Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Episode 03 Subtitle English #ツキミチ

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I can’t believe my master has no aptitude for healing magic.

00:06 - Shin-sama, I shall assist you. Master, I won’t leave a single scratch on you.

00:14 - And that’s what happened. Emma-san really is an incredible wizard.

00:19 - So who are you? I acquired this form through our contract.

00:24 - I am the Black Spider. I thought contracts required the consent of both parties? I offer you my body and soul, Master.

02:13 - Ah, Master. You’re awake. Night Three Human Shock Yeah, although I seem to have been entered into a contract without my knowledge.

02:20 - It’s better than having a spider follow you around.

02:23 - I’m blessed to have such loyal servants. Aw, we’re not that great.

02:28 - I was being sarcastic, you idiots. May I speak with you? A dwarf? Yes, precisely.

02:36 - You truly are well-informed, Master. But this is no ordinary dwarf.

02:41 - He comes from an ancient subrace of dwarves who produced famous sacred and noble artifacts.

02:44 - The type of dwarf is distinguished by the term “elder” in its name.

02:47 - It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Beren the Elder Dwarf.

02:53 - My name is Misumi Makoto. Because you drove back the Black Spider, my village has been saved from catastrophe.

03:01 - I was told that woman’s curse has been lifted, and her original form has been restored.

03:07 - Pretending it was a curse settles things nicely, doesn’t it? I actually have a request for you, Makoto-sama.

03:14 - What is it? Could you allow us to move onto your land? We were stuck in the Wasteland for fear of raiders— Sure.

03:20 - That was quick. We’ve got land to spare. As long as you can get along with the orcs— But we have some conditions! You must help plan the town, provide armaments, and in the future, pay taxes on your land.

03:32 - And you must recognize that my master is your lord.

03:35 - I bet she’s been planning this from the start.

03:38 - I have no objections. It’ll take me two days to convince my people and bring them here.

03:44 - Take this gift with you. Greater dragon scales! With these, I’ll have no trouble convincing the craftsmen.

03:52 - Don’t forget the armaments and all the rest.

03:56 - They’re like an immoral magistrate and a trade broker.

04:02 - In order to trace my parents’ path, each day, I spent several hours outside the demiplane searching for human settlements.

04:13 - Is that a human village? All right! If I hurry, I could make it there today.

04:19 - Master! What do you want? I have a very important request for you.

04:28 - We’d like names. What? Without names, the citizens of the demiplane don’t know what to call us.

04:36 - Y-You summoned me for this? What does that mean? It’s a matter of great importance for us! What’s wrong with “Shin”? No. I want you to name me.

04:48 - Me, too. Then how about Ms. Spider or Kuro-chan? Absolutely not! I ask that you give me a beautiful name! Hey! I get a name first! Otherwise I’m not letting you attend to him first! Attend to? As in all night long?! In any case, please grant me a name.

05:09 - A name, huh? Hmm… Um… I’m so excited! Hmm…

05:18 - Is it that hard to come up with a name?! Are you crying?! Okay, okay.

05:25 - All right. Tomoe. Tomoe? Yeah. It’s the name of the most valiant female samurai I know.

05:34 - There were women samurai? I accept the name “Tomoe. ” Huh? You’re glowing.

05:42 - Receiving a name has increased my strength.

05:45 - You’re not gonna tell me there’s a name that would maximize your strength, are you? Of course there is.

05:52 - You should’ve told me! That’s important! It’s fine. I prefer whatever name you want to give me.

05:59 - Yeah, but… I’m next, dearest husband.

06:03 - Dearest husband? Find something else to call me! That’s an order! An order? For me? Also, if there are any rules for naming you, could you tell me what they are? Absolutely not. I prefer a name chosen naturally.

06:18 - Fine. In that case… Until now, she’s been perpetually hungry and nothing but a detriment.

06:27 - But now that she’s been satiated, she’s starting over from nothing, so…

06:32 - From now on, your name will be Mio. Mio…

06:36 - It’s written as a combination of my country’s characters for “zero” and my preferred element of “water. ” I humbly accept.

