Kent Christmass (June 20, 2021) POWERFUL Prophecy: The Dominion and Glory Of God Is Coming Back

Jun 20, 2021 16:00 · 4603 words · 22 minute read

God Well one thing I just figured out I need to have Burton Garcia Moore I sing like that in my head There’s something about The anointing of God It’s the intangible Anointing does something It literally exceeds ability Galaxy circumstances Talent And it goes beyond our emotions and gets inside of our spirit Hallelujah Welcome to Our church today I believe that God is here want to welcome those you watching through our website Through Facebook YouTube We traded the word of the Lord will be powerful to you today that it would be life to your bones Merrell to your spirit Hallelujah And Hoping that our Target day tentatively is the last Sunday in May Unless our our officials change that But God is a god of order He said God up of the prophetic And here I’m thinking of us all being quarantine for so many days We’ve not been able to come together our church literally Has almost turned into a TV studio And dad were coming today live from Studio to give you the presence of God but God is in this house And On May 31st Which I believe Upper Room I’m in the Bible And the Bible says that that have Call Sunday Soha In the spirit of his friend yesterday are couple of days ago in the Lord spoke to him and he said The damage that the Knights And make-whole what the enemy has done and so Today we’re going to kind of stick in the same vein we have for the last few Sundays I’m going to be reading first for my text out of the Book of Genesis Chapter one I’m not been able to get away from From this particular portion I believe for us as a people to understand God’s purpose for now We need it We need to understand what God’s purpose was at the beginning Because God’s purpose now Is a continuation of what God instituted at creation And so going back to the law first mentioned We go back to the Book of Genesis chapter 1 And I think we’ll just start with verse 24 and God said let the Earth Bring forth The living creature After his kind Cattle creeping thing beast of the earth after his kind And it was so And God made the Beast of the earth after his kind and cattle after their kind and every That creepeth upon the Earth After his kind and God saw That it was good Verse 26 and God said let us now Make man in our image After our likeness And let them have dominion Over the fish of the sea the fowl of the air the cattle over all the Earth Over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth so God created man In his own image In the image of God created he him male and female created Helium It is very apparent from the scriptures Can you cannot debate it but God says this When I make man I want him to be Like me I think that So many times the enemy tricks us When we begin to embrace the concept that we can be like God that we are somehow blaspheming In God or we are being disrespectful for God to God But I think it’s really the opposite when we embrace the idea that we cannot be like God And that we will never be like God that’s when God becomes disappointed All of this is parents when we have children we will look at our children It gives us joy when we think they’re like us And so God makes men In his own image And he gives him Dominion But the only way that Adam can have dominion Is if he is like God Because only God have dominion When God Made You and I he made us to have dominion not to be dominated He made us to have authority that not to be ruled over by spirits And so the Lord gives Man dominion and he makes him look like him I find it very interesting in the scriptures Deptford five days The devil does not come 2 attack Living creatures He did not attack the birds of the air the beasts of the field that would swim Because they had no Dominion He was not threatened by them because they did not have dominion But the day that God put life on the Earth That look like him And had Dominion the enemy showed up and can’t make it to him because he had the Living creatures Court services Philosophy in the Earth today That man is just an animal and that he’s just a higher in the food chain but we’re no different than the animals I disagree with that completely We are different from the animals we have been made in the image of God The animals were made after their kind the scripture says not after the image of God An animal is never like God will never lie like God because God did not put in him himself He put an animals their own ability to recreate into Call Seven selves to go on into creation When God made man he made him to be like himself Start chapter the enemy comes along And he began to dialogue The woman And he said this He said If you eat Arbitrium verse 5 Your eyes shall be opened And you shall be As Gods knowing Good and Evil He looked it already says listen he says God doesn’t want you to be like him But I did not understand once they were already like They were made in His image they were made in his likeness and they had dominion over everything That was in the York So he begins to talk to them and I’ve never really seen this before But he says And the day that you eat their of your eyes shall be opened and you shall be Known as Gods knowing Good and Evil Verse 6720a woman Saw That the tree was good for food It was pleasant to the eyes And a tree to be desired to make one white Somewhere between Verse 5 and verse 6 According to the scriptures Before she ever ate the fruit Her eyes were open Because the Bible said when she saw Her eyes were open and she ate of the fruit It wasn’t eating the fruit Made her mess up It was coming to an agreement with the Enemy when he countered addicted Word of the Lord can I tell you this hour Enemy comes in a begins to speak 2u contrary to the