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you’re listening to krcw los angeles with news just end of a grizzly homicide in recondo beach sonia jacobson is live at the scene that’s right i’m here in redondo beach where the lapd are investigating the murder last night of 22 year old lisa gonzalez they’re not confirming any details but officers i’ve spoken to are saying that it has all the signs of the serial murderer they’re calling the window killer and would bring his known tally of victims in the southland over the last two years to 15.

that nickname by the way is because he takes his victim’s eyes with him as some kind of sick trophy i’m being told now that the lapd are going all out to find this maniac as we roll into the holiday weekend what the [ __ ] civilian all right what the [ __ ] is this geez what the [ __ ] are you looking at move on [ __ ] all clear so all right can i help you sir i’m here to make a deposit all right five minutes folks final weapons check oh man we did that already we’ll do it again echo three is a soft target there’s no guards skeleton staff handful of civilians nobody is getting shot today so i want safety’s on chambers empty we might as well go in with squirt guns hey you know what i got a butter knife in my pocket tracy chill the [ __ ] out i’m afraid we’re not accepting deposits actually as you can see we’re we’re closing down didn’t you get our letter i don’t get mail i see um what about her well she got our letter we’ve asked all our customers to come in and empty out their boxes what if they don’t well the feds come in and they take everything to a secret storage and then they trace the owners i don’t want that most of our customers feel the same way but it is procedure why don’t i take my stuff now well you would need to have the letter i told you yes you don’t get mail um do you have id i have this well reverend i’ll tell you what uh come over to the counter and uh i’ll sort you out go hot five minutes masks on somebody wake up big so here you are can you have that back so how long now uh just a few moments i’m sorry again mrs waxman i know this has all been very inconvenient i’m afraid that’s not good enough young man i have had an account here for 50 years that is no way to treat a customer closing down like this well times change i’m afraid uh we’re all very sad here now if you want to take a seat i’ll call a cab to take you home [ __ ] you danny yes sir the reverend wouldn’t like to empty his box is he on the list well he didn’t get the letter but i’ve processed him and he’s he’s set to go it’s all very irregular but i suppose it’ll be all right uh you can take him back as soon as i finish with mrs gohan yes sir i need to do this now as i’m sure has been explained to you it’s one at a time today if you don’t mind waiting your turn i’m sure you won’t mind if i go first um well i’ve been here for hours and i’m almost late for my pilates class so um okay it’s that important to you and are you sure you see she’s happy that i go first okay if you’ll follow me i’ll take you back after you sir so we really are in the process of closing up so that’s why i’m sorry about the mess down here watch your step here been uh making here long everybody you know what this is there’s nothing here for you we’re closing down er everything is gone not everything you know who owns this place of course we do let’s have the fun what do you want me to do about them i don’t know gonna behave listen young man i wish you’d get on with whatever you’re going to do because i don’t want to sit here all day yes ma’am we’ll be as quick as we can tell them hey get your hands off these [ __ ] are you [ __ ] talking to me [ __ ] where’s your phone i left it in my car oh yeah okay listen i’ve been tied up by better people than you oh christ old lady it’s not a [ __ ] competition where’s your phone baby i haven’t had one for years jesus living in the dark ages i’m all set here equal five is that everyone we’re missing two boss two males employee civilian where are they i i don’t know what you mean stop wasting your [ __ ] time little stuff in here i switched off the ac last week do you have your key okay i’ve got it from here i’m supposed to stay with you my possessions are very personal i’d like privacy please i’m sorry it’s procedure stay here sure what did i tell you this guy is messing with us next one goes in your head where are they in the back in the vault are you looking for me oh [ __ ] what sorry danny you weren’t supposed to be here paul what the [ __ ] man yeah what the hell is going on here should i tell them this is my brother danny you gotta be [ __ ] kidding me it’s been a few years yeah i thought i’d never see you again we took different paths i thought you had the day off check the rotor yo assistant manager got sick so i picked up for him is everyone okay this is why i i really need to go home absolutely i’m sure we all would look this nice little family reunion it’s really [ __ ] touching but now what paul nothing changes stick to the plan we’re gone in 10 minutes everything’s [ __ ] screwed up you took off your [ __ ] mask your face is gonna be all over the 10 o’clock news and then how long before they figure out who the [ __ ] we are they shut off the cameras last week isn’t that right you’re welcome to leave and give up my share you’d like that well then i suggest that you shut up and do your [ __ ] job we’re still missing a guy boss any ideas standing raising the ball okay echo three get to the vault secure the guy do your thing echo five get some cuffs on danny here and then you and echo four get everyone in the back room stick to the plan people and we’re out in 10 minutes walkie’s on channel 6.

