a taxi driver yeah like that it’s very boring so thank god that you escaped a little bit yeah i did the same as you i also went to india and to arunachala because of ramadan and then there i i read some of john david’s books and was very touched by his teachings and his meetings with other teachers too and then some years later i i ended up here so and how long you been there um yeah so i first met john david community uh maybe four years ago but i i moved in uh about uh six months ago now good yeah so i haven’t been back to norway for for some time now so but it’s i’m also not missing it so it’s uh i’m in the right place that that’s the sign that’s the sign follow your heart very good hello hello doria in your interview with john david you said that you feel impersonal and maybe the wording was a bit different that touched me strongly could you please say more about that the the truth is not personal um the true the truth is impersonal and i’m a devotee of the truth and you must be longing for that that’s why you got touched and that’s why truth many times they say truth liberates have you heard that yes i can’t speak i have too test my god that is my problem they have this saying truth liberates yes and they also know that truth hurts and what does it why does it hurt because people live in lies yeah so truth is very shocking for the ordinary people you know the sleepy people it will shake you up yeah so that’s what i mean that when you have found yourself that you are beyond the personal the personal identity the games of the ego then you’re functioning impersonal you’re functioning in the truth you’re functioning as love so this is very beautiful that this you understand something in you you understand that no yes most people are very touchy you know if you if you talk everybody is careful what they say what people think about them you know what other people think how they should behave the more more you become real that will go but you have to help yourself also to become strong in yourself that doesn’t mean that you hurt or go against other it just means that you are truthful to yourself you become uniquely you yourself no you’re reclaiming yourself and that is something that is impersonal because you are not just the person you are much more so the more you’re surrendering to that the more you allow that the more you accept who you are that’s what i mean by accepting who you are it’s not you can never accept the small the personal the ego because it’s always in conflict but you find when you find the real then you accept you surrender you let go you embrace it because it’s so beautiful now and then you have the power the strength to go beyond the personal it becomes impersonal many times when the enlightened man or woman speaks or teaches if they are speaking or teaching people get hurt the ego gets hurt they get misunderstood people misunderstand them no because they are still stuck in the limited view of the personality of the personal that’s why it’s so important to go beyond that no the more you go beyond that the more free you are and that’s who you really are freedom itself can you accept that to ria are you still there well right now i’m just very i’m just very present and quiet and there’s only this moment and hello hi hi hi in the community we watched the talk you had with john david recently i was very touched when both or you shared how your personal plans and desires stopped stepped to the background and a deeper guidance could take over i felt such a longing to go with this deeper guidance as well but felt at the same time how something in me was clinging to stuff i identified with and believe to bring me joy or security could you split please speak about that much love come along this every seeker has to go through exactly this because first everybody lives in this identity and belief systems that we think will bring us joy fulfillment that’s how the society works you grow up you get a nice education then you get a nice job you get a lot of money you get successful or you get beautiful you get famous you get rich then you get married with the handsome prince then you get children and so it goes yeah that is the dream but when you look around and it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that nobody is really happy so what went wrong no and for me what really went wrong in this and we have never been so materialistic as today that means we have never been so lost as today but then is also create a bigger opportunity to wake up so no you can find everything you can find the sacred also if you are a seeker which is your part so now you are split in this the old conditioning or the belief of what will bring me joy like you say you know so then it’s afraid because you are going into the unknown yeah you don’t know what you will get but you know what you had you know what you are having yeah you follow yeah so then you felt the great longing to go with this deeper guidance as well yes so this is your higher self know your true self your heart that is longing to come back i want to come back to that peace i want to come back to myself to the true self i don’t want to get lost in those dreams i can start seeing that they are dreams so you have to trust your heart because everything else is just your mental conditioning you know from society from teacher from parents and you everyone has to be strong enough to go beyond that you have to see things as they are real happiness is in you it’s not somewhere in the future it’s not somewhere outside you and in in the west and in europe in america it’s so unknown and still is the society is very far from it and in the old east than religions in the india in china in japan in thailand in himalayas they appreciated this they even support the children to go meditate to go to the monasteries because they knew the value of it no who is doing that in the west so this has to come from inside and in my own life and including myself i always had that longing and that’s why i was so happy when i met my master no because i found something that i was longing for and we are to find it in the society so as long as one is holding on to these dreams or fantasies in the outside that can bring me joy or security life is not about security not at all you you have to get