word of the Lord and you come into agreement with that then you see what he That’s the longest date just did not come into agreement with the Enemy she would have not have sauce Call the tree like the enemy soft but the moment she came into an agreement with We are not to be in agreement with Idols in agreement with God you cannot sir God in bed with the enemy comes in Car doesn’t heal you won’t be here Just because you typed doesn’t mean God won’t but will pay your bills that’s some home at your bill I don’t come into agreement with you God will keep your eyes Close up to you will not see the Devourer doctor’s report Avalor Not only In fact it into chapter 2 it says They were both naked and the Man and his wife And they were not O’Shea And I’ve never really understood that I thought If they had natural vision How did they Not understand that they were naked This is why I believe After just I believe the lord gave this to me They did not see their flesh Because they were covered with the glory And when they were covered with the glory of God They could not see flesh And we’re going to talk about Glory here in a minute But the glory of God blinds the natural eye Scripture says that when Moses got in the presence of the Lord of Mount Sinai Got the glory of God So permeated him When it came off of the mountain Israel could not look at his face they had to cover it Because of the glory All the laws Paul was on the road to Damascus and the glory of God shown it blinded his When the glory of God surrounds an individual you no longer see them Could it be that the reason the world has not seen Jesus in the church today if his because we not have the glory of the Lord Talents and flashed an ability I tell you about the spirit of God History Course we know they fell When she ate of the fruit The rise sting now see they know they’re naked The moment that came into agreement with the Enemy the glory of God left We go to Durable chapters in Genesis And God really Never mix A organized effort to redeem man And a very Stringent way Until he gets to Abraham And God raised up Abraham Abraham Is it tight Of Adam Because the Lord says Now instead of Reaching Nations I’m going to raise up one nation Any said you’re going to be the father of the Israelites and in your launch All Nations be blessed Head so he begins to use Abraham Abraham represents faith And the moment that God begins to deal with Abraham who is the type of atom In Genesis chapter 14 the Bible says that when God begins to Institute roster One of the very first things that happens is Abraham Meats Golf Melchizedek Scripture calls in the angel of the Lord And when he meets Mel Kelsey that can fax the original me the royal King of righteousness can God knew that in order for Faith to permeate the Earth In order for men to believe the word of the Lord that have to get God face to face Counter in your house encounter in your life Divine encounter in your marriage of hot come and get Spirits in this earth God and said take you we all knew I Spirit Gearbox I got a gift Money saving himself Use Me For Your Glory And so goddess Using faith To restore men By letting man And God have a Divine meeting Abraham racist AC Obvious Now again God is coming to To release Glory God always intended for his people To be the apple of his eye To be BMV Omniscience To be the head and not the tail Deuteronomy 28 Listen to what God says about them That’s so In Exodus We just called for a little bit farther Exodus chapter 19 and I know I’m throwing a lot at you but there’s a lot of My spirit going on and I don’t have a whole lot of time today To really shirt all but Verse 3 of Exodus 19 assistant Moses Went up unto God and the Lord called him out of the mountains sing This is where Moses is coming to Mount Sinai and the mountain is on fire And the glory of God is literally on top of the mountain Penny says thou shall say to the house of Jacob until the children of Israel You have seen what I did into the Egyptians and how I bear ufone Eagle’s Wings and brought you into my Now therefore This is why God is raised up Israel he says now they’re farts If you will keep my voice indeed and keep my Covenant Then you shall be up to chill your treasure unto me above all people For all the Earth this mine verse 6 And you shall be unto me a kingdom At all So what God is after is precut Adam in the Garden of Eden the Garden of Eden if you study it out the Garden of Eden is a type of Going to heaven It’s where the spirit of God is and there’s no demonic spirits there’s no demons loose Nature of God’s can out of his ministry not say priests unto the Lord in the car Division in worship Now the Lord is coming back to Restoration Penny says I won’t Israel If the Earth is to be blessed I need Israel to be a kingdom of priests can you set the way you are a king A priest is if you obey the voice of the Lord speaking to you from now And then God release the glory of God on Mount Sinai You go back and you study in the scriptures Three words Talk about Glory one is hard One is called Haddad And one is called Cabo Pod And Haddad A lot of times associated with Splendor and Majesty most of the time they’re relegated in To the description of kings and and that type of leadership Kavod Is translated Glory And it literally is used for only God And the only other times it is used Tickets for the new creation of man And God begins to talk about he said I am really see my Kabuto my glory Not just majesty and splendor but he said I’m releasing my very nature into Hallelujah releasing my glory of the spirit of God no one in the Bible says where the spirit of the Lord Liberty The god Didn’t Psalms 106 The Lord begins to Speak Israel And In fact I just think I need to read it because God has shared his given Israel his kvote Remember