hey hey hey don’t worry when we’re done here i’m taking care of business my way hey paul take a walk we’re all set boss well that was fun i guess we don’t need these things anymore huh damn thing this time wherever you are in this room here come on oh pick up your face let’s go i know everybody sit on the floor no not you i cannot sit on the floor will you get the [ __ ] old bata chair all right here we go a nice man thank you you’re welcome wow you’re a real boy scout there’s nothing wrong with being decent to people you should try it says the armed robber shut up you mate what’s the story with you and your brother well you’d have to ask her parents about that oh you think you’re smart don’t you yeah with your stupid [ __ ] little pie in your stupid [ __ ] hairdo you’re not gonna feel very smart when this is over what does that mean what she means is that you won’t be leaving any witnesses oh what whoa the boss said the boss boss the [ __ ] wuss tracy’s going to handle things from here on out you just used her name ally jesus i mean i go for yeah well like the man said it really doesn’t matter does it happy the [ __ ] down i didn’t sign up for this oh yeah well you just better figure out whose side you’re on it this is [ __ ] we know it echo three you in the vault yet yeah i just got here there’s no sign of the missing civilian what do you want me to do keep on looking no we could search this place forever we need to be out of here just get the stuff copy that echo 6 status report echo 6 status report all clear echo four status report we’re having a party back here geez echo four geez you [ __ ] self all secure okay copy all clear quite a degree much longer no not much longer if she’s as good as she says she is i don’t know about a girlfriend but she’s pretty damn good how’s it coming echo three i’ll listen to dumbass music echo three pick up your [ __ ] radio how’s it focus echo three [ __ ] status report now echo three status reports we do it not yet echo three can you hear me why the [ __ ] is she taking so long maybe she isn’t so good after all [ __ ] you language ah i didn’t know we’re a [ __ ] sunday school you old [ __ ] prune listen you may be gangsters but at least you can show some common decency gangsters what the [ __ ] is this 1936 don’t be a [ __ ] ah sorry i’m gonna smuck ah not in here jesus woman stay focused it’s not like they’re going anywhere come on i need your phone i don’t know what you’re talking about come on it’s in your back pocket i’ll leave you right back come on what are you doing i’m texting 9-1-1 i didn’t even know you could do that what if they come back you’re gonna get us all killed you shut up at least he’s doing something you’re supposed to be the manager here i’m sorry mrs coleman but this is all very irregular all right let’s get back in there gotta move on what never mind a little chicken an extra avocado yeah and you know what can you throw on some extra chilies there oh you like the chilies i like the chili i’ll be uh 15 20 please 15 20.

you kidding me on a wolfgang puck finally going to the taco business hey [ __ ] off lady look i’m just trying to make a living man hey how about a little less lady it’s detective to you oh oh okay well it’s still 15 20. detective so why don’t you detect that money while i get you ordered cool [ __ ] comedian aren’t you 1 william 6 1 williams when william six receiving possible 211 in progress near your location okay got it i didn’t know there was a bank there it’s um you know what send a black and white over and show me responding roger that one williams be aware this has been assessed okay i’m on my way wing sticks out hey so that’s what a hundred million looks like i’m all done here i got the stuff that [ __ ] time [ __ ] you two put your hands where i can see them where the hell did you come from clever [ __ ] paul i found our missing civilian okay i’m on my way copy that you’re not going to tie me up are you oh no we’re going to do this my way no witnesses you could just let me go home i have what i need yeah what’s in there just some personal items nothing of value to you i’ll be the judge of that what the [ __ ] all call signs dispatch said it was a prank so they sent me a couple guys out of kindergarten whoa everyone’s out looking for that windows guy we got this you got your bachelorette parties no i’m going in the pleasure detective who the [ __ ] are you um we got badges three of them [ __ ] hype hi guys i just nicked your radial artery i estimate you have about nine minutes to live if i were you i’d contemplate what you want to do with the rest of your life good afternoon i’m detective pascal with the lapd got a report of a robbery at this location a robbery that sounds serious and who might you be i’m the assistant manager as you can see this branch is uh closed we’re just uh backing things up nothing here to rob jesus you’re the [ __ ] windows killer leave jesus out of it mother [ __ ] would you mind if we came in and took a look around ah company policy sorry you’d need a warrant well not if there’s a crime in progress well like i said there’s nothing going on here yeah you know