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“Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Atiullah atiur Rasul wa Ulil amre minkum. ” And always a reminder for myself ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, miskinu, zhalim, wa jahl, and but for the grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

00:26 - Alhamdulillah, that when Allah (AJ) describes, ‘There is no guidance except through Allah (AJ) guiding,’ then in this world of guidance there are darajats (spiritual ranks) and different realities of guidance.

00:46 - And those whom Allah (AJ) open their souls to the world of light, and they operate from the world of light, they operate from the reality of their soul.

01:02 - And all true guidance starts from the world of light.

01:10 - The malakut (heavenly realm), “Kulli shay. ” That everything it’s controlled from the world of malakut.

01:23 - So the atomic reality - the world of light reality, that is what controls the outside.

01:31 - So the outside doesn’t control the inside. When we understand that, truly understand that the inside is what’s controlling.

01:45 - So it means when Allah (AJ) sends the signal to the inner core of somebody then naturally they’re going to seek guidance, they’re going to seek Islam, they’re going to seek realities, they’re going to be hungry for something because the power and signal came from the Divine into the world of light and into that soul.

02:09 - So it means that the inside of reality controls the outside, that’s why Allah (AJ) says, ‘It’s not you guide whom you want but it’s We that guide whom We want. ’ So you can talk all you want to somebody, if Allah (AJ) is not giving permission for guidance it’s just an entertainment for people’s egos.

02:35 - You’re talking to their ego, you’re talking to their rationale, their mind, their senses.

02:43 - Bringing somebody towards a reality, if awliya (saints) and those trained by awliya and the world of guidance depended upon sitting and convincing people’s egos there would be no guidance and you would see nobody guided.

03:03 - Because you can tell and look at the egos of people, that, ‘You said this haq (truth), they say ‘No. ’ You say, ‘This like that,’ the say ‘No. ’ Everything you would say people would be countering you, ‘No, no, prove it, no, no. ’ So this cannot be the way of guidance, and the understanding for us to truly understand is guidance comes from within, that reality then begins to control what the physicality.

03:30 - So then the oceans of reality that have opened for this type of guidance is that they went into seclusions and in that world of light they were trained in the world of light, they were trained on how to bring the power of their soul out, how to focus with their shaykhs in that world of light to receive the faiz (downpouring blessings) of their shaykhs.

03:53 - So when Mawlana Shah Naqshbandi (Q) is talking, ‘Our way, tariqatuna suhbah khairu fil jam’iyyah – our way is associations and the best of company. ’ And one - people think it’s the company of the ten people that a shaykh is sitting with.

04:12 - But it’s reality for Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) being sultan (king) of all awliyaullah (saints), ‘Fardul Alam, Shah-e-kul. ’ Immense realities of Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) reality of when his wujud (existence) and his reality was created seven-thousand years before Allah (AJ) created any, any concept of Wilayat (sainthood) and any soul of any saint, Mawlana Shah Naqshband’s (Q) soul was created.

04:44 - So the immensity of that comment, Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) is not talking for people that are facing 10 people and say that, ‘Our way is the… is a talk or a discourse and to keep the company of one another,’ but this was for awliyaullah to train that ‘Keep the company of those whom Allah (AJ) are pleased with. ’ So a shaykh keeps the company of his shaykhs and as a result of that company and that association then the human world - the mulk (earthly realm) and physical world - take benefit from their spiritual connection.

05:26 - So that’s when the guides and authorized guides that they meet in their world of light, their association and connection into the world of light, they see their shaykhs in that association, their association and khatm (zikr) is beginning.

05:44 - That’s the association that Mawlana Shaykh (Q) is and Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) is referring to is, ‘Join us in the best of associations, join us in our suhbat (discourse), join us in our gathering; not your physical gathering. ’ But to the shaykhs, this is the shaykh of shaykhs.

06:05 - That, come to our association. That, train yourself to a level in which that you are in our association.

06:12 - And by receiving into that association that’s how they receive their faiz, their lights and their guidance.

06:20 - As a result of those lights, then anyone who looks to their physicality their soul is sending that faiz out and that light and that dress, and the knowledges and realities that are being taught are being taught from those realities.

06:39 - So then the true understanding of guidance is through the world of light and if shaykhs had to depend on trying to convince people there would be absolutely no guidance.

06:51 - So it means that the knowledge and the uloom, the knowledges and realities that they teach are one; to attract an audience, because this is a world in which these souls are hungry.

07:05 - Allah (AJ) puts a hunger for spirituality within their souls and as a result of that hunger they want and they desire that reality, so they’re coming to eat from that reality.