now We have been made in the image of God that’s what God is bringing back Israel is to be the physical Image of God in the Earth There’s a rule over all nations 106 Inverse 19ss That they made a calf In horror And worship The mountain Image What are the problems that man doesn’t understanding in almost every religion That you find except For Christianity They have any chips Even Catholicism you walk into a Catholic Church they have an image of Mary Batman image of Jesus at image of angels you go to to the Buddhist or to the Hindus And all of them they have all these images Who made thank God it And when they worshipped at inmates are not worse than the image that worshiping the god that represents And so now while the glory of God is on top of the mountain Israel makes golden calf Find the scripture says that begin to worship the image It says in verse 20 They changed Their Glory Delkevic It took a similar to Diamond off Adidas grass You and I And will pick up on this Where the image of God not animal If animals could be the image of God Dunedin ever created on the sixth day because for five days he created the animals Vapor after their kind but they were not like God they didn’t look like God they didn’t think like God God On the six days now I’m going to make an image that reflects the invisible God and he made out That you couldn’t even tell that anymore And Israel then begins to Worship this sing Whenever you Human beings worship song We’re really Worshipping A reflection of who God made us And whenever we worship an image We’re giving that image our identity This is why it’s important that you only worship that’s why God always says Worship the Lord thy God in him I’m only shopped out surf Thou shalt have no graven images before me Thou shalt Worship the Lord thy God only And Israel turns the same what happened once they gave the glory when they gave their Glory away God withdrew from them Have they begin to go into bondage Now skipping just Many many years ahead When God decides I am going to redeem man Colossians 1:15 Christ Is the image Puppy invisible God Because man is natural We don’t relate in the unredeemed Horse boss just something that we cannot see who that I’m going to make a image in the Earth That man is going to worship that image have that image is Jesus Christ no wonder There’s so much hatred of Jesus because the devil knows that only Jesus is the image of the invisible God Jesus comes on the scene as the last Adam Hallelujah pain he represents.

23:51 - He is clothed with the glory of God the glory of God Parents Not only that Hebrews 6:20 says this That Jesus Ismay Mel Cassidy When Jesus comes on the scene Justice atom with a high priest of God Jesus comes on the scene And the Bible said he is our high priest That he is made after the order of Melchizedek king of Royal righteousness Jesus just now become the high priest in the earth then he is Ministry unto the father how I Mediator and the mediator between God and man Authorities in heaven in Earth How can you do that because the first Adam had that’s he had the nature of Jesus would find demons they would say we know who you are he would save me side-eye Christ We are the body we are part of the image of Jesus Christ you know one of them Because I’ve not seen the church God is bringing Out of the Shadows heading speaking to raise her up up in the year 2000 What is Santa Claus is coming back and he’ll he’s coming back Adam Vineyards coming back Coming of the kingdom of God Jesus Ascends to heaven We know that On the day of Pentecost There was the birth of the church Because God Never intended For there just to be 1 The Bible says that Jesus Is the first of many brothers And the Lord wants a full house So Jesus Hallelujah Being the beginning the sea Birth This holy nation A people First of all I want Preface this by saying I do not believe that we are divine I believe there’s only one God And I do not believe That man he’s on the same level as God and deity That being said God Shares His deity With men By grace 1st John 417 says this As Jesus is in heaven Right now So are we In the Earth That means we’re like We become Born again we become a new creation So I’m going somewhere with here with you so I want you to stay with me Psalms 8 + 5 Dead set Man was made a little Lower Then the Angels but this is not a good at not a good translation It literally reached man is made a little lower When you study the word Elohim We always just sit with that that’s talking about God not necessarily The word Elohim Literally memes Just eight species of beings are spiritual Species it can literally refer to Demons In the original language They can refer to Angels He can refer to God in this instance It is translated as golf That man is made a little lower or the word Lord means just a little less Then God himself And then it says this That God has Crowned him With Glory The interpretation reads this Man is little lower than God Or little listen God And God has surrounded him With the Coco All the glory of God So now God hallelujah has raised many And he has surrounded us that’s why I He was surrounded the glory of God Genesis on the spirit realm and none of the natural Shower surround men against with Gloria Money and cars and numbers and ego what’s 10 who’s the best Who sells the most books Don’t You Know Who You Are A little left The devil cannot find you Movie called you on here Romans 8:29 chefs That we have been predestinated That literally means That it has been declared From eternity That you and I are to be conformed are to be made like The image Who God’s son That we are alike Jesus Did not Jesus say this When I leave Greater Works Are you going to do He was saying listen right now all I can do is give them Natural Bridge but when I leave That you’re