Watch This If You Dont Believe In Personality Types

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a large group of people in our society don’t believe in the notion of personality types perhaps you believe that people cannot be stereotyped or categorized perhaps you believe there is no scientific basis for any method of classification perhaps you believe it’s too simplistic no matter what camp you’re from personality types are and have become a really popular and interesting way to study human behavior and lots of people are making videos about personality types and one of the mbti youtubers frank james is close hitting 1 million subscribers on youtube yeah interest in personality psychology is skyrocketing so why are people streaming in to study personality types why the sudden growth and interest in the study of personality why are people suddenly so fascinated with carl jung a guy that lived 100 years ago so i made this video because i know a lot of you have reservations questions doubts about personality psychology and if you are in doubt about personality psychology or if you are dealing with people who don’t believe in or dislike the idea of personal types this video might help you in this video i’m going to show you why personality psychology can be a healthy way to understand yourself and other people and i want to show you healthy and smart ways to use personality psychology in an ethical and positive way now let’s go into the arguments first of all do personality types even exist can we categorize people is this not just all stereotypes first of all yeah the study of personality types is a tool it’s a methodology it’s not a science in the strict sense we use personality psychology and the idea of personality types in order to get to know people better to understand different kinds of personality traits to understand better the decision-making process of different people to better grasp and start to categorize and formal language to tackle and describe what we want what we value and what is important to us the study of personality psychology is meant to be just that a tool not an exact science the human mind the human mind is a fascinatingly complex thing yeah i’m really at lost words here it’s infinitely complex in fact and there is so many different variations to how to think and how to feel how to process information no other person thinks there is or acts the same way as another person that means any method or any approach of classifying personality types is going to be a simplification you cannot be completely defined by your personality type you cannot say that anything you do or anything you say is because of your personality type or because you are introverted or extroverted personality psychology should not be an excuse for who you are it should just be a reference point beyond that personality psychology can be used in order to make better decisions personality psychology gives you a framework to understand your own mind and your own thinking and your own values yeah through this you have your own values you have your own convictions you are not a simple white piece of paper like anyone else completely shapeable and moldable by society you are not 100 the result of what your capitalist society wants you to be you are not doomed to become or to act or do whatever your education system has taught you no you have your own frame of mind you have your own reference a point you have your own perspectives values and viewpoints two people can have the exact same experience as growing up and draw completely different conclusions from these experiences yeah there is something coring you something important to you something that really matters to you that simply does not matter to the same extent to the other people around you there has not really been a good language to understand these differences there never has been a way to explain why you are the way you are why you think the way you do no a lot of time people only explain their behavior by one frame of mind and that is intelligence the general notion in today’s society is that anything you do is a result of your intelligence or your competence that means we judge each other’s and our actions by how competent or how intelligent they are we look at each other’s in our behavior purely by what we believe to be an intelligent or competent course of action there is only good and bad in the strict sense of the word there is no personal viewpoint there is no personal feelings art cannot be understood by our values or what we personally want or like there is an objective way of categorizing everything and that objective is money we live in a society that is quite money obsessed no matter what you think about that a lot of time we find ourselves making actions purely about money a lot of time our whole decision process our whole thinking process is focused on uh this core concept yeah we want money we want status we want popularity and so for those matters we are prepared to do or act in whatever way possible yeah you got a lot of people out there that simply do and act and live in a way that will get their money status fame and wealth people want to be liked they want to be rich they want to be successful they want to be admired and that means they mold and shape their own personality they try to fit in play the game play by the rules be like everyone else but how is that working out for you truth is there can only be a few winners and the question is how happy are these winners if you had to compromise every aspect of your personality if you have to change every aspect of your value system if you had to thumb on your morals and your convictions in order to get ahead how happy are you with where you are do you feel good about what you’ve achieved or do you feel like a fraud do you suffer from imposter syndrome do you feel like you don’t earn or disturb the things that you have in your life yeah through this a lot of time when we do the right thing for the wrong reasons we feel bad about it because we did it for the wrong reasons that means character integrity and authenticity should be core leading values for any person today personality psychology for me was a way