used to insecurity because who is afraid of insecurity anyway that can come any moment you can have an accident today anything can happen and anything is stopped now for anybody and it doesn’t matter if it happens now if it happens in 50 years what matters is to live totally now and the more totally you live now and coming back to your own reality the more beautiful you will die otherwise the whole life is the waste living believing something to bring me joy and security what is the security a prison isn’t it more beautiful to be free outside in the mountains in the jungle on the path to live is not more exciting to take a risk so do that do you feel insecurity do you feel insecurity no come on not even that much totally totally gone what could it be insecure about what there has to be somebody who’s insecure i don’t find that somebody anymore you say come on no i don’t want to come on i’m free of that i’m free of that disease hmm and that’s why more ordinary people they don’t they cannot afford to listen or trust a mystic or an enlightened one because it is too much it’s not possible like that come on when jesus says come follow me then the ego will think follow you why follow you that is the biggest egoistic thing anybody can say why follow you who are you so it’s only those people who have this flame this longing that you are touching here you i have felt the longing to go with this deeper guidance as well but felt at the same time whole something in me was clinging to stuff i identify with and i believe to bring me joy or security so this is the when you have that longing that means when you have that spark only those who are ready to lose everything can go with the jesus buddha because they have something deeper has been touched it’s like you have dreams about finding some coins in the street and getting rich and every every day the beggars is looking in the street for some maybe they find little coins but if you have found the whole gold mine a whole gold mine you have so much money so much gold that you will never need to think about money then you don’t look for that in the street that is gone that was in the past and when you come home that means becoming one with existence or accepting your true self then where’s the insecurity your home the most secure home there can ever be that is your longing and you know it and that’s beautiful follow that don’t look for those dirty coins in the street look for the real diamond and which is in you you say some days ago after deep meditation i fell in a wonderful emptiness and felt very much at home inside john david said you had definitely found the jewels how can i embrace and save them not to forget them what can i do or let go of my question is a little similar to the questions rather ask you and your answer touched me very much and this there’s a deep yes inside of me yes but that’s all what you need and now you are a stage of your life that don’t do much just let go isn’t it there is nothing to do there there is no there is nothing to do no effort should be finished because yes on this part we have to do but i feel like you are finished with that you have that understanding you have felt that emptiness which is home which i call home which is yourself and how do that happens no it happens spontaneously when you relax when you let go so if anything let go relax you gave me a wonderful sentence some minutes ago do your best as you can but don’t expect anything it’s wonderful and very relaxing but to some people i say they must use all the effort because they are very stuck but for you i feel like it’s just to let go because you have already felt that and it it doesn’t it doesn’t happen through doing it doesn’t happen through effort but then again but then again it does it doesn’t happen through effort either is beyond both no but this comes by living by living here i see and when you if this really if this really becomes you take it into your heart that there is nothing it’s just to relax so then that that relaxation that let go will just settle you more and more in and whenever you have the opportunity it’s like you say how can i embrace and save them not to forget them if you if you have something that you really really adore that you really love that you really appreciate that is so special you don’t forget it yeah i see only people forget it because they don’t embrace it but if you really value if you know the value of it if you know the value of love of truth of this bliss then you embrace it and you don’t forget it because that becomes first on the list that’s what you want and you know that now so rest in that if anything relax let go enjoy be playful like this what a wonderful life thank you so much thank you so much my question is not important your question is not important no it’s more i’m just to sit with you that is good because it was it’s more a mental question yeah and now you have gone beyond that because you already started falling in tune but i like to say something you can just sit inside but i like to say something about it because you ask about the psychedelics or ayahuasca and peyoten awakening and things like this and i’m living in a shamanic country this is this has always been interested for it’s interesting for people no that’s why all drugs in the whole history of humans people have always been attracted to drugs to alcohol to anything to take them away from themselves and these things it can be helpful at one stage of the journey yeah because some of these ayahuasca peorta lsd magic mushrooms they can give you a sense of the universal you lose your ego your ego consciousness you become part of existence i tried it myself so that’s why i’m i’m speaking from my own experience but this was when i was a teenager you know i started very early in this life but you will never find it nobody ever found themselves or enlightenment through drugs so that’s the other side and people now is very in braz in brazil they even have a religion with ayahuasca and you must have heard since you are asking this question that is is very popular in some circles ayahuasca piotr ecstasy yeah because this is mostly also for the young people because one part of life then you are seeking you are still rebellious you want something more and you want to get out of