the funny thing is the uh call came from inside this location really you see how that could have happened well it was a texts then it could have come from anywhere yeah but um it’s funny i’ll just show you see hey thanks for your cooperation see i just severed your femoral artery you have three maybe four minutes to live i’m no doctor your heart is actually pumping the blood out of your body i’m not laughing at you laughing with you this is a beautiful time these are the last moments of your life what does it feel like does it feel like do you feel the joy may i see may i see guys the cats are coming oh [ __ ] guys they respond oh oh [ __ ] me boss you need to see this oh [ __ ] how are you doing hey yo you missed a spot um uh can i help you to get out of the van sir whoa whoa look that guy step out come on please give me a break it’s not a request out of the van oh [ __ ] she made rick let me help you there you go you have the safety on now try it hey great great you can cover me right away he’s not trying to kill us in morons i’d already be dead this is one william six shots fired at this location officers need assistance copy clear okay gonna be okay buddy jesus how’s it look no good all right they can patch them up but yeah i know what’s going on out there we heard ah the cops are here christ it’s okay they’re outside we’re inside we plan for this let’s chill thanks yeah it’s time we’re gonna need a stitch man they’re not going to stop you from bleeding it’ll be all right the eye is the lamp of your body so if the eye is healthy your whole body will be full of light but if the eye is bad the whole body will be full of darkness if then the light in you is darkness how great then is the darkness i did the best i could tell he needs the hospital yeah i know okay you stay here just keep watch if you start killing cops you need to get messy shit’s already messy yeah i’m gonna go to the vault sort this [ __ ] out stop it [ __ ] we’re getting jumpy back here what the hell is going on cops they shot rick what the [ __ ] somebody must have made a call a call oh that [ __ ] danny i knew he was up to something i’m gonna kill him it’s best not to okay we need all the hostages for what we’re making a last stand at the [ __ ] alamo here no we need time time time for what has got a plan i’ve always got a plan aj what’s in your bag i mean wait what about tracy did she get the stuff better ass paul he’s looking into it looking into what what the [ __ ] biggs screw this we should rush them are you kidding well we’ve got shotguns in the car yeah but you guys have like a death wish or something there’s at least three guys in there with m4s who aren’t afraid to use them and probably more inside not to mention an unknown number of hostages god what did they teach you about hostage situations at the academy deploy overwhelming force yeah you two don’t look so overwhelming so what would you just sit here and wait for backup if you guys want to be useful why don’t you go check the perimeter see if there’s a back way out of here you can handle this alone probably feel a little safer actually okay we’re on a detective great this is detective pascal robbery homicide badge number 5397 go ahead i want to text you a photo for facial id copy that all right thanks on sending me where are you out what the [ __ ] jesus christ all right heads up heads up everyone i’m in the vault tracy’s dead what do you mean tracy’s dead i mean dead she’s been [ __ ] killed she’s in the vault with who did it best guess it’s the guy we never found i think he’s moving around in the air vents a place like this there’s a whole network up and they’re plenty big enough well then let’s go [ __ ] get him negative hallie you don’t have time for a wild goose chase you [ __ ] killed tracy okay well we can get the guy or we can get out of here we can’t do both i’m sorry but that’s the choice now that we know what we’re up against we can stop him if he tries anything so [ __ ] up we’re bottled up in a [ __ ] bank what about stuff are you serious that’s the [ __ ] reason we came here isn’t it i’ve got the stuff so now what we go to plan b working on it just need a couple hours meantime stay frosty may only be one guy but he took down tracy so he’s no [ __ ] one more thing he’s handy with a knife some kind of sicko gouged out tracy’s eyes oh man this keeps getting better uh what i i need to go to the bathroom well you’re just gonna have to hold it your old bag no i mean i really need to go to the bathroom now what’d you forget your diapers did you [ __ ] come on guys what harm can you do he’s right i think we’re going to be here for a while damn it come on grandma why is this where’s the bathroom it’s all the way down the hall take a left it come on anything up she keeping her head down no more cops not yet well she’ll have called for backup so it’ll get busy soon enough she’s really [ __ ] up eh yeah but we still gonna get out of here right yeah that’s the plan what where’s you two separated at birth or something nope we’re actually really close we grew up together happy family so what happened we joined the military same unit no we