The Kat Kerr (June 19, 2021) Urgent Prophetic Message: The Table Will Be Turned

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Now it’s alright No Hello Here we are I can’t tell yet if we can Without short Outlook we have some people Can you guys hear us For trying the new earbuds Yes I have the earbuds Let me know if y’all can hear okay She gave it to me my Ronnie here so I thought that meant it was for my right But she didn’t give it to me my lap and stuff I’m just winging it okay Can you guys hear give me some zup Say yes We got Familia See here they are The real for real questions that people have sent to us Yay somebody said finally you can hear Does it sound good we have earbuds on so Hopefully it sounds Forgive me if I act like I’ve lost my mind Okay I can hear So yeah it’s a session with cat I mean I’m a Chinaman Every now and then Jen’s really tired today so Professional Q&A sessions You know we just do it do it Hang on a second mother is having an issue with something cheesy She’s our audience in their studio audience right now so Are you okay love Apparently her collard greens have red pepper flakes in it I can’t seem to find Good collard greens anywhere you Color green Carefully we are very careful what we ask for And talk about because Yeah I know the mailman when do they are delivering you know 5 pounds of green beans every day for two weeks in a row they might inspected Start it is our mama’s birthday tomorrow She will be 90 And I know The big 900 Going to have a couple things for her but If you feel like you still want to send her something you can send her a picture of a flower Drama mahnoor Sandberg she loves birds and flowers I think that’s Her big day She loves being outside Waterfalls Fountain So So someone saying cat Earbuds Zalo Reporting down Because I don’t understand I couldn’t hear anything Like I had something Oh my gosh Guys You are witnessing what I have to live with every day How old is Gohan I just took it out of my ear Do you want to switch your can you guys hear talk Can you hear me Just maybe this is Maybe it’s in the wrong year I don’t know if she’s right there my ear This is going to play all over the world you know that right because okay so just make sure you guys I have your devices turned up all the way Cuz some of y’all are saying you can hear fine some of you were saying Cats too low so I don’t know I’ve never been to a try Free traffic Choking on the red pepper It’s okay So You going to be the first you want me to read or you going to read it Kind of about not y’all Talk about it And it’s probably the nest Mini Anytime And many different Somebody wants to know I’m just giving first so if you have a question We’re saying your first name You won’t say your last To this question is from John John wants to know why I can hear again it’s been another minute Earbud We are now escorting the red pepper flakes Green I have no audience SEPTA Studio chat Ignoring John has a question he wanted to know why Sometimes People You know I never charged I never have charged Not in all the years we’ve been doing this so people who say You know they don’t help Where do like everyday I help somebody But we don’t charge because God said we couldn’t Hello if you said you’re not charging for your events Now we can sell products Should we have products Free will offer But as far as Places invited me it’s The people who Creating Hosting the event Needed to charge some Something for very good reasons Having done this for many years and I have events myself Our events That we have Here in Florida cost anywhere between $25,000 Every time we have one You have to pay for the event We have to have materials Princess we have to have camera People who help Do different things maybe get all the Car park whatever you want to call it And if he provides Snacks with stuff that We have an all-day event That means we have Provided them with Cartoon for like lunch And dinner Do a photo of Workshop Workshop We are buying Materials I’m just giving you a An idea why some We don’t repay for this all over pocket As a blessing to help you Arby’s we have we have another speaker we pay that speeding So we have all kinds of Fees as we have to Yourself Some people Can’t afford to do that Such as the Awesome event they just had in Oregon The rise Summit Which was not a conference trust me Went 11 Just so you understand this It would probably cost Between 30 and $40,000 To do this event That they had Oregon And let me tell you what that’s not Easy money Come up with They decided Charger Not only Do they pay people Because they got four Professional To do it You can sometimes use volunteers and some position You can’t do that with The camera people the sound people the lighting Okay they have Security Of course If you’re going to broadcast To the entire World That’s called a bandwidth I know A little bit about that Not so much about the Wi-Fi whatever They do know that if you’re going to have a broader band A people Or how many people are coming on to watch Online No one right now as a network Like these fake news CNN Or the other fake news places that have Studios Huge networks with satellites But most places don’t Have that they have to They have to run Special camera sometimes or they have Hey For a broader bandwidth So that they can’t go to Just Thousand people But if they had people 2000-3000 4000-5000 Expand Whatever Holi Frequency Use of the satellites whatever When you keep