the normal society but these drugs will never give you the truth it can be a wake-up call that it is something more you follow that is something more to life but that more you will only find through meditation and love it will never deliver the goods then people get they get dependent on the alcohol on the drug on the ayahuasca but that is not real no the reel is already there it’s no you don’t need to go any anywhere you don’t need to take anything to find it because it’s there but maybe it’s an effort to come back to it because we have been so identified with the falls with the mind and it’s the mind that is interested in the drugs so leave the mind leave the drugs and be at peace be happy um the strongest the strongest drug you can ever find is in you you don’t need to take anything from the outside you find that and be happy anything you like to ask now no thank you hello hello saswati you asked how can i become the right host for the divine energy well a musician playing music is already a great part because it’s playful you create something no and life for me is pure delight this energy no life is honesty a flow music is a flow also no it has to flow so the more you become a flow not stagnant the more you are available for that divine honesty you just have to get out of your own way more and more you get out of the old no me more creative more open take more chances like this give more space so the more you are as an ego personality identity the more you will hold yourself back the more you open up the more you are in the flow the more alive the more acceptance the more playful the more innocent the more the divine can fill you so this is the difference so many people they live just like this like a tight fist you have to learn everybody should learn how to do this no only when you do this then you can receive then you can do like this also receive no you have to be open so this is the thing that you have to be aware of your negative tendency that pulling you down the lower powers because in life you have lower powers and you have higher powers no and as a seeker you long to go higher to get lifted up yeah to be open for the divine energy yeah so the more you leave the negative it’s the same for everybody the more conscious you become the more you relieve the negative tendency the bad habits then you find new things you’re opening up for the higher so if people are always a slave of the habits of the negative then they can never open up to the divine that’s why it’s so important to leave the past no all the mystics say that no live in the moment leave the past become reborn that is what i mean being in the flow you become one with it so it’s just to be aware what is pulling me down and don’t go there and what helps me to open but to open is also scary because when you open you disappear yeah so get used to disappearing get used to being in the floor and music is a beautiful way music dance meditation making food anybody anything to do we have to find what is beautiful for each one what comes natural and then let that life become more more beautiful no more more creative so how can i become the right host for the divine energy that comes by itself is just to stop the negative tendency and have faith that you are following your heart you are following the good is something bigger than us that is functioning surrender to that the divine is already there cigar hello hello hi you write in the retreats and satsang meetings it’s easy to be in the silent space in daily life and working it’s much more difficult to be in the silent space how can intuition be more invited in to the daily life and how to trust it hmm by living just by living hmm it is steps or levels because in the beginning everybody comes ignorant no when they start the journey they want to learn they want to grow they want to find peace they want to be centered they want to come back to themselves so that is the journey first one has to have a taste of this space which why satsang is so precious why being with a master is so precious because then for the first time you get the taste of that yeah so already you’re very fortunate because we already have that taste of that silence of that balance yes then is also true that that comes from the source yeah from one who has awakened you can feel that and that’s why it’s so important to get more and more in tune with that so you can get established in that silence in that peace and in daily life and working is much more difficult to be in the silent space of course because in the working whatever you do and what you do in your life mostly office work with finances yes so that is very mental no you use very much the mantle and then you are together with many many people who are super mental as many thing that can be can influence one you know but one is that is still very new this space is very fragile no so that has to be taken care of so it’s very important then and it’s a great blessing to have other people who are interested in the same to have a community to have a sangha to have meditation so you get the balance of that and it’s also very helpful if you more and more can maybe find work in a way that you do what you do but work more by yourself so you’re not so much influenced because the more sensitive one gets the more you feel also the other people not only yourself so the the journey has many stages of course everybody is unique but that’s how it is first one is unconscious then you start getting a feeling wow it’s something here no it’s beautiful silence i feel so at ease and then you lose it again so everybody has a responsibility as a seeker of truth to look also can i change my life because for many people they just found themselves in any kind of work it’s not a conscious choice yeah even so that many because of the education because of the family because of your own fantasies whatever it is so now is also a question to ask yourself is this what i really want to do you have to investigate yourself also be very truthful with yourself because it’s not it’s a it demands that you live in a harmonious way no the inner and the outer should really be the same in the beginning is only the outer then you start feeling the inner that’s why everybody say it’s important to come in yeah but when you have a true