to reframe i have a history in politics and in politics i did everything i could to get votes sympathy support for my political views and for my political campaigns i had no idea about how much i had changed and altered my personality until it dawned on me until i crashed until i hit the wall yeah everything i said and did was scripted prepared planned ahead i would write long documents thinking out and scripting and preparing positions proposals how to speak how to act i would watch videos focusing on bettering my social social charisma and you see how that worked out for me not at all apparently no really what i came to realize was that being like this was exhausting i was completely drained i would come home from political comments and i would feel absolutely miserable i would hate myself and i would have no idea why why do i dislike myself so much why am i so unhappy why am i so miserable i’ve been out i’ve made so many new friends i’ve made so many great connections i’ve been so active and i’ve made great strides in my political campaigns i’ve gotten new people on board i’ve gotten new supporters people are backing me people are supporting me everything is going well but why why am i so miserable when i started digging into personality psychology i realized that there are not just healthy people and unhealthy people not just competent to successful people and incompetent and unsuccessful people no there is a whole spectrum a whole different way of being and living the people around me in political meetings who i disagreed with they didn’t disagree with me because they were stupid or incompetent no they had different values different interests and different viewpoints that i didn’t have and in politics i had completely gotten taken over by the idea that my way my political opinions my values were more important than anyone else’s when i started digging into the study of personality and when i started realizing that people have different personality types or different ways of being what i mean what i realized was my whole frame of mind my whole political philosophy was founded on the idea that my way was superior to everyone else’s my values were superior to everyone else’s i had found the right way to live act and be and everyone else should have this way of living acting and being yeah through this i thought there was only one personality type and that was my personal type my way of being my life my actions were superior to anyone else’s at the same time i felt like i told you before completely miserable and how could i be so unhealthy so unhappy so depressed despite the fact that i thought i had the superior or ultimate recipe for life that i thought i was doing the right thing that i thought that was so compassionate so uh self-sacrificing so great doing what i did and yeah there’s lots of people like that just take the notion of the nice guy for example people love to bash on the idea or the people that call themselves nice guys and a lot of time it’s because it’s an easy target nice guys are usually in terms of status popularity in the bottom of society and that means there’s a few people that are going to speak out for them alpha males and people that consider themselves on the top in the masculine dominance they’re in the top and that means yeah there is it’s more difficult to criticize such a person because such a person is power charisma and people backing them no it’s easier to go for the nice guys my point is but i’m starting to realize as the people that call themselves nice guys they’re people that have compromised their personality their values their interests in order to become more liked and in this case to be more liked by women nice guys are interesting in this way because they compromise themselves and yet they find themselves sitting at the bottom looking up looking up at society looking up at other men looking up at women find themselves feeling an inferior position yeah guys can sometimes be inferior to women guys can sometimes be in the bottom of society there is a whole spectrum you know it’s not we can’t just put this whole patriarchy where men are over women and women are below men no it’s a whole spectrum there are people occupying all these positions you know through this like with all ideologies no matter what you come from no matter if you’re a feminist or what political viewpoint you have you know you can’t create a simplistic worldview where there is simply one right answer one or two groups that are at odds with each other’s no and the same goes for personality psychology personal psychology like anything else in the world is infinitely complex and that means if you are to study personality psychology you must do so with humility i see a lot of people go into the study of personality psychology from the position of superiority my personality type my group of people that have my values and my lifestyle and my actions my behavior are better than all the others yeah there is a tendency to bash on different groups to bash on introverts or to bastion extroverts to bash on anyone who is late often anyone who is a bit more chaotic anyone who is a bit more emotional anyone who is too ruthless or too aggressive and there is a general lack of understanding and if you find yourself in that position if you feel like you often misunderstand other people if you often get into conflicts with other people if you find it difficult to connect with to form long-term relationships with other people yeah the study of personality psychology might just be for you through this by taking time to research and study what people say and how they describe themselves you can develop emotional intelligence yeah the study of personality psychology is probably the best starting point if you’re looking to boost your emotional intelligence yeah it’s either that or reading reading can really boost your emotional intelligence because in reading you get to hear an unfiltered stream of somebody else’s thoughts you get to experience another person’s stream of consciousness in a book when you’re reading you are inside another person’s head and feeling and experiencing their thoughts and feelings so you know that’s rare most of the time