born again you’re going to give them the bread of life Right now he said all I can do is give them natural healing Just going to give him spiritual healing he said right now all I can do is raise him from the dead Give them back their natural life than that Give them spiritual life eternal life Talking about these things 2nd Peter And I I realized I probably walking a fine line with some of you but I’m not preaching that we are deity But at the same time I think that we live way beneath our privileges Because we got Jesus way up here And we got ourselves way down here Poor pitiful me Just pray for me I remember the kids been up testimony service and people to just pray for me That I can just hold out till the end listen as long as you got that mentality you’re going to suffer Apps he is so are we in this present world that means when cats are Knocking on your door that you can tell if you’re in the wrong house after I rebuke you in the name of Jesus The babies in the womb Stop talking Animal drawings So God In the shower is trying to bring you and I back to him in Tallahassee That we’re like him Because God Because he is deity that means you saw for If God is Sovereign it means he can do whatever he wants to do That means He can share with you and I Or his nature You & I in a physical body can walk with the nature of God himself you said why don’t know about that one 2nd Peter Chapter 4 says whereby Are giving it to us succeeding Great And precious promises I think of the word it says Strategy bacillus with the Spirit of wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of you If you guys have understanding may be enlightened and that we would know what the hope of your calling is And what Did shooting Great Of your power Whereby are given it to succeeding grape And precious promises For God is able to do Abundantly Exceedingly It means if there’s no Stop it Daddy Has an unlimited in But God can continue on and on and on more and more and more Penny said he recept Has given unto you and I Great and precious exceeding promises Bell palsy Littermates to be partners In the end of Heat and the Greek What The divine Nature You mean I can be like God That’s what God is always been answer Did not say at the very beginning let us make man what in our image ODNR likeness Partake of the divine nature It says then Xscape What the corruption That In the world through lust Corruption means death Escape the death That comes to lunch What was it That God is It said it was Pleasant to the eyes John says this the lust of the flesh I’m the Lost I’ll be on What is it whenever the glory of God leaves Our Lives Add that we are now surrounded with the nature of the enemy only sees the natural That’s why What years was God wants you to have a better car in a bigger house at Prosperity that we don’t hear anything about tithing in the presence of the Lord In your living room in prayer time In your house I’m raising up a church up in 2020 You can buy Whoever protects of the Dead Divine nature of God Also protects of the divine blessing God told Israel he said I’ve given you the land of Canaan He said go in there he said no he said that I’ve given you his Scott Giants He said go in there and remove the Giants from your inheritance That wouldn’t be a battle but he said this the battle has been six-step When you go in it’s already declared in heaven that you will not lose but you will win So many people get afraid I don’t know I don’t want to get the devil mad at me Speakerphone speakerphone Give you another verse getting ready to close But the Bible says in 1st Peter had such a revelation of some of this stuff You see so many Idols or images that are made today and they’re made out of stone And there are set up and people Kiss the feet of them Pay homage to them And God said this about us he said But you are Lively Stone And you are built up or you are Shake Into a house Oh God That you and I are the image The church It’s supposed to be a lie The church We are a royal priesthood That when the world looks at the church they shouldn’t see a man they shouldn’t She acquire They shouldn’t see a building but they should see Jesus Image Church What’s my most precious attribute Gloria How do you spell I’m going to take that van Priest in the Holy Ghost I want to leave you with this That God has shared His deity Does it make you go Or he has shared his nature With you That means that anything God can do You can do That we are the image That’s why Jesus said Bishop Who gave you the authority to do these things He said I only do What I see my father do He said I do nothing of myself But I am reflecting The nature Of the invisible God The Jews could not accept Jesus in that day Because there was nothing In their writing Tell them that it’s you Could be divine Then he could be the Messiah That’s why they thought Jesus was blessed meaning Because he was a Jew a carpenter’s son They could not correlate A natural man Could be God in flesh This is what trips up so many Believers today This we just can’t get the revelation How elevated we are in God Get ready to fly out in the morning to lay hands on a Precious friend who has cancer I felt like the Lord told me sick fly up there and lay hands on her command that demon of cancer Delete her body I’m going because I’m the image God Cuz I lay hands on her the kavod God is on me Hallelujah I’m not going to sympathize with her I’m not going Mourn with her but I’m going Hallelujah to rejoiced than what God Has already done the lamb now I speaking to your home today I speaking to your Speaking to your Nations Hallelujah speaking to your churches Recover yes not only will you recover say at the Lord I feel but you will get back more Royal priesthood God bless you today May the word of the Lord being your spirit.