07:20 - They don’t talk to people that are not hungry, Allah (AJ) puts the hunger into them for spiritual realities.

07:27 - And as a result as soon as the shaykhs are teaching that’s a one; is an attraction.

07:33 - So people are hearing things that they never heard, people are hearing things from the oceans of reality that they want to hear.

07:40 - They don’t want to hear physical talks and physical understandings continuous and continuing continue for 30 years of physical the same story, they want the spiritual realities.

07:53 - So it’s an attraction. That is what attracts the people.

07:58 - And because it’s a haqqaiq and a reality it hits the soul of the one who hears it, reads it, meditates upon it, and begin to lock onto their soul.

08:10 - As a result of their locking on, listening, participating and reading, then the shaykh from the world of malakut is grabbing them.

08:22 - And these souls that are locked onto these teachings, realities, and as soon as they support and participate the shaykh is guiding your soul not the physicality.

08:39 - Understanding to understand that the physicality they’re luring, so they lure the physicality by the means of these knowledges, these chanting’s, these zikrs (Divine remembrance), but the real guidance is in the world of light.

08:55 - The real guidance is that your soul is sitting in the shaykhs association and that that association is a continuous association.

09:04 - There’s no sleep in that world, there’s no break in that world, there’s no stopping in that world, this is only the physical world that has to stop and to eat and to work and to do all these things.

09:17 - This reality of guidance is in the world of light.

09:21 - So that as soon as the participant and student is reading, learning, involving themself the shaykh is pulling an attraction to their heart.

09:34 - As a result of that attraction then they’re calling that soul into that presence into, “Tariqatuna khairu fil jami’yyan. ” That, that’s the association, that’s the reality of Naqshbandiya.

09:48 - That, our association is the best of association and gatherings.

09:54 - So common people think this is physical but the shaykh is gathering people by these associations to a higher association and that association in the world of light it never stops.

10:09 - So the shaykh’s faiz is continuously dressing them, blessing upon them from these realities, reflecting from their light of what they receive of lights from their shaykhs, from holy companions, from Ahlul Bayt an Nabi ﷺ (Holy family of Prophet ﷺ), all the way up to the sultanate (kingdom) of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

10:33 - Because it’s a world of light and it’s egoless so whatever they’re receiving to the degree that Prophet ﷺ wants, these reflections are happening in that association.

10:47 - So we’ve talked about this before, the shaykh can reach anyone by just concentrating and connecting with their light.

10:55 - They don’t try to call you physically to guide you and sit there and convince your ego, ‘Look do this, do that,’ they don’t need to do that! They don’t have to be involved in your physicality at all.

11:08 - The mere fact that you’re interested in the teaching, that your heart is building a connection, and that’s the reality of why Prophet ﷺ described ‘You’ll be with whom you love. ’ When you build a love that is the ‘Warp speed’ in which they can travel.

11:27 - Right? For me to travel to your head may take two lifetimes because it’d be a debate, everything I say to your head you said, ‘No I don’t think, I’m not… you’re technically wrong. ’ They would never do that, that’s not a traveling that they’re of any interest in.

11:45 - As soon as you love them and they love you, and you participate in their system of being involved and being of service it builds a love and muhabbat.

11:57 - That’s the ‘Warp speed,’ that’s the reality that their soul is instantly locked into your soul and that’s what prophets of Allah (AJ) wanted as a tool.

12:08 - ‘You’ll be with whom you love so go out and get people to love you. ’ Not the romantic love, don’t send weird hearts and flowers, this is a… that’s a dirty understanding.

12:21 - This is a spiritual love of service, a reverence.

12:25 - Because English language is very limited, ‘love’ and ‘lust’ is locked in one understanding.

12:31 - ‘Muhabbat’ (love) and ‘Hubb,’ (love) ‘Hubb’ is a reverence where, ‘I revere you, I believe that you represent something of a holy nature,’ like our immense reverence for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

12:48 - That like the holy of holies. As a result of that the heart is opened to that immense reality and bound and binding, and that’s the importance.

13:00 - That, through the heart is locking and the shaykhs are moving like a speedy, like a warp tunnel.

13:08 - With that power they can move into the heart of people, pull their light into the association, and that’s where the guidance is coming.

13:18 - And that’s why when they describe that, ‘This way is based on love,’ it’s not love of the mind, it’s love with a reverence that, ‘I revere you, I have a respect for you, I believe that you represent this light and love for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, my heart is open to that way. ’ And that’s all they need, that’s the tunnel of realities.

13:40 - Via that tunnel the bond is locked, and we described that in magnetism, we described that in juzbah, these are all these spiritual terms.