06:46 - If my name means “zero” and my master’s preferred element, does this mean you’ve made me yours? It’s not like that.

06:54 - Mio, Mio… Hello… Wh-What’s about to happen? There are a bunch of new species here that I haven’t seen before.

07:12 - Listen up, citizens. From now on, call me Tomoe.

07:17 - Call me Mio. Tomoe-sama! Mio-sama! What is going on here? And you shall call our master…

07:26 - “Milord,” “Young Master,” or “Your Grace. ” We’ll let the majority decide! What kind of choices are those?! Cheer now if you prefer “Milord. ” Cheer now if you prefer “Young Master. ” Cheer now if you prefer “Your Grace. ” We’ll be calling you “Young Master. ” Hey, you guys! It’s the result of a democratic vote.

07:50 - You have a vote to cast as well, Young Master.

07:53 - You’re already calling me “Young Master”! I’m good with “Misumi” or “Makoto. ” “Y-Young Master” is fine.

08:06 - Former High School Student • Misumi Makoto “Young Master” Title “Young Master” Title Former High School Student • Misumi Makoto As you can see, new species have settled in the demiplane.

08:14 - You should greet them. I-In that case, allow our village chief to offer you a greeting.

08:22 - I lead the Elder Dwarves. My name is Eld. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

08:27 - It’s nice to meet you, too. Young Master, you look barely human to me.

08:33 - Barely? But your servants could not be commanded by a human.

08:39 - Were you perhaps charged with a mission from the goddess who rules over this world? What? Goddess? I’d never accept a mission from her! After thoroughly insulting me, she dropped me on the edge of the world! She’s been nothing but terrible to me! Y-You haven’t been given a mission by the goddess? Nope. Definitely not.

08:59 - I’m relieved to hear that. Our opinions differ from those of the goddess.

09:04 - Perhaps it will be interesting to serve you.

09:07 - Th-Thanks. I’m next. These are my followers, the Mist Lizards.

09:16 - They’re a powerful species with both the water and air attributes.

09:21 - Their greatest feature is their beautiful blue-green scales.

09:25 - You have followers? You should’ve told me. If you include everyone who’s chosen to serve me on their own, I have quite a few.

09:32 - In any case, we look forward to serving you.

09:35 - Young Master, these are my followers, the alke.

09:40 - They could not escape their hunger, but after receiving your essence, they have regained their senses.

09:45 - Wh-What do you mean by “essence”?! I’m talking about your blood and mana.

09:50 - Oh, that… And then we do this with it.

09:53 - Hey! Gross! She’s enjoying it! I’m glad you enjoyed your meal.

10:02 - She can regenerate, too? Children, you must offer your bodies and souls in service to the young master.

10:10 - You’re so quiet. If you disrespect the young master, I’ll eat you.

10:17 - W-We are alke. It’s nice to meet you.

10:21 - You forgot the “very. ” Do you want to be eaten? Don’t worry about that part! Elder Dwarves, Mist Lizards, and alke.

10:34 - It’s nice to meet all of you. Tomoe and Mio, tell Eld-san everything he needs to know.

10:42 - You’re free to choose wherever you want to live. Just don’t fight over it.

10:46 - Later. Young Master? Where are you going? I’m desperate to meet some people. Serious Lack of Human Contact Serious Lack of Human Contact Serious Lack of Human Contact Serious Lack of Human Contact I’m going to the human town.

10:51 - Excessive Demihuman Contact Excessive Demihuman Contact Excessive Demihuman Contact Finally, I can meet some people.

11:02 - I found a villager! Wow, she’s beautiful! Uh, excuse me! Stay back! What? No! A monster! A human just screamed and ran away from me.

11:22 - No, wait. What was that? Is there a monster behind me? Nope.

11:30 - I probably look like someone that person doesn’t like.

11:34 - Yeah, they probably mistook me for somebody else.

11:38 - Wait… They’re prepared for battle?! Stay away! Leave this place, monster! Um, I’d like to enter this village.