adding People Corbin come online to watch Or It will crash It cracks Did you get into it with excellent Hangout meets People to be there Have to be there all day From morning to evening They had 10 and 20 minutes segments and have some They would have the most amazing worship if you want Who paid of a price to watch All of these Play seven Speaking in sharing Very powerful People in this day They wanted you to have The word of the Lord about everything I just lost my little p See it’s right there These cost money to Back in there I hope that I hope you’re not being bored by me because I’m going to be kind of serious right now If people to do something excellent The Rifleman was not about somebody saying this is our church We’re going to have this charge people money so we can stick it all in our pockets that is not what happened They had so many speakers that were part of this okay And they got paid What is due to someone who’s whatever that goes Give honor to whom honor is due And so they honored everybody everybody got In person or online why they took their old-time To do that for everybody As some of these things it will change your life forever Before 11 hours a day These two days Plus on Sunday they let me speak even longer That was a huge event I saw so many people in this place serving summer serving but a lot of them were actually Tired To do it Right And that is why They had to charge a fee No one complained about the sea For $69 I do know this You can watch All of all the speakers were on there all day both days I think you also got Sunday included for free Would you got the key All the content For three years and watch it as many times as you wanted to Most places that charge a fee You watch it for that event and then it’s done They want to make a special but also Head people There they were The word directed to minister directly to all the people online So they didn’t miss getting impartations or pray pray for We even had people in different rooms doing that So this was really one of the best events icing As far as Excellence being done with God requires Do it next one And they were ministering to the whole world that actually have 45 different nations Watching Or present present And they had all the rest of them watching online And they were really happy that they could have 2000 people sign up online It ended up by being sick Thousand Because they’re hungry to know the truth right now what is happening right now what is God going to do and then Near future I know it was kind of reformation God’s reforming or country I’m bringing people in who think like he thinks I’m not dissing everyone else If you’re not on God’s timeline You’ll be reporting things that may be happening 200 years from now or things how they happened in the past When God is doing a new thing you need to know what that is So this was a great event I was really pleased to be a part of that And also what they did on the side Besides that was those who came who traveled to come We’re able to have many teaching videos made that we could then later Used to train you on different Revelations So let me tell you everybody worked hard The whole entire time And I applaud them and thank them all those who served Even those who were just hired they did a great job So you understand is why sometimes there is a fee Because people don’t have maybe they had to hire outside sound more sound System stuff brought in More people to just work in the sanctuary there cell Can I show buddy got seeded or they were serving the leaders in the other rooms It was powerful And so that’s why People sometimes have to Discharge And sometimes they don’t even have a big staff so they have to hire outside people to work But you know what it’s always going to be worth it you are investing in your life In your future To get Revelation that we need right now so that’s the answer to John That’s why they had to charge Because all this excess Cost they had to pay out to make it great And I can tell you everybody was undone and overwhelmed by the presence of the Living God Angels were there I’m telling you I saw the Angels important to that place Especially during the worship So if they have one in your area the planning do you the next time I think is going to be at Nashville I think I might be towards the end of this month I think Is it going to have another rise risc Stomach You can go to Johnny and Lowe’s website and find out about it But let me take these are people with integrity Who known God long time we speak for him And so therefore it’s okay if you have to pay a fee trust me it will come back to you many times over Jensen’s and wind it up Okay I have enough? Here from Eddie Eddie and I didn’t say oh yes Eddie in New York City Wow New York City I don’t know if you won’t know that but actually was born in New York and upstate New York I actually have a say I have a part of a realm because we come from Heaven to Earth where you’re born In that part of the Earth You have some You have access to Authority because you were sent there from Heaven that’s where you were born I’ve always wanted a New York City and speak I have not been invited to speak but I know it’s going to be coming And God loves New York City it is a major port Number one It is a main portal that people come in from all over the world They wanted freedom and liberty People Have come to that port New home here in America And right now they might want to pack your bags