13:51 - That when you bound and you bind somebody with their heart - that’s a firm, very firm connection.

14:01 - And via that connection is the world of light and with that light the shaykh is reaching towards people, that faiz is dressing upon people.

14:12 - With that light in the spiritual realm the shaykh is correcting all the things that need to be corrected, all the knowledges that need to be conveyed, all of the practices that have to be inspired, as an inheritance from ayatul kareem (the Generous verse of Holy Qur’an) of the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ that when Allah (AJ) describes Prophet ﷺ throughout Qur’an, he’s “Hudan” – is a ‘Guide. ’ “Shahidan” – ‘He is witness. ’ “Mubashshiran” that, ‘One whom conveys immense lights and blessings,’ that just like fountains of reality.

14:48 - “Wa nadheeran,” and that, a continuous guiding of right and wrong to say that, ‘This’ and inspire you ‘This not correct, this is correct. ’ As a result of those realities Prophet ﷺ gives that as an inheritance for those whom are bound to his immense love.

15:08 - So it’s the same system that trickles up. Because of their immense love to the reality of Prophet ﷺ they’re being dressed by all of these realities, they’re dressed by what Prophet ﷺ was dressed by Allah (AJ) to a much, much, much, much, much lower degree is dressing from all those realities.

15:30 - So as a result then the lights of guidance and the shaykhs they’re, “Shahidan” that through that light connection into your heart they’re witness to your condition.

15:43 - So they’re asking you to increase your condition, increase your love, increase your support, increase your participation so that Allah (AJ) deems your love to be real, to be true.

15:58 - You are participating, you’re trying to do what you can do, you’re trying to show that that is real.

16:05 - As a result of that you enter into the states of sincere love in which Allah (AJ) accepts that service, accepts that relationship, accepts that reality upon the servant, and then these faizs and these lights are beginning to dress them.

16:22 - As a result of that then the shaykh understands the condition that what is wrong with that person and then becomes “Shahidan” - witnessing that these things you’re doing wrong.

16:34 - And they’re not going to call you on it they’re just going to inspire you, ‘Stop doing it If you want things to be corrected in your life,’ and then they push the understanding ‘Stop from the bad and move towards the good. ’ “Mubashshiran,” that whatever lights they’re receiving from those fountains they are reflecting those lights back out to those souls.

16:59 - So the… it’s not based on the physicality and the physicality has to do all these things and that if they don’t do them correctly then they’re not going to receive these faiz’s.

17:10 - They don’t care about your physicality, whatever you do is not going to reach to any of those realities anyways.

17:18 - The only way you’re reaching is by your muhabbat, only way you reach is by the sincerity of your service, your love, and how much you’re drawn into that.

17:29 - We said before that, ‘The salah (daily prayer) is not what Allah (AJ) cares about. ’ You’re making salah for… not for Allah (AJ).

17:40 - You’re making salah to discipline yourself, because Allah (AJ) cares about good character.

17:45 - Right? It’s not the goal. That’s the difference of the Wahhabi mentality and very physical people; they think Allah (AJ) cares for their salah so they make it, ‘Allah Hu Akbar,’ [shaykh imitates exaggerated recitation], very very great and good.

17:58 - What Allah (AJ) looking at, He’s like, ‘look at this guy in his heart he’s like a demon but praying on the outside is like this…’ But you were supposed to be praying to discipline the immense donkey so that it would be nice and it be soft and it would be happy person and that you would bring out the goodness of other people and that your charm will bring out the happiness of other people.

18:21 - And that’s what Allah (AJ) wanted. And you would give zakat (charity) so that you had a compassion for everything and for everyone and whatever Allah (AJ) gave to you He wanted everybody to share in it.

18:34 - So it was not the act that was important but the collective act of all the usool (principles) and Islamic jurisprudence that would bring out the beatific character.

18:46 - Loving nature of a person that submits and is good and gentle to all of creation, wanting to be of service to Allah’s (AJ) creation, that’s what Allah’s (AJ) goal was.

18:58 - And that was the love. So the same thing is happening for us in this guidance, in this world of guidance.

19:05 - That, all these awrads (daily practices), wazifas (spiritual practices), all these practices was to open the servants sincerity through the love, the participation, the giving, the doing, the… trying to volunteer for something; it opens your sense of love.

19:24 - As a result these connections begin to flow into the soul, they understand the condition and they begin to try to relieve these conditions, pray for these conditions to be relieved.

19:38 - That’s the bond that’s being developed, and as a result all these lights, all these blessings, all these dressings are coming upon that servant.