11:51 - What is it saying? I don’t know! Kill it! Huh? W-Wait! Why?! We can’t speak to each other! Could it be…

12:03 - I’ll compromise by giving you the ability to understand, speak, read, and write languages other than the human language.

12:10 - That stupid goddess! I heard something terrible happened to you, Young Master.

12:21 - Emma-san, you’re amazing. You can speak with other species.

12:26 - I couldn’t understand the human language. Are you talking about Common? Common? It’s called that because humans are by far the most prosperous species in the world.

12:38 - Can you guys speak Common? We sure can.

12:41 - Even Mio? But inability to communicate is no reason to attack someone.

12:46 - Young Master, language isn’t your problem. It’s your appearance.

12:50 - Is my face really that bad? Your face? Y-You certainly do have a unique appearance, but the reason is your mana.

13:02 - Huh? So much mana pours off of you that it distorts the area around you.

13:07 - It’s like a haze. What did I look like to those humans? Probably as though several demon kings suddenly appeared.

13:17 - That’s not good! It’s possible to suppress your mana.

13:22 - Feel your mana and imagine putting a lid on it.

13:29 - Wow, there’s one less demon king now. That’s a drop in the bucket! Are you going to give up on visiting the human town? This is nothing.

13:38 - First, I’ll master Common. Then I’ll acquire equipment to suppress my mana.

13:42 - They’ve already seen my face, so I’ll need a mask, too.

13:44 - O-Okay. I’ll overcome this challenge.

13:48 - The eldest son of the Misumi family won’t be so easily defeated! One Week Later I’ll definitely overcome this.

13:56 - Or so I thought at one point. I’ve finally learned to read and write, but…

14:02 - I want to watch Hissatsu Shigotonin. Let’s see… “Must”… “Kill”… “Job”… “Human”…

14:09 - Another historical drama?! Two Weeks Later Young Master.

14:14 - I’ve brought you a prototype. Thank you.

14:18 - It absorbs so much mana, it’ll kill whoever wears it.

14:21 - It’s a cursed ring. You should remove it immediately.

14:25 - It broke?! I’ll remake it so it will definitely kill you next time.

14:32 - His goal has changed… One Month Later A beautiful bueil.

14:38 - Not “bue,” it’s “ve. ” Be? Boe? Your voice sounds wonderful, but…

14:46 - This is hard. Don’t say it’s no use.

14:50 - Hey, maybe I could use this. How marvelous.

14:55 - Young Master, it’s finally done. I call it Draupnir.

15:00 - Draup… ? Draupnir. Not only does it absorb mana, it also compresses it.

15:07 - Wow, it’s absorbing it! It gradually changes color from white to red.

15:11 - Once it’s completely red, it’s reached its limit.

15:13 - You should remove it once that happens. All right! Now I can visit the human town! To the human town.

15:23 - We stick out like sore thumbs! I’m pretty bad myself, but why are you dressed like that?! I’m a samurai.

15:29 - The dwarves aren’t yet finished with the katana I asked them to forge, but…

15:34 - Come close, and I’ll kill you. Mio, did you get new clothes, too? I wouldn’t have minded wearing my other outfit.

15:41 - It looks good on you, though. Looks good…

15:44 - Looks good… Looks good… I’ll go dressed in this.

15:47 - Uh, yeah? Are you transporting fruit? That’s right. Is there a problem? No, but everyone comes here to either train or search for raw materials.

16:00 - It’s just unusual. We’re checking out the merchandise? What a pain.

16:08 - I’m supposed to be a wealthy merchant’s son touring the land.

16:12 - It would look weird if I didn’t check out the market.

16:18 - Why is everyone so beautiful? I don’t see anyone particularly beautiful.

16:24 - Everyone’s appearance looks average. This is average? This world is so unkind to me.

16:33 - Young Master, look. An adventurer’s guild, huh? Welcome to the Zetsuya Adventurer’s Guild.

16:44 - Even the receptionist is cute. Would you like to register with the guild? You’re dressed rather suspiciously, though.

16:53 - Even she’s merciless! This man is the heir to a trading company.

16:59 - He became cursed on his journey. He’s forced to wear this mask and ring.