and leave but I’m sure they’ll be coming back soon You know what I’m talking about But one of these questions it said he’s asking Is it they were concerned that people several people started having dreams visions Of a tsunami hitting New York And not so they were concerned it was going to be wiped out and then away with So now they have a little bit of fear in their life because of that I can assure you There will be no tsunami Hitting New York how do I know what number one I’m from their God has said over and over again he would establish a place for me Speak there And a place to even have a place there like a branch of our company would be there And he hasn’t changed his mind Sometimes dreams can be just that a dream Sometimes you might send it so you can pray and take a sortie over the situation that the dream was about But I can assure you it’s not be wiped off the map And neither is California God’s going to take California for his own it’s going to be a whole region of light as his New York City And you would think by looking at these places is so wicked so evil so much junk going on don’t you understand That’s the enemy So insistent on taking away from God The enemy knows several places that God has marked on his own time on he will use them powerful ways And I know you New York City will be known in the different way A very soon in the future but he’s not going to wipe it out with a tsunami So chocolate up and maybe too much Pizza I don’t know But I will just tell you this No tsunamis going to wipe out New York City And so I hope that helps you Eddie To be more peace about that Besides the fact that if you were a weather Warrior You know how to take a story over that thank you all your weather Warrior remember this that just happen All the earthquakes that were going on and what was that Jen The earthquakes weather New Zealand Off the coast of New Zealand is that where that happen And they were they were expecting a tsunami to hit all the way from the Hawaiian Islands all the way back to New Zealand And you great destructive Measures Where the tsunami Which we all took authority over and said it couldn’t come since the host Read that from happening And they were so shocked That it never happened And the water is Quake was at 8.

00 It was three in a row in the same area And normally that is how it’s Nami happen It’s under the water that forms picks up with a force coming out of the water And it builds and builds a bill sometimes you can be 75 of the country It never came Because we said no to it So I can just tell you Eddie Is lots of people in New York and all over there already know how to take authority that God himself has plans for me New York inspection New York City Because of it opening his arms God doesn’t forget the great things that were done in there is okay so great things happened And he has plans For New York City SOI do have another question right here this is an interesting one And this is from somebody and Midlothian Virginia down Summoner say the question was How did Adam and Eve make it to heaven Before Jesus came down to earth to die on the cross for our sins How could they get to heaven On number one whenever he passed away Nobody was going to happen at that time The only ones who are in heaven besides the Angels an army of Heaven Was Elijah and Enoch Lodging in Acworth taken up to heaven Both in their physical bodies So added me when they passed away they were taken to Abraham’s bosom That’s what the or Paradise It’s down in the earth is a beautiful amazing place that God made And there they were sent there instead of the hell because they believed in God himself Is a great Creator the one that they worshipped Because that says in the Bible they were counted as righteous They were sent to Abraham’s bosom Beautiful Life there And actually when Christ came and died for our sins is sad He led captivity captive which means When is spiritual body left across didn’t go straight to heaven That would not be scriptural It did descendant Abraham’s bosom because he had told the thief that day He was on the cross And Chrysler in Hempstead Thought that he said Remember Me And price it today Not tomorrow but today you will be with me in Paradise that saved him So Christ to send it off of the cross Went down And Abraham’s bosom of Abraham Isaac Jacob Got to see Joseph you got to see song He got to see Adam and Eve who were also Even the one who raised him Joseph who raised him He was John Abraham Because of that Because of God Christ preach the gospel to them And then later when he was done and the third day in Hell which will probably talk about the podcast They were all allowed to go into heaven So they didn’t have to go to heaven Way back in the day they were helped by God in this beautiful place it had running water at beautiful buildings Tables would Feast on them That’s where those went that he counted righteous so I hope that answers your question I have another question here Find it Oregon Jen had a question do you have a question Jen Playing with the studio cat right now We do have a studio cat get you ever wondered so not talking about me Talking about A real cat okay Don’t think she’s going to go get her question I know some people are still wondering and asking What about anything new this going on I will be answering that tomorrow not tomorrow okay tomorrow Is my mom’s birthday We will still have the q-and-a session on Wednesday This Wednesday 2 p.