uh deployed at the same time but uh i was in the core danny he was always better than me and everything so he ended up in the rangers well you go in as brothers and you come out as what enemies i want to talk about it oh come on man ain’t got nothing better to do for next hour so go ahead hear me other than dodge a [ __ ] psycho serial killer on the loose yeah there’s there wait this is the men’s room so take a [ __ ] dump in the urinal [ __ ] bag thank you now i both saw some pretty [ __ ] up at least i know i did and i think danny had the same maybe worse we both came back in one piece but uh you know something like that changes a man a lot of vets are really [ __ ] up in the head me i just learned that life is short and crappy and you got to take what you can while you can you know yes the life of crime yeah and your brother i guess after all the mayhem and chaos he just wanted something structure in his life a little bit order did he know about you before today no no i don’t no no really yeah you know i fell off the map so let me get this straight why we out here doing all this felonious your brother playing superhero holding back the tides of chaos and i never pegged you for a philosopher but yeah i guess because we’re two sides of the same coin time’s up old woman oh [ __ ] i’m coming in having a few problems are coming in son of a [ __ ] wow come on ally what the [ __ ] i don’t think they’re coming back shut the [ __ ] up i’ve been gone a long time something’s moving around up there no no [ __ ] i know you need to keep your eye on that bend i know you need to shut your [ __ ] mouth and let me handle this okay just trying to help boss they’re everywhere so so it begins thanks update i’m about done here machine room snack time i’ll know when i get there took you long enough yeah we had to stop for donuts so what do we got detective well we’ve got multiple perps with automatic weapons you know how to use them too so i’m thinking in some kind of military background possible hostages any comms no not yet but i did talk to one of them yeah i know that photo you emailed really got him excited at headquarters feds are taking a big interest in these games what are they doing here aj ali update this is aj what is it ally’s gone man what do you mean gone she took the old lady to the bathroom down the hall and she never came back now you’re telling me hey guys i think you’re going to want to come in here and listen to this so i’ve been scanning frequencies in case they’re using radios hey i’ll put it on speaker yep okay okay sit tight uh we’re getting out of here we’ll find aliata okay said type we’re being picked off like flies here we gotta do something like what there are four of us and one of him we’ve got automatic weapons he’s got a [ __ ] knife we patient aj so i’ll be over soon all right but if he does one more thing if anything else happens i’m going after him i’m in the eyes man it’s [ __ ] disgusting you don’t think says l.

a nothing shocks me anymore this is time to talk to the cops hey detective what’s this looks like you need to go and talk to him detective last time that didn’t go so well well then it sounds like you’ve already got a rapport you surrendering we need to talk i’m unarmed all right so why don’t you tell me what the hell’s going on here we got hostages how many i can’t tell you that how many of you i can’t tell you that either oh that’s great quite the turnout you got here yeah when the lapd gets its head out of its ass we throw a real good party so we have demands i’m sure you do i’ll play 747 at lax space shuttle maybe just a school bus and a medic for my guy you’ll have two hours school bus you want to i can’t tell you that no of course you can’t tell me that so what happens if we don’t when we start shooting hostages yeah i don’t really think you’re the type you don’t know my type i’m guessing you served core you my husband he didn’t come back i id out of baghdad i’m sorry which is why i don’t understand why guys like you do [ __ ] like this i mean you made it back you should be doing something good well we all have our reasons sorry about your friend i work on getting you a medic thank you what about the bus what do we get oh you give me the medic i’ll start releasing hostages i’m gonna go back inside now semper fi detective big status update it’s gonna be a few minutes all right we need to get the hostages ready go help aj bring them down what about allie hostage is first then we look for ally okay hostages first hey detective uh we’re out back but there’s no door it’s just a window is it big enough to get through um i’m sure we could work it out you know what you guys stay there if this thing goes off you might need to go inside roger aj in here get him on his feet let’s go hurry up let’s go for a walk let’s go no ideas okay i guess you talked to paul about me huh mm-hmm yeah we’re not the same yeah i got that you were with the rangers right once yeah so you got that field medical training you can stitch right sure but so when i get your ass downstairs you’re going to take care of my boyfriend gunshot you’re going to take care of my boyfriend