17:04 - Due to the curse, he cannot speak. “Hello. ” Our guild offers all kinds of jobs to adventurers.

17:15 - Jobs are ranked according to difficulty. Completing jobs increases your rank by one.

17:22 - Everyone starts at Rank E. We can only choose the lowest-ranked jobs? There are special rank jobs, which are the exception.

17:31 - In some cases, in exchange for no insurance benefits, completing a special job increases your rank by one.

17:39 - So it’s high risk, high return. In other cases, clients request a specific adventurer.

17:45 - You receive a reward for completing these jobs, but your rank remains unchanged.

17:50 - But since you’re the heir to a trading company, I assume you’re registered with the merchant’s guild.

17:58 - There’s a merchant’s guild? “I actually lost my registration card. ” Around here, you can only get one reissued in the rather distant town of Tsige.

18:09 - The town of Tsige, huh? The highest-ranking adventurer in Zetsuya is Mils Ace.

18:17 - Rank SS, level 444. Th-This measuring scroll is good up to Level 400.

18:26 - They’re in the top three highest-ranking adventurers.

18:28 - Someone bring me a larger scroll. Th-This scroll measures up to level 1,600.

18:37 - A Level 1,600 scroll? Seriously? Unbelievable! T-Tomoe-sama, your level is…

18:44 - Level 1,320. What?! M-Mio-sama, your level is 1,500.

18:53 - What?! Excuse me?! There’s no way I’m a lower level than Mio! I don’t care which of us has a higher level.

19:00 - Measure it again! Bring me another scroll! Y-You’re both the highest levels within the entire adventurer’s guild.

19:08 - You’re now registered with the guild. I can’t accept this.

19:14 - By the way, who’s the next highest-level adventurer? The next highest would be Rank SSS.

19:20 - Level 920, Sofia Bulga-sama, the Dragon Slayer.

19:24 - Dragon slayer? What kind of dragon did she slay? I believe it was the greater dragon Lancer, who was nesting in the empire.

19:33 - Lancer? Him, huh? It’s that idiot’s fault for having such a big head.

19:39 - Sofia Bulga… We can measure yours, too.

19:42 - Huh? Oh, my level. This was all we had left in storage.

19:46 - Maybe it’s risen a little. You’re Rank E, Level 1.

19:53 - Is he a child? Must be over-reliant on his servants.

19:55 - Where’d this rich kid come from? You’re absolutely correct.

19:57 - This is overkill. They’re getting carried away.

20:02 - You’d like to park your wagon here and rent some rooms? For two rooms, that’ll be six gold per night.

20:08 - Which means… Copper coins are 1,000 yen, silver coins are 10,000 yen, and gold coins are 100,000 yen, so…

20:16 - 600,000 per night? That’s expensive! All the inns are full. We appreciate it.

20:22 - But the inn we were just at was charging one gold per night.

20:26 - We’re the best inn in town. I see, I see. If the price hadn’t been appropriate, I might’ve torn this whole place down.

20:36 - Whoops. Looks like your floor has rotted through.

20:40 - My mistake! It’s two gold per night! I can finally relax.

20:49 - Inn prices aside, the cost of goods here is unusual.

20:52 - Yeah. A single drink costs several copper, and the materials and foods that can only be purchased in this town are unusually expensive.

21:00 - It smells awfully fishy. Are you excited? You’ll always find evil when you’re changing the world for the better.

21:07 - Enough of your historical dramas. Let’s get something to eat.

21:12 - Food! Tomoe, you’re watching our goods tonight.

21:16 - What?! You know we’re being followed, right? Tch. You noticed, too? They’ve been following us since we left the guild.

21:24 - I’m sure merchants make easy targets. I thought you wanted to change the world for the better.

21:29 - But what about dinner? None for you.

21:32 - You’re heartless! Unbelievable. The young master could stand to be a little kinder to…

21:44 - They’re making their move. Dinner together with the young master…

21:51 - I had a wonderful time. E-Excuse me.

21:59 - A girl? Night Four: “Too Late. ” Next Time Too Late.