we only experience other people from the surface we see what they do but not why they do it and that’s why we so often misunderstand other people when we don’t know or understand other people we often assume the worst perhaps it’s because we struggle with our own self-image if we don’t like ourselves and other people do things that we don’t like we assume it’s because they don’t like us we see it as the reaction that we already assume is there we feel on the presently that other people are constantly confirming their low opinion about about us or explaining why they dislike us or secretly their everything they do every inconvenience every problem they call you it’s simply because they are dislike you and they don’t like you they don’t want to be around you and they are actually uh really medicious people however does that really sell could it be that they do what they do because of who they are because of their way of functioning on their way of enjoying life perhaps they just have a different sense of humor than what you do perhaps they just think about things differently than you do what the things that you are sensitive to they might not be sensitive to and the things that you find to be normal or simple or obvious other people might find to be sensitive or difficult to deal with and why are we in a position to judge in those situations why is their trauma more pathetic than your trauma or the other way around why should your trauma or your negative experiences or struggles be more shameful than what anyone else is experiencing personality psychology cannot completely relativize a way people that are on a higher level unhealthy no personality psychology is not meant to be the study of mental disorders or neuropsychiatric disabilities no personality psychology is not about adhd or autism or about schizophrenia or some kind of severe mental illness there are many different ways of functioning and personality psychology has nothing to do with how we function no it only has to do with what you value what you want what you need and how you function that can still vary within every single type you might have had different experiences to what other people do you might have had a better upbringing you might have had a more healthy secure environment to grow up in and because of that you might appear completely different to another person of your same personality type yeah take one enfp and put them in a difficult environment and put take another enfp and put it in a positive encouraging environment and you can have two different kinds of people trauma hits negative experiences hit struggles mental disabilities mental illness hits and is there and personality psychology is not meant to be the study of unhealthy people no personality psychology is meant to be the study of healthy normal ways of functioning in our society that means personality psychology is not going to tell you that you are broken or that you are different or that you are dysfunctional it’s not because of your personality type that you had the bad experiences that you’ve had in your relationships no that has to do with other things like your attachment style how your parents treated you how your upbringing was how secure you feel your emotional turbulence or how emotionally stable you are personality psychology is not about health and that’s not how it should be applied instead personality psychology can give you a frame of reference to understand other people’s thinking and point of view when you are studying personality psychology the first thing you want to do is just get to know other personality types that means um get to interviewing your friends and family members ask them about what gives them energy how do they experience social settings what do they like what are their hobbies what are their interests and what is some difficult experiences that they’ve had going up and how did they deal with that how are they normally in relationships what are some important boundaries to them when you start applying personality psychology towards understanding your friends family members your colleagues or your partner you also get a chance to connect people want to talk about themselves they want to have a language to express themselves and to share what they’re doing what they’re going through and what’s happening in their lives and they want you to ask questions about something else than the weather yeah sure the study of personality psychology so far has no scientific basis we cannot 100 confirm the existence of personal types but there are many things in our society that we cannot scientifically confirm or understand or explain and doesn’t it make sense that human mind is one of those things the thing is just because we can’t scientifically say 100 that personality types exist or where how to define these personal types exactly what terminology and what the difference is and how exactly to tell them apart that doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting to think about it it’s interesting to think about it because people know and have these experiences people feel different people struggle sometimes with connecting with you people feel that well you might feel that you have interests and things that you value that other people don’t want to hear about or don’t care about and don’t pay attention to and personality psychology gives you a framework to understand those things and to start digging into what those things are and how does that manifest for you personally and that brings us to the ultimate truth and that is use personality psychology as a tool not the ultimate answer not the 100 this is how a type is and how all people out of that personal type act like this and have these values and do these things no use it as a tool if personality psychology is a tool the only important thing is the value or the conclusions that you’re able to draw from it that means what did you learn from that person what did they tell you about themselves what did they say was important to them and how can you use that to connect to them better if it turns out that they’re really passionate about animal rights yeah why don’t you take them to an animal shelter help them