you got a trauma back i’m not a first aid kid well then he needs a hospital there’s nothing i can see that’s the wrong answer when i get your eyes downstairs you’re going to get my butt rick you’re going to stabilize him now they standing in america that’s what you’re going to do let’s go move let’s go aj i’m the medic i get with the bus yeah it seems too simple what’s your take i think they’re up to something just get the feeling we’re about to be had jesus it looks like the beds are crashing our party captain franklin it’s detective pascal she’s first on the scene i’m sinclair this is chen these two smith and jones where are the others coming we’re it one team one crisis that’s not swap protocol we’re not swat then who the [ __ ] are you detected dod contractors what the hell happened to swat swat is who cops like you call when you get into trouble who do you think swat calls i just smell the testosterone from here let me tell you what we got i know what you got you got him you know him been chasing him for years when your detective sent the photo through for id all the lights went red so here we are all right chen you go up high up there should be good all right chief smith you’re in two minutes jones you’re with me so what is a master criminal doing in a reiki gang dunk like this i mean the place isn’t even open anymore you don’t know do you there’s 100 million in bearer bonds in a safety deposit box it’s cartel money doesn’t sound like a cartel operation it’s not our guy has been making a career ripping off the cartel must have a death wish or something anyway this should have been an easy job for him something must have gone wrong inside our lucky day yeah about that there’s been a development i’m listening there’s a possibility there’s a wanted serial killer windows operating on the inside sounds like he’s taking out a couple of your man’s crew and you know this for sure we intercepted the radio traffic we heard they want a medic inside smith’s going in i don’t wait just a minute this man is wanted by the lapd that makes this an lapd operation i’m not going to stand here and argue jurisdiction with you captain you don’t have positive confirmation that this windows guy is even in there and the radio calls you heard could be deliberate misinformation what i know for sure is that there is a very dangerous armed criminal inside and your men do not have the training or equipment to take him on we do you got a problem take it up a chain of command until then this is our operation fine that it’s your will but this is still a joint operation detective pascal will act as liaison get me headquarters welcome aboard detective move come on come on come on come on come on let’s go let’s go come on come on move move move not you you and me go sit down no [ __ ] move there he is he’s over there stitch washington sinclair must have been the picture the detective took shit’s about to get interesting yeah so what’s the plan smith will go in as a medic and get into chen will take overwatch and shoot out bad guys once he gets a clean shot jones and me will breach what about the hostages we don’t know that there are any hostages smith will tell us but it doesn’t matter a whole damn we’re going to breach anyway this is pretty much the worst idea i’ve ever heard there’d be a bloodbath in there you’re playing with the big boys now detective this is how we roll whatever happens in there is on you damn right it is what happens if windows is actually in there it will take him down too he’s our caller i’m going in with you then you better get a vest on detective sorry about this man you should have thought about that sorry best laid plans boss you might want to come see this here we go you are the medic you asked for no you’re not you’re sinclair’s guy aj take this medic to the back room you don’t understand yeah i do we’ve all read the same manual get upstairs [ __ ] face let’s go move move hurry up [ __ ] what’s the next play danny why should i care come on you used to be good at this stuff you’re gonna breach they just sent a real medic otherwise now yeah we need to get him up he’s barely breathing he’s better off out there than he is in here hey he’s like you’re going home come on i got you ready come on hold him steady take hey we got you some hostages team two go get em everyone else cover what about me no you we need thanks i want you to go in the back and tell me what you can see yeah we’re on a detective what if we make contact observe and report only do not engage these guys do you hear me serve and report my ass yeah [ __ ] that we’re going in all right get down one two three now you listen carefully you want to live you do everything i say yeah yeah tough guy shut the [ __ ] up and stand right there [ __ ] you [ __ ] you you do everything i tell you and you won’t get killed sit down move how you doing up there ken found my spot setting up now copy let me know when you’re ready i could kill you with my [ __ ] teeth oh it’s great because i can kill you with my [ __ ] gun hey on your knees hello i said on your knees [ __ ] i just need a moment of your time you take one more step and