m. Eastern Standard Time A chat with Steven cat that would be Steve Schultz will be having a broadcast And at that time we will be answering some new things that have come up About the government About the elections in about what’s going to be happening real soon I hope you’ve all been watching Johnny and lore Hank kunneman Several others And they’re all saying the same thing as wasn’t none of them step back and check.

23:44 - Abandoned America That is not what happened So I’ll let you ask a question I know she’s got one probably Sending your comments Okay that’ll questions we will record them and then Say something so what do you have to say Jen Somebody commented on The calendar Yes Yes okay Better Outside Of Christ I can see this Hinh anh Yeah Kissy that OKC the two angels No When was funny and Okay These are the actual angels I don’t know if you all know that but a couple years ago I did an event that was a non-land event wasn’t Cruz and seashells Show me over there with the rest of the team and they did an event that lasted almost 2 weeks And Israel They bushwhacked me I think my husband knew he went with me but I didn’t realize we were going to go to places for a tower Yule Mountain Down inside No underground like half a mile and That was quite a thing for me to do that But when we went to the tomb These two angels that were there That’s why we have a picture I’m in the desert 2021 calendar that I showed you This was April again here it is this is April And yes of course If God’s going to send you Angels On Assignment together he’ll always someone listen to him or one that is so serious you know Holiness Righteousness in Then they send the character with him he’s very funny You know just to break it up I guess But these two angels we’re not just Chosen To guard the tomb and yes they’re still there that’s why we put in the calendar But they also were chosen Tubi In that they were chosen to be in the Channel with Christ They were also chosen To be the same two angels who brought the cup in the garden Remember before Christ was crucified he didn’t drink that cup The head every evil Wicked every send it could ever be done That he was going to put in his body in that would be crucified on the cross The same two angels were the ones that brought that cup Do the same two angels in the garden within they were comforting him When he was struggling about what to do and then he says to the father Not my will but your will be done He actually surrendered everything in the garden Before he went to the cross it was after you harder to do that in the garden And so the same two angels were awarded For doing that for bring the cup from heaven That was still with all that stuff so Christ couldn’t have to accept a drink and he did And that’s how I send their forgiveness the only reason why He Is the only way to heaven Christ bore all of our sins on the cross About Nicholas were against us So when you receive Christ as your savior He wipes All of that Synology you which gives you entrance not used to having Butterbean eternity with them forever and ever so these two are representations of the ones I saw Hope you enjoy that story and you all know But Christ Did more Dying on the cross for our sins Ascending into hell Like I said in the book of Colossians and a wiping up hell A ruining their Futures and principalities and powers are Leasing fire from himself and burning some of their features and melting their faces And there’s a little girl ice to see these big demons walking around not my own but walking around Facebook As a little girl I wonder what they did well I found out later when I was actually taken back in time She was in hell and saw a christed When he spoiled principalities and Powers Stripped All the gemstones off of Satan That when God made him You put them on him And then the last thing Jesus Just did before Ascended up into the tomb to get his body back He took the keys of hell Death and the grave Oh wait From Satan No longer has them And that goes Christ access to To some very special sayings for us And so I would have given that store yesterday We had so much going on We didn’t have a lot of time and for those who Want to know what was going on My one brother Not RJ My brother decided to 2 My one brother moved to heaven the other day so we’ve been very busy planning things for his celebrate Haitian here We’re celebrating with him in heaven I have no grief when somebody has to have a I’ve been there too many times and it was hell it was absolutely amazing That he didn’t want to go for some time so didn’t Until finally his Got it told me on Monday his Mansion was almost done but not quite And so it was on I think Friday Night or Saturday afternoon I think it was when he finally moved to heaven So much joy in our lives we know trying to make if you’ve never had to make arrangements For Memorial Services other things It is very time-consuming And because we have over a hundred family members we had to get ahold of everybody all of our friends his friends And of course his wife Linda her family and her friends It is a huge undertaking Let me tell you that we’re going to have a celebration party for him here on Earth Almost maybe like I do in heaven And we are so happy You don’t have to send me a condolences you know don’t have to help me with the sorrow and feeling there is no sorrow And he is not resting in peace he’s very active right now it’s still in the strong room party And we know for sure that he will be visiting Christmas Town K-LOVE Christmas David Tavernier he always admired Nicholas Gave gifts to children I want you know my brother that particular brother Spent most of his life Feeding the poor Helping people with homes giving stuff away to them He loved to Create toys for children And so he really has Given his whole life And now his season was upon the Earth And he has now moved to heaven where he’s not really celebrating his life doing amazing things he You still love to do Is life only get better and better So you can celebrate with us Eat another extra piece of cake maybe for him I know he’s probably having Donuts at the donut shop with our dad And probably would Jesus cuz Jesus loves sweets So thank you for listening to us tonight It hasn’t been a really long day But we didn’t want to not do something for you it is our heart To do as much as we can every week for you we know many of you Don’t have a church Definitely check out some places online I know that have powerful meanings There’s a Gateway on Mount Zion in Colorado There’s Lord of hosts go to Lord of hosts.