engage in something like that that they’re really passionate about use that as a moment to bond with them and i really see them at their best you know to see them doing something that they are really passionate about or something that they really care about or hey if they’re really interested in bitcoin why don’t you ask them about where to invest and see uh put in a few hundred dollars and get their advice and see what you could do and how to get started you know look at how their eyes sparkle up when they get to be themselves and when they get to do something they really love isn’t that feeling rare in our society today you know so often we played a social game we just act and do what people expect us to do we just fit the mold we just live like automatons like zombies we just walk through life getting to the coffee machine talking about the weather sitting down in front of our desktop putting in our hours and going home and watching tv you know how many times do we live on autopilot how many times do we forget about ourselves and our own needs why should you want to study personality types why should you pay attention to these things why are they important if you’re not convinced at this point i can give you one final core argument and that is introspect introspect get to know yourself better take your time to invest in yourself how often do you actually listen to yourself personality psychology is the ultimate tool to start to really introspect and to start to really listen to yourself yeah when i finally got out of politics and started digging into myself it was like i finally got peace of mind relief reassurance understanding it was like finally i learned to tune into a channel the number one channel on my inner television channel number one my channel and that meant that i could finally start making decisions that would make me happy and that was the start of my real growth improvement in emotional health after i did that i felt better my energy became more relaxed i was less forced i was less tense i was less anxious i felt less stress and i felt better about myself i liked myself more i got to know myself better and i realized that hey i’m a cool guy actually at least for myself of a cool guy i mean other people might not like me but i like myself and i have a peace with my mind and i understand myself when i take time to listen to myself and i can find my own thoughts interesting you know there’s nothing narcissistic about that you know you can’t find yourself interesting you can’t pay attention to yourself in fact it’s the basis for emotional health and well-being if you can learn to listen to yourself you can learn to understand yourself you can learn to live and act and be breathed in a way that is comfortable to you and that means living in a way that will make you happy i want to say one final thing and one final super important thing and that is seek to live a life that is meaningful we do a lot of things that simply are not meaningful a lot of things we do for money we do because it gives money not because it brings any value to society and especially not because it brings any value to us so what can you do to live a life that is meaningful the study of personality types is the billabrig’s works on mbti it all started with that question of what is it you want to do what is it you’re passionate about it in the second world war people were at the loss people lots of people were getting into new careers and looking for their ultimate calling their purpose their passion and the mbti can help you find that passion so this can be the starting point to really start looking at your ideal career what your ideal workplace should look like i mean ultimately it doesn’t have to mean anything has to really change i mean it doesn’t have to mean that you have to get a different job it doesn’t have to mean that you have to get a different relationship it just means that you have to engage in your job differently it only means that you have to approach your relationship differently when you can understand yourself better and if you notice that there are things that don’t connect if you notice that there are differences okay first of all we’re not understanding each other’s my boss is forcing me to do these tasks that i really don’t like and that really don’t fit me when you notice these discrepancies that doesn’t mean okay i have to quit or okay i have to break up bro it’s over 100 it’s done no what it can mean is you need to have a conversation with your boss talk to them and say okay so i’ve been doing a lot of these tasks but i think i would do a lot better in that kind of a role i want to transition at work can we make an action plan to what i can do in order to get more into those tasks or okay i’m stressed by this in our workplace or environment i think it’s too noisy too many people are too busy could i have my own room or could i work more from home a lot of time there are changes you can make at your workplace that will make things better and the same goes for in your relationship if you find that your partner is not giving you enough alone time you can communicate that with them and start looking at okay what is healthy for us in order to have a good balance of social interaction and space or if you feel like your partner is too distant and if you feel like you need somebody that is more interactive and that makes more of an effort connect with you have a conversation with that person and see okay what can we do in order to change that this is what is important to me i want to hear what’s important to you and i want to see what we can do in order to find a healthy balance between each other’s the study of personality types according to carl jung was all about this helping people understand each other is better but ultimately there are so many different ways of approaching personality psychology so why do you do it why do you think personality psychology could help you and how do you feel what do you feel is the ethical way to use personality psychology and personality types if you like this video don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe thank you all for watching and i hope to see you all in the next video.