balance then inner and outer is the same and that’s what are longing for that you go into the world and do whatever work you are doing and you still have that space yeah but that just comes by patience by taking care of that space by meditating by being relaxed by being happy by being true you know then you have that it is there everywhere but still it is fragile so that’s why people lose it it’s not it’s not integrated in you it’s like you you’re carrying a lot of the past of yourself in the back no and the new is very new so it’s important to take care of it but it’s totally possible that’s what the way you are going how can intuition be more invited in daily life and how to trust it this has to do also with just i told you that you have to look at your own life to trust yourself to trust yourself that you are doing the right thing if you feel like wow i’m doing the right thing great then you go deeper into that maybe you can change your workspace maybe you can work from home maybe you can do something else maybe you know anything is available the life is open and growth growth it means change definitely means change and most people are afraid of change most people want security too but life is not about real life is not about that it is about living spontaneously alert moment to moment of course it is an art because everybody has to work everybody has to do things in life no everybody have their own responsibilities but you have to ask yourself what is really true for you you know then you will trust that and use your intuition how can intuition be more invited in daily life and how to trust it by being truthful to yourself by taking chances by asking yourself is is this really what i want is this really true is this really how i feel or am i just reacting in out of habits or out of what people expect from me yeah you have to become more more truthful to yourself and that intuition you have but the on everybody you have all these layers of conditioning on top of it and that’s what the growth means you have to get those away so your true intuition your true trust your true clarity can come up to the surface that only you can do and it’s great are you ready try my best yes yes i mean it’s this what you say this trusting myself and yeah tuned in to myself and stay stay with stay with that this is i think um an important point yeah which is difficult for me yeah or i didn’t do it so much yeah this is um that’s it is the same for everybody and it’s very true what you say is difficult for you because you haven’t done it so much yeah so be patient and be dedicated to it if you want if you start if you remember how it was when you were a little boy and you started bicycling on the first time it was not easy yeah very difficult then you fall and then oh my elbow oh and then very soon you know it then you go so it’s like that if it’s something you want then you can do it and the doors are open and that is what satsang and then the teacher and the guru and the master and the guide is showing you that it’s possible you know i have done it why can’t you you have to trust yourself you have to be courageous you have to be very very truthful to yourself yeah that’s what it comes all down to and then this intuition will become stronger and stronger then you will feel it no i’m not doing that because it’s that i did that out of habit no i’m not the slave of my habit i can feel it i can see it you get more distance to how your habits functions yeah so be patient take care of yourself and don’t take it seriously good luck what what would the commune be without the cook yeah just a lot of hungry people yeah i tell you lunch and dinner i i can imagine they eat a lot they know yes but it’s also nice for a cook if they eat if they don’t eat it’s also not nice yeah it’s not nicer than yeah um you ask which role plays the personality once people get after self-realization has the realization and influence on your personality can you please tell something about that thankfully poverty and the personality ordinary the personality means that you are fake because a persona means in all greek the mask so personality means a mask yeah and when you if that self-realization happens it means that all mosques goes you that that’s with the sense saying that you find your original face yeah your true face you have no more mask you are just here here i am here i am like that so has the realization and influence on your personality definitely you have an influence it wipes it away but still you have a body you have a past so everybody if they are self-realized or enlightened they still have a kind of personality but they are not identified with it yeah that is the difference like like ramana mahasi he would never eat meat no a cow he loved laksmi the cow no the cow even got enlightened in his hands when he died no he would never eat the meat in south india you don’t eat the meat no but a man like gurujif he ate meat no also enlightened being so that was his past his upbringing no so it depends where you come you have some trades and these days so but that is not their personality you know they are not identified with it but they have a kind of they have a form as long as you have a form you have to have a name to call you but they are free of it ordinary that personality for people most people is very limited you are stuck in this personality i’m so so this is my beliefs yeah so people cannot really meet because the personality is all different and not only that but the personality changes in the morning you are like that and in the afternoon you are like this and in the evening you are different no so it’s different kind of personality so people are all mixed up when you have if you become self self-realized then you find that center that never changes it’s it is there so whatever is changing on the outside be that name or body or image or place you are that inside that center is always the same that is the difference on the outside is all the same but on the inner realization everything is different like before before self-realization it was just chaos after self-realization it’s just clarity peace so it’s like that but the personality might carry some things no like papaji he loved these indian sweets sometimes i i was eating so much indian sweet