com Hank and Brenda kunneman who you seen on Flashpoint and I’ve been to his place already Of course Steve Shelton Elijah List she’s always putting broadcast on these powerful prophet It’s a god Robin Step back We don’t hold anything against anyone choices were running was God who said to us We know what he says we’re excited about what is to happen For everybody Thanks for hanging in there with us and thank you all of you Guardians own people we so love you We couldn’t do this without you You’re about to Start getting your packages I’ll probably first your envelopes with your card and other stuff in it then after that Your taxes will be arriving with thank you Forgive us all last year if you’re interested you can go to katkerr.

com Click on the treasury and it’s the only place you can go online To give so again I will repeat this Do not respond Kat Kerr Facebook pages She knows who they are but let me tell you they will make it look so So believable that it’s us But if they’re asking you for money from Facebook After telling you to donate to some cause and you will win a prize for it that’s not us We don’t do that Okay we let you feel to give you the website but we don’t sit here and say Older these people who need extra help send this money on PayPal to this place they’re probably cheaper That is not Okay Cat The Katke RR Is the name of my publication page Trough It’ll never Sabian And there’s even one now that says Kakkar talk show Yeah that’s not me I am not character Talk Show IMDb Kat Kerr the even had one that had th Little apostrophe Image And then Kat Kerr because they have to change it Already confused people The Katkar It is not say Patrick Dash Kat Kerr they have one name.

That’s not me they have Kat Kerr talk show That Cat Cora pasta be whatever in there If you go on the Me about Her page I want to say 20 2020 or 2019 not my Facebook page A public Facebook page cannot send friend request I will not She ever Her page I think they’re afraid to certify it actually I think they’re afraid to serve And I will not send you a friend request She doesn’t know I look at comments sometimes now every now and then Not bored cuz but if I have a little bit of extra time Every now and then I will respond you a few comments As far as the messaging thing she’s talking about I don’t know what it is to do it I’m not really sure Skilled in the Wi-Fi stuff That’s not me I’m sitting here with my pink hair talking to you Sherry truth revelation of God ascending right now To help Empower and Inspire Our Lives And again I want to thank all of you who have prayed your prayers mean a lot to me Youth pray you stood for us In what we believe what you believe in what God has given us to say Thank you so much And we will be back on Wednesday Steve Schultz Chat with Steven cat I love you I bless you in the name of the Lord Even in this time right now where we talked about the power A Jesus Christ Let me tell you he is the king of kings right now he knows exactly what he’s doing now Knows what’s going on in yes He It’s going to do something About it So God bless you God keep you More than you ever have before We pray a prayer over all the We play over the letters are sent to us Thank you for being precious we love you Encourage your kids draw some cards And so we will meet you at now God I just clear the rest of the Lord is going to bed And wisdom and Discernment on all those were waking up wherever you are in the world My heart For you Jesus Christ because of him we rule because he rules So God bless you may The Host Go with you Amen Studio is done.