19:48 - So that’s the reality of guidance. And when the shaykh needs they in their connection they can make a connection to each of them, and in their soul with soul connection they can present them to Divinely Presence, to the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, they present wherever Allah (AJ) is inspiring to present that soul, and they come from their soul to that soul and begin to inspire, to begin to teach.

20:16 - And then the concept of the muraqabah (spiritual connection) was so that you would have an understanding of the immensities of guidance.

20:26 - So if you don’t do the muraqabah and you have immense love and service and doing what you can do, you’ll have the same dresses and these blessings but you’ll feel that nothing has opened for you because your physical is not understanding anything of your spiritual.

20:46 - And the reality of the tafakkur and the contemplation was so that you could be whole in this way of difficulty.

20:55 - If you have this immense love and all your inside is connected to them and you’ve done everything from that ocean of love, you have an immense love for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, all these dresses will be dressing you.

21:11 - But if you didn’t do anything with your physicality you’ll continuously think that, ‘What was the benefit of all this? I’m doing all these things I’m not feeling anything, I’m numb on my physicality. ’ And then as soon as a test comes you say, ‘Oh I did all this, nothing happened,’ and that’s the danger.

21:27 - Doesn’t mean you weren’t dressed by it, all of it is dressing upon the soul, all of it being blessed upon the soul.

21:34 - So then the reality of their tafakkur and the teachings of tafakkur is then, ‘Begin to open these connections!’ So as soon as you begin to make your tafakkur, begin the steps on how to understand the tafakkur you begin to recognize all these realities.

21:52 - That, ‘I feel your presence, I feel these lights that are coming, I feel these realities that you’re talking about. ’ Then that way you’re not, “Thumma amano, thumma kafaro,” - ‘One day you believe, one day you’re out of belief. ’ You had the good character - that was the lights inside.

22:09 - As soon as you discipline the physicality to do the meditations, to do the practices, to do the rabita and the connection you’re now opening your physicality like the zalzalah (earthquake) talks.

22:21 - You’re opening your reality to begin to witness in your heart what the shaykh is talking about, ‘I witnessed in the talk, I saw the spiritual ruhaniyats (spiritualities) of the shaykh, I saw all the shaykhs present in the association.

22:35 - I felt in this meditation, I felt like this. ’ All of these give your physicality its immense belief and that’s when Allah (AJ) said, ‘Now that you believe you can’t turn back to disbelief,’ because the physicality is witnessing its miracle, witnessing this creation, witnessing all these lights and all these blessings that are dressing upon.

23:00 - So with that reality we are the people of the world of light, the specialty and practices are from the world of light, all the connections are from the world of light.

23:11 - Anybody whom is trying to do these practices that’s the importance, that’s why you sit and make your connection with the shaykh because these are the masters of the world of light.

23:22 - As soon as you sit and connect with them you’re making that connection and bringing that light upon the physicality so that you have an opening and a, this ‘Feel. ’ And that, you feel the relationship and the opening of that relationship to save you through days of difficulty.

23:43 - So that you don’t run away saying that, ‘Nothing happened nothing opened. ’ No everything opened, you just were numb and not feeling it.

23:50 - Later they begin to train you that with your connection and opening into this world of light they train you on how to also connect in the world of light.

24:01 - That if you’re a person of light and you’re connecting with this light then you visualize loved ones and you ask that Allah (AJ) bring these loved ones into your association, bring them into the zikr, bring them to the presence of the shaykh, and you begin to be taught on the guidance of the world of light.

24:21 - That to sit in an association you’re sitting at home in the zikr and you’ve trained yourself on how to make the madad (support), trained yourself on how to make your connection, then you say that, ‘Please Ya Rabbi that allow my child or my older son or whoever is not with us now in that zikr, let his soul to be present with me in the presence of these shaykhs and in the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ And that’s all by the permission of the shaykhs will be brought into that zikr, into that association.

24:52 - And that the soul is innocent, the soul is not the physicality say, ‘Oh I’m too busy tonight I’m not coming. ’ As soon as you call upon the soul it comes to be with you, and many of these souls of children for the parents are always with them.

25:07 - All it requires is that you call upon them, to visualize them and to bring them into that association to be dressed by that light, blessed by that light and to bring them into the presence of what Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) was describing, that ‘Our association is the best of associations and the best of gatherings. ’ So that spiritual gathering is where they want everybody to be collectively meeting.

25:33 - So we’re using the physical to reach into the world of the spiritual gathering.

25:38 - This is a door in which Allah (AJ) says ‘Go through everything through its correct door. ’ The doors of the khatms and the online associations they are a door into the spiritual association that is continuously happening, inshallah.

25:54 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

26:00 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.

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