barfi and ladu and things that i got all oh my god i can’t but that was his habit no like i like ice cream and coffee what can i do i understand you understand no it’s like that it’s everything every everything becomes playful no and no ordinary what you are used to in the society and the world is that personality becomes very stuck now that person is like this this person is like that when you are self-realized you can never say that you can never say because you you don’t know yourself how you would be next moment you are flowing so nobody can say that or this one is like this or he is like that no you cannot because you don’t know yourself i don’t know myself and it’s great it’s called security security in the insecurity so so it’s like that thank you separate personality is more like you become a person or and that person that is separated from the whole no or i am separated from you yeah that is a personal but when you realize yourself and you open up to your true essence then this separation is gone because that separation is mental in that person in the heart in love we meet no but the head is very difficult to meet my beliefs and your beliefs but in the heart we become one now we meet like human beings and that’s why it’s so imp that’s why it’s so important to come from the head to the heart hey lily hello do you see yourself as a teacher and how do you deal with it in if your student starts depending on you no i don’t see myself as a teacher when you ask that it’s almost like i’m trying to think how do i see myself i really i don’t i don’t know how i see myself because i feel myself that if anything is just a sharing that is happening and i have no teaching as such because with a master or a guide or a guru is more the intimacy that is is the person himself i am the teaching i don’t have any teaching that i can give or any rules it is like you are you are sure you are sharing something i’m sharing something that i have found no and that something is so beautiful so wonderful so silent so blissful so joyous that it want to share itself i surrender it to death and then that’s how i see it and then people who are attracted to that beauty who are attracted to that love who are attracted to that silence they will come they come around i never said i have anything to teach in fact i try to escape many times but no i surrender if this is what’s happening so be it so you are you are maybe new lily but this is how it is and you say how do you deal with it if your student starts depending on you and this is also something because you are afraid because you think you are free that you become dependent on somebody or become dependent on the teacher or the guru but isn’t it if anything isn’t it much better to do be dependent on the real than to be dependent on the false most people are dependent and attached to the false things to the image to money to country to belief systems to any religions they are dependent to alcohol to drugs papaji said many times there is one is is fine to be dependent if you are dependent on the truth on love on freedom in fact that is the last that is the last attachment and in my own experience you get attached you will get attached you get attached to the master to the guru because it’s so beautiful but that is the last attachment because it’s the beyond everything else it’s so good that you can you are willing to leave everything else for the truth for that love and nothing is more beautiful than to be come back to yourself so of course you will be attached in a way that’s why people love to go to satsang they love the truth they love to be around and enlightened ones because it’s something in the air is some fragrance they don’t find anywhere else but in reality the master just wants to be a mirror he wants to remind you that you have it but to find that in you maybe you have to go through that you cannot listen to your own heart your own soul so you have to have somebody outside you to tell you how it is then when your heart ignites then you become so happy and then you say like this thank you thank you so beautiful thank you thank you master you say then they are so happy then tears are coming then so beautiful because something gets re-ignited in you this longing that always have to happen and then slowly slowly you go deeper and self-realization means that now you have found it in you but it was the master who showed you that without the master you couldn’t see it you couldn’t have found it so that’s why you’re always grateful to the guru and people who are not they have never found that that gratitude never goes away because it goes beyond any words is this is this silent of the heart of gratitude itself then you say oh my god was it worth to be attached so don’t be afraid or be attached to love itself because if you really love you become it did you understand lily you have anything to say i was just feeling all the time your light and your presence and i’m really thankful for that and you’re a wonderful mirror and here in this community there are a lot of wonderful mirrors and yeah so we just see each other so you cannot be really attached and the the guru in india what the guru really means which they never had in the west is one who dispels darkness no who brings light and if you have felt that that your darkness disappear you will always be grateful and you want to come closer to that light it has nothing to do with something it’s your inner is your inner longing is your inner longing that takes you to the teacher to take you to the master to take you to the guru so follow your heart and you will be happy be courageous okay so thank you very much the sand on behalf of all the guys here as you can see i’m very lucky to have a wonderful crowd of guys around me and girls around me and uh i keep i got a strong witch you know probably your place is a bit different as you’re so laid back but in our case we live in germany you know and they appreciate hard work i know i know i can do it you know because i was into martial arts before but it’s not needed so much anymore but whatever is needed now yeah you know we have a great time we have a lot of fun too you know we have a lot of fun too we play hard and we work hard nice to see you again yes thank you thank you have you um thank you you.