you die okay you killed my friends i saved them you cut out their eyes i just want to go home you should leave me alone found an x-ray good shot stand by you good let’s go have we got here so it’s taking them so long thanks tick tock two minutes yes all systems go boss all systems go i should kill you right now why don’t you i’m not a murderer i’m not like you you’re all the same in god’s eyes let’s [ __ ] shoot him i’ll be with you in a minute shut up come on shut the [ __ ] up it took me a long time to understand that we’re all the same the street punk the professional like you the cop the banker were all the same sinners and then god spoke to me oh yeah what’s he sound like you wouldn’t understand it was like i suddenly knew what i had to do [ __ ] crazy i’ve been told so but you know what maybe i’m the only one who isn’t crazy did you think about that when god spoke to me he told me to save souls as many as i could does that sound like a bad thing to do god told you to cut people’s [ __ ] eyes out couldn’t just preach do you want a [ __ ] church he told me the eyes were the windows of the soul and it was my destiny to collect souls you see it’s very simple god just spoke to me out [ __ ] time uh-huh x-ray’s about to execute a hostage green light repeat green light say hello to tracy for me god protects those who serve him i just need a moment of your time x-ray down x-ray down to settle up keep your men outside whatever happens i don’t know about it listen it’s going to be crazy enough without your men blundering around just stay out of our way all right things start going south we’re coming in fair enough ready show time so [ __ ] you hey paul you still with us that’s you sinclair you know this guy we go back a long way so our mutual friends and i were wondering did you get the stuff oh i got it it’s right there on the counter so it is it doesn’t look like much well it’s all there shame you won’t get to spend it and you will sinclair you bring up a good point i don’t think they’ll miss it what’s going on sinclair just one of those macho moments you like so much detective so paul you know the boys aren’t too happy with you fifth time you’ve ripped them off sex actually that was evil we get around that’s enough really till i figure out what the hell’s going on you’re under arrest i can see the wheels turning detective so let me guess you’re not really dod he’s cartel if you hadn’t already figured it out is that true it’s a gray area but at least you nailed the dangerous criminal we only realized what was going on when you sent that photo through so thanks for that detective you’re welcome god jesus christ what did you say he said run looks like the calvary’s arrived hey detective just in time boys like i told your boss to take it stay out of our way jones over here don’t be an idiot easy for you to say you don’t have a [ __ ] family drop it drop it we can all get something out of this we just say uh paul got to win with the money we’ll split it three ways it’ll be a pretty good payday for all of us good luck spending it in fulsome [ __ ] it was just a thought i wouldn’t worry about me detective give it up paul there’s two of us and one of you it’s time don’t you think no he’s right well you nearly did it yeah ten minutes in and out supposed to be the easy one place like this i didn’t think they’d miss it what was the backup the elevator how’d you know about that i’m not an idiot ball i read the building plans but you got it working yeah they bricked it up but they left everything there smart not smart enough obviously no sorry paul so this is it huh yeah worth the trouble don’t you think oh yeah sorry about your brother go [ __ ] yourself i’m starting to see the family resemblance but what are we gonna do with you if you’re doing what i think you’re gonna do i’m the least of your problems but you can’t be too careful chin i’m here i’m here it was oh okay are you okay i’ve been better i got this detective do me a favor go put a bullet in it absolutely what the [ __ ] is that [ __ ] you don’t [ __ ] with me danny really danny hey where the hell are you’re that you windows guy i just want to go home i saw what you did to my men you should leave me alone oh yeah well i think i’m gonna do lapd a favor please allow me to explain what’s up ah ugh the eye is the lamp of the body healthy stop right there you gotta be [ __ ] kidding me looks like you and me had a pretty bad day danny that windows guy it’s a bit of a handful huh yeah not anymore good for you so now what danny you taking me in those are my orders your orders you too huh mustaches like this all over the country there’s always someone like me nearby keep an eye on things and you just stopped him your own brother if i had to that’s cool it’s a lot of money danny and then what like i said there’s always someone else someone like me you shouldn’t have killed paul it’s a bad world all around so the eye is the lamp of your body so if the eye is healthy your whole body will be full of light but if the eye is bad your whole body will be full of darkness if then the light in you is darkness how great then is the darkness.